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9 months ago
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User Reviews for Mail

4.57 out of 5
166K Ratings
2 years ago, Ram2Lamb
I don’t know what everyone is talking about 😶
I downloaded this app on both my iPad and iPhone with OS 16.1 and I have had no problems whatsoever. It started working fine right away. In fact, I am thinking about potentially using this app over Outlook… it loads faster, I can have the most recent message on top in each thread, and the benefit of being able to tap and hold an email address outside of the app to send a quick email will make things a LOT easier. (Just like being able to tap and hold an address to get directions in Maps) Plus there’s no Ads! 😃 IF ANYTHING, CONSIDER THIS….. I went to Apple settings and under Outlook set the default as Mail, then went up to Mail and under Composing I set Outlook as the default. This way I can keep using Outlook as my primary app for the meantime and yet still be able to click and hold an email address anywhere and be able to send a quick email. (I set Mail to use Outlook to compose emails remember?)
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1 month ago, Super Snarfer
The Apple Is Rotting Away
Ok, Apple. We get it. You’re a large corporation at war with other large corporations over internet dominance. You’re willing to use your customers as means to your ends. So it’s no great surprise when we try to read emails on this app that we get messages like “Account Error” or “This message was not downloaded from the server.” In my case, it happens all the time with my AOL and Gmail accounts. What is a nifty little surprise is that those same messages show up with my iCloud email account. That’s the funny thing about the battles in life. Once you start them, you never know where it will end. So tell us, Apple, are you at war with yourselves??? Or is it ever increasing incompetence and arrogance??? The dissatisfaction with this app and other native iOS apps speaks to a bigger problem for you, Apple. Things on our devices don’t work as well as they once did. Your customers are trying to tell you something and you don’t seem to be listening any longer. Bigger companies than you have gone out of business, companies that everyone thought would be around forever. Think Sears. Think it can’t happen to you? The nonsense with this app has been going on for over a year now. Email is a basic iOS function. For once, listen to your customers and get this thing fixed.
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2 years ago, moviemaniac-2021
Unreliable junk in a modern day world
I’ve been having issues with this app for a couple years now and it has finally come to a boiling point. In a recent business meeting, I attempted to retrieve an email that was a year old and knew with absolute certainty that it was still sitting in my inbox. This email was not only critical for the discussion in the meeting, but it was also the main component, as it was the reason and purpose for this meeting. This was a last minute meeting, with no advance warning. Therefore, before the meeting began, I attempted to retrieve the email, but only got the message,” No results found’, even after typing the name of the sender. Furthermore, I was not able to scroll through my emails and go back to a year ago, even after numerous attempts! After dealing with this embarrassment and frustration, I then went home and decided to log in directly to the yahoo email account. I was not only able to pull up the email, but I was also able to scroll back to a year ago and open the email..It’s quite obvious to me, based on my experience, but also in light of so many negative reviews, that this app needs a serious overhaul!! Has anyone else experienced a similar situation as this?????
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4 months ago, CMC171
The app is very glitchy
It has switched my inbox emails & important emails folders to the trash folder & the trash folder over to the inbox. The really bad thing is, I’m still receiving new, necessary messages in the inbox. It’s a nightmare trying to delete unwanted emails. Before, I put things in trash, then could delete all. Now, I have to go through & look at each one to make sure I’m not deleting anything important. I also don’t understand why I’m still receiving emails from blocked senders? That just adds to the emails I have to delete. It’s so inconvenient. And yes, I’ve tried turning my phone off & on again, etc. 🙄 On top of the constant glitching, my important emails are being deleted. I’m getting frustrated, especially since I’ve received sentimental emails that contain videos that I can’t transfer elsewhere & I'm not receiving important emails from my employer. I’m in danger of not being able to keep my job because of this nonsense. I don’t care how many emails I have. I should be the one to decide what gets deleted. I forgot to add that when I do delete emails, they’re showing up 3-4 years later as if I hadn’t deleted them, but the app is deleting stuff I need or want to keep.
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3 weeks ago, nowaitbro
Great except for one occasional problem
I’ve used Mail since day one to access all my email accounts in one place and it’s made my email life mostly easy. The spam filtering could be better, but that may be more a server problem with some of my accounts rather than a Mail problem. The one true Mail app problem I’ve had several times has to do with the “select all” then “Mark as read” button, where it can change automatically to “Mark as UNread” if it thinks I’ve already marked everything as read. It’s uncanny how many times this automatic change has happened just as I was pressing what I thought was the mark as read button, only to see that it now would mark everything as unread. It doesn’t matter if I immediately select all again and mark as unread… Mail will keep marking my emails as unread until it eventually marks them as read again. The great advantages of using Mail far outweigh this one issue, but it’s still inconvenient, and the reason I rated the app 4 stars.
