Lunar Silver Star Story Touch

4.6 (796)
1117.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
SoMoGa, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lunar Silver Star Story Touch

4.59 out of 5
796 Ratings
1 year ago, Reviewer 6
No crashes
On iPhone 7 Plus. Excellent game, excellent port. I had never played the original, but I really like this so far. Fair amount of replay value, definitley lots to do here! I am mostly through my first play through, and I might try another run so that I can get some cool items I missed. turnbased combat that isnt stat-roll, items and levelling, classic jrpg from my limited experience. Devs: Alex has reached Level 50 but I didnt get an achievement. Maybe the whole party has to get there. Control pad controls are a tad clunky at times, nothing game ruining. Might be an improvement to be able to push villagers that are in motion, or when the player walks into a wall for motion to stop, rather than continue in an open direction. There have been a few occasions where i would go to purchase or talk to an NPC and my character would go left or right as i had held the up direction too long, but did not stop motion as expected. Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks for this awesome game! Edit 4 years later: Please do Eternal Blue
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1 year ago, hamguy
This is my all time favorite rpg and glad to see it here. Everything so far is great, I love the fact I can pause the game at any moment and resume again, And is like the ps1 version. — Negatives -Nash’s lightning is black instead of yellow -I can glaringly tell differences in voice acting I personally dislike it but there is nothing you can do. -Some items are renamed like “healing nuts” are now “healing fruit”, some dialogue is different from original. It takes away from the experience just makes you stop and think why. -The game is super easy, I’m clearing out entire dungeons without much damage. It’s not very challenging as I remember on the ps1. The first boss used to be very difficult I had to grind a lot to beat, but on this port I beat it first try. It really feels as if the difficulty was nerfed. Harder games are frustrating but give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction after you accomplish your goal, I don’t feel that so far. Other than that game is a must play if you are a fan of Lunar SSS or new to the game. ———— I would like the developers to add a setting in the options to pause the notification after you defeat a monster or level up, I would like to see the progress you make, it goes by too quickly to notice.
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4 years ago, Zephyr873
Review Update - please play this game
So two weeks ago I was feeling “the itch” to play Lunar again and saw that the crash bug had been fixed. I just finished it and can assuredly say that it still moves me to bellyaching, face-hurting laughter, and then to tears. The final boss is still one of the best and most rewarding fights in JRPG history, and the final step you take at the end is possibly one of the purest moments in video game history. Is it perfect? No. The inventory system is occasionally annoying and the touch controls aren’t perfect, but these are small gripes. Everyone who is a fan of role playing games, love stories, laughter, the strength of the human spirit, and utter joy must play this game. Thank you so much to SoMoGa for porting this to the iPhone. I will play this game once every few years just to relive the tale of a young boy from Burg and his quest to become a Dragonmaster.
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6 years ago, Tejjii
Awful port - now improved
This is a 5-star game in my opinion but the crashes are frequent and worst of all, you can easily lose your save. I wanted to replay this game badly enough that I got in the habit of saving after every battle and just dealing with the crashing. Unfortunately, when it crashed in the Meribian sewers, my save disappeared also. If the developers ever get around to updating the game I will give it another shot but I don't think they ever will. **Review Update** App was updated. Still crashes. **2018 update** Updates to the app have continued steadily and so I gave the app a third try. It mostly works now. It is not a perfect port, avoiding enemies is nearly impossible due to the controls, combat animations are glitchy, it does still crash, and once the menu button just straight up stopped working. Thankfully, the menu button issue went away and hasn't returned and the crashes are rare enough that I've made it about halfway through the game without major issues like losing a save.
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5 months ago, Nev8r
Excellent recreation, should be in the Top 10
Having played the original Sega CD version, then the PS1 version, and then the PSP version, I was eagerly awaiting a more portable version on supported hardware such as the iPhone. Paired with a Backbone controller, I love playing this game wherever I go. The multipliers on silver and EXP are a literal game changer since I used to hate the grinding of levels in the other versions. The ability to speed up the movement on the screen and battle speed on the fly is super easy with the Backbone controller. I cannot recommend this game enough. I wish it had more awareness to others since this is a gem of a game with an original story. I’m hopeful that this developer works on Lunar 2 since I never got to play it and emulators are meh. Great job!
