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Magnit, LLC
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User Reviews for Magnit VMS Mobile

3.82 out of 5
528 Ratings
7 years ago, cmarch39
More like magic WAND
The app is so much more intuitive, efficient and snappier to use than logging hours and expenses on the WAND website, which still feels like a archaic web portal from 2008, at this point. I've found some minor annoyances - I can only log sick time on the website for some reason, as an example. So if you need to be more detailed, you might be forced to still use the website, which is even more infuriating after you're used to the app. But overall, the app experience is so much less of a headache. And at the end of a work week, that's exactly what I want.
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5 years ago, LE - 8719
Work on the Go!
We all know how fast paced the recruiting world is, especially within VMS. I’ve always gotten frustrated with the Wand browser because it runs sooo slow! Once the app came out it literally changed my work life and made my fast paced of my sooo much smoother. The App is fantastic! Not only is it faster than the wand web browser, but you can submit candidate already in the system which is super helpful to get our candidates submitted first. You‘re able to confirm interviews and notify the candidate, not only by email but text messages as well! The push notifications are great because even on the go you can see what new Reqs are coming out and see real-time update activity on reqs. Sometimes I even use the app at my desk rather than using my desktop. It’s truly that AMAZING! I can’t say enough great things about the Wand supplier app. If you don’t already have the app I highly recommend you download it now and make your daily recruiting life easier and more efficient! #winning
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5 years ago, bszmig
Submission issues
I had 3weeks of expenses I needed to input, which took me a little over 3 hours (1 hour per week basically, this may not be the same for you and I understand that). After inputting all my receipts, I went to convert each week from draft to save which had no problems, but when I went to submit the information for processing the app would kick me out. I tried this appropriately 4 times for each week (one actually did submit), but the other two weeks would not. I thought maybe there were to many users on at the same time and decided to wait till the morning. When I went to go submit my information in the morning everything was gone. All the work and time I spent getting everything together disappeared. The kicker is I emailed ProUnlimited and their response was, “the app doesn’t work as well as on the website”! I responded asking why even offer the app? I never heard back. Now I receive multiple emails asking for a 5 star review. Unfortunately, I can’t give them one, mostly due to their response.
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5 years ago, Alix Teague
User Friendly
I find the app to be very user friendly. I love that you have the ability to copy previous work days and to bypass the lunch option. As a contractor, I don’t normally take a lunch period. I also like that I don’t have to remember to submit my time each week. That makes it so much easier. The only suggestion/complaint is that it’s not very easy to erase the time from a day once it’s been entered. For example, I’ll normally put in all of my time for the week at the beginning of the week. If I end up needing to take an unanticipated sick day, it’s hard to completely clear out that day in the app. If there was a way to just clear the entire day without getting an error, that would make it a lot easier.
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7 years ago, PJC Services, LLC
Streamlined and Stable
As a freelance contractor, I'm frequently working on multiple devices in makeshift offices...everywhere from cramped seats in coach to hotel rooms with spotty wifi. Being able to rely on the stability and ease-of-use of the Wand Mobile app makes it easier to be accurate and consistent in my billing. The Touch-ID feature makes logging in a breeze, and I'm able to submit my time card with minimal fuss. Nice features like auto-populating existing project numbers and the previous day's work hours further streamline the process. Working on the road, in the air, and on the move can be tough. Wand Mobile is true to its name. It really makes mobile work that much easier.
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6 years ago, Sarah_PP
Like a Magic WAND!
Wand has its name for a reason! It’s like magic how easy and fun it is to document and submit your hours. This is my first experience as a contractor and have never used a system to document my hours before. I feel lucky to have Wand as the preferred platform. There are tons of features that remove friction from the submission process like being able to duplicate hours from the previous week to the current so that you do not have to manually enter each week, as well as remembering project codes. The communication is also valuable. I know when my timecard has been submitted and approved! I would definitely recommend Wand.
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7 years ago, Balkino
Great app! Quick & easy
Truly EXCELLENT, love this app. Perfect for tracking time for multiple projects and hours per day, it offers tools that are easy to access and are very helpful. I love the fact that it keeps all your work timecards save in the work history option. I have really enjoyed using this app due to its easy to use and the fact you can copy other work history from previous weeks so you don’t always have to re-add the same information each week. I have zero complaints about this app so far. Bonus to this app if you have an iPhone their Touch ID for “Wand” makes logging in million times easier!!
