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User Reviews for magicplan

4.67 out of 5
35.3K Ratings
4 years ago, TimCarterDuluthMN
Five Stars
I’m a professional renovator, historical preservationist, and home flipper. I am in the process of integrating MagicPlan into my workflow. I have experimented with it on past projects and it has helped me estimate materials I need by calculating accurately the square footage of areas I need to cover with a finishing product. To say that it is very easy to use would be an understatement. It excels at room scanning in particular. You can be up and running with a basic room scan in under a minute and begin adding objects to your plan from there. A whole house layout can be done in 15 minutes, and again start adding objects from that point. That is work that would take many hours and possibly multiple trips to a home previously. I look forward to continuing to evaluate this product as I move forward with my business. I will be exploring how to build-out the object library and price list database for a truly robust solution for project estimating at all stages. Thank you Magicplan.
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1 year ago, chroko29
It’s getting there!
I have been testing magicplan and am convinced it will become a great app to use down the road. It’s not there yet as it is still a bit stripped down. For instance the tile options are very limited and I was unable to change the direction. You are not able to edit the tile size. And good luck adding tile or wainscot to the walls. That is not available. Also not able to add simple objects like mirrors and shelves to partition walls, If you think you manage to it doesn’t show in 3d or elevation. You also cannot add bathroom stalls, kind of hard to design a bathroom at all. In elevation edit view not able to see and change distances between objects, only the wall and selected object. I gave up on the scan and entered everything in, maybe the last update improved that, will have to test it again. If I could scan the ceiling it may have worked better. Sharing was difficult because it did not render the plans accurately. Walls in the shared file are all over the place. Again I’ll have to retest since update. If you add a wall it doesn’t let you change the thickness of the wall only the length,, And adding mirrors is a bizarre endeavor. You can only edit small mirrors. If you try to add a big mirror object, say 10 ft long, it becomes about two ft wide poking off the wall like a coffin. Still has a way to go in my eyes but it is very nice to use and layout a room. I’ll keep my eye on the app and keep testing subsequent updates for usability.
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2 years ago, Ak2520
This one star rating is not because the app is not a great app, in fact this is definitely a powerful tool to create plans and share to more robust applications for further development and completion. But when I have already paid for many plans on the app platform, which was required in order to get the pdf etc and to share and to export, and now you require me to pay the second time for something that i have already paid for, that’s extortion. This is where i kiss this app goodbye and use something else like 5d, which has a much better 3D rendering of plans. Once before you would just pay for the plan you design for like $2.99, or you could pay for multiple plans for a higher amount which was entirely reasonable, seeing that this is not a app that i use on a daily basis, drawing plans is actually a hobby for me, now they’re forcing you to subscribe on a monthly basis for something that i do not use that regularly, perhaps they have changed their business model, but the option should remain to be able to pay for plans individually, not everyone uses it as a daily driver. But to pay for plans, and then the app shut you out from the plans that you have created, is extortion.
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4 years ago, CIO-SB
One of the best User Interfaces in the world
I’ve been in tech since ‘83 and have used (survived) and seen plenty of “user friendly” apps in my day. Magicplan stands out because it’s good, very very good. I didn’t use the camera to do my measurements and went right to the manual entry process to map out my entire house - walls, doors, windows, and some utilities. The best way for me to describe the user interface is to say it’s a natural workflow. Things are where you can get to them, they are when you need to get to them, and they allow modifications when appropriate. This adds up to a display that’s not packed with every option all the time which is crazy making. When you only see and interact with options when you need to see them and then can work them out easily then you understand the care and smarts put into the user experience. Oh and if you do something out of bounds it tells you why and you can make it work - “doors can only be added to rooms”. The entire process was completed in under 90 minutes. A beautiful PDF was the result and my remote architect was impressed. He said the “as built” drawing will go very quickly with the Magicplan doc as the source, saving me time and money. I used the free product level and it did everything I needed. I’m going to upgrade and go for the paid features not because I need it, I’m going to pay to support these developers and reward excellent work. Thanks MagicPlan.
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5 years ago, Deadhain
So simple to use oh my goodness. I used it to mock up finishing plans for our basement and the free stuff was enough to lay out the walls using AR. That alone was great. Took a screenshot and got a cheeky message about “violating their terms” haha. I actually wanted more out of the app mainly the stuff behind the paywall (features in the rooms like furniture and fixtures) so I looked at their options. The monthly/annual is WAY too much. Unless you’re a contractor don’t buy that. BUUUUT they have an option to “purchase a property” which just lets you layout everything for an entire house that was only $3 (one time) which to me was well worth it. That was BEFORE I even turned on the 3D rendering. I was expecting something hokey that didn’t really look like what I had thought but boy was I wrong. It brought my vision to LIFE. Way exceeded my expectations. If you’re DIY like me or even just want to visualize rearranging furniture this app is LEGIT; free or paid.
