Magnifi Financial

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Magnifi Financial Credit Union
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7 months ago
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User Reviews for Magnifi Financial

3.98 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Tdhowen
Great App
I use this App often and it is very easy to maneuver around. I like the remote deposit ability as it saves time depositing a check. The App seems to have glitches when I take pictures of a check to deposit. It has crashed a few times while taking the pictures of the front and back of a check. The App must not shut down when finished, I try to use it and it doesn’t use the facial recognition so I close the app and restart the app and then it works.
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2 years ago, Sheri Carlen
Carlen Farms
We were merged into a new branch from Collegeville to CMCU now Magnifi Financial. We really enjoy the simplicity of being able to transfer funds within our accounts to even our son that also has a banking relationship with Magnifi Financial. We are busy farmers & being able to make mobile deposits has been a convenient way for us to use-instead of taking the time & high prices in gas ⛽️ to drive to our nearest branch. Which is 60 miles round trip. We had several accounts @ one time & now simplified that option as well. When we first transitioned over, the online accounts was not set up quite detailed/user friendly like it is now. I would like to thank the IT department or whom ever thought of this concept. We’ve banked at other outside banks, you’ve got my utmost respect & 5 ⭐️rating. Along with your great customer friendly & knowledgeable representatives. Thank YOU 🙏 so very much! 🤗
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5 years ago, Erik_1515
A step backwards
The new app is a several step backwards compared to the one they replaced - which is disappointing and makes it harder to bank online with CMCU. The font size is smaller across the board, which makes common tasks like viewing account balances and individual transactions details difficult. It’s impossible to see your credit card balance when there is a transaction pending unless you navigate to that account itself. Transferring money from one account to another is also a couple more taps then it used to be - you no longer can start a transfer from the accounts view. The app is overrun with little alerts with tiny font that explain the functionality that you can dismiss, but every time you reload the app they come back again and take up a lot of real-estate and get in the way of what I’m trying to get done. Even the app loading screen when you first open it looks outdated. The user experience is bad.
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5 years ago, Mead0301
Was better. Needs improvement.
Look I understand having to update with the times and all as a programmer I get that but this was a really bad implementation of what used to be a good stand alone app. The app doesn’t need to be able to do everything the website does. But that seems to be what was done with the latest update. The app loads much slower while logging in. It is also hard to find things such as mobile deposit. The first rule is make it user friendly and this is not very user friendly. I’ll be happy with it even in its current format if the log in time is sped up and the ability to navigate the page is cleaned up and more user friendly. When that happens I will be more then willing to change this to a five star review. Until then I will give it two as at least it does work.
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2 years ago, Jaxon's Grammers
This bank is the absolute worst customer
Magnify financial merged with my credit union, the biggest cluster “duck” I’ve experienced. We no longer have access to the build relationships with any of the credit union employees. We no longer have a personal attention feeling anymore. We have a corporate we don’t care about you feeling. None of our transactions with the credit union were merged over to magnify, and we can no longer access, our transactions from the credit union app. None of the things that I had set up with the credit union have been transferred over. I hate this bank. I hate this institution, and I definitely hate the people who answer the phones for Magnifi Financial. They’re condescending, rude, and unprofessional. I will be looking for another financial institution!
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5 years ago, ryleetroberts
Pretty great, some minor issues
The merging of online banking and mobile banking was really great, but with that, it brought some problems with it. Before the merge, the mobile app was pretty much flawless. Now, there are some problems with loading times that weren’t there before, and also some general usability changes that don’t really work the best for a mobile user. But overall, still a great app and does what it needs to do, usually without a fuss.
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4 years ago, rkkosak
I would appreciate that if I close one of grey notices at the top of the screen, that the next time I open the app that it not be there again. They take up a lot of space above the fold and it’s annoying to constantly be closing the same messages. The drag and drop function to rearrange the order of my accounts is very touchy. Sometimes when I scroll my accounts rearrange, which I don’t like. Would it be possible to have a designated spot per account row with a drag icon for that functionality?
