M&T Mobile Banking

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M&T Bank
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User Reviews for M&T Mobile Banking

4.88 out of 5
192.3K Ratings
1 year ago, Em.jay.21054
Have banked with M&T since the start but leaving if they don’t fix their apps and sites.
The app always used to work fine. The latest push has made it so it is impossible to log into the app and adds over the top second form of verification over and over and over and over and over again - by email only not my cell - - even when I say remember my device and browser etc. it’s completely ridiculous. It’s 2022 M&T …. You took “text banking” away a few years ago. The user alerts preferences allow for my cell number but won’t work or send alerts by text - and won’t even allow phone/text second verification for use to login. Even more the second verification carried over to the online browser access as well. Further, I Re selected face enabled and remember my phone and browser and the app and online url ignore all settings. I am totally down with security. I am not down with making access nearly impossible to the app. As I said - ITS 2022. Get with it M&T. There are a lot of banking choices out there that still give branch and online access in an safe and secure manner without limiting blocking and corrupting my access. I am NOT SENDING ANOTHER EMAIL TO M&T SUPPORT. I am posting this here for the M&T support for apps and internet access to see, respond to and fix the issues. Don’t ask me or any other Customer to forward our email. We have already done more than we should have ever had to do by taking the time to tell you the issue. Level up M&T
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5 years ago, J.H.U.
Too many avoidable issues
When this app works, it’s fine. Nothing fancy but it lets you check your accounts, make transfers, etc. My gripe is that seemingly minor issues occur far too often. Half the time I go to use the mobile check deposit it’s down for some reason (And I use it at most three times a month). Sometimes I can’t even log in at all from the app (says online banking is “unavailable”)but I can from a computer. And just now, the thing that compelled me to write this review, I tried to log into the app to check my account quickly and the app is telling me it needs an update even though it’s fully updated. Fix your app please, it should not be this frustrating to use a basic banking app. Update 3/6/19: And, it’s happening again. PLEASE STOP FORCING THE APP TO REQUIRE AN UPDATE BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY PUSH THE UPDATE OUT IN THE APP STORE!!! This is the second time in about a month that this has happened. I just want to check my account and the app is unusable because it’s requiring an update that isn’t actually available in the store. Been like this for over 2 hours and counting. This is ridiculous. This should be common sense. Make the update available through the store first, THEN require the app to be updated. This is the sort of simple thing that whoever is working on this app seems to consistently get wrong, and it makes no sense at all.
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4 years ago, yung tater
Needs some serious improvements
All I want to be able to do is use this app to the fullest extent of it’s supposed “ability” but I can’t even do that. All I can do is log in and go to the main page and see my checking balance and my savings balance. Every other thing I try to do, whether it be deposit a check, transfer between accounts, or use the built in Zelle feature, comes up with the same message: Mobile banking is temporarily unavailable. “We are sorry for the inconvenience.” I’ve had this problem since the day I downloaded this app (about two months ago) and I figured it would be solved within a week or two but the issue has persisted. I’ve tried everything; resetting it, uninstall and reinstall, etc etc. NOTHING WORKS!!! Please make it so I can at least deposit a check or something because this is too much. The company I work for does not do direct deposit due to it being a locally run business with a whole lot of employees, so having to go to the bank and deposit my checks every week is really annoying, especially when I should be able to just do it through the app. The least you could do is roll out an update sometime in the near future that addresses this problem!!!
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6 months ago, Mrchristian88
I tried to login with Face ID and password but got locked out. When I called support for help they told me I was not giving them the correct email which they were wrong about, why would I do that if I am trying to get back into my accounts. I spoke to two different people and it got worse. I couldn’t use my accounts for two days until I went in to the office, even in person I was showing the person my emails from them and the email they said wasn’t correct. They still kept saying I was wrong and they updated the email I still can’t get into my accounts so what end up happening was I can login in using my id and password from year 2000, and no Face ID. So we went back twenty something years they still gave no apology so soon as I get my automatic payments changed I won’t be using them again. Sadly we gotta get used to this cuz nothing is going back to when things were better.
