Ludo King

3.8 (17.2K)
181.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ludo King

3.81 out of 5
17.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Sujju 9
Fun game
It’s fun to play this game with friends and family during these uncertain times. This game really keeps us in touch and with all the fun we usually have when we are together. The only change that this game requires is one rule. No peg should be able to enter the target unless, atleast one of the opponents peg is removed at some point of the game. Hey, what’s the point and fun in winning the game if you don’t remove atleast one peg of the opponent. The peg should stop moving at the entrance of the target, if the player has failed to kill atleast one of the opponents peg. Once, the player does that, then the peg should move inside the target. It would be great to add this feature to the game. And that’s how we used to play as kids on our Ludo board.
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4 years ago, Hardy_X
Lazy and stupid algorithm. Lack of coding skills
Let me start my platitude that I have played this game in excess of multiple times with various techniques and strategies yet the game is so one-sided, I can't envision. For instance, you possibly escape the house when other player's token reaches or is close to your home. After that as soon as u get out, the player directly behind you, cuts you off and you return back home. Another model, when you are going to arrive at home (end) and you just need 1, however it takes forever to get that 1. However the other player who has 2 tokens out in center arrives at home and dominates the match. Presently this game idiotic and one-sided. The game designers needs to change entire calculation from start and make dice progressively irregular. I would energetically suggest looking at ludo all star. Any ludo game is superior to this game. Just to tell you the game isn't succeeding in light of the fact that you made it incredible, it's simply the individuals like ludo (genuine table game) and they need to interface with family who live far, get an opportunity to play game and have great time. This game is suppose to satisfy individuals not distraught. On the off chance that I were you I would attempt to alter the game in at any rate conceivable to make it better. However, inn any case after the quarantine is finished, nobody is going to give a damm about this game.
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3 years ago, GameRevuver
Worst possible scripted game
This game is so lame. If you get into a lobby with people who are rich then it’s obvious that they win. It gets so bad where sometimes the server just doesn’t respond and you get kicked out for “exhausting all your auto moves”. The player support doesn’t help either as they say it’s our fault. Keeps spamming cheap ads for this and that and this. The rich get richer and poor get poorer. It’s all because of the dice script. If you get close to your home, the other player will get 2 6’s in a row and then that certain number to send you back to your house. It doesn’t just end there, they are still gonna get 6 to pass by your house and when they are the ones who are about to reach their house, we get a 6. Then just as expected we get a one. They basically win. This ain’t about luck. This is all about the stupid script. I hope the devs see this because I lost 10,000 once because the game couldn’t find players, then I lost 100,000 because their stupid server wasn’t working. I even spent real money on this game and the best response I got from player support was “your internet connection wasn’t stable” maybe your server wasn’t stable.
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3 years ago, Virus0106
The game is so rigged and they don’t even try to hide it. What are the chances of someone getting 19 points just to kick you out??? It would’ve been a lot more fun if the dice was actually random. There’s no way I’m losing about 10 games in a row. Also, it glitches a lot… just trash! Just adding on to my review that I wrote earlier. I noticed that the game favors those who buy coins. I’ve watched all the ads and taken advantage of every single spin the wheel and got to about 200,000 points. My friend with whom I play has never been too good at the game. He bought coins and got the little “K” badge and ever since then, he’s won almost every single game. Today I was playing with him even after expressing my frustration here and ofc they were giving him the right numbers to kick me out. His phone died, and you would expect that he would run out of time and I’ll automatically win, but I watched the game drag the timer like never before. This dude turned on his phone and had time to come back with 3 automatic plays left. There should be an option for 0 stars at this point, cause Ludo king deserves nothing more.
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4 years ago, Ayojulio
Absolutely Rigged, Don’t Waste Your Time
If the dice were random like the developer says, there wouldn’t be some obvious patterns. I’ve been playing for a couple weeks and it’s easy to notice the game has a poorly designed algorithm. Players who are loosing will have higher chances of big numbers (5 or 6), especially towards the end. A player will also have a very high chance of rolling the perfect number to take someone else’s token, especially if that token belongs to the leading player. Play a few games and you’ll notice that no game ever ends with a clear winner. The game is set up so that ALL players will get most of their tokens in before it lets someone win. At the end of the game, it’s always a race to roll a 1 in order to get that final token in. On another note, when you watch ads for extra coins, most of the time the app glitches, and says that there was an error after having watched the ad already. Jipping you of your reward. Developers: stop replying under people’s review that the game is completely random. It is not. It’s a poor excuse for a game, and a pathetic way to increase your revenue. Be better. Do better. In conclusion, I’ve deleted the app.
