Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game

4 (208.4K)
272.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Amanotes Pte. Ltd.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.5 or later
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User Reviews for Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game

3.98 out of 5
208.4K Ratings
5 months ago, 😜😘🤣😇
Talking about the game
This game is really fun. You can also play for your free time and it gives in a lot of music. If you wanna play a game that has a lot of music you came to the right place. This game is really fun you can pick music that you want and you can see if you like them if you do not like that you do not have to listen to them you can pick different music every time that is what I really like about the game, my favorite song on there is counting stars but there’s one issue that I hate the one thing I really really really really hate about this game. It’s that whenever you miss coed asked you to watch an ad all by the VIP section but that’s what I really hate about the game. I do not want to buy the VIP section because it causes money and my parents do not allow me and I pretty think it’s a waste of money, but I like the game, I usually watch the ads but ads take up most of the time so that’s why I hate ads that’s why I gave the review of four that’s me talking about the game and that I really like about the game and things I really hate about the game, so thank you for understanding what I like to talk about the game and make sure you always give a review and that’s all I wanna talk about about this game. Thank you for letting me share my opinion make sure you read it because that would make me really really really really happy if you read it. Thank you for letting me share my opinion about this game thank you.
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1 year ago, Wfcejibxdhkyvdfhi
This game is ok but there is some problems
I don’t really know what to do with like the coin things in the diamond things like there needs to be a tutorial of that and like show what your positive because I just started this I am I don’t know what where the tutorial is my friend it is a tutorial, but I don’t know where it is like. I don’t know if it’s in settings or what so yeah I’m actually really good at it. Also, there’s a thing about that and I don’t know what click matches and I do not know how to do needs to be a tutorial, but it is actually a really good game and also you should put a ad on everything. That’s why I’m taking off a star so maybe you should I put some stuff in there like item shop because your coins and diamonds, this may not make sense, but all I’m saying is you need to have an item shop and not on every song song don’t put that don’t even work, so yeah, put up item shop put some scans emotes background in town and put on like things right now to put our time is up but you got a buy them look like a queen and not buy everything with diamonds only got 30 diamonds. Hello it’s good or not but I guess I’ll put you to start it right how are you four-star say yes I gave you a really good suggestions so good luck. Maybe you can make an update or something like that I don’t wanna leave this world as of good luck. Bye.😐 sorry for making this a long. Never mind I’ll give you advice five star rating
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2 years ago, #reaseslover
I love this game but…
I agree with the response I just read, basically saying that there are too many ads but I do understand that maybe it’s just some way to run the game or something like that. But I do not like that you can’t get at least 1 free go-again token thing, it isn’t really all that fair to the people that aren’t aloud to spend money on games but lots of people hate my opinions so I understand if no one else agrees with me on that. But over all this game is amazing and it really does help you type faster and just helps you stay on point with typing and fast finger reflexes. I really do enjoy the songs that are on the game already but I think that it would be nice to have more opportunities to get more songs and not just the latest songs, most of my favorite songs are not on the game and I understand you are trying to keep the game appropriate but some songs that aren’t on the game yet, aren’t too bad. I’m just saying. But like the one response I read was saying that it would be nice to be able to customize the song that plays when you are at the Home Screen. That’s pretty much it but I do really enjoy this game and I have always been good at typing fast and this game helps me type even faster and not mess up as much. I think this game should have some new updates but that is up to the game owners. Other than the flaws this game has, it really is something great.
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2 months ago, Mer9999
So, I got majic tiles a few months ago for fun. And I’ve gotten soooo addicted to it. This is such a great game for every age except 7 and under because sometimes it’s hard to play all the keys. If you are a parent trying to find games for your kids that will keep them entertained I say this one. This is definitely a game that everyone deserves to have, you can play your own song, battle friends that also have this app etc. I brought my phone over to my friends house one time and she played the song “Believer” after that, she kept coming over to my house so she could play the game and then finally downloaded it. My other friend I was just on spring break with played it, and the same thing happened to her, she kept unlocking my phone, and kept trying to beat her high score. This is game is soooooo much fun and I play it like all the time. This is probably the best game I have ever downloaded! Please get this game, you won’t regret it. No inappropriate adds like some games, it doesn’t force you to buy anything. This game is really cool, and there are so many different versions of it. Right now I only have this one but I might download the other ones too. The last fun thing is that there is a song of the day each day that you can play. Please get this majic tiles game! It’s the best game I’ve ever downloaded! Not joking!
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2 years ago, Dulrich89
I agree with Reeseslover but game is great
So I highly agree with Reeseslover because my mom doesn’t allow me to pay for games and lots of my favorite songs aren’t on there I enemy from Imagine Dragons is it on there but I don’t want to put too much weight on your back(metaphorically)But I hope you understand there’s way too much ads and do you have to pay for the VIP thing which I get that but why can I be the only thing that you would have to wash in at for as I was saying way too much ads One of them are like it’s like this big black screen thingy and you can’t really watch it so you would have to press the white X and then it would ask you your award will not be granted so you have to press that and then you have to press the add thing again and then I’ll give you a different add and I know you don’t control The ads but some of them are soooooooo Long I want to get something wrong it’s like really quick this morning when I was playing with it my little sister wanted some help with her toy and right when I was in in the middle of helping her the timer ran out and I know other games timers are quicker than that but still but I love all of the music I specially love that you put Billie Eilish on it From: Scarlett ❤️
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2 years ago, Bunny0473
This game is great but somethings need to be upgraded
Well everyone knows that everyone loves this game it’s very addictive and totally fun to do when you’re bored or maybe just an average moment but the ads can be annoying very annoying it’s like every time someone dies there’s an ad popping up right after it’s very annoying and they need to be upgraded I mean I know there’s this program that says you could have no ads but I know everyone knows this when it pops up but it’s expensive I mean just an amount of money for no ads I mean it’s really annoying and it’s popping up around all different games thinking that it’s OK for people to have expensive things no ads but that’s not all the bad things about magic tiles three it’s how addictive it could be to other people especially the music lovers there’s a bunch of fun addictive songs and that’s what’s making the game more and more popular by each day but I’m getting tired of how many people go into Magic Tyler‘s three in the App Store and download it they should settle some things a little bit but it’s a game that will never replace anything plus it’s a great game anyway like again I’m not saying that magic tiles three is bad because it’s good I said it’s one of my favorite games but it’s definitely need to upgrading like in the title bye
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2 years ago, paige girls sub
Y I love it 🥰
I love it I know u use adds to make money and the add amount is perfect Ty for making this and here are a few suggestions (1)pretty pretty plz add wrap me in plastic it’s my fav song I’ve been looking for it idk if it’s in vip plz tell me with ur response case I love it so much if it’s not in the game plz add it in a future update and pretty plz make it not in vip (2) u should add this thing it should have a music icon like this emoji 🎵and if u press that it will take u to this thing and u can add a song ID and u can have that song so it’s easier to add stuff and add it to a another thing where there are all the songs u put IDS in to get (3)can u make this thing before u start playing u can choose a background it’s not really important it’s just case maybe the people don’t liek the background u give them and there should be a custom wallpaper in vip so u can take pic draw a drawing something in album and u can use it as a wallpaper that whould be cool (4) when u do a race if u have vip u cna do a custom person or if u don’t have vip they cna choose charpters there shoudl be a red one blue one green one pink one and purple one that’s all I really hope U add these in a future ubdate or multiple ubdates Ty for reading htis keep giving thsi game power and keep inspiring ur people ❤️❤️enjoy ur day
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3 years ago, Jesse Brin
This game is simply put; Okay.
