Mahjong Soul

4.9 (7.5K)
1496 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mahjong Soul

4.86 out of 5
7.5K Ratings
3 years ago, mtm151
Amazing game
This was my first Mahjong experience, and it has been awesome. I went from knowing absolutely nothing about the rules and gameplay and feeling totally lost, to now holding my own and feeling like I have a real chance to win with each game; and I do win surprisingly more than I thought at this point. It took playing a lot and studying the various Yaku but this app makes it all fun. The visuals and flow of the game are top notch. And the cute anime angle is, well, cute. Every now and you run into some wildly different character than the standard two, with cute voices and some cool effects for various game plays, and I think someone must have forked over some real cash, because I’ve played almost daily for months now, and have over 50,000 coins, but zero jade, which are apparently the real currency on the app to get real upgrades. Coins can buy a tiny teddy bear or a lollipop or a little manga book for your character, which it says helps her bond with you, but whatever, I don’t see the point, since those items aren’t visible during game play. Maybe these things are meaningful to someone. I often wish you could cash in some coins for jade, say 1000 coins for one jade, I don’t know, and put that toward gatcha, but in the end none of that matters or helps, the game play is the same and is really great.
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3 years ago, ZaneHydrangea
Incredible Mahjong, gacha could be better
This is a really good japanese mahjong game, with helpful tutorials and explanations of the yaku it’s fairly easy for beginners to learn how to play. My only gripe is that the gacha system of micro transactions and rolls to get items and characters is extremely restrictive. It doesn’t affect gameplay whatsoever, but it’s virtually impossible to unlock any characters without either paying real money or playing countless hours. I still enjoy this game a lot, but I think their monetization model could use a little tweaking to make some basic cosmetics available to F2P players. The introduction of alternate game modes, collaboration and seasonal events adds a fresh layer to Mahjong Soul vs other mahjong games. If you want to get into Riichi mahjong, this is a fantastic way to do it.
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3 months ago, WickedHarley
Great game but
Lacks some necessary tutorials. Like what is Furiken and No Yaku? I have figured out that no Yaku means I threw away a tile that could have been a win, but then I draw that same tile and I have no win pop up. So that's confusing. Then I find myself in No Yaku a lot!! I have no idea what that means or how to fix it so I can win. I was checking stuff out in the store and there is a 30 day thing for $4.99 but no explanation for what it does. My other complaint is why doesn't the game ask my gender so I can choose to receive a guy character? Do I really need to have a half naked girl up in my face when I'm female and don't swing that way? I mean I'm not saying that other girls wouldn't like it but I would rather look at a guy. However there is only 2 options for the free character and both are girls. With all that said, I must say that I do love this game. I get to play ranked matches anytime I want and the wait is minimal. So I will keep playing even if I don't understand exactly how some things work.
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3 years ago, Laxxxy777
Good game
This is actually a really good game. Always people to play with, fun events, very nice clean interface. There is an AI opponent (not very good, but adequate for beginners) if you want to practice, and a basic reference. You can review and save past games. This is pretty much all you need from such a game, and it’s all free unless you want fancy avatars and animations. Cons: if you do want fancy avatars and animations, getting characters beyond the 2 default ones for free is near impossible (you can “pull” for them like in a gacha, but there is approx. zero free currency, and rates are low), and some things about the app are not explained well (like, what are the spheres for?? Or what tiles are highlighted in the replay interface?) Also would be nice to expand the game reference a bit (eg. include scoring, concepts like furiten etc.) and provide both English and Japanese names for all entries. Also in a replay it would be nice if the score display stayed up (unless auto-played), and if it gave a bit more detailed score breakdown for lower points hands.
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4 months ago, charliecon
Great Mahjong client with annoyances
Good player base, not a lot of complaints. The pay stuff and gacha are of course not necessary to enjoy the game, but the gacha rates themselves are TERRIBLE, compared to most other mobile games I’ve played with them. Unless you’re prepared to spend a lot of money on cosmetics, even the 30 day pass ends up being a waste of money; you’ll very very likely not unlock anything. Additionally, a recent character (Eva) seems to use AI art rather than being a created asset. Her pose is unnatural, her shoes and dress have several inconsistencies that make it look pretty clear that she was, at least at some point, generated by AI. The other characters do not have artists’ credits, so there’s no way to confirm. If so, this is a pretty disgusting business practice and just makes the harsh cosmetic monetization that much worse.
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2 years ago, wfr1999
Does luck exist??
