Lullaby Lyrics! Words to Lullabies, Songs for Kids

4.1 (37)
6.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Verdant Labs, LLC
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lullaby Lyrics! Words to Lullabies, Songs for Kids

4.05 out of 5
37 Ratings
4 years ago, Gammy PH
Great Lullabies
Great for lyrics especially when I didn’t know 2, 3, or additional verses. I started using this app 5 yrs. ago when my first grandchild was born. Have continued to use it now with 4th grandchild. I agree with other that melody would be an upgrade I would like & be willing to pay a modest fee for.
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6 years ago, John-Eli
we like your app
Review title written by my oldest kiddo (5), got to sleep in his earliest years, with great assistance from this fine collection of lullabies. I wish I knew more of the tunes for the rest, so I could sing the full collection to my now 3 littles, at bedtime. If a small feature could be added, with a link in each song to a website with the MIDI or other audible way to identify it, then it would be an even better app. Also a setting to disable screen lock, so it stays awake, even if I read slowly without touching the screen to keep it awake.
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7 years ago, hollyhags
Just what I was looking for
I just wanted lyrics.
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8 years ago, Cynthia Winn
Perfect app for me!!!
I have been looking for an app that would help me remember the lyrics of lullabies so I can sing them to my grandson and teach him how to sing them.
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4 months ago, devin fair
It helped my baby doll fall asleep
I love the app and it’s fantastic and I really think it has helped my baby doll get to sleep
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5 years ago, Chasssie
Just need to add dog tunes to the lyrics please then it would be perfect!!
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5 years ago, Zbot601
A great app for my Newborn. Easy to follow lyrics.
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11 years ago, Mitch1
Good app, needs a few tweaks
First, i wish there was a screen dimmer on the homepage of the app for nighttime viewing. next, it should not have a bright white index page - like a flashlight - all the color schemes should be dimmed. But it as good enough, so I purchased the full app to get rid of the ads and for more lullabies. Like the ads being gone, but by paying for it there should have been many many more songs. It's a simple app, but a good need for dads at night. Perhaps the author will improve the next version, he's really into something here! Anyone notice how creepy some of those lyrics could be by the way? Finally, if we want to make this a super app, it should allow flagging of favorites so I can view just those.
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6 years ago, Edward100
Waste of Time
There is no music. I could have simply Googled the lyrics. This app is stupid!
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9 years ago, XCircus_FreakX
Love it, missing a couple great songs!
Perfect to get lyrics to songs to sing to my newborn. I wish it had "mary had a little lamb", "row row row your boat", and "she'll be coming 'round the mountain". I also wished you could play the background score to these songs, some of them I have no idea what kind of beat/rhythm to sing them to :)
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10 years ago, harraton
Get thee to sleep, baby!
My 4 mo old son loves having us sing to him. Or rather, he calms down once we're singing to him. Unfortunately, I really only know the lyrics to about 2 songs (Row, Row, Row, your Boat and Mary had a Little Lamb). I know the tunes to lots of other songs, but have no idea what the lyrics are, so I make them up: something something about a mockingbird? This app is great. It's faster than searching the Internet for lyrics (which has become its own version of ad popup hell), and it reminds me of the other songs that are out there. The baby probably doesn't care what I'm singing "Do do do, it's laundry time!" but it's nice for me to change things up a bit.
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9 years ago, Janie Quinn
Really wish it had the tune. I don't know most of them.
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9 years ago, Nae0447
Great resource!
Having the lyrics to so many lullabies is wonderful and the Spanish ones are a plus, too, as my mother used to sing us some of those as well. I am very happy with this app and so are my children.
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12 years ago, Kristina72913
So fun!
As an adult I had forgotten most if not all the lyrics to these songs. I love having this app so I can quickly reference my sons favorites songs. I just hope more children songs get added, and not just lullaby.
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9 years ago, Mom•2•10
Cool App Don't Upgrade
I really liked the app. Impressed with the amount of songs and all of the verses. Thought I'd upgrade and get more songs...the few that were added were not ones that we are familiar with. I would not upgrade again...
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12 years ago, KarinBee
Now I can sing to my newborn, instead of just humming along like I do with the other lullaby apps! So happy to have all the extra verses that I forgot years ago!
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10 years ago, Armin'sGirl
Lullaby App
So helpful when trying to remember all the lyrics to childhood songs. I plan to use to app to try and help my sisters sleep easier. :)
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12 years ago, Iphicles
Hits the spot
Perfect app for those with tots. You never realize how poor your recollection of lullabye lyrics is until you try singing them to your kid!
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12 years ago, Baseball lover 42
Sleeping baby
Love the variety and the extent of the songs: learned new verses to old tunes! Only improvement would be a quiet track to sing to.
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8 years ago, Mom8787
Beautiful lyrics
I'm pregnant and reading these to my 14 month old and he loves these lyrics, and so do I. They are beautiful .
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9 years ago, Autosmiler
Clean and simple
I really like that Spanish song lyrics are included
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9 years ago, Mooooooooo1230984756
Hush little baby...
My little kitty will fall asleep to these songs. Great app
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9 years ago, el perez
For bilingual wannabes, a blessing
I've been looking for something like this!! Thank you! - nuyorican mama
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12 years ago, Ewillia
Good App
It's great to have lyrics to sing to my daughter. Would love to be able to hear each song too.
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9 years ago, JTKT14
Awesome Lulibies
Thank you for your songs!
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12 years ago, New mommy 888
So helpful with all of the nursery rhymes I had forgotten so long ago. Love it!
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12 years ago, thebunny2408
I love this application
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10 years ago, 4FiT
Lyrics Only!
This does Not contain music of any kind. I guess it's good if you need the words and don't have google.
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11 years ago, Proappraiser
App closes when launched on iPad
App just crashes when I try to open it
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8 years ago, Klf🤗🤗🤗
Great app.
Great app.
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11 years ago, Biana726
Crashed as soon as I opened it.
Crashed as soon as I opened it.
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8 years ago, SaraBlackAZ
Excellent App!!! I love to sing; and this provides the words
I'm very happy with this app!!! Searched & tried many other lullaby apps and this is my favorite to sing with. My little one loves singing and my husband & I lay together and sing the songs from this app. We especially like the additions to verses to make the songs longer. I recommend this app to many of my friends who are new Parents (or even not). Singing these really helps my little one relax and settle for sleep. If I dont know the tune/rhythm to a lyric I can easily find it on YouTube or somewhere. Though that would be a nice feature... (Suggestion, add Something that played the melody if you aren't familiar with the song.) I also wish new new songs were coming; I loved the new additions when I first got this app (maybe add some Christmas songs). 😊
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12 years ago, Sabrina 111
Dose not work
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