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2 years ago, Tech Ryan
Solid mail program
I have not had issues with this program. In fact, it has features that I can’t find in Gmail or Outlook for iOS. One of which is the ability to archive all messages at once, bringing a clustered, over-subscribed to newsletters with thousands of emails to “Inbox Zero” state in seconds. I wouldn’t have even taken the time to write this, other than the horrible reviews this app is getting. It looks like a lot of it has to do with connectivity issues, which is your phone carrier or WiFi, not apple’s app. Is it important to mention I’m an IT, and from what I’m told from clients, a very good IT? Sure this program doesn’t have smart inboxes, but it’s also not scanning your mail for data to sell to marketers, like Gmail has in the past… It’s a solid, simple, straightforward email app that will increase your productivity, as long as you have your email configured properly and your connection is solid. I’ve used it with multiple accounts, but now I’m just using it with iCloud, and it’s really shining at that. If you’re having issues, and you’re using Yahoo or Gmail or Outlook, each one of those can affect your experience. Try it with iCloud… also, one of the prominent reviews was from a man trying to complain about discrimination against him from a restaurant that had nothing to do with mail… So… keep that in mind.
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2 weeks ago, Danion55
Absolutely unreliable
Mail was 2.8 at ~45k users vs Outlook’s 4.8 at ~7M…million. Mail is up to 3.9. Looks like they may have tried a rating/feedback campaign. But people have still voted with their feet bc it’s still only 47k users vs ~7M. The answer is to fix Mail. Apple is $1 trillion company. They have no excuse for having such a horrendously poor email. Search function absolutely unreliable. No consistent correlation between devices even if you’re in the same ecosystem. VIP and so-called smart mailboxes unreliable. I know it’s not sexy, but email is today’s mail. Document transmission and management is still just as important as it was in the days of the pony express. If you broke into a mailbox and stole a single postcard, that would be considered a felony. That’s how important our society believes unfettered, functional mail transmission is to us. It’s the same with email regardless if our congress can’t keep up with legislation. … OK my apologies, but it’s been bad so long and Apple has never been able to help with Support to get it working. It wasn’t until I saw the actual user base had abandoned Mail that I stopped trying to fix it. I would’ve given up years ago if I were seen these statistics…
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2 years ago, B5611
You are so frustrating. It's time to start listening to customers
This app is averaging a 2.4 rating. That's not equivalent to a 60% approval. That is equivalent to a failing product. The mail app is so outdated. Let's get one thing straight; almost no one wants an archive feature. It should not be a prominent choice. We want a trash feature. When I swipe on an email, I want to delete it or flag it. Totally fine to have a third option for "more" options. But get rid of the archive option. Put it in more and replace with trash. Apple doesn't seem to care about innovation anymore. Just decides to copy whatever the competition has done... five years later. Apple Mail: you need to have a trash option when filtering by specific sender or key words. You need to have a trash option when selecting emails in inbox. None of this submenu stuff... move -> trash. When I long press an email I want to select it, not bring up a floating menu. Long press needs to allow me to select multiple emails with radial buttons. Then from there allow me to decide what I want to do with my selection with a floating menu. Primarily using the long press for selection to mass delete.
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8 months ago, Ehlertman
Needs accessibility and updates
As a visually impaired consumer who uses voiceover, the standard screen reading software on my devices, my Mail application has basically become unusable. As a visually impaired advocate, I have reported this multiple times and need updates and bug fixes. my screen reader physically cannot interact with and read me any content of any attachments that are emailed to me. It also cannot read the content of more than half of the email bodies that are sent to me. In order to read the content, I physically need to hit reply and then the attached email at the bottom that I'm replying to I can obtain the information. I also do not receive alerts or notifications for new incoming mail. And half of my outgoing mail I get responses back saying it was not delivered, when in my sent box it says it was delivered, and half the time the recipient either says they did or didn't get it despite the error messages I'm receiving. my Mail application has basically become completely unusable at this point and need these bugs fixed because I'm dependent on my devices to be up-to-date with accessibility
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1 month ago, Stud muffin 07
17 years and you ask now?
Like it’s great, it’s done the job for 17 years! It sucked when I worked at a certain tech company and had to help people setup non main brand emails back in the day but am I supposed to review considering that time, since the beginning or like is this a review only for zoomers? Like I don’t get this, you asking for trouble I’m surprised people didn’t troll this. I want to add, really I’m supposed to review an app that’s come pre installed on my iPhone since the first iPhone? Why am I reviewing this and why are there people taking this review seriously. I don’t want to be asked this, Apple you make great products you should never ask people about something that has been free for almost two decades! And those of your responding I am seriously concerned! It’s not an amazing app but it’s been there just ride with it…
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7 months ago, Schism206
Used to be good until accounts stopped working.
I don’t have a problem with all the functionality issues I see in other reviews. I’ve used this app for years and was accustomed to the simplicity of it. However, over the last year or so my Hotmail and Yandex accounts stopped working. It keeps asking for my password constantly. With Hotmail it would work, but what good is that if I have to type in my password every 2min? As that is how often it was prompting me. My Yandex account just stopped working altogether, asking for a password that, when I put it in, says something to the effect of “no password entered” (can’t remember exact phrase). Of the three email accounts I’ve consistently used over the past 10+ years, only yahoo remains functional. I’ve tried these accounts on other mail apps and there isn’t the same problem, so it must be something with the Apple app itself. Very disappointing considering this app worked fine for over a decade, and I liked that it didn’t really change much. Oh well.