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7 months ago, goodbye mr mackenzie
Stuck at the first hurdle
I had high hopes. This thing cant handle the first wall! I'm in the kitchen facing the door and I get the first corner. So far so good. But this is not four empt walls. The kitchen has cabinets and a sink and when I run the scan along the floor you cant see the wall, you can only see the cabinets. So I get to the second corner where the cabinets have been set diagonally and the app recognizes the too corners of the cabinet but not the actual corner of the wall which is behind the cabinet. No matter how I tried I could not get circle to click on the correct measurement so my kitchen wall just comes out as diagonal all the time. Clearly not. I would look up the instructions but what instructions. You got four empty walls and nothing in the room and you might be onto something. I've used other apps before where I pointed the phone at the floor and just walked around the house and when there something in the way you just pointed at the wall and made a continuous video of the whole house up and down and the floor plan came out perfectly. Whatever this is, it's no good. Maybe I'm the dummy, but educate me then. Have visible directions for me to read.
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6 years ago, WoolfsRedd
Pretty awesome, but...
Being able to turn off the sound of the app without having to turn off the ringer of your phone would be really great. Also, when choosing colors for tiles/carpet, after purchasing a plan...why is white and grey not an option? If I'm doing tiles in my laundry room, I'm not going to use pink or green on the would be wonderful to include the full color spectrum for flooring, and maybe have a way to change wall colors/materials as well. I may want tiles on my shower walls rather than glass, but no option that I've found for doing so. Having options for exterior siding, deck materials, etc would really be great as well. Seeing the house in 3D really helps me to visualize my ideas, and fix any fine tuning issues. But I have no way to tell if my deck or shed are going to work well with the rest of the space, as they do not show up in 3D mode. All in all, I still really like using this app, it would get five stars in a heartbeat if these features were added :)
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4 years ago, Esta mama
Easy to Use and Powerful App for commercial and residential RE
As a commercial real estate investor and developer I have used Magicplan for floor plan designs. Most recently, I used it to build floor a plan for residential appraisal purposes. You can be as detailed or basic. Building floor plans for basic square footages or to show tenant improvement changes. I used the camera on my iPhone and the measurements were very close to spot on. In the future I will incorporate a laser measure. Even if you cannot actually “see” the corners of a given floor plan (if obstacles are in the way) one can get it very close based off the apps ability to find “square” and the level of your floor. Hard to explain but trust me this app is very intuitive. You can always manually change the dimensions easily when building the floor plan. I am an older guy and I was able to learn the interface quickly. The first complex residential floor plan took me about 2 hours to build and verify. The next one only a hour! This app WILL save you so much time. I thank you Magicplan for developing such a great app. A truly AMAZING tool. I used the basic version but like so many others, I will upgrade to the next level. Not that I need it but want to support great companies that make our lives easier!!!!
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3 years ago, CtheRose1
Not good for casual user
The old version was a 4.5-5 star app for the casual user. It had some limitations if you room had some extra corners or hidden corners or had an unusual stair arrangement. But overall great. BEST OF ALL you didn’t have to pay a lot of money until your plan was good and then you could buy just that plan and do more in depth work. LOVED it. Then they changed to a subscription only services. For a casual user like me that is TOO expensive. They did give you a token so you could still try before you had to subscribe, but that is only good if you never change your phone. Over the last 10-12 months I have been playing around with my new kitchen design. And since I upgraded my phone I have lost all that work. Just when I thought I had everything ready. Not happy at all. Was going to give a 2 stars, but raised to 3 since from some research today it might still be the best thing available. Would be very willing to pay a reasonable fee for 1 plan.
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5 years ago, EANMII
No longer the app it used to be
This used to be a fantastic app but I’ve been having a lot of problems lately. I reached out to customer service a number of times and continually emailed them with no response. There is no phone number to call just email. I finally got one response months latter and the response was sarcastic and no help whatsoever. Their reply was telling me to change a setting that in numerous emails I had already explained I had tried and it was not solving the problem. When I replied to their email letting them know it did not solve the problem, no response. Their customer service is nonexistent. Sad, because I used to love this app and I pay a lot of money for it each year. If you’re looking to create floorplans were just the foot measurement shows, (not foot and inches) on the printed PDF, currently this not the option to pick. It shows correctly on the screen, just not when printing. Hopefully they can fix this problem in the future and provide some type of customer service.