Piano tiles has had a spot in our hearts for a very, VERY long time. The idea of it is simple, yet drawing and addictive. These games have always challenged your reaction time and is a fun way to keep your brain moving. Magic tiles 3 is no exception to this, as I think it is a strong addition to the series with players being able to pick popular songs. Although, that being said, is where we start to have downfalls. Several talented and popular pop stars make appearances, such as XXXTentacion, Doja Cat, Justin Bieber, and Charlie Puth. So far, so good. However, after some searching, you'll come to find out that the advertisement of "playing your favorite song" might not hold true. Several key artists from all genres (pop exempt) are just missing entirely. Artists like Johnny Cash, Rezz, CloZee, Swedish House Mafia, Major Lazer, Beck, Gorillaz, and even the beloved David Bowie are nowhere to be found; and that's only to name a few. Originally this wouldn't be such a hard hit and impact on the game itself, but when the game has been advertised as being able to play a favorite song with pretty much all the genres (except pop) lacking, it leaves a pretty harsh impact on the game. this could be just being picky, but I doubt that nobody else has noticed this either. Although licensing is a tough game to play, I would strongly suggest the devs pursue some more artists.
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1 year ago, TianaWillowsLol
This game is very awesome but I want to know the reason. 🙁
Hi, I really love your game but what was the reason for you to take the song Closer by Chainsmokers off the app? I completely understand if it’s personal or anything just tell me if it is or not. But Closer was #1 of my favorite songs I liked no loved to play on the app. When I opened the app a year later, and I looked for the song, it wasn’t there. And I didn’t know why. Back then, I didn’t know how to add stuff to my favorites because I always skipped the tutorials and learned it on my own. That’s on me. But I’ve gotten so used to playing that song to the point that I knew what tile was coming next! I understand if it’s copyright problems or something with the law maybe??? But if you can, please add the song Closer back. I’ll be very happy, but of course you don’t have to do it just because I want you to and you don’t. I respect your decision wether it’s No or yes. I don’t know if this made any sense to you. Also I think you could make it offline and online for the players who love the app but are always out and don’t have internet connection to play a song. I hope you have an amazing day/night/birthday/evening/afternoon. But all I ask if for the song Closer back on the app again.💓
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4 years ago, Saige O
Amazing! Although it needs some Work
This App is Amazing, I love it sooo much! ...Although, there are the smallest(or largest) little pauses or glitches sometimes when I do a song and it messes me up! It’s almost like a small skip. Also, adds pop up Whenever they want, a few times apps have popped up in the middle of a song or right when I hit the start button! I’m not going to pay for no adds and all that. This app is still addicting no matter how many adds there are. Another thing, most of the songs aren’t even sung by their Real Artists, which I find very disappointing. I really don’t like that their is a different person singing Faded because he is making it sound like a full on pop hype song! Which it’s not. I’m not going to pay to get the real artists singing them. I would also really wish that there would be a thing that you could turn on lyrics to the songs so you could sing to them which I believe would be soo cool!!! I also wish that the song Oceans(Hill song UNITED) could be on there and song Christian hit songs, and this is just my wish because I’m Christian and I love the songs. The app does have really good song choices though and keeps up with the trendy songs! This App is Still Really Fun and Amazing🎶🎵😋 Take this into thought please 😊🥺😊 - Creators please read
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2 years ago, taken nickne
Good game. Just the ads
So I really like magic tiles three but the problem is the ads I hate the absolutely hate the ads. Please get rid of the ads and if you do I will wait this five stars because I really just do not like the ads I really like the game I love how it always has all these really funny games and songs but if you could just get rid of the apps. I also have some ideas of some new songs you could add I would really like it if you could add like AJR. They have so many good songs my number one favorite would have to be Bummerland. But anyway I just I just I would like it if you guys got rid of the ads that would make me so much happier and I would probably make so many other people happy because before I downloaded this game I saw one star reviews two star reviews and three star reviews all because of the ads. So I also love how you get these little GIFs but another problem is how do I even freaking use them how do I even use them so yeah. If y’all could just get rid of the ads and then if here and when you do get rid of the ads but hopefully you do next time magic tiles three asked me to write a review I will give it five stars because it doesn’t have any ads but just please get rid of the ads. And that’s all I have to say. -Lyric Fortier 8 year old
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9 months ago, enjoyerofthings
Some minor complaints
(I’ve already written a review for this game, but there were some things I though of after submitting the review, and I couldn’t figure out how to edit a previous review so I’m just gonna write another one.) It’s a good game, but I do have some complaints. First of all, the whole VIP thing is annoying. You’re telling me I have to pay to play certain songs? No thanks. Again, suuuuuuper annoying. And second of all, I just absolutely HATE the way levels work. You play the song at normal speed, and if you get through that, it just starts making you play it again but sped up. I kind of understand wanting to make a song harder, but couldn’t you have just done like a sped up version separately that we’re not automatically forced to play? Doing it all in the same level... it’s not only annoying and easy to be caught off guard by, but it also ruins the song. I don’t know about you, but I like to actually listen to the music as I’m playing. And well... some songs just ARE NOT MEANT TO BE SPED UP. Just, no. NO. Like, just try listening to Tobu Sound of Goodbye when it starts speeding up and tell me with a straight face that you enjoy listening to that monstrosity. Speeding up the songs just absolutely RUINS them for me. I don’t know who’s idea that was. Just, please, NO. Other than that, though, it’s pretty good game.
