4.7 (286K)
71.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for Mahjong!!

4.69 out of 5
286K Ratings
4 years ago, Sharde B
Don’t Listen to 1 Stars
This game is incredibly fun. My boyfriend and I have downloaded and challenged each other to see who can finish every layout first. Needless to say (I’m winning). Early levels are super easy and great to learn for him, being he didn’t know how to play. Best part of this game: NOT ONE SINGLE AD!! You can’t beat that nowadays considering every other game is ruined by them. To address the 1 star reviews you’ll find: - Yes, if you complete the game and want to play the additional layouts, the additional 100 is $1.99. Anyone who is complaining about having to pay for additional levels when they give you a large quantity to play with for free is ridiculous. You’re not going to go broke over $2. - No, you don’t have to pay to shuffle, get hints, etc. That may have been how it worked last year, but I’ve not been charged for a single thing. - No, the game is not rigged to force you to shuffle in order to win. I’ve gone through every single free layout without having to shuffle. You’re just not mastering that level bud. - The game has never frozen/crashed for me or my boyfriend (iPhone X and iPhone 7P). As a technician, I want to recommend that you address potential software issues with your own devices before you try to ruin the rating for someone’s game. Or maybe leave a more constructive explanation other than “it doesn’t work” so the developers can fix their bugs. ENJOY THE GAME! IT’S GREAT!
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9 months ago, Jabbadah
I had an older version of this game.
Update--my bad! I found the TIMER in your game settings. The original game I had had a timer that was part of the fixtures! So I amend my review to say my joy is now complete. So sorry for my stupidity. Love the game! Will definitely buy more games once I've gone through these new unfamiliar ones. Thanks for the fun times! Great for an old foggy like me who needs help noticing details. Earlier review a week before: On my old iPad, I had this game, but it had a timer which made the game more fun and challenging. Without a challenge, there isn't any fun, no point to playing it. Still lovely graphics, grateful for no ads. The tiles used to be larger and cleaner looking. Sorry you changed it. I'd have given the old game five stars. I keep playing it to improve my time. Would have bought more games, but without the timer, not reason to. Sad sad sad.
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6 years ago, longhorn k
This one is perfect for me
I’ve downloaded several versions of mahjong over the years, and found this one to have good games that I can easily see and play. I opted to buy additional games in this app to support the developer and have enjoyed each one. I also appreciate that this app doesn’t make you pay to dim/highlight available tiles, hints or undo you last move. Other apps have wonky colors and designs that are hard to tell apart and have no way to change the tiles for free. No thanks! And other apps have stories or things to collect as you play to earn hints, undos, etc. And still others have you pay up for pretty much any help at all. Ick! I absolutely love this app and play throughout the day. I simply cannot recommend highly enough. Try it and I bet you’ll enjoy it as well.
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2 years ago, IbuSaja
Great Game
This is a straight forward, no frills mahjong game, that allows you to customize the background and tiles. Because there are no annoying adds, the game runs smoothly and is very responsive. The two add on packages are reasonably priced. I bought both and will purchase others, when available. I’ve had this game for years and still come back to it every few days. Many thanks for the many hours of enjoyment. One small point: It would be nice to have the ability to reset the game progress from within the settings section of the app. As of now the only way to clear your progress is to delete and reinstall the app.
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6 years ago, Bear179179
Great Way To Pass The Time
I play a lot of games that are stupid and annoying after a while. However this game is not one of them, I can play this for hours without getting bored. The best part is it's healthy for you! ( I AM NOT A MOM, I AM A TEENAGER) I just like games the improve your logic especially when it helps your reaction time. I enjoy that this game is a game, but also helps you at the same time. This can also act as a stress reliever, I get very stressed and this acts as a way to calm down. It keeps your mind off stuff and is healthy ( not to mention addictive). I recommend this to anyone looking for a way to pass the time and de stress and relax not even realizing the health benefits.👍👍😄😃
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4 months ago, Queens_DeeJay
What happened to the check marks for layouts completed?!?!
