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User Reviews for Luxer One

4.84 out of 5
30.7K Ratings
3 years ago, xSetYourGoalsx
Great fast and improving customer service
I just need to shout out Luxor One for not being mediocre when it probably could get away with it. What are the buildings going to do, rip the lockers out and start from zero? But Luxor is still really a great service from a user experience standpoint, and also from a customer service standpoint. I just submitted a support ticket for a really expensive missing package that I was really stressed about, at 9pm on a holiday weekend. I expected to hear back on Tuesday at the earliest, would have been totally fine with that. A customer service rep (Joana Marie) got back to me in like 20 minutes, 100% solved my problem and found my package, and I’m so satisfied with the experience. I had some package issues in past and while the customer support was always good, it was never THIS good or easy. Give everyone in that department a raise. I don’t know how to help support the company with my business, as I don’t own or operate an apartment complex, so…I guess if you do own one, just know Luxor One just made me a very satisfied resident here and it’ll be a huge plus for me going forward if an apartment I’m looking at has the Luxor service for their packages. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
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3 years ago, MissUrka
Great Easy To Use App
Wish I had known there was an app when I moved in to my building. Convenient. Easy to use. Good user interface. Like how the item deletes after you pick up the package. It can be confusing if you’re working off text alerts and you accidentally delete the wrong one. Would love to see an Apple Watch compatibility since I don’t always have my phone when I decide to swing by and pick up a package.
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3 years ago, Gnatbuggle
Never works and packages get sent back
Sometimes I get a notification, sometimes my husband does, sometimes neither of us does and our package gets sent back. The app works to open lockers and that’s it (and that’s only if one of us gets a notification). My husband got a notification for a package that was addressed to me first, and I didn’t get an email or a notification from the app. When I opened the app it said hello to both of us, but that we have no packages. The second issue is that we are not home, and after I figured out my login (because you guys did something that logged us out after not needing to for two years) there is no longer the option to hold a package for longer? If this package gets sent back I am going to be on the warpath as it contains very important documents. This is not the first issue I’ve had with this app and I’d much rather take my chances with having deliveries always come to my door. It’s much more reliable that way. I can’t imagine how many issues you have with deliveries to apartments that have several roommates.
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1 year ago, Directhit13
It’s okay
So I would love to give 5 stars, but I just can’t because I don’t always get a text message my package has arrived, which causes issues when they want to charge me for packages sitting over 3 days. If I don’t know it has been delivered than why should I be charged. I can say that customer service has been amazing. I have needed to call multiple times (maybe 6) and all but one customer service person helped me. Most of them went above and beyond to find out where my package was as it was not in the locker it said it was in. So, 5 stars to those people for being awesome. As for the gentleman that told me he couldn’t help, shame on you and zero stars.
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3 years ago, Samkoolio16
Notifications not working, but otherwise incredible app.
This app snaps open quickly, syncs with the boxes nearby easily for no touch opening of the shared lockers. Honestly seems like magic. Good job, folks. Customer support is always friendly and fast if ever needed and this system keeps my stuff safe and makes deliveries easier in general (no more redelivery notices). I’m making this review to inform of an issue, and I am happy to help wherever possible. Notifications aren’t working. It’s a big part of this app to alert me of when I have a package. Please can we get that working? I have it all turned on in settings. And it works for a short bit if I log out and log in again. But then notifications suddenly stop.
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2 years ago, Leghair27394615149483
Unit will not work. Customer service bordering on useless
I have just moved into my new apartment, I have ordered several things to be placed in the Luxor unit. Only once has it worked to be able to open a locker for me. I have numerous things which are stuck in lockers which I have not been able to take delivery of. I have reached out to customer service three times both formally and over the phone. The best response I received was for me to go through my apartment management. My apartment management is unable to open the lockers with their digital override key. They told me to contact Luxor one customer service. I am extremely dissatisfied with this company as I have reached out to them now three times over three days with useless feedback and my products are stuck Joe.