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3 months ago, Love the game… but the ads
Love it… but the ads
This game is so fun, but there are way too many ads. I like the songs. But it would be more of a fun game if there are way less ads. It would be nice if you did not have to pay for the VIP thing because then you could just choose to have ads or not. So either get rid of the ads or have the vip thing be free to not have ads. Like after every time I mess up you have to watch an ad to keep going. You people should make the game be like if you mess up you could just use gems or something like that. And every day you play you would get like 5 gems, or after every time you complete a song you should also get 5 gems. But if you mess up you should also be able to have the choice to watch an ad or to use the gems. So what I am saying basically is get rid of the ads and use gems. If someone messes up then give them the opportunity to pick either to watch an ad or to use gems. And to get a reward every day you come back to play you should get like 5 to 10 gems, and after you complete a song or tune you should also get like 5 to 10 gems. And the cost of not watching an ad to use the gems would be 2 to 5 gems to be used instead of watching an ad. So please get rid of all of the ads, PLEASE!
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3 years ago, Reveiw Writerr
Please read this review
Hello to the person reading this. I hope your having a great day and doing well. Anyways I’m gonna start talking about the game a little bit. It’s an amazing app! You should download it. But when I’m playing this game why do I have the constant need to itch myself? lol but it’s very funny how when I’m playing I have to scratch myself but I don’t, because I know I’m gonna mess up. I love how this app has the actual song and not like a cover or any of that stuff. It’s because some apps I have downloaded didn’t have the actual song and it was a cover and I did not like it. I love the overall game. I think you should download it! This game is great!!! This game is amazing, great, awesome and fun! If you are looking for a challenge this is the perfect game for you. I also like how this game makes it easy at first and then it gets harder and harder as you go. Edit: it actually does have covers which makes it 10 times worse but it’s still a good game overall. Also I did not say this but there a lot of ads and it’s pretty annoying. I would play this more often if there weren’t covers and it would have less ads. I would give this 6 or 7 out of 10. If you made it to the end of my review thanks for reading it have a great day!
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2 years ago, AddsIhate
I would have to put this as 3 stars because of some things. Magic Tiles has always been in my heart, for a very long time. I have been playing this game for at least 3 years now. I love the idea of getting challenged with trying to make the right beat with the Tempo of the song. But there are a few things that I do dislike. Like such as adds. The adds after every song gets quite annoying. Especially how you have to watch an add to continue. I get the idea of it, but maybe sometimes the developers could let it slide, and just let you continue playing. (Without having to watch an add.) and sometimes even when I’m trying to play a song, I get another add. It gets annoying, but I do understand that you have to put adds for money and such sort. The other reason why I put it 3 stars is because of the advertisement. The advertising shows that you can “play your favorite song”. Now I do kinda agree with this, but there isn’t as much popular songs on there. Of course, many popular artists are on there such as; Doja Cat, Justin Bieber, and way more. But the advertising seems kinda fake when you put it to a way where you’re saying that: “you can play any song on here” when really you cant. But overall I do really love the game. The game is fun and exciting. Keep up the good work. :)
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3 months ago, Abe_Lincoln_43
Great game. Love it.
I love the game so much, but I agree with #reaseslover I think it needs more songs. It is a very fun & challenging game and has great music. I also really like how you get a chance to have VIP for a day. There’s this thing where I got a gift one time for something on the game, I think it was for getting on the game multiple days in a row or something, and I got a free VIP ticket for a day. And that was really cool, but since then I haven’t ever gotten it again. That would be cool if you could get that more than just once. I understand that the purpose of that is to give you an idea of what it’s like to have VIP, but I still would like if you could get that more than once. Overall I love the game, I just think it could use more songs, especially newer ones, cause I haven’t seen any new songs on there at all. But there are two that I’ve noticed have been added: Panda & Provenza, but while Provenza is a pretty new song, Panda came out in 2016, and it’s just now getting added! And even then Provenza is just one of a lot of new songs they could have tried to add. It is a really awesome game though and I would really recommend it to anyone looking for a fun & challenging new game to play!
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3 months ago, Tess I♥️T.S.
Very good but just one thing needs to be added
Awesome and awesome app I luv different songs I can play but just one thing needs to be added when your fingers get tired on your screen there should be a pause button so you can give your fingers a rest that would be nicer to add one more thing, but still I love this app even his childish songs like a baby shark🦈🦈🦈and sometimes to play one song you have to watch an ad and when you play this in the car, there’s no song to play and you can’t watch an app. It just says no Internet connection. and also if you love a song that you just played and you can’t get anymore at the bonnet of your stream, there’s a redo button you can play it again over and over until you get it or play over and over and after you get it, you can just do it over and over again. and there’s even a search button they just searches up nothing different artist I do like to like Olivia Rodrigo, but no Taylor Swift I mean I like Taylor Swift but it’s not that she’s the most popular singer in the world will have a nice awesome wonderful day and good morning or good afternoon or good night. Have a nice day. or have a nice night. if you’re going to bed❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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2 days ago, boonachoca
Hey i’ve been playing this game for like one day now and I’ve already done three levels. I have beaten three levels like the three I just did and on my second level I got two crowns. It was so amazing. This game is like just the right amount of challenging it is so much fun. I don’t want to put the phone down. I would totally recommend this game. It’s a little hard so don’t let your young ones play it I mean, not too young like I’d say 9+ but I don’t know why it’s rated for us but yeah I say it’s amazing and it’s the best although I would say do not play it if you hate ads me personally I’m not that bad about like ads are fine. I’m not that bothered by them but if you hate them, do not play this game you have to watch an ad to revive anytime you miss a note or press an area that you’re not supposed to and then, there are constant breaks not that constant actually, but there are ads. There are a lot of ads if you wanna play the game properly there’s also a VIP subscription that I do not have. I think it would be fun to just not have to watch that many ads, but I personally don’t need the VIP subscription but I would totally recommend this game. It is so much fun!
