Mahjong Solitaire•

4.7 (228K)
324 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mahjong Solitaire•

4.7 out of 5
228K Ratings
5 years ago, 1stCeye
I am on level 7 after playing 17 games. The tiles are very comfortable to see (!!!!) and you can play with tiles highlighted and with automatic hints included...this has been very well thought out...The hints came a bit to quick for me, so I turned them off, then just for fun, I turned off the highlights...Now I am playing a harder game that I can take my time looking and finding tiles! Versatile and fun...take your own style because its there waiting for you to choose! The ads, infrequent, last for 5 seconds, tap, back to Game play... game patterns change as you advance, too. Soothing music is available, which can be turned off. I will always play MOBILITY GAMES because they really understand what their players want and need... TODAY.. I just sat down, opened this Mahjong Game, snuggled into my favorite chair and played...I turned off all the hints and am using the “card” tiles; numbered and colored with the four deck icons on playing cards. No timers; I can solve a knot at my own pace...large tiles, nice music, changing game shapes, it’s all here and I find myself content to just play...hints are available if I tap HINTS, but that happens rarely....relaxed and content= happy!
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6 months ago, Lancealotk
Great game, with a little weirdness
Overall, I’ve enjoyed my multiple years playing this game. The backgrounds, the card designs, the perks for being a subscriber are all great. I’ve enjoyed the addition of “events” although this is where things get a little strange. Being a single man, I felt a little uncomfortable playing “lovin’ lollipops” and “growing up fast”. I, however, did enjoy the “Christmas” and “winter solstice”. But “begging for bacon” instead of anything to do with New Year’s Day? That was so bizarre I had to say something. I have to say too that the challenge of using lucky tiles to match a specific tile is ridiculously hard. It’s the only one where the algorithm actively fights you. It buries your target tile, actively avoids matching it, or, most frustratingly, doesn’t count it if your target tile is the lucky tile! The rest of the challenges are easy. This one is almost impossible.
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2 years ago, MahjongGuy123
Great availability, enjoyable experience with or without subscription!
This game is always what I do in my free time, either when I’m bored or just wanting something fun! Fun puzzles, good progression system, and daily challenges. You have access to every basic part of the game, even without membership! It’s hard to lose, and just a peaceful way to take your mind off of stress in free time. The basic gameplay doesn’t require WiFi, which not only makes it playable any time, but can help with ads (; (unless you have cellular data)! Keep it up, MobilityWare, this is great!
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3 months ago, Breakfast with Audrey
Game a 4 star experience a 3
I’ve been playing Mahjong for a few months. I really enjoy the game itself. Unfortunately creators miss the mark on marketing tactics. The ads are not annoying in the way I don’t want see them. I understand I can pay to see them disappear. But, I came to mahjong from the ad on solitaire. The ads are annoying in the way they put me off ever downloading a game I may enjoy. The King and his annoyingly, ear piercing, woah….” The volume at which they play are ear drum breaking with headphones. This is problematic when most people aren’t sitting in silence while playing these games. The only volume control for the ads is via physically turning sound off through my phone controls. I’m constantly turning volume down during the ad and back up once it’s over. I’d definitely download and try more games if the ads were a much more pleasant experience…
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4 years ago, RogerTheCat09
Great Game!
This game is absolutely amazing! It is very pleasant and addicting! I use this game to calm me down for sleep and it works like a charm! When ever I use it I find it very helpful, calming and relaxing. I go on to play my daily challenge everyday and I end up for playing for 30 minutes to an hour more! I do find that when I complete a level and get my reward puzzle, the puzzle does not match with the word it had been given. For instance I completed level 12 and I got a new puzzle and the picture was supposed to demonstrate “jaws” but the picture that it had for an example looked like a capitol I or this emoji, ♊️. I really enjoy that when you reach a new level you get a reward but the rewards don’t exactly make that much sense. Again really great app! I would highly recommend to people of all ages! Thank you too all of the creators of the app. I wish I figured it out sooner!
