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Current version
Luminess Direct LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for LUMINESS

3.74 out of 5
47 Ratings
6 years ago, ishtar10
Cart Items
I never had any problems with getting things in my cart until my last order, about a week ago. I checked my cart to make sure it was correct and checked out. When I checked out I printed my order and 3 or 4 items that were included in my cart were missing? I had printed my cart out and the items that were missing were actually in my cart at checkout! I went through the print out and checked the items that were missing and went through the process of ordering again. I’m really hoping that the problem is fixed by my next order!
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3 years ago, Sapiogurl
Still learning but…WOW!
Customer service is stellar! Don’t worry about the money ladies (we’re worth it right?), they’ll work with you and I feel the product is quality. I’m a 60 year old chic and it covers most of my age spots and sun damage. It takes seconds to apply and stays put in humid Maine summer. I am looking forward to learning all the tricks. Just have PATIENCE and go easy on yourself ♥️
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3 months ago, Donut12!!;)
Worst app ever!!! Best airbrush makeup!
Terrible app! Hasn’t changed in 5 years!!! So glitchy and difficult to use! Customer service friendly but not detail oriented. You can tell they speak off a script - not genuine. I avoid ordering on app at all cost and rely on auto-shipment of product. Upgrade, overhaul needed for app and website! NEGATIVE 5 stars !!! The airbrush makeup is excellent! Older Breeze last few years. New model broke after only 5 wks!!! Now I have to use my powder makeup which feels cakey… ordering original stylus system as backup and replacement Breeze.
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2 years ago, BeatlesLovah
This app is crap and so I customer service
App just plain doesn’t work, I can’t even add my address?? Customer service automated line keeps hanging up on me. I just want to cancel the auto shipments! I bought the damned product, I’m fine with staying with it (barely use it, though the product itself is decent, feel like my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer does a better job though and the Luminess does settle in my lines a lot) but man do I feel duped. I should have know better. Never get involved with auto shipments. ugh.
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2 years ago, Erle2bed
Luminess Customer Service
I never write bad reviews. I like to give everyone a chance. This company has the worst customer service I’ve ever had to deal with. It’s very hard to make cancellations with them. Warning… Hopefully they will listen to their”recorded calls” and then have “Customer Service” training classes. Luminess, you’ve lost my business.
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2 years ago, Alesv503
Just Wow ⚡️🌟
You can track your orders and get the latest offers. This app is so easy to use !
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2 years ago, DrewMarcel
Tutorials are super helpful and love the special discounts - makes shopping easier!
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2 years ago, Marlen Girl
Tried this today for the 1st time….,
Looks great, used foundation & blush. Very nice, natural looking, not heavy makeup look. I’m happy!
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2 years ago, LisaABill
Trying to cancel AutoShip! Website does not allow, the site does not allow, customer service will never answer, nor return calls! Very sketchy!! The site does not deliver what they promise!!
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8 months ago, Blackcatcoven
Free trail
Just ordered my airbrush kit. 30 day free trial. Can't wait
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2 years ago, jenleighwm
Never received my order. Is this a scam?
I ordered almost 2 weeks ago and still have not received my order. I was told 1-3 days. Please send my order.
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2 years ago, carriebaby86
Love what came but missing foundation
I love the blush and eye shadow but I never received the foundation in the set I ordered
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2 years ago, tammygve;)
Gave 1 star because couldn’t give zero
It’s not worth the money. It makes me breakout and as soon as you sweat it bubbles up. Not worth the time.
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2 years ago, spinner 26
Product not for mature skin
30day money back guarantee is a joke. It will cost a min of $15 to return this product that cost $24. Makeup is dry and cakes up in wrinkles. Not as advertised. App tutorial is not helpful.
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6 years ago, Carrie Paz
More trouble than it’s worth
Downloaded the app thinking it would be a “one-stop-shop” for guidance on my new luminess system as well as a good place to purchase products. Wrong. I was never able to make a purchase through the app at all. It allowed me to look at all the products that I wanted to buy, but when it came time to add them to my cart, it would not function properly. The app pretty much forced me to sign up for some account using my email address, which I thought might help to get it to let me make a purchase but that was not the case. Then I was told to uninstall & reinstall the app as an attempt to correct the issue. This did nothing but waste more of my time because the issue was still the same. I would get my hopes up browsing around the sale items, thinking I might get several items at a great price, only to find that I couldn’t get any of those things into my cart. How frustrating! So I ended up going to the regular website to do my shopping, which was a bit more user friendly in that it actually let me make a purchase.