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2 years ago, 🤣🤣😆😆😄😄
Good game, but
This game has inspired me using it now I am very very very much love music I love to sing and dance to the beat it’s very fun and I really enjoy it and I know the creator of this worked very hard on it and I think it’s an awesome job it was the best teams that I’ve ever played so good job on that also but, I wanted to ask if the song astronaut in the ocean has a bad word Saint please leave the answer below the review I just want to know because my parents will definitely need that lets me sing to a song is it has bad words in it so I just wondering if Ashley on the ocean the bad words in it I just really like astronaut in the ocean but the clean version that’s all I Gotta say 👏 Great job making this game work for millions and millions of people hopefully anyways but you really are very very very very great greetings is encouraging create Jean like this and for the people that are listening to this review I want to say that this game is a five star rating any time at home in the car on vacation and Motel at your grandmas house grandpas house forever it’s very fun to play because it gives you different options but anyways great job on the game you did great and awesome this game rocks it’s 🤩
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3 years ago, packster200
Plz read
This game is awesome it has millions of choices and the FREE APP is really just A great app overall like here are my fav things about it the app is great for a challenge and it gets harder and harder so that is really good and it has easy choices too and many hard choices and if you don’t like it you can get a new app instead and it didn’t cost anything so you won’t be disappointed if it is a game you don’t like you just gotta get rid of it and it is not a problem and you can choose the level of how hard it is you for sure should get this app and I love it you will love it too I’m sure it keeps you busy but it is not boring so it will be fun to play and it lets you play with your friends or family and all you have to do is sign up and still it doesn’t cost you anything and it is really a fun app for your family and friends to enjoy and share with them and I have never been able to get off the app it is so fun and I love it 🥰 I was not too sure how I would love it but the app was so fun I got so happy after school I almost passed out I was so happy 😀 I recommend this app to anyone who is reading this I really love this app ❤️🥰😁🥰❤️❤️🥰😁😁🥰🥰❤️😻
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2 years ago, Hallie3
Ok, so why is there inappropriate songs? With bad words 🤬that are not suitable for children, and this is supposed to be a kid game and I was sad to find out that millions of children have been downloading this without a adult present, and it frustrates me so much 😡 I mean Why? Without this problem everything else would be fine! (Surprisingly) And then you have to go and make it worse by adding in a quote unquote “Parrent presents” sign and it frustrates me so much! 😡😡 but alas I can’t exsactly take the game down and it would disappoint tons of adults and kids about it so I wont try to (not that I even have the athouraty to but) So if you could fix this, without that it’s fine in fact I used to like it until I saw some of the words to the songs after I started liking the songs so much 😂 But it’s actually a pretty good game! 🙂 so if your a parent or teen that plays stuff like this, then get it! 😊 I give it a four becuase it’s fun! It really is 😂 but pls change it and I’ll make a better review and give it five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (🌟 I’ll add it for now, 😊) Thank You 😄 love the game and I’m looking forward to playing it again! Lol 😂🤣 it’s a lot longer than I thought it would be 🤣😂
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2 years ago, WooHooProd
Hi I love this game this is the best but I don’t know if you can do this because you sent her a request that I didn’t fully read it I’m sorry if it says that you can come and I don’t know I’m just doing this first because I haven’t read the thing I read some of it so as much suggestions she’s not my friend but I got this off of her I’ll tell your name after I tell you what it is so it’s wrap me in plastic I don’t see it on there so I’m asking if you can add it and also I don’t I forgot what it’s called but it’s like Havana I think that’s what it’s called OK she’s not my friend but I’m going to call her my friend and if you are listening to this hi I guess we have a lot of things in common but so her name is Paige girls sub so I’m sorry if you said no because I haven’t fully read it and now doesn’t show on my screen for the ratings so basically I agree with her if you are listening to this high I guess we have a lot in common and if and if she’s not listening more then I don’t know cause she’s probably not ever gonna look at this ever again bye goodbye have a good night or good day!🎃 and where I am it is almost Halloween so get your costumes on!!!🧛‍♀️🧟🧟🧟🪦🪦🪦
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2 years ago, Avalayne
Amazing, but there are things I would change
First of all the game is one of the favorite games I’ve had. I love how the games never laggy or has any issues, and how it can be challenging and easy. I’ve installed and uninstalled this game like a million times, but overall I think I’ve had all the magic tiles games for about 1-2 years in all. It’s impressive how well they made the game. But there are something’s I would change. First of all it would be cool if they added more songs. It’s been mostly the same songs for a while now and I kinda wanna try something new. Another thing that I don’t like about the app is how many adds there are. I think if you get a subscription you won’t get any adds, but some people can’t buy a subscription like that. Finally the last think I don’t like the most about the game is how most songs aren’t the originals, and other people sing it. I know it might be hard to add the real song in, but that’s one of the reasons why I keep uninstalling the app. I think a lot more people would play the game if they used the original sound. That’s all I have to say, but overall the games amazing! I can’t wait for the next update!