I love the fact that the game put a check mark when you completed each layout. Now though, with the purchased upgrade no check marks are showing up! The menu looks just the same before and after I've conquered a layout, so there there's no way -- that I can see -- to tell where you are; i.e. how much progress you've made. Bring back the clear navigational check marks, please, since they clearly mark layouts that completed. Check marks in this context are just as important and useful as when used with a checklist, and for the same reasons! They make it clear how far you've come and how far you've still to go.
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4 years ago, PhoneJockey
Great Game!!!!!
I’ve had this game for at least 2 years, and it’s still my absolute favorite mahjong game. It hasn’t crashed even once in 2 years, and NO ADS!!!!!!!!!! The levels are so much fun I’ve done them a few times to try to improve my times. I shaved a whole minute off one last night!!! I have several other mahjong games, but this is far and away the very best!!!!! And yes, they have added more free levels during the time I’ve been playing. I recommend this mahjong game to anyone who’s interested in playing!!!!!
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2 years ago, Arch141234
Where’s the instructions?
This is a great game. I used to play the old windows mahjong and I was looking for the nostalgia that this game provided. It’s relaxing, entertaining and challenging. I even payed for the extra levels. My only issue is that there doesn’t seem to be any instructions and I haven’t figured out what rules to follow to guarantee three stars. How do you earn stars? Each star seems to be associated with a different mechanic but I cannot figure it out. I only realized after finishing a level to see the middle star missing. I’ve explored the menu for a help or instructions option but I can’t find one. Can someone please tell me how the stars are awarded?
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7 years ago, BrittanyRainbow
Awesome Game! Addicting :)
This game is awesome! The music is a stress relief when the levels get frustrating, over all, its one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played. I can’t blame this on the game or anything, but I get so lost in the game I become late for important things like, for instance, meetings, etc. Thats one complaint, it’s too good! One other thing though that made me rate it 4 stars is the animal and plant tiles, it’s a matching game, I get it, but you have to match plants, not depending on how they look, but if they’re plants. Just in case I confuse anyone, an example is: a bamboo tile, and a flower tile, make a match! It just doesn’t seem right. But over all of that, I still play it a lot and I love the gameplay!
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2 years ago, Adnilwalker
How to complete a section???
I’ve played, beat the time and still no third star coming up. Will someone PLEASE HELP I’ll have two stars then I’ll play it again I cleared the board and that third star will never show up. Will someone tell me how you do it instructions on actually how to play the game other than the minor instructions you did guess which a four-year-old could do. I want to keep playing but I want to complete a section. I have the whole section a completed and I keep clearing the board yet I’m not able to close a section with all three stars was somebody come through with the answer here it’s driving me nuts
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6 years ago, kurosh
I deleted in frustration
I appreciate the app because it was free and without ads. I’ve owned it for years and put up with the bot cheating sometimes. But on the few occasions when I’ve managed to get to a high level I discovered that if you accidentally touch the lower right side of the screen you activate the menu and if, at that time, your palm touches the reset you are forced back to a lower level with no way to get back. So going back to level 20 when you’re at level 100 was annoying. But months of work to get back there only to have the same thing happen is too much. The pad sometimes doesn’t register moves but is overly sensitive at the menu level. There’s no safety to ask “are you sure?” So I’m done. It was fun while it lasted.
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7 years ago, PCHomepage
Good But Not Random
As one reviewer stated, the tiles in this version of Mahjong are easy on the eyes and indeed they are but some tiles use obscure metaphors so take getting used to. There is another version by a different author that is equally easy on the eyes but uses more traditional tiles. For example, the dragons are missing entirely from this version and the seasons are so obscure as to make little sense but both are clear in the other version. However, the main concern concern I have is that there is no randomness whatsoever in the layouts and every one is totally winnable with little effort so there is virtually no challenge. Add some randomness with more traditional tiles and it might be a winner but as it is, it doesn't quite hit the mark.