I made it to adept in three player and even got my second star. After that, I have played several games and have waited 1 or 2 off of winning for each game in each lobby and I only win maybe 15-20% of the time. If I am so close to winning and all the tiles I am waiting on have 3 or 4 left, how is it that in each game I never get them and I see my opponents discard them? Is this secretly a pay-to-win game where the more you spend the better your luck is? 3 stars because it’s a great app and it’s easy to use, but for some reason once I got to adept 2 stars, the game never gives me the tiles I need despite despite waiting nearly the entire game for them just to lose to someone with a 1100 point hand.
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2 years ago, Servantwarrior1
Love it plz read below
I love this app I’ve played mojong before and this is the best mojong app I’ve ever had when you get to the bottom of the reviews there are some bad ones like I can’t play at all or such a boring and horrible game! They aren’t true those are people who didn’t understand how to play if your the same look it up plz once you know how it’s way more fun than most apps I never get bored of it can I say if you love this app and have enough money buy real mojong it’s way more fun!!! Thx for reading 😊 BYE ✌🏻
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3 years ago, vskabhx
Interesting to say the least 😅
I’m personally enjoying this game, all though I gotta admit that half of the time I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing 😅😂, but I’m trying my best to learn how to play. Since I am a fan of these types of “table” games. And plus, the characters from Kakerugui are here 😌, so I’m trying to get at least one of them since I like the anime. Non the less, good game overall! Y’all should give it a try. I’m sure they will do future collaborations with other anime characters 🤔.
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4 years ago, Inxanity4
Really fun game. Great way to understand and start mahjong!
I found that the game has been a very good tool for learning mahjong. However, playing on phone might be a little more difficult than the browser version of the game if you can’t read the Chinese numbers. If someone were to learn the first ten Chinese or Japanese numbers, they would have a much better experience playing. The characters are very interesting, but I’m not sure how to get them. The cat girl is nice, anyway, and the main focus is the gameplay.
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3 years ago, Paladizm
Amazing at teaching this game
I have been wanting to get into Mahjong for a while now and have been struggling with it’s complexities. This app does an amazing job at teaching you the details as well as helpful visual cues when you do something wrong or miss something. You can also watch others play and replay your games to see what mistakes you have made. Yes there are a ton of anime ladies all over this app, yes it is a gotcha game, if you can get past that it is a fantastic way to learn this complex game!
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2 years ago, GogopriGaming
Introduction to Riichi Mahjong
The gacha is whatever, but if you want Riichi Mahjong that’s easily accessible to an English speaking audience (with a cute aesthetic), this is a good start. There’s also a decently sized player base, so you’re never stuck waiting too long for a game. Easily setting up friendly rooms, a clear UI, and having cross-platform support on PC also makes it my ideal for playing with my friends who I introduce to the game.
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2 years ago, Fuzums
The Best
This is literally the first and probably only fully translated, 100% real Japanese Richie mahjong client out there. In the JP store you’ll find similar experiences but this gives you the real deal while also being incredibly well translated. SUPER refreshing to not have to look up every other character to find out what the next event is or how to get customizations. Amazing job devs!!
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2 days ago, Alexander Warnick
Have you been looking for mahjong 13 tiles?
Well here it is! A great format to play with and no pay to win advantages! And if your interested, a small bond system for the characters you can play as! I’ve been looking for a way to learn to play mahjong forever and I’ve finally found a great app for it!
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5 months ago, Master chief1.0
Buyer Beware (Store will scam you)
The game is fun but I don’t recommend buying anything from the store. Their characters (which are like $15 each) only give you the skin for a character, you then have to pay to unlock the actual character itself, which is random luck based. You will probably spend upwards of $30 to get a random character unlocked, and up to $450 to unlock the one you want through their pity system. When I realized this was the case, I asked if I could have a refund, even just for store credit in the app, and they denied it. Waste of $15, what a scam.
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4 months ago, Majorange
Instant blast
I’m only on day two and I’m having so much fun. Playing agaisnt real people is the biggest appeal to me as someone who mostly has out of state friends. The rules are a bit tricky but once you get the hang of it you’ll be yelling at the screen. I’m not sure about the gotcha element and how to earn all the tokens organically, but if you mainly want to learn and play mahjong I think this is a very lovely first client to try.
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10 months ago, tenpaitenpai
Great way to get better
The interface and the design is nice and makes me want to play more. Well thought out and curated to help those at different levels. The tutorial for learning was better than others (plus quizzes) and I like that there is so much in-game customization.
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1 year ago, finesiningtable
Great game to gain confidence
I learned to play the basics at riichi mahjong at a convention and I have been addicted to play it ever since. This game gives me a fun outlet to continue learning while playing and it is veryniceit helps you manage the scoring! There is nothing that forces you to buy things or even ads. Just start a table and go!
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4 years ago, BigWigRah
Great Game, but doesn’t work on IPad Mini 2
Very good game when it works, but it crashes every time when using an IPad Mini 2. Every time I join a room, the app crashes as the loading bar hits 100%. Not sure why or how to fix this issue. Otherwise, great way to learn and very beginner friendly.
