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User Reviews for Magnet

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7 years ago, gruverja
Every good thing you’ve heard about Magnet is true!
Apple has done very well to declare Magnet an Invaluable Utility and list it in its grouping of best “Get Productive” apps - it’s a tiny little program that gives Finder and program windows on the Mac the “Snap” feature that Microsoft Windows has had for quite a while now. With Magnet you can effortlessly resize windows to fill any half of the screen (horizontal or vertical), quarter of the screen, 1/3 or 2/3 of the screen (vertically), or fill just the center or the entirety of the screen by dragging the window to the appropriate area at the edge of the screen or by hitting the associated key combo (all of which you can easily define). If that sounds complicated, it’s not - you’ll get used to it in seconds and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Think of it as the window-tiling feature in Microsoft Excel for the Mac…but for *everything*. Magnet makes it easy to compare lists, use screen space effectively and efficiently, present data consistently and attractively…you’ll find a use for it, and you’ll love it. Magnet has become one of those absolutely essential programs that I immediately miss when I use a Mac that doesn’t have it running. It’s entirely worthy of its ludicrously high Customer Ratings; if you have the slightest inclination toward buying it, I heartily encourage you to do so.
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1 month ago, jacurtis
Simple, Intuitive Window Management
I have tried ALL of the window management apps. Seriously all of them. Most of them require insane customization and memorization of shortcuts, causing a steep learning curve to build the system that you want, but Magnet is intuitive. There is almost no customization available and no customization needed. I figured it out in about 5 mins of playing around and have got more out of it than any of the other apps. I also like that it recognizes vertical screens and adapts the options unique to them. I have a complex monitor setup: at work I have an ultrawide monitor and a vertical monitor side by side. At home I have an super-ultra-wide (Samsung Odyssey 21:9 x 49") and this adapts to them all. I easily drag to the location and I love that I can drag across multiple zones quickly and it "magnets" to multiple zones and then sizes it to that size. This is so intuitive and flexible. I was a power user in < 5 mins. The other tools require hours of setup for all my specialty monitors. Sold on magnet for life. Thanks for trying something different instead of replicating the wheel. This is the way window management should be.
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7 years ago, sky_blue02
It only half-works...
I’ve had continuous problems with this app since installing it. When using the menu on the top bar, apps reliably are resized to whichever part of the screen I choose. However, dragging an app to an edge of the screen to have it automatically resized only works sometimes. It’s so inconsistent. I’ve had Firefox open in more than one window and one of the windows would get picked up at the screen edge just fine, but then the other one wouldn’t. I’ve had apps that I’ve tried to resize by pulling them to the edge of the screen and it didn’t work over and over again, then the app just got chucked onto the next Desktop over rather than actually resize in the right way. It’s very frustrating! I’ve found myself resizing apps manually which really defeats the purpose of having this app. But, sometimes, it’s just less of a struggle. I’m sending a message to the support. Maybe they’ll be able to fix this. Update: I contacted support and nobody even bothered to respond to me. I waited a while so I certainly gave them enough of a chance to respond. I even offered to help them track down the issue. I consider this a real deal-breaker for developers not to care enough to respond to a paying customer. Considering this and the issues I’ve had with this app, I do not recommend it. If you do decide to get it, understand that there’s obviously no guarantee that it’ll work, or that you’ll get any support whatsoever if you encounter issues.
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3 years ago, Business27
For anyone that lost "Snap windows by dragging" functionality, click the "Help" menu in-app.
After upgrading to MacOS Big Sur, I lost the "Snap windows by dragging" functionality and manually setting every window through the clicking the Magnet icon in the taskbar and selecting from the drop down menu was really inefficient. It was very frustrating. If this happened to you too, there is a very simple fix that should have been the obvious first troubleshooting step, but took me a ridiculously long 5 weeks to discover and try: click the "Help" option in the Magnet app and follow the very simple instructions in the front page FAQ covering this issue. It took all of 30 seconds to fix, most of which time was spent entering my password in System Preferences to unlock modifications to my Accessibility settings. I'm back to having the full, awesome functionality of Magnet in less time than it took to manually position 3 -4 windows the hard way like I've been doing for a month. The best solution to a simple problem often IS the simplest solution. Don't drive yourself crazy, just click Help when something is wrong.
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3 years ago, Topjudo
Has made life much easier!
I installed magnet on a 2020 iMac 27 intel and 2020 rmbp13 apple silicon iwth 38-in Dell extension monitor, I keep dozens of windows open at a time and like to keep them all on the same one or two screens often as I only switch desktops when I am moving from one assignment to another, Magnet worked great on both machines, on the iMac we use Magnet to quickly and easily set up side-by-side and quad-view windows during online learning sessions for the 9 year old, if its easy for them to do that then its easy for anyone, I use Magnet on the Macbook Pro to set up side-by-side view and quad-views on the extension monitor while continuing other work on the Macbook screen. Always works flawlwessly, never crashes, never crashed anything that I could tell, never lags or slow, it just works. The only thing i wish it had was a way to remember the exact position and size of each window and to restack them upon restarting, I think there are other programs that do that, but for now I am sticking with Magnet because of its easy use for more than 90% of the scenarios that I needed it for.