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6 years ago, sapaulson
All for Wand and Wand for all!!!
I have to admit when I am wrong...I usually don't like Apps for Websites, it's limiting and doesn't have all options of full I end up going to full website. It's actually the opposite for WAND...has options like copying your previous weeks or day schedule in one button and I can do it with one hand. Once you get use to using Mobile App, you'll kick yourself for not using it sooner. I can enter my time card from anywhere anytime. Before frustrating to keep entering it one day at a time from Website. I actually don't hate entering my timecard now...high five!
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7 years ago, Tyler232323
Quick and intuitive when it matters most
Logging work hours using the the WAND mobile app really couldn't be easier. If you've ever had an hourly job, you probably know the annoyances of logging work hours on a finicky computer or landline system. The absolute last thing I want to do at the end of a long workday or workweek is stress about a slow system. With the WAND mobile app, I can log the entire week in 20 seconds. There is functionality to log sick and overtime pay as well. And the "copy from pervious week" and "copy from previous workday" features are brilliant.
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5 years ago, FM Dotcom
Great and improving
It does what is says, and adds a few tricks to make life easier....Love the ‘clone’ feature. Makes input a lot simpler. I give 5 star, but one are that could use improvement is legibility. Not sure if it’s font size or color contrast ( of background and text) I use an iPhoneX, and sometimes I have to go drink a gallon of carrot juice to improve my eyes before using App, because it’s difficult to read. Maybe making the font color back or at least darker (themes) can help with legibility. Or add font size adjustment (I’m no UI expert) Love this s feature too..... I get paid on time.
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6 years ago, franksvalli
Much better than the PRO Unlimited desktop website
This app is pretty thoughtfully designed, unlike the main desktop website. Most folks work the same hours day to day and week to week, and the app was designed with that in mind, allowing someone to enter hours once and then copy them into future days. Once a weekly timecard gets submitted, users can then choose to copy that week into the next week. Super quick way to enter hours! I would hate to lose this app and have to go back to using the horrible desktop website...
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5 years ago, Sarrah_MA
Love this app!
This app is amazing. Submitting hourly time cards has never been easier using the WAND mobile app. It has a sleek design, and is extremely easy to use. Touch ID makes logging in a breeze, and the auto-fill feature makes submitting your hours so much quicker. I especially love that you’re able to see all of your previously submitted time cards with the click of a button on the home page. Being able to access and submit my time while on the go has made the process much more convenient.
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7 years ago, Hilldawgg
Intuitive timekeeping
I use this app as a contractor, and I must say, it's the easiest "timesheet" I've ever used. A couple of hiccups where I somehow logged a 20 hour workday (whoops!), which as probably due to user error, but scrolling time stamp can be a little squirrely. I'd also like a feature that alerts you if you forget to complete a day's hours, as a couple of times I've logged only the first part of the day. Over all, it's straight-forward and not needlessly complicated.
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7 years ago, brandon4444
Very convenient and easy to use
I am a champion of procrastination and quite often I found myself at the end of the work week realizing I had not submitted my time card. Normally I would have to be on a company computer to access my timecard and log my hours. But thankfully with the WAND app I can still login from home and put my hours in even if I forgot. And it's convenient that it saves your hours so it literally takes the amount of time to log in, click copy from previous week, then submit.
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5 years ago, Kproxy
Doesn't play nice with multiple accounts
Normally this app works fine, much nicer than that atrocious web version. But for the second time in a row I needed to change my PW and then for the second time in a row I got logged into an old company time card. To make this clear, I work at a different company, but both logins use the same email, different PW. So if I forget a PW it assumes my oldest account I guess? Wand can't distinguish which account I need to log into, but the bigger question is why are my past assignments separate from eachother? I did the help desk and it just sends me to my old account. So negative stars for this app that you can make multiple accounts under the same email! Or maybe my onboarding person messed up who knows but this is cumbersome.