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7 years ago, Nararabbit
Relaxing and nice music
I was told by my doctor that I was too stressed and should spend at least an hour a day doing purely enjoyable activities. I didn't even know what those were for me if that tells you anything! I remembered my mom playing mahjong when I was growing up and downloaded it. It has worked perfectly for keeping my brain engaged but also helping me wind down when I'm anxious. I play a game here and there - before an exam or interview, before and after work to get my mind situated, and before bed.
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5 years ago, ChristieArcher
Best Mahjong game ever!
I’ve tried a few Mahjong games but this is is hands-down the best. It’s simply what it says it is and nothing more. 1- No timer option, WAHOO! This is the ONLY app that I’ve found that you can relax and play at your leisure. Mahjong should be a calming strategical game and this app is just that. 2- The aesthetic options are nice. 3- Once you’ve completed all of the free boards you can purchase more at a very affordable and fair price. My only complaint is that I’m not sure what constitutes how many stars you get. There are a few that I play straight through without mistake but only get 2 stars. I keep playing them over and over again (I like to have 3 stars before going on to the next) but can’t seem to get the last star. Directions/tips for playing would be nice. Other than that, it’s absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for this great app.
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5 years ago, Tueirkelheadstone
I agree with longhorn k. This is more fun than some of the other versions of Majhong and there are way more characters which make it so much fun, no pop ups, thank you so mch for that, and no extra charges to get to the end. That means a lot to many of us on fixed incomes. I love this version. This is the version that comes up with 6 tiny tiles on it. Having access to the different ways they are put together are helping me to pass these winter days . I wouldn't do anything to change this version, ITS PERFECT AS IS!
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6 years ago, ke84cheney
The best thing is to keep your schedule on your own and I have
The only way I could do it was a quick pass time to see what I would have been you and you would be a great help if I had to go back and do a good time and then I’ll be able I don’t know how much it is I will have it done for the day I can get you guys were going on a short vacation I think that you will be able and will have to do it next time you have to do a good time with me I will be there tomorrow morning
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2 years ago, Boudouin
Lately—the Final Match is Lodged On Top of Itself REPEATEDLY
This used to be the best Mahjong app available. I have loaded, completed, deleted and reloaded this app MANY times because the games were always fun and fair. Lately, I have found the final match tile being lodged on top of itself—making a win IMPOSSIBLE. I understand this can happen, but FIVE times in a row? Doesn’t anyone on your development team care about ethics and fairness in lieu of a CHEAP chuckle? And Yes, I am a paying customer…but no more.
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5 years ago, NOCsDiva
A lot of fun, diverting!
I’ve enjoyed mahjong for years, but don’t care for gambling. This is harmless fun, tiles are classical and beautiful. My only request to the developer is PLEASE offer more tile sets, i.e. 500 or so, I went thru all of these way, way too quickly and am seriously withdrawing now! I’ve gone back to the beginning but there’s no way to really start all over again which would be really nice. I am seriously addicted and this doesn’t bother me a bit . Just offer more like this! catpayn22!
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7 years ago, CaliRose23
Just Awesome, must get it!!
This game is just awesome, I love the relaxing music and the games are not that hard. Once I start it is soooo hard to quit, I cannot name just one thing about it. Everything about the game is just so much fun, it has really helped me to lower my blood pressure. No joking, it is just that relaxing and I just love this game so very much. I recommend this game to everyone of all ages, I will be 69 next month. I am disabled and this game has really been just what the doctor should order. 😁 👍
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3 years ago, ally9173
I have always loved mahjong. I’ve been looking for something I can play to wind down at the end of the day and this is great because the games aren’t timed. So I don’t feel stressed trying to finish quickly. I can just take my time matching the tiles together. 10 out of ten would recommend. Two thumbs up. I should also add that you can do timed if you want. Wish there were more free maps but still, TWO THUMBS UP!