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2 years ago, E-kit
App loading took forever - update
I would love to play on my phone, but my app just says loading and never loads the game. Edit: my app loads the game now and I love it! It’s very fun to play. It’s a little difficult to understand but the developers made a pretty good tutorial to help. 10/10 game
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2 years ago, Zanthulol!
I learned mahjong entirely through this app!
I started a year ago not even knowing how to play and slowly over the year of playing I have gotten most of the basics down! If you are new go to settings and turn on the number settings to help. Great style and super cute anime girls
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4 years ago, GamergaidenX
Ben and Jan brought me here
Is it morning? You know what that means! mahjong mornings! I’ve always found Mahjong to be hella intimidating but after watching some of the giant bomb folks play and looking at some of the potential Yakus I’m ready to try and learn in earnest. At the very least so I can play Mahjong in Yakuza or win big at the Golden Saucer in FFXIV.
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1 month ago, Newshinoho
Collab blue archive player here
Ever since I got hoshino from collab my life has changed, I even got her twice, I may have wanted mutsuki but this hoshino changed me; I no longer goon, I have rizz, I even own a lamborghini (financed but). Thank you mahjong soul hoshino blue archive collab, without you I couldn’t have reached this peak
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2 years ago, ddjksjsjdkskskd
fun little game, but earning new characters takes forever
this is a fun, well-built app! the matches are snappy and the rules are easy to understand. the only reason it’s not 5 stars is because it seems like you really need to spend money to gain new characters or effects; otherwise, you’ll be grinding for a WHILE lol
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2 years ago, ZhiTangGaming
Lag/Connectivity Issue
Not sure what’s going on but as of recently the game has a lot of connection issues and keeps dropping me out of the game or lag so much that I don’t see anything on the table anymore. It’s great but can’t play if I can’t connect.
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4 years ago, Legomaker101
Great mahjong.
Probably the absolute best way I have found to play mahjong in english. But I wish there was a single player campaign to learn the intricacies of the game and not have to fail in a sea of people who understand the game way more than you do (also known as “online match”).
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3 years ago, Jontylerlud
Can’t even play it! :(
I downloaded this game wanting to play it but every time I’ve opened it I’m stuck on the loading page until a message saying “failed to update due to poor internet connection, please restart the app and try again”. My internet speed is amazing here and I’ve done this over 10 times now. I don’t know how to get past this message and it makes me sad I can’t even get a chance to enjoy this game… please fix this problem!
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1 year ago, Otonashi269
Great for Just Playing Mahjong
It’s fun to just play mahjong with an anime theme. The characters and music are interesting, but if you want any special cosmetic items, expect to make purchases. The only free currency is copper and the prices you pay in the shop for copper gifts is high. It you want to roll gacha, you need to pay up.
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2 years ago, BleuSupu
Really good mahjong.
There aren’t a lot of good mahjong games on phone, but this one is a good one. It’ll teach you pretty decently too. There’s an unnecessary gacha element that can enhance your experience if you’re into that. Not a fan of the pull rates, but at least it’s all skins and stuff; it doesn’t affect the gameplay experience or make it unfair.
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12 months ago, BBossu
Stick to the web version
Fun and fast paced, easy to understand but difficult to master. The only time I’m truly disappointed is disconnecting midgame. Even over stable Wi-Fi a hiccup can occur, but there’s no way to reconnect. The board stops and only completely closing the app can get you back in the game (with about 8 dead tiles on the table and a hand in furiten)
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4 years ago, brainnnnnly
Watched Saki anime
And now I’m here!!! This game is tons of fun, and if you wanted to try your hand at mahjong, this game is a perfect start. Charming voice acting, design, and innovative UI gives you all the information you need to keep up and play the game! It’s always a blast playing this game.
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1 year ago, Unexister
Unable to log in with twitter
Tried several account logging in with Twitter only this app happen to have a "failed to log in" issue because they can't assess the Twitter authorization page at all. I tried uninstalling and installing it so many times because I spent a lot of money on that account but due to this issue, I can't use it anymore. If the log-in issue never can figure out this app is literally trash that eats out my money: )
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7 months ago, Johndoe111222333
Unnatural game wins over over again
This game is more like a lottery game than mahjong. The wins are so unnatural- you will never see this happen in real life mahjong. For example, at the start of the game, player can have a ready hand already with a big four wind, thirteen orphan, three dragon, all they need is one tile to win. There is no effort involved, it is given to you. More so to the paying players. It is ridiculous to see this happen over over again.
