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User Reviews for Mail+ for Gmail

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5 years ago, dragonrecruiter
Absolutely Love this App
I have been using this app for about a week. Previously, I would leave Google Mail up and running so I could monitor my inbox. Unfortunately, this slowed my MacBook Pro down quite a bit. I would also get a message regularly informing me that "this webpage was using a great deal of memory and that shutting it down would improve my Mac's performance. I have since closed Google Mail and opened this app. My Mac now runs much, much faster and I still get to monitor my inbox. I am fairly computer savvy (I know just enough to be dangerous) and I truly have no idea how the developer has been able to make this thing work the way it does. I am, however, etremely grateful that he or she created this app. Thanks so much.
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5 years ago, Lil' B FOREVER RAVENS 52 GIRL
I find this App very useful! Only wish the settings had more options!
I personally find having 'Mail for Gmail' very convenient and useful , especially since I can have it open at all times while I'm on the computer working, and during the times I am on the Internet I don't have to stop, open a new tab, and login threw the website. However, I do wish it had all the same "settings" you can access through the website Gmail. It would make it the ultimate program if it did have those options. Especially since when I am having issues with my Gmail account, the 'Mail for Gmail' works fine and the web version can have problems logging in but not here. I can still access my emails in this program without problems. Therefore, if the settings were available here to help troubleshoot problems with passwords or others related, being able to just go to my full set of settings would make this ideal!! Otherwise, it's my app I use daily as I have multiple accounts for very important and separate business or personal uses. "Knock on Wood," I have yet to have ANY issues with it and I've been using it daily for about 8 months!! Therefore, I do highly suggest this app, just know it does have certain limitations, as I mentioned limited settings options, you will still have to go to your actual Gmail account online for those, but that is understandable, as this is not your actual Gmail, it's a companion program to help with reasons I listed above for why it is so convenient.
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5 years ago, JBarnesRN
Best of the free gmail options IMO
I dont like the ad nags, but there are really only a few of them and they are very rare. That being said maybe give us a paid version. The app works perfetly, and provides a super clean interface for me now that Inbox as been killed. We know all these gmail apps are basically a webpage wrapped up in an app window package, which is fine- but to me the best of these apps are the ones that add the LEAST to gmail. This one is super simple. Some of them you cant remove from the menu bar but this one you can and i love that... i like a clean menu bar. This one has a compact mode that is also nice and looks as if it was based on an iOS design which works great. One other thing to note is the responsiveness of this one compared to others... its super fast. If you close the window on the others it take a full second lag to open another window. I hate that, on a new mac when its running it should be instant and this one is. Prolly cuz this one does not have added toolbars and such in the app itself. Just give me a paid, no ad option and id say 5 stars!
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3 years ago, integral concepts
it works
it works but they try to get you when you start to type in your email to log in to your gmail they pop up a splash page to ask if you want to subscribe to there newsletter and as i was typing it popped up and i was typing in the enter email here bar on the splash page sneaky sneaky you guys but you dint get me and while some of you guys may be wondering why you wouldnrt want to subscribe to that well that is becase that newslettr you are signing up for isnt just that it. is also an email collecter so that they can always send you ads for as long as THE EMAIL EXISTS SO YEAH THERE IS THAT BUT OTHER THAN THAT FEEBLE ATTEMPT THERE IT IS A GREAT APP
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3 years ago, CarterRooney
This App is great minus a few bugs/issues
I much prefer this app over Apple's mail app and like that I can use gmail independent of my browser. There is one "feature" that becomes a flaw though. That feature restricts the sending of mail if you include the word "attachement" without attaching an item. It has saved my bacon a few times, but in the event that I am just referring to an attachment or describing something using attachement, I cannot send the email without editing my language. The second bug that cropped recently is when you click a link inside the body of an email, it will prompt my browser to open two tabs for the site/content instead of a single tab. I really do like and benefit from this app and recommened it to anyone I know who uses Gmail on a Mac.
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12 months ago, DiggityDiggityDawg
Works great!
I used Go for Gmail for many years, until the desktop version stopped working and you had to use the feature-poor mobile/compact version (even on my desktop). I tried several other Gmail apps, but have settled on EasyMail and I'm happy. Hey developers, if you're reading this, there are just two things I miss about Go for Gmail that I wish EasyMail would incorporate: - An unread email count available in the *menu* bar (especially since the dock icon count on my 11" MacBook Air is nearly illegible). - The menu bar icon for EasyMail is black and looks almost like a solid circle. Not very distinctive and it's hard to find in a sea of other black icons in the menu bar. Go for Gmail had a red icon that would turn blue when Internet connectivity got lost, so I could always find it and also know what was going on just by glancing at its menu icon. Anyway, other than those two things, EasyMail is working great for me and I'm glad I found it.
