Make It Rain: Love of Money

4.6 (44.1K)
184.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Space Inch, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Make It Rain: Love of Money

4.57 out of 5
44.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Barcelona2007
Money Match+suggestions
I really like how the game works and all of it’s features, but I do have a few suggestions First of all, I kind of wish that you could choose which type of tournament you wanted. What I mean is I wish you could choose to play the matching tournament or the debt tournament. Or even be able to choose any of the extra features/mini games Another thing is that you can’t save progress. I was fairly far (at 1MB swipe) when I restarted and surrendered. Then the game was accidentally deleted. I know you can connect to Facebook, but not everyone can. So it would be cool if Game Center could save it or any other method. The last thing is the money match. I was on the last game to get 100x and I would leave. Then I lost all of it to a trick level. I got a difficulty 6 level, and there was literally one move (and I know for sure). I do that one move and when the new pieces come in, there are no moves left and I lose everything. Plus there are lots of other level that all start from you choosing one of several moves, and if you choose wrong, eventually lose. So if you fixed all those levels, money match would be awesome
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7 years ago, Pablos111
Updated Review to 5 Stars
Updated Review: So I ended up contacting the dev team and they were able to get back to me and to let me know that the problem I was having was not a mass issue. I unfortunately ended up having to delete the game(which I wanted to avoid because of the amount money I had accumulated). Luckily I did have my Facebook connected and was able to regain most of my money. I was then able to play Money Match again with no issue. Thank you guys for the response and the game is now working like the 5 star game it is. Old Review: Game is awesome. One of the best past times I can think of. With that aside whenever I try to do Money Match which is a very integral part in making money in the game, it says that it could not load a video. This only started happening after the iOS 11.2 update leading me to believe that this game has to to be updated to work with the new update. Once that gets fixed I’d be sure to edit the review and give me more stars as again the game itself is very addicting and well made.
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5 years ago, OOF OOF 12
Glitched and bugged a bit
First of all the matched mini games gave me a unbeatable level... had to make powerups to beat it to take out the gems... all the other levels don’t ( this was a four piggie difficulty ) second the AR doesn’t work when I began to use it it asked for my photos not my camera... I said no BECUASE it was MY PHOTOS so yeahhh... ( also I made a four object match with a powerups and it didn’t give me another powerups... other matching games/mini games give u powerups when u match enough objects for a powerups with a powerups ) but the game is fun all in all but still... that’s what tossed it down to two stars... fix and I’ll make it four/five ( P.S. small fix up AR mode for me is just tossing money into a white void... also game never asked for photos again so I can’t get AR mode... when I got game I rlly hoped I could also I JUST GOT THE GAME yeah... might not wanna get random ppl who see this but please fix this devs... I also have no access to any talking programs I can talk to devs about this or devs talk to me about this on... so forget that ) game is azmazing and dropping money in white voids is kinda fun... other than that I’m sure as I unlock more stuff the game will become more fun... MK oofoof out!
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2 years ago, GayleluvsKerri
Be fair!!
I played this game for 6 or so months about a year ago. I quit because of the 10 puzzle tournament that starts on Thursday and runs through Saturday afternoon. I would win this tournament or at least place in it every week. It got to where it would not allow me to participate any longer. I enjoy this kind of challenging puzzle and after winning it constantly, you quit giving me the prize awards. I recently started to play again and have placed no less than 3rd every week for the past month. But I have not received a single award for it. It’s a game!!! Today is Friday, I’ve got one puzzle to complete and last I had looked, I was in 2nd place, now the whole tournament won’t load. It’s like I’ve been banned like I was before. All I’m asking is an explanation. I’ve contacted support numerous times but I haven’t gotten a single response from you. This is bogus!!! BE FAIR!!!!
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6 years ago, Dr. Redskin
Love this game but I need help
Ok so, this game is plenty of fun and honestly extremely addicting. I’d be swiping away on this game in public and people will look at me like I’m crazy but I don’t care cause this game is so addicting. I’m just having trouble with one thing tho. I reached a point where it asked me if I wanted to do this thing. I don’t remember what the term was, but it was like some kind of prestige. But before I could click and agree to doing it my phone died. So when I turned my phone back on it never showed me the message again to do it. I explored all the tabs and semi tabs and the settings. I can’t find it. I really enjoy your game and I hope my enjoyment continues to grow but it’ll help if you read this to tell me how to use this feature.
