Magisto Video Editor & Maker

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4.6 (122.8K)
146.2 MB
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Current version
Vimeo, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Magisto Video Editor & Maker

4.62 out of 5
122.8K Ratings
6 years ago, nubeeeditor
I am making a video for my boyfriend containing a ton of pictures from our first year together. I tried iMovie and it was a NIGHTMARE, at least on iPhone. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find another good editing software. At first glance, I didn’t like how this app seemed to do everything for you, but I went ahead and put the pictures in and put a couple random settings real quick, just to see if it was something I wanted to put more time into. The result was almost exactly what I was looking to make! With just a couple minor tweaks, my finished product will be ready! I am so very impressed and surprised in the best way! The only thing I would change is the fact that you can’t put over 100 pictures in one video, but the rest of this app was so incredible that I will work with that and it will still end up being the best video I’ve ever made! 100% would recommend!
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6 years ago, Zanesworld1
Can I at least see if it works first??
So far- 15 minutes in- I’m not a fan—BUT, gimme a minute more and let’s see what this thang can do... In response to staff inquiry: First, thank You for your response, it’s good to know that the developers ARE listening. Second, I apologize for the untimely follow-up and upon your notification I immediately searched my inventory for your app to refresh my overall review. After realizing I’d deleted it from my downloads, I went back to figure out why. Instantly I recalled the experience I had, and simultaneously experienced it again. From the gate, I’m bombarded with in-app purchases— ones that actually require the app to work well at all. The selections I’m left with WITHOUT coming straight from my pocket, do not compare to the apps I have used for several years- and that DO NOT hinder my video process by constantly soliciting up-sales. I understand everybody has to make money- I understand technology is not free nor is ANYTHING, however if I DO download a FREE app (and they all have in-app purchases) I want to be able to use it WITHOUT a salesman at every turn. In fairness regarding what your app actually does— for the Novice, unexperienced, super-busy, or just unimaginative person- my opinion is that it DOES make the process easier. For those people, this is probably a good start- for ‘not’ those people, i would believe it’s not much use. Again, thank you for taking time to listen to your public. Z.
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6 years ago, habarsamian
Filthy tactics
Do not download this app. They make it extremely difficult to cancel your “subscription”. Here’s my story: Looking to get into video editing so I go look for some apps on the App Store and see magisto. I read the description of their app and see that the download is just a free trial and I would need a subscription. I think to myself ok too easy I will just get in the app and cancel the auto renew as soon as I download. I don’t like paying subscriptions and I wasnt too devoted to editing anything yet for a price ( and if I was i definitely would not use this app , the video it produced was horrible). anyway I get into the app and immediately go to “cancel subscription”. I hit the cancel button and go through the process several times and I never seem to get a solid confirmation. So I decide to close the app and reopen it. When I returned to the settings screen I see the option to “return to subscription “ so i think ok it must have been cancelled. Apparently not the case because I had a$30 charge on my card today. And apparently the developer support is telling people on here that if they set up a subscription through their Apple ID they need to cancel the subscription through their Apple ID. However seems a bit misleading to have a “cancel subscription” button that doesn’t actually work. I will get my money refunded.
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4 years ago, mynamejaz
intentionally misleading & greedy
i recently downloaded this app, looking for a free, easy to use video editor. but, after reading the reviews, i had to delete it immediately. i find it extremely shady and suspicious that most reviews are one star, but the “average” is 4.6 stars. almost all of the positive reviews are clearly fake. most negative reviews are completely valid concerns about low quality content, misleading billing information, and poor customer service. yet, each negative review is met with a copy & paste response that blames the user for their awful app and deceptive fees. there is misinformation in the terms of service about how to cancel a subscription, which is clearly intended in order to scam users out of their money, then they refuse to offer refunds. it’s shameful and unacceptable. the developers of this app are greedy, and charge unreasonably high amounts for the same features that are FREE on other apps. the developers claim these fees are “reasonable”, but how can they justify a higher price for their low quality, practically unusable app when a video editor like adobe after affects has about 20 times more effects, high quality, better compatibility & sharing, all at a lower price! imovie is free and has more features than this app. read the reviews before getting any app, and certainly don’t download this one.
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3 years ago, PepeChimenea
Super Bad Editor
Don’t believe the high reviews. The old magistro editor was superb & award winning. 5 stars all the way. These high reviews are for that editor! But Vimeo bought Magistro out for millions. They then revamped the editor. Changed everything. Made it more expensive, corporate looking & soulless. Nobody is liking this new editor because it’s a money grab. It’s loaded with bugs and it barely works and it’s been that way for months. The once amazing effects are now replaced with really childish ones. It’s artistic cheese. It’s often so buggy that it takes hours to get a video looking presentable at best. And then if your lucky enough for it to not have a bug during the saving process where you can actually save your work without it saying “error can’t save”. Which is the case, 45% of the time. This new editor is so bad now it should be a $5 dollar one time fee. I’m so disappointed. Magistro team: Can’t you see how the old magistro editor had amazing effects ?? Can’t you see how the replacement effects are just really generically bad? You once had an amazing product that gave us more customization … Now you just have a PR team that lies and says it’s so much improved when you know that’s just bogus fluff.