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2 years ago, CD1113
Almost Perfect
The only thing I’d say is charging 30 dollars for ever over withdrawal is a bit much. I was over by 8 cents and I got charged 30 dollars. Also there has been 2 times I was over and got charged a 2nd late fee. I’d recommend giving us a chance to correct our actions first, than if we don’t after a day than charge us the 30. Other than that I’m very happy!
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5 years ago, jesica_s
This “updated” version is absolutely terrible. I used to love the ease of everything with my mobile app with both mobile deposit and transferring. Now, everything takes 10x longer. Transferred money from one account to another yesterday and am still waiting for it to show the transaction. Old app showed every transaction right away both posted and pending. Feel like this app is the original version and the old app was what was supposed to be the updated version. Extremely disappointed and if it wasn’t so much hassle I would look into switching banks. Rethink this decision.
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5 months ago, ... forget anout it.
K. I. S. S.
OK, app is too busy. Your programmer should just go with accounting 101, account, debit, credit, and balance. Settings, and bright red and bold print are unnecessary. Once you pick your settings, that’s it. You should have an option to change, but you don’t need that option in bold print with a red background every time. BOLD ACCOUNT NUMBER unnecessary, I already know what account im accessing. DEBITS, CREDITS, TRANSFERS AND BALANCES SHOULD BE BOLD! Summary: Accounting 101 K. I. S. S.
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11 months ago, Srhansen5
Feature rich, easy to use
I have accounts at 4 different banks and each has different mobile and online apps. This one is far and above superior to the others! Significantly more features/capabilities than the other banking apps I’ve used and intuitive/easy to use.
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2 years ago, Psch24
Significant Improvements!
I first used the app several years ago and went back to wells because of online services and bill pay. BUT have finally made the move to go 100% CMCU in part due to being local and now in part because the have just as good of tools as the big banks!
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2 years ago, $$$...!!!???
Bill pay options requested
I really like the app and most of the features. I would really like to see a re-occurring option for bill pay without sharing accounts. Most other banks seem to already have this feature. I love that they have added Zelle for transferring money.
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4 years ago, Sarahrah87
CMCU makes depositing checks easy
It’s convenient to be able to deposit a check at any time when work hours don’t always allow for in person depositing or if you’re like me and forget every time you drive by the bank. I also love the ease of checking my accounts or transferring money right on my phone.
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5 years ago, vertpower7
Love that it’s all the same now!
I love the fact if I log in on my phone or computer it’s all the same! I also love the fact that I can see everything about my mortgage from the app. External transfers are also super easy now. This is very simple to use, I don’t need to use a computer at all for any of banking needs anymore. Great improvement!
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5 months ago, Deblee61
So easy…..
I love the app because it is so user friendly and it has everything at my fingertips! I can deposit a check, look at my balance and transfer money from one account to another account in minutes! Thanks for making it so easy peasy for a non- techy woman😀 Deborah Greenlee
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2 years ago, magnifyuser
App errors
Over the last few months the app has been having errors and showing me incorrect numbers in my accounts after receiving and transferring money. It eventually fixes itself but The one thing we need most from a bank is to at least see our money and the amounts when we need to know. I do NOT like my money messed with like this. I’m considering no longer banking here. The 2nd star is for the nice costumer support that’s it.
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5 years ago, Longtimecustomer30yrs
It’s ok...but....
The one thing we really don’t like is that the accounts main page doesn’t show your payment due date on the summary page. We have to drill down into each account to look for that. The old app displayed this right on the home page. Can we get that back? I do like that we can now pay our mortgage from our mobile. That’s a good change. I also like the facial recognition feature to log in.
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2 years ago, Kachickafriv
Navigation & Transaction
The navigation in the app is simple and set up efficiently. Transactions are available such as making deposits at home or on the go, and transferring money is simple and did not take long, even when tried the first time.