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4 years ago, Toxadey
This is a poorly designed strategy game
I have played the game many times and these are my observations: 1) When someone is close to your house, your dice gets 6. 2) When you are about to win and your piece is close to the end, your dice starts getting small numbers until what you need is 1. 3) When you are neck on neck with someone and you have one piece each left, you don’t win until the two of you are in the last box and you both are looking for 1. 4) The game puts you at a disadvantage when you are in the lead. Your game start showing the Wifi sign meaning you are not connected. Meanwhile, I always have nothing less than 20Mbps. This is either a problem with the game or some people have learnt to hack the game to have an advantage over others. 5) I have played games where someone hacked the game and moved their piece freely almost 10 spots or more without any restriction while they laughed at the rest of us on the game. I made screenshots and a recording of that game. When we wanted to leave, the WiFi sign came up and the game hanged. We all eventually left the game for the guy to take all our coins. 6) The moves are almost predictable and the game always decides who to win regardless the strategy you adopt. I don’t think the developers of this game are serious at all. GIVE ME MY CROWN! I won a game and you haven’t given me my crown!😭😭😭😭😭😭
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4 years ago, modijis_leftnut
This game is embarrassingly rigged.
I heard a lot about this game and thought I’d give it a go, however I played as a guest, and to my surprise, I didn’t win a single game, against my 7 year old cousin, because the way the hierarchy goes is, if you are playing as a guest, the algorithm ensures that you lose each time. If you have an account, you win maybe a few times, but primarily depends on who you’re against, guest or account, I can’t even imagine the win/lose ratio for people who pay for their useless coins and ad free experience. This business model awful, if only they tweaked their biased algorithm to be a little fair than rigged, they could get more players, who might eventually spend more time playing and maybe buy something. In order to earn some pennies, they lose so many players, it’s crazy, and don’t be fooled by the number of downloads. Most people have uninstalled it. But they do what they do best, scamming users.
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1 year ago, Rbajra
Interesting game and help center is very helpful and quick
This Ludo king game is one of my favorite game. It is very interesting and addicting game. I played other Ludo games too but not interesting and layout and design of board, dice, token doesn’t look realistic and boarding. Ludo king board design/layout is very simple and attractive. Dice and tokens looks attractive and realistic. Sound and musics are also very joyful. Last time I lost my coins. It was disappeared automatically. May be bug problem. I contacted help service and resolved my issue very quickly. They respond very quickly and try to solve our issues. They are very knowledgeable and quick solver.
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3 years ago, siri913
Some Chance, Some Strategy, unfortunately some Bribery
1. Missions can be fun but not when it’s required to play in the “Popular” format. You should be allowed to play in either format. 2. The “Popular” format allows players to buy their dice choice using diamonds. It’s uncanny how “lucky” some of the players are at the right moment. It’s fine that option is there, but don’t make it required for missions to play mostly in Popular. Some of us enjoy the mix of chance and strategy - rather than buying our wins. 3. When playing in classic, I find the algorithm is fine. There is chance and strategy. Losing or winning is fine because you feel it’s truly a game. There is an unnerving feeling when playing popular though that someone perhaps is using their money to make their chances better. That just seems unfair to make money the winner.
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4 years ago, jalpadave
Great game!
Played this game for the first time yesterday with family & it was fun! It works smoothly and background music, emojis, comment during the game are also great! However, I have 2 suggestions for this app to be improved! First is not just to use the word Ludo King! Girls also play this game so maybe think about adding Ludo Queen title as well! Second I don’t like the idea of someone losing this game even though they just came in last! So instead of saying you lost it can say you came in last and better luck next time! That way ppl would be encourage to play again instead of getting upset about losing and try again!Thank you!
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4 years ago, Reg123122323
Gaming algorithm has a glitch for sure
I have never ever ever written reviews on anything till now . But had to : A friend played with me 20 times and he won those 20 times . I played exactly with the same strategy and actually even better . I mean what are the changes of getting 2 sixes and one five just to send me home ?????? I wish the numbers were GENUINELY random . Initially I played this game and loved it (even though I was losing ) thinking once I improve my strategy I will win . But no way !!!!! This is not even luck . It’s like they generate numbers just to make you lose . That’s really not fair . A word of suggestion : you can get people to like this app and probably suggest their other friends only when they like it GENUINELY. May be you will see initial downloads but that’s not gonna last as they delete the app in couple of weeks . I am deleting this now .