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4 years ago, Bearuhmya
Great concept, one major irritation
This is essentially a browser window that just keeps Gmail open. That's fantastic because GMail already has everything I need, I just want to close my browser and keep my email open. So far so good. I like the desktop notifications as well. The ONE THING that drives me nuts is that it does not update without manually clicking the refresh button. So, I will get a notification that I have a new email and go to look at it, but it isn't there unless I click refresh. And if I miss the notification, there is no indication that I have any new messages unless I click refresh. Looked all around for some sort of "auto-send/receive" option but didn't find anything. Would love to see this one improvement
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3 years ago, Dee-hydrated
Mail for Gmail is different in a GREAT way!
Having used regular mail, and now Mail for Gmail, I can tell a few differences that I just LOVE: Mail for Gmail seperates into categories: the Promotion mail and the Social mail are grouped. This makes it MUCH easier and LESS confusing when I open my mail, to see only the PERSONAL email sent to me. ALSO, I love the option to choose how I use my right or left swipe making it so MUCH easier to delete mail that is unwanted or finished-with. Thank-you, Thank-you for these differences! Sincerely, Penny
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2 years ago, etrueheart
Works All Right but Kind of Janky
This app works well enough, but some of the functions that exist in the browser version of gmail don't function here. The "Print" button does nothing. Certain pop-up alerts -- like one reminding you to attach the files you mentioned in the email text -- not only don't appear, but they keep the mail from being sent, since you don't have the window to click "OK." I've found that when in trouble, going to the browser always bails me out, but I got the app to avoid the browser in the first place. So... on the whole it works as advertised, but just know there are little glitches here and there.
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4 years ago, Dynamite Don
Handy App but lacks printing capability
I have enjoyed this app for about 24 hours, but ran into my first roadblock when I attempted to print out an important e-mail. After swimming around in settings for a bit, I finally went to Help and learned in the FAQ’s that a printing function has not yet been built into the app. This is problematic for me, as I sometimes make important file copies of e-mails. I was able to work around it by going to my old mail program. Otherwise, it’s great to have this very nice way into my e-mail. Perhaps y’all could place this on the list of functions to be added in the next version (which I hope will be real soon!). Thanks.
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4 years ago, Libdog
I want to like this but I just cannot
I manage multiple gmail accounts (work, personal, a seaparate email specifically for kids school etc) and with this app there is no way to toggle between the various different accounts. I hace been using outlook and was hoping to be able to switch to this gmail app but until I can easily toggle between the accounts without it opening a completely new internet browsing window, or forcing me to sign out of the current account to go to the new one (which, also opens an internet window), I will not be using this. If you have one account only, this is great, otherwise this is not for you.
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8 months ago, FischTech
Does the job
Nice app, it works better than Mac Mail, for allowing me to manage my gmail account. Looks like maybe it is a web view, it's not so fancy, but it does the job of giving me a standalone app to manage my email. I would use Mac Mail, but I saw it having a lot of syncing issues where I would make changes in Mac Mail and they wouldn't get executed properly in Gmail. EasyMail doesn't have that problem. Anything I do in EasyMail is reflected in Gmail.
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8 months ago, Reiberto
Exactly like Gmail but in an app!
I love this app. I have my work email through google workspace and I would always be distracted by the other browser tabs when I used the web version on my computer. Having my email functionally IDENTICAL but in a separate program that I can swap to within my apps lineup has made me more efficient because there's nothing else in the window for my ADHD brain to seize on. I'm actually legit more productive with this app. 5 stars!
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4 years ago, jordan14
I've been a user of Gmail for several years. It's always been reliable and has become more convenient to use, which is prominent for managing different assets. It has been and currently is, in my opinion, the best way to conduct business and keep in contact with friends, family, and associates. Along with it's easy-to-use features of compatibility, I would recommend anybody to take part in seeing how Gmail makes staying connected a priority in daily tasks.
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4 years ago, Rawsome711
Great organizational ability and ways to reduce SPAM
I love using the Mail for Gmail app. I actually prefer it to the mail program that comes on the Mac computers. In particular, I love flagging important emails, and being able to unsubscribe from list emails (at the top of the email), and moving these quickly into the SPAM folder. I like how SPAM emails automatically go to SPAM also, as I get about 150 emails a day and every bit of organization help I can get, helps me manage my time. Thank you!