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6 years ago, Big Giant Octopus
Want to cancel the subscription? Mwa-ha-ha
I faced the same issue as some reviewers below: signed for a trial to check the full functionality of the app for the further occasional use when I need it with no intention to pay for Professional version (as I don’t need it). Before signing for the trial I checked the Terms to make sure on the way to unsubscribe, and it was stated to be done over My Account right in the app. So in a few days I cancelled the subscription the way it was requested in their Terms, however have been billed anyway, when the trial expired! After some emails back and forth with Magisto support I’ve been told that the process of cancellation is different from what they requested in their Terms and refund is also the authority of Apple. I don’t get it, why to have this misleading “Cancel your subscription” button in My Account, if it does nothing?? And why have describe the procedure of cancellation differently in the Terms visible upon signing up? All together it looks very filthy to me. Kudos for the support team replying and doing it fast. Nice and fun app in general, even the outcome quality of the video is horrible. But this billing filthy thing - baaaad, too bad, guys.
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5 years ago, A honest usert
Super expensive not worth it.
Today i just browsed around this app for a couple minutes, when it first gave me the option to join the 7 day trial i hit back because i do not like subscriptions, apparently it still let me use the app still and my sole purpose was to edit a small quick slideshow with my pictures that i could download. After like a 5 minute wait i tried downloading it and it says it wants a whole dollar for just a download?? It’s like you can’t really use the app for free except upload pictures or videos for other people on the app. When i tried to confirm that my account was not being charged i went to the settings in the app and tried to see if i was in the subscription.. i hit it serveral times and it did not load in. This was sketchy at first but i just thought it’s because i don’t have a subscription in this app maybe so i went to my apple id subscriptions and it said i had none.. i better not get charged 20$ for this app because it is not worth it at all.. you have amateur editing and features, most edits in this app you can do in a free one. I do not like this app it was a waste of time. In the description you guys should add all the fees included in the app.
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2 years ago, Hotspazz71
What in the heck is going on..???
I absolutely love this app!! Well I used to that is.. I’ve been using and have had a professional subscription for years now and the last few months it seems when I’m in the middle of editing an important project the dang app shut right down??!! Very frustrating.. and I pay good money monthly knowing it’s worth it. But I’m starting to think otherwise unfortunately. I’m also having to keep re-editing the same frames over and over again even when I’ve saved it. The time wasted having to do that is crazy and again frustrating.. please fix whatever is going on. I’ve just upgraded my iPhone to 13 pro max today and when I went to check out my app to make sure all my videos were still there the app crashes as soon as I push the app icon?? Wth is going on ??? All my other videos apps are fine and aren’t doing this..?? Please help!! I literally have 100s of hours vested in these videos and have spent a lot of money having this app. I’ve got editing work to do and I need your amazing app to help me do what I do.. that makes ppl smile. Thank you
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3 years ago, Maliceon
Dropped my rating to 2 star because..
It used to be intuitive and now it's so random it's just clips and bad music. The #1 reason for using this app was getting to checkout all the new indy artists on the rise. Now it's just a lot of public domain stuff. Also I have a pro subscription and it still won't let me make a long video. Just a short or medium. After more than 6-7 yrs at the rate of $9.99 a month totaling over $800 one would think I could make a full 3min video by now. 😟 but no. I'm not going to renew my subscription this next billing cycle. It's not worth it. I will be back later in the year to check and see if any updates have improved the experience because I really did love this app for many years. I hope it gets back to good. UPDATE ONE YEAR LATER… Dropped my 2 stars to a 1. What happened? How did you get WORSE? This is like watching a 5yr old try to “fix” a Picasso so it’s “more in the lines” sometimes in order to save something valuable you need to hand over the crayon and take a nap. Seriously, hire the original Magesto crew back and beg them to fix what you’ve messed up.
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7 years ago, Rearea1
Potential to be Great
This could be a great app if only it would work better without Wi-Fi. There seems to be a little glitch with my app it will not work if I'm not in Wi-Fi. It's also hard to edit you have to go through the whole process before allowing you to re-order photos, delete photos, add photos, change length of time, or make any changes it has to go through the entire process before you could do it again. It's kind of a bummer and a waste of time that the editing is not easy to use. Also wish that you could choose where you want the music to start instead of only being able to play the music from the beginning of the song. Finally, it would be the best if you could make movies over 4 minutes.
