MACU Mobile Banking

4.7 (18.5K)
91.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for MACU Mobile Banking

4.68 out of 5
18.5K Ratings
4 years ago, MACU InfoSec
A Major Improvement From The Old App
I am a full-time Security Engineer for MACU and have been conducting penetration testing on this app since December 2019 (long before it was made public yesterday). MACU contracted with a reputable vendor (different from our previous mobile app vendor) to create this app. Not only has MACU allowed myself and another coworker to perform thorough penetration testing for so many months, but we also hired a third party top-notch security expert to perform his own security analysis and review. With confidence I can say that I’m much more pleased with this app than our old one. I won’t pretend that there aren’t minor issues that don’t need attention. There is work actively being done to fix those small inconveniences. I’d just like to say that I’m much happier with this app and the security mindset and related features that it brings to the table. I’d highly recommend it to anyone else out there!
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2 years ago, SLG1411
App is very buggy
I wish I could give this a higher review but I use it very consistently for my business account and the app is filled with bugs!!! When I am trying to deposit mobile checks it only works about 8 out of 10 times. It will all of a sudden just stop working and give an error that says “try again”. It’s been happening for over a year like this. I deposited about 30 checks a week for my job so this gets very annoying 😩. My other major complaint is that in the former app I could link my business and my personal accounts together and deposit checks into my business account when signed into my personal account. With this new app they do not allow you to deposit checks into your business account even when they are linked together so you have to keep signing out and signing back in. Which is very time consuming and annoying. I understand the safety feature of not allowing someone to withdraw money but allowing them to deposit should be a given if the accounts are linked. I wish they would fix this.
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4 years ago, Hahaitispokemania
Love the new update
The new app is so much more convenient for my needs. It takes some getting use to in order to learn the changes, and after awhile I don’t want to go back to the old app. The old app was super easy to use but lacked a lot of what this new version offers. I can check my estatements on the app, set up bill pay easier, rename my account names and a lot more that I love. Being able to also check my credit score and lock and unlock my credit from app and the website is just so awesome. Snapshot is so convenient to see the accounts I want to at a quick glance. Ahh so many awesome changes! For anyone reading this. It takes some getting use to so just play around with it and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.
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4 years ago, Kmilfox
What happened ??? Perfect before!
The app was great before!! Loved it!!! Aweful now!!!!! Harder to read and understand and it NEVER works!!!! Have to reinstall almost everytime!! I do most my banking this way, but this is a ridiculous pain now, due to it never working!! May need to change banks, as I work a lot, and need access to mobile banking that works. It was so simple and convenient before. K. I. S.S.!! Now, not simple!! Hopefully they fix the bugs soon!! Also I agree with the other reviewer!! I don’t like going online, that’s why I loved the app before!! It’s aweful!! Please go back!! Just to update, this is so frustrating!! I loved the last version, now EVERYTIME I log out I get three blinking dots! I’m not even sure if I’m logged out, which is VERY WORRISOME!! I don’t like to stay logged in on my phone, and I like to see it logged out when I log out!! Now I have to reinstall EVERY SINGLE TIME!! This is a huge deal for people who like to feel secure!!! Why, why WHY did you guys mess with it?????? It was so user friendly and easy before, and I had zero issues!! I’m so frustrated now every single time!!!!! This is truly AWEFUL!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, rich1km
MACU are you listening? The star rating is false
1st these ratings are as far back as 9 years ago making 4.7 not valid for this new app. I read 10 bad to 1 good. MACU needs to really look at this app. It has serious issues. My phone is a little older iPhone 6 but it does not have issues with any apps but this one. It has log out issues and freezes. Have talked to many and reported to Mountain America. I have to delete the app and reload almost every time I log in which is several times a day. Please everyone we need to give MACU our feedback. I like the credit union and I think this app could be good but tight now it is BAD!!!! Can’t log out, failure to authenticate, screen freezes during log out, rolling dots that never end. Etc I would love to see them put it back to the old app until they can resolve the issues instead of trying to change the wheels on a moving vehicle. I would also like to see some of the old options we had like a drop down that remembers all your accounts so you don’t have to type in a user name every time. Please please fix this.
