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User Reviews for MaintainX Work Orders

4.88 out of 5
969 Ratings
2 years ago, Maintman1
Best work order app I’ve used
After your first work order you will see how useful this app is. The options seem to be endless. The folks at MaintainX are awesome to deal with and really helpful. I foresee a great working partnership with them for a long time to come. February 2020: Have had much more time working with Maintainx and at this point we would literally be lost with out this app. I’m a maintenance manager for a very large chemical company with a crew of 3. This app is so much more than “work order” app I think most people understand what a work order is. Yes it does that and does it well in 4 months we have over 1100 work orders entered and i be never felt more in control of all this work. But something that you may not be considering is the help this can give you in other areas. If you are dealing with regulatory type tasks you can setup daily, weekly, monthly and yearly work orders to help that stuff not get missed. You can setup repeating for tasks like preventive maintenance. Your imagination is your life limit here. Loving this app!
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4 years ago, Savoy7
A Great Work Order System & a Great Support Team
Since taking on as the maintenance director of my family’s 3 hotels, we didn’t have a way to track, open, close and budget our maintenance activities. Most work was by word of mouth and tracking on completions was sparse at best. My wife brought to my attention that while I was in the USAF I used work orders for aircraft maintenance so why not do the same for the hotels! So we started looking for one that would fill the bill-MaintainX was our choice. The team supporting this product is super responsive and I bombarded them with a ton of questions and suggestions. They were extremely responsive to our requests and suggestions. Is there our products out there in the ether to do this? Yep, we tried a few but we went with MaintainX solely on their personal support. Our maintenance work orders are done and I can track my teams work for my budget now!
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4 years ago, Tazman96
Amazing Software, Best I have ever used
MaintainX is an amazing tool for my team. I have only been using it for a short time, but have already come to rely on it for all of my work scheduling of my staff as well as tracking of productivity. I have found it useful in determining where my team needs more training. I also find the parts inventory very easy to use and track. My upper management team is very happy with my ability to report on my staffs KPI’s now that I can track their productivity. It is also helpful in controlling my budget. I have also found that communication with my team has vastly improved and the bickering about whom needs to do what has stopped. The team at MaintainX has also proven to be very responsive and attentive to our needs. Thank you for such a great product and service and I hope to see even more improvements in the future.
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4 years ago, Michael@SL
Everything I needed!
We rolled this app into action for our landscaping company to put foreman and delivery drivers on the same page without a high volume of phone calls throughout the day. IT’S INCREDIBLE!!! From the initial time running through the app to understand its capabilities, I was met with tremendous customer service from Hugo and Brian, via the customer support chat and email. I even fielded a phone call to really help dial things in once my foundation was in place! We’ve been using the app for little over a month and run about 250 work orders through it thus far. As I continue to familiarize myself and play around, I know I’ve only scratched the surface of what seems to be a feedback-driven, rapidly expanding app that aims to please all users in any field. We’re currently using the free version of the app and it’s incredible how much is offered at no cost, but I can definitely see the use and versatility with paid options. Hopefully once we are a little more comfortable using the app, we’ll tap into a higher tier and keep moving forward. If you’re asking, download this app. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed with the decision! Keep up the good work, MaintainX team 💪🏽
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4 years ago, Zombyte
Good App!!!!
It’s almost perfect! You truly get to setup a communication and work orders environment to your liking using VERY easy to use menus! Need things to change every time you add , take away, or modify it in almost real time??? This app has that and it works very well. I’m still new at using this app but I have had no problems setting something up that had exceeded my expectations being that I’m still new at it. If anything negative starts to happen that is deserving of a re-evaluation I will update this review. Hey developer... Not sure if this is implemented in somewhere or if it’s planned but can we please make this a little bit theme-able. I would love to be able to choose backgrounds and maybe outline and font colors Maybe even pick a handful font or use the ones I have installed. That would definitely make it a five start app! Thank you for considering. 👍
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4 years ago, anottakennicknameishardtifind
Heads and tails above the rest
This software is transforming the way I administer these facilities and track assets, plans, inspections, licensing... its amazing. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. I just dedicated two weeks of my time evaluating the different offerings out there and there are some good ones, but all seemed clunky by comparison. When I found MaintainX and started exploring around I knew I found what I was looking for. Can’t say enough about how good it is. Has a very modern user interface and the requesters are loving it as well. It’s a big change getting positive little notes from folks about the work order system as a facility manager.. lets face it, how often does that happen? Definitely worth your time to give it a spin.