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4 years ago, Dredoubleu
Listen... I don’t leave reviews hardly ever. But this app is so amazing I came here just to leave a review. Just using the free stuff I was able to build pretty accurate renovations using an image from google maps and being in a house one time. In the map you can see a Silverado, so I used the width of the vehicle to build the entire house and get a really close square footage for additions I want to add once we purchase it. I know how much concrete I’ll need, how much lumber, and how much more square footage it will add once I’m done. All loosely because it’s mostly guesswork on my side. This app so easy to use and you can drill down to the finest details. If your looking to build some floor plans etc. This app can do it, its so polished I commend all the hard work developers put into it.
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7 months ago, Malena933
This app is fantastic, and when I moved into my home 6 years ago, a friend made a Magic Plan of my new space to help me plan renovations and other projects. At first, the app was free for one or two plans - nice feature. However, after a couple of years, we needed to pay a fee to “unlock” our plans. OK. Fair enough. Then, a while after that, we needed to pay a monthly fee. It was $6.99, which was a lot, considering that it was for a single plan, but, given the information locked in that plan, I paid it. Recently, I’ve been asked to pay to once again, “unlock” my plan. AND I’m still paying the monthly fee. Magic Plan - I suggest two tiers of billing: one for individual users who obviously have a single plan of their residence and a contractor fee schedule. However, your current practice of making users continually pay a fee for a plan that they’ve already paid for numerous times would get you reported to the Better Business Bureau if you were a bricks and mortar company.
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2 years ago, stevenyhof
Best App I have found
Best App I have found and use for measuring home remodeling. The amazing features advertised don’t really work for most homes as they are often too dark. But there are convenient work arounds that get the job done. They continue to make improvements and service is always quick to reply to questions, so all in all I have enjoyed working with it. I’ve measured maybe 30 homes now, and I use the data to design architectural drawings used for modeling and construction. It sure beats paper and pencil. Tying the pictures to each room and being able to make notes per room also makes the App a big winner. Highly recommended, stay the course and offer up new ideas to help improve the App. I gave 4 stars because the technology is still new and room for improvement. Thank you, Steve Nyhof Designs.
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4 years ago, yaassmaann
Currently in the process of moving and was looking for a simple way to measure my new apartment and plan out where all our furniture will go— this app does exactly that! While I haven’t needed to use it’s 3D/AR features (I had originally recorded all the measurements before finding this) this app is FANTASTIC for space planning on-the-go, so much better than my poorly drawn sketches and rushed handwriting. It let’s you attach images and jot down notes to individual objects and rooms— AMAZING!! I love how simple it is to create a specific plan for each room and then combine them to create a master plan, I also appreciate how easy it is to jump between units of measurement. The UI takes some getting used to and I didn’t find it to be super intuitive at first but its easy to get used to and very much worth it.
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2 years ago, mmmjlmvwmjmmawm
Ridiculous Changes
I’ve had this app for years with limited projects for free and had no issues. It was bare-bones but that was fine for what I used it for. Now suddenly, and without notice, I’m being required to create an account and submit to a paid subscription to continue access my work. They’ve locked my previous projects so I can’t access them. I am disabled and use this app to help with redecorating/organizing around my home and I now have to remeasure every wall, window, door, large decor item, and piece of furniture in those rooms because all of that information was housed in an app I’m now denied access to. They’ve suddenly locked everything without warning, and I either have to pay them or lose access to all of my information. Absolutely ridiculous. Even if you don’t allow users to modify their projects without a subscription based on your new policy, you should at least allow them to view the details so they don’t lose years of work.
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3 years ago, ThereIsNoRoot
Fixed: LIDAR doesn’t work
Update: you have to turn off “Sensor Capture” in settings for LIDAR to work. The only reference to this is a single sentence in the docs that is very hard to miss. After that, it works and works pretty good. But you can’t edit the placement of the walls or edges, so unless it happens to be spot on, all your measurements will be off and you’ll have to manually measure and edit. Still, the LIDAD scan is better than standing in place and drawing corners. The docs and name of “sensor capture” are still very poor so it’s still 3 stars. Original review: I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. When I try to use the camera to scan a room, it only uses the corner method where you have to stand in the same spot. There’s no option to switch to LIDAR. There’s no reference to LIDAR other than in the app updates. No help screen or knowledge base article describing the new LIDAR UI; this is only visible in a video where a magicplan dev scans his studio apartment (nice balcony BTW) I’m on the latest version of the app. I went to my profile and ran the data migrations or whatever the notification was. Other apps like 3D Scanner App use LIDAR and I can confirm it’s working on my device. I’m really confused why a well-loved, quality app like magicplan would drop the ball so badly. Magicplan is probably the best use case for LIDAR, but right now it’s just not available.