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1 year ago, U don't have this name lol
Am I naturally gifted or is this game for children
I played mohjong with my friend the other night and we couldn’t finish a single puzzle. It was difficult but fun, so I decided to find an app for it. I figured this would be good since it had so many good reviews, however it seems way to easy. I’ve played at-least 10 levels and have brainlessly matched tiles and won everytime. I’ve played the levels at the end, middle, and start and none seem to be any different in difficulty. No ads and a killer soundtrack is the only thing carrying this app
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7 years ago, Jpc032004
A must get matching mahjong game
This game is so soothing and easy. I love always beating the level with no stress at all. This game is a must get and is so EASY. If you want a more challenging mahjong game , I recommend getting Mahjong journey. But this is a perfect choice for me! Before ending this review , I would like to add , that if there are no more moves you can shuffle them for NO cost at all! This is an AMAZING app and I totally would recommend this game for mahjong lovers. From A ligitimit lassy YIP YIP👍🤠🤠💰🙋🏾‍♂️
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3 years ago, anonymoose5567
5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I love everything about this app except for how you have unlimited shuffles, undos, and helps. I had never tried playing this game before this app and the instructions couldn’t be clearer. I do wish you could include that any dragons match each other and same with the flowers. Also I wish there were more mini games other than puzzles. Other than that, definitely recommend! :)
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7 years ago, liznchas
Great Relaxer
I enjoy playing games to relax and to reduce stress. Some games make it impossible especially when you are playing against the clock or have to pay to give you more advantages to succeed. I have played other Mahjong games but would end up deleting them in frustration. Thank goodness I found this version of Mahjong. I can play at my own pace and shuffle for free till I complete the game. If you enjoy a more challenging game then I would recommend Mahjong Journey.
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2 years ago, BusterBrat
Used to be fun
I used to love this mahjong game, the adds were infrequent. The adds are constant now and it’s impossible to get out from them. Even when I sat through the entire add it sends me to download the game advertised and there’s no way to escape and go back to play mahjong. Your forced to close the app and open again before you can play, then once your game is over your forced to go through all that again. Forget it, this isn’t fun or relaxing anymore so I deleted it. I wish these games would offer a buy option that you pay for the game, it’s yours with no adds to play for ever like downloading games for my PS4. I am so sick of adds.
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8 months ago, Namesrissa
The BEST one yet!!!
Soooo therapeutic!! I love this game. I’ve tried many different Majong games on different platforms and apps and this one is by far the best one! I purchased the full version to get all the levels from A to Z unlocked, only to beat it with all 3 stars and delete the game and reinstall it again to start fresh. This will be my 7th time completing all the levels. I’m on my way to delete it again to start new lol
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1 year ago, Mya's Nana
Forget Card Games
This is my go to game for several reasons. It’s difficult enough to keep your attention while you are waiting and you can move up to a more complex level when needed. I have this game on two iPads so I never have to recharge. Excellent for waiting rooms or when you just need to sit down and keep your “to do” list from running through your head.
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3 months ago, BoeingPat787
Great game- needs a UI update
I love Mahjong and this is a great mobile option. My only gripe is it’s rather difficult to close the app. Many apps you can swipe a certain way to close it. However, with this one I have to go to my notification center (or lock screen), and click on that notification to open another app. I’ll update this to a 5 star review if they are able to provide a way to simply leave the app while I’m playing. - Pat
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3 years ago, Zenmerlin
Fantastic 😃😃😃
I forgot how much I enjoy playing Mahjong this has a lot of great features that make the game more enjoyable, I can undo a move if I make a mistake, I can start the whole game over if I wasn’t able to clear all the tiles. There are many different patterns to choose so that I have many options to play. I am very happy that I found this app I will enjoy playing this game for a very long time 😃😃😃thank you so much for a wonderful app.