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4 years ago, ayejkelly
So much more than work orders.
Maintain X has given our company the ability to not only organize work orders and routes for techs and painters but we also have the ability to put in both our commercial and residential customers in the system so they can request work directly. This has helped us use the app as a way to retain customer and use it to give customers a small discount as an incentive for using the app to request work. Not only is this a great tool for retaining customers but MaintainX has literally changed or added app features to meet the needs of our fast growing company. This company get it! We are so happy to have found them. We are excited to grow with this company and are happy to be customers. - Multi Pros INC
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3 years ago, Link BZ *
New maintenance department
I am setting up a maintenance department where I work. The company has been in business for over 20 years has never had a maintenance department or even work orders. They just had guys who would fix stuff when it broke. I came to work here over2 years ago as a Mechanic building large gear boxes. I have been an Industrial Maintenance Tech. For 30 plus years and a Maintenance Manager for over 10 years. Slowly I have become the Maintenance Guy. I have used several Maintenance Programs over the years and have found this Program to one of the easiest to use. Within a matter of minutes I was able to produce work orders and start building a maintenance department work order system. I am very impressed....
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5 years ago, Meonetwothree
A great App for Service Work
We have used this app for a few months now and it has been a life saver. After hiring an additional person for our company we needed something that would allow us to communicate, track and dispatch jobs. Plus looking up past job info is so much easier, without having to thumb through text messages like we had been doing before. It allows me to print out daily job logs which makes the booking part much easier to organize. And creating personalized forms for the infield guys allows me to get the information I need without wasting time hunting for it.
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2 years ago, Tomyelectric
What more could you ask for??
The whole program is simply intuitive. It operates how you think it should, meaning that all of the buttons and links are where it makes sense for them to be. They have 24/7 tech support with a 3 minute response time, and when I did reach out for tech support, I was able to figure out my issue before they had an option respond! This is my first month using it, and I couldn’t be more happy with it. And the fact that it tracks both material and labor for each asset, is just an icing on the cake.
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3 years ago, Cambium Commercial
The absolute best.
I run a commercial property management company and this has been my life saver. I am using the premium plan, and its truly a save all. I was using a different system before that just wasn’t sufficient enough and too complicated to use. This is extremely user friendly and makes my job so much easier. I wish I had this sooner. I have some major build outs that are happening in the near future and I am fully comfortable with my abilities with this system. It will make these build outs much more asker to keep track of.
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3 weeks ago, Wisconsa
Great system!
I’ve been in maintenance for over 20 years and this is by far the easiest, most efficient computerized maintenance management system I’ve used. Not only is the app intuitive and easy to set up, the customer service is second to none. Every question I’ve had has been attended to quickly, and the service reps have been knowledgeable and given me satisfactory answers even if they weren’t able to immediately fix a problem. I can’t recommend this enough!!
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4 years ago, Railroad Park Resort
Super productive App for our Maintenance Team.
We have used MaintainX for a few months now and it has helped make our Maintenance Team way more productive. The ability to prioritize work orders has helped keep our resort functioning efficiently. The ability to add pictures is a huge help when the front desk or a housekeeper adds a work request. Overall it has been the perfect app to take us from an inefficient dry erase board to the digital age. Highly recommend MaintainX for lodging properties. I just wish we would have started using it sooner.
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2 years ago, Young&Restless
Exactly what our small business needed!