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4 years ago, taran 3
Turn problem
I love this game it was working totally fine for me for 2 weeks but now my game gets paused i don’t get my turn sometmes i will get message you lost time but I don’t even had a chance and sometimes the color would just keep flashing even i already took the turn also sometimes it lefts the match by itself it’s not wifi problem i have checked it i even deleted and redownloaded the game but it still not fix plz fix that problem i really love this game
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4 years ago, Vamshi04
The most foolish and dumbluck based game I’ve ever experienced in my life.
This game is totally out of dumb luck and doesn’t favor either of the players. There are so many algorithm glitches and the design is entirely scripted and dumb. I would have understood if the dumb luck would be shared among the players in worst case scenario but even that doesn’t happen. The game randomly picks a player and makes them weak and get unwanted numbers on dice. I am sure this game will be uninstalled by many users, at least many people I know have uninstalled it already due to its lame and biased design. I also have a feeling that they observe people who got addicted to this game and makes them lose so they would spend money to buy coins. Come up with something more intelligent and genuine other than creating such foolish dumb luck totally biased and scripted games. Thanks for nothing.
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5 years ago, blavk21
TRASH GAME!!!!!!!!!!!
I only play this game with my friends as a way to past time. You know how many times I’ve won and not gotten the amount I was suppose too? For example I had 32,320 coins I played for 5k with a friend so the pot was 10k. After I won my coins went up to 37,320. The total pot was 10k. This happens numerous times. Winning and not getting the coins or getting less than the pot. There’s also a spin the wheel option and I 5/10 times I get a high amount like 1000 coins I don’t get it. My glance stays the same or goes up by a few coins. That is pretty crappy. Also when playing against players that are on a higher level than you the game favors that person because they always conveniently roll the exact amount they need to either eat me or win. This game needs a proper update because it’s either a bug issue or it’s rigged.
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2 years ago, My531f
Not Random
Ludo King is definitely not random. For instance in all games played I have never seen a 6, 6, 6 roll. Also I never see it to where someone rolls the exact number that their token is already on. That shows that it is not completely random. Also the game seems to pick the winner before the game starts giving that person an extreme advantage over other players. So many times I see one player able to land on another player’s token over and over again, but then the player that’s had their token killed never able to land on a player’s token only to have their token killed instantly when passing their opponent, and taking sometimes over 20 dice rolls to get a token out. Statistically that is pretty rare.
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4 years ago, Hem_universe
Worst game which is full of bugs and unreliable for the real game of Ludo
Well I never install such games, but I guess lockdown made us do so many things, which we might wouldn’t have thought. Installing Ludo king is one of those, which was intended for having fun by bringing those childhood memories. But this application completely ruins them. Most of the time it seems one sided as a part of really bad programming. For a dice, it is just needed to be a random number generator from 1 - 6, that’s it. But, this game doesn’t look like that. Also, frequent disconnection even though my WiFi and mobile network works completely fine. Don’t deserve one star also, but don’t have an option. This app sure gonna be down when this lockdown will be over.. for me it’s down already 👇🏼
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5 years ago, gabbygabbyg
Worst game I’ve ever played
Talk about a rigged game. I played this 24 times in a row with someone and they won every single time. It would be really fun if it wasn’t rigged that way. Also, it glitches a lot and I think it also put a bug on my phone because it turns off only when I’m playing this game. Definitely don’t get this. Also it charged me money. Update: I have now been playing for 2.5 months and keeping data with a friend. We have played 216 games and I have only won 2. TELL ME THAT ITS RANDOM. Tell me that ludo. I made all of my friends delete it and they also never refunded me for the money that it charges. Other games you should play: Yahtzee with friends, also there are other free games instead of this rigged one that will ruin your life. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
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5 years ago, PJanai
Poor server?!