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3 years ago, AVA Chompers
Works great! Other people just don’t know how to use it.
The app had an update, and for some reason people are now complaining because of it. APPS have updates all the time for our convenience, sometimes little bugs happen but they tend to improve. After the update I went on and looked over everything for me to understand and it was NOT hard. I think people are just lazy and don’t want to struggle one bit. Why would MACU want to make it difficult for us to navigate through their app. Just stop because y’all sounding like little Karens. Sometimes all you need to do is ask and let them help.
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4 years ago, Tytymuhles
Bug need to be fixed
This new app seemed promising, but it doesnt function the way it used to. It looks cooler, but i am unable to add memos to my transfers anymore, and it scheduled an automatic transfer (which is a great idea and promises more convenience), but it wont let me edit or cancel the transfer! It just keeps telling me there was an error every time i try to cancel the scheduled transfer. I already submitted a complaint through the app several weeks ago, but i never got a response or even a confirmation email it was received, so i dont even know if that part works! So i am resorting to this review. Please fix this! I use memos and transfers all the time and it makes it very hard to keep track of my finances without the memos. Customers need to be able to rely on the most basic of functionality and so far, it seems as though the focus is on “new and improved” development, without ensuring that what exists already will work properly.
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2 years ago, Eggburrito
Love this App, Please Add Balances Back
I absolutely love the MACU app! It is by far the easiest banking app I’ve personally used and MACU is very easy to work with overall. That being said I have one item I would like to mention. ***On the new update, please bring back the available balance view for credit cards on the main page*** I understand I can see it from going into the credit card and clicking on the details tab; however, this is not as convenient and being able to see the current balance and available balance from the main screen. Otherwise, this app is incredible!
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4 years ago, howthdoigetanickname
Terrible After Changes
The app updates they did in the last month or so that greatly changed the UI/UX is awful. Understanding software design, I can see why they developed it to slightly resemble the desktop experience but in this case it was a terrible move for a mobile experience. I find I must force close the app constantly because it gets stuck in a login/logout loop. Something as easy as making a transfer has become a clunky experience. I do like the ease of linking other accounts such as my wife’s so I can easily select and transfer her account, but the overall experience has been degraded with the changes. My wife regularly checks her account on my phone and I do the same on her’s and the old app which saved the usernames for us both was such a better experience. Overall I am terribly disappointed with the new experience of the mobile app.
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3 weeks ago, Maroon & White
I lived in Utah for 18 months and came back to Mississippi, But I was able to keep banking with Mountain America unlike how when I left Mississippi, they made me close my account. Each and every time I talk to Mountain America, they go out of their way to help me. I've now been away from Utah for 2 1/2 years and have still used Mountain America. All from my cell phone. Thank you guys as you do an outstanding job! God Bless!!!
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1 year ago, ThinkItThrough123
Reliable but mostly meh
It works well but takes a long time to load initially and you have to enter credentials every time instead of a fast/quick login experience similar to other apps of the same nature. It works but it’s not a super good user experience for those reasons. I don’t look forward to starting to use the app because of the time to login and load but after that it seems to work well. Seems like these are not new issues (based on the reviews from the last little while) and it’s baffling to me why they’ve not taken the feedback and made improvements to this. I left another institution because their mobile app was terrible. This is a step up but not much; if there weren’t local branches I could walk into I don’t think I’d use them.
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7 months ago, JellyFishKingThe3rd
Was great at first
The app was working just perfectly and the Face ID made everything so easy. Not sure if it’s because of this current update but I tried to transfer funds from my savings to my credit card but an error message appeared. When I clicked “OK” to close the message, I got signed out of the app and when I tried to log back in, it said my account was locked and that I would have to change my password. Everything was working perfectly till this update. It wouldn’t let me change my password on the app but it did on my PC. I tried to transfer funds in the app and the same thing happened again. Once again I had to change my password and I had to transfer funds on my PC rather through my phone. Please fix this issue.
