Lugg - Moving & Delivery

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3 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lugg - Moving & Delivery

4.89 out of 5
35K Ratings
5 years ago, ghttt3
Not user friendly & lacking
Downloaded app while in a Costco to set up a couch pickup and delivery. Submitted the request on a Friday for the following Tuesday. App gives you day and 1 hour time frame choice. Chose Tuesday from 4-5pm. Received a text message the day of stating luggers will be heading out to pick up some time between 4-5. Pick up from 4-5? Who cares what time they pick up. It’s a Costco, I only care about what time they will arrive! Very vague with their wording. And the pickup time really does me no good if I’m trying to coordinate what time to be at the destination address. In this case if they arrive at Costco at 5pm they will hit traffic and I have no idea when they will arrive. Here’s the problem: the luggers called and said they had just received the order a coupe hours ago. They were coming back from the Bay Area and would not be to the pickup location until 6 or 6:30. So my initial time frame was not even close to accurate. They ended up delivering about 7pm. Which means I lost 3 outs if time waiting for moving due to this apps inability to comunícate effectively. Thais app is horrible and a waste of time. I would have been much better off just being someone off CL with a truck. Don’t use this App
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7 years ago, Sghaffari
Best experience/reliable/fast/on time
This was the most incredible experience. I ordered my couch that I had just purchased from a store that night to be scheduled to delivered by Lugg the following day. Not only did they get the location 15 mins early, but they kept in touch with me the entire time, AND they were nice enough to move the old couch upstairs to then bring in the new couch. All the while, with the best attitude. As a bonus - being a female, with two male strangers coming into my home, I felt very safe and comfortable. I am not one to write reviews and if I ever do it's for a reason. It's cheaper than any furniture store shipping it out. depending on how far you need the furniture shipped, any other company would charge $10 more with inconvenient times etc. they are worth it.
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2 months ago, pooh0995
They are ridiculous
This was my second time booking lugg and I had horrible experience. The first time everything went so well hence I booked it second time however this time it turned out to be a huge disappointment. Here’s what happened I scheduled lugg for some reason they were not on time they were supposed to deliver it by 6 but they took one extra hour both drivers taking their own time. At first they arrived at pick up location late then what we scheduled took ample of time to load 4 mini wardrobe and took their sweet time to arrive at drop off location then they had this issue to find out the building it was so hard to coordinate with them as there was language barrier instead of hiring two luggers my partner had to help them to move stuff after all this they charged me $229 while I booked for $50 and now there is no one to help me with my concerns all I can do is talk to bot! Is this the way to help customers? The first time I booked lugg I had this giant cal mattress to be picked and drop and it was with one lugger I had no issues everything went so well and this time even after having two luggers this many issues I had to deal with top of that why should I pay unexpected amount for your staff mistake completely not acceptable. I need someone to answer my concerns just chatting with a bot won’t help. Please get back to me if you value your customers and their concerns please 🙏🏼
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1 year ago, kindnessmatters7
Deceiving and Poor Customer Service
I used Lugg under the recommendation of my realtor. The movers that came were very nice guys and were there to lugg furniture and that is about it. They did not tell me that if they needed to drive to my storage unit more than one time, which was 1.5 miles away it would be considered another trip and I would need to rebook the van for $117! What a ripoff! Had I known, I would have paid better attention to how the van was being packed, as well as not given them all the little things and brought them myself. When I emailed the company, the reply was a link with “here it is in the terms of service” and no we are not refunding your money, you will pay for the van two times for each round trip 3 mile drive. What bad business! Ok, so maybe I should’ve known, and also maybe it would’ve been good customer service for Lugg to send me something that spelled out the terms of service. I received NOTHING from them. Also, it would have been nice for the movers to give me the heads up, “just so you know, if we make another trip, you will be charged for the moving van again!” Getting charged $117 again to go 3 miles round trip is nothing to say “oh well” over. I tipped the movers generously, over $100. To split. Lugg sees nothing wrong with these charges. Beware! I will not be using them again. They are not keen on customer service at all!
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2 weeks ago, WhyDidIListenSoLong
Seemed Helpful in Theory
Most idiotic product fail, can’t even blame UX. Like any other share economy service, the people doing the work are awesome, the people making the product are dropping the ball on the customers and their gig employees. For some unknowable reason the platform will let you search the needed destination or service, and even offer suggestions on destinations and allow you to schedule, whether that location is open or not. And you as the customer are supposed to assume against the reason implied by being allowed to schedule for that place and time, that the destination may not be open and call to confirm before booking (which could also result in you losing the available booking time). If the LUGG suggested destination isn’t open, you will have to find an alternate location or have the item returned to you - all of which incur continued per minute labor fee on top of the flat rate and labor fee being charged from the moment they left your pick up address. Preventable of the backend booking system actually spoke to the scheduling system OR a simple destructive action warning prior to booking something that is potentially closed. Absolutely unhinged product thinking.