When I started playing this game i didn’t have any issues. Now for the past few days I’m having trouble playing online. My color will flash showing it’s now my turn but I won’t get a chance to tap the die or play at a fast pace. I know it’s not my WiFi because any other device I have connected does not lag or if I’m using another app I don’t have a problem with the connection. But as soon as I tap to play online after the first initial rolls of the die I can’t get through a game and have lost because of it. Idk what can be done but something does cause I’m ready to delete and move on to the next one. UPDATE:: after playing multiple games I lost everyone. The roll of the die does not seem fair what so ever. Deleted and never playing again.
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3 years ago, raveeshasani
Statistical analysis proves game is rigged
After running statistics on 130 games, it is pretty obvious that the standard of deviation for the dice in-game is much different than that of a normal dice. What does this mean? It means that there is indeed an algorithm in play that controls the outcome of the dice. It is not truly random like the app suggests. And it makes sense too; I too was confused when other players would get four 6’s before I would even get one, or when players would need a 6 and a 4 to capture my token and exactly that would happen. This is not a theory anymore, this is proven to be rigged. Delete this app. EDIT: Since I originally left this review, I “magically” haven’t won a single game out of 12. My 1:1 win to lose ratio has dropped to 0:1. Just further proof that the dice is manipulated.
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4 years ago, notyouravgreviewer
This game is an ok time pass but...
For a game that’s based on luck it falls short on its core aspect. I doubt anyone who’s played more than a few games is gonna disagree with me on this that the game does feel a bit rigged at times. Like I actually call my opponents roll even before they roll the dice and if they are tailing you chances are 9 out 10 times they’re gonna get you. It does not happen that often in real life. It’s fun and all to see the memes but it’s really aggravating when you KNOW for a fact that you’re supposed to win and then somehow the opponent manages to land whatever they need and end up winning the game. I know it’s just a game and I usually play with my family but if you’ve put that much effort into creating an app then might as well do a proper job at it.
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5 years ago, Ludo beginner
Coloring is confusing
Even though each player can choose their own color when we create a room and play together, it's quite confusing which color belongs to which player. Every player sees their own color correctly but on my screen, player 2 color is red but other player sees player 2 color as green or some other color. Likewise, player 2 color might be blue and he sees player 1 color as green and other players sees player 1 color as red or yellow. This is very confusing especially when friends sit together, create a room and play. Everyone interprets other players color differently. Hope this will be fixed asap.
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4 years ago, Gauti905
Developer decide who will win
This game is set in such a way, despite of any strategy or any movement, algorithm has been set in such a way that they will decide the winner, i mean, when the game decide to win someone( suppose yellow), it will favour the yellow one like anything, If you have not played it since few days, it will let you win, so you came back for the same, if it has decided to lose someone, for eg(red), it will create so many drastic situation for the red one, It is playing with the psychology of the people, but sometimes end user take it personal, I mean, this game is game of pure luck, so dont try to do some algorithms and favour- unfavour someone, For eg., when you have less coins, it will let you win, so you will get coin, and you continue to play, If you are not moving the dice and six comes, it automatically increases your one chance( apart from 5 you got), As it is lockdown and people are free, so they are playing, but if you want your user base to continue it after lockdown, then you should start thinking about it, Dont do such things which let users like me to uninstall this game.
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4 years ago, Neo 1987
lost fun to play a simple board game based off pure luck..
Sooo much manipulation in game.. right when you join game winner is probably decided seems like and winner is channeled to win the game. I just played a 4 player classic game and even though I was off to a great start, game took about turn mine later. all 3/4 of my pawns pushed back to start while rest all players reached home. Very few of the other players killed each other’s.. just mine were brutally executed.. towards end game 1 of mine made it to home.. I got 1 pawn of opponents while I got killed 12 times.. soooo stupid app.. lost interest to play this app.. Fact that 50M players a month ago vanished to thin air says something you dumb designers of this app.. sooo stupid to let this kind of app into App Store..
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2 years ago, beachtec
Really Enjoyable!!!
I I have seen reviews here, complaining about the gameplay, or the dice algorithm, or the shade of the board colors... enough! Game design isn't a cookie cutter activity. All designers leave their own style and trademarks in their products and this one has many… That's the joy. It's an ancient game seen through the eyes of others… Exploring the little quirks, or the finding the little insights in the play of a title is part of the joy of gaming. This game is a lot of fun and you will love it.
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4 years ago, cecilia.aub
It doesn’t work properly.
