MAJORITY: Mobile banking

4.9 (25.6K)
135.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Majority USA, LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for MAJORITY: Mobile banking

4.89 out of 5
25.6K Ratings
9 months ago, Elba Méndez
Majority Bank
I am happy to be a MAJORIY customer. My account has helped me to help my family who is in Venezuela with phone recharges and the calls are clear. This account offers me to send money at no cost to Colombia. I manage it efficiently to take advantage of its advantages. Thank you. and that every day we become more and more customers
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4 years ago, annieggc
Something sketchy
So I mainly joined this app because of the referral incentive. Somehow in less than 24 hours they claimed a referral isn’t attached to my account when I opened it so I won’t be getting the signup bonus, this is after they refused to approve my application because they said the information doesn’t match. I told them I didn’t want my card sent to my home because I’m out of state due to covid, like so many other people. They couldn’t use common sense on that and realize my information matches & instead told me I couldn’t be approved. So I went and retyped my info in with my address and it got approved. Because of this I think they decided not to honor the referral terms. I’m going to uninstall the app because who knows what else they could pull when I start depositing my work checks into this account. I just wanted to be paid faster as this app supposedly promises, they’ll charge you $5 a month? For what, I’m not sure. It’s not worth it to me anymore.
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3 months ago, Uche_A
Fraudulent/dysfunctional system
They advertise free international money transfer as a member (paying monthly subscription fee of $6). This was initially the case until towards the end of last year when they started charging me $3 - $4 for each international transfer. I tried to withdraw all my money and take else where but apparently there is no way to withdraw or transfer money to your bank. Even customer care could not assist with withdrawing/transferring my money to my linked bank account. It is very easy to deposit but impossible to withdraw without an ATM card. I tried to do an international transfer with the rest of my money so I can close the account but they blocked it, saying I needed to have some money left in the account. Now I’m just letting my balance run down on monthly subscriptions so I can close the account. Very frustrating to say the least.
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3 months ago, Roland Legra
They are the worst bank you can have. 3 days ago I received an alert that they had withdrawn $320 from my account. I tried to contact them. Bank and since it was Friday 4 in the afternoon they were not working, I managed to get in touch on Saturday and we made a dispute for the money and on Monday they informed me that they could not continue with the dispute, when it is their responsibility to resolve that problem because no one can explain how It is possible that they will take $320 from your card when you are at home with the card in your hand and thank God it was the only thing you had because they left the card empty. I demand that this problem be resolved and that the money that was supposed to be safe with you be returned to me.
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2 months ago, JET8700
The fact this has a 4.9 rating shows how dumb Apple is. All these bad reviews are right. The moment you deposit money into this card you might as well of sold your soul. You will have issues. The staff use the card numbers and take the money. Then they block your ability to log into the app, they even blocked my phone ability to call them. It’s a busy signal but if you pick up another phone and call it works. Or if you dial any other number on your phone it works. You have been warned… WARNED. If you have lost money due to using Majority. Please report it to the Consumer Protection Bureau and they are located in Florida so report them to the Attorney General of Florida. Majority US, LLC, Axiom Bank, Rebtel and Majority payment services.
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3 months ago, BPChi24
Stay away from this app
I recently had an utterly dreadful experience with this card and its abysmal customer service. Despite a transaction at a hotel where the hold amount was promptly released upon checkout, this app has shamelessly refused to return my money. I reached out to support, only to be met with a rollercoaster of false promises. First, they claimed it would take a mere 14 days, which contradicts their previous practices. Now, they've escalated it, extending the agony to a ridiculous 30-day wait period. This company seems determined to hold onto your funds for as long as possible, regardless of your needs. Adding insult to injury, they have the audacity to send me messages in Spanish, assuming I can understand it. Newsflash: I don't speak Spanish. Save yourself the headache and steer clear of this atrocious company. I'm at my wit's end with their incompetence and lack of assistance. All I want is my money back so I can swiftly close this dreadful account for good.
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2 months ago, Camwood555
Horrible experience
It’s not the best place to bank with when I had problems and questions with my account or card it is very complicated and hard to get in touch with someone, if they can even resolve your issue they don’t notify you to let you know it’s resolved money has disappeared from my account countless of times with no answer on where the money went or who took it and customer service disregarded all of my needs for months until I threatened to sue in the messages days after I do not trust them and if anyone has any legal advice feel free to reply to my comment.
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1 year ago, Pablo S Monroy
Awesome 🤩🤩🤩
If you are looking to open a bank account without SSN Majority it is for you, allowing you to send money to your country of origin and giving you the possibility to call in the same App makes Majority perfect for any immigrant who has just arrived in the United States.