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3 years ago, Kevin Schmitty
***STOP BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD***I’ve changed my mind tremendously, here’s my story.
My family recently went through a horrific tragedy when their home caught fire, along with 3 other families in the building. I was able to make a wonderful tribute video to thank everyone for their help and donations. I “loved” this app, unfortunately that changed immediately. I was given a free trial, which I greatly appreciated, however when I cancelled the trial and renewal through my Apple ID, Magisto charged me for it. I did not authorize payment nor did I want to renew a subscription I just wanted to try it out. I attempted to cancel through the app itself of which they displayed directions on how to cancel my free trial through my Apple ID. They charged me as soon as I cancelled my trial. They “give you warning” of canceling renewable payments and subscriptions but fail to explain that you must cancel the trial AND the renewal payment, they only explain how to “cancel subscription” through your Apple ID. It’s a scheme and as a father who has another child on the way I don’t appreciate this shady app. DO NOT SIGN UP!
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5 years ago, artc1688
Not worth the money and VERY poor customer support
Heard from a friend about this SW and it’s ability to automate the creation process. Decided to give it a try. The very short version (15sec?) was cute and decided to try the 7 days “professional “ version. When I realized Tencent, Google and other apps offer similar feature and convenient for free, I decided it it not worth the money. However, the cancellation process for the trial version was not simple at all!!!!! I looked all over and unable to find ANYWHERE within he app on how to cancel the subscription! I wrote to customer support looking for help and the response from customer response was not helpful and kept asking me why I didn’t like the SW! After mutual attempts they sent me the link and told me I have to go into the iTunes account and cancel it!!! Also, by this time they have already charged me and now I have to beg ITunes to return my money because the customer support was poor and the cancellation process was unclear and difficult. Try Tencent SW or Google, it’s free and you don’t have to deal with magisto customer support!!!!
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4 years ago, Randomremarker
Can 1080p come a la carte?
I’m a lazy perfectionist, so when it comes to video editing this app is perfect! (I have the professional version) Be willing to really try it out and learn a couple of simple mechanics and you will love the results. You can just dump pictures and videos and the app does a relatively great~amazing job and if you wish to tweak it even more precisely you can. The videos from this app are so satisfying to watch when edited to its full/personal potential. However it looks like nowadays 1080p is only available with a business plan($35-$70 a month). Kinda disappointing for people who just need the overall professional plan. When u have the latest top notch iPhone and the app can’t make quality vids that match unless you have the highest tier plan is definitely a disappointment. I’m left with the notion to just cancel my professional subscription unless a minimum 1080p was available in lower/mid tier plans or came available a la carte.
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6 years ago, Nim Num
Little to no editing freedom.
I mean, for free, fine, whatever, but there is so little you can do! You have to have music, and you have to have a title appear on the video. I just needed to make a video that was “made together” to post on social media, not anything fancy (well, it isn’t FANCY, definitely not.) I gave it two stars instead of one because it would work for like a five year old (at least on the free one, no way was I going to be spending money on an editing APP when I have things like WeVideo.) I only got this app to be quick, and while it was quick, the video looked like crap, and you couldn’t even edit the video yourself! No creative freedom, and worst of all, it looks awful, let’s be clear. There is huge white letters that must play on the screen, and then you have awful music (which I wish they had a choice for NO MUSIC) in the background. I wouldn’t even recommend this for a home movie sort of thing. Don’t know what you would even do with it. Little editing freedom, and makes your simple videos stick into a box that they want your videos to fit in. Overall, this app wasn’t even comparable to iMovie! At least iMovie let’s you make your own video, which I was looking for an improvement from to edit videos together (not looking to make a horrible home movie, just edit videos together into one price, which one would think would be pretty basic for an video app.
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3 years ago, Undothechange
Magisto asked me for a review to help them grow. Hope they can handle the truth.
I am an entrepreneur seeking to break out into this new world market space. I wanted to become a partner with Magisto and use the movie maker in my business. A "Partnership" that would do EXACTLY what they are saying they want to do... They don't have their priorities in alignment with the growth they are seeking it seems... If they can't service a simple partnership request with due diligence maybe they should reconsider the title and strategy of their "Business Development Team". They are failing at their key objective of business development by this reply, in their own words. Very telling..... Sorry Megisto, you get a big fat "F" from me. Here is their reply; "In order to use the API solution, you will need to submit a request in our partners page to get the API key. Additional information (with answers to your questions) will be provided upon submitting the request. However - it is important to clarify that our Business Development team is currently working with relatively large businesses who wish to use the Video creation API, so it might take a while until you hear back from them (might be a matter of months, if not more than that)." So.... they want me to help them become bigger so they can continue to grow while only staffing for "relatively large businesses"? Seriously? They just told me that my business success isn't a priority to them. And for these reasons, I'm out.