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2 weeks ago, 7TRAXX8
Donnie S.
Awesome Job You Guy’s have really inspired me come so far with so much to offer and the details and design are really inspiring. My # 1 favorite team is you guys are amazing beautiful talented fantastic women and the rest of you guys. If you’re ever interested in a great eye for anything even women 🫢 jk. I’m older but I’m a kid at heart I’m still gaming and I recently decided that I wanted to put my life to good use and make things more enjoyable for the world. If you need a great guy that will benefit the company I am totally that person, also I will teach you guys all my secrets and help with the ladies I can teach you how to pull them and I will share my knowledge of the best treasure in the universe! Guys I will be the brother you will never forget after I teach you nerds how to please her needs before you please your own hahaaa 75 k a yr ?
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12 months ago, SHWTD
Could be leaner, a bit messy and clunky
Let’s face it, mail on iOS and Mac is the app you want to use as an Apple user. It syncs with so many other services of your devices that it only makes sense. It’s also crazy easy to set up a new email address. The interface is clean, swift and looks good. But… If you use several emails, it gets confusing very fast. The automated choice of right address to write is not always up to par. And this habit (inherited from the interface of itunes/music too) of cutting the addresses to save space is ridiculous nowadays. The buttons to answer emails are counterintuitive. If you try to answer to a particular email in a thread, don’t try to use the obvious buttons on top of the app. No, you have to use the tiny ones at the bottom right of said email (which means scrolling until the end of time if the emails are chained). The search window is too small and not really efficient. There are automations to create routines to separate your emails depending on the way you like to have your emails ordered. But if I wanted to be a programmer, well, I would be a programmer. And the app does not offer that in an easy way like Spark, Gmail or Thunderbird have been doing since then 2000’s. I really want to use this app for the interconnection with icloud and other iOS fun stuff, but as an avid user of emails for professional reasons, it’s too clunky for me.
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2 years ago, KoriAllegory
Missing a basic feature
I found this app adequate for consolidating Yahoo! and Gmail inboxes on my iPhone. My problems began with my iPad. It’s impossible to eliminate the reading pane and view my emails as a list. I get between a dozen and a hundred emails per day, so I need to be able to skim down a list and pick out high priority emails to read first. I do have some senders set to filter into folders already (based on desktop/laptop use of the regular browser version of the mailbox interface). I’m frustrated to the point of having to log in from the browser to avoid the dreadful mail app interface. No, I don’t want the next message in line chronologically to open automatically, when I move or delete a message! I don’t want the message list crammed into a little sidebar. I know that it’s a simple fix (the native Gmail app lets me customize the view, but Yahoo! doesn’t). Normal web browser versions AND the mobile phone version work just fine. It’s just the iPad app that is a problem.
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2 weeks ago, Wheeill
Mail Lags behind the rest
I’ve been using Apple Mail since Mac OS 10.1 Cheetah and the app is really starting to show it’s age. Though the iPad version is a bit newer it still feels every bit as dated. In the last few years other mail apps have started to catch up, really surpass Mail in so many ways. Simply being able to pin a message to the top of the message list in Outlook, a simple but powerful feature, is just one simple way other mail apps are doing it better. The fact that features aren’t even consistent across OS versions seems so confusing and out of touch. If you want to use smart mailboxes you only get them on the Mac version. Want to sync rules? Gotta do it from iCloud. And that’s just getting it streamlined. Why doesn’t mail use AI to better sort Junk Mail? To this day Junk filtering is so spotty. What about tap backs with emoji’s? There’s so much that needs to be done to improve this app. It’s time to completely refresh Mail and bring it into the future. Here’s hoping it gets some love in the next version update.
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2 years ago, Reviewer8252N
Leaves gigs of junk behind
This is a joke, right? In iOS 15, crApple started stealing users' storage space gig by gig to force them to buy expensive cloud plans. Sounds like a conspiracy theory, right? Well, we all know that the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is about 6 months nowadays. In the meantime, crApple lies that if I delete the app, it will delete all user data. But the fact is that after deleting the 9MB app, all the gigabytes of data from emails are still stuck on the device. So I cannot even install a better mail app (not from crApple, obviously) because crApple's mail app is hogging all the space. Best part is that when you ask crApple, the suggested "fix" is to uninstall the app which will remove all emails and data. Well, that's a lie. That used to be true a few years ago but iOS 15 leaves the data on your device and you are screwed and forced to buy a bigger and more expensive crap device. Please fix this app, it is stealing increasingly more storage to the point that iOS won't even allow me to update one day.