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1 year ago, 704C
Terrible app with terrible customer service
These people are bad. My card was stolen and used by someone. I called in right away and blocked the account. I Asked that they investigate and get my money back. Till this day, I haven’t heard anything. Every time I message them, they take forever to respond, you call them, they don’t answer and still telling me it is under investigation. I am closing the account immediately. Terrible customer service with terrible banking. I lost $400+ but it’s fine. I Won’t try it again.
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2 years ago, ghjhckkg
I signed up and was supposed to receive a $20 bonus for adding money to my card and signing up with my friends link. I never received my bonus and when I reached out to customer support, they lied and told me there was no referral under that account and a bunch of other lies. After that I went to an atm to pull my money off and they charged me extra so I couldn’t even take my money off. SCAM!!! REPORT THIS company because they just want to collect your information and they WILL NOT PAY you for any bonuses. Liars
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8 months ago, Jeiler Moreno
I don't use this app
I opened my account and deposited 450 dollars, of which I used 12 to order an Uber and another 45 dollars to pay for my studies. After I made my payment at the institute where I was studying, after 2 hours I started receiving a notification saying what I had done. Some transactions that I never made, for some reason they used my money and I lost more than 300 dollars, I have called for a solution and no one gives a solution. I do not recommend this app at all. in the end they scammed me
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10 months ago, YO.ROBOT
My name is Yosvani my disagreement is that my account several times has gone out money without my authorization I changed the card and now I increase the amount of money out without my authorization, I do not recommend it, because my money does not have security or privacy in my account, money comes out easily, then the delay in the return is GIANT when I need the money, incredible nothing professional the financial service.
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9 months ago, papipappii
Not a good app,scam!!, awful customer service
Just not a good app, rude customer service which serious attitude problems, i joined the app and my account was opened by the next day i couldnt login called and this rude lady told me the system closed the account because it does that from time, it randomly close accounts and i asked her why, she said just our system you can go find somewhete else to do payments we dont need you here. Stay away from them, awful app and awful customer care
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3 years ago, O. Meander
Be extraordinarily very careful with this app. Do not download!!! The app got my information and then market to me a credit card. After registering, all my information was collected including my social security and it took days for approval even when I need to send money urgently. after which I was told that a credit card which I did not ask for is on the way. ...and then, the service of sending money is not currently in your state. If you have the same encounter, please report to the authority in your state or call 311.
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1 year ago, Mrs Tam Tam 2020
When is my country Jamaica You don’t make sense for me to pay $5.99 and a half and put my country to send money to even though I do send money to Kenya but when I am going to put Jamaica
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4 months ago, Jefsjejddj
Hello, I want to open my account and when I put the number it tells me that I can't try later, I hope and nothing, I have 3 days so someone can help me. Please
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2 years ago, Ojimal
Caution Scam with this people
This people offer to Latin American venezuela the offer to open account charge with your money 20$, to get a card with your passport that is impossible becouse you need ssid or another. In my case de the sellers charge money with my card, o call the reverse money and close the account, but they scam my money saying is a bonus, so don’t do this scam. And apple may be alerted with this people I can’t believe this is around in a great nation like USA.
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1 year ago, justleahxo
App does not work
This app hasn’t worked in over 6 months. I have been trying to add money and it will not let me. It just keeps loading. I have a Bank of America account and have never had any issues using my card until this app. It’s very weird. I’m not sure what the problem is. They need to fix their interface and payment gateway integration. It does not work.
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5 years ago, Hannafife
No overdraft 😍
This app is great! You get your debit card really fast and beside this you get a digital card so if you don’t have your card handy you can use your digital card. No overdraft 🙌🏼 and you get international calls on the SAME APP!
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2 years ago, Alejandro_Garcia_R
Best app ever for migrants
All in 1 app. All services that you need as migrants to be in touch with your love ones! Don’t doubt it, also a checking account with a VISA card.
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3 years ago, Cn51573838261
Don’t waste your time.
Apparently they deny about half of people who apply for an account. They denied me and won’t even give a reason. Many other banks give me accounts and have never denied me 🤷‍♀️ Seems like a waste of time… Took them 5 days to clarify that my account was not pending as the app said, but that I was denied. Deleted the app, but they still text and email me nearly every day.
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2 years ago, Genwig
Total scam
I’m contacting the consumer financial protections bureau to report this bank. They closed my account but don’t know why or how to fix it. They have one customer support rep who is not helpful. Avoid like the plague!! Their response is a joke. They phone rep has no idea what the problem is. They take your PERSONAL INFO LIKE SSN and then DONT RENDER A SERVICE. File a complaint against them with the consumer financial protection bureau against these con artists.