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4 years ago, Norseman4269
Remember that it’s a mobile game port of a console game.
Like most here, I’m disappointed it doesn’t have the original voice actors and music. Obviously I’d be happier if this were a port for a console as well, but being that it’s a mobile game I’m not going to complain about controls, as what else would you expect? However the game is still enjoyable and feeds the nostalgia adequately. I played both the original on Sega CD and got the deluxe version on PS1 when it was rereleased. The later was definitely the best version of the game. Unfortunately back around 2004 I sold it, I needed mo money of course and because it was a fully intact deluxe edition with all its extras...I was able to get top dollar. Hopefully I can find a port of that version somewhere, but until that happens, this will do fine. Hasn’t been any updates for a long time and don’t think there will be any in the future, however I haven’t had any issues with the app crashing or anything like that.
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6 years ago, McSpitt
Crashes make game unplayable
According to the version history, the last update supposedly fixed a bug that caused the game to crash after battles (that was 3 months prior to this review). Having spent $15 on this game I find it completely unplayable because it often crashes when you press the menu button (which you HAVE TO press if you hope to save it). Because you have to manually save the game (which I take time to do after each battle in case the menu button forces a crash, ugh) it can be impossible to save your data. To compound the problem, I noticed during one play-through that the menu button didn’t work at all! I tried to moving into new areas, fighting a couple of battles, anything I could think of in hopes of not losing my progress. No bueno. The game loses all momentum and fun as a result. I will certainly update my score when this problem is fixed because I consider the Lunar series to be the best RPG series I’ve ever played. Unfortunately this port still needs a little polish.
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6 years ago, {{Kairo}}
Good but the game needs improvements
So far I’ve played through till one would get to meribia, one thing that I’ve noticed that needs improvement is when your in battle and in full screen mode there is no back tracking once you’ve made an action choice, also then using skills that are area of effect one can only see that the enemy your choosing is effected by the skill and nothing else this makes using area of effect skills annoying. All hitting skills automatically except themselves as a decided action without your consent, we as the player should decide to except the action, because if your final character has an all hitting skill and you didn’t mean to select it your stuck with that action and that’s a bummer, complete player control is a must. Other then the three things I mentioned this game is a decent port to the app game scene. I’d love it if Lunar 2 Eternal Blue would be released as well. The more the merrier 😁
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5 years ago, sonic_reducer
My second RPG adventure still lives up!
I think Lunar was the second real rpg I ever played all the way through as a kid! Dragon Warrior (Quest) on NES was first... but this one, original release either ‘92 or ‘96 depending on how technical you wanna be, stands up so very well against nearly 30 years of game history. Speaking of which, why DID the Lunar series disappear?? But, it has anime style cut scenes, it’s got decent voice acting, a relatively unique combat system (need to be near things to use swords, weird status effects and strong enemies) making for a goofy, tough, endearing and ultimately worthwhile game IF you’re a Jrpg fan like I am, if you’re a casual player...good’re gonna die a LOT in the first dungeon so that will frustrate you. Just stay chill, go slow and enjoy!
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5 years ago, Iokol
A bit disappointed
I played the original version before & was excited to see this game on here. After paid the application to start playing I noticed that the CG scenes as the game starts is not clear where it should be. For $7 you would think the people who modified the original game to be played into iPad compatible would do a better job. Maybe on the iPhone the CG scenes may have been more clear if not clear & focused. The actual game play itself is clear but the movements is a bit inconvenient. Without d-pad playing you pretty much drag your character around or point where they go. It’s not exactly exercise in precision for the movements. I noticed on the screen there is two medium size semi transparent circles on the side of the screen as meant to access the menu screen & something else. It would be better if those two medium circles can be labels instead of taking part of the screen of the game itself. It’s weird.