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2 years ago, The best place
I like it
I've been using Magnet since September 2020 on my late 2018 Mac Mini with a 49inch curved display connected to an eGPU (added about 1 year ago). I'm on MAC OS 12.2.1, and it's windows management is still rudementary to say the least. I've used the MAC shortcuts and parallels toolbox windows manager (over the last year or so). I've used others as well, but Magnet always won out. The Parallels toolbox window manager is much better than MAC os shortcut for sure as well as other free windows managers, but if you like it you have to buy it, unless you have a Parallels 14 or greater license. I do have a Parallels license, and the ToolBox windoows manager is very good as stated, but Magnet is a better windows manager. To be fair, the Parallels ToolBox has many other features, and that makes it very alluring. Magnet is the better windows manager and it isn't as much as the Parallels ToolBox, but you don't get the other tools Magnet. I was not aware of the Paralells ToolBox when I bought Magnet, I honestly can't say which I would've went with. I can say, I think as windows manager, Magnet is better than the Parallels ToolBox windows manager.
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7 years ago, sprmom
Like Windows, but so much better. Seriously. Wow.
Switching over from a Windows computer and learning to use my new Mac, within the first hour of working, I went to snap a window to go into split screen and when nothing worked, I figured I was doing something wrong. To my dismay, I learned that the OS either doesn’t have the function or a very poor variation of it. I looked around and decided to actually spend $0.99 on an app, which I practically refuse to do. After downloading it, WOW. Seriously. This app is worth so much more than $0.99. After using it, I would easily pay $20 or more dollars for it since it is so nice. If I want any sort of combination of split screen, I just grab a window and pull it to a specific position on the screen. You can also use keyboard commands, which would be even more functional, but thats not my style. But really. If you’re reading this to see if it is the right app for this function or if its actually worth paying your own real money, yes. It is. I don’t write reviews, but I had to give some love to this app because it really is a life-saver if you want to work productively at all. -Jared
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7 years ago, Soaringfalcon
Must-Use App for any Mac User
Magnet is by far one of the most useful apps you can download. It makes resizing a window much simpler, and it allows you to have significantly more options (that are more useful/productive) than the generic resize-or-full-screen options that come as default. Magnet has saved me an unquantifiable amount of time and an enormous amount of frustration and anger that I experience without it. Bonus points for Magnet if you use more than one program at a time, if copying-and-pasting is essential to your workflow, if you think maximized windows are more useful when not in full screen, or if you are, like me, a Windows convert who liked Aero Snap way too much. A few other miscellaneous things: there are way more useful customization tools than I mentioned here (the amount of utility you’ll get from them will vary depending on what you work on), and probably a few times a year you’ll come across a minor (if not irritating) bug that can be fixed by restarting Magnet. Overall, as one who does not like to buy many apps (or write reviews for that matter), please buy yourself Magnet. It’s a really good decision.
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6 years ago, JSmithAV
Great for the PC folks.
I’ve been using this for about 2 months, and almost forgotten that it wasn’t apart of the macOS experience. The app is snappy, and extremely small on space (which is what I need). Other apps have some sizes that ranage around 50 just for windows organization, and this by far is one of my favourite. And with an incredibly cheap price, there is no definite alternatives after this one. One gripe I do have is that the icon cannot be hidden within the tray, but that is nothing more than a nitpick. And one last things that I’d like to mention, is how easy it is to use. The shortcut keys are easy to memorize, it’s like learning the buttons and triggers om a gamepad. And if you aren’t the shortcut kind of guy when it comes to windows, and you are coming from a Windows pc and want that window organization experience, then this solves all your problems, but with a little more functionality to it. There is nothing more to say, other than it is a great app for those who want the authentic windows organization experience that the macOS software needed Fantastic app, I am not disappointed.
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5 years ago, joelwright
Can’t Live WIthout It!
I am typically not motivated to write a review, but this is truly one of the most productive products that I have EVER purchased. It is simple and intiutive and easy to get up and running. I use it all the time when I have screen share conference calls for business and both colleagues and clients comment how organized I am able to move screens to the appropriate size for comparison and reference. Perhaps the ultimate test is how much you realize that you need something is when you don’t have it. For some reason my upgrade to the new version did not go msoothly and for a few days I did not have the product. I kept subconsciously trying to call up Magnet and it wasn’t there! For a $1 this is a no lose propostion. I promise you that you have wasted a dollar today on something that you could have purchased this product and seen some benefit. PS I have NO affiliation with the owners of this product and am not being paid to make this recommendation. I truly am compelled to write this for the benefit others to let them know this is a great product!
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3 years ago, C. Fink
The last gap has been filled!
I'm a stickler for efficiency and things have finally got to the point where I have decided to make the move over to Apple/Macs exclusively (aside from a gaming PC). The last remaining challenge I had was emulating the seamless way Windows allows you to snap windows. I have no earthly idea why Apple doesn't include even basic functionality for this in macOS...and no, the ability to tile windows next to each other on different desktops is NOT a suitable alternative. Enter Magnet. Apple needs to buy this app and include this functionality in macOS. The developer deserves it and deserves recognition for creating such a clean, seamless solution. The shortcuts and ability to drag windows to nearly any combination imaginable is the entire reason I've now spent $10,000 on Mac hardware. Truly. This app fills the last gap I had in my assessment of Windows vs. macOS and boy am I glad I found it! 10/10, worth every single penny. I would have paid double what the app costs for this functionality! Highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, fitfo4life
This is a must for stacking open windows and using an ultrawide monitor!!!