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10 months ago, shadowjs
I have been playing this game for a long time and then you started having events and at first it eas fun but your have it where instead of having 25-30 you now have it 50-75 and I don’t know about you but even though I am retired I don’t have time to sit around and play that many games over all 7 of the solitaire and mahjong games I play as that put it at least 300 games a day and that is just on my iPad. Please either make it less levels to play or give us the option in settings to not see them because it is impossible to even play 75 games in 7 days. So I now have gone back to just my daily challenges and goals and skip the events totally and even then I don’t get a chance everyday to play the daily challenges. So either make the events more reasonable ot give us the option of not seeing them at all in the settings.
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1 year ago, FoxxyMama66
Fun game but….
I enjoy playing Mahjong, I have for years. I started playing over 20 years ago, after TBAs left me with short term memory loss. I felt the game could help improve memory recognition and retention. I’ve been hooked ever since. This version is fun and easy to level up, and each puzzle is different so you don’t get bored. The ads are easy to skip in 5 or 10 seconds so they’re not as bothersome as on most sites. The tiles are easy to see, even for someone who’s eyesight isn’t what it used to be. The only drawback, or maybe complaint, I have is the game is just too easy!! Don’t get me wrong, I like winning, but I just don’t expect to win EVERY TIME. I do still enjoy this game, and I’m NOT going to stop playing. It IS an ego boost to always win 👍🙂!
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10 months ago, acrisis
The ever rotating animated ad banner kills any relaxation
I like the game, I like the very clean tiles and contrast between tiles that can be lifted, and those that can't. But the ad banner rotation kills it. Too distracting. Yes, let me watch and advert before playing a puzzle, but ditch the super annoying ad banner, that every ten seconds changes to another advert that is birghtly colored, flashing, moving, ... And I know what the dev response will be: pay for no ads. No, I don't need or do xx monthly subscriptions for puzzles that I play when I am not feeling well. I am happy with a little bit of ad support, and I make sure to click on interesting ads as they come and check things out, maybe install another app, etc - but none the top 10 most spammed games in rotation. This game would be relaxing and 5 * without the ad banner.
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2 years ago, SammL310
Totally cynical money grab
This used to be an enjoyable game. I’m deleting it. It has now become a cheating money grubbing ad machine. I play every day. Complete the daily challenge every day. Lately when I open the game a day or two of past already completed days have been erased. This of course means I’m subjected to even more ads. But the really interesting part is that I’ve already earned a trophy for completing 10 or 11 games, and after the games disappear, the trophy does not. So I’m not crazy, I didn’t miss a day (or two or three) or I would get a trophy for completing the required number of games. Since I already had done so, no duplicate trophy. Catch up the games. Come back in next day. Poof! Two days are missing. What a disgusting display of unmitigated greed! No thanks. Cheat all you want; I’d rather pay someone with integrity than be ripped off by a scam artist.
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1 year ago, SFBANAK
I haven’t played for awhile & decided to try it out with whatever changes - whoa! Not liking changes at all! Ad banner across the top. Yuk! Now you don’t only get 1 ad between games, there is a second ad piggybacked onto the first one!!!! Just when you think things couldn’t get more obnoxiously irritating, once again proving that they can ALWAYs get more irritating, especially where ads are concerned! Each time, ad goes to apple store - big waste of time!! I’m not downloading any more games!!! And I’ve seen these a zillion times on Microsoft Solitaire!! That alone is a reason I’m not getting another app - and this one I might as well delete. Ad-craziness abounds!!! Sick & tired of it. Doesn’t even let me finish the puzzle before it takes it away!!!! Don’t even tell me to send info to developer!!!
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5 years ago, Dowager77
Great Fun and Great Challenge!