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3 years ago, Wolf Centurion
Not the same…
I loved this game when I was a kid, the excitement I felt when I saw it on the App Store, and for $6.99, was very short lived once I started playing. The game mechanics and story so far seem pretty much the same but the “remaster” also meant “recasting and rewrite script” because NONE of the voice actors/actresses are the same. That was a bummer, but honestly I can get past that (especially Nall, new voice is waaaay less annoying) but then I noticed the lyrics to a LOT of the songs had changed but the music was the same, and that’s the reason it lost a star. If you’ve never played it before then I highly recommend getting it. Anyone that wants to relive the adventure of their youth however, it’s gonna throw you a swerve or two and you’re going to notice right out the gate.
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6 years ago, David_Pumpkin
Definitely worth the price tag
Loved this game. As far as the port to mobile goes, I didn’t have any issues at all. Controls were intuitive and no crashing issues. The game itself is amazing if you are looking for a traditional rpg to play. I grew up playing the CD version of this game and by comparison this is still a very good game. Call it nostalgia, but I do like the CD version slightly better for having better music and Alex having many spells at his disposal which to me fits the narrative better. On the flip side, I feel this version does a better job fleshing out the characters - ESPECIALLY Luna. I also felt this version was a bit more challenging, which I liked. If you’re looking for a traditional rpg to play - look no further!
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1 year ago, Jikifreak
Classic gem from the Golden Age of gaming!
Aaahhh the days when games were pure joy with great stories and fantastic game play. No issues with updates and micro transactions were unheard of. I bought a Sega CD for this game and Eternal Blue. When Working Designs released both SSS and EB on the PSOne, it was pure bliss. The Lunar titles are some of the best RPG’s released in the 1990s. Great story, great music, fun and lovable characters, great action. It’s a must play for anyone who enjoys classic JRPG’s. It won’t disappoint! Years ago I found this released in the AppStore along with Vay! How awesome! Big thanks to the wonderful team that brought this gem to a new generation! Now please port Eternal Blue and Popfull Mail!
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4 years ago, Schadownator
super difficult and tedious its not even fun anymore
ive played most snes rpgs out there and this game is infuriating. every dungeon you have to grind multiple levels to beat. if you try to run it’s just simply impossible. if you even try to run at the beginning of a battle your already dead. even if you tend to run from a battle the enemy runs after just as fast to catch you and then your dead. this game is a slog. i seriously think the enemies level up exponentially to your own leveling up. Magic points lasts -1- maybe 2 battles and thats the only way to kill enemies. normal attacks leave you dead. however there is no way to have enough mp to even grind in a dungeon effectively. i have had to start at the beginning of dungeons and run back to the statue in town so many times to heal because items are useless in this game and each character can by only carry 4 items and their is only 1 item to refill your mp and its to expensive to buy and it only refills like 1/5th of your mp so its pretty usless. and when you level up you barely gain any mp so you are constantly strapped for it that one battle drains it all. the story and characters and art are the only reason i want to try to continue slogging though this.
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6 years ago, Penguin's choice
Great game. Still crashes
Figured five years after launch issues would be sorted. Unfortunately I now have to save after every battle or large movement just in case and have double saves because it has deleted my save file before. Meribian sewers seemed particularly bad for crashes. Don’t get me wrong I love the game. Although, the controls are rough direction wise. Since the game is all turn based the “hard part” is mainly just avoiding enemies and navigating corridors. I am thankful to be replaying this since my ps1 edition (cd long lost)is far too pricey to replace in comparison. Overall I’m happy, now excuse me while I return to my quest to become dragon master whilst not losing too many minutes from infuriating crashes
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5 years ago, Fenavian
Not horrid port like Vay, but not great either. It's merely ok.