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3 years ago, MrsVegan4life
Good product
The reason why I plan to keep buying their products is because they are cruelty free, it was hard to figure out how to add a billing address that is different from the shipping address but other than that seems good, I also didn’t like that when you open up the app the first thing you see is advertisements, that makes this brand look cheap but they aren’t at all, hope they get rid of that.
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3 years ago, rmworthem
I can’t wait to get started
I downloaded this app and tried a video. At first there wasn’t any sound. I found out what my problem was... I had the button on the side to mute the ringing. Turned that to on and no problem. After having a mastectomy, I am hoping this will make me feel pretty. 😜. I will update this review after using it but the sound does work.
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9 years ago, H3rly
I really like this app and don't even let me start with the products their r AMAZING I been struggling for a long time with my ACNE using a lot n different products to clear my skin but what was causing my ACNE was my LIQUID FOUNDATION I really see a difference using LUMINESS AIR BRUSH SYSTEM my acne its gone n the Foundation its OIL-FREE n WATER BASE thats what I LOVE the most n it gives me the SMOOTH finish it doesn't look like I'm wearing any make up, I will keep using this for the REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!
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9 years ago, nice
Very helpful
The app is easy to use and has built in videos. I was able to buy items with the app making mobile purchasing easy. I have not gotten my device yet but the app is great and a positive reflection of the company. I saw the product on HSN but bought with the app.
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10 years ago, Nazartay
Easy shop
The app is very rich in content, but the way everything is organized it helps you to find very easy what you are interested in. Besides, It has short yet useful videos that are great especially for new airbrush makeup users. Happy Shopping!!!
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10 years ago, HotHeather311
Luminess Air
I'm so excited. I thought I knew a lot about airbrushing but the videos taught be so much more. Loved the instructions. Love that I can bring my phone into the bathroom and watch the videos while airbrushing. Told my mom about it and she downloaded it to her iPad and she loves it too.
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10 years ago, Alonzo93
Luminess Air
I installed this on my moms iPad the other day and just thought this is a great idea to help provide service towards their customers. They offer instructional videos and easy access to their products.
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5 years ago, LorenzoJones
Just as bad as their website
The only reason they get 2 stars is bc I genuinely love the product. The app and website are complete garbage. I can’t find order history or anything related to my account when I’m logged in. When I do manage to EVENTUALLY find it, next time I go back I’ve forgotten where it was bc it’s not under MY ACCOUNT bc I guess that makes too much sense for them. SO INCREDIBLY frustrating.
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5 years ago, SweetCajunBelle
Think Twice!
I placed an order for the product. There is an AUTO SHIP in there. Which at first was ok bc I was trying it out! But I have tried SEVERAL TIMES to CANCEL this auto ship!!!! Spoke with Customer Service ON THE PHONE....must have been LANGUAGE BARRIER between either his and mine or his and his mouth!!! I’m STILL getting this STUPID AUTO SHIP and being CHARGED for it when it was CLEAR in our conversation that it would be DISCONTINUED!!!! About to go LEGAL on them!!! Would give ZERO STARS if it would allow!
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10 years ago, Pink1966
Needs major work!!!!
Did you unit test this? 1. Logged into app which didn't pull my existing address from your system, I'm a long time customer. Your API should be pulling that information. 2. Unable to change my password via the app, keeps displaying an error message. 3. Cart does not show product prices or total amount of purchase prior to asking for credit card information. 4. App had bad performance. 5. UI doesn't flow well. 6. Once in the cart the user is unable to modify the quantity of product items. 7. When I first added the latte eye shadowed it added a quantity of 5 instead of 1. Deleted and re-added the product and it added only 1. 8. Using iPhone 5s with iOS
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9 years ago, Pancy dibons
I love this app!