It’s so helpful being able to consolidate scheduling and managing a fleet in this app. The ability to filter the calendar by department helps so much with planning ahead, and the ability to assign to individual team members makes it clutter free and simple to use for them. The custom forms/“Procedures” have simplified both billing and scheduling, and overall, this app has freed up our minds and lowered our stress levels by having an easy to navigate scheduling software.
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1 year ago, jbdav
Life is Better!!
As a maintenance manager with 15-20 technicians, the old carbon copy work order or “word of mouth” system just wasn’t cutting it. MaintainX has completely changed our maintenance culture for the better. It is so easy use with little to no training, and everyone involved at my plant is in love with the system. If you are struggling to reduce the amount of reactive work orders, and increase the amount of repeatable WO, then this is the system for you. Don’t hesitate, your company will appreciate it.
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2 years ago, TheFear1984
Definitely worth it
Operate a small maintenance business. For the longest time I try different computer programs and methods of keeping organized and sending work orders to my crew. I happened upon this platform accidentally which was a godsend to be honest because I was about to pull my hair out lol. If you’re looking for something to help ease the burden of complex programs, projects, daily work orders, and communication with teams and clients this is definitely a program for you.
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3 years ago, Die Makers
Sam’s MaintainX Review
MaintainX has helped me and the company I work for a lot with keeping track of all of our assets, keeping track of inventory and also keeping track of all of our maintenance logs. The app is easy and great to use. It’s very easy to upload anything to the app through any Mobile device. Not to mention I’ve had great customer service experience with the team at MaintainX. I would recommend this software to anyone that is looking for an app to help them and their business stay organized.
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3 years ago, hemphillshop
Great App! User Friendly!
Been using MaintainX for 8 months now and it’s been such a great app for us. It has really helped our small shop with everything from asset repairs to keeping track of our inventory. Very user friendly and having the app on the phone helps a lot. We’re able to keep track of time spent on working on assets and overall cost of repairs. We started using MaintainX for the inventory feature but have since been utilizing most all the features it has.
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6 years ago, Sropbroker
Intuitive, scaleable, and amazing customer service.
We are a luxury mega yacht with 22,000 sf sporting 5 decks and over 50 crew/staff across the hospitality, food and beverage, and marine departments. Our needs were unique given the matrix nature of our work orders and the size the ship, however, Mechanix addressed the issues and we were live and working the system same day. I said it was intuitive but to convey how much so we gave a login to the Chef, Capt, deck hands, food and beverage dir, as well as key staff. None of which had any experience with this type of work flow yet I had immediate adoption and no pushback. The customer service is second to none. Prompt and concise feedback and no waiting to receive a callback of form email response. I tried other apps but our yacht will only use this system and if you try it you will not be disappointed.
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3 years ago, WestGary
Excellent App For Our Maintenance Team!
The app is intuitive and easy to use. Everyone on the team loves it. Our staff members say it’s simple. Our managers love the way it allows work to be prioritized. Our safety director likes the SOPs. Our directors love the visibility and even our owner uses it to monitor projects that are completed or in the pipeline. The Maintain-X support staff is great - always responsive with answers and guidance. The reporting tools are detailed and easy. The level of customization is unreal. Flawless app!!
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2 years ago, Kyle Ousley
Excellent App and Customer Service
If you need an app for managing equipment or facilities, this is the app for you! The app is so helpful with a variety of tools available to make maintenance way more structured and manageable! In addition to a great app, the customer support is even better. The team is always helpful and available. I have never had a better experience with customer support from an app!
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1 year ago, 😎yoop
the boss move
this app has been great, we are communicating more now than ever and everyone is up to date effortlessly. it's encouraging the office guy to actually learn what to call each location which has sped up deciphering who needs what where and why of each work order. its a learning process of course and we've had a transition in how to dispense and collect the information several times over the years before getting into this program, i think some of the crew loathes any change at all but after another month of this i don't think anyone would want to go back to what we had been doing. looking forward to seeing how things are going 6 months in.
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3 years ago, Jarhead Maintenance
Work Orders Made Easy!