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2 years ago, djnth
I Used to Love This App Before Subscription
Why must every app be a subscription?!? This app was really great for my needs of doing floorplans maybe once a year whenever we bought a new house to remodel and I could just pay for the one plan I needed not a subscription. I will now be on the look out for new software. This app works great with my Bluetooth laser for measuring and it outputs nice floorplans. I wish that I could lock the rooms so they can’t be moved accidentally. I often try to scroll around or zoom and I will accidentally resize or move something unintentionally. Also sometimes I change the size of one wall and it changes a bunch of other dimensions. Suddenly, without realizing it, my floorplan is all out of whack. You have to be very careful when doing any resizing. It would be cool if you could lock the corners of two rooms together. It would also be really great if they had a desktop or browser app where you can do more precise work. Sometime the app will force your walls to snap to another wall when you don’t want to. It can be hard to be precise with your fingers. Over all this is pretty good app but it has lots of quirks you have to learn to live with and work around. But I will unfortunately have to switch to different software because the subscription requirement. If they still offered individually purchased floorplans like they used to do I would come back.
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3 years ago, Batman2287
Man I’m sick of this!
I have had this app for a long time and I absolutely love it! It is fairly easy to use and I love making blueprints of all the homes I live in. I guess I can only blueprint one more home though because that’s it for the free projects. What is it with subscriptions for all the best apps?! Why can’t anyone make the app pay one price anymore? Oh, I get it trust me. Money flowing in every month is better than one time. However, are there really that many people who use this app so much that it would be worth a subscription? I will never pay for a subscription even if I use an app every day! I have enough monthly bills and don’t need any more. I still gave you 5 stars because this app is great. I really want to start giving 1 star to apps with subscriptions just because of greed. Sorry about the rant, I’m just sick of people trying to take advantage of our society. The rich are getting richer and the middle class is getting poor. Well, if this app starts to become less of an income thing for you and you decide to make a “pay one price for all features” option, let me know. I’ll be there! Have a great day! 😊
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1 month ago, PishiDad
Beware of MagicPlan: Hidden Subscription Costs Raise Concern
The experience with MagicPlan's software developer has been disappointing and concerning. It's alarming to discover that they're deliberately concealing subscription pricing, making it incredibly challenging to access this crucial information before committing. This lack of transparency is a glaring red flag for dishonest business practices. It's unsettling to think that users may unknowingly fall victim to hidden costs, potentially leading to financial exploitation. Upon downloading the app, I refrained from signing up and creating an account, opting instead to investigate subscription prices. However, I encountered only evasive maneuvers and no concrete details. Such obfuscation is unacceptable and indicative of a company that prioritizes profit over user trust. Regrettably, I can only assign one star to this app, as a zero-star rating isn't available. Unless this issue is promptly rectified, I cannot, in good conscience, endorse or engage with MagicPlan. Potential users beware: proceed with caution.
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2 weeks ago, iEatAlotOfPizza!
Great For My Needs
I have been using magicplan sketch subscription for approx 4 years now. It’s a great economical alternative to some of the bigger architect software companies products. I work in real estate marketing and use it mainly for sketching & visual aids for listings. Being able to provide a digital, branded report & floor-plan really helps us get off to a great start with new clients, especially if they’d never had one before. The reports are totally customizable in app and can be customized even more with 3rd party apps like Adobe acrobat and illustrator. Their customer service department has also been absolute 🔥 with any software issues or quirks too. Just all around great app for simple sketches and professional digital reports.
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7 months ago, livpell
Fun app to try and explore my new ideas for a room
I like magic plan. It reminds me to keep working with all my new ideas and room shifts. My style is sparse and chic with a coziness edge. Here in the app I can also find measurement metrics that I myself wouldn’t have thought to include for my floor and my floors and I’m glad I found it at all. Thanks to my app I can do most of this work on my own time. I added the app to my phone when I picked up a class in electrical remodeling and engineering. I ended up not doing it although canceling on it encourages future endeavors like this app installment. And I’m actually redoing my parents old home in cleaning it and refurbishing. So this app reminded me of what’s already all here. Thanks magic plan!
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3 years ago, kristalynne84
Shady Bait and Switch.
The developer stated in a response on Feb 8 that “with the two free plans, you can unlock any of your old plans, up to two, and have normal free user access on your device to all magicplan features for those projects.” This is completely untrue. You do not get to choose what two plans are unlocked. It chooses for you and you cannot change them. Lots of work I can no longer access. Don’t give money to a company that changes what they initially offered to customers. It’s fine if you want to change things moving forward but how dare you lock prior plans made before these new policies. Your claim that this was to provide free users a more comprehensive experience, is ridiculous. There’s not a user on earth that would choose what you are now offering in the free version over what you did before. I was happy to pay for floor plan bonuses like exporting and 3D on the ones I wanted. Your forced subscription plans demonstrate shady businesses practices.