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4 years ago, BryanBenson
Very Useful. Would pay for no ads.
I really like having this app which is essentially a dedicated web browser for gmail. I have never liked email apps and always end up going back to the desktop site to view when I'm on my Mac. I would however like if there was option to remove the ads for a few dollars. Also if there's a way to add support for multiple accounts that would be great as I have a couple of gmail accounts that I manage.
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5 years ago, M. Kull
Love It!
Mail for Gmail lets me access my inbox without needing to access Gmail's website through Safari. When I open the app, itlooks so much like my regular inbox, that sometimes I forget I'm not directly on Gmail. The only issue so far is that I can't access GoogleDocs directly from this app. That means if I want to print the attached files, I need to download the file first, open it in Preview, and then print. Still, I'd recommend Mail for Gmail to any devoted Gmail users that love the Mac IOS.
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4 years ago, AkifIslam
Good but Chrome has this feature !
The app is really good. I like it. But Google chrome has this feature to create a shortcut of any webiste and save it to dock. I use this feature for every Google Services which is ad free. One thing is missing on Chrome that is to get access to mail's offline version when it has not internet. But alas ! this app also cannot show any previous mail when offline. Best of luck. Hope it will be better.
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6 years ago, lbrewerb
Good but why can’t I sign into multiple accounts?
It’s great, I love having it always available and it’s super easy to use with all the web features available. I have a personal email and a school email and I use tghem synonymously. I was hoping I would be able to sign into both of them on this app and just switch between the two but whenever I sign into the second email, it takes me to a web browser instead of in the app. Then, once I’ve signed in on the browser it just remains signed in on the browser and nevr allows me to add another account on the app.
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4 years ago, Dalcowboiz
Only been using for a few days, so far it is useful
I got this app so I don't have to use gmail in a web browser. Unfortunately I am not able to sign into multiple accounts at once in this app, so I set up email forwarding which seems fine, only 1 inbox to check. I'm also trying to clean up the emails I receive now that I have one inbox for 2 emails. But often times the unsubscribe button in emails is hidden at the bottom of emails which requires you to click the 'view full message' button, which doesn't seem to work in this app.
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4 years ago, bobaguy777
Great app, clearly shows notifications
I got my first macbook just a couple days ago, and previously was a strict windows user. When I first downloaded the Gmail app, i had over 3000 emails that were too time consuming to go through on the windows computer. With the Mail for Gmail app, I cleared up and unsubscribed from all the junk, and now I have much clearer notifications whenever an email comes in. Thank you, gmail, and thank you apple!
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5 years ago, PBear.SF
Good App... But Where's Dark Mode?
Infinitely sensible, simple way to keep Gmail open on the desktop without needing to keep an extra tab open in Safari all the time. Seems to use fewer resources this way, too. This app will fulfill most of its potential when it adds printing capability and either simultaneous logins or fast account switching without requiring logging out and logging back in. But, more than a year after Mojave is released, Mail for Gmail is shamefully out of date in not having a Dark Mode setting. C'mon, guys!
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2 years ago, Mad Max Crow
I have been using this app for a little bit, and I would like there to be desktop notifications when the app is not running sort of like messages. I don't really like either keeping the app open while doing something else or hoping I remembered to turn silence mode off on my ipad or iphone to get an email notification straight from google. Thanks, I hope this can help you improve your app because I really like it so far.
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3 years ago, teojmciver
Love this!
For productivity's sake, I love having a Gmail app that is separate from my web browser. I dedicate one of my Desktops to the app and use the other desktops for other things, so that I can always return to the Gmail app without losing track of it. One thing I will say that is rather annoying, is that you cannot add more than one account in this app. I manage 2-3 inboxes daily and this app limits me to only one of them (unless I'm dumb and haven't figured it out yet lol). Love it!
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4 years ago, IndianMadness
App is Useful if you only have one account
I have been using this app for a while now and its extremely useful with its notifications and the ease as to which you can check your email. However it only allows you to have one account open. If you have multiple emails like me, 1 for personal, 1 for professional and 1 for my buisness it is not that useful. When you try to add another account it merely opens it in the web browser like normal instead of the app. If the multiple accounts could be implemented I would give this app 5 stars.
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2 years ago, PE teacher approved
Does what I need it to
Ive never been a fan of the mail application that comes with the Macbook Pro. All of my email is through gmail so this app makes sense. It does all of the things I need it to. I love the fact you can make your own themes with this app to personalize your gmail experience. I have nothing bad to report after using this for a few weeks. We shall see what the future holds.