I Own A Company That Does Cleaning And Maintenance On AirBnB/VRBO Rental Properties And Keeping Track Of Everything Maintenance Wise That Needs To Be Done On And On Which Days That The Properties Are Available To Be Worked On Is Not Easy When You Have As Many Properties To Maintain As We Do! This App Has Made My Life So Much Easier And Less Messy! No More Trying To Keep Up With Note Books & Loose Papers! Staying Organized Is So Much Easier!
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3 months ago, Bubba547
Best Maintenance App Wver
I mean it helps keep track of everything. My inventory, my PMs, it was able to report how much one of my front loaders cost in downtime down to the minute, parts, labor, and everything! Because of MaintainX I was able to prove my team was understaffed, and I was able to get 2 more techs on my team which helped my team’s work load. Couldn’t be happier!!
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2 years ago, Hahahaha hey
Big help for small team
Our small team tested out several different apps -from the sophisticated CMMS software to the simple task app. MaintainX was quickly adopted and used willfully by the team. This app is already improving organization and helping communication. We can see how it will grow in value for us. Thank you for allowing us to use the free version for now.
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2 years ago, verrybigdog
MaintainX App
Great communication tool to help with the day to day operations issues. We use this app along with our internal maintenance tracking program for communication between management ant the maintenance team. Love to have the option to take a picture of the issue along with the repair when completed. Takes the guess work out of what was repaired.
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8 months ago, i hate your dumb game
Wonderful app to streamline efficiency within our team.
We have only been using this app for a short time even in that time the communication has greatly improved for the efficiency of our housekeeping work. We are excited to continue learning about the app and getting our work completed.
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4 years ago, Fixxxxx
Perfect work order app!
I work for a Country Club and for as long as we have been around, we never have had a work order program. Just used word of mouth (terrible habit). MaintainX is free and very simple to setup and use. Our entire management team is using it now and the communication is second to none now. What a great app!
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2 years ago, Abdulla fahmee
Best application every
I have used quite a lot of app for facilities management but so far I was not happy with any of these your application really help us to move forward with most important details and I am glade to have in our little organization what I would suggest is to customize option for us to add more areas in place
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2 months ago, The happy people at Low Temp
Absolute game changer.
The business has never run better. The customers no longer have questions as they can observe developments in real time from the convenience of their phone. We’re no longer having to worry about keeping work orders straight. It is absolutely streamlined our invoicing process.
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3 years ago, Jhosh81
Best Software/Service Combo Around
The MaintainX platform is incredibly easy to use both from desktop and mobile platforms. While the simplicity is key Maintain X still offers robust data and reporting features. Don’t worry if you do have an issue as the MX stuff is quick to respond and resolve any issues you may have. Couldn’t recommend this CMMS platform more!
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6 years ago, Will use every day
Streamlined maintenance
This is a game changer for my company. The app is user friendly and allows streamlined access across parties every step of the way as we work to resolve maintenance issues. No more scraps of paper or inconsistent texting — now I have a clear picture of each maintenance issue’s status at any given time. I can’t stay enough about how great this app is!
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3 days ago, sandman037
Maintain x
So far I love the app being able to see first hand what’s going on immediately getting feed back and being able to assign jobs as needed. Having a visual always at hand of what is needing attention instead of come this is broken. Getting rid of the paper trail. And going digital.
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4 months ago, Youza Louza
The absolute best way to eliminate paperwork
Maintenance X makes it possible to create,edit, review, approve, and collaborate on maintenance issues, routines, and everything else associated with rental properties. It’s accessible in real time from any smart device. It is searchable and records histories for of all completed actions. This app is a tool that everyone should put in their toolbox.
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5 months ago, dc12517
Data I can actually understand and apply
Seeing all of the data in one place is a dime a dozen. Putting the effort into the UX so that we can utilize the data, I’ve yet to see a better quality product. Not to mention, the custom service has been outstanding so far. There’s ROI here for sure
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5 months ago, Buzz Saw Buzz Saw
Easy Retrieval of Work including Parts & Information
I like the documentation available to be added in the comments. I usually add photos and description of the work that was performed. Have referred back to completed work orders when questions have come up about work performed. Very helpful!