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2 months ago, Isud3mo
Used to Work Okay
This app used to work okay for me, but seems to have gotten worse. If I don’t have the app open, I get email updates MAYBE once a day, and it includes notifications for every email I received between the last notification and then. If I’m expecting an email, I have to open the app and wait for it, which at that point, I might as well just open it on a browser tab, it works about the same. Also, I don’t know what changed, but I used to be able to report an email as junk. I no longer have that option, and I don’t really want to waste my storage space on a spam email in my inbox because I “blocked the sender”. I don’t use Apple email because it’s so notoriously insecure but I thought it would be easier to use than Gmail. I don’t know what changed, but it wasn’t for the better. I’m just going to switch to Proton, at least they’re secure and I can mark an email as spam and it actually sends it to the spam folder.
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7 months ago, attack_puppy
Barely functional
This app works for sending emails and adding attachments, as any mail app should. However, it fails miserably at receiving emails. Many messages that are received will show up in the inbox, but the app will not load the content. If you click on an email that won’t load, it shows you the loading circle for a few seconds, then gives you a message saying “This message has not been downloaded from the server.” Even over an hour after having received the email and doing the pull-down to refresh the inbox, the message content still will not load. It will eventually download the email at some random point during the day. This is just awful if there’s an important email that you’re trying to open. My phone is up to date, I have excellent internet service, and I only have one email account attached to this app. I give it two stars for bare bones functionality in sending emails. Otherwise, it’s trash.
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1 week ago, blayer7
No good
IMHO, Apple’s Mail app is no longer a good application. It used to be good, like 10 or more years ago. But now, the search function is absolutely appalling (quite often, whenever I do a search using the app’s search command, it can’t find emails or email addresses that are patently there). Also the junk mail detection function is not what it used to be. In fact, it’s so bad now that every day I have to check my junk mail for my Apple email addresses and I find emails that should not be in junk, i.e. emails coming from addresses that in the past were properly directed to my inbox. So how come the app wrongly identifies email from addresses that were properly identified in the past? It doesn’t make any sense. In any event, these are additional signs of the slow deterioration in the quality of Apple software over the last 10 to 15 years. In my view, product-wise, Apple is pale shadow of what it used to be. Just to be clear, I am not a Windows user and I’ve only used Apple products my entire life (last 40 years).
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8 months ago, dEE-rO
I hate to say Google Apps still works better on iOS…
I hate to say Google Apps still works better on iOS but it does. I have lost countless work because my mail app locks up/freezes up whatever it might be. I now have to use the Gmail app for extensive emails in fear of my work getting wasted again on the Apple mail app. iOS apps still are subpar from Google Apps since the 1st iPhone. Steve Jobs won't tolerate subpar apps to leave Apple's workshop until it is perfect. Another reason why I don't upgrade Apple iPhones as well because there's always a minor difference between new models & year before new models come out. Apple is heading in a backward directions. Now Apple’s securities are on point but what's the point to secure a phone with more 3rd party apps than iOS app because 3rd party apps are much much better? This is my first time leaving a review for a core Apple App but it really struck a nerve with me. I truly miss the Blackberry phones, they made working easy peezy.
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11 months ago, Soren Victoria
Almost Perfect
1 request: Make swipe actions consistent across all email providers. Sometimes I have to swipe left on an email to delete, sometimes I have to swipe right. I have looked at and adjusted settings to attempt to fix this but it is impossible (by default some providers don’t even delete on swipe, left or right). I still sometimes accidentally archive an email when I mean to delete it. Making me have to go through the archive (which is just a whole other nightmare, don’t go there it’s not nice) to find it and delete it. This is not a good user experience, it is not intuitive, and it is not consistent. Other email clients do not have this problem. This is bad. Please, fix this behavior. It is relevant on all platforms iOS, iPadOS, and Mac. Thank you.
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2 years ago, MaeMae348
Why would I ever use this over another mail app?
By far the worst part of this app is it’s settings. For Gmail, you have to enable “archive” for your left swipe in order to have the option to swipe to delete, and you can *only* right swipe to delete. When my other mail account is left swipe to delete, it creates a frustrating inconsistency where I’m constantly accidentally archiving gmail emails. Now I have to go dig through my settings to enable myself to see my gmail archives? Why would I use this app when other apps give me the freedom to customize my settings as I please? Whomever constructed the gmail side of this thought they were anticipating their user’s tendencies, but utterly failed at doing so. It gets a second star because my phone runs better consolidating two email apps into one, but that’s the only benefit, and I can easily make use of a different email app for this benefit while having the freedom to customize my settings as I please.
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3 days ago, Aschober
Strange functions
Often i go to the inbox and it has mixed inbox and sent messages Some messages open up blank. Until you quit and relaunch mail. Not the type of quality expected from Apple. New ios update same ol issue Now if you could easily edit an address that would be like 1980’s cool. Wonder why some programmers didn’t think people would need to do that easily Still ahappenin Really tired of my sent messages showing up in my inbox. Poorly programmed. Expect better from Apple Soooo tired of my sent showing up in my inbox Slow and hangs during selecting results of search I like when you click things and they open. This does not always happen in mail. I expect better from Apple given the cost of the equipment So tired of my sent mail showing up in the inbox. Where are the programmers? So it it bad programming or poorly built iphone. Its one or the other. Still same issue. Apple not care? Guess not. Has issues when change networks now Really hard to do email like that
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2 months ago, AMreyesA
You need an IMMEDIATE update
This app is well below the other email account apps. I think it's very basic and it needs an update. It's 2024 and this app still looks like it's from the 90's. My email for some reason is filtered to the Dark Web and it is a headache to receive more than 100 emails per day where I could be a victim of phishing. There is no option to report spam emails but we have to block the emails one by one, which takes too long. I don't understand why we can report spam via iMessage and not via email. I think that despite being a Fan Apple, they have put aside very important updates that really help us protect our information. All email accounts allow you to report spam mail so that they are blocked from the server and so all more people would be more sure of information theft. PLEASE ENABLE THE FUNCTION OF SELECTING SEVERAL EMAILS AND BEING ABLE TO REPORT THEM AS SPAM AND BLOCKING THEM since one by one it is impossible to fight computer crimes.