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2 months ago, FooledAgainAndAgain
Stupid app that deteriorates over time
I appreciate the attempt here, and in concept it would be decent. I paid for a subscription, usually doesn't get recognized by the app, and usually says it is unable to contact the app store. Now, I've added some additional accounts (3) running in separate windows, and at first, one of them just hung in a state of attempting to connect and would never load. Yet, the window can't be closed. Remains open. Then, a second account started doing the same thing. Now today, all three windows. There's no support for this app, they just say it is a browser of google problem, fix it yourself.
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6 years ago, CoreyOlin
Thanks for doing it so well
It really respects the Gmail interface so you won’t feel like you’re using a wonky 3rd party app—kudos. A really spot-on solution if you were looking for a Google-made desktop version. It also works superbly with customized G Suite Gmail, as it shows my logo and can respond from alias addresses just as on Gmail. All it needs now is the same solution for the rest of G Suite, but there is a familiar link to all the online apps right where you’d expect.
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3 years ago, Terry Wright
Basica functionality of the app works fine, like using online, but it's missing one crucial feature. I have multiple gmail accounts, I want the ability to seamlessly view all of my accounts without having to log out of one and into the other. You CANNOT do this. In the builtin Mail app you can just click on All Inboxes or the individual inboxes. In this app, you have to log out of one account, then log back into the other. You need to do this every time you want to change accounts. Its incredibly tedious. This is the only reason I will NOT be using this app. this is a HUGE let down.
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7 days ago, tmaxster
Solid app I have Apple mac OS bug for Gmail
Apple's no cost mail program has a bug. I have communicated with Apple and they are in semi denial. Although I have seen many complaints on the blogs. What happens is if you have gmail the system is always showing thousands of email downloading and it slows you computer way down. If you go to the Gmailapp there are no emails to download and everyting works fast and efficiently.
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1 year ago, Mr_Furious
Amazing Upgrade
I have been using and loving this app for years. For a long time it was a great way to have a separate mail app but lacked some of the built-in features of gmail. No more! The latest version has all of the full functionality of Gmail including add-on support. Thanks so much for the hard work on bringing this up to date with Gmail. Could not live without this app.
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1 year ago, Adam Gonzebra
pretty fun to use
quick and easy i dont need to put my school information into my macosx mail app instead i use this only for school so i can be more organized and have my personal and what really matters into my real MAIL APP and to not have extra things in my MAIL APP like SCHOOL INFORMATION. so school is school and that belongs there, and my personal life matters to what is really my cores. Excellent app i strongly recommend it
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6 years ago, dinflas
Perfect except for one minor detail
This is the perfect gmail app. The interface looks just like my mail when I open it in the browser. The only issue that I have with it is that I have to sign out when switching between my regular gmail and my business one. To be honest I have 4 gmail emails that I use on the regular fo different things, and not being able to switch between them the way I do in the browser is a bit of a pain. Other that that it’s exactly what I need.
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5 years ago, jrminter
A real lifesaver
I normally use Gmail through the Chrome browser. Most of the time this is fine. The problem is that one site I use frequently insists on plain text posts (one can do this in either the browser or the app). The problem is the browser always appends HTML as well and the site I need uses that in their spam filter, making it impossible to post. The app does not append the offending HTML.
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4 years ago, p/jan.11
Great App, but wish it supported multiple accounts
I love this app becuase it allows me to get email notifications without keeping my browser open, and I really like the stock gmail interface. However, I wish the app supported the ability to easily switch between accounts. I have two accounts, one personal and one school account, and I can't changed between them without logging out completely. Oveall, a great app, but could definetly be improved a little bit.
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2 years ago, ny2sd8699
C'mon, Google - you could make this better.
App works well. My gripes are the usual with Google. I have two gmail accounts and would like to be able to switch between the two within the app, instead of being taken to a browser when accessing my non-primary gmail account. Also, why can you not sign out of individual gmail accounts while staying signed in to others? It seems like these would be easy fixes, so I'm not sure why Google refuses.
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1 year ago, kellybb1x
Great interface for Mac
I just downloaded this app and I already love it. I no longer have to log into my browser every time just to check my email. The interface looks great, it seems to run quickly and I can still change the settings I normally would on the website. Great work! Will definitely recommend
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6 years ago, Zane B.