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3 years ago, jasperpwu
Many issues yet expensive!
Loggers came 20+ minutes late, yet it was counted towards my bill as extra $40+ dollars. Then they take their time moving and wrapping very slowly, much slower than the other moving services I used. I’m guessing it’s because the slower they are, the more labor minutes are counted, and the more they will earn. It’s like if Uber is charged by minutes and driver takes detour to get you there. It’s horrible experience watching them wrapping and inching slowly while I’m in a hurry to finish up moving and continue with my work. I even helped them move because they are so slow and I couldn’t stand it. Then I contacted Lugg support. And there was no response. I WILL NEVER USE LUGG AFTER THIS TIME. Update: Customer support told me they refunded me 10 dollars for courtesy reason and claimed there is not wrong in their calculation that only 31 minutes were counted yet the app clearly shows 40+67 minutes were counted respectively at pickup and destination. After I responded that, customer support never care to respond again. What’s worse, I don’t even see that 10 dollars refunded in my bank. What a customer service I can only say.
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3 years ago, Nachoden
AVOID LUGG IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HOME OR POSSESSIONS! Moving 1 bulky item up 1 flight of outside pads or dolly despite my requesting it. Very inexperienced. They almost dropped my heavy item over handrail to pavement! Dropped item several times on ground and floor, bashed item against railings and doorway, worker (no gloves?) cut himself and bled on item and house. He had no first aid items in truck, luckily I did. Will take multiple sources and repair people to address more than $2K of damage to house and item - parts and labor for wood work, metal work, metal fabricating and plating, laminate repair, installation and painting. They expect me to find, call, get quotes from, hire and manage all of the people and get parts for repairs in a SF labor market and COVID supply chain where barely anyone returns calls. Spent hours getting verbal and texted estimates for $2K+ They offered me a refund of the $81 Lugg fee for the 30 minutes of destruction they caused. After I complained they offered another $300. If they want to cause all if this damage and make me do tons of work to get it fixed and pay for most of it, I'd rather write this review and warn others.
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5 years ago, kmcginnis
Very convenient but inconsistent
I use Lugg at least twice a month for moving furniture. Very convenient and flexible scheduling. Guys mostly are in good spirits. About half are good at loading a truck, half aren’t. This is ok even though about 30% of the time something gets slightly damaged (scratched or dinged). The convenience is worth it to me. My biggest complaint is that lately, the Lugg XL has been inconsistent. XL should not be a van, even an oversized van. That simply doesn’t hold enough stuff. XL should only be a box truck. Also, the last two times there were issues with being notified properly. One time the guys called and said they’d be there at 2:30, but my window was 3-4pm. I wasn’t at the location and they said if I couldn’t meet them now, they’d have to cancel. Then yesterday I did not get notified that the guys were on their way, which I always do. Just customer service things like this have faltered lately. Hopefully it’s just an anomaly.
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4 months ago, cher874532z
Grest service, miscommunication with payment
Overall excellent service as far as reliability, efficiency and getting the job done. The item we moved ended up being disassembled prior to pick up which was unanticipated, so I asked the Lugg experts if they are able to assemble at the drop off destination. I thanked them profusely for accommodating and tipped significantly on the side as I felt they went above and beyond to accommodate me. They did not inform me that I was being charged by Lugg for the labor time. So a $70 quote ended up being over $440 after the extra tipping. I really wish they disclosed that I was being charged by the app. The changes are logical but it was very clear that I thought they were being helpful and was unaware of the additional charge structure beyond the initial quote. If Lugg could meet me somewhere in the middle by refunding some of the labor fees I would be very grateful and continue to use this app regularly, now that I understand how it works.
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5 years ago, seaceacee
Great workers, misleading app
My Lugg driver 5 STARS HE WAS AWESOME. This low review is not a reflection of my driver, it is a review regarding the app itself. Had to have something taken to my place I had the pick up from store set to 7-8 pm from there to my house was 25. They arrived early and started charging it as “labor at destination” before I even spoke to my driver. Definitely shaved off a solid $10 I honestly feel I shouldn’t have been charged. I only used the app due to the discount I have through home goods. To move my item which I could have carried but I couldn’t have fit in my car $36 was kind of pricey. There is no way that I can see on the app to adjust any of the pricing or info. The guy who moved my stuff was nice and very helpful. My original estimate cost was a decent amount cheaper than what I ended up paying, which sucked. I don’t think I’ll ever use this app again. More annoyed by the misleading/lack of info regarding charging and that my order was picked up earlier than I stated which caused me to not be able to meet my driver on time.