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6 years ago, vlpage
Not so hot
UPDATE: They have since added the ability to deposit a check and fingerprint scan log in. Now if they could just support Face ID... Old: I gave this app a two-star rating, instead of one star, because it has some useful features, although it could use many upgrades. I like that I can check the balance of both my checking and savings accounts, as well as make transfers between the two. However, that is about all I use the app for. Even doing these two basic functions can be a problem. Almost every time I attempt to use the app, I have to log in a number of times before it works. It often gives me a message saying, "unable to log in," and then once I finally get into my account and try to view my Account Summary, it says, "system unavailable, please try again later." I originally thought this only happened in areas where I had low service, but I have since used it with 3 bars of service and 3G coverage, as well as on wifi, and have encountered the same problem. I also do not like that I can't deposit a check through the app or use a fingerprint to log in. It seems this app has too many glitches and too few features to be worth it.
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3 years ago, Tankasmom
Updated review
Initially this was my review on the latest update **Can’t use the app until it’s updated. So I dutifully follow the rules and update it, and now it won’t open. Attempts to open, and then shuts down. Fantastic. 😕 However, I had decided to first give it the benefit of the doubt closing all other apps, soft reset- nothing. I then deleted the entire app and reinstalled it - and it’s totally fine. Additionally, the developers contacted me via email and then called to ensure it was in fact working now. Excellent customer service. I’ve never had any difficulty with this app before, I’ve seen other reviews that are negative - but it’s never been my experience. I would say that 1 issue for a brief period has actually been my only problem with M&T, and I’ve been with them for almost 20 years - including while I lived in TX for 6 and now SC. Good bank, app working fine 😊
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7 months ago, G is Money
Mobile app buggy for iPhone 12 user
Recently I’ve been having difficulty logging into the mobile app on my iPhone 12 pro. I tried the normal troubleshooting: uninstall and reinstall app, reboot phone, etc. and it still didn’t work. So, I called tech-support this evening and explained the situation. He said that they had been having some bugs/issues with certain devices and offered to sign me up for the beta app that they are using to test fixes before they officially add them to the app. He walked me through the process and within minutes, I was signed back in to my account and could see the summary. Yay! I was very happy with the quality and responsiveness of the support I received from the M&T tech team, and highly advise other customers to contact them when having trouble with the mobile app.
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7 months ago, Damnably annoyed
This needs to be corrected – currently it’s almost impossible to use
Several years ago, I used this app a number of times, and it was easy to use. I had no problems. However, a year or so ago it was impossible to use because the way it handles my camera made it impossible for me to have pictures taken of my check. I checked with Apple, and it is not the fault of my camera. I went to my branch of M and T, and they claimed that it was no fault of theirs. It is. Currently, if I spend a great deal of time and take the photograph myself, sometimes I am able to do the remote deposit, but it’s extremely difficult and the whole thing is really lousy. It needs to be corrected. It’s such a pity, because when I first used it, it was a dream.
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2 weeks ago, NSO Group
Fix Push Notifications & Account Security
As others have pointed out in previous reviews the push notifications for this app have not been working for months now. M&T customer support is oblivious to the problem or chooses not to acknowledge it. It is not an iOS software issue so Apple is not to blame. Do not have an overworked intern come along and suggest we check our iOS version/update the app/clear cache/make sure notifications are enabled etc. Banks are notorious for not only terrible app functionality but also terrible account security. It’s 2023 and the fact SMS is even still an option for 2FA is absurd. You also offer the choice of “push” or “email” but since push notifications do not work and not everyone wants 2FA codes filling their inbox, consider allowing your customers to use third party 2FA apps such as Google Authenticator or Authy that support TOTP. Both of these issues require your software engineers to roll up their sleeves and get to work, so less idle chit-chat responses here in the App Store and more coding over there at HQ.
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2 years ago, igiveuplookingforaname!
Deposit Checks
Nothing is as bad as this app when you try to deposit a check! It doesn’t allow you to place the check in the proper position to fill up the open rectangle where the check needs to be. It’s at 90 degrees off every time, up and down when it needs to be right to left. It cannot handle landscape on a brand new iPad 10.2”, 9th generation. I have given up with this app and must say whoever put it together needs to go somewhere else for a different line of work. M&T bank seems to want customers to leave their bank if one wishes to use online banking. Several other banks have great online banking apps that take a minute or less to deposit a check. With M&T one will waste too much time to do one deposit. I had three checks and gave up after the first one. Also, their limits on transfers into their bank are so low it doesn’t make sense. They were the worst bank that took over the previous one that went out of business. I would highly recommend not to use M&T mobile app unless they fix it.