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7 years ago, ShennenEilleen
Please change quality of final video cut
Ur videos look like total dogdoo no matter what you do - Magisto final edit destroys them - even when shot in 1080 for ig or on a dslr hd cam this app degrades the quality so bad.. so sad because I paid for a few months of this but a business account is wayyyy too much money.. I really would need to try it for a month before paying for an entire year - It actually destroyed two videos I made but I had to use them because my time is money - Tried filming different ways in higher quality and it just makes the films so low quality - I'm willing to pay for the business acct if there's some sort of guarantee that I can actually get my videos in the hd quality it shows me playing the video WITHIN the app before I download it to my phone or ig.. I actually was about to jump on paying for a year right before creating the first movie glad I didn’t - I've also written your customer service and no one ever got back to me about questions I’ve asked on both ig dm and emails
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6 years ago, BigT54
Got very greedy
I use to love this app but they slowly became so greedy. Charging you for so many ridiculous things that people do for free. You can’t even save your own videos unless you subscribe to their monthly fee, A total rip off I’m done with this app. The blocking you from doing so many things unless you pay. Don’t waste your time or your money, they became very greedy and there’s many other app developers the do just as good a job if not better for a lot less. The latest update put the nail in the coffin for me and I would like to encourage you all to not purchase this app unless you’re willing to spend money every single month just to use it.
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5 years ago, XCrystallineX
Lack of clarification on cancelling trial period and very poor customer service
Do not download this app. I downloaded this app because it said it was free. After making an account, I was immediately surprised when it said that after a seven day free trial I would automatically start paying for a subscription to use it. The site claims that you can cancel the trial at any point, but I have been unsuccessful at finding any way to do that. There is no where on the site that allows you to simply cancel your free trial, and no instructions on how to do so. After deleting my account, there is also no way for me to contact the developers for help. They have no contact information, like emails or phone numbers that you can contact for assistance. The only way to ask for their help is if you login. I only learned after the fact that if you delete your account and/or the app, your subscriptions will continue regardless. I don’t know what to do and I can’t contact them for help.
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2 years ago, itz_leah <3
Um not The best app
So I was really excited to have this app for gacha editing! And well I don’t really wish I bought this app… so when I got it it asked me what I got it for I said I was trying to use it for social media! And what I don’t really like is that you can only pick a certain..idk thing to use for your video and there’s nothing wrong with that I just didn’t really like that and you had to pick your own music that they provided which I also didn’t really like…? And this app didn’t really make sense for me I didn’t really know how to use it so if you don’t like apps like that then don’t purchases app I don’t think it’s the best app that has ever been made though I don’t think it’s the worst app! So that’s why I give it a three star
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5 years ago, HQuinzelDMD
I really tried
I decided to try this app and really wanted to like this app but it fell really short. The templates are a cool idea but every time I did a new video it wasn’t good. Even though there is an option to go back and edit the slides, the editor is super difficult to use. Coming from an iMovie and video shop editing background, I don’t get why the video editor is so lacking. To show my effort I edited one video 8 times with different lengths and templates just to give it a good try and just came out unhappy. I would love it if maybe the app was set up like iMovie and we were able to use the templates so we could alter the footage more easily. The automatic editor just isn’t that great. Maybe if your videos you don’t speak a lot this can work. Even when I selected the speech only option it still edited and cut in awkward places that were difficult to go back and edit.
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1 year ago, I love Boomie
What happened to this once great app??!
I had this several years ago and absolutely loved it. I made videos all the time on my cellphone. I wanted to make a birthday video for my granddaughter and though I’d try it again. I was able to utilize a free week trial- thankfully I didn’t pay for it. Set It took me several days to complete a video - problems saving, problems downloading photos. (retry later over and over). Editing was an absolute nightmare. Trying to add photos or move them around was impossible without another problem created- such as creating an overlay, or photo in the wrong spot..!!?! Finally, thinking I had created something I saved and sent it. My bad, I forgot to download it first. Then I watched it- so many of the photos I thought were added were not in the final video!! So frustrating and time wasting. I don’t know what happened… I miss my old fabulous video maker.
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5 years ago, Whittier Lee
A lot of glitch going on
I have been working on this video for 3 days already and I cannot finished it because of this glitches on Magisto from replacing a photo (not replacing the photo that I want ) or even uploading a new one whether it’s from my own photo library or from their istock folder. Saving the video file is a huge huge disappointment as after I spent about 4hrs making a video , it didn’t saved actually at this time 7hrs after I tried to saved it, it was still in that status of waiting for few minutes and will notify me when it’s ready. This app is SO EXPENSIVE! And this is what I’m gonna get? I never paid an expensive app before , I trusted that this app is superb but it was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT , HUGE WASTE OF TIME MAKING MY VIDEO THAT DID NOT SAVE AND HUGE WASTE OF MONEY AND I actually would like to demand a refund for this app but I’m gonna figure that out later on. NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY!