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10 months ago, death666saint
Continuous Sneaky Downgrades
They keep rolling back basic details on the app to make it less helpful for members. There’s no spot to keep track of how many transactions anymore (so you don’t have to pay the monthly fee) and now they’ve taken away where it says how much you have available on your credit card. I also asked if I could opt out of transactions going through if there were no funds and they told me no. A transaction won’t decline, instead they force it through so they can give you a 25$ fee for every little transaction that goes through. They used to be a really good credit union when my parents signed up many years ago- but now they’re very questionable and frustrating. Certainly don’t have their members best interest in mind. Disappointing.
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3 weeks ago, Ashlee roses
Why can’t I move my own funds into my own account
I can’t find anything else online with my same problem so I find it weird. I cannot transfer my own funds into my own different accounts, like my savings, debit, or credit. Before I would just transfer money from my debit into my credit to pay the monthly credit bill, but now I have to go to the bank, which isn’t always an option. So I have missed bills due to this, making it frustrating that I can’t move my own funds into my own accounts. I could before, it updated and now it won’t give me the option. Besides that, everything else is fine, I don’t need to redownload the app constantly and it doesn’t freeze.
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4 years ago, Carlos_A28
Great Update!.. Expect One Thing.
Overall, the update has been great! The UI is clean and easy to maneuver. You have more controls available on the app the you could only previously use on a computer. My one gripe with the app is that I can no longer pay towards credit cards/loans early. I used to be able to put extra towards a line of credit any day of the month, now it makes me schedule a transfer and that didn’t even go through. I had to wait till the due date and manually transfer money. That’s one of the biggest things for me, I don’t want to wait until the due date. Overall though, very good update.
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4 years ago, Yv20131509
0 Stars!!! New Update
I hate the new update. (Also the “great new update” reviews seem fake if you read them, as if they are from employees. As an ex employee I know for a FACT that managers promote employees to leave positive reviews to help the score...) If I wanted to use the ugly, outdated, annoying, and difficult website I would! I loved the old app, it saved my password, I could switch between accounts (mine and my husband’s etc) with the drop down...but now the password doesn’t save, it’s actually difficult for me to physically see and differentiate between my sub accounts once I login and I have to retype the usernames and passwords to switch accounts. Someone MESSED UP trying to “update” the app. Go the eff back! I specifically used the app because it wasn’t like the website!!!
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1 year ago, dallanandjordi
This garbage app makes me want to find a different financial institution
This garbage app makes me want to find a different financial institution even though we’ve been with them for 20 years! 1. They can’t settle on a general design language and they switch things up drastically very frequently. 2. You get logged out sporadically and often, causing you to login again with two factor. It’s especially a pain since you have to search for your credentials in Keychain since it doesn’t tie to your MACU Keychain item. 3. The app won’t remember my device for long even though I tell it to almost everyday…with a “new” device name. (I’ve run out of new made up names but still hope it will remember my device. So I’ve started putting stuff like “MACU mobile devs are a joke”) 4. It’s painfully slow to load your accounts so you stare at a loading skeleton screen for ~20 seconds 5. The design is just bad and I could give objective examples but I’ll save myself the time and end it here I have the latest iPhone and iOS. I’m a software engineer. You can rule out user incompetence and user error.
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4 years ago, Aspybaby
New Version Is A Nightmare
The new version of this app is a nightmare for users. It’s much more difficult to figure out how to perform basic actions, mainly because the format is busy and confusing - this coming from a tech-savvy millennial. But there are additional annoyances that make this app much more inconvenient than its previous version: It no longer allows me to mobile deposit a check into my main joint checking account, so frustrating. I have to deposit it to a savings account and then transfer to my checking. When I make a payment to my credit card, the notification telling me I have a payment due soon doesn’t go away until that date has passed. After I’ve made a transfer between accounts, the new balances don’t update until I either refresh the page or close out of the app completely. Bottom line - I’ve always had a high opinion of MACU because it seems like they are very thoughtful of their customers. But I’m frustrated every time I utilize it. Technology is so important right now, this app has gotta change.