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3 years ago, The Alexa
Hella layouts, can’t recall any ads
There are so many layouts. I’ve been selecting “play next layout” at the end of each game for what feels like years now. It might cycle through, but 🤷‍♀️ Also, I don’t remember ads. I play this quite a bit, and if there’s ads, I don’t notice them. Not sure if this game costs money bc I’ve had it to long to remember, but I think it’s probably worth paying for.
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6 years ago, Jannebel
Terrific mind game
Love this matching game but would like it more if it offered replay option on games. You should be able to retry same pattern more than once. Or you should be able to back up...Without paying!! It’s not about a perfect score, it’s about skillfully mastering a puzzle. You should also be able to select lower levels if you’ve reached a very high level and winning is no longer possible. Four Rivers is best of the puzzles because it requires strategy, like chess.
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7 years ago, Yorkasaurus
Good App
I agree with some previous reviewers that the tiles aren’t traditional and can at times be misleading when it comes to matches. However, it plays well, the music is nice and I disagree with some others who say it isn’t random. It very much is; every time you start the same layout over again it shuffles the tiles, but some layouts are just easier to win than the more advanced ones.
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3 years ago, minbeanz
Fantastic classic game
If you’re a fan of mahjong, then you’ll enjoy this game. There is a good variety of challenging layouts and no annoying ads between games, which is rare these days. Beware though that if you do the in app purchase to get more layouts that it’s only good on that particular device, which is unfortunate since I really would like to enjoy the game on my iPad. I tried contacting the developer to get this fixed but never got a response.
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2 years ago, Montinia
Why do I rate it this?
I choose three stars because of a lot of reasons. I think some improvements would be to do some things based on animals or another place, not just Asia. It would also be fun to be able to not only pick the layout but also the pieces in the puzzle. I would also recommend being able to make your own puzzle. ( if you haven’t played it before then I will tell you that you can’t, it was just an idea for any improvements.)
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5 months ago, mr in cj
Nice for learning the tiles
I like this for learning the tiles but I ran out of games, paid for another apparently 100 games. when I finish those it offers me another 80 but doesn’t load anything that allows me to get the 80 new games. I can replay all of the existing games because they play differently each time since I click the tiles in different order. well that tells me I need to go to a more sophisticated app.
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5 years ago, Meghan's Big Nana
Calm Down!
It keeps my brain active, yet works like meditation, because it makes me stay focused in order to solve the puzzle. So when I’m dealing with something that gets me a little riled up, I stop and play a couple of games and go back to what I was doing all calm and ready to get things done. When I’m using it this way, I play only one version of Majong over and over, because I like that layout.
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7 years ago, Kasey (Jacques)
Fun and relaxing, I just started playing fun so far. I love playing mahjong over playing slots. I had other mahjong games I was playing but deleted those because I prefer yours much better. I like your tiles better plus they same the same size where some games are small and then get bigger as you play. I definitely give your games a 10. Keep up the GOOD WORK. Thank you.
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6 years ago, ElkMagnet
Where’s the challenge?
In other Mahjong games I can find a level at which that game was played such as a great time in minutes, or a level that was reached. In this app, you just play it and go on. It becomes very easy after awhile. I like the ease of seeing the tiles, the colors, etc., but I want a challenge that I can meet. Some games allow you to play them as many times as you want and they show the timing that you took for each least there, you can challenge yourself to do better.
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3 years ago, Kingdom5ervant
Fun but some flaws
The tiles are bright and well designed, and game play is fun. However, when stuck, the only options are shuffle and restart. Shuffle rearranges the tiles that are left and presents a completely non-challenging “easy” solution. Restart doesn’t restart the game at the beginning, but starts a different game. There should be an option to undo several moves so one can figure out where one went wrong, and actually solve the game being played.
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7 years ago, thejesuscat
Great Game But...
Yes, I really enjoy this game, and I love this compact brilliant rendition! The problem consist of the latest version: why on earth have you designed it so that you MUST Shuffle or Restart the game nearly every board!!! Come on! I have played this game for years but I have NEVER had to shuffle or restart games in level three (3) and four (4). The game should rely on the PLAYER'S skill not based on some designer's desire to provide one or two piece choices at a time. Redesign the game please!!!