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1 year ago, Tough stud
Excessive Data Usage and Impact on Internet Costs
I recently had an experience with the Magisto app that left me disappointed. Over the course of three days, I noticed a significant spike in our internet data usage, exceeding 900GB due to file transfers. It became evident that the app’s editing process heavily relies on their cloud server, which stores all my local photos in their database. When I deleted the app, the data transfers ceased. Unfortunately, this meant I couldn’t complete my video editing tasks as planned, and it caused our limited 1.2TB internet plan to incur additional costs of around $100. I believe it’s crucial for apps like Magisto to be transparent about their data usage and provide users with clear options to manage their data transfers. While I had a negative experience, I hope my feedback helps them improve their services and prevent similar situations for other users.
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2 years ago, Without a puzzle
Why fix what’s not broken
This new version ruins the video making experience. It’s now harder to set time for each individual frame. Forces you to go to website to add your own music instead of from the app. Overall, a complete downgrade. This has been my therapy. My happy place. My creative outlet. It helps pass the time while commuting. Or with my head under the covers on sleepless nights. But now, the ease and enjoyment are gone. Please consider returning to the earlier version. One that made this app worth the monthly fee. Update: I have officially cancelled my subscription. This last update is absolutely the worst. I have used this app for years and paid monthly. But because of this last update, I researched and found other apps with more creative features, more user friendly and at a fraction of the cost. I had hoped they would fix what was broken but tired of waiting.
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2 years ago, mekel2425
Time saving app, when it works.
I typically use Magisto via my computer and I still run into issues. Likes- • Access to stock footage • Access to a variety of music tracks (Both are available via a Adobe Creative Suite Subscription) Things I don’t like- • Some of the videos styles are extremely childish & look horrible overlayed on some videos • Limited fonts Occasional issues I’ve encountered- •Previews to the music tracks take a while to load •Stickers don’t always work •Customer support dismisses issues, even when the see the issues on their end and only suggest applying the function again. Magisto has saved me some time from doing everything in Adobe PP but most of my short videos have ended up being completed in PP due to the limitations with Magisto. Unfortunately I’ve purchased the professional plan two years in a row & overall it’s not worth the money at all & they hardly roll out updates. The most recent one I saw was the addition of the voiceover update but it’s annoying as well because you don’t have the ability to change the effect. An app like this should be thriving while we’re in the digital video content making phase but they are/have dropped the ball.
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6 years ago, Rkjest
Terribly misleading in the descriptions and functions of this app. First of all, note that it comes up first in the App Store with an “Ad” listed next to it- which means they pay for sponsorship and push faulty reviews!! I doubt that all of these five stars are legitimate, as there are so many problems throughout. From there, they push multi-tiered subscriptions on you with any attempt to explore the app. The user interface doesn’t make any sense. There aren’t tools for you to use on your own- you have no option but to choose a pre-designed template. It hardly makes any sense! I’m appalled that the App Store allows a company to push this obvious scam. And obviously the devs are “listening:” it’s more like defending themselves and trying to rake in the cash in any way possible. If they are a legitimate company that actually cares, focus on creating a good product that works instead of pawning this off to us like Snake Oil salesmen.
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5 years ago, JonD2019
Magisto is Amazing
I make a movie every month and for every holiday and occasion! People always marvel at how amazing they are. But I feel guilty taking the credit since the Magisto app does all the work. I just select photos, vids, theme, music, title and time and in just a few minutes, Magisto creates a professional looking video! I can’t believe how the app is able to zoom, splice and transition so perfectly every time. It’s really astonishing. If I was to use a traditional photo editing app to accomplish the same result, it would take me 10 times as long! Magisto has been a part of our family memory making life since 2015 and it’s now indispensable! Try it, you’ll love it!
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6 years ago, L💚CA
I tried the free business trial, because it said I could easily cancel within a week in “settings”. I tried it, the video quality was awful and there weren’t anymore options for creating a pro level video/slide show than my free apps. For $30 I expected way more than my free apps. Then, When I went to cancel, it turns out you have to cancel in ITUNES SETTINGS, not the app settings. Had I known this I wouldn’t have done the trial (I rarely do trials and checked to make sure it was easy to cancel), my iTunes account has been very problematic for years. Took me 3 hours to resolve the situation and customer support at Magisto had zero ability to fix it on their end and didn’t apologize for the misleading copy. Wish I had an option for zero stars. The customer support team is fairly quick to answer your emails, to tell you that they can not and will not do anything to help.