This app is very useful and so much easier to do my orders now. I greatly appreciate you Guys for making a more convenient way for us to check out your products!
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4 years ago, MaggieHerr
But it is not a reason to give less stars . I think Luminess has amazing products , I am happy to have found them
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10 years ago, Klee makeup46
Love Luminess
I am so happy with this new app! The videos are so easy to follow with the step by step instructions on how to airbrush with so much ease. Also, I love the ability to shop for my favorite make up Luminess!!
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10 years ago, Montia92
Happy customer
Thanks for making this app it makes shopping for makeup much easier and simple.
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5 years ago, Underexposed_mary
App is useless to me
I used to be able to use this app no problem, it was pretty helpful. But now I can’t use it at all because it tells me I have no internet connection... which I do... All my other apps work just fine, so I know it’s this app and not my phone... this has been an issue for awhile. Even after getting a new phone I still can’t use the app...
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4 years ago, Callie vision
Won’t let me order
It won’t let me order after my initial first order because it’s says my address isn’t correct and I’ve changed it in every way possible... so I’m baffled as to how to order extra products
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10 years ago, Rhffjutdfh
So glad Luminess finally has an app. This is so much more convenient. Love all the videos, can't wait for more!
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10 years ago, bryan_rabid
Love this App!!
Makes shopping for my makeup super easy! (A little too easy!😜) The videos are great feature! Happy airbrushing!
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6 years ago, lferg7
The makeup leaked & was a mess
I opened the box to get my goodies out only to find the makeup leaked. While I was trying to clean up one of the bottle I accidentally squeezed too hard and makeup went all over my desk...keyboard, monitors, paperwork & walls - what a mess. I hope using the system it a lot easier. Lesley
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10 years ago, Ashdenae
My Addiction !!!!
I'm so happy there is a app now I'm on my laptop 24/7 ordering makeup bc this is the only makeup that covers my blemishes. I'm so excited !!!
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9 years ago, Nicole681
#1 fan!
Great app!! So easy to shop while on the go!! Look forward to more videos!!
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6 years ago, Bubbles461
Videos don't work on iPad
So the title is pretty self explanatory. I like the system- my husband says I look refreshed- which is a good compliment for a grandmother! But I was hoping to watch the video tutorials so I can learn to do a professional job of my make up. Everything I clicked on took me right back to the sale page. Blah!
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7 years ago, #1Happy but not
I love the product. They have a great customer service. However the app not so much. You cannot track your purchases past or present. You can only make purchases.
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10 years ago, Kit Kat Kate
So convenient!!
Love the app! It is awesome to be able to watch the videos in my bathroom while I do my makeup!
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10 years ago, CeeMonique
Great App
Good for helping apply make up, shopping and much more. 👍
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10 years ago, Bh happy
Love my system
Love my makeup never want to run out
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6 years ago, Lvisallthris
Useless links
The links on the app don’t work. I wanted to see how to clean the brush and how to work with wrinkles. Tried several times but nothing happened. Looks like the app is focused on sell sell sell.
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7 years ago, DrowzeeTHC
So yea
I seen the add for this app on tv at 2:53 in the morning
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3 years ago, KEB64
Why have an app OR a website?!?!!!! You can’t do anything on either one!!! Place an order? Nope! Choose colors? Nope! Update payment info? Nope!!! Unbelievable!!!
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5 years ago, pricella may mitchell
Airbrush machine
I had nothing but trouble with my airbrush the gun never worked right I was sent multiple guns most dripped I would not advise anyone to purchase this I feel ripped off and frustrated
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4 years ago, BonitaDee49
Can anyone tell me if I was supposed to get primer with my unit? It’s the newest one, came in today. No primer and the color is to light for my skin... disappointing day. Bella
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5 years ago, MsNrnz
Can’t hear video on I-pad pro
Works well on my I-phone, can’t hear a thing on my I-pad.
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5 years ago, shecop1
I can’t get any sound with the videos. I don’t have a computer that has a disk player
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7 years ago, Knb799
No sound
All videos have no sound. Have downloaded and re installed the app several times.
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9 years ago, Browwn_Shuga
Not very informative
This is the worst app for this product. I can't even begin to describe everything that is wrong with it.
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