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1 year ago, Ben B. 412
Allows for big picture look at your moneys
The best Jerry, the best. It’s an app for your credit union, if that’s where your money is you have to use this app to do money stuff, unless you want to go to their website or branch. Why are people always wanting me to rate apps that have little alternatives?
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6 months ago, TStaub999
Financial categories
The app was working great until the last update. I am no longer able to change categories of my purchases. When I click on the pencil or click on the 3 dots to the right to change, I see the categories but it is grayed out and doesn’t allow me to change. I used this feature to keep track of expenses but am very frustrated now that it doesn’t work
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5 years ago, ahommer
Horrible update!
This new app is very poorly designed. It’s interface it slow and glitchy with almost every task I try to complete. The ability to only have Touch ID login for one account is frustrating. I’m assuming many members have more then one account with CMCU... especially business owners who have both their business and personal accounts with CMCU. The last app was way more user friendly for the common tasks (transfer funds, check balance, deposit checks). The new update makes the simple tasks a giant pain.
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5 years ago, EMons88
Newest version not mobile friendly
The stand alone app was so much better than the web based app we have now. If you connect to a new WiFi it requires you to authenticate yourself via phone or text and sometimes even on a know network. The mobile deposit is very clunky and will not recognize check as easily as it used to. The accounts and actions are not as seamless and easy to access as they should be it used to be.
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5 years ago, Aholl56384
Worst App!
The update to this app is the worst. One evening I tried using my debt card for a large purchase and suddenly realized I forgot that I needed to increase my daily spending limit on my card. I went to the app to do this and low and behold the new app version doesn’t have this feature. And of course CMCU doesn’t have a 24/7 help line so I had to wait for the next business day. This may seem minor but when my purchase was time sensitive my frustration that I already had for this app grew even larger. CMCU app = user unfriendly!
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5 months ago, Amazinghhhh
I love the CMCU app
The Magnifi app is user friendly and very well layed out. The app is designed to flow very easily with my transactions, it’s very clear and easy to use and to find my selections. I just love and appreciate the mobile check deposit and Zelle options as well.
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5 years ago, KimSECBKB
It is much better after update
I like the fact that you can see all Loans now and money transfers from checking or savings to loan. One thing I find worse is mobile deposits , it takes them longer to show up. I like the 4 quick access buttons that were added !
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4 years ago, morelosv
Easy to use
The app is much easier to use. Very easy to read and I like the different colors for the shares. For having 5 accounts linked to my main account and being able to separate them all to distinguish one from other is great.
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4 years ago, IchBinKhaleesi
It’s convenient
I frequently go out of country to Canada and it’s so easy to log into my account and enable my cards for travel. Sometime even same day (sorry CMCU haha). I like the email option for deposit notifications as well so I can keep track of when I get paid.
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5 years ago, safoote
Great loan officers
Wendy and Doug are the best loan officers to work with. Doug makes sure you understand how the home loan process works, he explains everything in detail. He will travel to where you need him to for house closing. Wendy always makes sure that you are getting a good loan for whatever your needs are.
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2 years ago, Stevie wonder less
I like it overall, but it’s a little buggy
In general the app works as it should. For some reason the facial recognition feature won’t always work causing me to have to restart the phone, which is a pain. I need to do this a few times a week.
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5 years ago, hvdtijvg
The old app was easier to navigate. Quicker responding. Had the information you need daily out front and accessible. This new app is terrible in comparison. The writing is so much smaller it’s hard to read and I have good eye sight. Also when transferring money to make a credit card payment or a loan payment it doesn’t show the payment amount due. The old app did. I am disappointed in the decision to switch to this new app but I guess it’s like they say. All good things must come to an end
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12 months ago, olsenval
Customer Service
I have been with Magnifi since they became the new owners and with CMCU for several years. I’ve had only great service with both owners, it always personal attention every time. I love working with them.
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1 year ago, kamoscho
Very user friendly and has convenient features!
The app for Magnifi is great! Mobile deposit checks or transfer funds from accounts. Highly recommend it!