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3 years ago, s_love.
login/logout issue
i’ve had this app downloaded for about 2.5/3 months now. initially it was great, 5/5 stars. however, as of late, idk what’s been going on, but the app continues to log me out, if i close it, or am not currently using it. i contacted support, they told me to delete it, clear the cache (which i don’t even know how it’s possible for apps), re download it with the temporary password they gave, and then reset it. Still, nothing. it’s doing the same thing. it’ll also send me notifications that i have packages, and then when i go to click on it, it’s once again, telling me i need to login. I think this is a bug that needs to be fixed
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1 year ago, TRISH2490
Very Mediocre app
I own a business so I receive 10+ packages a week containing supplies. I’m not sure if it’s carrier-error or an issue with the Luxer One system but 85% of the time I do not get notified through Luxer One that I have a package. UPS, for example, will send me a delivered package notification and when I open the Luxer One app, it’ll say I have zero packages. I can always retrieve my packages anyway by using the in-app feature that allows you to enter the package room regardless of whether you are noted to have a package or not but this seems like a flawed system because what is to stop package thieves from using this feature to enter the room and clear out everyone’s packages? Very frustrating and flawed system.
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4 months ago, eas2156
needs improvement
needs granular controls, for example the ability to check off packages that are picked up. You could also implement AI to check for duplicate scans. Frequently, packages are scanned more than once. Frequently, too, packages are missing. So when we use codes to access the package room, all packages are marked picked up, when in actuality some may be not. Some people tend to pick up our packages confusing it with theirs, too (and vice versa). Anyway, without granular controls then package pickups become confusing, and we sometimes lose track of, or potentially mis-take, packages. This feature request will help mitigate all that. Of course, we could simply not notice the packages and think they are missing. Package room people could still mark the boxes with the wrong apartment number or place the packages in the wrong columns; delivery could do the same or even skip scanning. But!! what can ya do~~ (I emailed support directory about this two months ago, but no one has responded.)
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4 years ago, Mimis88
Super professional
Not only is the app incredibly helpful and always working but the staff at over the phone is amazing. I’ve called so many time with issues due to the negligence of the carriers and every single time they’re helped me and resolved my issues. The app helps keep safe during this pandemic and it updates you immediately when you get a package. I’m so happy that this systems exists. It’s so helpful
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3 years ago, AnonymousGwen
Will hold your packages hostage until you pay them to get them out.
I truly despise this company with every part of my being, and yet it’s completely unavoidable. If you’re renting from a complex that has one of these machines, do yourself a favor and put the $20 ransom that luxer makes you pay, towards a PO box. I’d rather pick up my stuff from the post office every day, than deal with this nightmare. It’s supposed to help keep your packages safe from being stolen, but it really doesn’t do much when most of the lockers are shared with others. Good luck getting a real person when you need customer service too. Seriously the worst, screw this company.
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5 months ago, Jperk1819
Could be better. Relies on shipper to actually use it.
Moved into a new building in Tampa in Nov. I didn’t set up an account but I think the building may have. I set an account t up in jan. I never got notified of packages from Luxor prior to my set up and have no idea where they are. Shipper says they were delivered. Now I go on the app and it shows I have tow accounts. Logged into one, the one I set up and there is one package. Log out of that account and the app won’t let me log into any other account. When I log out it goes to a white screen and sits. Deleted the app. Now trying to reinstall but it still sees my other info. How can I switch accounts? Most importantly, this system relies on the person that delivers the packages to actually do what they are supposed to. Not sure anyone does it on a repeated basis. And any item that needs to be signed for doesn’t get delivered. Like the idea but execution is wanting.
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3 years ago, Z. Mario
Makes things easier
In the current situation we find ourselves in, it is nice to have the functionality of the luxerone app. Simple and easy to use and not having to touch the community touchpad is great. Minor improvements would be better system integration in the even of spotty connection issues and not timing out on the screen because sometimes you have to get multiple things from a storage locker and it closes. Then you have to go through a longer process to get a temp pass.
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3 years ago,
Easy, safe and secure
We have these luxor lockers in our apartment complex. We need a key fob to get into the room with the lockers. Super safe, secure and very easy to use. Ours is open 24 hours. Much better than the last complex we lived at. Lowlifes pried the locker doors open and got someone’s pot holders😂 but those lockers were secured in a nice waiting room like the complex I live in now. Total upgrade all the way around!