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5 years ago, Rodman jnh
Came back, slightly disappointed
Recently re-downloaded the app and for the most part I’m enjoying it as much as I used to. However one major issue I’ve had that I haven’t seen many people talk about so I don’t know if it’s just my phone or not, but the credit card tournaments? I started one earlier this morning and maybe it’s because no one‘s in it but it only listed 10 spots and all of them were labeled as no data, and when I exited the tournament to make more money the icon disappeared even though there was over eight hours left. That was one of the most enjoyable mini games/tournaments for me besides the regular match three, and I’m really hoping this is just a glitch which is why I rated what I did. This game is a really nice time waster and feels like it accomplishes what it set out to do, although one of the negative I will say that a lot of people already mentioned it is getting a little ridiculous with the ads
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6 years ago, hoseoksleftnut
There should NOT be ads right before you get special swiping sessions
Im in love with this game! Ive been on and off playing it for a few years, and i keep revisiting it because i just love the concept so much. But this time, i re-downloaded it again, i’ve been playing for a few minutes, and i got a 10 second auto swipe because i leveled up to level 4. Hahahaha guess what? I got an AD, right after i received it, completely wasting more then half of my auto swipe. I mean, come on. Come on, now.. Who in their right mind would think that was a good idea. Surely, it wouldn't sit well with yall’s consumers. It just baffles me how bad of an ad placement that is, i cant help but laugh. Hopefully, this is just a glitch on yall’s part, but please consider this. I love this game, so i don’t think ill delete it due to this, but fix the issue.
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2 years ago, Jackson masaitis
Read this review
When I downloaded this game I thought after 1 hour I would get bored of it, but I didn’t! This game is great, the rebirth isn’t over powered like other games make it, and it’s also sometimes challenging, which I didn’t expect, the only thing I wish they would do is more stuff to buy, because I reached the endgame point in two or three days, and also when you start to reach level 20-30 you usually only get 1 shovel which is sometimes annoying, but other than that I recommend this game it’s great, and I leave my thanks to the developers of this amazing game.
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5 years ago, syd9ey
This game is okay. I kind of miss when it wasn’t so complicated but I still sometimes enjoy it. I don’t mind ads, but their seem to be ads that trick you and are false and misleading. There are ads every 10 seconds it’s very annoying. I understand the use of ads but this game isn’t that hard to program. It’s not like Sim City where it’s elaborate and well designed. I understand the game has to stay running and people have to get paid, but it’s just a disaster. This is just basic and graphics. While writing this I’ve decided to get rid of this game just because it wastes my time. My cousins and I used to play this all the time but now it’s boring considering the time I waste. I don’t recommend getting this game unless you are a child and have nothing else to do but watch Garden Scapes ads for life. Developers if you’re reading this, do better!
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6 years ago, JackieJet06
One small glitch with the money counter but otherwise this is probably the best game I have ever played! It’s so easy but still keeps your attention for days at a time. It makes all of your wildest dreams come true. I became a billionaire overnight with ease. There are so many options of ways to make money. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t play their devices much, I would highly recommend investing your money in your gold vault, because then you can earn money without even being on the app. If you do play a lot it’s best to do a good variety of investments. Who knew swiping a screen could be so fun!
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6 years ago, Mk1592
First Of It’s Kind
This is the first game I could think of playing as a kid when I was 12 I remember playing this game with my friends and seeing how far we could get in a couple hours without doing anything else it’s brought some awesome stuff and is still going with updates coming pretty often I love this game and hope that it gets noticed more than adventure capitalist lol Also thanks for getting me sent to the principles in my softmore year because I made it rain on a friend that I used to play the game with haha thanks for the cool memories hope the devs are happy have good lives and 5 stars
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5 years ago, Laptop 10000000
One thing
I love everything about this game but there is one little glitch. On the debt tournaments, which is pretty much my favorite part of the game, I started playing. Then once I go back into the game to earn more money to spend (which was already wrong because your supposed to restart in that tournament until it ends), the tournament button is no longer there. This happened to both of the accounts I played on (which are on two different devises) Could you please fix this glitch? Because the debt tournaments are the best part of the game to me
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6 years ago, Hriebdnakwbbd
UPDATE: Bad game
So, I was upgrading my vaults to get the orange safe. I opened the safe, and got multiple prizes and the 10 seconds of golden bills was one of them. It took me back to the game, and the Golden bills commenced their countdown. I was just about to start tapping when an ad conveniently popped up. It was a 30 second ad. I am unhappy. My 10 seconds are wasted. Thank you developers for placing ads in convenient places to get fast money. UPDATE: There is a serious problem with this game. I recently surrendered in the game, and collected around 500 golden shovels. I had been upgrading to get money even faster and when I opened the app today, it seemed as if everything had reset. I was at level 57 and had billions already. Thanks to the poor design of this app, I am uninstalling and will use the storage for something actually worthwhile.