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2 years ago, Frank Areche
They must notify you immediately when they deposit you, do not wait the other day and notify on weekends since no activity is registered if it is the weekend and include zeller in the app
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3 years ago, courtneyrose67
For some reason my app wasn’t functioning the way it should and the staff at my credit union when above and beyond to solve the issue. My app is definitely a game changer in my busy schedule.
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4 months ago, 2-BOP
Absolutely smooth
Magnif have a Online smooth operation anything you want to do and have to do is absolutely online. Their website is amazing. You don’t believe me check it out.
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3 years ago, acatkiss
Great Service
This bank takes great care of their customers and provides tons of options and services. The level of interest in security is second to none. Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, captain obvious 4.0
Not a fan of the changes
Many of the functions we use are not as easily accessible with the changes made. It’s harder to see balance and payment due date. I miss the color coding that used to be there, red for negative. Transferring money and other functions were hard to find. When the system didn’t work and then our log in from our phone didn’t work we missed a payment and I heard several other people who said the same thing. Our main frustration was if you are going to make changes it should be better/easier. We love our bank and are getting used to the changes but there have been several times of frustration where it doesn’t seem well thought out.
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5 years ago, "Member123"
Leaving CMCU
There was nothing wrong (from a user’s standpoint) with the “old” system. This idea of having a “uniformed” banking system is completely wrong. When I log into my bank account on a mobile device, I want fewer clicks and all of my functions to be accessible. With this “new” app everything takes more time, I counted my clicks to do almost every function and in most cases they have doubled. I’m already in the process of switching financial institutions.
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3 months ago, AC4400
Every time I’ve had a question and need to talk to a live person, I am always able to do that. Not outsourced to a foreign country. I am very pleased to do business with Magnifi.
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5 years ago, Fry2K_85
A solid ‘Meh’ application
It gets the job done, but the navigation of the app is complicated. Moving the loans and accounts around on the ‘home’ screen is terrible. The previous app worked much better overall, this new update and app is basically just more colors and harder to use.
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5 years ago, bigbobbot
The old app was so simple and straightforward. It did exactly what it was supposed to do without any bs. Update app and it is horrible. I know they combined their web service with the mobile service to make it more convenient for CMCU. But, speaking for myself, I have direct deposit and pretty much do all my banking from my phone, it has been very inconvenient. I normally don’t complain, but their stupid “rate the app” window popped up, so here you have it, my two cents.
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4 years ago, countryhick91
I love it
It makes everything easy and user friendly when you figure it out Would like to know how to transfer to accounts of other people
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4 months ago, AnnieOakley1971
Easy to use
I like how easy it is to change my password so I consistently have a new one. My all time favorite is actually how well fraud watch works!
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1 year ago, Kelc0720
Super user friendly
The app is super user friendly. I’m able to do all of my banking needs within the app. Which is great during this time.
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5 years ago, mnjh85
Happy with update
I was always so confused when the app and online banking had separate logins and looked completely different. It’s way easier to use now that they’re the same.
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5 years ago, MoonrakerNate
Seriously??? No stars!!!
The last update is a disaster! Who Wrote this junk! I watched this app mature and get better over the past couple years, than all of a sudden it took a 180deg turn into devolution! I used to deposit checks in under a minute. Since this new update it took me half an hour to try and get one check loaded into account!!! That is unacceptable!! I’m sorry but garbage like this may drive me away to another bank...
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2 years ago, Rising Path
It’s Taken a While
Since the revamp of the app, I have grown accustom to the features. I don’t deal with well with change, but I like how this app has turned out.
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4 months ago, C*J*D
Online banking app
Most of the time it works great. Some technical issues which I have addressed 2 times now; still not solved!! Works on iPad but not on iPhone 🤷‍♀️
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12 months ago, Rey Lopez
Love This App
Ever since switching Credit Unions in October I have been nothing short of impressed with this app. The ease of use, the versatility. This banking app has everything I need. I love this app!
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