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5 years ago, Seasidesell
Amazing Video Processing Software!!!!
What this program does is nothing short of amazing. The amount of work and image processing and video processing it takes to combine and automatically make a video that looks incredibly manually made is amazing. Yes it’s not 100% perfect. There may be some scenes that need to be tweaked. But when I think of the amount of time I would have to spent doing this manually through Photoshop or Adobe After Effects I am totally blown away. Since I don’t use it for business the cost is a little bit high. I used it for my own personal videos. I wish they had an option where I could just pay one fee to purchase it.
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6 years ago, Sirhc401
Better and Better
I have used Magisto for a few years now. They have come a long way from the few cool clips you could make. Video collages could not be made simpler and edits allow you to make tweaks until you love it. They make great 1:30 to 2:30 min videos to capture our trips and vacations to share with family and friend, plus go back and live in the land of nostalgia. If I could critique one thing, it’s that as they have grown it has been more focused on business subscriptions and they don’t keep/update styles like they used to. However, they have expanded music selection. Looking forward to more content in the future!
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5 years ago, Phil222
Best App to Auto Generate movies
I have use this app for the last three years and I’ve tried dozens of different video editing apps and I also use more complex ones like Adobe Premier and this one has always been the one that I go back to because of how well it is able to intelligently choose parts of clips the best fit the movie altogether and the template style options and music options are far better than other apps so your movies are more likely to be unique. It also handles the large amount of data without bugs and renders video quickly. Great app And I look forward to seeing what’s to come.
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6 years ago, Mollewog
BE WARNED - 1 trial even if it’s been 5 years
I recently trialed, or so I thought, this app. After searching through multiple video editing apps, I came across this one and “trialed” it. I didn’t realize I had purchased it until my bank statement showed it. I had no response from this company, nor Apple, to me signing for a free trial letting me know I had actually purchased the app. According to Magisto, it’s Apple’s policy for a one time free trial. Ok. I understand. Perhaps it was in the fine print... but I believe that Magisto should care for their potential customers and reiterate that... or at the very least give a warning when signing for the free trial that it is not actually a free trial. Sidenote - I apparently signed up 5 years ago when my baby was a few weeks old. I had completely forgotten about it. So, my fault..for not reading the fine print somewhere, wherever it is. And for forgetting I had tried a free trial. I get it and I paid the 32 dollars for this app. Lesson learned... but felt I should let others know so they don’t make the same mistake I did. Bottom line - good app but not for the price. You can find better for less $$. I don’t trust this company so I don’t plan to use it nor will I recommend it.
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1 year ago, Fayezthefares
Charged me for a 7 day trial immediately
They offered me a 7 day free trial, so I said hey why not see what it’s all about. Besides the app constantly freezing they charged me immediately after signing up the “free 7 day trial, cancel anytime before and you won’t be charged” they claimed I had an account over 2 years with a different email, which I have no recollection of BUT still offered me the 7 day free trial even though in their system they already knew this apparently ? When I contacted them and apple they refused to refund it even though I made 2 videos both of which I never used cause the app kept crashing so I couldn’t even finish using them. Anyways, bummed out about the situation, hopefully they will next time fix this in their app to not offer 7 day trials to people that apparently “have already downloaded it before.”
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2 years ago, JENUJUAN
Hello I’ve been a fan of your app for a while now I even pay for monthly subscriptions however I’m used to being able to choose my own music from my library I was unaware that three different formats no longer let you use the Music however your app doesn’t even give me the option to upload music from my library now and that’s a big drawback and kind of makes me want to discontinue my subscription it would be nice to have an update knowing that you guys no longer offer that even though your help center says you can still do it so I’m confused as to why it won’t let me do an update to fix the problem or can you tell me what’s going on and why that option was removed because I’m paying 20 bucks a month for this
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7 years ago, Jumpinjackfire
Magisto App will make your family and friends cry tears of joy
I don't generally write reviews. However this Magisto app is special. It syncs together videos and pictures making you the photographer look like you are as good of a movie director as Ron Howard. My pictures and videos of vacations, friends weddings, holidays spent with family, Eagle Scout ceremony, etc are priceless. I like to take several pictures and short video clips of 10 to 30 seconds. Then just pick the pic and videos you want. Select a music theme from Magisto along with a title to your movie and Magesto's magic does the rest. Get This App. Enough Said!
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5 years ago, The Nightmare Hour
I would probably not recommend it.
Despite its ability to arrange your content into quality videos with minimal effort, there are a few things that stand in the way of me giving Magisto five stars. The app is unreasonably limited for those who cannot afford the premium addition. However, buying the premium addition leads to renewal the app doesn’t warn you about. Magisto actually makes it quite difficult to access the controls through which one might be able to cancel subscription. That is not the last of the problems, though. For those working on tablets rather than phones, there is no version that allows users to enable a landscape setting, contrary to many apps on the store. It’s these minor inconveniences that restricts me from being compelled to use the app.