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5 years ago, RyanFrosty20
Easy, detailed application
I use this application to submit time entries and to see my previous weeks of employment. When logging in, they offer the finger print login and I love that because I don’t feel like entering my email and password every time. Another amazing feature is clicking the default button when entering your time sheet. It automatically enters your default work hours so you don’t have to manually do it. I like this application because it’s simple, detailed, and intuitive.
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5 years ago, Grubblet
I really don’t know how this app has high ratings. I have an iPhone 6 —maybe it’s not compatible with my phone? I keep getting errors saying that my start time must begin prior to my end time, but it clearly is. I’ve tried multiple different things to try to correct the problem, but nothing seems to work. Also, once you hit the “did not work this week” button, you cannot undo it?! Or else this app makes it extremely difficult to make that a clear option. What if you weren’t scheduled to work that week and then were called in? How the heck do you enter time of it won’t let you undo the “did not work this week” button?! This app is so frustrating and not user-friendly at all.
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5 years ago, Alissa_A.
Such a great app for on the go!
I love using this app, it makes it so much easier to enter in my times. I use it when I am on the go or just want to quickly enter in my hours. It helps prevent the headaches of logging in on a desktop, which can be difficult if you are always moving to different locations or you don’t have WiFi at the moment. It is also very easy to use and navigate. The app is honestly way easier than the desktop platform! Great experience!
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4 years ago, Tamana Noory
Mobile entries made easy!
Wand mobile app has made my busy life a breeze. I can easily enter my time while on the go in the matter of minutes. It doesn’t require multiple clicking for the daily entries like the web version. With the mobile app- you can even copy and paste your time from the previous week with one click! It’s convenient for those who work the usual working hours. This mobile app will prevent you from missing time sheet submissions.
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5 years ago, Justme75
Great Efficient App!!
Wand is a great system for tracking time and expenses. Every time I use the app, I am in it for no longer than a minute because they have made it very easy to use. I can set defaults, and adjust as needed, or just accept default and save. Boom and done.. Wand allows me to do other things rather than wasting my time trying to figure out a cumbersome app. I love it for how very easy it is to use, and how fast I can do what needs to be done. I wish more apps were as simple as Wand.
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3 years ago, Real_cocochanel
Too many technical difficulties
I hate when I get a contract where I have to enter my time via this app! It always gives me issues. For about 4-5 days now, I can’t enter my hours because I keep getting an ‼️notification saying no service. But my service is working just fine. When I click on the “help” button, it takes me to an email but there is no address in the To:. So I have absolutely nowhere to send the email to. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling several times and the same issue persists. Which will in turn, slow down my paycheck. I’ve complained to my agency and I feel like I’m not getting helped. It’s frustrating‼️
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5 years ago, delsfrye
User-Friendly, Intuitive Timekeeping
The Wand mobile app is the easiest to use timekeeping app I have ever used throughout my career. Timekeeping is very quick and easy, and the interface is very user-friendly. I especially enjoy the feature that allows you to copy your hours from the previous workday, making keeping track of your standard work schedule as easy as can be. The Wand mobile app has made the transition into my new role with PROUnlimited seamless.
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5 years ago, DCS2017
No timer feature
I never use this app because there is no time tracking feature. I work by the hour, so it should have a timer that you can stop and start and that automatically logs your time and the specific hours worked. It would also be nice if you could link the time to specific projects to keep of hours per project. I use another app instead to keep track of my time and allot it to each project, export it to excel, so that I can convert the time to start/stop times, rather than no. of hours worked, but then have to manually enter time into the Wand website; this is highly inefficient.
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5 years ago, Pop the Trunk Apparel
Easy to use!
I definitely enjoy using WAND to log my work hours. Everything is formatted in a user friendly fashion, making it easy to locate certain aspects if anything needed to be adjusted. Being able to copy previous work days/weeks is definitely a time saver as well! I also enjoy the ability to use Face ID to log in; therefore, making the process of logging my work hours even more efficient.
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7 years ago, grnidjo
So convenient
Love the app. It's so very convenient for logging hours, which can be done anywhere and anytime. I don't have to worry about forgetting to enter my hours when I'm at work, just grab my phone, open the app, and enter fill in the information. Can it be made any more convenient? Highly doubt it! And so far (hope I'm not jinxing myself) I have had zero issues with the app. Can't ask for a better way to log time.