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4 years ago, MACU ok but not the new App
Not user friendly
The old app was easier to navigate Transfers and mobile deposits are not immediately available Transferring to other MACU members is only working for some, I usually transfer to my son and the new app tells me he is added as a contact to transfer to but yet does not display on screen at all so I have not been able to transfer after the first time on the new app History and pending transactions are not easy to read/track I don’t feel like what I have available is what a truly have any more, costed me a returned payments which means 2 fees one with MACU and one with the creditor, which would not have happen if it was easier to follow for transactions Wish the old app was back
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4 years ago, Ambykins212
Bring back the old app!
I just have to say that I loved the old app! With the new app it says I’m no longer able to use mobile deposit, and transferring money between accounts was super confusing when I started using the new app. The old app was much more user friendly! We have our Auto loan, credit card, 2 checking accounts, 5 savings accounts, and it used to be so easy to pay bills or transfer money between accounts. Now when you click to look at an account to transfer money or pay a bill it takes you to a completely new page which made me very confused at first and frustrated. I usually don’t leave reviews for apps, but in this case I felt like I needed to. The old app was 1,000 times better!!!
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4 years ago, FreeWilly68
Worst app ever
I would like to agree with the other reviews for the new app. It logs you out in such a way you have to find any open windows on your phone and get rid of any open mountain America apps or you can’t log back in. It is very small print. You re arranged everything into categories so I can’t find things. Transfers are even worse when you have a dozen accounts. EVERYTHING WAS GREAT before! Whoever used this project to advance their career you should fire them immediately. None of this is because I am older my millennial kids hate it too and can’t get it to work. I like others am looking for another bank with a better app. That’s how bad this app is!!!! I am on my online account. Many times a day and now you have ruined it
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4 years ago, doesnotreviewoften
Update is terrible
I loved the MACU app prior to the update; easy to use, switch accounts quickly, and much faster loading. With the updated app my life has become much more complicated. I usually quickly adapt to changes with technology but this app has me very confused. I also bank through MACU for my business and loved how easy it was to transfer funds between my accounts, and quickly switch account screens. I still have not figured out how to do this easily in the new app and it is taking a lot of time and frustration for me. Seems to be on the other reviews people are feeling the same way... only ones who seem to think the new app is an upgrade are those who work for the credit union itself (weird).
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4 years ago, Tonksrules12
Bring back the old!!
This new-updated version is the WORST! I have used the older version of the this app for years with no problem-this new updated version had and still is a nightmare! I made a mobile deposit that never posted to my account-so I called and they “fixed it” by adding the funds to my account-three times!! Yes three times-so I called again to explain they deposited the same check three times-they said they would fix it-blah blah blah. Next time I log into my account all three mobile deposits have been removed not the two that should have been! Now I have to call AGAIN and sit on hold for another 15 minutes to clear this up after they “fixed it” -maybe time for a new bank!
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2 years ago, Joesmithson
Connecting with other accounts
It seems like every time I log in, my Venmo and my other bank accounts have lost connection in my MACU “hub”, an aspect of the app that I really enjoy. I don’t know if it’s just really hard to continually authenticate with the other accounts that I provide passwords and MFA for every time but It is very annoying to have to do that every time I log in. They need to make that a better experience please. Otherwise it’s a great app, I love the account info, I love the alerts I get, I love how easy it is to edit my info, pause my cards, and apply for new ones.
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4 years ago, Megaboo2012
Normally I don’t have issues with MACU updates. Usually they are better and better each update. This time unfortunately is very disappointing. It’s a pain to navigate and I my transactions don’t add up. Someone sending money to my account doesn’t even show up. My balance increased but shows no record of the money being deposited into my account. It’s frustrating to have to go to the actual website so I can check my account or still my husband phone. His app hasn’t updated yet so a lot of times I have to make him check things for me. Very disappointed with this update and hope some of the bugs get fixed soon.