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4 months ago, ThatPerfectlyPoshGirl
No more updates??
I have used this app so much, and I've put together several lasting memories with it. But here lately when I try to use it, it's having a really hard time loading short video clips and even pictures. Not just that, but the slideshow I was working on just this morning wouldn't save when all the files finally did load! I lost the whole thing. I thought maybe it was an issue with my phone's memory being too full, but it wasn't. That's when I noticed the app hasn't been updated since a year ago?? I really hope the developers keep up with this app. It's the only video/slideshow editor that I have been satisfied with that I can find, and now it seems like it's going down the tubes :(
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4 years ago, Film_Buff_713
Horrible video quality even worse platform
There are many good features to this app, but it is drowned out by all the terrible things wrong. First of all the $30/month premium service is WAY overpriced, no one wants to spend money like that besides marketing professionals and even for many of them this is too steep. Make it $10 per month and you will have way more subscribers. Even if the app worked perfectly, it would not be worth $360 per year, but it doesn’t- it’s junk plain and simple. Offering limited options for Fonts, and special effects, this is not the worst part- when you export with settings set as “higher quality” , your HD or 4K quality videos come out like grainy 720p or lower resolution. The auto-cuts and transitions are not smooth, and there are glitches galore in the programming, get it together Vimeo.
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6 years ago, Reviewgirl432
it's ok.
I was looking for a video making app, and after i watched the video, i was pleased. But when i used the app it said $30 a month, personally, i think this is way too much. Some people wouldn't mind paying that, but others like me don't. I think you should add the price in the video for this app so people know how much they need to pay. Next, I'm glad there is a 7 day trial, so i tried it out, but you have to have atleast 15 seconds of a video. When i make videos, i prefer to put together what i have so far, to see how it looks, and then add on. but mine was only about 6 seconds so far, so it wouldn't let me look at the progress. Other than that, it's a good app. If you are willing to pay, then i suggest it.
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4 years ago, cosmiic_piink
Nothing In The Music “library”
Honestly I saw the reviews on this app saying that it’s not that good. I thought “Well it may have updated” or “They may be overreacting”, so I downloaded it. When I got on I thought that it didn’t look that bad. When I looked through the music “gallery” I found honestly nothing that I liked. I thought that I could find real songs that I liked for example, “Yellow Hearts”. When I kept scrolling I found again, nothing I liked. So I am most likely going to delete this app and find a different one. Please try to add some real songs and maybe some BTS songs. Thank you for reading, this app needs improvement on songs. Hope you have a nice day. (A few minutes after): oh and btw! I just made a stupid video, and just saying it’s not very good! :\ I can’t even add the video to the app I wanted to add it to! WASTE OF TIME!
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5 years ago, Sheenalee1229
I’ve used this app to make a few videos for awhile now and bought the subscription last month for premium where it was easy to see which templates I could use but now, every template I click on says I need to upgrade. This new change is very deceptive and I feel like I wasted my $ on the premium, only to be hustled into buying a more expensive subscription that I can’t even try to see what the upgrade is all about! Before they were reasonably priced and now this app is worthless unless you’re wanting to spend a lot of $ on their subscription, which will probably change again and be even more expensive. There’s also no phone support so you have to wait for them to respond via email for issues. I’ll be looking into other apps with better business practices.
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2 years ago, Terace3
This app used to be fabulous. I pay a hefty fee for a yearly subscription and now I can’t even make a video!!!! I put a large amount of time into it and it times out and I lose all my work. this happens time and time again. I certainly wish they could go back to the way they were which was absolutely amazing but this whole past year has been horrific, and I would never purchase this. I would be willing to change my review they were to go back to the former product which was wonderful.
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5 years ago, 123vj
Don’t subscribe to Premium
Premium subscribers have no option to edit their videos or rearrange the images, slides or information flow. They have to choose a few of the resources and let some AI or program decide what to do with them. If you are lucky, they come in the intended order. Otherwise, you will see a highly jumbled video which serves no purpose. It’s a purely deceptive technique on their part to force users to subscribe to more expensive professional or business subscription to edit their creations. They should let the premium subscribers at least to rearrange the images in a proper order before its is stylized by their program. Disappointed that I have to pray each time to make a video that things will fall in place. A very dicey situation.
