4.6 (31.8K)
116.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Maple Media Apps, LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for Mahjong

4.55 out of 5
31.8K Ratings
4 months ago, 2jaz
I really like this game first of all what captured my attention was that it says 17+ thank you but I have to admit even though I like it the screen to display the game tiles way too small for me to continue playing. I know ads help pay and support these games. I’m so glad that it doesn’t after every single win inject and ad that was really attractive to me. There are ads but it’s not like after every single win or going to the next level.🙂 Kinda have to do so maybe from a computer I’m not sure if it’s available there it may be if so, maybe I’ll try it there but on my iphone and I have a Pro Max it’s just too small at a screen .I can see clearly but the screen display just too small but thank you. Keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, <3 Courtney Elizabeth
Too many ads
This app isn’t bad by any means BUT if I could make a suggestion, it’d be to do something about the ADS. Every time I tap the menu, an ad pops up... and another... and another! The only way I can get to the menu is if I close the app and restart. It’s inconvenient and makes the game less enjoyable. I don’t want to spend the whole time I’m playing closing out of ads. Other than that, love the layouts, love the play of the game itself.
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6 years ago, Kaitlyn Fife
New update killed it for me
A looooong time ago I paid to remove adds and unlock "all" levels. The new update added several level packs which I will have to pay to unlock... again..? I may have been willing to do so if the new update weren't so buggy for me: huge sections of the touch screen are completely unresponsive, so I have to zoom and pan to individual tiles to select them; when I win a level the time gets frozen in the corner and doesn't go away when I move on; sometimes I have to hit a button in the menu several times before it registers... and do I even have all the levels I used to?? I feel like some are missing. Honestly, the new update is driving me nuts. I wish I knew how to revert to an older version. Update: The ads are back, too. I paid to remove ads once before; I should NOT have to do it again. Unbelievable.
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1 year ago, Me399
Option needed - PLEASE
I love this game and have subscribed for a second year. I asked this before but will say it again: please give us an option to lock the board in place so when you accidentally drag your finger a bit, it doesn’t move the board. I don’t want the board sliding all over and would really appreciate the option to lock it in place. One other thing is please give us a way to favorite the boards we like best so we don’t have to scroll through 16 pages to get to them. Love the game, but having no way to keep the board from moving keeps me from giving it 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Jags45
Ad frequency, too much!
Great graphics and fun to play with lots of different puzzles to keep you going. But. The frequency of ads is getting to be too much! I realize Ads are important for Apps but sometimes I’m waiting up to 30sec for the Ad to complete before the beloved little ‘x’ shows itself at the top.
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6 years ago, iMackGirl
Layout fix request
I paid to remove ads - was actually accidental because with the ads it freezes so I must have hit a button by accident - but anyway - now that the ads are removed it would be better if the 2 buttons at the bottom (undo and menu) would move down to make room for the tiles. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit undo accidentally because it’s in the way. The same space is still below the buttons from where the ads used to be. Thanks!
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4 years ago, mozimom
What happened with ads??!!
I liked this app a lot at first. But since a recent update, tapping the menu button brings up ad after ad and never lands you on the menu. So "hint" and "shuffle" are no longer an option. The only way I can get to the menu is to close the app and reopen it. They also have some very disgusting ads that cannot be closed quickly or easily. So if you play this, you'd better win the round in one straight shot with no hints, shuffles, or restarts! It seems to be the only way to enjoy the latest version of this game. So sad.
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6 years ago, Jewel Match lover
Too tiny tiles sprawled out too wide
I enjoy Mahjong & like the graphics, but the layouts very quickly (like by level 4) become unsuitable for a 4" iPhone screen. The layout is spread out, rather than deep, so it has to make everything very, very small to fit on the screen. Far too small to be able to differentiate between similar tiles. If I zoom in so I can make out a tile, I can't see the whole layout anymore. It's just an annoying waste of time, all the zooming in & out & panning around. I'd much rather have a layout that's 15 layers deep & all fits on my screen at a visible size than these shallow, sprawling layouts.
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5 years ago, Tillumine
Basic, glitches
This app is the basic game. It keeps track of your times and ranks them by each puzzle layout. I played it maybe 10 times and then it started glitching every play. If there are no moves left on the board, select menu for a replay option. An ad pops up and then when then after is done and you return to menu no of the buttons work. I have to close out and reopen the app. This also erases the recent game time. It was fun for about a week but the glitches are annoying. I will be looking for a new version of this game now.