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2 months ago, AimMeesh71
I can’t even believe this is Apple..
This app is complete junk, and what’s worse is Apple doesn’t seem to really care. There’s been complaints forever and I’m not seeing any responses here about working on their issues. My emails get lost, they take forever to load if at all, the “select all” appears to have vanished now. My junk folder has over 2,000 emails and I’ve selected the option for them to auto clear after a certain amount of time but they aren’t. My only option is to click on one at a time to delete them permanently, and with over 2,000 I’m not wanting to deal with it. I read complaints in Apple support with people saying the same thing and they’re directed to a link that tells you to just click on the select all. We’re trying to tell you that there is no select all. If it’s not there, how on earth can you click on it?! Also, since the latest update, none of my Gmail account emails are coming through..
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1 year ago, Jimadah
Error Message more common
I have been using this native Apple email app for many years for two different accounts. It has always worked well for me, except for one certain error message that has become much more frequent since updating to iOS 16.4.1. Probably 75% of the emails I send now get this message. “Cannot send mail. An error occurred while delivering this message” is what comes up. This was occurring with the iOS 15 versions too. Fortunately my messages are delivered 90% of the time, due to seeing them in the Sent folder. It depended on when I clicked OK to the error message. I am using my home network and only on my Wi-Fi to send these emails, always within 20’ of my router. I am using an extremely reliable fiber ISP. This would occur when replying to or creating a brand new message. It didn’t matter if there is an attachment or not. It didn’t matter if the email took 10 seconds or 10 minutes to write. It keeps happening! There are other reports out there of this. One person said they were told it was due to their device. I’m using an iPhone X. If it’s the device, isn’t it an Apple device? Isn’t the native mail client an Apple app? Seems like someone needs to take ownership of this annoying message and get it fixed. Thank you!
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5 days ago, Lavie8412384635
Apple Mail Application
Apple Mail is the most constructive process for organizing and establishing great communication between those that use the service as a means to communicate itself and those for whom they communicate with. Its thoughtful and integrated architecture is a meaningful way to establish rapports, to develop interest , to limit and rationalize traffic and to create an atmosphere of ‘in the know’ and ‘on point’ to boot it’s already stellar representation of the core of each email that is sent and received. I cannot speak more highly of mail than to say it is my everyday means of creating insistence upon myself to stay up to date and informed and to also make sure that I effectively maintain a productive and consistent work and home life that essentially integrates with technology.
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7 months ago, Christian2510
Apple should do better
Given the big focus on user experience in Apple, the Mail app is quite embarrassing. I recently tried to go back to Mail after using the Outlook app for months and it feels like such a huge step backwards. Here are a few issues in no particular order that desperately need fixing: - swipe gestures consistency: depending on the type of account (I have Gmail, Outlook and iCloud), swiping right shows different actions. You can set actions in the settings but the settings are ignored for some accounts. What’s worse is that if you are in the unified Inbox view, there is no indication of which way to swipe so it’s a game of luck (or misfortune if you happen to swipe too far and accidentally trigger the wrong action) - on the message view, the buttons are inconsistent as well. Some mailboxes have the default button on the left as trash, some as archive - implement a proper snooze functionality please. Nobody cares about a “remind” functionality if you can only be reminded if an email is in the inbox - add the ability to configure rules like marking messages as read, moving them or deleting them automatically, etc. You can do it in the Mac version so why not in iOS? - I really like the “focus” inbox in Outlook, it would be nice to get something similar in Mail Those are just some of the items that make Mail much more painful to use than it could be.
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9 months ago, ak-.-
Bring back aliases please
Used to be able to select an email alias when sending an email, but it’s gone. I use forwarders for certain accounts and if I reply I want it to come from the same email address. I am not talking about “hide my email”; I’m talking about legitimate email aliases that function wonderfully on my desktop client. Unfortunately that client does not have a mobile app. I was great with using Apple Mail when this was an option, and though I’ve been highly annoyed since it disappeared, I’ve been ok with working around it and just responding from my computer when needed. Well I guess I hit my limit because I’m officially looking for other options now and need to do away with Apple Mail. Bummer, because I like being able to say how much I prefer Apple for the way “it just works”. Can’t say it about Mail anymore, not for my needs. I don’t even really check it on my phone anymore because it’s so frustrating.