I have not been able to stop playing this since I accidentally downloaded it! It is a truer version of how Mahjong is actually played: It is a game of Strategy, and it makes your brain work pretty hard to keep your scores up. I’m very competitive, so I have had to really work at this so I don’t have to “reshuffle”...Lol! Try ~ You will very much enjoy playing and might just find yourself a wee bit addicted...(Yes ~ I’m already there ☺️!) I want to also add that it is additionally very relaxing, even as you know that your brain is working overtime...You Are Going To Love This!!!
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4 years ago, Justina Hayden
Great game but unplayable
I've been playing Spider from Mobilityware for years. I like the company and it's philosophy so I was quite unprepared for the advertising assault when I started playing their version of Mahjong. The occasional ad for a different game is annoying but bearable. The unplayable status comes from lengthy documercials for very worthy groups dealing with refugees or hunger. If I had money I'd give them some, or would have before this assault. ( No other description fits) Now I'm so angry that if I did have some money I wouldn't donate. There is no way to turn it off, no X to cancel. One ad in 24 hours would be ok but these are turning up every three or four games. NOT RELAXING! My current solution is to go do something else for 15 or 20 minutes. Usually it will have gone on to a game by then. I downloaded and tried out 6 different Mahjong games and liked this one far better. But this issue completely negates the reasons I play this. Either this gets fixed or the app goes into the trash despite all its great qualities. UPDATE one hour later: I went back to play a while hoping for some ad free time. One game, then a non cancelable ad for pillows. Another game, an ad for mesh patients (?) I'm officially done now. Too bad.
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4 years ago, Marlene.J
Can’t play daily challenge
I’ve been playing and enjoying this game for quite some time. However, a couple of days ago it suddenly said I couldn’t play the daily challenge without an Internet connection. This, even though I was connected via Wi-Fi on my iPhone 11, and have never had any problem playing the daily challenge. However for the last two days I cannot play it because it says I need an Internet connection. This is a shame because it is going to lead to me deleting this game if they don’t fix this problem. And normally I love Mobility Ware games and have several.
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3 years ago, Dragonscar
No escape from ads
Although I would’ve greatly preferred to have paid for this game in order to get rid of ads, I have tolerated the ads so far since there is no way, apparently, to do that. However, I’ve now deleted and will not download or play this game again because the ads no longer have an escape. The only way to get rid of these ants is to exit the game altogether. All that is provided is the double arrow repeatedly, which, every time, takes you to the App Store to buy it or to download it or play it for free. There are no X’s to escape the particular ad. I won’t play games that try to force me to download other games I do not want!
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11 months ago, Cakebrujita
I love the sounds that go along with playing. The click of the tiles, the gentle wind chimes as I am playing, and the fireworks when I win!! The options to go back and reshuffle allow for more wins, but I don’t feel like I’m cheating. So far the ads are not too annoying. It’s usually one ad before each new game. I’ve been playing solitaire where I can buy fish for different aquariums that I earn. The ads are bad, tho! I’m spending my time between the two now, and leaning more to this Mahjong because it’s so peaceful.
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3 years ago, CC Hunt
A Favorite Game
This sort of game is my speed. I don’t go for shoot-em-ups, racing games, or action. While it’s not a taxing brain teaser like some of my other favorite games, it does keep me thinking and focused. I enjoy the music and often listen with headphones. The ads are not intrusive but I would like to have a way to pay this developer to turn them off. The tiles are easy to see with my limited vision and I like the ability to tap to play or drag the tiles to play. I’ve tried several mah-jongg games before, but this is the best so far.
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4 years ago, ussintega
Great Mahjong game, EATS batteries
I love this version as it easily beats out any others I’ve used for ease of use and friendliness. It easy to understand and fun to play and the daily challenges, while I would enjoy more difficult ones, are still a plus. I would, however, like to mention two things to the devs. It *EATS* battery life even when I turn the screen brightness all the way down. That really needs to be optimized. I would also like a $1-2 option to get rid of the ads and maybe unlock some other options like backgrounds and card faces. Don’t get greedy like a lot of the others though.