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4 years ago, RobotEvans
Highly recommended.
Whether you’re a novice DIYer (like myself) or a professional offering home service (like many of the people who I’ve recommended this to), this app has it all. I wish I had known about this when I’ve done projects in the past. It would have saved loads of time! You can simply stand in the middle of a room, point to all the corners and get a pretty spot-on measurement of ALL surfaces. Need to figure out linear feet for baseboards? Need square footage to estimate how much paint you’ll need? Need to determine if something fits through a doorway? This can get those jobs done in minutes! I’ve recently started undertaking the task of developing a plan for removing walls to open up my space. Initially, started by doing the scan of each room, but just discovered that I can literally use this to overlay a plan on an existing drawing I already had. I finished three rooms, complete with all installed objects (toilet, closets, etc) in about 30 minutes. I know I sound like I’m selling this, but I just can’t say enough good things, and I don’t review things often.
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3 years ago, Neno Videnovic 12112122
Not accurate enough to use professionally.
I’m an architectural designer and my firm does many remodels. Part of this process is drawing As Builts in Revit which we then use to design. I’ve used professional laser scanning services before which were accurate to within .01 inches and captured literally everything. It plugged into Revit and if I wanted to know exactly where and what size and attic access panel was, for example, I can go into the laser scan point cloud and confidently measure it. Magic Plan, on the other hand, doesn’t give me this confidence. It’s measurements are way too far off to be used professionally and I don’t feel comfortable basing a design off it. If there is a lot of furniture or the room is messy (which happens to be the case sometimes with clients) Magic Plan does a poor job of locating corners and walls. It doesn’t take advantage of the device’s LiDAR Scanner to capture as many things as I thought it might. I wish it worked more like the Contour KAARTA.
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7 years ago, Fergmg
Really intuitive, easy and useful
Easy to use, but of course you need light and a somewhat unobstructed corner so you can use the AR measurement. Otherwise it’s a bit difficult to tell where the pointer depth is... not a complaint, just something you have to know before you measure. Since most of my rooms are already furnished, it would be cool if you could use ceiling corners instead of floor. Also, iPhone 8 Plus and the posture calibration crashes as soon as the last picture is taken. Talk about inconvenient crash... after I got a tape measure and laid it out and took 16 pictures at various lengths... it crashes. Not before I spent 15 mins setting that up and trying to take precise pictures. Oh well, don’t let that that detract you from using it... it is amazing!
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10 months ago, JBRembrandt
Use with caution
The App itself works pretty well, but everything is locked behind poorly described paywalls. One description says you get 2 free projects. But you only get one and the demo. If you delete the demo you don’t get access to another project. If you just want to play around with floor plans personally, it is fine unless you want multiple projects. You just can’t print your work or share it. I put a lot of time doing measurements for a project, thinking I can export the info, like the description of the app said. But you can’t export unless you subscribe. Fooled me once. I subscribed, but the docs that it will export don’t resemble the work I did. Fooled me twice. I’ve been messing around with all the settings and nothing seems to let me export my work exactly as I’ve done it. I’m now looking for a way around this issue. I may have to just take screen shots of my work. Awesome.
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3 years ago, asdfqwerttuuj fsghf
Great in theory, not in real life
I had great hopes for this program. Finally an easy to use software program that could help me reduce bid times. I have been remodeling for over twenty years and I can crank out room remodel drawing by hand faster than I can make a set of stairs rotate in this program. Issues that real remodelers face in the field with this app 1. Rooms are seldom free of items such as cabinets, furniture, toilets, stuff etc. The LIDAR can not tell the difference between a corner of a room vs the corner of a cabinet. Magic plans solution was go buy a laser ranger finder with Bluetooth. 2. LIDAR can not figure out there is a jog in the wall. Instead it draws it at an angle. Ultimately you have to create a drawing in the app. 3. Not accurate. Routinely off by 4-6". DO NOT use this for cabinet orders etc 4. The rotate feature is a joke. It's 2021 and the ability to rotate something on an app has been solved for over ten years. I guess magic plan missed this. The interface is random and frustrating. Frustrating to the point you leave a 1 star review and request canceling your subscription. We live in a world where stuff has to work. We are all moving too fast to have to deal with buggy programs. Hopefully magic plan can get this fixed.