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5 months ago, Alvinware
App issue
I used my own account and my wife account we used two cuz i have a personal packages like during birthday or christmas that you want others to see, anyways my point is before I can sign-in /sign out using my account and sign-in to my wife account with no issue, but now when I sign-out in the app it goes to blank, you suppose to see a sign in portal, but now I have to delete the app to be able to sign-in my account, pls fix this I already inform thru chat.
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7 months ago, GabbieHolmes
I appreciate my complex for adding this to the amenities. It is super helpful when online orders are delivered that may not fit into the mailbox and when you’re unavailable to go to the leasing office during office hours. Also, I love how Luxer will notify you when your delivery has arrived in a locker and you can sign up for texts also! Unfortunately, my apartment complex did not have a system prior to Luxer, to notify residents when packages were delivered.
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4 months ago, MeemawSue1967
Best Package/Mailroom APP and Service
Luxer One is the best mail and package retrieval app and service currently available. it’s so easy my nine-year-old grandson could operate. They have updated their operations and ease of using the app. All you have to do now is press one button and your locker box opens automatically. Simple text reminders with codes if you prefer retrieval that way. Luxer One is #1 👍🏻
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2 years ago, tap1956
Perfect service
I’m super excited about the service I receive from this company. I resided in a complex prior to this complex where packages were either stolen or sent back because I wasn’t available to receive them. This service has made life so much easier especially having to order online more than ever before.
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2 years ago, ~A.J.~
Useless chat option
I have several issues with this app 1. At the start of the chat session it asks the user to type in the question but then again takes you to a different questioning if it for a residents or new business inquiry. Why not make it as the first step so that users won’t have to type in the same thing twice? 2. Chat never connects to an agent even at any time during the day 3. At the end, it asks to type to submit a ticket, but there is no field visible (at-least on iPhones) to type in the value and submit the ticket.
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4 years ago, jaiebks725
Honest review with examples
App works great! Have not had issues with the app. The Luxer One Mail system however is a mess at our apartment complex. Half the time I go in to pick up a package my package is lying on the ground outside the lockers not protected. I’ve called and complained. I’ve spoken with other tenants who have called and complained. Usually it’s not resolved. Or my package is shoved into a large locker with tons of other packages. So much so that I have to take out 20 other packages just to find mine in the large locker. This is a risk for stolen items, which defeats the purpose of the Luxer One system.
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8 months ago, Peachrex
Do not get this app
I wish I never downloaded this. Several attempts explaining a simple situation over and over again to customer support has turned into such a headache. Without my permission and against my written instruction they have now merged my account with the person I live with. I simply wanted emails for my packages but now I have no privacy and customer service does not listen and went ahead screwing with our accounts. Never should have asked for help since now this is worse than the poor customer experience I was having before.
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4 years ago, laugh4me35
Great way to get your packages!
In this day and age of front porch package pirates, having the Luxer One system is a wonderful way of making sure that your packages stay safe until you can pick them up. Real time notifications tell you that your package has been delivered and with the app all it requires is pressing a button on your phone to access your package. Love it!!
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3 years ago, MingryLeigh
Logs me out every time
This has been a relatively pain free app until very recently. Like others have reported here, it now logs me out every single time after I use it. It used to keep me continuously logged in. My husband just reported to me that it has started happening on his phone too. Extra annoying when you are trying to access the locker and you have to stop and log in again. I hope they will fix this.
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3 years ago, Sky138
Joke of a service
So instead of having property managers/delivery drivers do their job, we get to deal with yet another awful middle man company who charges us for the privilege to use their terrible service? At least half of my deliveries were massive headaches - stuck locker doors, codes not being sent, you name it, I experienced it. The last straw was when I moved out and a package was delivered to my previous address and I wasn’t able to retrieve it because “luxer only generates codes for current residents”. How is this not illegal? Horrendous company, I’d rate negative stars if I could.
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11 months ago, Colombiansagi
Best locker system ever!
The locations that take advantage of this service really do care about their tenants. Their service is reliable, secure, and easy to use really am glad that I live somewhere where I can take advantage of it. The application works well, straightforward and super easy to use and notifications in real time.
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1 year ago, Agutov1
Not sure it could get much worse, or can it?