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6 years ago, The Real Deli
Subscription scam
I had cancelled this months ago and realized in an accounting audit that it was still connected to my iTunes Store account. Just went through the cancellation process again and the way that it is designed as a trap to make you think you’ve canceled when in fact it takes two tries and some back stepping to get a message that tells you to go to the iTunes account to cancel, which in and of itself is a convoluted process. Your cancellation process is clearly a trap, and I wish iTunes would regulate people like you from using their payment platform. You may have a good rating for people who want to use your app, you get a one star from me for your support telling me there was nothing they could do to help that I should contact the iTunes Store. Standby your rip off program.
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5 years ago, Maimoon416@
Their free trial was helpful but it was a pain to cancel everything. ***READ FOR INFO ON HOW TO CANCEL -go to the Settings app -then go to iTunes & App Stores -tap on Apple ID at the top -select view Apple ID -go down to Subscriptions -click on the app you want to cancel and cancel it Hope this helped some of you since it took me forever sitting in frustration and anxiety to cancel the app on time before it charged me. Instead of just saying we should cancel in iTunes they should explain how to do it. SMH. I loved the app honestly. I didn’t need anything too professional since I was just using it for family and friends but it was really too expensive for what it was. I can’t be paying $20-$30 a month for this when I only used it for one project in the last month. I have other more important priorities, bills to pay for. If it were $10-$20 for the whole app, not just monthly then I feel like more people would buy it. This monthly thing is really not helping you guys. Feels more like a swindlers scam than a professional app.
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3 years ago, idnhfksn
Its bad.
Ok so i wanted to get this app off tik tok because I needed an app to do slow mod that are smooth. I didn’t see any slow mo bottons which made me upset but it did have cool edits. I really wanted to make a slow mo but it didn’t even let me make my own things or edit anything I had to choose one and when I chose one it said I have to pay or make an account to do it . Some people can’t pay with there things and some people, can’t even sign up with those types of adds. The only reason I gave it a 2 star is because it had cool edits but I’m really not cool with the paying things. It kept asking me many times and I didn’t like that. But yeah I mean this all respectfully and I hope u have a great day?:)
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6 years ago, Stormyrose
Stopping Payments is a nightmare!!!
I was going to cancel my subscription for a month or two but to do so is seemingly impossible. I cancelled from the app, or so thought. When I got charged again I though, “well, I must have done it incorrectly”. This time, I get a pop up that says I have to unsubscribe through my iTunes id. I follow the steps to unsubscribe from there-it’s listed but there is no unsubscribe option. I email support and am refunded $7.57. Upon closer look at my account I find that when I “ugraded” from a $6.99 plan to a $15 plan it wasn’t actually an upgrade. I was still being charged both. Upgrade apparently means something very different to Magisto. I file a dispute with PayPal. They are still looking into it. Today My BANK account-not PayPal is charged another $15 from Magisto!!! I go to look at my iTubes Subscription and it is listed as cancelled. Magisto is still telling me I have to unsubscribe through iTunes and not them. This is a mess! What am i supposed to do to stop the payments-close my bank account and PayPal???? These people cannot be trusted. Not only have I lost money, but the amount of time I’ve wasted on just unsubscribing from this ridiculous app is absolutely absurd!!
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6 years ago, @janicejuvices_
The process of getting the final result was a little confusing and time wasting but it wasn’t horrible. The BAD part was the video quality :/ I looked through the reviews and saw that other people had the same problem and the response that some people got was that I had to use the same device that I recorded with... which I did and still got horrible quality. Another problem that some people had was cancelling their subscription. At first I was panicking because their cancellation process was confusing and the price was quite up there, but all I had to do was go on their help services and they lead me through the proper steps. Overall, the app isn’t that great and it’s confusing to manage at first.
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6 years ago, TheEgo
Not what it used to be.
I was a fan of Magistro for the simplicity of making a good short video in HD in their early days, it was an App way ahead of Apple an Google In terms of making automated videos from pictures and anything you have in your photo album. It was perhaps the first AI video making App. Recently downloaded the App and was totally disappointed. The interface was changed in many ways, trying to blend the App more into a social media platform, which is not what you are looking in the first place. The billing is horrible! You can’t even make a video without committing to a subscription and despite the “free to cancel” option I won’t expend time on any app that if is not what I need will have to devote time on canceling subscriptions. It was a great App, so sorry for what they made out of it.
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6 years ago, PixL_Acsam
This trash app cant do anything it says it can
This app says that it can edit and make videos and movies professionally, but I tried it and it doesnt even let you set a specific order for the clips you use, it just randomly plays them out of order. All I want is to cut portions of a video but this piece of trash expects me to pay $25 a month for a version that adds even more useless crap. If I am expected to pay for trash editing then I might as well throw all my life savings into a fire, there really is no difference in this case. Take away the subscription crap, then I will consider using this cheap, good for nothing app. Hope the Magisto CEO are having fun writing fake reviews about how fun this app is, because I can clearly see that this cant do anything more than just screw up your videos.
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