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2 months ago, PrettyPrincess❤️
Why I gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars. (Please read)
I really love this game and I have never got bored with it. It is really fun to play and there are different levels of difficulty’s. I love how it gets faster every time you finish the level. The three things I don’t like about it is that when you miss the tile, you have to watch a add to revive yourself and if you don’t watch the add, it gives you one after. The next thing is that when it always ask you to to get the premium and that gets on my nerves. It may not sound like a bad thing but still. Also, you have to watch adds to get the music you want to play with if you don’t already own the song. But that is all the bad reviews I have. But don’t let it get in the way of you having a good time when you play. So try not to get mad when you play. But you probably won’t. That is why I gave it four stars. Thank you for reading my review!! It makes me feel so blessed to have you reading this! You just made my day and sometimes life is hard for me so you make me feel good when you read it. I also gave a review on Subway Surfers so check that out to later if you don’t already have it. Thank you!!☺️ ❤️🥰💖
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3 years ago, Hanover Housewife
This game is OKAY
Why do you ask that I must title this review called this game is OK and I’ll caps but I say this because you have so many adds and that’s really a problem when I played this game but the great thing is I just got the VIP thing and it really works really good but the thing is when you get it wrong like five times and you tap off the squares and the drag stuff it sends you right back to the Home Page and it’s really annoying, and people don’t really wanna waste their money eight dollars a week for the stupid VIP pass I really think you should change that also people really don’t want to eight dollars a lot of people these days I think eight dollars a week is ridiculous and I agree with them he said it should at least be like maybe five dollars a month or at least eight dollars a month not eight dollars a week that is just ridiculous and what happens if you do if you get the VIP pass and you don’t play it for a week and they still charge you that’s ridiculous I hope you take this complaint seriously because I will if you don’t but it is OK and I think if you are fine with anything of these complaints then this is the game for you it’s it might be the same for me probably not though have a good day goodbye.
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5 years ago, Meepsters1
It’s great, but the adds...
I think it is a great game, but recently, a new update changed the whole thing. It used to have certain special songs here and there that you would either have to buy or watch a video to play, but now ALL of the songs are like that. It sorta stinks because it is supposed to be a game you can play offline, but now you can’t. Other than that though, I love the game. But there is just one more thing I would change if I could though, (personal preference, doesn’t affect anything) is that the little red notification dot DOES NOT go away on the three options you have on the bottom. (Songs, Quickmatch, and Community) To me that is just annoying. I am one of those people that never have unread (taped into to get the notification away) emails, but that is a personal preference. Now onto the good part! I love this game! It is a lot better that other piano tiles games because I don’t think that it is as glitchy as other ones, and it has quick matches against other people. I also like the variety of songs. (even through I don’t like them as much as the old ones before the pop music) In an overall review, if it did not have the adds, it would be 5 stars.
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5 months ago, uni cay
Love it but a few things
I love this game it is very fun and interactive. Even with the fact that is fun and interactive there are a few issues. My first issue there are so many adds even if I do die and I do NOT press the button to “save” me I still get a add. My second issue is when I am loading in to the game it will occasionally just stop loading at 50-60% then it will not work for the rest of the day. My third issue is that if I do press the button to “save” me I will get a add (that is normal) then after the ad it will just bring me to the Home Screen not even tell me my score. If you are going to get the game I highly recommend this review is just to warn you so you know what the glitches are. Every game has glitches but I feel like you should know what they are. Now this glitches may just be for me but the loading thing I did read in someone else review. Please if you are reading this fix this small issues. Again I highly recommend this game for everyone it is highly interactive and very fun. It makes your brain have to process fast to. Please just fix those little things and it will be even better!!!!!🩵🤍🩵🤍🩵🤍
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2 years ago, PineappleRainbowCat
Ok I understand that you need the ads and all but do that have to be after EVER SINGLE song? I love the app!❤️‍🔥 Though the ads do get a bit annoying. No offense just maybe you should put the ads on songs that are most commonly used before the person can play them instead of a ad every time you end a song. 2nd edit/attempt: OK I get it you need ads but THAT MANY!? C’mon… many people play games from your company at least more than enough. Look at least take down the ads from after playing……when your in battle mode and you finish then the ads FINALLY over…..there’s one of three things that happen…..1 you continue in the same battle room. 2 the room was deleted while you were in the ad or 3 if you were the host it tells you that you were ‘away from the room’ WELL DUH! I WAS IN A STUPID AD!……not all ads are stupid but still…..they’re annoying…….keep the ads BUT at least lower down when they pop up! I was reading the other reviews and maybe put more ads on the non kid friendly songs as a heads up that it’s not kid friendly and I agree with the Music teacher you should CHOOSE your own ads…..and if you are already……THEN DON’T choose those ones! Choose more kid friendly ones…….please.🙄
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1 year ago, isabella!!!!!!
So this game is honestly great and my favorite in the series and I play it all the time but there is only one problem the ADS! I know you can get premium but that’s MONEY AND WE DONT WANNA SPEND MONEY. And my problem is when I keep getting the ads bc I’m bad at that song and I almost finish and make a high score it cuts me off RIGHT BEFORE I MAKE IT TO THE END! And it gets SO FRUSTRATING! I really hope the developers read this and fix my problem and probably others too but also can YOU PLZ FIX THE ADS PROBLEM BC SOMETIMES I CAN PICK TO DO THE ADS AND TO GET A REVIVE AND I CANT BUT THIS TIMME I DIDNT GET A REVIVE AND IT MADE ME WATCH AN AD ANYWAY! So overall this is a great game that was just some frustrating bugs that i hope the developers fix I recommend downloading if you don’t mind those and just a devolper suggestion PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ add Olivia Rodrigos song in there too! Like jealousy jealousy and TRAIDOR brutals a good one too! but i dont know if its in there actually so i may b wrong but plz add those songs plz i also do agree with tianawillowslol about closer and paige girls sub about wrap me in plastic and its a good gam e thats juat my opinions .
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1 year ago, stetsthebest
I agree
I just read a review that said they read another review about saying there’s to much ads. I agree with that and they said that it’s not fair for people that are not allowed to spend money on games which is true and that you should at least have one free button if you mess up on every single song each time you play it. I basically just think there are a lot of issues with this game. Ive been having an issue where once I get to the stars it automatically taps somewhere else instead of where I taped causing me to mess up which wastes my try again things. So in total the game is really fun but it has a lot of issues or bugs maybe it’s just to hard for me but it also could be the design of the game. In that case it should be a little easier because games are really for some little kids not adults that play all the time and have great finger coordination and amazing eyesight. But in summary the game play is amazing and the games contraption is incredible. The errors or bug and issues would make the game better if they were fixed. So all I’m asking is to fix those annoying bugs. Remember I’m not saying that this game is trash I just think it needs some work.