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2 years ago, NCC-1701 D
An invaluable planning tool
I use Magic Plan to plan how spaces are used. For example, I can take a tablet to a store and do “real-time” checking of how a piece of furniture would fit in a space. I also use it to plan remodeling. Drawing walls and adding windows and doors is trivial, and changing them is just as easy! The 3D view really helps envision the space. Key features I like: ability to lock dimensions, merge rooms, drag to change a wall dimension, set specific dimensions on any object, ability to see dimensions in print, and the 3D view. Overall, I find it very easy to use, and I’ve not run into critical bugs or data loss.
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2 years ago, CalBooBoo
Exactly what I was looking for!
I am dreaming of a remodel and wanted to be able to visualize it not only in my head but on “paper”. Now I feel like I can communicate my remodel dream to my family and my contractors(once I get them) in a much better way!! You can see an aerial view of your project and there’s a 3D view option. This app is so easy to use!!! It has a ton of options for adding doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, etc,. Etc. Etc. Sooooo many things to add!!! It’s a must have app for anyone dreaming of adding on to their house or creating an entirely new project. I’m LOVING it!!!! Thank you thank you to you geniuses who made this app!!! Muah!
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4 years ago, VeridianBlue
Quite accurate
I am using the app to make sure construction proceeds with some degree of accuracy on the floor plan of my new house. Are use the camera for augmented reality and it looked great, corner detection was around 95% accurate, it has some trouble if you have debris lying in a corner. It does give me the option to specify corners manually with a single tap on the image displaying from my camera view. So far measurements looks correct. I am very impressed at how well this app works, very convenient that it calculates area and other stats for you. The way it organizes projects rooms is also great. I could modify just about any label.
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4 years ago, camuti02
Nice for bare rooms and houses
One way to improve would be to allow AI scan to identify corners from the ceiling; right now it can only start at the floor. If a room or house is empty that is fine, but I am not using this in a bare house- my house and houses I work in have objects in corners and all around the floor. The ceilings have far fewer objects, so I would love to see the accuracy improve by starting with corner identification on the ceiling, then set height by scanning down to floor level. Current version is imperfect. More an amusement, all measurements are a few inches off, oftentimes rooms don’t come out as square and all have to be corrected. Or I am putting too much hope in AI scan feature and should just draw rectangular rooms. Honestly, quicker to just sketch on a notepad with a pencil and tape measure.
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6 years ago, JessLaD
Great except one thing
I love magicplan and it has quite literally saved me tens of thousands of dollars in architect fees now that I can create plans for contractors myself. The only thing I wish would be improved is its 3D rendering capabilities. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but there are some glitches I haven’t been able to remedy. For example, every time I render a kitchen with a range, the range appears as flat against the floor with no height to it (despite ensuring its height value is accurate). Similar glitches appear at random times when rendering a countertop with a sink in it, etc. Wish I could find a solution to this, because without that one small issue it would be a five star app no question.
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2 years ago, MatMoraOfficial
Downloaded this app to create floor plans for home remodeling projects for clients. I started making sketches without any problems, liked the app and so invested 8+ hours just on working on a price list and creating modules to speed up my estimating process. After I had 2 free projects I deleted one and tried to make another project. However the app said I didn’t have any free projects left and could not make any more sketches. I paid to be able to make more sketches and at that point the app deleted my price list. I reached out to support and was called a liar, they said I never created a price list. I then sent them the price list that I had downloaded and they said “oh yeah looks like you do have a price list” and then continued to tell me there was nothing they could do. I ended up having to pay $100 or so just to finish an estimate for a client that was already delayed because these guys take days to answer and when they do their answers are complexity useless. The interface of this app is good but please do not support businesses like this who give 0 “you know what” about their customers. I lost work and money because of this app and haven’t gotten as much as an apology.
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3 years ago, builderz2
Major flaw
READ THIS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE IT. I’m in remodeling and basement addition business and love the app. This app is intuitive and easy to navigate, however I’m so disappointed that this app lacks a BASIC functionality - to build into existing room a different shaped walls, like curves, partial walls with different shapes (not everything in construction is perfectly squared or a straight line). I really want that app to work and even contacted customer support and been told directly that it is not possible to do that at this point, but that function should be well thought out by the programmers or consulted with the people who actually are in the construction field. For that reason I’m out. Also looks like I’m not getting a refund either so my $30 are gone as well. Lesson learned. Surprised how did they get so many users?
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3 years ago, Lindsay Fuller
a little disappointed
I have had magic plan on my ipad for years and I loved to design house plans for fun and in my free time. It has great features that are easy to use and this was my favorite house design app. However, with the recent updates, I lost access to all of my house plans because they are now locked and I have to subscribe to see any of them. I got to keep two of them but I didn’t get to pick the ones I wanted. This was very disappointing because I worked on them over 3-4 years and now can’t even see them. I wish that there could be a version of this app that had only the floor plan design feature and not all the professional features that was free—just like it was before the updates.