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1 year ago, professor WGSS
App disappearing emails
Apple fix this problem now. For the past 2 to 3 weeks, this app has been disappearing emails after I click send. I write the email, click send thinking that I sent my email. After 2 weeks plus of not receiving replies to crucial emails (like a recent message I tried to send to my lawyer), I have been checking the Sent box to make sure I sent the messages — the emails are not there. I know this is not my mistake because I have to be hyper vigilant about sending the email then checking my sent box to make sure it went through. I click send — the app disappears my emails. This is more than annoying — it causes me to miss important deadlines, to fail to send important communication (email messages), and causes disruption in work & personal relationships, for instance — because I think a loved one is ignoring an important, time-sensitive message from me when in fact the loved one never received it. This app issue has to be fixed right away or I have to stop using it.
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1 year ago, Jama W96
Please Fix the Issue
For a while I thought I was not sending my mail, but after the latest incident and an email I sent out in response to a job not going through, I know it is this app specifically. After I sent it, I waited and then later when I checked for a response from the prospective employer I didn’t see one. This made me check my sent folder and lo and behold my email was gone. Just vanished. Like it was never written, but I know it should have been in the sent folder. This caused me to check my outbox, other folders, and even my other accounts. I see this isn’t just an issue I’m having and multiple forums online as well as the reviews on here are saying the same thing. This isn’t okay as this can cause huge problems for people. I just went ahead and downloaded the separate apps for all of my emails and so far the functionality is significantly better. If this app ever gets fixed I might come back but until then I’ll find other mail apps to use.
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1 week ago, Jjdemm1991
1518 North Shore Drive Sunset Beach
Our stay at this house was fabulous. There were 8 of us with each of the four bedrooms with their own adjoining bath as well as a hall half bath. There was plenty of kitchen items but could have used a griddle for pancakes/bacon and additional kitchen towels. There was a large dining table and 4 barstools. The pool was refreshing with several lounge chairs. The view of the ICW was spectacular and great for pictures. The beach was a short golf cart (included) ride away. There were 5 bikes and 4 beach chairs as well as pool toys. There was a grill, stand up paddle boards and 2 kayaks. There was also an elevator which made it convenient to load/unload luggage and groceries. Plenty of places to eat and shop within 30 minutes. We hope to be back soon. Great family vacation!
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3 weeks ago, KDunsmore
Are they real or are they spam/scam?
If only the spam could be filtered out before all the messages dump into my inbox! Gmail is great EXCEPT that I have to spend HOURS each week deleting all the junk that hits my inbox! So much so that Gmail is constantly sending me “out of space, buy more” emails, then locking down my incoming email until I either spend more money on space that is roughly 99% spam/scam emails or spend hours trying to delete them all, only to have them reappear right back in my inbox next time I sign in! Highly frustrating!!! Once this happens, I can’t get an email from my husband, yet the junk keeps rolling in!! If you really care about your customers and want them to rate you highly, FIX THIS!!
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2 weeks ago, MommaPhin
Cleaning Crew Concern
While staying at the Gould Hotel, this past weekend, I came upon my open room door after being away all day. The door was not latched leaving my room accessible by anyone. When bringing this to the attention of the General Manager, Anthony, who manages the cleaning crew as well as the other hotel staff, he made several excuses and didn’t commit to addressing this major concern with the cleaning crew that performed the service to refresh my room. He blamed the humidity for the unlatched door before asking if anything was missing. This is not acceptable! During the entire conversation, Anthony never addressed two key points; he did not commit to addressing the staff to ensure they give every door an extra ‘tug’ before moving on to the next room and he never asked how he could make it right! I would strongly consider this safety concern before booking the Gould Hotel ever again!!
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7 months ago, PinkNikky99
Why are you now making it look like I sent the same multiple emails to people huh?! I literally only would send one email to people, and I notice that it literally looks as if I sent 6 or 7 of the same emails to people when I didn’t 🤬! If this doesn’t get fixed soon, I’ll see about deleting this app, and hoping that the outlook app works better then this Mail app 🙄. Cuz I noticed this happened at least two or three times already 🙄😑. Edit: never mind, I noticed it was drafts. Still; at least inform that it was drafts on the mail app! Otherwise, apparently, I had to look on the outlook app to see half of those were drafts 🙄😑! And I’m guessing the other half were still multiple emails you sent for no reason! I know I didn’t create those drafts, nor send several of the same emails!!!!!! Update: and stop requiring me to always verify my passwords more and more for the 2 email accounts!!!!!!!! That is very annoying and frustrating!!!!!
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3 weeks ago, UnkyB
All day, every day
I work in Apple’s Mail app for iPad all day long. In general it is a fine, lightweight mail client - which is what I want. The term ‘lightweight’ is not a slur - but praises a client that does not have extraneous features of UX chaos. Still there are 3 things that would make this experience better. 1. When typing a long email, the cursor gets to the bottom of the window and conflicts with the keyboard overlay (I am using a Magic Keyboard/case). One must close the keyboard overlay to continue typing and I like to have that open. 2. When addressing emails, the automated prompt list based on the first characters typed is very useful, but if you have a long list - the top entry - which is to their credit almost always the correct one - is obscured and scrolled off the top of the list. 3. I deal with emails from a variety of other sources. In general, emails received from Windows clients appear with very small text. I know I just praised the app for not having too much UX glut, but a button to increase the message text size on occasion would be great. There are more items on my list, but if you think these three were picky, man, the other ones get downright miniscule - and nobody needs that level of whining!