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7 years ago, Arielle Blaize
Great Game
I love this game. I always download it every year or so to play it and see what new stuff it has. I recently re downloaded however and I'm having an issue with my money accumulating. It appears sometimes that no matter how much I 'make it rain' the money sticks at a certain value. For example, if it's 150,000, it stays there unless I make it to 250,000, after which the process repeats itself. I have to close off the app and reopen it multiple times for the cash figure to stop sticking. A bug fix update would be awesome, thanks!
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2 years ago, Evil_king1126
Great game. But some problems
Honestly one of the best games I’m played over the years, the only problem that I have I recently started playing again in 2022 and I can’t log in on Facebook says it’s in development mode. And when the tournament comes I try to get in I play up to the point I need more cash and that’s the last time I have access to it, So I’m not sure if it’s an error or a thing on my end but I really like playing the tournaments. Thank you
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2 years ago, frances matisse
stole money/scam/wont reply
Im so disappointed! Stole money, & deleted my progress! I got this game again after not playing for a while. I was very hopeful and excited at first. It's only been two days. It's glitched and took all my progress away restarted me from the beginning, literally everything I gained and ever achievement was reset. I also spent money on this game four times, and TWO of these times I did not even receive the purchase but spent money. I have emailed this app more then once, nobody has gotten back to me. No purchases have been restored, and I will soon delete this game. I'm sad because they took my money, and won't even respond. Do not download, read the reviews. They steal money and do not get back to emails. SCAM
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6 years ago, Grooveii
This app needs fixing.
Fun app. It worked great until the last couple days. Every time I open the app everything resets except my money. I’m back down to level one, the safes won’t open. Yes I am connected to Facebook so that isn’t a problem. I tried deleting it and re downloading it but when I got it back it was the old version of the app. It didn’t even have the option of money match. So I deleted again and downloaded again and it went back to the new version but nothing worked it was all frozen. Deleted and downloaded again and it was back to the old version. Really frustrating.
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6 years ago, homosapion
Great game
Hey developers I just wanted to say that this game is one of the best games I played in my opinion but there is one problem, the game you made is awesome but when I go into the mode where you can “pretend” to make it rain in real life it doesn’t necessarily fully touch the ground and this is just a minor. But I just am trying to let you guys know just so you can fix this whenever you guys see this unless you can’t. Thanks and happy Martin Luther King Day!
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2 years ago, R5Y5A5N
Developers ought to be ashamed of themselves
The developers of this app should seriously reevaluate their priorities. They have stolen more than a few dollars from me and countless others. When trying to purchase golden pigs, the let the charge go through but then fail the transaction. Apple Pay refuses the refund request and these guys never answer your contact requests. I have video proof. Next, they take forever to fix glitches. For two weeks now I haven’t been able to play Money Match. It glitches out and fails to load. I can’t do the current extra mini game because it kills the app. This game is a lot of fun when it works and they aren’t stealing from their players.
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2 years ago, general knight
Who made the double or nothing system
I think the double or nothing system is rigged because I tried for almost 5 hours to win the 100x bonus but I got level 6 twice for like a 12 different attempts and won a Single time every other attempt failed by a level 6 stage nothing else just. Also why do I get one move away from winning to just unlucky and have none of the things that I need on the board at any point. The game was fun until my options became grind for hours or gamble my money and have like a 1 in a 1000 chance to make money.
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2 years ago, IReadTheReviews
Gameplay issues and ads
I thought this was a great game at first. Eventually I started being able to surrender money, but once I do, the requirement to do so again increases? This causes me wasting lots of time trying to save up my money. Then there’s the double your money thing. Cool concept, bad design. Too much RNG to be acceptable. Finally, the ads. THEY. ARE. EVERYWHERE. Ads will randomly pop up, and I do mean randomly. While you’re in a match of doubling money, purchasing things, etc. Some personal issues I have are tapping to get money. Tap too fast, UI doesn’t disappear. Wasting time tapping slowly to fix this. Then you f you do click to fast you might accidentally waste golden pigs on stupid power ups. Definitely screwed me over many times. I’ll bet some dumb review bot will be replying to this, and I hope that someone who actually reads it will not get interested In this. Summary? Good at the start, bad late game. Do not play! Trust someone who has KBs, whatever the heck that even MEANS!! Thank you for reading.