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3 years ago, Adjuster Tommy
Great app
My company is a third party inspection company for insurance carriers and uses magic plan exclusively. Very easy to use and has nearly everything you could need to scope and sketch a loss. The reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the ceilings. There are many homes with which we have to sketch that have sloped or angled ceilings. I can only speak for myself but having the ability to sketch ceilings that are sloped would be a huge benefit and time saver and would make the ceiling square footage more accurate as it is difficult to hand measure and get the most accurate measurements. Add the ability to do that and the app has everything I need.
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5 years ago, Seltzer John
Easy and powerful
This is one of those apps that makes you realize the power and potential of using a device like a phone or iPad in place of a traditional computer. It’s hard to explain, but this is one of those apps that marries ease of use with multiple features in a way that isn’t frustrating or overwhelming. It’s also an example of the potential of using augmented reality for measurements. I wouldn’t say AR is great for precise-to-the-inch measurements, but for getting rough measurements for rooms “down on paper”, it’s great, and this app allows you to fine tune the measurements when you’re done. Worth every penny.
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2 years ago, Jaxonnnnnnnnnn
I see a lot of professionals leaving reviews here. Well I am one too, and can honestly say if you plan to rely your business/career on this app, you’re definitely setting yourself up for a disaster. I paid for subscription. App worked fine for free days, then it started to crash and I was unable to access any of my saved projects. I emailed customer support and was met with a warm response initially. As instructed, I sent them a video. However they never responded afterwards. There was no confirmation of my video being received or any updates on my issue. I tried emailing them again and was only met with silence. My subscription is still active, however I can’t use the app. I don’t even know if I can reinstall the app without destroying my saved projects. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. THIS IS THE MAGIC PLAN TO SCAM YOUR MONEY!
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1 month ago, Reluctant_Remodeler
Trouble logging in
Following up on my previous review, I started exiting back out to the dashboard after completing the LIDAR Scan of each room. I also tried the software on an iPhone 13 Pro Max using this approach and it seemed to keep the data when exiting out between rooms. However, when I went to sign on with the iPad Pro again, I received an authentication error. I use long passwords and a password manager, so can rule out an issue on this end for the most part. So far, a lot of potential, but seems to be VERY buggy.
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4 years ago, pushyapp
The app can be used on one device only!!! Update screwed your scan with camera ability! Trash
I used this app for several years now on my iPhone. Unfortunately after the last “update” the scan with camera feature doesn’t work. There is a black screen with two quarter circles in the corner and that’s it. So the main feature of this app doesn’t work. I downloaded the app on my iPad since Sensopia allows to use one account on two mobile devices. It didn’t work because Sensopia forces me to subscribe again on my iPad. I signed in with the same user and password but it won’t unlock the old plans. My annual subscription is almost over but why would anyone wants to pay for a software that doesn’t work on one “allowed” device? My emails are not answered and the one that I received back from an employee referred me to the sales team??? There are NO emails, NO phone numbers, NO troubleshooting and NO replies and your minimum of $100 or > per year of hard earned money tossed into the Sensopia’s pocket without any hesitation on company’s side to accept it without giving anything back except a black icon with a letter m on your device. Keep your $100 and invest it somewhere else or just donate it!!!
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3 years ago, jscgrey
Too expensive for average folks
I would like to have the features and get better at using it, but it gets pricy quick. The price alone puts this out of reach to us average folks, but I guess if you use this while you are making thousands of dollars a month then this becomes an additional monthly bill similar to your truck payment, insurance and materials. It's too bad for three rest of us Joes that are paycheck to paycheck in life but still like to do handyman projects and the house, at church and for friends. All of those are mostly out of pocket and do not justify paying one month here, another month there. Maybe if a few of you that feel the same way voice your opinion in the header we can get heard.
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4 years ago, Rai09091974
Perfect tool for inexperience designer
I tried unsuccessfully to layout the bathroom and kitchen renovation for by three bedroom duplex, magic plan was so easy to use , I ended using it to layout the entire house plan, virtualize and communicate my designs to my builders , this reduced cost in terms of errors and labour. More importantly it allowed my family to way in and design their personal space and reach consensus on shared spaces. It made the house renovation fun and a lot easier. Now everyone is happy and home truly feels like home. Our family creation. Thank you, home and design plans for everyone in minutes!!!!