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3 years ago, itszlikewhoa
Unreliable and wasted 2 hours of my time and $30
Stay away. Lugg strung me along for 2 hours after sending me messages that my Lugg almost on its way. After spending over $30 in Uber to get to my pick up destination on time for Lugg, and 2 hours of waiting, they cancelled on me last minute saying that it’s because the store closed, but there was no store to pick up from, it was my residential address. Now it’s too late to find another mover this late at night, and all the things that I prepared to get moved are now sitting unsecured in a hallway because I can’t get them up to my in myself, which is why I hired a Lugg. So disappointed and stressful, I now have to spend even more time to try to scramble to find a last minute solution late at night. Not only that, Lugg offered to compensate me only $30 in credits, when it costed me more than that for an Uber to get to my pickup location because I wanted to be on time for Lugg in addition to wasting two hours of time waiting.
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3 years ago, Annieee12
Highly recommend! The movers are very nice, friendly and hard working!
Moving is very stressful and costly but Lugg did a great job in giving us the most affordable moving options. This is my first time moving with lots of stuff and first time using Lugg. Was hesitant at first but decided to give it a try. GLAD I DID!! Compared to traditional moving companies, they offer more flexibility in terms of time, cost. There’s no minimum hours, it all depends on how much stuff you have (price per minute). So it’s fair and reasonable. They’re also very on time. They let us know when the movers are on the way through messages and also update every progress through messages. Very transparent and innovative. The Lugg app is very nice, informative and easy to understand. My stuff was moved safely and in good condition, no damage. They’re very dedicated when handling our fragile stuff. They deserve a good review and that’s why I did this here. I love Lugg and want to use and support Lugg. The product like Lugg is transforming the moving industry, making it more customer friendly, affordable and hi-tech. Please keep up the great work! I’m rooting for you!
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5 years ago, willmerrittmusic
Design Flaws Cost $ and Delays
I was very surprised how quickly my order was picked up. However, I quickly discovered that app had first swapped the pick up and drop off points. I canceled that order after the guys were already minutes away and placed a new order. The pickup place took a couple times to stick and the drop off was my current location saved. After the order was in process the app dropped my saved current location in favor of some other street miles away for some unknown reason. That caused another panic session trying to reach the guys with my stuff. They were really cool, though. This is not their fault and they handles it really well with courtesy and a smile. This whole thing took more time and drove up the cost which I will sort out later. Except for the guys handling my delivery so well, the first experience with the Lugg app was a mess!
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6 years ago, kimber224522
No longer impressed
I was impressed with this company the first two times I used them to deliver furniture from Z-Gallerie’s warehouse. That changed when I had this service move personal items from 1 house to another on April 30th. The two movers were as slow as snails and could move only 1 thing between them. They had 1 dolly and would together take 1 box at a time out to the van. They also had to stop and move the truck twice because of parking in areas where they shouldn’t have. It took 118 mins to load a few things and only 12 mins to unload. I complained but only received compensation for the time it took them to park correctly. I ended up having to call Lugg the next day to move the rest of my things. It was a holiday weekend and there weren’t other options, to their credit. I also tried to give a 4 star rating to the 2nd crew but accidentally gave it to the 1st crew and couldn’t change it.
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3 years ago, Barger Man
These guys moved my elephant!
So we got a free table on craigslist and Michael and Dominique showed up promptly when the app said they were going to be showing up they brought a truck and all of the tools needed to move something very heavy. What I mean by elephant is this was no joke it was Supposedly the heaviest thing they had ever lifted by far it had to be a 500 pound table and these guys handled it like professionals and champs. It took a lot of effort and they never complained just got it done. Then when they were done they offered to move a plant from the driveway that was pretty heavy as well because they could see that it was going to go with the table really professional really good workers I’m very impressed.