Missing one last thing
So this app is great, it seems to be a browser page minus urls and tabs that pulls Gmail. This means it is the gmail page that (personally) I think is designed amazingly simple and intuitive. The one drawback of this app that needs to be fixed is adding multiple accounts. Rather than attempting to add the account within the app, it opens a browser page and attempts to add it there. Throughout my use, this was the only setback I encountered.
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2 years ago, ZachFrank
Like using it on Browser
It's like using it in browser, but it's on it's own app. It doesn't chew up my memory, and it's nice being able to switch to an app for my email rather than find the tab in my browser. If you love compartmentalizing, but also don't want to use the functionality of Labels, this is a good alternative to traditional mail clients.
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1 year ago, 2cowboy1
Few Features
It would be nice if they'd add an email count on the app when it receives email. It shows a notification which disappears in seconds, but other than that you have know way of knowing you have new email when it's minimized in the dock. Also, if they could add the feature where it's shown if the display menu in the upper right hand corner that would be helpful. I formerly used Go for Gmail but it's taken a dive for the worse and barely usuable now.
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8 months ago,
Works perfectly!
I am always so annoyed on how I have to constantly open the gmail page on my laptop to see my mail from school. I use this app becasuse it gives me a notification and it is in an app format and I do not have to keep my safari page open all the time! I 100% reccomend for workers and espically students,
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4 years ago, dwah
Great Interface
This works really well for me. I would have like to be able to have the ability to put tabs next to the 'More' button to show unread or promotional mail instead of those being broken up into sections on the main viewing screen. If that's possible, I haven't been able to figure it out. That's a minor issues. I really like that I can have this open separately from my web browser.
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5 years ago, Joelle Younesi
Its great and easy!
Instead of going on google and signing in and doing all that, you should just download this app! You sign into your gmail once! And then there you go, you have everything and nothing diffrent than online. The only diffrence and I say only is that its an app and way easier! I push everyone who uses gmail to download this app on there computer or even phone!
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3 months ago, Anastasya22
I have a Mac from 2015 and everything is slow ESPECIALLY the MAIL app. I tried the GMAIL app and WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... I had to double check it is really my little old laptop. You have no idea the frustration when searching for an email and the response being extremely painfully, and frustrating slow, unresponsive, and in stuck-circling mode! THANK YOU GMAIL!
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2 years ago, The Rynz
Cannot Choose Download Folder for Attachments
One thing about this app that absolutely needs to be fixed having the ability to choose where attachments will be downloaded to. This app will only allow you to download attachments to the download folder, and then you have to manually drag and drop the downloaded items to the right folder afterwards. I had to switch back to the browser version, it's a shame because it would be such an easy feature to include (even the browser version has it)
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6 years ago, Scullyscuba
Pretty Simple but Effective
This is essentially just a window of what you see on a browser when looking at gmail, but I'm not mad about it. The separate app helps me make e-mails a priority, which are slowly becoming more and more important for a bugeoning educator. I'd LOVE it if I could have both my gmail accounts in the same window, but my secondary gmail account is really just for promotional frivolities, anyway, so I don't even mind that it redirects to my browser.
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6 years ago, WInifred123
Need Gmail reverse conversation feature
I like the idea of stand alone app (so I dont have to search for which chrome window I opened gmail). I’m debating whether I should switch — because I dont like to scroll down to the very botton of the email to reply. Especially in a corporate world, where people keep replying to the same thread. There is a reverse conversational-on for chrome browser which is a godsend. I’d paid for a feature like that in a gmail app.
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5 years ago, Holmbre
Couple of key features needed.
If your looking to just check your e-mail and read it on your Mac, this is the app for you, as it works great for these functions. However, if you want to print or download any attachments, I have been unable to accomplish neither. For me, these are key features for my everyday work day. I've checked their support page, and these questions/issues fall under FAQs, so I'm not the only one who has run into these issues. Therefore, until these "bugs" are worked out, I can only give it 2 stars.
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3 years ago, SamM658
Just like the online version
I just switched from Apple Mail to Mail for Gmail because I wanted a better way to organize and label my inbox like the browser version of gmail without having to open a browser every time i want to check my mail. This is the perfect solution
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12 months ago, Rico Nfinity
I've clicked and refreshed this app so many times, and all i kept getting is a blank page. Like literally a white screen with nothing on it. Then I go to support and they tell me it's google's fault. Well google never left me with a blank screen days in a row after multiple refeshes on fast wifi. I'll stick to Gmail in Chrome. it's not the app has offline access anyway. when you fix this I'll give it 5 stars because i was able to use the app initally for all of 30 minutes and it started off good. But the white screen is a can do for me
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