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3 years ago, Primo Flako
Needs improvements
I really like the convenience of logging in M&T bank app to look at my balances. This app has awesome features like alerts, check deposits, money transfers between accounts, Zelle. I love the money smart feature. My only problem with the money smart feature is the reoccurring error of connection I have with one of my accounts. Shows inaccurate information. Fix bug and I will change rating from 3 stars to 5. Other than that, I approve of this app and I do suggest it to friends and family. I personally use the app everyday. UPDATE: M&T app has fixed the bug. The information has been fix and shows accuracy information regarding to an account on the money smart feature. Keep up the great work guys!
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4 years ago, Fabianzone
Too many upgrades
I agree with the person above:below? Too Many upgrades and why forcing the new upgrades all the time ? The app is down quite a bit and you should be able to deposit a checks anytime and not only during banking hours. I bank with Bank of America as well and no issues there , hardly any upgrades , simple and app works all the time. I usually support smaller Banks but I was never happy with the merger or buy out of Hudson City to M&T , thought customer service went down , unfriendly and the Board of Directors of M & T used the merger to elevate them selves with big ads on the Lincoln Tunnel and other money waisting promotions. With what money did they do them anyway ?
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4 years ago, nickchrisgracenicholasme
Depositing a check doesn’t work
I love the app the only issue I have is the mobile deposit. It almost never works and I have to try over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again for it to go through. I’m almost considering switching banks to another bank that has the same option for mobile deposit. I hate That the mobile deposit doesn’t always work, I work at night and I get paid on Sundays so no banks are open and I don’t feel like driving to the bank at 2 o’clock in the morning to put my check in and have to wait three days to use my money. At least with the mobile deposit I have an option to have my money available to me right away if I need to use it. When the mobile deposit works. It always says it can’t read my check it’s not picking it up this is very frustrating. Hopefully this is something that you guys can fix before I switch banks.
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1 week ago, 1udreamof
Personal & Business
I like how I can easily log into my personal account with Face I.D through mobile app but I also have a business account with M&T and I need the convenience to make checks deposits on mobile. I try logging in with my business account and it won’t recognize it but when I do on desk top it goes in fine. Also tried using another M&T commercial App for businesses and same deal. I google where I can do this and it leads me to the personal M&T app/business very inconvenient. My Face ID is already set for personal and I have to log it off to try to sign in through business for nothing still won’t work.. M&T separate the personal from business it doesn’t make sense… or let us sign in and choose which account to go into during the log in process, personal or business.. Either it wasn’t thought of or I’m doing something wrong but it’s annoying. I hate having to go to banks to deposit for business.
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1 year ago, Sportsman85081
Know I am locked out of my account
I am locked out of my account over this stupid app two point authentication. It never sent me the text message which happens every time I use this app on my device. Get rid of this stupid feature. Go back to the old ways. 45 minutes to get my online account unlocked thanks to m and t bank poorly designed app. Fix it or I am taking my money to another bank. The apps push notifications is not working either. What ever programmer thought it was a good idea to use this two point Authenticator should know this feature is not secure. It’s causing large issues and causing more call volume when there system is broken. I getting tired of the poor customer support on the phone during lunch hours. This bank is not providing proper phone support. I have been hung up twice since I called trying to unlock my account. I been waiting on the phone for 15 each call just to be hung up on.
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4 years ago, Dragonscar
Very annoying. Designed for phone, only!
I check transactions and balances regularly. I also need to transfer between accounts. However, the developers of this app were simply lazy! Every other bank or credit card app I use lets me use it in landscape mode on my iPads. THIS ONE DOES NOT! I use a keyboard on my iPad Pro. It is very annoying to have to unplug it and tilt it on its side to view it. In addition, it has a static size, clearly for phone screens, only. As a result, unlike all my other bank apps, I cannot sign out without searching for “Logout” or “Sign out.” All the other apps have that at the top, not below the screen. This makes the app a potential security risk! Therefore, unless I’m accessing it with my iPhone to check to see if something has cleared only, I will only use a full browser window! Every app development program I’ve seen or worked with can automatically optimize an app for multiple devices. Why they didn’t bother to do so with this app is beyond me!
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1 year ago, cmathias
Wouldnt trust its math
It works fine; shows your balance between various accounts you have, let's you see transactions, let's you transfer between accounts, offers zelle, and many other features. My issue typically happens when i do an online purchase and that issue is showing an after payment balance and then later showing a totally different balance and still using every transaction leading up to to justify it. It does balance itself out eventually but has caused me to go under most of the time when it does (which is frustrating because my card is setup to not go under). So while the app is useful, i still advise writing out your balance and transactions and then doing the math yourself to be sure.