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3 years ago, WarpF1 the first
One minor item
First, I was away from the game a couple of months. I recently came back and started playing the daily challenges. One of my goals today is to win three games in a row. I played 4 daily challenges, winning all on first try, but the goal indicator read just one win. I then played new games and got my second and third win. This is not the first time it has happened either. But this is the only glitch that I have ever seen in any of the games I have from this company. I would like to suggest if possible to maybe add how many possible matches are available. Thank you for great games.
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1 year ago, foxxy1965
Please don’t change events like your other games
I am on level 950 so obviously I love this game. I have quite a few mobilityware games and I always love them. I was really enjoying their events and found them challenging, but in the middle of one of my events, it changed it to a baby-fied version. I did not even get to finished my event. This new game looks like it’s made for children and as far below my playing level. So far mah-jongg still has the original events and I’m hoping that you guys keep it and don’t change it like you did for your FreeCell
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3 years ago, Bigjoe49
Flawed by ads
Another interesting game from Mobilityware where they have gone from a promise of limiting ads to five seconds to ads of five seconds with additional timers, disappearing x’s, and now to fifteen seconds ads. What makes any advertiser think a timer will increase buyer reactions? Or better yet a fifteen second ad targeted at everyone whether they have ANY interest in the product? No, I don’t need to lose weight, don’t have a pet, simply don’t use your product at all! None of these ploys will EVER entice me to buy your product! Get reasonable! Any fifteen second ad immediately compels me to shut the game down!
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4 months ago, Luxumai A.
Ads and sketch
Way too many ads for the main game. I tried giving feedback in game but it just seemed sketch that they need my info to simply give them some feedback. The ad situation would be way better if the ads weren't in the main game. Like if they were moved for the events, the scramble tool, an other stuff outside of the main game. It kills the joy when I need to watch an ad after every game, the ad being small doesn't matter, it still just as annoying. If you truly care about the enjoyment of your game like you claim you do in other reviews, then please consider this as an option. And please, don't make your gam seem like a scam by asking for their info just to give feedback- it's stupid obvious-
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4 years ago, Thegemburg
This game is awesome
So I was just getting to earn something in a game but I ended up keeping the app for certain reasons I had to play two games of it and I ended up playing more then that. its very fun and relaxing to play even when your trying to solve the puzzles and you could play like ten rounds and be like “that was ten rounds wow!!” sometimes in the game the round can go by really quick that helps if you have to do something in a couple minutes you have enough time to play a couple rounds. -Thegemburg
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4 years ago, ViaVon
I’ve given this 1 star for the game play itself. It’s tiles and layout are traditional which I prefer. The minus 4 stars are for MobilityWare’s extraneous stuff. I complained about most of these same things with their Solitaire game and eventually they offered options in the game’s settings to remove them - like the excessive animations which, even when check marked to limit them, they are ridiculously long. I’m an adult and don’t need self gratification for a game win. This one has a double whammy on the ads - they let the ads blast sounds and require you to wait for the little black X to close it, which upon clicking it pops up another ad which also requires an X to close. Even after you’ve closed the app, their ads continue to blast sounds. Outrageous!!! It will not let you play the daily challenges without an internet connection. It allows the regular game play, but not the dailies. It continually asks for my gender and age. I get that - they want to know so the ads are tailored to my stats but it’s a leisure GAME for pete’s sake and my gender and age stats are MY business. This game is SO not worth it!!!
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5 years ago, heylookitslinda
Wayyyyy tooooo many commercials
I really enjoy playing, in fact, I start my day every morning playing the game of the day in several Mobilityware games. But on this one there’s a commercial before every game you play. I’d buy this game immediately if I could just to get rid of them. Or I’d be glad to pay a one-time fee for “No Ads” as some games do. But I hate ads. Especially the ones you have to click 2 X’s to get to the game. So, I continue playing and waiting, albeit impatiently, for it to become available for purchase.