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2 years ago, Ica Cuba
So disappointed !! You trained people to lie, and they are so good about it that I feel ashamed of myself for falling into your tramp . You don’t mention the $5 monthly payment for the card. You don’t mention that the card you put in the system is for charging automatically those $5 without your authorization. You are definitely a bunch of Liars !! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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9 months ago, Niles Perry
Bad customer service
Tolu doesn’t do their job as they should, I’ve been waiting for an answer and even sent a mail but no answer was given, I need help with my card and there’s no one that can help me here.
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4 years ago, omorinsoye
Customer service information
Please what is the number of customer service...because it’s not behind the debit card like other banks put theirs. Thanks.
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1 year ago, Iamamsftt
Too good
This app has been so helpful. I look forward to see what you guys have in store for us this year!
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7 months ago, Maggsy1993C
Avoid. They’re a scam
Avoid this company. They’re a scam. They wait for you to deposit funds into it and then lock You out. All the good reviews are fake and paid to leave them. 100% a scam. Stick to companies like wise if you want to send funds. Dont use these thinking they’re a bank because they’re not. Just a scam to steal details and money
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3 years ago, Jorgy007
Majority Card
There are other cards out there that don’t charge you money to use it and give you cash back or other incentives, like CashApp for example. I was not told that I would be charged $5 a month to use their card. Would not recommend . Better alternatives are available. Shop around.
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1 year ago, Bbatzel
App Stopped Working after deleting and reinstalling
I downloaded the app and signed up for a free month trial using this email. I was experiencing some bugs with linking my debit card so I tried to delete and reinstall the app. But now that I did that I can no longer log in. This is a really horrible first time user experience.
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5 years ago, Nomexloaded1
Fast and furious app 😀😀
Wow I was able to send money to my family in Nigeria and it was Done in minutes🙏.But I can only add $50 with my debit card,please try and lift the limit🙏🙏
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5 years ago, Karla0905
Very convenient. You have a lot of options to load money to your account.
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5 months ago, Andysiela
0 stars for this
This app is totally a waste of time and cheating please do not put your money in the hands of these people. They will get your money out in the name of apple and other well known apps but the charges are followed . Every time you put money in you are going to see these unknown transactions , so is a total scam .
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2 years ago, scoffdude
Can I open 2 accounts 😍😍
If you are not using majority , you are on a long thing.
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2 weeks ago, Vhisbjn
Best app ever
Great app if you’re new to the US and need a banks, to send money abroad, or to call internationally. Customer service is awesome too!
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2 years ago, wiberia
Up your game
Hi, you guys are doing well but there is room for more. Some platforms don’t accept your card and you need to increase your limits. Thanks
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3 years ago, prof102
Best money transfer app
So far, this is the best money transfer app that I have used. Best rate and fast credit.
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4 years ago, ayokunle faniyi
Majority is my favorite
Majority it makes things easier for me by toping up my mother cellphone and my mother in law and this gave my hope and courage for my love ones and this reason “I LOVE MAJORITY “
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3 months ago, Majoozamb
I been using majority for a year now and no words 100% recommended,what do you waiting to open yours?!!!
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2 years ago, D.A.B.A
Efficient banking system
Efficient bank operations
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8 months ago, Awesome??!???
Do not use this bank
By far the worst online bank to have 1st of all the customer support took 2 weeks just to answer a simple question 2nd they told your money when you get refunded with showing proof you got refunded for weeks
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1 year ago, Uzor Okasi
Helpful to me
I appreciate you guys for your services
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3 years ago, ucheprince
Great services!
Amazing customer service. Transaction fast in timely manner.
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4 years ago, Bobbyteejay81
The service is good, I have recommended your service to my friends
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4 months ago, Babyy5099
Very satisfied with this online bank
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4 years ago, dapson ace
Very good to use and friendly app and reliable
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11 months ago, esannyp
Customer service isn’t friendly at all and if your card gets compromised be prepared to loose it all this company refused to dispute apple charges when I have Proof from apple i didn’t Auth any of the charges. Go elsewhere!
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1 year ago, Giovisck1
Love it
This App makes my life so easy, super recommend
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2 years ago, Contrabassstudent
The best fintech app I’ve used
One of the best fintech app I’ve used. The app is easy to navigate and.
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1 year ago, Dileys
The best of all
It works perfectly well for me
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2 months ago, Kingsaroo1972!:)
Very bad bank account, you can't send or transfer money to another bank account and the debit card never reached me. The digital card doesn't work for anything
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