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5 years ago, Zxcvbnm66
Forgets Touch ID and flaky mobile deposits
2018 Nov: Face ID is enabled, but more often than not, I have to re-enroll. When that happens, it also blows out my password so I have to request a password change. Now I cannot deposit checks either. I get an error message saying that the check cannot be read. It is super frustrating because I have already endorsed the check for this bank and now I can’t mobile deposit it to any other bank, and have to walk in the the local branch... which defeats the purpose. Another nit picky thing, give me the option to disable automatic picture taking during the deposit process. Most of the time it takes the picture while my hand is still moving. iOS 12, iPhone Xs. Older review: How many times am I going to have to re-enroll in Touch ID? Seems like every time I launch the app. Been waiting for years for this app to get polished.
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4 years ago, Aman245
Works Sometimes
This is a basic banking app, which is fine. It does what it needs to, when it wants to. The reason I'm writing this review, though, is because of an issue I've found while trying to access banking while connected through VPN or through my home firewall. When attempting to log in, I get a "Mobile banking unavailable" error. Best I can figure is that M&T uses an insecure protocol which is blocked or filtered by my VPN provider and by my firewall. Unfortunately, this means that in order to access my bank accounts, I have to switch to a non-vpn cellular connection, which is very insecure. 4G is known to have over 50 exploitable vulnerabilities. Meaning that anyone with enough skill can steal my login information at any time they feel like it. You would think that a bank would want as much security as possible for their customers. Clearly M&T has no regard for that, even offering to charge you extra for account security features. Security shouldn't be optional. I will be switching banks unless M&T can convince me that there is some resolution.
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6 years ago, Noodlez21
Mobile deposit
I just recently open an account with this bank and i am afraid now. I deposited a check through the app and it is still not on my available funds it’s been 4 days!!. I switched the direct deposit to this bank and i do not know if i will have my money available when i get paid. With citibank i deposit a check with their app and i would have the funds the same day if not the next day the latest!. I will see how this goes the only good thing is i still have not closed my citibank account so hopefully this bank pulls through. If not.....sorry
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10 months ago, Hope pearl
Your app stinks and so does customer service
Bravo to whomever wrote the long critique on June 2. Ever since you absorbed People’s United in Sept, it’s been a bit rocky for me too. App worked ok til this weekend (mid -Nov 22) but now it’s unusable. Keeps spinning around and won’t let me try again. Been going like this 3 days. Can’t log in. Tried Cust Serv by phone and just got Robot Runaround. Am trying again and if I don’t get proper service this time, LEAVING! Too much competition out there! FOLLOW UP: finally got a cust serv person, who first told me that Apple’s latest update may be the problem cause. Then she turned around and said to update (which my iPhone supposedly does automatically) to 16.2 . At least that solved the problem, though circuitously. Maybe post this info as an FAQ answer? She was unable to order checks for me, though she tried. Odd.
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6 years ago, Ckanella
Nothing but frustrating
This app has been completely dysfunctional since I got it several years back. I have an iPhone and have heard from personnel at my local branch that the app does not work well with iPhones. If true, this is obviously a problem for all customers who own iPhones. I am rarely able to login from the app – it typically tells me that it is unable to log me in and to retry later; sometimes it asks me to check my connection though my connection is fine and all other apps work. This has been an entirely useless app on my phone, though I keep it on and continue to recheck in hopes that the developers have fixed the problems. The convenience my friends and family have with other banks’ apps and being able to deposit checks through their apps etc. has me considering whether I want to even continue with M&T.
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2 years ago, Gibbs0417
Great Bank to be with
Have been with M&T for years now and they’re the best bank to have an account with. Very easy to pay my bills, handle my money transfers. Made it especially easier transferring from different bank accounts with Zelle. Since they have started working with Zelle, made it so much easier to pay back a friend for lunch, instead going to the bank and getting cash out. Just quick and easy and you see the money with minutes. Sending birthday gifts and holiday gifts to other people with no hassle!
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5 months ago, mapotter99
Please Update for iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera
Please update the mobile check deposit function for the new iPhone 14 Pro Max cameras. I just tried to do a mobile deposit today, and the camera refused to achieve focus at the distance the app required of me. I could either achieve focus or have the check close enough, but not both at the same time. To be fair, it s a slightly smaller check than normal. While the new iPhone 14 Pro Max cameras are great, they completely broke card and check scanning on many apps when the phone first came out. App creators have slowly updated their apps to work properly with these new cameras. It appears M&T needs to do the same.