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4 years ago, Appmaster 94
This is The Worst Update Ever
Hands down, this is the worst update I’ve ever experienced in nearly any app category. It is mind-blowing how a decent app that is so much a part of every day life can be so absolutely destroyed. Besides the bugs and constant re-verification needed for every small activity, here are a few other extremely lame things: - You cannot save multiple online accounts like was possible on the old app. This is extremely important to small businesses owners - Though statements are now available for viewing, it’s useless because there’s no way to print or save them for printing, etc. - The interface is FAR MORE COMPLICATED. - Get used to the three circles. You’ll see them more than anything else in this app. - Probably the most infuriating of all is how hard they’ve made it to perform a simple transfer to another MACU account. I’ve had this for a little over a week now, and have never been able to successfully perform one in the app. Mountain America better get their act together. I just can’t believe that this app was actually cleared for release.
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1 year ago, T R Cuch
Canceled my card
I locked my card, a feature I use from time to time. When I tried to unlock the card it was completely gone so I called MACU and the rep tried to blame it on user error saying I must’ve canceled the card. There’s not even an option to cancel the card on the Lock Screen unless you request a replacement. Then rep tried to say I’d have to wait 2-3 days for someone else to call me to order a new card for me. Luckily I pushed back hard enough to get a new card ordered right then. I live in LA and have always liked MACU since living in Utah so kept banking with them even with my move. Second guessing that now.
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4 years ago, Els212
New app update is awful
They took away the fingerprint/biometric login option, so logging in is now a pain. Hate the new look, it’s totally visually unappealing and difficult to navigate. I can’t access my business account with mobile deposit or do anything with it other than check the balance, and finding anything I need is really frustrating. The only thing that gives this review 2 stars instead of 1 is that I do like the mobile deposit a little better with the automatic capture. But again, can’t deposit to my business account, which is where I make the most mobile deposits. This app needs a LOT of tweaking.
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4 years ago, Vngealencia
From 5 stars to 0
MACU had amazing online banking what happened??? The old banking app was so great, easy to use and just all around super convenient I never ever had a complaint. But the new update is just awful I would give this app 0 stars if I could. It’s so hard to navigate the darn app I can’t do anything on it. I used to pay my visa, deposit checks and transfer money to other accounts with the banking app but now I can’t do any of that it’s basically impossible and I can’t pay my visa until the last day of the month? I can’t transfer money to other accounts it’s impossible and I certainly can’t deposit checks but if i get lucky and it works it takes several days to process now. Boo macu.
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4 years ago, Slither fan man
Mobile Deposit is garbage after the update
I’ve used the MACU app for a few years now. I’ve never had issues with the mobile deposit until the update. The auto capture is terrible. I feel like it is causing the majority of the issues. It will not auto capture the front on the check for anything, but then it will auto capture the “back” of the check on literally everything. I was able to auto capture my keyboard for the “back” of the check. Everything else on the app seems fine, the mobile deposit is just driving me up a wall.
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4 years ago, very upset with the new app
Updated version has lots of problems
This app was updated automatically without choice, which I can except, except that it is a very poorly put together application as I now have to reboot my phone every time I want to access the application, have called support and according to support they have never had one instance of a problem yet everybody I talk to has one type of problem or another. This is for the IT department you need to update your application so we can sign in and out seamlessly and make it more user friendly so that we do not have to try to figure out what is happening on our account the old app worked beautifully the new app needs to go into the trash.
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4 years ago, Chicken wing with toes
From Good to Bad
The new update for this app was definitely a step back for Mountain America. The previous interface was fantastic, one of the best I’d seen in a banking app. As of October 2020, the interface is very ugly and unorganized. An example being your credit account showing a positive balance, while in reality you have a negative amount of that number in the account. This being my Visa card. It is such a simple fix to have this number in red and/or having a simple negative dash in front of the account balance. I read this recent large update was for security concerns. But what is the reasoning for drastically changing their once-great UI?
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1 year ago, cursivecollar
Bring back Far West Bank
Hey Utahns and other unfortunate customers of MACU. We know MACU is doing fine with the excessive new building being forced into areas like Spanish fork and SLC. I just wish there was decent customer service. I’ve been banking here for too long and the amount of time I’ve had to spend on the phone with these guys is exhausting. Also apparently paying early payments doesn’t help your credit score. These guys are really odd about customers who they bend over backwards for and marginalized communities are not treated the same. (from experience first hand on professional and customer levels) Did anyone get a licensed BYU card? Somehow I was restricted from having it. Just frustrating overall with these guys. The app flashed a offer to a potential new app coming. Hopefully they moved away from whoever did their current one entirely. The amount of times “saving” log in information for quicker access only to have to keep clicking that box over and over.