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1 year ago, Mitigate111
Good luck with support
Before talking about the program a note about support offered. Good luck trying to get support on the phone. They always seem to be closed for one reason or another. Even when I call during their scheduled open hours I get a closed message. So it’s send an email and wait a couple of days for response. Flaws with the program in remediation. Camera wants to keep the button on the side of the camera app. If you are trying to take pictures of moisture readings using an IPad tablet you basically need a second person. It would be nice if the camera would date And time stamp photos. We take 100s of photos every project and short off adding a photo object for every room every day there is no way to track when the photos were taken. I will be using a different photo app and import the picture but this adds a couple of extra steps that could be eliminated. As for the rest, program works pretty good but did have quite a few problems getting camera to read rooms properly, especially those with multiple angles and walls.
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3 years ago, Loving life :)
I love this app
Updating rooms in my house and having this app is so nice. Being able to accurately draw out a room and try out different furniture in the space is wonderful. I love being able to use 3D view to see the space too! The only real drawback for me Bc I don’t use this app often is after the 3 rooms, you have to upgrade. But they only offer monthly subscriptions, which for me wouldn’t be practical for the causal use I use the app for. I would be fine with paying to unlock extra rooms.
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3 months ago, Tuinybagder
Consumer hostile, deficient support
I’m not a professional, I just like to have a floor plan of my home to tinker around with what a couch move might look like. Several years ago, magicplan was an awesome solution; easy to use interface that let me do exactly what I wanted. However MPs aggressive push toward monetization over the last few years has literally made the app non functional for me. My plans are locked, and I can’t even remove them from my account to remake and start from scratch. Even if that were an option, what faith would I have that the company doesn’t further erase my work? If you’re a professional and/or can justify a subscription, I think you’ll be well served. For a layman or hobbyist, you’re better off just using crayons and paper.
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1 year ago, Pyledriver4570
Poor support
I have used this app for three years. Myself and roughly 30 others use it to sketch the outside footprint of house foundations. Usually once a year, I have to delete the account and start over because of some type of glitch in the program. This year it got to where when sketching it could not close out even a simple square. I sent screen videos to support and they told me it was not designed to be used the way that I use it. So I tried it inside using on a room and it still would not work properly. Their response? Basically ‘don’t know what to tell you’. If it works for you count yourself lucky otherwise I will not be paying $10 a month for something as aggravating and glitchy as this program.
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4 years ago, weechus
Auto-detection of corners a little finicky
The new interface is so much better than the old interface. It’s so much easier to use especially for mobile. The only real issue I have is the app automatically detects corners and edges which is great, but sometimes objects and items will get picked up as edges or corners and makes it difficult to either auto-detect the corner or even manually placing the corner as it wants to snap to “edges.” One feature that’s missing, or I haven’t been able to figure out, is scanning/drawing curved walls. Having LiDAR is such a game changer since the level of ease and accuracy is amazing!
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2 years ago, Dkydkdhfxhc
Oh my f€^%€ God is this annoying to use
Update to 2022 Now the app updated in the sync give an unclear dialog about something not being in either the cloud or local storage. - picked the wrong option and now my custom furniture pieces are all gone. Replaced by gray blocks. Great now I have to recreate all of those pieces. Seems every time you use the app after no having used it for a year or more ( how often do I need to work on/with my house plan) something breaks and causes even more work. Between the rework every time ( a 10 minute task becoming an afternoon ) and the difficulty of using it on a smartphone (no I didn’t want to move that I want to pinch zoom or pan the view!) the utility of this app has really dropped from the way it was in the early days.
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1 year ago, Sintactic
Does not work as advertised
The AR scan seems to only let you add corners on the floor, so results in wildly off room geometry since few of my corners are visible. It took me forever to find a page that mentions at the bottom that the wall detection they show in their videos has been temporarily disabled for “technical improvements”. They improved it so much that it’s now non-functional and doesn’t match their documentation or instructional videos. The UI for editing rooms after they have been scanned is super unintuitive, and I gave up trying to fix the rooms to match reality. If the app worked the way it’s portrayed in the videos, it seems like it would be really useful, but this ain’t it.
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3 years ago, denmermr
Version 9.4 killed this app’s utility
Removing the legacy motion capture from the app rendered it almost completely useless for scanning existing spaces in the real world. The AI is terrible at capturing rooms that are not rectangles, and the mandatory addition of routines for motion calibration and room height in every room just waste time when producing 2-d plans. I suppose if you like the gimmicky feel of AI because it feels cool, and if you need in accurate 3-d models, the new version is OK. But if you are making 2-d floorplans of existing spaces, this update makes the whole process much more difficult and time consuming. At least they haven’t removed the robust floorplan editor (though it has become more finnicky when adding a manual shaped room - it used to intuitively snap to corners near where you touched, but now it gives weird erratic corners). The floorplan editing interface was better than the competition back in 2015 when I first got magicplan. At first glance it appears this may still be the case. Too bad they murdered the efficient room scanning process that fed into it.
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