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2 years ago, bythebay10
Gone way down hill as of 2022
I’ve used Lugg for small moves, furniture pickups etc before and been satisfied. I used it in nyc recently and was appalled. The Lugg guy showed up 4.5 hours after the end of the arrival window. There were supposed to be two people and a van (they charge extra for this) but there was only one mover. He refused to wear a mask and kept taking it off after I provided him a clean wrapped one since he didn’t have it. On top of all this, Lugg has eliminated all customer service except email. They take hours or even days to respond to emails making it useless when you have an issue during a move. I would never use Lugg again after this. Oh btw the rating prompt in the app is broken probably intentionally- if you give your luggers less than 3 stars it won’t do anything when you press save. Probably why all their crews have 5 stars… now cue defensive responsive from this sleazy startup in 5..4..3..2…
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5 months ago, Jaykayum
Moving belongings
I had Alan and his friend from luggs assist on my move from Sacramento to Fairfield. They took twice as long as expected to move everything even though everything was already pre-box and prearranged for them. I felt like they were trying to milk me for time. To make matters worse, they took pillows that didn’t belong to me to help assist the move. It took about three days ago getting in touch with Alan just to get the pillows back. Lastly, I had asked them not to put the tonal on the floor because they could severely damage the Tonal. There was a table for them to put it on. I find that they put it in the second bedroom on the floor and now my Tonal won’t turn on. It’s already been two weeks since then and I’ve been reaching out to customer service and I haven’t gotten a response yet on anything. Worse moving company in terms of choosing competent staff and being able to reach customer support.
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6 years ago, Kiera60
Highly Recommend Lugg!
I use Lugg for my clients whenever needed. (I'm a Professional Organizer, helping clients declutter their homes, offices, storage units; help clients pack/move/unpack.) So Lugg has come in super handy!! I just learned about them about a month ago. They've been in business 3 yrs. Soooo smart to start a company for on demand, small, local moves! Gives people a way to make quick cash same day with tips. Gives customers a way to get things they shopped for but can haul in their car. Gives my clients a way to de-clutter their space by selling or donating their large items! One Lugg, they donated furniture and a fridge and building supplies (bricks, tile, ladders, tools, carpet, etc) to the local Habitat for Humanity donation center! Another Lugg, they moved a piano from the garage to the living room. Another Lugg, they moved a large desk and filing cabinet to the local Goodwill. Various Luggs, they’ve moved an entire bedroom or living room set to a buyer’s home. My clients are frequently buying and selling on the OfferUp App, and Lugg has made it possible to quickly get these things moved same-day. It’s just been a godsend! Highly recommend Lugg!
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6 years ago, ferilla
Amazing! What a great experience. I was struggling for a few days about how to get a little loveseat I got on Craig’s list into my second floor apartment, especially with little ones around. I found out about Lugg and within 2 hours it had been picked up and delivered into the exact spot I wanted it. They were fast, clean, courteous, helpful, I couldn’t say enough good things. I loved that I could track their ride through the app so I knew exactly when they would be arriving. This is definitely providing a major service for something that was always a challenge to figure out. I already have another delivery scheduled for tomorrow and look forward to being a regular customer.
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6 months ago, LkFam 2000
Scheduled this company to do a refrigerator move for us from my parents house to ours(est. 5 miles apart). Included dimensions, a photo, etc. they upgraded our move to their XL with 2 Lugers. They showed up and said they cannot move the fridge. And it is a 4-person job. I was floored… first they said it was the weight, then it was the 7 stairs, etc. I asked why this wasn’t explained when I included all the information. They said they didn’t even look at the dimensions, photo etc. until they arrived to pick it up. They also informed us that they didn’t have straps to tie it down. I’m not sure how they thought they were moving anything without straps or looking at the details of the move. I was looking forward to using them with all the great reviews, unfortunately it didn’t work out for us. Just caution if you need help moving appliances I would definitely go with another company
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5 years ago, Michael Alexander
I was excited about using Lugg. The first time I used it to move some boxes from storage into my temporary apartment it was great. But when I used them to move our furniture to our new home, the ugly truth was revealed. Not only did they ruin $1900 worth of furniture (4/6 large brand new furniture items were damaged), but they showed up 1 hour late and left an entire car load of stuff that we had to take because they were running late to their next Lugg. To add insult to injury the process of getting reimbursed for our ruined new furniture was incredibly difficult and they were only will to offer a fraction of what was damaged only after we showed them original receipts. We paid $1100 for the 2 Luggs, had $1900 of new furniture damaged a received a total of $452. While 1/2 crews were very nice people (the other was not), If you have nice things the you care about, I would avoid at all costs and go with professionals instead.