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8 months ago, dont update real
2000s era tech.
How is it 2023 and this app hasn’t changed since the first iPhone? Why do you insist on showing only the contact card for received and sent. You should be able to tap it to change it to plain text info and be able to see which email it is coming from and going to. It is really annoying not to be able explicitly which of my email accounts an message was sent to. How do we not have a comprehensive search available? I want to be able to tell my search to check the to or the from line for a specific email. I want to be able to check the subject line only for a specific wording I sent several years ago. I want to be able to turn on and off that I am looking for the email with an attachment. I want to be able to search for specific things across different fields and it isn’t set up to do that, and is frustrating to have to wade through so many emails to try and find the one email I’m looking for.
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1 year ago, MusicMac
Misplaced Blame
I gave only four stars because I believe there’s always room for improvement, but I also think I’m reading a lot of misplaced blame in reviews. I’ve used Apple’s iOS email app since it was on the iPhone. I’ve never had any “real” complaints throughout the years, other than possibly any occasional unknown changes at the time of an iOS update. What I did notice of negative reviews were more likely than not — user errors they set on the side of their email provider settings, or settings in the mail app on how they set the app to connect to email servers, how frequent, push or manual, etc. The app is only as smart as it’s user and will provide the results based on user’s choices. Check your settings, really learn the app and you might be surprised at the positive results.
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2 weeks ago, T&JG
Car Purchase
We had the pleasure of working with Saife on the sales side. He was very easy to work with and got us through the process easily. We then met with Brian and he was very professional when walking us through the financing and document execution. There were a couple items that needed attention with the car, so it was given to the service department. This is where we met Katie and Tom, who promised to make the experience quick and painless as possible. Katie made sure everything was taken care of and I I had my car back in the same day. I will definitely look to work with Saife again on my next car purchase. This Kia dealership was 5 star in meeting my car needs and customer service. Thanks!
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3 years ago, MariaMaggieMargaret
I cannot use email, horrible service
Email does not work and constantly says welcome to email every time I open it, I can’t get rid of the screen and it doesn’t automatically sign me in. When I enter my email address and click verify, it does not work even if I retype it 1,000 times. I need email for so many other things and I cannot view it on my phone and makes it so inconvenient. The only time I can use iCloud email is if I go to the website on my computer and then it shows that I have so many emails. I am constantly stuck on the welcome to email page and I don’t want to enter my google email because I have gmail for that and I want to access my iCloud email. Absolutely horrible. I have the latest updates and that doesn’t even solve the problem. It doesn’t show how to fix the problem in the apple website, for help or anything. Nobody is even trying to fix the problem, and I believe they should fix the bugs. Do not use this app.
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1 year ago, czZ~
Totally ok, but problems
I’ve been using Mail since two years ago, and overall I believe it is ok in terms of features and simplicity. However, one thing that concerns me a lot is that Mail is too boring. On Mac, we have photos for contacts, but on iOS, no photos. And for any other email clients, they are so colorful, so encouraging. Mail seems too professional, too serious and too boring. Apple is good at coloring its softwares. I’d like to see different colors for contacts in Mail on both iOS and MacOS. Another real problem is that Mail cannot make the font size of my signature match the font size of my message. It is just impossible. No matter I check the box, ‘Always match my default message font’, or not. Currently Mail doesn’t play sound for new message and sent message.
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2 years ago, AmongUsFanLover
They should add this
So a few days ago my password was changed by my parents and they didn’t tell me and it kicked me out of the Apple App Store and they won’t tell me the password since they think it told me when it sent me the notification, so whenever your password is changed it should tell you what it was changed to so you aren’t logged out of the App Store because now I can’t update any of the apps I have so please add that but don’t make it an update I have to update the App using the App Store but add it with IOS 16.0 since I’m logged out of the App Store and can’t get in since I don’t know my password so then this entire review I’m writing would be useless until I learn my password but anyway the feature should be added with the next IOS update (IOS 16.0 or whatever is next)
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1 month ago, Sanjay-Writes
Most Intuitive Mail Client for iPad
I have used many mail clients on iPad including this default one. I find Apple’s Mail client to be most intuitive and easy to use. Love the new Reminder feature that does remind you of a particularly important email at an exact date and time. The message further stays in the Reminder pool until you clear it. Search is quite fast and has improved from the early days (but can take a few extra seconds for older emails.) What I would love for Apple to do is sort out the 10 to 20 most important emails of the day and show them later in the afternoon so that you don’t miss them. This would require AI and some personalization, but would be worth it.