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7 years ago, Kerui1996
Straightforward to use with great UI
The mobile app makes logging hours significantly easier compared to the desktop site. The intuitive and easy to use UI streamlines the process to the point where only a few touches are needed to save each day's hours. My only point of improvement would be to add buttons to increment/decrement the time by 15/30 minutes, as opposed to the minute-by-minute scroll.
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5 years ago, emartinez15
Makes Your Life Easier
Initially when I became a freelancer, I wasn’t told about the app and was manually logging my hours each week which definitely took up some of my time. Then, a coworker mentioned the app to me, and I haven’t used the website since! This is a much easier way to log your hours and I like how you can copy hours from a previous day or week. I highly recommend downloading!
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4 years ago, David.Anthonyx
Easy to use
The app is great. However lately I’ve been running Into some log in issues. Sometimes it says “haven’t seen you in while” for face id and I have to go through the whole log in process even though it’s only been 2 days. Love the timecard features it has. Some hours are often not saved after input if it is something other than labor or lunch. Aside from what I would say these bug issues are. The app is good. Would love some of desktop features on the app.
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5 years ago, Scorz22
Don't waste your time
I have serious issues with Wand's website, but I was hopeful the app would be better. I was wrong! I travel 3-5 days almost every week. So I was looking for this app to help save me time. Instead it took more time and within two days of traveling I stopped using it and deleted it off my phone. Here's why. First, the app required my to login every time I used it! Even from breakfast to lunch, 4 hours, I had to type in my user name and password. Second, it took a very long time to upload the receipt. I had all my bars for cell service AND I had full strength on the wifi. Third, the upload took so long, it logged me out without actually uploading the receipt. Luckily I kept the paper receipt to try again. Which never worked. And last, if you don't have all your info, you can't leave the app mid form because it eases everything you started so you have to start over. Terrible app just like their terrible web site!
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7 years ago, Micah1202
Amazingly Simple
I have worked for multiple contracting companies and Wand is by far the easiest way to submit time cards as well as do other administrative tasks. I simply log in with my fingerprint, submit my template of hours from the week before and BAM i'm done. The whole process takes about 30 seconds and you can get back to your work. HIGHLY RECOMMEND any other companies to use this.
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3 years ago, VikasR07
Submitting hours made easy
This app has helped a lot since I have been using, its very convenient to just start using it with simple setup and once you are in, just by using biometric login, you are logged in and done hours claim in less than few seconds. I had suggested to use this application to my colleagues as well for such ease of use.
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5 years ago, AMT227
Easy breezy
I love this app. It makes turning my time cards in a breeze with the copy from previous week option. Whenever I open the app it reminds me if I have an outstanding time card that needs to be completed. It is very user friendly. The sign in with a finger print option is also great at streamlining the process. As a contractor I would highly recommend this app.
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2 years ago, Jay9467
I have this app because I am a contractor. It is convenient to be able to input your time, it does get difficult for me because sometimes the screen is just blank with no way to get back to the main menu. I delete it and try to reinstall then you have to have a new password and it has to be different than the last five but if I don’t remember what those were. Sometimes it is just a pain
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7 years ago, Spacetronaut
Superior to the desktop
In general, I find the desktop versions of almost every digital property to be easier to use due to the obvious screen-size and keyboard-size advantages. But with WAND, I prefer the mobile app. The quick Touch-ID login and easily searchable project lists make the mobile experience faster and easier than the desktop experience.
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7 years ago, Saucey p
The app is very easy to follow and understand. I currently use the app as a contractor for my current position and it makes it very convenient to add my time daily or all at once at the end of the week. I think it's even more convenient if you are someone who works the same shift every day because of the "copy previous work day" button.
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6 years ago, Supalink
Miles ahead of their webpage
So I guess someone's actually listening. This app is very easy to use to enter time and it auto fills your end time between tasks (labor/lunch) unlike the clunky drop down menu on the home Wand website. Perhaps they should redesign their Web page for worker time entry to be more in line with this app and what managers see for time card approval. Works great!