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4 years ago, Mrsfluffybutthastwins
Mrs Fluffybutt has twins.
You should remove the timer, so it can be a relaxing wonderful game. With the timer, you make me feel that I’m not going fast enough. I have played all types and enjoy the larger ones to do at my own pace. I enjoy the challenge, but hate being told where the matches are. There were great ones on my Apple iPad. Then l got a new IPad and Apple said that they no longer carry them any more. They were larger and you could set your own pace. I hope to find those kind again. Not everyone that plays these games are children, that love the rush. When you find something like that, feel free to let me know.
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4 years ago, Juan erique gonalez verduo
I really like it
When I first found this game I thought it was a good game and I really like it! I play it all day it’s a really relaxing game.I think that when you can drag the chips it’s very useful instead of clicking.i really like this game. It’s like a very relaxing game you made because it’s just amazingly cool how you made it! I really love it one of the best games I know about! I really recommend this app so amazing and incredible! Thank you so much for this app it’s fun amazing and incredible seriously!🙏🏼👍👍👍👍🖤🖤☯️☯️☯️☯️💮💮🉐🉐㊙️㊙️㊗️㊗️♥️♥️🀄️🀄️🀄️🀄️🌸💐🌷🌹🎋🌺🌺🥡🥢🏵🏵
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9 months ago, RARose
It’s a great game, and I love the challenges, but 75 is too many. It should be 50 for a week. This game takes much longer to play than the card games, and as much as I wish I had that much time to devote to games I just don’t. If I want the final badge, I rush, get annoyed, and don’t enjoy playing. Other than that, the backgrounds, levels of difficulty, and even the sounds are fun and relaxing with enough challenge. I really even like the weekly challenges (as well as the daily ones), but they are just too long!
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5 years ago, Lily White 35
Love this game
I chose Mobilityware Mahjong because I also have your Spider Solitaire and Pyramid Solitaire. Your games are straightforward, easy to see and the only charge is for removing ads. I have had a brain trauma which caused me to lose numbers. It has taken me a long time to recognize and work with them again. Pyramid and Mahjong are great to keep me working, and the simple addition is great as well. The only suggestion would be a timer like Pyramid so I know how long each game takes me instead of total and averages in Statistics. Thanks
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4 years ago, Susie Sagebrush
Ads that kill my podcast stink
I like to play this game while listening to a podcast. Some of the ads let me shut off the sound, or let the ad run without sound. A few of them break my connection to the podcast, and I have to go back and find it, re-start it, and find where I was in it. I have my iPad set to “silent mode”, and ordinarily This would mute all the ads. I REALLY HATE THE ADS THAT BREAK UP MY OTHER LISTENING. Thanks for responding. Too bad the link does not seem to work for me. I end in a morass of “FAQs” that do not help. I have screenshots of the offending ad. The weird thing is that after taking those screenshots and re-starting my podcast, the ads all stopped. Did my cussing scare them off?
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4 days ago, Queeeeen423
Love this game!
The only thing that would make this game better, is if the developers made it so that those of us that pay for a subscription, can get new daily goals immediately after finishing the ones we have. Having to wait 24 hours for new goals kinda takes the thrill out of the games. We should be able to finish the goals and instantly get new ones to aim for. The 24 hour wait is annoying.
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5 years ago, Krazygrrl
Perfect phone app!
Gameplay area is the perfect size for my little phone. I like that I can select one tile and drag it to its mate. No more incessant tapping makes for a smoother play experience. I never lose! If you run out of moves, you can shuffle the tiles and move on. The game is not constantly begging me for money, and I like that a lot! It appears to be supported by advertising, and the ads are limited to game start. There are no annoying scrolling ads at the top or bottom like other games! You’ve hit it out of the park this time Mobilityware! I love you guys. 😊
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3 years ago, sarahinmaine
ALMOST perfect...