If you're like me and you use a three finger upward swipe to go in and out of separate windows/apps, you'll want to use Magnet, even if you're not using a separate monitor. The full screen window when using Magnet (by dragging the window to the top center of the screen and snapping it into place) is WAY more functional than using the green full screen button at the top left of the Mac window. It makes it so much easier and more convenient to switch between apps and windows. I also use the calculator a lot and often stack it in front of an open browser, which is not doable with a regular full screen browser without minimizing it first. I also use a 21:9 external monitor and I split the screen between two separate browser windows for my day-to-day emails/google drive docs/calendar. The Magnet app is the only way that using an external (especially an ultra-wide) monitor makes ANY sense at all.
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1 year ago, CI&F
I loved the app when I had my previous MacBook Pro but ever since switching to my new Apple M2 Pro running Ventura 13.2.1, the Magnet app doesn't consistently open upon login. Following all of the instructions on their website ("Simply trash your Magnet...") doesn't work. Adding the app to the list of Login Items in System Settings doesn't work, having done so many, many times. I've reached out to the Support team twice via their website but I've yet to receive a response. I've also tried to reach them via their support tab on the App reply from there either. I've reduced the number of items in the menu bar (to allow space for the magnet app icon) but that doesn't work. I'm not sure what else to do. For the time being, I'm going to try Apple's Stage Manager and see how that works. Attention: Magnet app developers -- I'd really appreciate your assistance because I love the app but it just doesn't work in my current setting. Help, please.
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5 years ago, bakdhrbridb
Very good software like mentioned, However...
I came across this software because I had so much windows open from different categories of stuff I need to do, so I was imagining if there's a program that can customize sort my windows like file folders. Magnet is as close as I can get it to. However, a suggestion for Magnet people... maybe you can explore something like actually create/rename 'desktops' to allow us to customize our windows/broswer tabs etc, because just by changing the positions and shapes of our windows doesn't just make a clear cut sometimes. Like in my situation; I have School, Work, Project, Hobby, Leisure 'desktops' and each desktop have at least 3-5 different windows, but because there's no name labels, only the mini pictures of the current page or interface that i'm on, that's what it shows. so I tend to forget or misclick the desktops that I tend to go to and it's frustrating especially you are trying to navigate quickly under pressure. if you guys do read my review, I'd feel this would be the next innovative breakthrough in Uitility apps. Thanks
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1 year ago, RacerDino
Please support more arrangements
I just bought the app today, and absolutely loving it! I am an ultrawide monitor user, and this app made me utilize the advantage of such monitor even more. However, I wish if there were more types of window arrangement. Supporting the sixth-combination for ultra-wide monitors is awesome, but such combination is only available as all horizontally-aligned arrangement (that is, 1 * 6). Apps such as Discord cannot be made that narrow. A 2 * 3 arrangement would be nice. In addition, please support even more arrangements; for super-ultrawide monitors (32:9) including 1 * 8 and 2 * 4 arrangements :) Although I've given a four star for this review, I still enjoy and love your app so much! I suggest the developers to get the ultrawide monitor into their office desks and see the limit of productivity it can get to. UPDATE 2/6/23 I started to realize that now macOS features Stage Manager, currently Magnet doesn't play nice with just one criteria: option to not interfere app list on the left when changing window size. Adding the feature would be really nice!
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6 years ago, Ortadragoon
Does exactly what it’s supposed to
I’ve only had my MacBook Pro 13 (Skylake) for about a month now. It’s my first Mac so I’ve been trying out different software. One thing I really missed about Windows at first was the automatic snap feature; it was great and worked fantastic. Base MacOS has something similar but it doesn’t work the same way and I noticed I was having to resize a lot. So I decided to give Magnet a try. Wow. It’s a great app that mimics Windows’ snap functionality through the use of keyboard commands. Could not live without it. Update: Every MacOS user NEEDs this application. Especially if you’re resizing windows frequently. This is most vital on portable Macs, which have limited screen real estate. I’ve been a loyal magnet user for nearly a year now and I seriously cannot stop telling my friends about it. In all honesty, Apple should consider acquiring you guys, pay you super large salaries, and integrating Magnet into future versions of MacOS past Mojave. Thanks for creating a great application and keeping it updated.
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6 years ago, Nichols-ja
Perfect for an always-changing multitasker
Windows 7 and 8 had a useful windows tool that could easily change your desktop into halves or wholes, and I loved using Windows for that reason. I was sore when I switched to Mac to see that this basic feature of multiasking isn’t natively implemented, and I found myself baffled by this inconvenience of constantly resizing windows. I thought that this might have been improved through the addition of splitting windows, but that doesn’t really help because it creates an entire new workspace. I’m a multitasker that is constantly moving windows around, shifting their appearance, and Apple seemed to fail at an attempt to make this a native function of MacOS. But, Magnet fulfills all of these, able to quickly and efficiently use hot-sides, hot-corners, and other utilities to create an efficient and adaptave workspace. I cannot recommend this enough, and it’s price is perfect. I can’t imagine work without it!
