3.8 (44)
87.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
MUSIC Group Research UK Limited
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for M32-Mix

3.82 out of 5
44 Ratings
4 years ago, dj louis carrozza
Great app so far, but one improvement needed
This is a great app ya’ll works on my iPad mini 2 and I am having no issues with it and it’s fast and reliable. Very quick response on the board. One improvement needed though, I did some research and you can’t hear the sound through the app. You have to buy a special headphone. But it would be more convenient if it just came through the app. And another convince that isn’t necessary but wanted, if you could play audio from your devise through the soundboard. Overall great app
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2 years ago, AjBurnhanl
Works with some hiccups
This app is great for remotely controlling the board for theatre, and other activities where we need sound, but the iPad doesn’t always connect to the board. It sometimes is stuck at listening, and has no connection.
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2 years ago, rogerjaykenobi
Cannot hear monitor audio on iPad!
Still can’t hear any audio through built-in sound outputs on iPad. If the purpose of the app is to allow moving around a venue, you need to be able to hear solos, monitors, etc. Supposedly, there is a Monitor function, but it doesn’t seem to play via speaker, headphone, Bluetooth, etc. Is there a setup or something I’m missing?
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2 years ago, Pizzle Dee Funkrunkinutter
DO NOT use an iPad Air 2022 Until They Fix Bugs
The meter bar at the top of the screen doesn’t work AND every time I try to go into the effects section, mainly to get to my graphic EQ’s, the whole app crashes! I tried doing a complete uninstall and reinstalling, but I’m still having the same issues. None of the other top bar menu options crash when I select them, but I could care less about those. I need to be able to EQ when standing in front of monitors and/or testing a mic. Behringer, please fix this!
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4 years ago, Tarik D'Groove
I just updated my firmware on all of my M32s (M32 Live, M32R Live & M32C) to 4.02. Since doing this, I can’t get the M32 to connect or connect and stay locked to the app (Version 3.10). It worked fine before I updated, now it doesn’t work, it just listens & listens & listens. PLEASE update the app, PLEASE!
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2 years ago, Maigesheng
What more is there to say? You can walk around the room and mix with this remote control. Any issues I e ever had have been router related or user error. All console parameters are available. And labeling is easier!
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6 years ago, horizonman30
When switching from my charts App and back. I have to remember to toggle the fader button EVERY TIME , if I don’t... I start adjusting the sound board in the front of the house. This oversight can be a serious problem to the over all experience.
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2 years ago, spraggs24
Great app, but lately it hasn’t been connecting to any M32 /R/C products. Please look into the matter asap, thanks! Keep up the good work!!
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5 years ago, Jon9max
Panning in mix busses please
Cannot pan within mix busses. Meaning you need to use another program to pan instruments left/right if you use stereo IEM’s. A really big omission and time waste. Also this app is totally different from the m32 edit. It makes it a bit confusing if you have to go back and forth.
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4 years ago, Brockportfmc
Having issues with it not connecting/staying connected. Have been having issues with it being stuck on “listening”
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1 year ago, Adanzcmx
Please update, we need more functions like a real mixer. When you have a M32C you don’t have all options for setup, so you need a PC, but not all the time we have one. Also aren’t fill the screen on the new ipads, for example iPad Air 5 and iPad mini 6
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5 years ago, artysan
Doesn’t save scenes offline?!?
I have searched and searched with no luck for an explanation, something I’m missing. My primary reason for an app like this is to be able to create scenes away from the actual console. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact this is not possible. ???
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6 years ago, Trumpetthunder
Delay in feet and meters
Can we get the input delay reading in feet and meters also? Instead of only ms? Thanks team, Top soundboard app by far
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2 years ago, bama2nc
No Longer connects? New IOS, forget it
Worked great for a couple years. Hasn’t been updated in a long time and hasn’t kept up with any IOS updates. Now it won’t connect to the mixer.
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2 years ago, tacgc
Please update
Good app needs an update
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7 years ago, Tom Hogle
Talkback button
This app desperately needs a talkback button that is always on top.. I would like to suggest the Midas logo in the top left corner double as a talkback A button.
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2 years ago, Sound by Mark LLC
App crash
App crashes when selecting “effects” from the top nav bar
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2 years ago, gurudeaudio
App crashes with IOS 15.7
Since IOS 15.7 update on iPad, this app crashes when going into the fx tab, etc. Has become unusable.
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9 years ago, mmmbuford
Almost great
The same as the X32 app, but with a recent GUI upgrade. It looks really nice. One of my biggest qualms is the navigation is not the quickest. There's a lot of menu clicking and scrolling to do simple things. In order to alter a channel, you have to enter the "details" menu, but if you want to mute said channel, you have to exit back to "home" view, even though the fader for the channel is shown on the left. There's a lot of little key missed details like that. I'd love to be able to use this as a replacement for the console surface for those poor FOH location gigs... But the usability for running this in an actual console style just doesn't cut it. PreSonus and Yamaha did a way better job of that. Gave it four stars because you can indeed control everything wirelessly, which is nice. Minus a few settings, which should really be done at the console anyway...
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8 years ago, Chad Weston
One HUGE problem........
I love using this app. HOWEVER, be aware that when you use this app to control your in-ears on an iPad AND your iPad screen isn't set to "always on", then something really stupid happens when you bring your iPad screen back up. After you bring it back up, for some reason, the "SEND ON FADES" button switches off and if you don't remember to touch that button, you will actually control your sound guy's front-of-house mix. We discovered this last night when I was adjusting my snare and suddenly my snare was incredibly loud in the mains. Seems to me that the button should stay in the same place always.....just like your levels do. If this was an oversight, please fix this. Really annoying and my fragile musician ego can't handle that. I'M A BEAUTIFUL SNOWFLAKE, DANG IT!!!
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8 years ago, Påvl
Very Buggy
This app has been very buggy and is often unusable. Users have been requesting a fix for some time now to no avail.
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8 years ago, Fchef25
Needs an update ASAP
This app is very glitchy. Didn't used to be but after the last update, it's almost unusable.
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3 years ago, **()**
Doesn’t work
Like the M32 version, I can’t get it to connect with my iPad. I can get other apps to though. I can even get my Android devices to connect with ease. This just doesn’t work.
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