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4 years ago, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
Get it together MACU!
MACU seems to really struggle with their app. Everything WAS straight forward and simple. Then they decided to make unnecessary changes which disabled their app without explanation or notice for several days. Then when it was finally working, it was a disaster. A lot of extra steps required to make a simple transfer. Very easy to make mistakes that require visits to the bank to fix. Finally get it figured out and they change it again without saving the progress made which means everything has to be re-entered. Again. The problems are a disincentive to use the app. Then, I’m going on 20 unique nicknames to find one that isn’t “already taken”. Not possible.
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4 years ago, helperUT
I not only have my personal account but run a business account as well. Ever since June 12th I have been locked out of the desktop version and a couple weeks later when the app updated it merged the two and am now locked out of the app. On Mountain America’s end it shows it’s not locked🤔. So frustrating cause with a business account it needs to be looked at daily if not more. As far as my personal account mobile deposits don’t work properly. You get an error message and then an email saying it was successful. Your money isn’t instantly put into your account. I am considering closing both accounts if someone don’t get this figured out!
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4 years ago, wearnomask
Bad bad updated app!
This new updated Mobil app is so bad! Today June 23, 2020 it automatically installed over the old app. I thought I got hacked! It wouldn’t load up and it looks real cheezy and it’s so slow! This is worse than the IRS web site get my payment portal! Who developed this must be some over paid no good for nothing, I don’t want my money in this credit union if this is as good as you can do. Bad app! Slow app! Looks chincy!
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4 years ago, MChonks143
Love the New Updates!
The latest updates (released today) have been game-changing! For someone who does all banking via their phone/online, I can now say this app is actually user friendly and even has better features — transfers, bill pay, etc... is easy and seamless. More importantly, the app is no longer constantly crashing - overall I am very happy with these updates and know everyone else will be too!
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4 years ago, Steph25Martin
New App
I was a bit unsure about the new version of the app, however there are a few added features I’m loving! You can now add an external bank to your transfer accounts and both banks can now communicate for money transfers! I also love with the bill pay feature it shows your last payment amount! Also, you can now permanently add another MACU account to your transfer section. These are definite time savers - THANK YOU!!!!
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2 months ago, -;/):$&@
Unable to report an issue
Since the last update, the app will log in and then immediately kick me out and force me to sign in again. I close the app and sign back in with face recognition, then select the account i want to view and then again it kicks me out and wants me to enter my password. Just keeps the cycle up. I've tried reporting the problem thru the app but if refuses to let me select MACU as the app I'm reporting with a problem. I tried reporting thru Apple and out keeps sending me to the website. So hopefully you'll see this review and respond since there's no other way to make you aware of this issue.
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9 months ago, Kdo505
The app will be the reason I leave Macu
It’s not terrible. There are much worse apps out there. But the functionality I need: mobile deposits hasn’t worked for me since the last major update. There are also… far too many updates to the app ui. I could put up with these things if the nearest Macu wasn’t 70+ miles away, but it is and now i have to drive 70 miles to deposit a check since i wrote “only for macu mobile deposit “ on the back per Macu’s instructions. Frustrating!
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4 years ago, LeboSA
Bring back the old app!!!
Seriously! There was nothing wrong with the old app. I had to download this new one because I got a new phone. But I can hardly access the dumb app. I’m unable to check my balance and make transfers as it were. Now I have to go to the bank every single time or have to call my husband to access his “proficiently working old app” to help me out. Honestly, this is a good enough reason for me to take all my money to another bank. What’s the point of banking with a bank that doesn’t make it convenient for you to keep track of your money? The app gets no star from me. But I put one star because that’s how this whole thing works. No bueno!