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7 years ago, zcllcz1603
Good App, but needs multi-monitor optimization.
The app works great! I can split screen as advertised, and this makes my workspace way less messy. However, one thing that I find annoying is that when I drag a window near the edge of one monitor, and let’s say there is another monitor left of it, the window tend to move to the other screen instead of filling the half of the current screen, and it requires really precise dragging action to get the window to fill half of the current screen. In Windows 10, the system determines whether the user want to fill the current screen or move the window to another screen by checking the position of the cursor: If the cursor is at the current screen, the window will fill the half of the screen when the cursor hits the boundary of the screen. If the cursor is at the other screen, the window will be dragged to the other screen. I think it is not that hard to implement, and optimizing for multi-monitor will make user experience much better. Sorry for the poor English, I am not a native speaker :(
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6 years ago, zygar
Productivity Through The Roof
Do not worry what background you have and/or are currently using. Finally maximize your desktop usage. This is a must for people that would search for the best desktop background websites around or reddit sources. No need. Watch your productivity go through the roof as you actually use this tool to make the tool you poured so much money into make you back time and moeny. Spend more time with your family you are so productive. You can now plan a vacation without wondering how big your spreadsheet window needs to be against your browser window to maximize your viewing potentially while working. Thinking about spending time reoarganizing your file structures. Try throwing a few finder windows open and leaving a terminal window open to watch the magic unravel. Eventually this magical tool created for productivity will lead to more time outdoors and away from your computer. Use this program and the lives of many will change. Way to go.
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2 years ago, zornrah
Great App Love it!
Why this functionality is not written into OSX is beyond me. The feature this application provides is nearly mandatory and invaluable to anyone who uses the GUI with the trakpad/mouse to multitask. If you do not use the GUI, but rely on your keyboard it is useful, but not nearly so much. Others complain about the quirky nature of this application, and it does have a few. If you grab the wrong part of the title bar the application does not do what it is supposed to, however, once you learn where it wants you to grab the title bars it works every time without fail, at least for me. Also when told to put some applications on half-screen, right side orientation Magnet will get the orientation right, but fill more than half the screen. This causes overlap in the windows, and if you are using this application to multitask it can sometimes defeat the purpose. It has not caused me problems though, and i still find Magnet to be very, very useful. Overall i would caution anyone experiencing its quirks to be patient and use trial and error to figure out how the application wants you to use it. Once you do that it will save you a lot of time and effort. So now after years (3 ?) of use, i have to say some of the annoying quirks i wrote about above are no longer true - due to updates. This is a great little application, but again - why is it not a part of OSX to begin with?
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8 months ago, kecy1amr
Must have app, a bit high price :)
I have been using the Magnet app for almost a year and I find it to be a very useful app for managing my windows and workspaces. It also has the Microsoft Windows feature that allows me to resize windows by dragging them to the edge of my display. I have not encountered any major problems or bugs with this app and it is a very neat application. I purchased it for around $3 or $4, if I remember correctly, but the current price of $10 seems unreasonable for such an application, as I can get almost the same functionality with the free application "Rectangle". Therefore, I do not think it is worth buying this app. There is also a feature in "Rectangle" that I wish Magnet had. When the "Stage Manager" feature is enabled on Mac, the fullscreen shortcut does not maximize the app window completely, but leaves some space for the applications listed in the "Stage Manager" mode to be visible on the side. I would appreciate it if this feature was added to Magnet as well.
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4 years ago, dsparky
Simple; helps my workflow; has keyboard shortcuts
I've used many window managers for the Mac over the years. I've moved from Divvy to Moom to Magnet. I like Magnet the best of what I've used (*); it does what I need, quickly. I particularly like these three features: (1) dragging windows to edges or corners to snap them into position; (2) useful keyboard shortcuts to do the same; (3) a menu bar icon that shows the keyboard shortcuts at a glance. (**) (*) There are probably many great options out there; I can only speak to my experience. To give context, I have not tried these: Better Snap, Cinch, Mosaic, SizeUp, Spectacle. (**) Note: Magnet has one problem I've noticed. When I have an external monitor connected, clicking on the Magnet menu bar icon on my laptop screen has no effect. (I would give 5 stars, except for this bug. I submitted this bug to the CrowdCafé team; let's see how quickly they fix it. A prompt reply and bug fix will earn Magnet 5 stars.)
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7 years ago, Inneri
A great little app at a fantastic price!
This app is aboslutely fantastic! It is probably a little TOO reasonably priced, but perhaps I should just be thankful to the developers for such a great deal :) As you’ve probably gathered, this app allows you to drag windows for most applications to areas of the screen and have them resize automatically to predefined sizes. It works exactly as you’d expect. It has one job and it does it extremely well. There are occasional, very minor confusions when using this app with Mission Control, where you may try to drag a window to the top of the screen and trigger both Magnet AND Mission Control/Exposé, but this is a very minor and very occasional hiccup. Quite possibly it has more to do with user error than anything :) Magnet would be a fantastic buy at anywhere between $5 and $10. At $1, if you’ve EVER wanted quick organizational control or enjoyed the functionality of Windows Snap even a TINY bit, stop reading and buy it now.