I used to love this game. But it’s crap. Every time I play now, I loose. I’m on level 11 and I used to have 80 thousand coins or so, now every time I play this thing makes me loose and takes away all my coins. It doesn’t matter the player I go against with, doesn’t matter their level or amount or coins but they ALWAYS get the number they need to win or get my tokens back to the beginning, while I never get it.... I wonder if it’s just because they want me to spend money on this game and buy coins or what the hell!? Fix it or explain it please I’ll definitely delete it.
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4 years ago, Gussious
COVID saved this game
I am not going to reiterate all the flaws with this game’s design or algorithm that others have already pointed out. Today while playing one of the missions(collect 18 tokens), something wonderful happened which made me give this game 1 star. For two consecutive games, every time I took the opponent out the game froze; only to return back with everything back to how it was before my action - the opponent’s token is back where it was and my action was omitted. This happened every single time in both games worth 10k wager each. I said it is wonderful because I was left wondering what kind of bias could have been programmed in to the game for this to happen. If not for COVID, this game would have been a bottom feeder.
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4 years ago, tharunkumar18
Needs attention!!!
Everytime, a player reached home to win, while others are still running round the house. It will take forever to get the dice on the number we need(mostly 1). I think this is a major glitch and needs utmost attention to fix. Also, when we’re on winning streak, we keep capturing other players or on loosing streak, our pin will be captured by all the other players. This is the worst strategy. Even when our three pins had reached home being one left, the last one will always keep loosing until all the other players’ pins are about to reach home, which will take our winning probability to zero & for sure will loose the game. Our pin at least gets captured 4-5 times.
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2 years ago, IndiaGray
How is it that I can beat the computer several times but will lose to actual players every single time. This game favors players from the country of the games origin and surrounding areas. The dice rolls in their favor every single time towards the end and if you’re completely ahead, you quickly fall behind and lose. For example, if they need to roll ones and twos to make it to home, the dice will only give them ones and twos with a six thrown in once or twice to make you think you’re gaining the upper hand again. Finding a different Ludo game and deleting this from my phone. The constant ads were annoying anyway.
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4 years ago, Philly.121
Decent game - only at times
My fundamental problem with this game is the annoyance it can cause despite one making the correct moves. The randomizer powering the dice begins to work against you and starts returning very unfavorable numbers ALL the time, a couple of times is warranted but that is the thumb rule of how the game operates in working against you. If one wants to be feel distraught, annoyed and frustrated play 3-4 games and you’ll reach that level of pandemonium in life. I have seen so many reviews talk about this behavior and this is just another addition to the plethora of comments made. In addition, the game freezes annoyingly which again does not add any joy to one’s existence.
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4 years ago, harika5411
This is a bad algorithm
So this game is not just pure luck but also algorithm basis. Also they have multiple cheat codes online like long press will roll a favourable number and rolling after 1/4 time of the timer gives you a 6. So I saw many online players using that. Also, if I don’t use the app for couple of days it will favour me and I’ll be winning the next game I play with insane number of 6’s and the same way it happens to other users too. I think people just okay for fun so the dice must be based on luck and they should be able to use the strategies accordingly. Having an algorithm in place benefiting one user to define my win is not fair and is frustrating to the other players.
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4 years ago, testoftime7653
Rigged Game
As many reviewers suggested, this game is actually rigged. You’ll notice small patterns while playing. I’ve played enough games to find these patterns now. For example, as soon as a player crosses someone’s house, the other player will get a 6 and their token will come out and likely kill you. It’s fun to do this chase for the first few games but it gets boring after a while. It is not random and if the developer tells you otherwise, it’s bs! Overall the game is fun and I’d definitely consider changing my rating if they make it fully random and don’t try to control the outputs of various players. FYI, I actually asked a friend to develop a fully random version of Ludo if they don’t listen.
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5 years ago, ata maji satak li
Not a fair game
Doesn’t lets you win....Yesterday I played 20 games in line and only 3 of them were there that let me win....this game will not let you last if you’re wanting for 1 to win and other person still has to come to an end the stupid game will let you win and make the other person to win....Like seriously isn’t this ridiculous....many issues are there through u will have to go the app will just close while you play the game and this happens when u have a chance of winning secondly it’ll show that it’s your turn and won't give u the dice to play after it will show that you ran out of time This is seriously not fair at all
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4 years ago, tgmxhs
Games hangs too often
This is an interesting family and friends game to play even with kids especially during this lockdown situation. Playing with computer makes the game move faster than playing with online opponents. It gets us too annoyed when the game glitches or gets stuck not letting us make our next move even when we have high speed internet connection. I guess it is related to server capacity or something. Would recommend that to be fixed which many of my friends complain while playing this game.