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2 years ago, dahlia-16
this game can be silly
This game is very unpredictable and silly! To start off my claim, whenever i’m doing my thing and jingle bell rockin’ it says i hit the wrong key which I did not! This happens way to often and this game needs to update their fingerprint touch buttons because I know what I press and it is certainly not the wrong key! Next, there is way to many adds! I mean come on, one minute you’re enjoying playing the game then the next a 30 second add comes on. If this game really needs adds then all that it shows is that the creator of the game has no money and needs adds to get some kind of income! I heavily believe that the amount of adds that this game has needs to decrease as soon as possible! Lastly, I need a better song selection, I was trying to search up a Summer Walker song and it wasn’t there, I then tried to search up a Sleepy Hallow song and guess what… it wasn’t there! If this game added a bigger selection for their songs then I really think that this game would become more successful! All in all, I truly think that if the creator(s) of this game took my feedback into consideration, it would impact the game in a very positive way! Have a good day, thank you for reading.☺️
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4 years ago, Kraft Productions
Good premise, bad execution
The game itself is enjoyable, but there are just too many issues with it for me to want to keep the app. First of all, it’s just a rip off of two other games: guitar hero and piano tiles. Why can’t we come up with more original ideas? The amount of ads is ridiculous, and every time an ad plays, it makes the sound of the actual game go away so I don’t get to hear the song unless I restart the app after every single level. The levels themselves make no sense. It doesn’t go from easiest to hardest, it’s just random songs in a random order. The songs are decent but on the list will say, for example, “Chandelier by Sia.” And then it’s a cover of Chandelier. And don’t get me wrong, the covers are totally fine, but they’re not only advertising it as a different artist, they also aren’t giving credit to the artist you’re hearing! If you get through the first round of a song without messing up, you get three stars. Then it plays faster and you can earn crowns? Just pick one and stick to it. It’s confusing this way. Finally, when the song plays faster, it’s just like I hit fast forward. It sounds ridiculous. I will say I played the game for entirely too long despite all these flaws, but will be promptly deleting the app now because it’s just too frustrating.
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4 years ago, love_this_game/Magic
My review...
I love this game and it is absolutely awesome! However there are a few things that bother me that I wish they would change. The first thing...THE ADDS! There are so many of them. Whenever you die, you instantly get a add and it’s just super annoying cause sometimes you just want to relax and play this game for the fun and music but the continuous adds are just very annoying. Second I love music ALOT but I wish they would put more songs up! This game is absolutely amazing but I wish they would update the game with more songs and maybe add a new song every time or so they update this amazing game. Now I have stated all my flaws but let me state all the fantastic features about this wonderful game. This game is my favorite game I have had yet. It is very fun and I like how you can challenge with your friends! All the songs are great. I love how it challenges you after you beat a level of the song and it goes faster and faster until you have died. This game is absolutely wonderful and I would definitely recommend getting it. It is tons of fun and I absolutely LOVE IT!
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3 years ago, jordybug2011
Fun, some glitches
Don’t get me wrong, this game is fun. But there is a reason it has a 4 star rating. There are a LOT of glitches, probably with an easy fix that really makes me want to delete this game because it is so frustrating. One is that sometimes when I click on the tiles it won’t respond to my finger and causes me to lose. This is very frustrating. The next one is not a glitch but please don’t advertise a game with the real songs and then when you play you get the covered version. At least give the people singing credit. Now I am not sure if this is a glitch or not, but I will watch an ad to unlock a song and if I mess up, I can click the redo button to play again. Let’s say that I would like to play a new song, I play one of the basic ones. (This ties into what I am saying about the glitch). Let’s say that I would like to play the song I just unlocked. I have to watch an ad yet again for the same song. This causes me to play Closer and Dance Monkey over and over. Not fun. I really like this game, but I think I will stop playing this game and play Piano Tiles 3, because these glitches are so frustrating. Thank you for reading my review! Have a great day! 😊 -Jorden :)
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3 months ago, GraceandAnna
Amazing game but one complaint….
This game is amazing! I love how it has certain songs for certain ages. It has many song choices that are trending, and they have levels. You can battle people against the world too! One thing is that there are a lot of right handed notes and for people that are left handed (like me) struggle on some songs to play it. For an example, i was doing a battle and there were a bunch of notes on the right side. I tried to hit them but it’s too much for me. Left handed people need less notes on their side. I have an idea for y’all (the people that made the game,) to make different levels for the actual people and they can level up to unlock new songs. Also in battles some songs are very hard for people that just started. You could put levels on them and the higher leveled people could play higher level competitions and songs! Thank you for reading through this! Have an amazing day! Love, Grace (I’m ten years old and I’d love to see your company to look at these recommendations to make my day! If you can please respond to this!)
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2 years ago, jdjdnfbjahdkegksgejeusk
It’s ok
i like the game but there’s a few issues with it. one of the problems is that the beats aren’t usually on time with the song because there is no specific place to hit the tiles it just moves to where ur fingers hit and to me it messes me up because i’m thinking more of the song than the tile. another problem is ads. there are so so many ads it’s annoying. after almost anything you do there is an ad and i’m not paying money to get the premium cause it’s not worth it. the next issue is the song singers. i get that you can’t have the same singer for copyright or whatever but the singers for these songs sound terrible. they can’t be real singers and half of them sound sick the entire song and it’s hard to listen to over and over to finish the round. the last issue is in the beginning it asks which is you favorite type of music. i personally think you should be able to pick more than one and there should be a submit button instead of it automatically moving you to the next step after you press it because i didn’t mean to press the button so i didn’t click the right option and now im stuck with it.
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3 years ago, Happy New Year! 🎆
It’s perfect for me!
So, I literally just download this game and it seems really really good! I’ve heard that the first level is supposed to be hard it’s not for me though because I’ve been playing on my younger brothers iPad. And the reason why I gave it four stars is because I care about other peoples opinions. But if I haven’t heard that it’s been glitching or The first level is really hard I would give this a five star personally. So, I don’t wanna hear no haters saying I have cheated by playing before I even downloaded it, because I practiced and I worked I still worked on his iPad which is all that matters. I helped him and I’m glad I helped him and I can work on my account, and I’ve been hearing that people have been wishing that you could get more stuff for free, and that’s like just one thing that I agree with. I don’t see anything else happening with me that I’ve been happening to people! Might be because I just downloaded it but I’ve seen someone they said that they just download it and they listed all of the problems that I have listed that I have not had. I’m sorry if this was really long but thank you for reading!