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6 years ago, catj111
Easy simple process
I was left in a pickle when I found out the couch that had been donated for my school office couldn’t be moved on the weekend. Since anyone who could help me was working I had to come up with another plan. I had seen lugg mentioned on next door arranging took seconds. The guys were super nice arrived on time giving me a half hour notice. It was handy to be able to watch them on a map so I knew exactly when to leave and meet them. Using a coupon it was $41. To move a couch 1.7 miles. Plus gave a $20. Tip. It looks like the clock was not running during the drive—there was a $4.00 fee for travel. The convenience factor was huge! Definitely recommend.
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6 years ago, OnDeadline12
Movers are great, app gets a little stuck
Love the concept and so glad Lugg exists! The movers are hard working people who take care with your stuff. The app itself however needs some work. It will get stuck on some screens, especially during setup. I had to quit the app and start again a few times to get it to work. I wanted to be able to add a photo to my profile but it won’t let me update that. Liked the push alerts before and during the move, like the gps/map the drive feature. Was expecting a final push alert to rate the move in the end, but it never appeared; had to open the app to do that. Would be great if it was more clear on how the toll is paid when crossing the bridge. Will continue to use Lugg.
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6 years ago, BertieBaby55
Wanted my furniture delivered faster than 10 days to 3 weeks
Purchased a long overdue replacement sofa with memory foam sleeper and electric recliner for my mom (both heavy items). The store I purchased from has delivery but would be 2-3 weeks before delivery (and they do not pick up the old furniture for charity). One of the store staff mentioned that a few other customers have used Lugg. So I tried them. Easy to schedule. Only a few $$ more than what the furniture company would have charged (yes, they would also charge me as a thank you for buying from them). You can ask for 1 or 2 Lugg-ers and they were so nice to my mom and sister! I recommend Lugg highly :)
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3 years ago, TheDaveRamirez
Disorganized and laggy
I booked a lite Lugg to grab a few things from Ikea because I was there on my motorcycle and figured it would only take 45 minutes as the app said. I ended up having 2 drivers cancel, was unable to talk to them, couldn’t see where the car was as it didn’t appear on the map and also wasn’t able to reach out to Lugg for customer support. After waiting for 2 hours my movers showed up but they were nice enough to let me know that someone from Ikea was supposed to have all my stuff pulled aside and they weren’t even supposed to be talking to me, so it was a weird feeling to just leave my stuff with someone who wasn’t sure what to do with it. And what looked like it was going to be an organized partnership with the store ended up being and drawn out confusing experience that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.
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5 years ago, fr0st
Great idea, terrible in practice.
I attempted to use this service today for the first time, even after reading some yelp reviews. The movers were not prepared to move a cabinet up stairs(this cabinet is heavy) and because it’s heavy I expected a dolly. It end up me watching them scrape the metal legs against the floor scratching them, then providing a solution of “sliding” the furniture back down the stairs on its service, using blankets at lubrication. It end up being me lifting the furniture and returning it to the bottom of the stairs. I want to feel bad for the guys because they are trying to make some money for the holidays, but they were ill prepared. They didn’t even have good shoes, one was wearing some leather dress shoes or something. I have no idea how this app has so many positive reviews, as such I would not recommend this service. In sf there are many good movers, and while they don’t have an app they offer professionalism.
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6 years ago, Jamie Cmpsno
BIG fan of Lugg
I cant say enough good things about Lugg! I’ve used them 6+ times in the last couple years so it’s about time I wrote a review. Every time has been equally positive and I honeslty see no room for improvement. They communicate every step of the way so you don’t have to guess when they’ll arrive and you know exactly where your stuff is. They handles my stuff with care and always wrap up any items I request with a blanket and plastic wrap for extra protection. Every single mover I’ve had has been professional and friendly. I would never use another service and recommend them wholeheartedly. Two thumbs way up.
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6 years ago, Hardly Happy
Problem with your App
On Saturday your App did not work very well. Besides Lugg was dropping off furniture at my house so it made sense to use them for a move of my outbound load of furniture with Lugg to my new house since Lugg was there. A decent App could have easily given the Lugg people who were already there my outbound load of furniture to deliver to my new location. It did not. The Lugg drivers and I waited and waited for confirmation. Eventually the Lugg people who were already there were sent somewhere else We we all unhappy.... and guess what ...then your system dropped my move..... and was only available 2 hours later!!!pretty bad system and pretty bad App... I wasted an hour and a half and got nothing:(
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6 years ago, Joanna120
Delivery People Are Tops
This is a great service. The guys were very prompt, took pains to avoid the walls as they took a big piece in, helped me put felt protectors on the furniture to avoid scratching the hardwood floors, and positioned it where I wanted. The only issue I had was with the online system. It shows available dates/times. Three times I proceeded with my information and payment, thinking I had an available time, only to be told on the final screen that the time was no longer available. I sure hope I didn’t pay 3 additional times! If a time isn’t available, it should be the first thing the customer sees, no?