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10 months ago, leorue
Loading screen only, app hasn’t been updated in years.
I got a new iPhone, app wont even load the login screen. I just get a loader that will run for over an hour, left my phone open to test it. If you cannot even open the app then, it’s obviously useless. I also keep hearing about M&T investment in technology with $50+ million investment in office space and all this hiring. This was the same app I downloaded over 8 years ago no obvious changes. Wasn’t good back then, is unacceptable now. Cannot imagine they’ve invested any money into this product, but glad they have a nice office space. I’m sure they could have spent $1 million with a small software company getting a nice app and saved $49 million and better served their customers. That doesn’t make sense in corporate logic I guess. 🙄
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2 years ago, happy151
Important issues with app- won’t load
You need to get bugs taken care of. I have an iPhone and it is good enough to handle everyone’s apps but yours. This app only opens on the App Store which isn’t secure. I’m guessing that might be why I was Hacked? My identity was stolen earlier this year. I felt as though I was having a heart attack talking to your staff by phone. They could not answer any questions about the app and was it Able to be hacked? It is an important way to do business. FYI your customer service used to be better, have you hired a third party?
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5 years ago, Ipoduser 226432787.57735
Never had a problem
Surprised to see many bad reviews, I have never had any problem with the app. Have had the app on an iPhone SE for a few years now, love using fingerprint id to log in, being able to instantly see what my balance is and available balance(pending transactions included), able to easily and instantly transfer between my check-ins and savings accounts, and also deposit checks right from my phone, which have either cleared the same day or by next morning and I've never had a problem with that.
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1 year ago, Julskovac
This M&T app needs work
I was just transitioned from People’s United Bank to M&T. The People’s app was intuitive and very easy to use. It was solid, never crashed. I don’t have much confidence in this M&T app so far. First, I’m unable to pay any bill. When I select “Pay Bill” the app crashes. Second, the display is awful. The iPad display is the same size as my iPhone. I haven’t tried some of the other options yet but I find that I’m avoiding this app and going to the online web app instead. In that case if I log into the site and then go to another screen to check something I’m automatically logged out causing me to have to re-log in again. SO ANNOYING! I think the developers should have to actually use this app themselves to understand the frustration.
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5 years ago, JK.2011
Indispensable App
I almost never have to go to the bank anymore to deposit checks. I am self employed and I always get paid by check. I used to have to go to the drive up window, wait in line and drive back home. It also makes each check a separate deposit which makes it much easier when reconciling the account in QuickBooks. It make it harder to reconcile when a deposit contained several checks at the bank teller. I have another banking app for my personal account and this one works better, especially the deposit function.
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5 years ago, lazypacket
Works well except password entry
Dear M&T app developers - why did you disable pasting a password? It makes it impossible to use a password manager. I can’t even type in the password, because every time I switch to the password manager to see the next few characters of the password, you clear the password field. The only way to log in is to look at the password manager on a different device than the one the M&T app is on. After first login it’s not a problem, because it uses Face ID, but logging in the first time, or any time when it decides to ask for a password again is nothing but frustration. Please re-enable paste support for the password field.
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10 months ago, Justaguy323
Hasn’t worked since I got a new i phone
* update on fix* On iPhone go to settings- scroll down to m and t app. Toggle “clear all app data” on. Open the app from the main screen. It has worked fine ever since. I went through tech support with m and t bank, Apple, and the phone carrier to figure out why this app will no longer work. Still no solutions after two months. When it worked, it worked well. Now I can no longer do banking on the go, which is very inconvenient.
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2 years ago, The Wonderful Carrie
Needs to show pending loan payment
In general, the app is great. I really wish that there would be a place that shows when you make a loan payment. Every time I make a car payment, I never get an email confirmation or see anything on any screen that shows a payment is pending. App only shows after a payment is made. If there is ever a glitch in the app and the payment doesn’t go through, by the time I notice it my payment would be late. This needs to be updated. Also would be helpful to have an option to cancel the payment as well.