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7 years ago, EricPayne
Logging time made easy
I have been using wand for over a year now and I think all companies should turn to this. It is user friendly and pain free. Have not had any problems and I highly recommend it. I like that you are able to edit time and expenses. Also, it is good that it has to be approved by a manager prior to being approved.
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7 years ago, ren_he
Easy and efficient
The Wand app makes tracking work hours easy and quick. It takes me less than half a minute to submit my work hours for the week. I especially like how hours can be pre-populated from the previous week. So much better than the inefficient system I was using before to fill out time sheets.
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5 years ago, Fonzi11
Simplistic and user friendly
I’ve used the wand app for a little over 3 weeks and it has been so user friendly! I love the fact that everything is so easy to find and easy to understand. As a tool to log hours and have the ability to clone days to add to others, saves a ton of time when filling out a time card. Love this App!
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5 years ago, godfly jr
Stable and easy to use
The app very easy to use and efficient. The web is a bit time consuming to use but the app is very easy to navigate. You can copy timesheet from previous weeks and days. My only complaint is that it only let you to charge to codes. For sick time and vacation I still have to go to the web version.
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3 years ago, meg7700
Track time without wasting time
This app is great, I actually prefer the app to the web experience! I can easily track my hours without spending too much time doing so. I really like that I can copy my hours from the previous day to make tracking even that much easier.
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5 years ago, Majputney
User friendly!
Wand may be one of my favorite apps to use as a contractor for payroll. They were able to help create default time slots so you don’t have to go through the tedious task of entering dates, times, lunches, hours, etc. Having it on my phone is perfect for the days I forget to log in on a PC at work. Super user friendly and easy to use!
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5 years ago, TM3C4
Quick and Simple
Ever since the app had been introduce, it keep me a step ahead to make sure I had my time in and correct. I don’t always have access to my laptop so using the desktop version display via Safari made it very challenging to input my time correction. The app has made time check in so much at ease. Thank you very much!
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6 years ago, aaalllaaayyyyyyyyyyyy
***Easy to use***
This app is so much easier to use than the website. This makes entering your time card a breeze! I do wish my thumb ID would stay longer because I only enter my time card every week and my password seems to timeout after a weeks time. Other than that I wouldn’t change a thing!
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7 years ago, Luis41414141
Timecards for the 21st century!
If you're like me then you dread entering your timesheets in legacy websites only to have to do it again because the site crashed. This app solves all your problems. I absolutely love the simple fingerprint signon and being able to save your usual schedule. The only downside is that this is so simple I often forget my password.
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4 years ago, Stevand1
User Friendly Phone Application
Nice app, very easy to use. Definitely, one tweak I would make is finger print login. Entering and reentering user name and password for multiple logons is tedious. A glitch I would fix is stop rolling over to the ensuing day when current day is selected. And, the ability to delete and correct an entry for a non working day.
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6 years ago, Gucci MaN3
I have to reset my password every time I use this app
Thankfully I only have to call in once a week BUT I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO CALL at all. Still, it is slightly easier than using the stone age browser set up. It’s inconvenient to have to call in every week to reset the password just to enter an app to press two buttons (copy hours from last week, submit). The system remembers all of my previous passwords however, so I’ve already eliminated user error. Touch ID could solve this but there’s no sign of it anywhere.
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4 years ago, TiaDear
Makes it easy to submit my time
This app is easy to use and user friendly, exactly what I want when it comes to entering my time. I don’t have to do a bunch of back and forth I can simply open the app and get to it. It brings up the week that’s missing time automatically and it’s easy to log in with Face ID. Perfect
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5 years ago, Jenh3825
Easy to use
I find the mobile app easy to use, easier than the website. The only issue I’ve found with the mobile app is if you have an entry you need to zero out on the time card. It won’t save once you’ve zeroed out a day, forcing you to delete that day from the website version
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7 years ago, LeoEdward
Intuitive app
The WAND app has a very easy to navigate interface. It is intuitive and anyone can figure it out in just a few seconds. All the information you need is at your fingertips and it's all formatted perfectly for either your iPad or your iPhone. This is an excellent productivity application that I use every week.
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