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6 years ago, Victoria Helena
After hearing good things from people about the app, I decided to use it for my furniture delivery from Macys. DISASTER! They didn't wrap my IVORY sofa like the app says they will, they didn't bring adequate tools to move it so they ended up dropping the back end on the sidewalk and pushing it along the floor. Again, I repeat- IVORY sofa. Oh wait, second best part- they forgot the other piece of furniture I ordered and had to go back for it. It's going on 3 hours past my original time slot and I haven't heard from them in over an hour and had told them I had somewhere to be. I had to call Macy's and have them put a sign on my bookshelf saying "This item must be wrapped with blankets" to avoid having to explain to them a second time that that's how this whole moving thing works. This app is a reminder of why you just pay the little extra and get people who know what they're doing.
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3 years ago, mallhaute
It’s depend who comes on that day
I had horrible experience with Lugg and complained to support team. The support team immediately responded and resolved the issue within a week. I have no doubt Lugg have great personality workers however there are many areas to improve and it’s really depend who comes to service on that day. In my opinion, I strongly suggest to have professional movers if you’re planning to relocate 1 bed room size furniture. The professional mover have 17 feet depth truck (vs Lugg’s XL Van-10 feet) and faster to make action which it will be much cheaper labor hours to have the best results for 100%. Please make sure to research local choice what’s convenient for you.
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6 years ago, lugg schmug
Deep scratched table
First timer Lugg user, I bought a nice wood table and needed delivery. The Lugg drivers arrived in a large Enterprise truck which I didn’t order, I ordered a truck. The truck was equipped with an automatic lift gate. I was watching them remove the table which was not protected coming off the truck. Lugg site states they have blankets for protection. They did lay a blanket on the lift gate but I noticed two metal tabs sticking out from the sides of the lift gate as they moved my table I believe that was when the table was scratched in a few places where it was dragged across the metal. They placed the table in the garage and left. As I was clearing things in the garage I then noticed large scratches on the top of the table. I’m very disappointed with the handling of my table and the cost I was charged for delivery. Use caution if you decide to use Lugg you should not have to watch movers who are hired as professional movers.
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5 years ago, KatieAP
Extremely frustrating
Costco says they are working with Lugg now, so we bought a 1 ton pallet of flagstones. We used the app, putting in the comments exactly what we needed moved with the weight amount and a pictures. There is no where to put the weight other than in the comments. This is not a large pile of stones, just heavy. The comments and picture seems not to mater at all. When the Lugg people showed up they said their truck couldn’t carry it, as did the next few drivers (who often were the first two repeated). They told us we needed to ask for a bigger truck (basically a moving van) for twice as much money. I want to stress this is not a large pile stones and would do not take up much space. After a wasted day dealing with this had to return them and are going to rent a pickup (rated for 3,000lbs) from Home Depot and do it ourselves.
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6 years ago, Mmweb7
I literally never write reviews but would like to say great app, affordable move, really glad to have this service in the area. Was very happy with app experience, the service, tracking, and the dudes moving my stuff. Made getting a couch with 15 hour notice SO much better. And was not too crazy $$ for moving one couch from Oakland to SF... and the costs of doing something for just one thing is usually what prevents me from getting furniture so was relieved. Only complaint is there’s a bug in the Instructions to Movers section that has the caps lock spazzing out keeping it in caps then taking off then on. Made writing notes to them hard. Would definitely suggest and use again.
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3 months ago, Chum fun son
Not a good experience
I spent about 2 hrs of my time signing up for some gig work with Lugger. The support team was friendly and helpful during the sign up process. However, once approved to start getting work as a Lugger, I was twice in a row “confirmed” to work and then given zero work when each “confirmed” time slot rolled around. I was also given zero heads up that this would be the case from the support team. Please change the booking system for Lugger to only show availability associated with actual work for that times lot that you are displaying as “available”. The current booking system seems shady and I won’t reconsider becoming a Lugger again until I hear that they’ve updated the way their booking system works. Thanks!
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5 years ago, VIP_VITAMINS
Absolutely amazing!