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1 year ago, D3SportsFan
Best App for Mac
I have been using Magnet for three years now. It has truly revolutionized my organization on my Mac. Apple has built some similar tech into their new software updates but it has far less flexibility than Magnet. I first got Magnet to organize my setup when plugging into my monitor. But, I found that when I transferred my work to my laptop screen, it became even more useful when I had smaller screen space. It has few glitches, if ever. Anytime I found Magnet buttons greyed out, I quit the app, double clicked it in Finder, and it worked perfectly again (this has only happened a handful of times in the last three years). Other Mac users have been jealous of my screen organization in the past and it's thanks to Magnet. One piece of feedback: add screen quartering. (I use thirds for my laptop screen and sixths for my wide monitor, but quarters would be better in certain scenarios, too.)
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5 years ago, Allthecoolnicknamesretaken
I have to turn my company laptop in every summer for updating, and Magnet is one of the very first things I install when I get it back! My computer life is basically divided into two parts: before getting Magnet and after getting Magnet, and I’ve blocked the first one from my memory. I don’t want to remember having to manually resize windows and getting them not to overlap, etc. Maybe it’s not that big a deal to some people, but I work with multiple windows most of the time and then want to see one full-size and then back to seeing 2-3 together, back and forth, so Magnet saves me untold amounts of time! I use keyboard customized shortcuts instead of dragging or using the icon, and it’s incredibly fast! You just press three keys and it automatically snaps to the position you wanted. If you’re used to using keyboard shortcuts, you’ll quickly get to where you don’t even have to think about which keys to press. And for this price, why not?
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2 years ago, ericihle
I wish this was more like the no-longer updated Hyperdock Helper app. :(
Has most of the window options I was looking for, but is less useful than Hyperdock which is no longer updated on the app store (still works, but is 4yrs old). Unlike Hyperdock, this app does not provide previews of the windows when you hover over their dock icons, plus it does not resize the preview window. It also does not seem to do is a "center" option that goes from full window to a less-full window in the middle of the screen (like Hyperdock does). The center option they have takes an already existing window and moves it towards the center. If you have a full screen window, the "center" function is useless. Again, would be really helpful if the center fuction would take a full-screen window to a less-full screen window. Try to tinker around with keyboard shortcuts and you can't even default them back to their original setting once changed... Thankfully I still have an old copy of Hyperdock that works from the App Store (even though it is no longer updated let alone a native ARM app).
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3 years ago, Wiredboypr
Just awesome
While I've been a Windows/Mac user for many years, my main platform for work was Windows. In there you have the Power toys which allows you to partition the screen. When I started looking for something similar for Mac the first option that I've stumbled upon was Magnet. Enough to say that my search was over, while powertoys is a free tool the low cost of Magnet still is close to free. I spend the whole day working on an ultrawide screen and I wouldn't be able to do it without Magnet, organizing tools like Teams, Outlook, and any other software used to work on my screen I'm able to be more productive and take better advantage of screen real estate provided by the ultra wide screen. I don't even use key shortcuts because the windows can be arranged by dragging to the screen edge. If you need to make more of your screen, look no further, Magnet is everything you'll ever need.
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6 years ago, Bytehoven
This saves a great deal of time
Once you get used to it, you will use it very often, dozens of times each day, perhaps hundreds. The only improvement I would suggest concerns the corne drags. I wish that holding down the optionkey while dragging to the corner would reduce the width by a third instead of half the screen, and holding down the comman would reduce the width to a quarter. It looks like they might have been thinking of allowing this at one time, because if you try that while in the app store, a message comes up saying the window cannot be any narrower (and that message is not being generated by the app store, because it doesn’t come up unless you’re using Magnet. However, that’s just the app store; Finder windows can be a quarter or a third width, and so can the windows of many other apps, so why not give us the option. Perhaps the reason has something to do with the keyboard shortcuts availability. But I find those shortcuts irrelevant; I’ve never used them, but that’s a persona preference.
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3 years ago, umlaut04
Helpful for one screen. Essential for a dual display.
Magnet is useful for one screen, but where it really shines is in managing windows for two screens. Command-tab (or click) to pick the app window you want, then use a quick key command to instantly make that window full, 1/2 or 1/4 screen on any edge or corner, and move them back and forth between displays. This is especially amazing if you have a setup with one main display facing you, and one at an angle. Yes, you can just drag windows between displays, but resizing them is a pain. I keep one full screen window on my main display, and four others 1/4 size on the side display. I can glance at them, or bring it to the main display at full size in literally two seconds. Parking it back in the corner of the side display is another two seconds. It's a simple tool that you can learn in a couple minutes and use all day every day.