After the horrid port that was Vay, I didn't have high hopes for Lunar. Vay has a horrid 'touch to move' interface, which utterly kills the game for a lot of people. Not to mention the LAZY use of the iPhone menu system rather than use the game's original menus. Back to Lunar. The biggest issue is the fact that Lunar is ultra sensitive when it comes to movement. It has a very very floaty. You would think that they would have learned from other developers on how to make a proper control scheme, instead of the mess here. HOWEVER, unlike Vay, Lunar is very playable. They didn't toss the game menus out the window. I think this the PSP port, which is a great port in its own right. Lunar is a good. If they can fix the control pad and sensitivity, it will be a great game.
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1 year ago, Surf a
Such a flash back I love it.
This is such a great game. I am so happy to see it available on the App Store. The only issue I had was with a game crash and I lost all of my data when I thought I had saved the game. That too is also a flash back to the ye'olde playstation one era. Edit 2023 I really love that I can play this game over again on my phone. I would love to be able to play Eternal Blue as well. I would pay! For reals, cash money. Let’s make it happen! Let’s get that game on here too! Update!! By any chance, would you guys have any interest in doing Lunar Eternal Blue?
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1 year ago, MackyWacky
Thanks so much!
I just finished the game, and it truly brought back memories. I last played it on Playstation 1, around 13-14 years old (I’m now 35). This game is a timeless classic, and thanks to the Developer (SoMoGa) for making it so accessible. I had a blast reliving the memories. Beating the game really makes me want to continue in the world of Lunar. SoMoGa, please give us Eternal Blue! I’ll be the first to buy it! Everyone, please support this Developer; they truly put their heart into bringing this (and sustaining this with critical updates) to iOS. Thanks again (and I’ll be on the lookout for Eternal Blue)
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6 years ago, Jl2damax
Glad I picked this back up!!
Bought this gane back in 2013 and relegated it to the back of my game folder. Eventually got a new phone and never re downloaded it until last week. There are a lot of complaints, all older, about it crashing but I’ve yet to experience this problem. Maybe I would have if I’d actually played it when I bought it back in 2013 but as of today June 17, 2018 it’s running super smooth, not once has it crashed. The storyline, the character development, the game play its all brilliant. I can see why this masterpiece is considered a classic.
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4 years ago, Money Mike 456323
So very pleasantly surprised
I never write reviews, but if reading this gets someone to download this game, it’s worth it. I first played Lunar when I was about 13. It’s what got me I to JRPG’s. For other people it was chrono trigger or FF but for me it was this game. I just loved the characters so much. Love the gameplay and spells as well. This port is perfect! It’s exactly as I played all those years ago. Saves are instant, and the controls are smooth. This brought me back to those teenage years, staying up late At night to get all the hidden treasure and weapons and items. Def def def check this out.
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4 years ago, TyleDurden
Looks sounds and runs great
It's running great on my iPhone 11. It looks and sounds great. Such a great classic rpg. The auto battle mechanics are very customizable and fairly smart. You almost never have to command them individually of you don't want to and all monsters are visible and avoidable on the map so there's no random battles making combat smooth quick and convenient for when you're ready. I can't put this game down and really wish they would release Lunar 2 for ios. Update : lame, Mia's portrait at the women's spring doesn't show up for me. I just get Jessica's twice.
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4 years ago, SorshaFarris
Absolutely Great game! If you like rpg’s this is a MUST play!!!
Loved the ps game. Dubbing is a bit different but to be expected. Hope you all will bring in lunar2: eternal blue for iOS as well and I’ll be happy to buy it also. Thank you for bringing such a loved rpg game portable! So happy for this!!!! I’d rate it on par with Super Mario RPG (Legend of the seven stars), Final Fantasy 6 (3 for USA), Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and the Dragon Quest series! All classics, all with great stories and all must plays! Download and play it today! You'll seriously love the characters, artwork and story as well!
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1 year ago, Seizurator
Very Well Done
I first played this game on the PS1. I have played most of the major JRPGs from the 90s and early 2000s and still have a soft spot for those types of games and their newer ports. I really enjoyed the ability to up the battle speed. It makes any level grinding much easier. I also liked being able to play it with Japanese audio. I was first exposed to this game through working designs and had only ever played it in English.
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6 years ago, AndyGraf
Crashes Are REAL!
