Magic Cutter - MP3 Editor

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5.9 MB
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Denys Ievenko
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.13 or later
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User Reviews for Magic Cutter - MP3 Editor

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10 years ago, Joel D. Arnold
Great little app. One or two small things would take it over the top.
This app is incredibly helpful and saves me a ton of time. I have language dialogs with long silent spaces. I was considering hiring a college student for $8 an hour to cut them all out for me. $10 one time and this app does the work for me. The great thing is that you can manually adjust the cuts as well. I find that I’m opening it for far more purposes than I originally envisioned. For a quick cut out of something, this app is a lifesaver. Three things that do bug me: 1) There is often a faint audio artifact—a little chirp at the beginning of the cuts. He ought to find a way to detect and eliminate those automatically. If I was using this for high quality music it would be a deal breaker for me. 2) It would be nice if keyboard shortcuts worked. When I’m switching between audio and video editors, it’s frustrating to hit the space bar here and have nothing happen. The same would be true with the zoom. 3) It would be nice to be able to zoom in further. This app saves me tons of time and I love it. If these things were fixed I wouldn’t have a single thing I could complain about. Either way, though, I think you’ll like it.
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3 months ago, Allnamestook
Split please? instead of remove chunks?
It does what it says, up to a point. My main complaint is I have hundreds of tracks I need to SPLIT on a point... I don't need chunks of silence removed, which is what this does. Developer needs to make it calculate the center point of the silence, and actually just split it. Otherwise I spend tons of time shrinking down the highlighted removal areas rather than hitting a button and moving to the next file. This app makes my work a little faster, but not a lot!
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13 years ago, ericralph
Does the trick
Does the trick but there are hardly any key commands - doesn't have a stop/play keyboard button, a few basic KC's would have made it 1000x more efficient.
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11 years ago, JotaEfeA
Problem in fade out when cropping
I've noticed right away a problem when cropping clips and applying a fade out. The end of the clip leaves a small strip of sound without the fade out… so when you arrive at the end of the clip the volume suddenly raises to a normal level for a fraction of a second. Quite annoying since the purpose of the fade out is to achieve a smooth exit from the clip. I paid for this app (instead of using Audacity for free) just for the convenience of a slightly faster way of achieving a simple task. I hope the developer fixes this issue, otherwise I will consider asking my money back.
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11 years ago, Tiki Tommy
Saves a lot of time!
I installed this app to help me split podcasts. I can take excepts I like from the podcast and save them in my library. It won't convert my .mp3 to .wav or anything like that and I don't have to write a .cue file. Just click on a start-point and end-point. Easy as that! As many separate tracks as I want. And you can listen while you work to make sure it starts and stops when you want it to.
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12 years ago, Eldamato
Clean and Simple
I love how this program splices sound files! It is clean and easy to use. I have vocabulary tracks that have many words in each track. With just a few clicks and using the split by silence option, I have all of my vocabulary words separated in clean separate files. I have also used it to make ring tones and it's a breeze for that too.
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1 year ago, dpzee
Slices and Dices
I use this guy to chapterize long mp3s b4 converting them to m4a. i don't like 10 hour files. You can spit the audio by time, by size, or by times of silence which can be adjusted. I would also like to rename, and would like to be able to zoom out to see the whole file. But well done otherwise.
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6 years ago, Pod pilot
Could be great, but its kinda awful
This app could be great but it is a mess to use. Here what it needs: 1. Need to be able to zoom into the voice data stream more—about 3 more steps. 2. The sensitivity and features it does automatic splits on is poor. I am splitting spoken lists of words with log pauses and it can’t get it right so I am left with manualing inserting splits. 3. There is some kind of massive memory leakand the app degrades quickly. I am splitting a 6 min audio file and the probram is so overwhelmed it can take 20+ seconds to respond to mouse commands. My guess is it needs to be updated for the latest version of Osx. Thats the only thing that explains the old high reviews to me. It gets one more start than it deserves because it actually works just with great difficulty. It saves very little time over cutting in an audio editing app.
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10 years ago, Dontcha’ know
Good App
After playing around with it for a short bit, I was suprised to find that it is acturally easy to work with. It was relativly easy to cut clips exactly where i wanted to, and adjusting any effects to time spans. Highly recommend for any vidio needs and great for making vidios with use of photos.
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9 years ago, ACL37
Magic Cutter
This app does exactly what the information says it does and is incredibly helpful for splitting tracks. The only improvement would be if Itunes read the time of the length of the cut track correctly. That is likely an issue with iTunes.
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12 years ago, s00p3rj03l
Great. Took a little getting used to.
Great program. I took me a while to figure out split by count you just need to click once to set the cut. Split by silence you need to click and drag to set a start and end cut.
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8 years ago, BuckT
Cut splitter needs to support more audio formats
I purchased Magic Cutter to use as a cue splitter. All audio has to be converted to AAC—a real pain in the neck. It only supports AAC and MP3. No support for lossless FLAC, OGG or APE. That said, the application is useless. When you drag an unsupported audio track into the application window there is no feedback (i.e., “this audio format is unsupported”). The window just sits there like it’s frozen. For cue splitting, buy Cue Splitter at a third of the price. Very disappointed.