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2 years ago, Noxrige
A Basic function that should be available on most Macs
When I heard of the split screen "functions/capabilities" of the mac I thought it would be in line with WIndows: a quick Win arrow to instantly have a window cover half your monitor. Instead, it was a tedious clicking on green maximize button to tile windows to left/right of the screen. The basic mac function doesn't even let you switch easily to other windows you have opened up. I tried looking online to see if there were any quick mac shortcuts to deal with the problem, but didn't find much. That was when a friend recommended magnet to me and boy was it an absolute game changer. The shortcuts with magnet allow you to quickly snap windows to 1/2, 1/3, or full window size. No more tedious green button pressing or holding the green button to tile off windows! Worth every penny in increasing productivity!
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1 year ago, HistoryGypsy
Essential App
This app has been one of my most essential purchases. I literally use it on a daily basis, and I have used it for several years now. I typically use it to divide my screen in half between two things I need to see, but sometimes I'll have as many as four things open on my screen with this. It's amazing how much time I save not having to look back and forth. It's incredibly easy to use, too. As a teacher with tons of paperwork and record-keeping to stay on top of, this makes my life so much easier because I can fit everything I need to see on my screen at one type (super useful when I'm grading with a rubric, planning/writing curriculum, corresponding with students, etc). It's also really handy with my PhD work becaue I can have a source I'm using open on one side of the screen while I am note-taking or writing on the other side of the screen.
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7 years ago, SamuraiMD
Simple, but Impactful
I was intrigued by Magnet and have not been let down. I often have to go between 2 to 3 applications in order to take notes on medical school notes or project planning. Instead of swiping between various mac desktops with each main staging a different app, I can now have them on the same screen and rapidly condense my information to write up notes or reports. My productivity has been greatly increased and I look forward to exploring it further. I’ve seen more combinations available than I’ve been able to use yet. I am still getting used to have to resize the text/features of each app depending the the size of screen it’s locked into. That is the only thing that has given me some frustration, but it seems to just be a learning curve issue. I’m happy to have found something so simple and intuitive that is so impactful on productivity. Combined with Duet, my workstation feels complete for now.
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2 months ago, chaszp
I use Magnet on a daily basis. On my Macbook Air, on my Mac Mini, on one monitor or with multiple monitors. When I first made the switch to Mac from Windows, I missed the snap to half window feature of pulling a program window to the right or left and it snapping into a half window. I read about Magnet, tried it, and I love it!!! Being able even on my Air to have a Zoom call with a screen of all participants on the call, a screen for the speaker, and a screen for a document open at the same time is something I use all the time. On my Mac Mini with my monitor, I can have multiple screens of programs open for my research such as a word processor, web browser, Zotero, and another window of word processor for an outline or to cut out sections of text and paste in later. If you need a simple way to see multiple programs at the same time, Magnet is the tool.
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6 months ago, Gaozhen
Super helpful but with some bugs
I love love love the ability to snap windows to the left 1/3 and right 2/3, or right 1/3 and left 2/3, or 50/50, etc. with just a quick keyboard shortcut. It makes my many desktops and screens so much more usable! Bugs / issues that do create some friction, however: 1: multiple monitors, if I use the shortcut to go 1/2 screen on the side with the second monitor, it instead moves the window do the second monitor. Bringing it back, it's not full height. ANNOYING. 2: the app remembering which desktop / screen each window is on is only about 80% reliable when waking the computer up from sleep. E.g. there is ONE chrome window that AWAYS moves to the first desktop when it belongs on the last. Safari windows almost always go to the wrong screen. Google Chat never stays on its assigned screen or desktop. The majority do, so it's usable, but still a regular friction and very annoying. 3. Restarting the computer, or restarting an app, completely completely F's up the arrangement and I have to spend 20 minutes moving windows again. Very annoying as I'm a power user that moves between 8 desktops for different aspects of work and personal to stay organized. TL;DR: overall, I still love it and use it, and there's no solid competitor that I've found. But man, you guys could do a few minor fixes to resolve the above and it would make you unstoppable.
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2 years ago, research9900
Basic tool
There are other free apps that do the same. There's no benefit in paying for this one. I thought the issues I had with a free app were going to be solved by a paid app, but they are not. For example, in Chrome, I have multiple tabs. If I drag a tab to the side of the screen, to automatically create a new window that will be half of my screen, it doesn't work. First you have to drag the tab to create the new window, and then you can drag the new window to the side of the screen. Another feature not available is the option to create custom views. There are a lot of views available, but one is really useful to me is not here. I have an ultrawide screen, and sometimes I want to place a window right in the center. The only option I have is "center third" wich places the window in the center but also resize it to a third of the screen width, but I don't want it to be resized; just placed in the center. Overal it does what it says it will, but other free apps do it as well.
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2 years ago, cwardok
Works with Some not All Apps
This app used to work 100% of the time, all the time. I can understand that this application can't always be 100% compatible with other software products, tis the reason I'm still giving 5 stars. The app works well when it is compatible with the app you are using. A large downside for me is this app does not work with the most recent versions of Google Chrome. When trying to snap the Chrome window, I receive the following snakcbar pop ups "Can't be more Narrow". The window definitely snaps to the side I drag the window, but it does not resize the window to fit within the snapped width. I only see half of the chrome screen (half off screen/half on screen). I have to manually resize the window to fit on the section of the screen I want it on, which defeats the purpose of this app. Otherwise, good app.