I had purchased two EXTRA large mirrors from HomeGoods and wasn’t able to fit them in my car and my husband had told me that there’s a service which they bring items to your home and it was such an easy way to choose the vehicle of my choice for the pick up and delivery. Very professional team! They picked it up and brought it to me just in time. The fun part was that you could see the vehicle on the app making all the turn and seeing when they will be arriving. Love love love!!!!! I will definitely be using this service for alllllll my big and even small deliveries!!! A+ 5STARS
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6 years ago, PoodleNoodle1221
Late, Unreliable Movers
I had two days of horrible experiences with Lugg. The first day, they arrived two hours after the ETA I was sent through their automated system, and then arrived without one of my items. I tried to contact them to arrange a second pick up, but the only way to contact them was via email. They didn’t respond to my email until I had already gotten the notification that someone was picking up my missing item in the middle of my work day. I specifically told them I couldn’t speak to them on the phone during work hours due to the nature of my job, and yet they called me repeatedly until I picked up. I couldn’t get home to meet them, so I arranged for them to leave it inside the gate. When I got home, they had left my gate wide open with the furniture inside. The entire experience was unprofessional and unreliable.
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3 years ago, HB 91302
So Happy - First Time Using!!
Friend recommended this service. It was very transparent with what to expect- easy app to follow the steps being first timer ( if new do look online for any promos being offered, I didn’t think of that ahead- but apparently offered by the service) - both the pick up person was informed when they would arrive as was I. Couldn't be happier with booking same day and the pick up & delivery were on time. Both guys were wearing masks (Covid) were super courteous, personable and quick. Would highly recommend (and will) to friends. Thank you for a cool service! 5*’s all around.
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2 years ago, RokSci
Hit or miss
The real issue is that the company has zero customer support. Even the live chat is 10 minutes delayed. If you have questions or problems there is no help. If the guys that show up are cool everything works smoothly, but you don’t have a choice who shows up. If a four or heaven forbid three star crew shows up you are better off canceling the whole thing and trying again later. The faq is also useless. They specifically list pianos as things they move, but in my experience that is just plain wrong. I had two crews (4 guys) show up, after stating that I needed to move a piano. They looked at the Yamaha U1, said this is too big& heavy and left. I called a local mover, 2 guys showed and moved it no issue.
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3 years ago, AdamRF90
Still not reimbursed for damages
Not only did Lugg not perform the services they were hired for, they caused significant damages that are still not paid, with no imminent resolution. During our job on June 19, Lugg entered our home, made deep gashes to the walls, damaged the fabric of our Restoration Hardware couch, then left after cancelling altogether "because the couch would not fit down the stairwell" though it was once delivered up the same stairwell. After 3 weeks of back and forth with Lugg support, there is still no resolution for these damages. Worst of all, Lugg does not have a phone number and will pass you between different support reps over email, with several days delay by before giving a response. As a customer, we would have never expected a lack of professionalism to this degree: 1. Damaged home interior with gashes to walls, trim and wainscoting 2. Did not have ample protective materials for the sofa included in the job description 3. Did not wear gloves or protect the fabric 4. Removed the screen door that now doesn't slide 5. Movers were rude, dismissive and unapologetic 6. Left home in far worse shape, still have not covered the cost of repair Strongly advise you to stay away from this company!
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3 years ago, AmandaMilw
Life saver!
Such a cool concept. I was in the process of finishing up moving out of our old house and when I arrived today to get another load of boxes, the power was out, yet we still had our big chest freezer in the garage. It’s pretty hot out already in AZ (95 today) so I was worried about all of our food going bad if we couldn’t get movers here within a few days. Lugg was able to come in 30 minutes! Super quick, friendly and very professional. Will definitely recommend and use in the future! Thank you!
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2 years ago, Orion's Watch
Does the job but an ick way to treat workers
Underlying service is as good as you’d expect from gig-work. However, I scheduled the move more than 2 weeks in advance and my Lugger didn’t know until 20 minutes before the scheduled time. Why not offer drivers the option to take a nearby job ahead of time?? You can still pull people suddenly if you have to, but why can’t a customer try to help someone plan ahead and allow client and Lugger to communicate ahead of time? Would’ve given both client and Lugger better experience. Otherwise well-designed app, and the Lugger themselves was quick and friendly. Most likely a case of app & execs trying to CYA.
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3 years ago, Chickadee China
Ok if your time is flexible
Scheduled 2 days in advance. Right before the pickup window start I was notified that the Luggers would be an hour late to pickup but would find another nearby crew. The crew was great but the scheduling is ridiculous. I was picking up from a business so it’s fine they were late within business hours. If you’re using them to pick up from a private home/individual person (ie CL or FBM) forget it! What a pain for both parties. Also ridiculous I could schedule online/mobile without app but must download app to rate the crew so they can get credit. At some point we don’t need an app for that when it’s a one time deal.