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4 years ago, friends@ludo
The most worst and disgusting game
This is the worst and disgusting game i have ever played always favours one person ...i have been playing this game since 2 months and i always lose ...atleast if i have won once or twice i would get interest to play but no ..not at all ...and the dice never ever roll if someone is there to kill but if am before someone then definetly without fail it would roll the exact number where am 4 coins always remain at home where all others will reach home by the time i get 6 and start my journey....this is really the stupidest game i have ever seen ....and am losing interest to play this game...yakkkk...!!!!
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4 years ago, Jai Maharashtra !!
Family Game
1. You guys must launch a special “ Covid-19 “ edition where in people can sit around each other in hall with safe distance and cast and play realtime through each individual’s phone with just the dice on each phone, casting on the Big Screen TV via Casting Apps. 2. Also, it is becoming more predictable on the dice count, the algorithm must be tweaked a bit to increase elements of surprise. 3. Like DRS in cricket, there must be 2 reverse sweep chances, wherein a “GOTI” can move backwards to kill as per the player’s choice.
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4 years ago, chintansheth87
The game is rigged for sure!!
Why am I giving it 5 stars then? Even if the game is rigged, it is fun. I am a software developer and if a dice roll had even probabilities all the time there would be no fun. Some players would be close to home while others might be so unlucky that they haven't even gotten out. The Rigged algorithm is a way to make the game more balanced and exciting. You might lose because of the algorithm but no fun if the game is not balanced for everyone
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4 years ago, Bhai977
Unfair tactics
This ^}%|?€| game is ridiculous, I’ve tried to write to them and ask about the coding for the dice roll. Every time the opponent who has a higher level or higher ratio of takeaways has advantage over you cuz they can take your pieces at will. Or they miraculous roll 3-4 6 to avoid me and win. I love this game because it’s something I used to play as a kid in Pakistan with my cousins but I can’t take the unjustly manner it is presented in. I’ve played about 500 games and at the start it was great and than just over and over the games just feel in fair not because I’m losing but the way the dice rolls happen and how the level and ratio of the takeaways is a advantage and shouldn’t be.
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1 year ago, Omidhamza
Stop the online coins
Hey ludo I need you like when you press online why would you put coins my mom hates it can you please remove all the coins in online when play cause my mom has 50 coins right now she wants you to stop putting the coins when you play like when you start so remove the coins like when you play online can you start free please have a nice bye.
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4 years ago, liveearn
Really bring back the summer vacations from my childhood😘
Love this game! We have been playing this game with our family in different parts of the country. It’s been a great where are you to connect. Thanks for bringing back the memories😊 would love to see an enrichment with am important rule from the Real Ludo game. You are not allowed to move the same peg that you used to kill an opponent’s peg in the bonus roll that follows after killing/removing the rival peg😊
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4 years ago, Andrew Flintoff 11
This game is stupid and scripted. I have won 100 games and lost 16. I have observed a pattern. When your last token is waiting to get 1, you will either get it may be when other players come to their last token or until the game tried to make you believe that it’s actually interesting. You have your token waiting outside the home area. From no where opponents get 6,6,5 to kill you. Usually you will know what who is going to win as that player stats getting 6s. They will get exact numbers to arrive on the star. Someone losing will keep losing as their tokens will be captured every time they try to come back in the game. Last but not the least - Post quarantine no one will give a duck about this game. Developers could have done a better job. Earlier there use to be millions of players. With time people have start realizing the scripted moments and they have stopped wasting time here. Signing Off.. counting players -1
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3 years ago, Reachsatiish
Amazing Game!
This game is absolutely addicting and perfect for any time when you’re bored and have nothing to do. I’ve definitely enjoyed this game and would just like to say that those people who call the “dice roll” one sided are wrong. Sure, I’ve had plenty games where the dice roll SEEMS like it’s one sided, but it’s really my frustration about losing the game that makes me think that.