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4 months ago, living.dead.doll
Satisfying purchase
I had been so disappointed when my original mahjong game became obsolete. I checked the App Store every once in a while, trying to find a game as similar to the previous one. This, so far, reminds me of that game. Don’t love the cartoonish dragon tiles that come with the original set, but there are multiple sets to choose from. Thanks!
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7 years ago, City Slicker Guitar Picker
Very easy on my eyes
I have played a number of Mahjong games on my iPhone and found most of them difficult to play because the active tiles are both too small and too similarly shaded to the inactive tiles. That is not the case here. I usually play to wind down for sleep, and this just what I need for that. Thank you for making a great game app, and for keeping it available for free!
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4 years ago, akh0001
On to the next...
Nice game and layout. Gameplay is completely random. The only bad thing I can say about this game is there are only 48 different layouts (games). I thought maybe if I got three stars in all of them, new games would become available. Nope! Not the case! You have to either upgrade the app for $1.99 or download a completely different app in order to get more layouts. This is very disappointing. So I will be erasing this app. On to the next...
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4 years ago, ped314
Pretty good. Needs work when it has an anomaly.
This is pretty good. And when you do your first initial free sets two dollars for the next 100 is not a bad price. The problem I have with the app is when you have the last two tiles are the same and one is on top of the other. When you do a shuffle it should split the two. But it doesn’t. It just repeats its error EVERY SINGLE SHUFFLE. The only way to get out of it is to hit the restart button and restart the whole game. That is stupid programming.
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4 years ago, Jaesee
Bad only if you DON’T know how to play
This game is amazing. I just started playing and I loved it. Really easy to play, I used to play this with my cousins and it was really fun. I love the background and the cards, the only thing I wish was different is if I can change my screen from Landscape to Portrait. Other than that it’s PERFECT.
Show more
7 years ago, BrendaSue1
This game gets a 9/10 from me. The reason it didn't get a 10/10 is due to the fact that some levels appear so easy. Throw in a hard puzzle at each level. If you finish that puzzle, you automatically get more "shuffles". Would refer to friends and family. Mahjong Journey is more challenging but sometimes more stressful so when I'm having one of those days, I switch between the two!!
Show more
6 months ago, mrskab101715
Not enough play
I downloaded this and wouldn’t move a level until I got all 3 stars. I purchased the extra tiles but now I’ve completed everything and don’t have the option to purchase more. There’s not enough boards and after being finished within 2 weeks of downloading the game, I now have to find something else.
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2 years ago, Rackzie
Very relaxing and the background music is the icing!
Great, very relaxing and soothing. I am glad that I fond this game. I have played many Mahjong games but this is one of my favorites. The game layouts and graphics are great. As far as the music goes it is totally relaxing but does not interrupt your conversation while playing the game. The best Mahjong game I have ever played!!! 👍👍👍👍👍
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5 years ago, Spyrall X
Great game
Would be 5 stars if you could either use undo or restart the same exact game after hitting 'no more matches.' Current options are only to shuffle existing tiles or start new game. Also, since it doesn't seem to say anywhere, as far as I can tell the stars are earned as follows: 1- winning the level at all, 2- winning with no help (no hints, undos, or shuffles,) & 3- winning in under 5 minutes.
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3 years ago, Leslie&Camille
This One is Special
This app is QUALITY. You are never forced into things like: 1) being locked out of a level because you haven't 'advanced' through the proceeding ones yet, or not being able to repeat a level you already played just because you won it once 2) being forced to buy extra turns or tries or shuffles 3) being interrupted by ads- THERE ARE NO ADS in this game how rare and special is that!? The whole game is wide open to you. The graphics and layout are lovely, and the design team behind this app obviously gets that we play for the mere pleasure of it! For me this app = 100% ZEN
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