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1 year ago, Sofie Meno
Such a disappointment
It doesn’t matter if your skills are good or not. They just control everything, you’re gonna be either very lucky in a weird way for a super short time and then keep losing over and over. And no matter how good your card is, your competitors will always win before you do. Me and my friends have been playing this game for a long time, in the end what we got is only disappointment
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7 months ago, NBRanger_o7
1 of 3 Riichi Player Origin Stories
It’s a very solid place to get comfortable with basic Riichi play. If you start here and only use this app you won’t actually get too good at the game. This game is a stepping stone, one to what is hopefully an eventful journey into a pretty fun game.
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5 years ago, Someone who loves strategy
A rarity - accessible Mahjong
It’s not often you find a Mahjong application catering to both eastern and western markets, but Mahjong Soul does and does it well. It is F2P, has a good UI, and has a dating sim element that you can completely ignore if you like. Microtransactions are for cosmetics, meaning those of us with fragile wallets are generally safe.
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2 years ago, Therealjackpan
I love waifu+mahjong
This is the best combination game I’ve ever found. I watch many animes and I also play mahjong in real life. Both of my interests in one app! The best decision ever~I look forward to the developer adding more free-to-play awards/freebies and updates as well.
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1 year ago, Sweltering Peach
Decent gacha Mahjong.
Everything about this is pretty good. The waifus are good, the presentation is good. The gameplay is solid, and a good way for any novice to learn Riichi Mahjong. The tutorial covers the basics, but it could cover the yakus in more depth. Playing matches with bots is good for a quick fix. My only complaint is that it is, in fact, a gacha game.
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4 years ago, fnchsiashwaia
Fun but in game purchases frustrating
This is the only gatcha game I’ve ever played where you cannot try for new characters without paying actual money. I love all the mechanics and playing in the ranked matches. But the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a way to slowly earn premium jade just from playing the game everyday is so frustrating
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2 years ago, Blade of light
Small company big heart
The amount of love this game is shown is beyond apparent the only thing it’s missing is a bigger pool of characters and more ftp friendly options other then that 5/5
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2 weeks ago, FreeFromReligion
Frustrating on mobile
When using the PC browser or client, I can login through Google as verification. But this feature never made it to the mobile version. Extremely frustrating to not log in and being forced to open another account to play on mobile
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2 years ago, HeyYouEgg
Been playing since beta. Mahjong is my favorite game. I met life long friends through this app. I cherish all the memories. The competitive nature of the game can get to you. Non-Ten and Luck can be cruel. But I learned everything I need know from Ichihime! Pon-NYAAAAA!!!!
Show more
2 years ago, Virtualism
Hard to learn, but very fun!
I’ve been interested in mahjong since watching Akagi, and it’s cool to see he’s in this game too! This is an extremely well made riichi mahjong game and I recommend it to everyone who wants to play.
Show more
4 years ago, AngryBigSister
Stickers When
Finally a game that actually helps you understand Mahjong. The art is great too. I’ve had a lot of fun introducing this app to my friends but it would be cool to be able to send each-other stickers. ;)
Show more
3 years ago, gingeraleeeee
Free, REAL Mahjong.
Way better than any other Mahjong client. It's free, it's fun, and you can play it on other platforms with a yostar account. I wish it were easier to get the unlockables in f2p but other than that its great.
Show more
2 years ago, YvesPaul
Beautifully made game but rigged
The game is beautifully made and have an interesting back story but it seems to be rigged toward paid customers and catered to their enjoyment. It will draw you in when you first start and you’ll win a lot, and then it will be rigged if you don’t pay for things and you’ll lose every single time.
Show more
3 years ago, Tab2677
A mahjong must.
Disregarding the gacha aspect because it doesn’t matter at all. The interface is simple and intuitive. Tutorial is direct and informative. But the ability to host games for free is amazing.
Show more
11 months ago, Benis con webos
Majong anime girls saved the world
Did you know playing jong with anime girls solves world hunger, kills all mosquitoes, cures cancer in baby elephants and takes care of that lingering burning sensation on your privates. If it wasn’t for anime girl jong I would of smoked Parmesan cheese out of the carpet
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1 year ago, yesserkin
Really fun and quite addicting
I just started playing and I have learned a lot. There are strategies and the gameplay is quite dynamic. Highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, SerialConvert
Mahjong Just The Way I Like It!
Mahjong with F2P aspects and anime girls with custom emote packs, as well as skins with custom emotes, what’s not to like? First time diving into the Mahjong scene for an app and personally loving it so far, super glad I don’t have to spend a dime to play Mahjong since the skins and so on are purely cosmetic!
Show more
1 year ago, One with Only Good Words
Needs more event and free gifts to experience the characters!
Wish there’s more beginner events to experience the characters and customization! It’s hard to get into the game and want to buy more gacha when there’s a huge pay wall to even get a character :(
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