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7 years ago, Cristianqerg
simple, nimble and almost perfect
Magnet made my transition from Windows quite a lot easier, given that Macs do not have proper native window management. I’ll say this: Windows 10 window management is just the best (period). But magnet comes to the rescue to give you a little bit of what you left behind. I like the shortcuts, the drag and resize window management. Overall, great. A few suggestions: give the user the ability to create custom layouts or overwrite existing ones with custom layouts in place of built-in ones. And, 2 of the greatest things about the Windows window management are the ability to move the bar between the windows thus resizing 2 windows at the same time (move the center border left making the right window larger and the left window smaller). And… when you drag one window left it asks you whawt you want on the right. Great job and keep improving this and thank you!
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3 years ago, RamiroJeeper
I'm a Substitute Teacher, a Tutor, and a grad student, so having multitple windows open on one screen, at once, is critical to the successful completion of my work. Tiles makes this possible. If you're someone who may need more than one window open at one time, but hate toggling between screens and don't have the money to spend on a monitor that can mirror your laptop or an HP that already comes equipped with this feature, then this application is definitely worth the one-time one dollar fee. P.s. I know this review may sound fake. Trust me, it isn't. I'm just a former freelance writer and I'm working toward my credentials to become an English teacher. I'm innately verbose and I like using multi-syllable words. P.s.s. To further exemplify how authentic my review is, I don't care if you purchase this app or not. They asked me to write a review so I did. Buy it or don't. If you do, enjoy!
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6 years ago, RebeccaRae411
Easy to use, increased productivity
I downloaded this as one of the recommendations in the App Store. Typically, I tend to stay away from apps that cost money because it’s a crapshoot whether it’ll work as anticipated and you can usually find something that is acceptable for your needs that’s free. I took a chance on Magnet and it was well worth it! As someone who uses both a PC and Mac on a daily basis, there are some features that you get used to having on one that you wish both had - and snapping programs in Windows was something I wished I could do on my Mac as well. Sometimes, the app will close on its own and I’ll have to go back to manually reopen it. But when it’s open, it works perfectly and I have never had any issues with it. If you need to quickly/easily view multiple windows/programs or just want the computer to resize the windows for you, THIS is your solution right here.
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6 years ago, Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeet69
Really great except for Price
I had just bought a mac and my friend told me about this app how useful it was. This app is really great and has cut down on annoying moments where im trying to resize my windows. I was always use to Dell computers that were nomrally bigger and had a bigger screen, so when I got a Mac it was hard to get used to the smaller size and smaller display screen. But this app has honestly made it easier to look at documents and other things at the same time. BUT (here comes the part where I complain about it) When my friend told me about this app it was only $0.99 ast the time (this was only a couple months ago). And while they could not use every feature that the pro version offered, they were able to quite a bit. I honestly only use the same four fucntions. To either move my screen from left to right (half page) or to make it full screen. For myself, it was free when I got it but with in app purchases, so o figured it would be a dollar or two. So apparently I got a free demo and after so mnay uses I needed to purchase it to continue, but this time the only option was the Magnet pro ersion for $4.99. Which of course i did buy cause im a sucker, but Im still a little salty lol. Either way its a great app, but try to find it when its cheaper cause youll feel better about buying it at $2 than at $5
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2 years ago, zoomyhunter
The solution I truly wanted
Being a long time Windows user, the switch to Mac took a lot of adjustment. The lack of ability to get the partial window placement was really bothering me as I relied on this in Windows. The Magnet solution does this and more. The ability to seperate in thirds across the screen is more useful than I first thought. My favorite is to have my major item taking up the left half of the screen and then on the right half split it top and bottom (quaters) with browser and email. That is my "standard" setup on the laptop screen. I can quickly and easily change it to increase my productivity. Am I bothered by the fact that it was not a standard Mac feature to split screens? Yes, but not enough not to solidly recommend this product even though you have to pay for it. It was well worth it for me.
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7 years ago, 100 Watt Walrus
Best of breed
I use Magnet mostly to have a keyboard shortcut for Maximize (i.e., making windows occupy the full screen, except the Dock and Menu, without having to go into Apple’s awful full-screen mode that can’t even CMD+~ between windows in the same app and doesn’t show up in App Exposé). But I also use it for side-by-side windows for the same reason (Apple’s built-in version is bloody awful). I’ve tried several other apps with similar features, and Magnet is far and away the most intuitive and user-friendly (e.g., the illustrations in the menu) — and it’s the least expensive. You pretty much can’t go wrong. When Apple does something badly (which is more and more often lately), I love when someone else comes along and builds an app that does it right. The fact that Magnet is #1 in the Mac App Store tells you both how great it is, and just how awful Apple’s built-in tool really is.
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6 years ago, space wrench
Weird UI problem that you would be WRONG to think was a Magnet problem...
I had a problem on a 27” Retina iMac where desktop hot-corners and Mission Control wouldn’t work right. Apple Support helped me poke around, and we thought it was a Magnet problem. However, on further investigation, it seems more likely that it’s because I use encrypted partitions, and on the first login after a reboot, the partitions aren’t unlocked & mounted until after the UI daemons start. So they don’t have the correct configuration information, and they don’t work right. I have to log in, log out, and log in again, and then everything works perfectly. It’s not Magnet’s fault, and I’m not even sure Magnet can do anything about it — it seems to be a Mission Control problem. Magnet is just an innocent bystander, which gets blamed because it’s third-party software that affects the UI. So, if your Mission Control doesn’t work correctly, log out and then back in again.