How can I explain how appalling the quality of the service that we get from Luxer One at the apartment we live in? I guess the easiest way is to explain is to outline our issues: 1 - A married couple with different last names apparently is something that Luxer are not aware of… it doesn’t compute. 2 - Our packages are lost, placed j. The wrong locker, or delivered to a different apartment altogether. Rate is about 15%. 3 - Miss-placed/Unfound packages in our household account for over 10X the annual charge from Luxer. 4 - Support team response time… hear this: I started typing this after 20 minutes listening to this super-awesome wait music. I’m now 30 minutes into my wait… still no response. LUXER: I don’t care about the money anymore, Can I get my time back please?
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5 months ago, NotAsBoredAsYou
Remote Entry
Anytime you can save time after a hard day’s work to get your belongings is a plus in my book. The Luxor app allows me to access my locker and package rooms with ease. I just simply have to open up the app, check Bluetooth connectivity, press open, and boom… door unlocks and/or unlatches.
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2 years ago, speedingcheetah
No app notifications
Notifications have not worked since iOS 14. Have to rely on email and text notifications from the actual buildings terminal which can take up to one hour to receive. I have messaged this company multiple times over the last couple years about app notifications not working and they don’t seem to be able to fix it. every single other app I have works fine for notifications.
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1 year ago, Useles9999
Luxer is an Inefficient Money Maker
Luxer bills itself as the national solution to package delivery in residential buildings. The app used to “collect” the packages works most of the time, but the rest of the time, Luxer system must be overridden to get the package out. The Luxer email gives part of the information and the Luxer text gives a different part and the Luxer app is needed to actually open the bins. Very inefficient. Luxer charges for everything. $5 per month to receive packages that you’ve paid delivery companies (FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL) to deliver. $10 per day if you leave package longer than 48 hours; on vacation holds for just a week, then late pick up fees apply. The package lockers themselves are huge and ugly. Customer service billed as 24/7 is 9 to 5 and outsourced. Steer clear if at all possible.
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1 month ago, DJ JOE CAPELLO
Badges should appear on my Home Screen automatically when a package arrives, but they don’t until and unless I open the Luxer app. Badges appear for all my other apps. All my Notification settings are ON for this app. However, I just noticed that the Luxer One app does not appear in the list of apps that use/don’t use Background App Refresh. Like, it’s not even in the list. Could that be the source of the problem? iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 17.4.1
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8 months ago, Astearman5
Great experience
I’ve been using Luxor one for a few months now, and it’s been very convenient and easy to use so far. I’ve had a couple of issues with not receiving the packages, but the customer service was fast and effective. Overall, great experience
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4 years ago, Eric Henning
Almost perfect!
They make packages easy to pick up, especially for those of us living in large apartment buildings. Notice is fast and it’s usually easy to access the packages. You can opt in up to three modes of notice: in-app notification, text and email. But they aren’t all the same. For example, if your building had more than one mailroom, like ours does, only the text message tells you which place to go. And none of them tell you if a signature is required. You have to try and fail to open the locker, then go to the touchscreen. Only then do you find out you have to sign for the package. Both of these lapses are so easy to fix they could gain yardage. And another star.
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1 year ago, Justine Blythe BLL
I live in New York City. What a difference to be able to get packages securely, and not worry about them getting stolen. The app is so easy. You get a text when you get a package, and then on you click “open locker door,” and your locker pops open and you have your package. Very very easy.
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9 months ago, Pleasebvfxh
When it works it’s ok
It’s ok when it works. But I really don’t think this is reliable enough for people’s daily deliveries. Sometimes there’s no message, no pin, you know the package is in the locker somewhere but you just can’t get to it. I get locked out of the delivery room sometimes because my app can’t connect to the door access. This locker/storage room system creates more problems than it solves. Would prefer an old fashioned key/fob over this
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2 years ago, Yeslordjesus
I enjoy the service
I love not having to wait around for my package to around and I appreciate the safety of the place even though sometimes I’m send notifications that something is there and when I go to see there’s nothing there sometimes.
Show more
1 year ago, dfred09
Easy To Use!
This app makes picking up packages safe, secure, and super simple! The app is user friendly and customer support is top notch! The Lux employees will do everything they can for you…. Unfortunately, where I live I can’t say the same for building management lol but that is no reflection on Lux, they rock!!