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5 years ago, CEC02554
Train Wreck of a Company
This platform is absolute rubbish. A week ago, I hailed a Lugg for a Craigslist pickup, and got a push notification that no Luggers were available at this time. Put my phone down in my car, went to pickup my kid from nursery school. Come back out 20 min later to find that not only was that Lugg push notification false, a Lugg had been scheduled at the CL pickup location and had been waiting for me (read: I was on the clock, without notification, for 20 minutes). I popped over hastily, finished the job, and the Luggers delivered to my home. The next day, completely unprompted, the Luggers showed back up saying that they got a push notification that I had scheduled a job for moving a sofa from my house (we’d been away all morning and no Lugg was ever scheduled). Stay away from this train wreck of a company!
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3 years ago, @Normeez
Great luggers but terrible Lugg customer service
I requested for 4 luggers so thats two teams. I received a confirmation for two teams but when the day came to move my piano, I received a notification that only 1 team only was on the way. I tried contacting customer service. Lugg’s customer service is via email only. So it takes forever to get a response. The other team tried contacting customer service as well. Lugg finally got in touch and said that it’ll be 1hr wait for team 2. So team 1 is waiting and every minute is charged so charge services adds up. I ended up canceling order. The two gentlemen waited patiently and were great sports. My piano was never moved from my garage to my living room. I do not recommend Lugg for two team services (4 or more people).
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3 months ago, jackbox
Like Uber but for moving
The movers seem to be “independent contractors” just like Uber drivers. So you never know what quality you’re going to get. The app is very limited and makes it hard to talk to support and resolve issues. Our movers said on the app that they were on their way but we watched on the interactive map and they didn’t start driving towards us until 1 hour after our booked time. They missed their exit and turned a 40 min drive into a 1 hour drive. We booked 1 to 2pm and they didn’t arrive until after 4pm. Then they tried to force our elevator doors to stay open and broke and required an elevator technician to be called out. We sent them home and we’ve been pleading with customer support to reverse the charges.
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6 years ago, Ekf73
Terrible experience- late arrival and damaged furniture.
My experience with lugg was incredibly disappointing. My arrival window was between 12-1 and they arrived close to 2:30. I don't believe this was their fault, but there was no communication that they would be an hour and a half late. Then they parked on the sidewalk and got a ticket. The response was "add it to your bill" then they left me with the ticket. Lastly and most upsetting, there are deep gouges in my three items of wooden furniture: dresser, chest, and nightstand. $4000 with of furniture that now have multiple deep scratches across the top and front. This move was literally 6 minutes in the same city and came out to $500. I would have been fine with that except my furniture is terribly damaged and my time was not respected. I'm very disappointed and unhappy with my experience.
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2 years ago, abroshar
There’s no other app like it
Lugg is the one app that brings together great user experience with great offline service in unexpected ways. I have booked 3 Luggs - one same-day, after another mover dropped out at the last minute - and every single one has been prompt, friendly, affordable, and extremely professional. I am shocked by how seamless and delightful this experience is. It’s the kind of thing that was unimaginable just a few years ago. Lugg has set a new standard for moving, hauling and furniture delivery. I’m such a fan!
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6 years ago, kak973
Beware major “glitch” in system
I had an 800lb armoire that needed to be moved down to garage and I stated that upon scheduling that it was heavy. Rather then calling me to check on weight the company Lugg sent out two guys to “assess “ situation telling guys it might be typo. When guys arrived they looked at my armoire and said “that’s to heavy we need more people”. So at that time I had to order another crew to come help. In the mean time I had to pay per minute for the original two guys to wait until the second crew came. The second crew took over an hour to get here. A job that should have only been $80 was now $300 when all was said and done. This is a major glitch in system. All they had to do was call and double check weight. Furthermore, there is not a number to call for customer service.
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6 years ago, standupforurright
night mare!
i have used this app 3 times. horrible! Do not do it! these are random people who have no idea how to move things around. they scratched my window edge first time i used them. second time i used them the deli every guy could not find my house and i was charged for something i should not have. third time, they smashed my table on floor. This is a beautiful solid table from RH beautiful wood table, when i reached out to their customer service they where going to give me $100 back. A joke. they said my table base came apart which is not true. my base weighs 200lbs and the top 60lbs the guys picked the table over their head, which could caused a very bad accident on them selves. they could of gotten hurt badly on the job site. When i saw how they where carrying over the gate i jumped out but it was too late, the table already smashed on the floor, causing a crack on our floor, and a crack to my beautiful table! Customer service crap!
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