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4 months ago, NarxistDan
Fantastic idea. Very poor implementation.
Some really inexplicable UI choices make a great idea functionally unusable. The "select by silence" mode works reasonably well, but there's not a mode to set the split point by detecting the silence without also removing the silence itself (often along with a small chunk of sound). It's also not possible to do a mix of selected by silence splits and manually added splits. This seems to be a bug rather than a design issue, but it's there all the same. Fix these two issues and it's 5 stars from me, even with an overall very rough ui. But without addressing them, it's not useful at all - $10 for software I'll never use.
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12 years ago, Drumnut51
It works ok to cut up long MP3 files...
The only issue is working a system to rename the file. You need to have ITUNES, your file finder and the program open so as you split it and it goes into your file finder you can rename it there and move on. Once you figure out the system it's fine.
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7 years ago, PrincTomas
Simple & Intuitive to Use
Used it to quickly break up large MP3 files (music, audiobooks) into smaller, more manageable files. The visual waveform display is great! One suggestion - in the Mac version, add the J-K-L keys for back, stop & forward, like in QuickTime and iMovie.
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8 years ago, JakeTamu17
One Problem
Great app BUT, there is an annoying click/chirp at the beginning of split files. This has been noted by other reviewers and the problem hasn’t been updated. Fix this and I will be much happier.
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11 years ago, Gary LCC
Worse audio editor I
This app offers no features of benefit. There is no way to save your edited work into a final song that can be added to iTunes. There is no rewind or fast forward buttons that take you to the beginning or end of the file. Overall, very poor offering.
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10 years ago, verotiki
Great app
Needed to break large MP3 files into individual songs and this app works beautifully and simply. Thanks!
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11 years ago, 415momi
can't cut a wav!
There was some verbage about it supporting wav's - well perhaps it can output to a wav? However, I tried to have it recognize a wav for splitting - the file was grayed out and it wouldn't do it - it will split mp3's it seems - but why would I want to downgrade the quality of my audio file? Disappointed..
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11 years ago, n14eplus
Great Little cutter
I think it works great, for someone that not real familiar with editing music files, I like it.
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10 years ago, @DJDingle247
A purchase well worth it
It does just what it says it will do. Good app
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8 years ago, PopsTexas
Dont get any better than this!!!!
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3 years ago, Bryan Robb
No Lossless Support
I paid for this because it said lossless in the subtitle. You absolutely cannot import WAV or OGG files, so this product is worthless and a waste of money.
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4 years ago, Takagi-niban
Maggic Cutter
Difficult to use, ineffective. A waste of money. I downloaded Audacity, free, found a posting with clear instructions on how to use it, and am very happy with it.
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5 years ago, Djscorpionrmx
it freeze
lately does not respond it take more than. minute so stop using it . i hope they fix i really like the but with the lates osx need to be fix
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9 months ago, chacki no liky
not working unles you upgrade
it doesnt let you try unless you upograde first
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3 years ago, lcastell
Worst app period.
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13 years ago, ComposerAnnie
Does just what it says it will do
I mix a lot of mp3s for hypnosis titles and for my own music for sale - it is frustrating to have to re-bounce down when I've put too much space at the beginning. THis is a very efficient way to edit mp3s without having to recompress. GREAT! Thank you!
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12 years ago, Ruttr
spliting into seperate tracks not smooth
I bought this app because I have mixes that are an hour long and i need to cut up the track into the individual tracks. It cuts it up easily however you hear the breaks as part of a gapless album.
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13 years ago, N Fury
Very Easy to use
All I want to do is be able to chop unnecessary nonsense out of good tracks, and this does just that…and very simply. Thank you.
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13 years ago, BLUUUKITZZZZZZ
So when I get it to work it works, but the programs seems to run the shows and does what it wants to.
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13 years ago, cienfuegos
USELESS - Doesn't work after installing OsX Lion
I downloaded Magic Cutter from the App Store a few days prior upgrading the operating system to OSX Lion. Once Lion was installed the program does not work properly - It does not open the mp3 files and it doesn't work - Until the developer upgrades to an OSX Lion version this is absolutely USELESS. Besides that, it is a very simple wave form cutter.
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12 years ago, lz1000
Super Nice !
I love magic cutter, it makes the best ringtones, it's worth every penny.
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12 years ago, roastman62
Does What it says!
Works great, Does what it says and very easy to use.
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12 years ago, Chris72069
Great Program
Magic Cutter is the fastest way that I know of to cut mp3 files into whatever size you want. It worked so fast compared to other programs that I had to check and see if it had saved the file. This is a Best Buy!
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4 years ago, Elsiemac
Doesn't Work on 10.15.3
As of 10.15.3 Magic Cutter crased when cropping or removing. I have tried it on a MacBook Pro and iMac both running 10.15.3 Same result on both machines.
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