Magic mirror booth

Photo & Video
4.2 (453)
24.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Guillaume Fleury
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.6 or later
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User Reviews for Magic mirror booth

4.25 out of 5
453 Ratings
4 years ago, 😜dog lover🥰
4 stars
It’s fun I just don’t like all the adds and Also I don’t like that u have to pay money to make ur voice sound like a bird or whatever. Although it is fun and makes u laugh a lot rather ur with ur friends or ur alone.
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6 years ago, terrordactile
Best laugh I’ve had in awhile
I was pretty bored and in the mood for a photo booth app. This was the first that showed up and I soon started warping my own cats face. Somehow the fish-eyed look on my animals face gave me the giggles. Tears rolling down my cheeks and my inability to breathe as I gasped for air between laughs put me in a great mood. It’s such an innocent and charming app I wish I could play around with the other features more without having to pay. Maybe If I stick around with the app I’ll consider it. Either way, amazing app if you want some laughs.
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4 years ago, J-R00
Decent Manipulation App but Paid Version Still has an Ad Banner
I bought this app and there is a banner ad at the bottom. Kind of lame if you ask me. The UI is kind of lackluster. There is no prompt to save an image after you take it. You have to go to the download icon in the top right corner and select an option to save. Not a huge deal, but kind of awkward from a user’s experience. The only thing that really irks me is that they still run ads after paying to unlock the additional filters.
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6 years ago, mr. man3268
Fun to use with my friends
This game is funny, and there are NO pop-up ads!!! It’s the perfect game to make yourself laugh when you’re sad. It may seem like a ripoff when you only get the three lenses, but then you can buy an in-app purchase to buy a TON more lenses for only 99 cents! This game is incredible. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, GamerAvaMay2
Great! But...
Magic Mirror is one of my favorite apps however, many of the features are locked! For example I got magic mirror on my iPad and my phone on completely different days and neither of them have unlock many different features:(:::: So, I would recommend this game, as long as your okay with waiting about 6-12 Months to get more than three picture features. Good game besides that ;)
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8 years ago, Cassiejw01
We have had tons of fun with this app! It's very entertaining. One minor glitch is that it's acts like I need to purchase the voice ad on again even though I already have, but when I finally go to purchase it it doesn't really charge me
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6 years ago, Love+God❤️💕
It’s funny!
Hahah! It’s so funny! I sent these to my friends and they almost pee’d there pants! The only thing I don’t like about it is how you have to pay for some of them. But overall the app is pretty nice and it’s a good way for you and your friends to get a good laugh!😂🤣🤪🥴
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6 years ago, Maddiecandyapples
Please read this
Loved the app I bought all the features but I think you should allow us to take photos from our camera roll and do it thanks
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8 years ago, Thelaker
Love making and sending the worst possible pictures to people and making them laugh
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5 years ago, HaramheDaMonkey
Funniest thing
This thing is so funny. I have been using it for over a week and it is hilarious. I highly recommend it if you’re into funny pics.
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6 years ago, kingoftheoshi
2 years of laughter! 😸
I’ve been playing this app for 2 years now and this has helped me be happier then I used to be! This app really has a good place in my heart. I love making vids with my sis
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5 years ago, Gobbergubber
Funny but to expensive
It made me laugh super hard but you only get three features and you have to pay for the rest. Great app otherwise.
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2 years ago, 💎🪙💎
It’s good
Look I like magic mirror but I don’t like that l need to unlock the other’s that’s why I am giving 4 stars but I still like it
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6 years ago, Create138
Not that many options
I gave this app 3 stars because thee is only three free options and you need to pay for the rest on this app so on further notice please just make most of them free and some not free
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3 years ago, hgbyrne
Dad and son
My son and I never get tired of this countenance- warping app. We are all equally beautiful and ugly under the mutant lens of this super-fun app, especially with the awesome audio distortion!