I read all the reviews about crashes but bought this game anyway. I love this game from back in the day on Sega CD and needed a good RPG. Turns out it really does CRASH all the time! Despite the updates advertised, I can’t get far without losing my place and having to start over from my last save. I have to save after almost every battle. It’s way more annoying than I thought it would be. It thought saving often wouldn’t be hard, but just getting to the menu option to save can crash the game too. I’ll try to keep playing for now out of nostalgia, but if this doesn’t get better I can’t foresee even getting by the first challenge of the game in the white dragon cave - not good!
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1 year ago, makeyourself83
A near perfect port of a forgotten treasure
I have loved this series since it was released on the SegaCD in the early nineties. But the version released on the PS1 was head and shoulders above the original. This port is an almost perfect recreation of the PS1 game, including good (but I’m almost positive, different) voice acting and the original music score. My only real complaint is the controls. The started out great, but this last update made them a little wonky. If you’ve played it, you know what I mean. Fix that, and 5 stars you shall have. P.S. When are we getting “Eternal Blue?”
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1 year ago, Chocoboy1234
Nice update, albeit an issue I encountered
I can’t seem to exit the in-game menu using touch controls for the retro graphical option. For the other graphical options(classic, touch) there is a back button to get out of the menu, but no indication for the retro options. The menu button also appears to be invisible on the bottom right corner. Also, it would be nice if the d-pad was visible as a option. Otherwise, great to see it updated.
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6 years ago, Cityman227
Lunar on the go!
My first experience with this game was with the PlayStation port of Lunar and Lunar 2. Silver Star Story Complete is a wonderful adventure filled with charming characters, fantastic music, and has been a favorite of mine for many years. The touch version is a pocket sized edition of that exact game. If you're on the go a lot and you're looking for a one of a kind JRPG classic then look no further. You'll be in the company of video games most charming cast of characters. Lunar is one of the many games that set a standard for my taste in RPG's.
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3 years ago, DeAndri Sheppard
Any chance of a port for a Lunar: Eternal Blue port?
This game really took me back to my child hood. I just downloaded this port & it’s running smoothly so far. I also purchased your port of Vay & enjoyed playing though it multiple times as I’m sure I’m about to do with Lunar. Not sure how to contact you guys but I’ll definitely be searching for a way to email you & see if you guys would be willing to port Eternal Blue I’d definitely pay for that.
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1 year ago, Lord Shredgnar
Possibly best port ever
Okay so I played the original Silver Star Story on Sega CD console decades ago. Then when Sony allowed Working Designs to do a version in their console I eagerly purchased collector edition on release and played over and over. Fast forward to iOS and was one of my first iPhone app purchases for the 4s. Have been playing on every apple device purchased since. Basically a 1:1 emulation of the original. Great job.
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2 years ago, qrk100
Great game, terrible port
I grew up playing RPGs and owned Lunar for PlayStation. It is a terrific game — great story, characters, graphics, and gameplay. Seriously. This is one of the better RPG’s of all time. I was thrilled to see it get released for iOS. Unfortunately, my experience has been a negative one. I am playin this on my iPad Pro. I love that I can play it in landscape and take advantage of my large, beautiful screen. Unfortunately, the developers did a horrible job with the touch screen controls. I have been playing for more than 15 hours now and it is still a terrible experience. On top of that, the AI is not very smart either. I’ve watched it consume items when I had plenty of MP, use magic attacks on enemies that could be easily killed with regular attacks, and all manner of stupidity. This is very sad because, again, this is a great game. I strongly recommend playing it, just not on iOS. This has been a true disappointment.
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10 months ago, The Old Ronin
One of the Best!
One of my favorite games of all time! This is a solid port for sure. Glad it’s out there but I’d love to see a wider release on other platforms. For this game and it’s sequel. I’ve purchased this game multiple times over multiple platforms and would gladly do it again. For now, I’m just happy people have access to this game again. Great options with different versions available in the options. Definitely worth the price!