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3 years ago, vee2500
Fun game, too many flashing ads
If you are sensitive to flashing lights stay away from this app! The ads are overwhelming . Too bad really because the game itself is quite nice. (It would be a 4 or 5 with less seizure inducing advertisements ) Having to sit through an ad just to pull up the menu is too much. Not to mention the constant flashing , moving, annoying ads at the bottom of the screen. Putting the phone in airplane mode helps but is too much of a bother to do every time. I doubt the advertisers like that either.
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9 months ago, fshepinc
Bugs Not Fixed
I loved this app, but the latest version is another giant step backward. I reported a bug in the previous version where the app forgets that you are using the paid version, making you jump through hoops every time you open it. I was disappointed that the maker didn’t bother to reply, but hopeful that it would be addressed in the next update. It wasn’t.
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4 years ago, Greg in Spokane
Ads drove me to quit
The game itself was great and there was a nice variety of layouts to play. I ended up deleting it because I had three thirty second ads in a row while attempting to restart a single layout after losing and I chose to delete rather than seeing if I was going to be able to play or perhaps get a fourth ad. This is inconsistent but very frustrating when it happens. I haven’t had that happen as much when I play on the iPhone.
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6 years ago, bluedragonling
Update unhappiness
I have been playing this for quite awhile now. Yesterday I was doing a puzzle that I have done several times. Imagine my dismay when I go to return to the puzzle and find I have to pay to unlock it again. I already did this before the update. While I realize that there are many more new puzzles, I am most unhappy that I have to pay to reopen puzzles I already paid for sonI could continue.
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6 years ago, Rich987
Fixed Instability Issue
The latest app update has fixed the “crashing” problem. There goes my productivity as I go back to playing this every day. Thanks to the developer for such a quick fix and for responding to me about the issue.
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6 years ago, Bd9472
Ads that never time out
The latest update now puts ads in that never time out. For me it’s been one of the search game ads. Normally you see a timer and wait for 30 seconds to ‘x’ through and get back to the game. That never appears. I tried the mini-game in the ad to see if that did it, and nothing other than a big “Install” button. I have to kill the game and restart it to get back to the playing board.
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7 years ago, WroteCodeBeforeYouWereBorn
Fun and challenging
Mahjong is deceptively challenging. You can finish one game in record time and the next one could take you record time in the worst way. Having never played it before i find i definitely improve the more i play.
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3 years ago, McK977
Games ok, shuffles frustrating
The games are ok. The ads are also ok but would have been better if they didn’t appear when the menu was pressed. The worst is the shuffle feature. It adds 60 seconds (which is ok) each time but the shuffles are useless. Sometimes, each shuffle just offers one match.
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3 months ago, Elle.57
This is the perfect game for filling times is in a doctor waiting room. It’s hard to stop playing. It is more of a challenge keeping the game which makes it all the more enjoyable.
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4 years ago, FaeryLuvr
So many ads!
This game app isn’t horrible, but the amount of ads is pretty ridiculous and the fact that 90% of the ads are right wing political garbage just makes it that much worse. If those are the type of ads this app displays then it’s definitely not worth it to pay the $15 to remove them cuz who knows where my money would go to. Thank goodness there’s other options out there!
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4 years ago, gramy24
If you get to a blocked point why don’t the have the shuffle be automatic...ya have to leave the deck and go to shuffle and your still penalized, it’s like you have to pay to be inconvenienced on top of it
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6 years ago, GOT247
You priced me out
This has been my go-to mahjong game for a very long time. Lately, ads have popped up when I try to see a hint for a new move, the ad blocks the hint, then I have to delete the ad and go back to the game with 15 points added to my score for a hint I never got to see. You’re stealing my thunder. Update: My go-to game has shat upon me too often. Adios amigos, I wish you well. Your game is no longer relaxing or fun. If I could give you zero stars, I would.
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2 years ago, Past time Friend
Best Pastime
Gets into your mind to keep matching the puzzle even when you run out of time. Sure does help during the shut in period of Covid
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6 years ago, JohnnyJerk2
Good free game!
This plays well and the ads are not too bad. You can pay and lose the ads which I will be doing. Like the different starting boards.
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4 years ago, It-Jane
Ads take too long before able to clear
Ads take too long before you’re able to clear (hit the x) and displays 1 to 2 ads in a row. so ok I guess I have to wait.... but the the game is solid
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5 years ago, wentmad
this game was great until the last update!
What happened? now the buttons to restart level don’t work after ad plays, i have to quit the app and restart to play again most of the time. The ads were annoying, but didn’t last long, now the ads are 30 seconds long and obnoxiously loud so I think i’m going to have to find another mahjong game.
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9 months ago, Nduskin
Please bring back the previous version!!! This version keeps coming up with blank restart menu.