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2 years ago, o0maddy -smallso0
I love this game so much but I think you should consider adding some more bands old or new like Blink-182 or twenty one pilot songs because right now we only have one Also my experience with the app has been kinda good the reason I said kinda is because I could like be at home and I would be loaded in to 90% but then it just starts going really slow and I know it’s not because of my internet also I know you can type in the name of the song or a person but when ever I type in blink-182 or Heavydirtysoul by twenty one pilots it just shows nothing so I think in the next update you should add more creators because I think they deserve it and the overall game would be more fun 🤩 but I wanted to end this message with a good note so this game is one of the first game I’ve have gotten on my phone and it is amazing I can’t stop playing it so this is a really good game but like a said I wishing in the next update you add and fix everything and or everyone thanks ! Update: thank you for reading this and I really hope you have the time to update this game
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Umm... it’s okay.
Usually really fun, and it has a nice premise, but there are just some parts that are kind of poorly executed. For starters, the ads are just unbearable. Of the gaming apps on my phone, this is by far the worst. Literally, you watch an ad before the game, sometimes in the middle of the game, and after the game. The glitches are pretty bad too, and they’re becoming even more common. :( Finally, the music. I have quite a few things to say about this. The artists never even sound like the actual singer, like, I don’t think Bastille sounds like Britney Spears, but okay. I’d rather have a totally random singer rather than these super robotic ones. Also there’s no variety, and they never update it. I mean, obviously they’re not going to do an artist that isn’t mainstreamed, but I don’t think Fall Out Boy or Lorde are that rare! Ugh. And like I said, it’s never updated! I’ve probably been through four levels at this point and still have the same suggested songs. So, in conclusion, it could be much better, but I guess it’s fun when you’re in the mood. I really didn’t mean for this to be a super hateful comment, just some things that I’d love if you could fix. Thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, a kid that reviews games 👩🏽
Pretty cool 😎
Hi to the people that are reading this right now I’m a kid that’s parents let me play this game and I just wanted to say that this game is really fun but the only reason I give it four stars ✨is The things that get from the subscription are really cool and I just wish I could do that free with no money because I think spending money on a game it’s a waste of money 💵 but to some people it’s fine and I would say to those people this is five stars but the people that think spending money on a game is a waste of money then I’d say four stars because sure you can do really fun things without the subscription like picking a song that you want to do and tapping on the tiles along with the rhythm of the beat and the song that’s really fun but I wish I wish I wish I wish that I could do the things the subscription does but for free☹️ but overall I get this a big whopping four stars I really like this app and I had it for a long time now and I totally totally totally suggest this to any other person that’s interested I hope my review helps anyone that’s thinking to get this app😁😄😆. From a kid 👩🏽who played this game and loved it 😍
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2 years ago, yjhjvgjjvj
Makes you lose and we all know that you’re feedback is all automated
Hi this is a great game but it’s almost like when the music starts to get fast the keys get less responsive, so when you press them sometimes it won’t actually render that you did click it and you lose. I played piano tiles 2 for so long and this never happened to me once on that game so please fix this problem. Also even though when you don’t play the add to get a second chance it still plays an add for you so please fix that too. And the most important this of all is those little feedback boxes and how sometimes they have nothing to do with what the person you are responding to is trying to tell you. And this is not ok because it shows that you don’t have the time for the people who play your own game and so the important things that people are trying to tell you will never happen or never get fixed. Ex. Someone was talking about how they noticed that a bunch of their favorite artists were not in the game even though your adds clearly stated that you could listen to your favorite artists and you responded with, “sorry about the adds”.
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7 months ago, :/ hhhhhh
Great but glitches
I click on a song and choose to watch the ad instead of pay for the VIP, but when the ad is over and I click the x, the whole thing freezes and I have to exit out of the game and restart the ad. this has happened pretty much every time I watch an ad and it’s really annoying. This bug needs to be fixed! But besides that, this game is really fun! When you finish the three stars and move into the crowns, it gets really fast and challenging. I love scrambling my fingers around and trying to press all the tiles! Besides the ad glitches, I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants a challenge or just wants to play medium or easy! Edit: I AM SO MAD ABT THIS APP! I have been playing this game for a while now, and I’m getting very annoyed but this bug. I was just playing the song of the day, and I messed up so close to the end so I watched the ad. But when the ad was over, I clicked the skip ad button. As soon as I did that the ad FROZE and I couldn’t get back to the game! If y’all can’t fix this ad then I’m DONE with this app!
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1 year ago, wolf stars
Why I have this rating
Because you have to be a vip to play most of the songs and some of the song are boring and some people don’t want to play most of them to begin with and most people can’t play on a lot of song because it’s only for vips to play if you aren’t a vip and it is hard to get in for a vip you should make a review on it so people will understand the way this game works an how other people feel about it and how it makes them feel and I just was reading another review and I do agree with that one and it does help with your typing and it does increase your focus on typing and it makes you relax on song you like to play but their are a lot of the same adds and I kinda drives me up the wall to see the same a 1,000,000 times but other than that it’s is a good game and it is a good way to type faster on any other device you have if it a computer, iPad, phone, and switch and it doesn’t mater so if you want to type faster you might want to play this game oh and another thing don’t forget to tell other people about this game or I will steal your cookies 🤫🙂 see you next time. Wolfie out❤️❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, sunset paws
Ok game, but there are problems
First off, the ads. There are so many ads. You have to watch ads or keep playing the same 2 songs over and over and over again to be able to get other songs. And the first songs that you get are sung by different singers. That’s not a horrible thing, but most of them sound nothing like the original and you can tell that not as much money was put into it as they had for the rest of the game. I played the challenge and was almost done with level 8 and played probably the 35th ad. The ad didn’t let me hit the x! Sometimes after you watch an ad it lets you play, other times it doesn’t. I don’t know how well you can control the ads, I’m assuming not too much, but some of them are not ads that I’d show to a 4-year-old. I’ve probably spent an half an hour watching ads, and I’ve only had this game for 3 or 4 days! Sometimes I do the battles just because I can’t play songs that I want to play otherwise. I don’t know how much money this company has earned from me watching ads, but I’m guessing at least $100 dollars. This wasn’t meant to cause any issues or to be rude, I’m just trying to help you all improve. Thank you for your time and good luck in your future development!