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11 months ago, jfk1992
Please make eternal blue for IOS
I was throughly impressed with this game. I had never played it before but was instantly hooked. It has a good combat system, great dialogue and storyline, and good characters. I played through it way too quickly and now all I want is to be able to play the sequel. I have never written a review on here before, but was willing to in hopes of being able to play eternal blue someday.
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5 years ago, MarcoPolo321
I gotta tell y’all some good glitches
If you force close your app and reopen it during a battle, the turn starts over, so if you die, forceclose, if a rare monster runs in battle, forceclose, if you have healing rings and are low on hp in battle, forceclose and reopen over and over for max health. If fishes aren’t jumping in the sewers and you want them to be jumping, leave the sewers and come back, without forceclosing or receiving a phone call idk.
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6 years ago, PianomanSJP
So disappointing
Where do I start? The graphics are so fuzzy. This game is a port of a PSOne game. And honestly, the graphics looked smoother on the PSOne. There is no reason this game should not look HD on my iPad. Honestly, it looks like someone made a VHS recording of someone playing this and put it on my iPad. And the controls..... Seriously, it's almost unplayable. The routing for the character is abysmal. If I touch on an area and something is in the way, the character won't route around it. It just freezes on whatever obstacle is blocking the path. And the movement necessary to use the virtual d-pad is so exaggerated that it gives my hand cramps trying to use. I can't honestly say anything good about this app.
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6 months ago, Castermop
Awesome game
The time spent on this game becoming portable seems like it could have been done by one person alone, and if so, amazing work. This is every bit worth the money to play, buy it and enjoy it! It is one of the best simple RPGs of the old days that I wish could become a series like FF , but wrapped up in lunar worlds. Anyways, fantastic job getting this to portable
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1 year ago, SquidKidAL
Please Fix Buttons
The buttons have disappeared and makes the game difficult to play. You can still interact in the over world but during battle there is no back button, so if you make a mistake you can’t go back on it, and if you go to say the item bag for a character and they have no usuable items in battle, you can’t go back and have to restart the app, which restarts the whole battle. Makes it really annoying for bosses
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4 years ago, angiekitty17
Love this game so much!!! Thank you and bring the second one please
I got into adventure games because of this game they need more REAL games like this for our generation please make the second one too and I will pay for it even when I switch phones I have to rebuy the game but so worth it!! Make a third and someone continue this story and make a magic night Ray earth I loved that one too
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1 year ago, glendargh
I am pleased but disappointed with the script/songs
I haven’t played much of this remastered version of this game, but I have deep nostalgia for this game and the songs in it. I was so excited as the opening scene started to play and then immediately bewildered by the lyric changes. I can look past the changes and different voice actors, I just wish I understood why the songs were changed so drastically.
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7 years ago, Allen Shull
Great game, but…
Great game, great port—love the updated graphics! However, the problems I see in the 2.1 update are still in the 2.1.1 update: iCloud sync no longer works from my iOS 11 iPad Pro 10.5” to my iOS 11 iPhone 5S, and whenever I tap the “muscle” icon in the character menu on my iPad, the app crashes. Have tried several restarts and even on my phone (with the least updated save game) a delete/reinstall. But when I play it on my iPad, and don’t tap that muscle icon, it runs smoothly to let me play a great game!
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4 years ago, Veneere
PSP not PlayStation
This is a port of the PSP version of the game not of the original remake from PlayStation 1. What does that mean to you? The songs are different. Gameplay is the same. One of my favorite games of all time now on my IPhone. I would have given five stars if it were the PlayStation version but since it is not it only gets 4 stars. The songs ARE that important. Anyway I can get on an email list for a Lunar 2 port? That would be a day one purchase!
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12 months ago, FrankyCaron
An All Time Great, Updated To Be Better Than Ever
You’ve got to hand it to the iOS team here on behalf of Game Arts: updating this after so many years and providing so many quality of life improvements is worthy of about as much praise as the original developers in creating one of the best and most classic JRPGs of all time. This latest update removes portrait mode, which is a sad loss, but improves the port in virtually every other way. I will never stop playing, and I’m sad only because I wish I could pay the dev again for keeping this classic alive. Now if only they could do the same for Star Ocean 2, I’d never need another device.