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4 years ago, Vichere
Good game
Easy to use, looks good. I’ve had this for a year or two now, their recent update causes some words in menus to drop letters.
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4 years ago, davenshake13
It’s ok for a free game but the ads hang it
If you run out of moves in a round, you get and ad. You can click to skip the ad but then the app hangs and you have to close and re-open it. Otherwise you have to watch the same thirty second ad every time.
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4 months ago, xxx0329
Fix this problem please
Every time I play this game I get one game, I win, then when I go to play a second game it never loads. I have to completely shut down my IPad, restart it then go to the game. ALL my other apps and games work properly. This only happens to this game and IT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE THE NEW UPGRADE. I LIKE THIS GAME, I JUST WANT IT TO WORK PROPERLY.
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2 years ago, BettyDu
I’ve been playing the same game for several months and can’t win!!!
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3 years ago, thegiveaway
Keeping your mind active
Stay alert by using your mind
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4 years ago, bleederm
Too Busy!
App plays nicely and has a great variety of boards and levels. Using the free version clogs the screen with constant moving advertisements that distract from the game. There’s no way to move or minimize so the ad for other mini game plays continuously across bottom or top of active game making it almost Impossible to concentrate. Very tacky. Would not recommend.
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6 years ago, PTC cbi
New update failure
Loved this game until latest update. Now it’s unstable, locks up, and is beyond sluggish! Please let me revert to the old version! While there are many new patterns available, if I can’t actually complete them without the game basically shutting down... well, so what?! I’d prefer fewer patterns and a functional game!
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3 years ago, phx mouse
Really enjoy!
Live playing for a few minutes to relax!
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5 months ago, shittt head not happy
To many ads
To many ads trying to play and finish a game but a ad will pop up frustrated
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4 years ago, ajp6780
I’m not sure if you are required to shuffle the tiles in order to win, but this one seems to be unbeatable. I’ve played this one for months on end and have never come close to winning. I’ve even tried only using hints and I still lose every single time. I don’t want to play something that can’t be won. I’ve lost interest.
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2 years ago, lesdoanj
Ads to view menu
You have to watch ads when you access the menu during a game?!? I uninstalled this game same day that I first played it. I will NOT suffer ads every time I try to access the bloody menu during a game. Absurd. This might have been a great game but this was a horrid decision by the developers. Disgusting.
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5 years ago, babebythebay
Crashes way to often
Love the game, play it everyday. Really annoyed by the too frequent crashes.
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4 years ago, noyb1
Games are interesting, ads are a deal breaker
I don’t mind ads in freemium games. But these have a constant banner ad playing while you are in the game, then a 30 second ad after you complete each game, every single time time. And then asking more than $12 for what most other devs ask less than $5 for?
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7 years ago, BradHick
Great graphics for a familiar game
I like that you can pan and zoom the tiles. The game is very intuitive and easy to play. It works very well on the iPhone platform.
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6 years ago, Maga26
Sticks !
The tiles stick ? Tried hitting it softly and then hard but it’s taking 2 to 3 clicks to get them off !? I will never beat any higher as its slowing me down ! It’s not my iPad, it works fine on other games .....
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7 years ago, bryantcafe
Brain exercise
Brain exercise, fun, can choose a level that suites the player. Not boring to me I try puzzles, crossword, now this is added.
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6 years ago, ahccindy
New update
The new update is terrible, half the games won’t open!!
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6 years ago, Psyched 24
A little confusing
I enjoy mahjong but dislike the movement of the tiles. Starts off way too tiny. But I will keep playing for a while more to see if it grows on me.
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3 years ago, LBRann
Ads are obnoxious
Biggest complaint are the ads—-next big complaint is that there is no image or celebration once you win. Boring.
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3 years ago, HamesAlwaysWins
Ads ads ads
Had the game installed for a total of 4 minutes played a game and ran out of moves and every time I pressed the button to bring up the restart button it played an ad it did this 5 times. Either a bug or a greedy greedy system. Watched more time in ads than time spent ingame.
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5 years ago, Hunnyb0527
Good game.
This is a nice game. The only thing that I can’t figure out is once you’ve done all of them , is there any more.
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4 years ago, Privacy breach
Unable to mute ads
I don’t mind ads on a free game, but there’s no way to mute the ads while playing. I usually play while listening to music or a book, and the ads pop up blaring through what I’m listening to when the game sounds are silenced. If the game is silenced, everything should be silenced.
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4 years ago, goodgamegrl
I downloaded the game a couple of days ago and I’m getting addicted to it!
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1 year ago, ii1i
Ads ads freeze ads ads freeze
This used to be a functional app. The ads tripled with an update…and then another update made the ads even more annoying. Now it freezes when ads pop up.
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