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1 year ago, lead services
Great app!!!
We are a contractor that does lead water service replacements. We do about 1500 a year and this app makes it 100 times easier to communicate everything between the field and the office. My guys love it and so does my office manager. I love the way you can set it up to exactly meet the needs of the project you are doing.
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2 years ago, Gerginreverse
Great app!
The app is so convenient. I do scheduled maintenance part time and it’s nice to know what is scheduled for the day before I leave for work. Now I can check off completed jobs from my phone rather than going to my desktop to log it in. It is also a great way to communicate with my supervisor. Very happy with it.
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8 months ago, Cub Scouter
We love MaintainX because it allows to businesses to communicate to one maintenance team. This way we can keep both businesses up and running. It is also great for tracking hours something was worked on and the possible cost of that repair. Great tool to have.
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3 years ago, kelly paxton
I have been working in the manufacturing industry for a number of years. I have researched for a product that could do what I wanted as well as could grow with us! And I found it in MaintainX it does what I need and can’t even get over the service that I have received! It is easy to use and just very happy with the end result!
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2 months ago, Chrisysissy
Great App!
I’ve been using this app for a little bit and so far it’s been great. It’s very user-friendly it’s easy to navigate. I like how it’s fully customizable with your fleet and all your stock items if you need something to help track inventory and put work orders in this is your app!
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3 years ago, lilmrsmadras
I am an Airbnb property manager and this app is a godsend!!! Before having this app it was such a mess trying to keep up with my maintenance staff to see if things had been completed, assigning jobs, getting photos of work done for the owners etc!! After using this app everything is all in one place and streamlined! My maintenance guys love it too!!!
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2 years ago, Coach7522
Where has this app been all my Maintenance life!!!
Great support, knowledgeable team! This is so well laid out that it makes my job as a manager so much easier. Great clarity and history of previous work. Easy to see what is going on in my facility in real time and get the team to the most important things 1st.
Show more
4 years ago, danlamhoo
Great work order app
I have yet to completely dive into all the options available on this platform as I have been so used to running my business with paper and pencil. Every app before this one just didn’t make the cut for me so I continued to use my notebook and pencil to schedule. I am excited to make this much needed transition.
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2 months ago, ElCucuy84
Help your productivity
This app along with the desktop program have made everything much easier for us at our company. All of the staff have adapted to easily and quickly to this new program we recently started working with.
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4 years ago, Mannybb86
Great for organization and prioritizing
Great minimizing/eliminating tasks slipping through the cracks. With due dates and the option of high, medium and low priority. Your entire team can see what is due, who it’s assigned to and communication can be established amongst a team or a group chat. My only want; inspection reports and product/equipment request.
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3 months ago, ellusionx112
Barcode scanning adding a leading 0
When using the barcode scanner, its adding a leading 0 to the barcode causing the item not to show up in inventory or assets. If I use a regular barcode scanner on a PC, it scans the barcode as it should matching the UPC number or QR. Please fix the barcode scanner on the app in parts inventory and assets to reflect the barcode number without adding a leading 0.
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3 years ago, WaterD4
Terrific Maintenance Software
This Software is very intuitive and easy to use. Our staff needed very little training to figure out how to use it. Prior to this we were using an excel spreadsheet. This software has very powerful features that makes it easy to keep up with the maintenance activities.
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3 years ago, RedBeardBenner
Great work order program
This program has really brought our town into the 21st century. It is easy to work and guide people through for training, we run everything from inspections to work orders for anything from a sign down to helping put lights up for town hall. Great system and I highly recommended it!!
Show more
3 months ago, Blueelf987
MaintainX blows the competition away
I’ve used multiple maintenance programs through my career and MaintainX is above and beyond them. From live tracking, PC or mobile access, and easy of use from the maintenance tech to the end user I’ve been very happy with it.
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