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6 years ago, Neoclassicist
A decent way to experience a classic...
Loved this game as a kid, so not mad that I can experience it again. One thing to note is that the voice acting has all been redone and it’s awful. Controls are kind of inconsistent, you can’t go back in the battle menu if the screen is in vertical display, and the touch function is a little off. Some minor graphical glitches. All the text is from the quirky PS1 translation including references to the late 90s. Since it looks like we’ll never get Lunar 3, I’ll take it.
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1 year ago, Gawain1
Fantastic game
A truly amazing jrpg Classic, chock full of heart, charm, and sensible design. From the cozy towns, the witty localization, to the solid acting; this game oozes goodness. While imperfect and at times too difficult for its own good, this port is both affordable and gorgeous- crisp sprites and anime style cutscenes too. Highly recommended, though you may need a guide. Thank you devs for this reborn classic. Hope Eternal Blue is next!
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6 years ago, Icarus1132
Brilliant Port
You can tell that a lot of love was put into making this port. Serious amounts! It looks beautiful and sounds beautiful. My only critique is that at times it is very difficult to “walk” around in the game. I’m playing on IPhone 8 Plus and sometimes the direction pad can be challenging. This certainly does not ruin the game by any means! In fact, when will we see Lunar 2!? Please!!!
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4 months ago, Quinn Diane Thereaux
A classic RPG oozing with charm
Love this game <3 The movement controls made me uninstall the game in frustration at first, but after a week or so I decided to give it another chance. I’m glad I did! The movement is definitely wonky, but it’s worth it for the chance to replay this classic. I’d love to see the original Sega CD version on here, as well as Eternal Blue! Both would be instant buys for me.
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6 years ago, Captain Belmont
Fantastic - *update*
iPhone 7 12.0.2 Works beautifully and is the best iso from classic PSX. I recall spending my middle school years grinding away on this game; it helped spark my imagination. It has its flaws; some voice acting should not have been redone, some songs should not have been altered/updated. I’m currently leaving a beginner dungeon and it hasn’t crashed; the sound is working well too! (Previously the sound wasn’t workin for me, but a quick update on phone iso and it kicked in.) Because of fanboy and how easy the game is to play on phone - 5/5. Suggest it to anyone wanting to relive PSX classic RPGs; just keep in mind that Lunar isn’t really like your typical RPG; characters have built in stats that lvl.
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3 years ago, GreenSabanto
My only love!
My favorite childhood game! I have long dreamed of replaying this ... But I'm too lazy to get Playstation One from the closet;)) The game is beautiful in everything. There is only one drawback. Compared to the Lunar Silver Star Story Complete — Nell's English voice acting has been changed. And some others. It got worse. But otherwise 10 out of 10!
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6 years ago, Joe40146
Push that nostalgia button
This game has some bugs that causes the game to crash for some users. I’ve had this happen a few times but overall it hasn’t been a problem. This game brings you all the fun of this classic. The controls a fairly well mapped to make it easy to use. Allowing for rotation to gain a d-pad is incredibly useful but most everything can be done just by tapping the screen.
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1 year ago, Squirrel8444
Love it!
This was my favorite game when it released for playstation. Unfortunately you can’t play it as a classic on ps4/ps5. But i am so thankful it was designed for the phone! Few bugs in the game. Few changes in the game also. Esp the voice. But almost spot on!! All we need now is to have lunar 2 and id buy that one too!!!
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2 years ago, TwinHammer1701
A unique nostalgic title that holds up
Missed this on Sega CD, played it on PlayStation. Even considering the plethora of JRPGs on the PlayStation, this game is one of my favorites of the generation. A uniquely interactive combat style, wonderful animations, and a lovable cast of characters. Support this port, and hope they release the sequel (this an the sequel are separate stories, you don’t need the sequel to get the full experience).
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