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1 month ago, RexTortuga
Too close to Mark all as junk
I’m a person that gets multiple emails a day some more more than others but still to where I find myself using the Mark all as read button, but every once in a while, I found myself accidentally hitting the mark as junk button, which I feel is a design flaw, and would like for y’all to consider either relocating that option or adding a second verification button after pressing the junk all button because once you junk all your email your email address has a difficult time for almost 3+ months trying to dictate what was considered junk and not to where you start getting spam email in your primary email account please look into this feature as it would help mini out there like myself from accidentally heading the Marc all as junk button
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3 weeks ago, aksooweo
Email deleted by itself
I checked my email this morning because I have a package coming in. I clicked the mark button to mark all as read but accidentally clicked to mark it all as junk. Well I switched it all back to my inbox but then all of my email started to delete by itself! Now I only have a few email from only yesterday and today. I checked again and I had 283 flagged emails and it ALL disappeared. The only flagged emails I have left are from 2 years ago! This is the second time this has happened to me! I’ve tried everything to recover all those emails and they were very important too! Since it’s linked to my Gmail I checked the Gmail app but nope! It’s all gone on there too! It’s extremely frustrating when I had SO many important emails on there to keep track of and now it’s all gone. I looked online and it seems I’m not the only one having the same problem. This needs to be fixed immediately.
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1 month ago, G_ChipT
Disappointing app, especially for Apple
This app routinely disappoints and when it is provided by Apple that makes it an even larger disappointment. I recognize that email apps are difficult to make but could they at least pay attention to it? Search still is horrible, especially on iOS/ipadOS. Users need tools to keep email organized, do we have any of those? Nope. Does the app work well with gmail, nope. On my Mac I have a “mailbox” for all junk and I can empty it all using the Erase all Junk Mail menu item. Does that exist on iPhone or iPad, nope. Every couple of years Apple tells us about new features and updates. Just like our politicians, they are likely exaggerating if not plain telling untruths. I keep trying other apps and typically they each bring something good to the party but not enough. If Apple would actually spend some time & effort on this it could be better.
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3 weeks ago, 68 years young
Emails dumped
3 or 4 times since the first of the year I’ve spent considerable time composing long emails on my phone in reply to a message from someone else. When I’ve tried to send them I get a white box in mid screen the says there was a problem sending the message and an “OK” message at the bottom of the box. The only option to exit the screen is to hit “OK” but when I do my entire email is dumped into oblivion. It’s not in drafts, trash or junk, it’s just gone. This is extremely frustrating, and annoying. All my efforts to write my message are just eliminated without warning. Outlook seems to work just fine with short messages. If there is a word limit why don’t you say so before I try to send? I checked with T-Mobile showing them a screenshot of the white box message. They said it was an Outlook issue and nothing to do with my phone. WHY WOULD YOU JUST DUMP A MESSAGE?!
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10 months ago, RedRevival98
Needs Some Work
I love how simple this app is, don’t get me wrong, it would be nice to change some appearance in the application, but the only reason I am giving 2 stars is because I don’t receive notifications! Or if I do it’s hours later. I switch my settings so it would push my notifications, but still hardly works. I have 4 emails, 2 of those emails are Gmail for work, but i don’t get notifications, and I can not push notifications on the settings. I think a lot of people would stick to the default if it worked correctly. I tried to download other apps, but I can never log into my ICloud account, because of 2 factor login and I tried over and over to add my ICloud to Google mail and outlook mail, but will not let me. I don’t want 3 different email platforms on my device, I want only one, and prefer to have the default application. Please please I beg, fix!
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3 months ago, Havaline17
Huge Mess with iOS 17.4 Update
After updating my iPhone to iOS 17.4 the Mail app somehow put the entirety of my Gmail account messages (archived, all folders, sent, inbox, etc) into Trash. It was nearly 16,000 messages and nearly 5GB of data that somehow got put into Trash! It took about an hour to put all of those back into their archived folders directly via a web browser for my Gmail account. Nothing like this has ever happened before with the iOS Mail app (been an iPhone user ever since iPhone 3G). Luckily all messages still had their folder labels so that saved the day. After some searching through other reviews here in the App Store apparently several people have had similar issues since the latest 17.4 update. Once I got my Gmail back in order via a web browser then the Mail app still had a mess going on locally so I deleted the app and probably won’t use it again. Too risky to lose so much data from a fluke. Wow.
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1 year ago, Country Music Lover : )
Terrible App
Let me start with this is the worst app Apple has created in my opinion. I have gotten kicked out of my account roughly every month for the last two years, and because my account is very old, this means a call to Yahoo whenever I need to access my email. Beyond this, it really isn’t user friendly. Theoretically, I should be able to add various emails to the app and switch between them. That feature doesn’t work. I’ve tried multiple times. Depending on the day, you also can’t use sub labels to organize your emails. If you’re using a Mac, Mail will constantly open and overtake whatever you are using if you get a new message. I finally had to delete the app off of my Mac. In all, I only have this app because I have to to use any of the annoying “Email Us!” Links because Apple won’t let you use another app to open those. I sincerely hope they change a few things with this app or get rid of it entirely.
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