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2 months ago, The Cosco kid
Mount America, South Jordan branch
Just want to say how wonderful the people are at the South Jordan, Utah branch if there’s anything negative at all is often times there’s a wait but for the most part I’m very happy with those people especially Adam the manager. He has helped me so many times very friendly, very professional very loyal to mountain America and that’s how I feel, thank you for letting me bank with you …..
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8 months ago, Paulicious21
It’s great!
I don’t really have a lot of negative things to say about this app. Everything about it works. I rarely if ever experience any buggy behavior and the accounts and other mobile banking tasks are easy to do. The one con I have noticed that I think needs improvement is listing the payoff balance of loans under the Show Details tab. You have to go in and make a payment to see that. I use that all time when budgeting.
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4 years ago, ProSnuggler
Worst possible update
Completely changed the entire format of the app. It use to be extremely easy to use. Now everything has been moved, and you have to search forever to find a simple thing. The format now looks like a kid made a website doing the bare minimum to get the grade in computer applications. It’s extremely slow, and a lot harder to use. I shouldn’t have to restart an app 13 times throughout the day to know I’m in the negative. It first said that I had $70, then after restarting a few times, it finally set it as -$70. It took over 12 hours for them to apply the over draft fee when I had no pending charges.
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4 years ago, TinyeeTay
Hate new update!
I miss the text of each individual transaction when using checking act. If you have that turned on it now sends you it all in one text so if you have multiple then you can’t see them all. Before this new update. I could have all my usernames saved. Now I have to type in each every time I need to log on. That is not something I’m going to love! But the new look is cool! I wish it could save all the users names like it did before I updated the app.
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4 years ago, mdovel1827
New Update
So far I have noticed a number of issues that have been very frustrating with this app. 1) My balance fluctuates daily, even with no purchases or deposits. Sometimes it goes up or down as much as $100 so I really don’t know how much money I ACTUALLY have in there. 2) Quick payments with Zelle seem to no longer be an option, even though if you go to the website, it tells you that it should be available on the app. 3) Instant Short Term Loans seem to be impossible to apply for. This is not an option on the app at the moment and this is once again something that if you try to do on the website, it tells you that you HAVE to go through the app. 4) It is not user friendly, at all. I stopped using another credit union and transferred to this one because I HATED their app and now this app has been changed to look exactly like my old credit union. This seriously has me questioning whether or not I should find another credit union.
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4 years ago, Domestic*Diva
I usually am ok with the new updates; however, this most recent one is very inefficient. I hate to use it. I go to the banking website through Safari if I want to do any of my banking remotely in a timely manor. The process and steps needed to access a simple transfer of funds is frustrating and takes way too much time! I would rather go to the brick and mortar building the old fashion way and sit for a half hour or longer in line at the drive-thru than to use this app. I feel generous even giving it two stars. Give me back my old app experience!
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2 years ago, Jaykerz
The app needs updated
It’s very frustrating when the app logs you out on a daily bases, forgets your device and makes you login manually. It should remember devices and keep you logged in with your facial recognition feature if somebody else has my face, they probably have my password and they can have my money too at that point. Come on Mountain America This is 2022 to get this app together already. If my device never changes, you should never ask me to remember this device regularly. You should remember it until I actually log in from a different device. Its nonsense.
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4 years ago, in n se o
No Switch account on login screen
I don’t like that there is no switch user account on the login screen anymore. When you have multiple accounts and when you log out of one and need to get to the other, You have to type in all the log in info. When you log out and switch back to the first account, Touch ID is not present so you have to type in log in info again. In simple, Touch ID is only available if you have 1 account. The rest of the update is good, I like you can add payees on the app now and more features included.
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4 years ago, Dr. Princeton, DO
New update is awful
The previous App was great but this recent update is terrible. You can’t see recent deposits or transactions without a series of steps. The older people in my house are having trouble with it. It isn’t user friendly and is cumbersome taking more time per action than the previous version. It also is less visibly pleasing, with the visualization of numbers and accounts transaction being subpar to the previous version. It needs to be changed. Apps for bank accounts should focus on convenience, security, and quick visibility for bank members, not whatever this current version is.
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