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2 years ago, Ruby_Oreos
Best App Serious recommendation
Well, for one this app is amazing 🤩 and it can help you get your hands to react to things faster in the real world. When I first got the app I thought there were so many adds, but now I just watch them and get it over with. (If you turn your WiFi or internet off the adds will go away) I don’t mind watching an add anymore because the app is amazing and I still get to play either way. If you are reading thanks and I hope you get this app because even though people say the adds are “terrible,” they really aren’t and not a big deal. And to the creators: I’m a huge fan of your games and I hope you keep making your amazing! Have the best day ever! And to the reader: when you get the app it’s super simple to play and easy, it can even sometimes make you feel better and more relaxed. It has tons of great songs 🙂. But there are no Christian songs which is the only down side because I love Christian songs and I am one so can you please add some? Thank you, bye!
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2 years ago, Barton77
Not worth it
I just got this game thinking that I would be able to play all kinds of songs right off the bat but that was not the case. There are only two songs that you can play without watching ads and honestly that already is a huge disappointment. I thought that as I continued playing I would unlock more songs and get to do more things but nope! The only new songs I got were obtained by watching seven ads. Seven ads for each new song. To me that is not worth it. And that is on top of all of the other ads that are thrown at you after you finish playing a song! I wish that I could have more than two songs to play without ads. I am spending more time watching ads than playing this game and it’s just not worth my time. It was during one of these dumb ads that I had time to rethink my installment of this game and once I am done with this review I am immediately uninstalling. I had such high hopes for this game but clearly the developers didn’t make this game for people to have fun. They just want to stuff as many ads into our faces as they can. I hope this is helpful to anyone who reads this. If you decide to download this game, please don’t have high expectations. If you do then you will be super disappointed.
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2 weeks ago, Arisnils
This game is just bad.
When I first downloaded this game, I thought it would be like it’s predecessors, yet it was unpleasantly disappointing. The first thing I noticed when I opened the game was the graphics. It looked surprisingly cheap for a game that was so loved in the past. The gameplay was sort of boring also. And the sliding mechanic would be fun if the graphics of it weren’t so bad. When sliding, the line isn’t even straight, making the game feel clunky. I reached 2 crowns on a level, granting me access to pick a song to unlock for free, which brings me to my next two points. Unless you choose to like every genre of music, this game does not have enough music to play freely without watching an advertisement, and even with that, it is not unlocked permanently. My second point is the quality of the music. I chose to unlock “Kiss Me More”, originally sang by Doja Cat and SZA, yet there was a cover of the song. The cover wasn’t exactly bad, heck, I was even excited to hear the full song! But then when I played it, the song was slowed down to the point of barely being able to make out the lyrics. The sped up crowns didn’t help either, keeping me from hearing the song.
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7 months ago, hellooooooooooooooooo yo mama
This app has potential but…
When I first downloaded this game, maybe around 1-2 years ago, the first thing that really stood out to me was the fact that you had to watch an ad to unlock almost every single song, with only one song per ad. For that reason, I played it in moderation, and eventually stopped for the most part. And when I got a new phone, I decided to try it out again. A lot had changed, but not enough. Also, the main reason that I’m writing this review… Where’s the vocaloid? I downloaded this game again because I saw an ad for it that implied that the game has updated and their was now vocaloid. I didn’t see ANY. So keep in mind, if you downloaded it after seeing an ad in which it showed gameplay of a certain artist, song, or genre you like and want to play, it might not have what you want. After all, games will do anything to get you to download their app. Even if it means completely lying. If the dev sees this, I want another update that makes the game ACTUALLY true to the ads. If your going to put a song in your ads, at least TRY to get the rights to it. Isn’t using something you don’t have the right to copyright??? Isn’t that ILLEGAL???
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2 years ago, Marie jr the second
Glitches and unfun
I have the best time playing with the rhythm, but it glitches every time I start one and I can not break my high score with it glitching at the beginning. I have refreshed and refreshed over and over again just for it to work. My younger sister and both my parents even noticed it when I let them play this game. This was there exact words” you either need to write a report or a review or we will delete it off your phone” I was not happy. Here’s another reason. It will tell me I can not play Serration games after I have played them before. I have been playing with friends on battle mode but it will not let them join the game. When I first got this game I was beyond exciting and I never had any problems with it. Even on other people phones they work great but then it gets worse. My cousin had this game and it shut down here phone down, she eventually got her phone from not shutting down but then it messed up her phone so much even the phone store could not fix so they gave her a free one instead. I do not want that to happen to my phone. If this dose happen to my phone I will be unhappy and make sure my friends don’t have this game EVER AGAIN.!!!!!
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4 years ago, Bella_bee_me
Great game but...
This game is great and all, trust me, it’s fun, but there are many things annoying about this app. The first one is ads. I can’t even get through one song without having to watch an ad that I’ve probably already seen 189 times. When you make a mistake, the game gives you two options: Watch an advertisement to continue or don’t continue and then watch an ad. I get the first one, but why do I have to watch an ad to get to the menu? It’s like double kill! I make a mistake and they’re like, “Okay loser, you made a mistake, do you wanna fix it? No? Okay then I’ll just torture you with an ad about Episode!” The second problem is more of a personal thing but it’s still annoying. Why do they change the artists of the songs? I don’t understand it! When I go and start a song I really like, all I hear is another voice or a super auto tuned voice. Bad guy bothered me because it was the artist singing, but it was completely auto tuned. It’s like they don't have respect for the original artists. I know about copyright and all that but it gets to a point where I’m just ready to give up because of it sounds nothing like the actual song :/
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