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7 months ago, exclusive919
My app will not load
I downloaded the app it worked for a few days then it stops working when I try to log on back to it all it does is spins like it doesn’t do anything. I’ve been trying this for a few days what is going on with the app? I can’t check my account unless log on to my computer. Then it ask me to verify my account more than five times sent me a text messages with verification codes and also to my email. I shouldn’t have to do this all the time that was the purpose of me download an app but unfortunately the app does not work so I deleted it. I’ll just log onto the computer unless you guys can fix it. Because there’s no reason why it just spins and spins unable to load it’s very ridiculous
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4 years ago, TomiAliciea
I Can’t Log In
The app has been or no use to me for the past few weeks. No changes have been made to anything on my phone or to my account, however, I can’t get past the log in screen without the ‘temporarily unavailable’ message. I like the app overall...if it even still looks the same as when I was last able to use it. I think M&T is doing a good job at implementing useful features. The digital experience is very important when it comes to banking.
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1 year ago, Niteowl644
App is broken!!
Submitted review and was told to call for troubleshooting. I called and after being on hold for almost 10 minutes was basically told there is nothing wrong. I get prompted to verify my account on every login now. I have never been prompted before so something is broke or was changed. The setting buttons for notifications and touch/face ID do not work correctly either. I was told they were also working correctly when they are clearly not correct. I guess the users of the app don’t know anything….. I have been a M&T customer for 22 years and now thinking about changing banks. I have a different account with Wells Fargo and their app works with no issues. Seems like it is time switch my accounts over.
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6 years ago, Linnea [Loser*]
Improving, but not perfect
This app has been getting better as time goes on. With the last substantial update, it started covering up the actual sensitive information with an M&T “cover page” when the home button was double-pressed to switch between apps. However, that feature quickly went away with a subsequent update. It's now back, which I really appreciate! The mobile check deposit is improving now, too. But the overall design and interface is clear and easy to understand. The functionality is getting more and more reliable.
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5 years ago, cj250716
Why do they even bother?
This app is objectively terrible. I’ve had deposits and charges take WEEKS to clear on here, and when I call the bank’s customer service they tell me they “can’t do anything because I already submitted it in the app.” I can’t speak to transferring between accounts because the wonderful tellers at my branch have gotten my social wrong on a couple of my accounts, so they aren’t technically connected. They managed to make an app as terrible as the bank.
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1 year ago, meye2sense
M & T is running on eMT
Update: Security questions should be asked when signing in from a different device or to reset your user name or password. What is the reason you ask a security question every single time one uses the app with Face ID enabled and FROM THE SAME PHONE. Isn’t that the point of registering the phone?? App crashes every time I go to pay a bill. You’ve been sending constant communications on what we should do to “get ready” for the transition. Well what exactly did you do to get ready?? You couldn’t handle the volume of web activity online as the site was “unavailable” for hours, and the app is obviously not ready. Well WE READY, YOU are clearly not.
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1 year ago, Ravenclass
Confused and nervous
I’ve been with M&T for a while now hand the app has been very helpful but now I’m worried that I’ve lost my accounts. I tried checking the app at 9pm but it wouldn’t let me log in on the app and on the computer it’s showing me that I have no accounts!?!?! *** UPDATE **** I do not know exactly why but my account information reloaded on the app after 11pm. All is fine but if the system is going down for maintenance or is having technical issues and informative email might be pertinent.
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2 years ago, yunasteven
Fantastic App, But Online Banking Can Use a Facelift
I absolutely love this app! Great bank to deal with in Rochester, NY and the app always works for me. Clean, intuitive interface that isn’t distracting and just works and does what I need it to do. However, the online banking website is sometimes slow and can use a fresh new, more modern design and look & feel. Hopefully the online banking can be updated soon but the app is phenomenal!
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6 years ago, Dan SinnerG
Transactions on a Thursday won’t clear until Tuesday. I don’t know what kind of deal they have with the Clearing House but that it is so low to let people think they have available funds for 4 days when, in fact, there are transactions pending from the week prior. Luckily I keep a tight budget and this never affected me but I am sure there are plenty of overdraft fees associate with the way they do this. Additionally, third party budgeting applications and their partners have dropped all support for data scrapping from this institution. This means that MINT, Quicken money, YNAB and others won’t be able to connect to your account to import transactions. You have lost my business
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2 months ago, DomWazHere
Push notifications hasn’t worked right in over a year
After read other people reviews, I’ve notice I’m not alone when I say that push notifications don’t work on iPhone correctly. I have two cards with M&T and only one of them I get notified for while alerts are on for both. There was a time when I was expecting a refund from online shopping and ended up wasting a lot of time with customer service bc the app never notified me that I received it already. Idk what the problem is but it’s definitely an issue with the app itself. It’s not my phone(iPhone 14 pro). Not my os (it’s on the latest). Something’s wrong with the app guys. Please fix this!!!