This is, by far, my favorite Mahjong app. Super relaxing to play; the sound effects of the tiles provide some serious ASMR for me 🤤 The only thing I don't understand is why this is MobilityWare's ONLY game that doesn't allow users to pay for an ad-free option?! The ads seriously disrupt the relaxing nature of the game play, and honestly I'd be willing to pay top dollar to get rid of them. MobilityWare, take my money and get rid of the ads on Mahjong, PLEASE!!
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7 months ago, [Brian C]
Sound issue
For the first time, I have really enjoyed playing a mahjong game. This has been my favorite. I love playing with the animal tiles. And I would’ve kept playing too but there has been a sound issue where the sound of the Star Trek game ad continues even after the ad is over and seeps into the mahjong game. I can no longer hear the beautiful and peaceful music and sounds of the mahjong game now because the soundtrack of the Star Trek ad so I have deleted this otherwise enjoyable mahjong game.
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3 months ago, Felix5713
No customer support
Nice game. I wish you could enlarge it when the puzzles are larger. My biggest problem with this game is the customer support. I have tried their live chat twice. It’s not actually a live chat. After you write a question, it tells you to wait 24 hours for a response that never comes. I paid for the subscription on my iPad. The subscription is showing up on both my iPads, so it is working just fine with my Apple ID. However, it does not have my game play on my newer tablet! How do I sync my gameplay?
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1 year ago, Tygerbrow
Fun but ads are annoying
I’ve been playing the game for a long time now and I love it. The events getting added was great. The ads are getting worse though. I keep getting ads in Japanese or Chinese (I can’t tell the alphabets apart), some require clicking on the arrows and/or Xs multiple times, and the addition of the ad banner is the worst. It takes up the top of the playing screen which makes the tiles smaller and harder to see. That was definitely a bad change IMO.
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3 years ago, Nicmitch
I would have given it a 5 star rating but since the last update it takes forever for the game to load. Some days I cannot get it to load at all. The exact same problem is happening with the solitaire game as well. I had over a year of doing the daily challenges in both games and due to the loading issue I lost my streak. All in all though I do love Mobility Ware games. They are well put together!
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3 years ago, Lei Wen
This game is mesmerizing. I have tried other Mahjong games and found them lacking in variety and challenge. Then I discovered this one when searching for something new. I especially like the gold tile feature that helps when I get stuck. I also like being able to do past daily challenges because I don't always have Internet access. Thank you, Mobility Ware, for a creative and fun game!
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2 years ago, Hotstc
The best game ever
I love this game, not only is it challenging, it has extra challenges and they change every time. The best part about this game is that you can really play the game and stop the ads short. All other games you have to wait until the ad is completed or have gotten to a certain point before you can stop the ad. For that and the fact this game is so much fun to play, I love it!
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4 years ago, kiwistasteweird
Awesome!! 👏
This is a very relaxing game. The sound effects are pleasing; the music is not overwhelming and is a nice touch. You can customize it for more or less difficulty and you do not have to buy more shuffles or hints. Daily challenges make it more fun, but frankly the game is already good enough that they are simply a bonus. There are ads between most screens, but they don’t last long and are easy to exit. Very worth the download. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Lissadbl
Great game but...
This is a fun game to play. Actually one of the better mahjong games I’ve played. No in app purchases, I like that. However, it would be nice to have the ability to pay a nominal amount for the game to make the adds go away. I like it so much I would pay up to $10 to not get interrupted by ads for other games while I’m playing. If I could buy this game it would easily be a five star game to me. Since I cannot, I’m taking off two stars for the two types of ads I have to put up with. Please consider allowing gamers to opt out of the ads.
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4 years ago, Kstonya
Header keeps popping up
I have a problem with the header choosing when to pop up. I have checked the settings and thought I had it disabled but most of the time it doesn’t pop up but when it does it covers the top part of the cards so I have to guess what the card number is. I have a picture. When I start the next game the header doesn’t pop up. I normally turn off the sound as it bothers others and they complain I’m deaf so I don’t know it’s on if they don’t tell me.