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6 years ago, sikander wazeri
Not good game
I don’t like this game. The reason is that when a player play very good and then wait in the end for 1 number but it takes that much time even the opponent take out the 3 members from the box and take whole round and still you are waiting for 1 and then that opponent win in the end. From which point that is fare game. The reason is that some players easily hack this game. The game is not trust worthy. Moreover don’t put your credit card because I just lost 200$ from my account when I check with the bank they told me that this website had taken your money. So don’t trust this game if you don’t want to lose your money
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4 years ago, jagat3214
Loaded dice designed to make you spend money
I've played this game hundreds of times and have noticed the pattern where the one with their most coins (me) wins most of the times, and the ones with the least coins loses most of the time. I'm also sure I don't play any better than the one who loses. It's just that I happen to get 'lucky' way too often than others. Why this loaded dice design? Because stripping the ones with the least coins of all their coins will make it likely for them to buy coins in order to play more. The one with a lot of coins isn't likely to buy coins anytime soon even if they lose the game.
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1 year ago, Prabk92
Ads kill the experience
I’m fed up of all the ads they have now. I loved this app before and play often. But recently they started showcasing ads randomly and I can’t even get out of them. I keep pressing X and the ad keeps popping back up. Today was the limit. I started a game and the ad started when the game started and it wouldn’t let me X out. I have to restart the app every time this happens, making me lose out on the game. It’s ridiculous how they’re shoving ads down everyone’s throats. Really sad way to make more money.
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4 years ago, Farlo Tatte
Do not invest any time in this game.
Playing this game I have noticed it is rigged. They claim their dice roll is randomized but that is absolute BS, that alone takes the competitiveness and fun away from the game entirely. 1 Example is that anytime you come close to someone’s home they happen to get a 6? Lol another example is if you are ahead of everyone and only have one pin left to win, all of a sudden you will start to roll low numbers while your opponents get high numbers in order to catch up and make it even. There are other things as well, Can’t be playing a rigged game like this. Move along and find another game made by other developers.
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9 months ago, Val Kaur
Recurring Payments mandatory henceforth
Game Popularity made them charge mandatory recurring payments from customers. Time to look for another game. We’ve been playing Ludo King since ‘forever’ every once in a while online. Well, today Ludo introduced Payments ONLY games allowed after this for a monthly payment!! So, ‘we’ (group of friends) are deleting this app since it doesn’t make sense to pay a recurring fee for a couple of games once in a while! One time payments are understandable. Recurring payments for this are really not! Next thing you know, they’re going to charge for every die roll too.
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2 years ago, LuDoK1ngSuks
Money flea-sing leeches
You used to be able to play with buddies you made friends over time. Now you gotta get a king pass to play with your buddies. What a cheap scam !! Developer, read the review properly. There is a difference between adding buddies and playing with buddies. You make $$ with ads. Why not give the players flexibility to play witb friends without stealing putting your hand in someone else’s pocket. Plus now once has to watch 20 useless videos to get 20 diamonds. It used to be 5 before. I won’t be surprised if this game is stealing and distributing ones personal information to 3rd parties.
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4 years ago, bow6791
Rigged game!
Completely rigged. The dice roll is not as random as we think. For example when another players token crosses your house is when u will get a six and can cut off the player so the game will go on longer. Two tokens of the same color will NEVER land in the same square (except for safe squares). When u reach the end and need one to reach home, it takes forever to get it giving other players time to move their coins home as well. Would have been better if the die roll was pseudo random atleast. Even after winning 95k coins in 2 days, you dont feel good cause the game is completely one sided. Uninstalled it!
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4 years ago, Vnayks
Piece of crap
For a game that is supposed to be random and based on luck and probabilities this sure is not random. It seems like the developers of this game try to make the game as even as possible for both players. So doesn't matter how well you play initially, to make the game even the other player starts getting favorable numbers on dice rolls. I've had many games where I've cleared all 3 but the opposition has all 4 left and not even close to completion ended up winning. What is the probability of anyone getting 6 and 6 and 2??? And you not getting either 2,3 or 4. No value or use of any strategy. Going to delete this game.
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7 years ago, valonnoval
Really good game
You get to play with people and have a good time. It freezes every once In a while but it's a really nice app. I wish they had competitions for it for money and stuff that would be nice! :) Also I forgot to mention that there is cheating. If there are hacks out there for this game that's a different story but there is definitely cheating where the clock stops and the cheating begins. It's not even by accident. Just plain cheating! They should fix this problem!! I've seen players rolling the dice for other player and keep the result of the rolled dice! So it's either someone knows how to hack or there are hacks for this game or some sort of cheating! Peace!
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