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7 years ago, imjoshnewton
Exactly what I needed
Magnet is exactly what I have been looking for. I have been using the window mover actions in Keyboard Maestro for several years now and while they worked very well initally, I’ve had issues with them handling multiple monitors for the past year. It was something that I worked around for a while but when I saw Magnet on the App Store, I had to try it. The simplicity of having quick access to the keyboard shortcuts is one of my favorite things other than the basic functionality. I’ve not had any issues so far. I quickly changed all of the keyboard shortcuts to the ones I used to use and immediately got to work moving my windows around as needed. This is extrememly helpful for someone who does development work. Being able to quickly organize web broswers, text editors, and terminal windows right from your keyboard is an invaluable tool.
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6 years ago, Mr. Lucas Brice
Good, But Flawed
There are a few changes that would cause me to give this app five stars. The biggest problem is that if you use it with a Microsoft Word document, the next time you open a Word document, it will forever open in the same tiny size as it did when you were using the app. I had to spend about a half hour looking for a way to get Word to open at the size I wanted. Every time you use Magnet with Word, it will d the same thing, so you’ll be constantly fixing it. There’s a default that automatically resizes whichever window you’re working on to fill your screen if you touch it to the top of your desktop for a couple of seconds while you’re dragging it to another location. I don’t know why anyone would want to do this, nevrer mind making it a default behavior. Tracking down why my Mac was suddenly acting this way took me about an hour to fix. Finally, Magnet needs a more layout options, or a way for me to customize where I’d like to place the windows.
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3 years ago, egwright3
Feature Request
Magnet is an ABSOLUTE MUST for Mac users; it makes life so much easier, and when I tell you not a day has passed where I haven't used it, I mean it. Magnet is one of those things that don't make themselves noticeable but that work day in and day out in the background. It's become such second nature to just snap my windows that when I use other people's Macs and they don't have the application, I can instantly notice, and it drives me nuts having to manually place windows. One feature that I would like to request, however: After snapping a window to a side of the screen, Magnet should show all open windows in a Mission-Control-type style to allow the user to fill the other portion of the space in one operation, as is done by the native MacOS zoom feature when clicking "Tile Window to Left/Right of Screen."
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3 years ago, moremagnet
Great app, but would love more options
This app is fantastic. I work on a computer all day every day & Magnet is amazing. I do, however, wish there was a way to configure my own window dimensions. I use multiple monitors & the larger ones could easily have more than the maximum number of windows. I guess most users probably wouldn't care about more options than what're already available but it would be amazing for those of us who use larger monitors. As a developer I understand that there are limitations on the MacOS that prevent some applications from sizing smaller depending on the resolution, but I know that it's possible to work around this (not easily). I know multiple coworkers who feel the same way and I'm sure most would be more than willing to pay for additional config options. Please consider this!
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5 years ago, mfoximus
Awesome, but missing one usefule feature
Magnet is one of, if not the most useful productivity app that you can add on MacOs. As a windows user, I absolutely refused to use an apple computer simply becuase of the fact that the window management system was so terrible I found it unusable. Magnet changes this, allowing me to retain all my productivity that I had once only been able to use on Windows. Though it is a great program, it is missing one key feature that could make it a stupendous one. I really wish that when you drag a window to a designated zone to resize it, that all your other windows would pop up as possible options to be placed in a second zone next to the one you just created. This is an extremely useful feature that is part of Windows application managment and if Magnet did this, it would be hands down flawless.
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7 months ago, screensnapper
Good But Stagnated
I'm also a recent Windows transplant, and it goes without saying that the Windows 11 snapping window manager is truly next level. Moving to MacOS has long been a goal of mine, and while Magnet does fill a lot of the functionality of Windows Snap, I wish there were more customization options to keep up with what Windows is doing. Specifically, it's great that Windows shows a panel of window arrangement options when you hover the cursor over the maximize button. Magnet would be much nicer to use if they could implement something similar when hovering over the MacOS green button. It would also be nice if there were a way to toggle on a buffer around the snapped windows like in Windows PowerToys FancyZones. This would allow a bit of visual "breathing room" around snapped windows to allow the desktop to peak through, which is a very MacOS-friendly feature considering the emphasis on aesthetics in this OS.
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6 years ago, ASR_77
Very happy, until I disabled it...
I have been very happy with Magnet and the functionality that it offers. I don’t really use the snap features, but heavily rely on keyboard shortcuts and I love the fact that I’m able to move a window to exactly where I want in just a few key strokes. However, what just happened makes me re-evaluate whether or not I want to continue using Magnet: Outlook froze, which isn’t that unusual, but I could tell that it was caused by Magnet because the snap outline was visible. I quit Magnet and Outlook instantly came back to life. And then I realized how much faster moving Outlook windows was, without Magnet being turned on! I totally realize that this might be an Outlook issue, but the fact is that windows move so much faster and fluidly when Magnet is not running. I tried disabling the snap feature, but it doesn’t seem to help.
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