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1 year ago, DBarajajajas
Broken app
Getting error codes every time I try to log in. I try to reset my password but whenever I make the request, the email doesn’t arrive until after the link expires. Despite not being logged in, I’ve been getting multiple push notifications every hour for the same package all day while I’ve been at work. I have no complaints about the lockers. Luckily I still get the codes by text an email. This app gets a 1 star, though, for being useless.
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4 weeks ago, BlueHamNEggs
Easy and convenient
I love having an app that sends notifications when you have a package. Being able to open the lockers from your device is also a huge plus!
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1 year ago, katrinaelise
Convenient- but must still rely on other apps
This app makes picking up packages extremely convenient but I have to rely on my other shopping/delivery apps and email to let me know that a package is delivered. Only when I enter the LuxorOne app itself do I see I have a package. Maybe I need to delete and download again?
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2 years ago, MysteryMan25
Such slow latency when opening locker via app
When you use Bluetooth to open the locker door via the app, it can take 15 or more seconds for the locker to open after clicking the open button in the app. Additionally, over 50% of the time the locker door doesn’t open at all and you have to request a re-open. Good idea for an app, poor execution.
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2 years ago, Ben Cozine
The best package management system out there
Great responsive UI, easy tap-to-unlock system (no usernames and passwords required) and I have yet to have the parcel boxes themselves jam or fail to open. I’ve lived at several places with similar systems and this one beats them all by a mile
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7 months ago, Digital Ice
Stopped Working
A couple of weeks ago the app required me to login. One would normally think this is routine, however I have been logged in for at least a year or more. I have grown accustomed to tapping the app when I need to pick up a package. Now when I am asked to login in, I enter my credentials and, tap the button for submission and nothing happens. I am no longer receiving package arrival emails. This is not only irritating, but it is a colossal waste of time and energy.
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3 years ago, Lady Magnetic
I’ve been using this app since I moved into my apartment complex and I love it! No longer having to touch screens or waiting for someone else to be done to be able to pick up my package. Best part is that it let you know what size locker it’s in.
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4 years ago, Ms. Kramer
Easy Peasy
I love having the Luxor App as it makes receiving my packages so easy! I get notification that I have a package, which locker it’s in, and what size the package is! The best part is that I just walk in and push button on my phone then locker opens! I receive a lot of packages since I have two businesses!
Show more
12 months ago, Too-much-time-on-my-hands
Awesome mail system / service
LUXER One is extremely user friendly and makes receiving packages simple and keeps them safe until you pick them up. The mobile app is very good as well.
Show more
3 years ago, DaisyXIII
Login Required
Respectfully, I have an account for everything and am not looking for another. We’ve been using this for almost 3 years and it worked great. Creating an account is an extra step and an unnecessary hassle to something that wasn’t broken in the first place. Would’ve been a much smoother transition if you allowed people to continue with a guest account until they see the value. It’s easier to just delete the app.
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2 years ago, ChloStall
At first was terrible but then issue was fixed
My guiding has two packs drop off locations and one of them would never register with Luxer so I couldn’t get my packages. Had to email Luxer then talk to my apartment management and then they had to talk to Luxer but it’s fixed now and works great
Show more
6 months ago, JayJiaz
Very Easy
Pretty easy to use the app for our apartment complex, however I will say that it’s a bit annoying that although my wife and live in the same unit, we both don’t get notifications for the same packages. But other than that it’s great.
Show more
5 months ago, Lsbsvxjsnsb
Please stop the gas station ad-ification
Overall, been very pleased with the experience. Sometimes I don’t get a notification, sometimes I get a notification about a package already picked up, sometimes the app logs me out. That’s fine. But recently I’ve been seeing FULL SCREEN ADS on the Luxer checkout screen. When I want to pick up a package I want it to be quick. Easy. I feel such rage whenever I go to pick up my package and I have to click onto he screen to stop the ad instead of just starting the process. I understand it’s another Avenue to make money but it’s just so incredibly annoying.
Show more
5 months ago, TheInsuranceGirl
Great app
Keeps my items safe from thieves and love being able to schedule me being out of town and them holding onto my packages until I am ready to get them
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