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4 months ago, mrsg7
I have been with M&T for over 40 years
I live in Central NY and have done hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business with M&T Bank. It seems like things really went south for them is when they acquired The People’s Bank a few months back. Now all I have is trouble !! I have always loved my M&T Bank but I am seriously considering moving my Money to another bank. I get you want security, believe me, so do I !! But I log onto my account several times a day, I have used the online app for years without trouble.. now it’s constantly giving me trouble logging on. I know I should be grateful for keeping my money safe, and I sincerely appreciate you for that. . . But as I am going through all my security questions and personal numbers, I wonder if you are the scammer and I am giving away all my personal information to the wrong people.. tell me this really IS M&T trying to protect me..
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1 year ago, so upset nobody listens
App barely works I haven’t been able to log in for weeks
I was out of town and had the hardest time with the rep to handle business and use my card out of town. Then after speaking with a rep and having everything supposedly “fixed” I try to sign in and for the past 2 weeks have been told “we are unable to at this time call customer service” I have called the 1800 # and spoken with ppl who don’t kno what’s happening and also went into the branch. Atp what is goin on and why can’t I sign into the app or online period for that matter
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2 years ago, Zeromod
God this app is bad
I’ve been with M&T for a decade plus. The bank is fine. But, this app is atrocious. Between the constant service unavailable messages and losing fingerprint logins. All the way up to now on iOS 15, I’ve been dealing with this app failing at every turn. Now it straight up won’t log in giving the old unavailability message. It’s been this way for days and I’m pretty sure it’s just a generic error and the app is the culprit. Deleted the app, tried clearing its data, I’m just fed up. All I want to do is deposit a check online. If I’m leaving the house during a pandemic I’m just heading to a new bank with a functional app. Nothing special about M&T that’s keeping me with them.,.
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2 years ago, Bnxsteve1213
Periodically have to deleted and reload App.
This is been an ongoing issue with M&T Mobile banking. I do not know if this is only with Apple products or also with droid but periodically you’ll open the app it’ll do facial recognition and then the app will never load the icon will just spin in the middle of the page and literally has Spond for days at a time. Then once I delete the app and reload it everything will work fine. Then out of the blue months later I’ll go to open the app and I’ll end up with the spinning icon again and have to delete and reload the app. As I said earlier this is an ongoing issue that has been the same for years.
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4 years ago, Karenldiaz
It can be a good App.
I would really like this banks app if it worked. I cant transfer money or add a bill to pay. I haven’t even tried depositing a check through the app yet. I like how you can add multiple banks and see how much you have in all accounts even credit cards. I just wish it would work because this would be the app I like the most out of all the banking apps there are. I’ve been trying different banks to pick the best one and I just wish this one would work. I really like it but Id have to leave banking here if these problems don’t get fixed.
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4 years ago, fridgebig95
This app is the definition of frustration
1) I have never heard of this bank until they bought my mortgage. 2) I’ve never encountered so many issues when trying to give someone my money. Everytime I log on to the app it’s down. Every freaking time!!! I’m always on the go so writing a Check or going online is not always feasible so I rely a ton on apps. At least that was true until I had to deal with M&T. 3) In less than a year I’ve had to pay a day or 2 late at least 5-7 times because there was some issue with the app!!! This app is horrible!! Literally every app I have works better than this!! If I had a choice I wouldn’t bank here and I definitely wouldn’t use this app!
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3 years ago, Jen<3Morgan
Love it!
I’ve used other banking apps and this one is by far the easiest to navigate. I love how accessible it is. I love that checks ate able to be deposited immediately and that the funds are truly immediately available. I’ve used the Zelle features and found them very useful though that part did take a little more effort on my part to complete the transactions. Over all a VERY useful app. Thank you!
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3 years ago, veryfrustratedperson123
Going on day two of not working
Iv had this app for a few years and it’s been okay but there have been several times that for no reason I can’t log in. It’s been saying unavailable for two days now. This is a bit ridiculous and extremely unreliable. Iv had to go online and log in several times which isn’t the end of the world but if I wanted to do that I wouldn’t have the app at all. I use the app for easy access on the go and this has been super frustrating and annoying that I can’t use my app. I hope this gets resolved ASAP.
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