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5 years ago, MmeOProf
Fun an just challenging enough!
This Mahjongg game is now my favorite. The tile designs are sort of a cuter version of the actual tiles, and they’re easy to distinguish from each other. This particular game shades the unavailable tiles, which makes it easier to play, but it’s still challenging. I haven’t figured out if there is any scoring system, like for the amount of time it takes to complete each puzzle. That’s the only thing I miss.
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1 year ago, jejune8
Gameplay good, ads take up half your play time
I’ve enjoyed this game for a while, but the enforced ad previews are getting longer. With the new shorter event boards, they can be almost as long as the actual gameplay. I would gladly pay for ad-free if it were a one time payment, but it is subscription-only and I don’t do those. (Budget-wise they do not make sense.) Putting this game on hold for now, after a year or so of daily play. Just too many extremely repetitive ads for 3 or 4 other games that I’m not going to download.
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5 years ago, lferradino
Outstanding Mahjong!
I’ve played mahjong for more years than I can remember. They cause eye strain and if timed, gave me anxiety, so I pretty much gave it up. But when I saw this new version by Mobilityware, I knew I had to give it a try. Their games are always fun, relaxing and have the best graphics. Their Mahjong did not disappoint! I love being able to drag tiles to make a match, instead of constantly tapping. It’s not timed, and has a beautiful set of unique tiles!
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3 years ago, Bakerized
Mahjong Solitaire
Love this game! I play it every evening but lately there seems to be a bug. When I play and win the daily challenge, it doesn’t show on the Daily Challlenge screen. This is so frustrating. This rating would be a 5 if this bug were corrected! UPDATE: The issue has cleared up in the last couple of days. This is my favorite solitaire game! I play it everyday.
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2 years ago, Firstmemaw
Down to 1 tile!
Been playing this game for several weeks! 3 days ago some of the levels, I get down to 1 tile left & will replay & replay, still 1 tile, very aggravating! You must have a broken link. Please fix this or I’m gonna have to find another Mahjong to play. I really like this version! Update on review! You haven’t answered my inquiry as to fixing the broken link. I still get down to 1 tile, the matching tile is underneath the top tile. No way to play, except to shut down my iPad and start over again. I have done that several times, but it still doesn’t comes down to the same tiles. I love this particular game because even though there are ads after every game, they are quick ads not the ones that go on & on for sometimes 1 1/2 minutes. I refuse to play those. FIX THE GAME
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3 years ago, Jen6dawters
Great version
I would play everyday on my iPad but it just won't clear the commercials after you watch them. Could be my older iPad but the Mobilityware game Addiction clears the commercials easily on this same iPad. If the commercials would not get stuck...I can't get to the game...I would rate 5*'s. I think this should be looked into. No other game freezes when an advertisement comes on! Otherwise it's a relaxing game so I still play it when I can get it to work.
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3 years ago, MAJONGK
Too difficult to get out of commercials
I love the game and I am looking forward to a greater skills challenge, but I may never get there. I understand the need for commercials, and I am willing to watch them in order to play for free. However, once the ad for another game has finished, it should be easy to just “x” out if you’re not interested. I find all of the delays frustrating and may opt to play another companies version of Majong if this isn’t simplified.
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4 months ago, lifeisbetterthanapps
Love This Game
A wonderful game to relax by. I love the Event games too! Unfortunately I can no longer play in the evenings because of the Harry Potter game ad that doesn’t have a final click-out to close so I have to keep turning off my phone to get rid of the ad. This shows up before every other mahjong board. I play when the annoyance isn’t showing up though.
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5 months ago, Ortegabjt
Daily Challenge change - unhappy!
I’ve been playing this game almost every day for many years. But I’m going to stop playing if you don’t go back to showing progress as each goal is met during the daily challenge. That small bit of satisfaction as each goal is met is what makes the game fun. Not seeing more ads as I keep playing because not realizing all the goals are met!
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