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7 years ago, Pprudence1
Too funny
LOVE IT! I need to have them down just pick me back up and makes me laugh and laugh and laugh😊
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5 years ago, CarlyRakes
Super fun but a little bit pixilated
This app is so fun to play around with bit when you take videos with it, it’s a little pixilated
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6 years ago, julianaldama
Nothing better
This is my favorite app in the whole world
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4 years ago, hbjbhbjbhbjbhbjbhbjbhbjbhbjb
Pretty cool
I really like this app, it’s just I don’t like it whenever I want to save it, I get some kind of ad, but overall it’s really good!
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6 years ago, zambi3928
When installed, you only have 3 effects to choose from without paying. And when the picture is taken, it comes out in low quality.
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5 years ago, laneyleary
It worked for a second...
It worked for a second, but then I wasn’t able to do anything after that. Now the app is blank and I can take any pictures.
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4 years ago, cb moezzz
Really like it
Only thing I couldn’t text it to someone
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11 months ago, Pls give it back so it's free
Best one yet
This is so funny to play try not to laugh
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5 years ago, peep70893
My favorite game
Me and my brothers and friend take funny pics and airdrop it hopefully you love it
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8 years ago, Tayden b 😀😀
Love it
Thank you so very much for making this app! So funny
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4 years ago, gdjdndjd ndkdndkdbd
Life changing
My uncle stopped roping after I showed him this app
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4 years ago, peep123486
It’s soooo funny!! But most of the stuf you have to pay for to do. If I did not do that 5 stars
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8 years ago, 😐😕🙁☹️
This game is just ok Doesn't make any sense why we would have to pay just to get a few more mirrors and voices Again just ok
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6 years ago, Mewantspie
Why the price!?!?!?!??!??!?!
Why the price??!?!?!?!?! Why do we have to pay $1 for the voice only and another dollar for the extra faces? It’s pointless! I’d definently rate this a 5* if the prices were removed, or at least payed together.
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6 years ago, btsalllover
I’ve never laughed so hard at myself and I feel comfortable now
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7 years ago, Adam Chrum
Pretty good I guess
I haven't encountered any bugs so I guess that's good
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8 years ago, Presandthea
It's worth the money
I have so much fun with this
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6 years ago, sarasaurusrex83
Didn’t work
I downloaded the app and it was just black. I let it access my camera and microphone but it didn’t work. I tried turning on a filter and a red square appeared on the screen
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4 years ago, yndindkdwjonfsu
This is just a what I needed
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6 years ago, JamlessWonder
Kept on Crashing
I couldn’t even make a video or film myself. Every time I clicked something it would get out of the app... very disappointed... :(
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7 years ago, Cutie Ajliyah
It's dumb don't download
You have to pay for mostly all of the effects except three it's trash 🙄
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7 years ago, mad/happy/sad
Good but not great
Terrible game. It's good for a 4 year sibling not any older then that. You need to buy 4-5 different faces for it to actually be fun. And if anything else, it's a complete ripoff!😡😡😡
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7 years ago, Falcons rock
Don't get
This is terrible there's only three you can use unless you buy it and you can't even use the voices unless you buy it
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4 years ago, Jaycee Mcleod
Best app ever
Love this. It always gives me A smile.
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3 years ago, cathyrotunno
Nice game
I really like this game
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2 years ago, Bad Quality 314
Full of ads
Total crap. Ads make it almost unusable. Don’t waste your time.
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8 years ago, AsianGamerrr
Literally 3 effects when you get this app for free and and you have to buy everything else. This is garbage.
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8 years ago, PinkzombiegirlPinkzombie
Magic mirror
This is the funniest game ever
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8 years ago, #{😵}
I don't like how you have to unlock effects 🗿
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5 years ago, aw9976
This app is awesome ,I love it it is soooo funny!
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4 years ago, Austin🤪
This app makes me laugh but the ads make me MAD
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8 years ago, Billymanilly
This is a fun application. It is hilariously funny.
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8 years ago, Shadowbreezewarrior
Love it
It's really fun
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7 years ago, bigpixsure
Cracks me up!
Love it
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4 years ago, TM Vxntage
Tis be funny
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