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6 years ago, Haley.Neal.
Bugs and glitches ruin game.
Beware, long negative review ahead: I hate to be that person who complains about an iPhone game, because things happen, but. I have lost all of my game data four times now, so I really just want to let people know not to get too into it, because eventually, SOMETHING will happen. This last time was due to a tournament that I started. I was on good WiFi, my app had been updated, I didn’t do anything weird, and it glitched out. I was stuck in the tournament and I lost all of my progress. On June 15th, I emailed to ask for help! After several email exchanges where they told me it was fixed, they sent me the following: “We have found the bug and should be fixed in the next version. Sorry for the trouble. Unfortunately, your progress is lost.” And then offered me pigs. My problem still isn’t resolved, by the way. It’s almost been a whole month. It’s just soured me on the whole game. Good luck. I will not be sending any emails back to customer service, because it was so slow, unresponsive, and nothing was fixed.
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6 years ago, Jacksonbob
Fun but...
This game is extremely relaxing and I find that just sitting there while watching tv can be well, actually fun. But I’ve been having a problem with receiving rewards, most of the time when I level up the game freezes and didn’t let me keep most of the rewards. I have not received many pigs and some golden shovels, and some other stuff(like golden minute and auto swipes and other things like that). And that is my only problem with the game, other than that it’s kind of fun.
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11 months ago, Abigail_11
Loved playing this game with brothers, the competition to see who could make more money was fun. My issue is how much it crashes. Every time I got more than 5 Billion it would crash and come back as if I never had more than a few grand. I’ve played the pyramid game and finished the x100 level a few times, but again it crashes and leaves me with a few grand when I open the app up again. The first time it happened I thought mistakes happen. But now every time I pass the x100 level I’m left with no reward. Deleted the app, why bother play to win big if the app doesn’t even let you. Disappointed.
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3 years ago, NickyNickyD
Used to be good. Crappiest game I’ve ever played now.!
I used to play this game so much, so enjoyable and simple to come back to. For the past few months there have been times where I watch ads for rewards and then never get the reward. It’s stupid! I watch an ad for nothing and they are getting money from it! I’m not supporting them ever again, this game is utter trash and a waste of your time because of the load of ads they put on there. They even put one on after you’ve been on the app for 5 minutes prior to opening it. It’s so stupid. I hate it. Don’t even try the game. If you do, turn off your wifi.
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6 years ago, Joly🤙🏻🔥
Actually the game is pretty good but i can never play a 30 second time until the game displays an advertisment which is absolutely boring and not only this it can sometimes be inappropriate for children like this party game or whatever I don't know the name exactly so since i didn't play a full minute without interruption by ads I uninstalled the game iam not being over or something but it's really annoying and you never have peace playing that game without something which gets you out of the blue on the other side the game is very addicting so please fix that problem so i could rate it 5 stars❤️
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7 years ago, Moomiethecat14
Pretty good
The app itself is pretty good but when I purchased 25 golden pigs it said successful but it took my money away and did not give them to me. I also tried pressing the restore purchases button but it did not work. Now I am mad 😡. And the golden “minute”. The last time I checked a minute was 60 seconds not 30. Overall the game is pretty addicting and fun. You can collect money by tapping on the screen and by investments to get money faster. I even find myself playing at night.
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3 years ago, Master key 14
Actually get free money just put your credit card in the cash app. And you will get free money instantly every two days or five And we get actual money you have to try this now. And. Blackout bingo works. If you put your credit card on it try this out right now. And you will be so rich. You can’t even buy robux and Who is reading this will be rich
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1 year ago, tikimantooth
Please fix the ad bug
Whenever I would finish a set of upgrades and open a vault, i would golden bills for 10 seconds and an ad would pop up which would last 10 seconds and I wouldn’t be able to use the golden bills I swiped for! If you could maybe pause the game when the ads are going or just change the window they appear in so they don’t start when you open a vault and get auto swipe or golden bills it would be great because then we could actually use them ;) Love this game but please fix the ad placement
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4 years ago, Neaceboy
My reason for low rating
I was playing the game and I was tapping fast then I accidentally click 1 minuet auto swipe and spend 20 pigs so I want my piggy’s back and I want a option to turn off the upgrades like the gold bill thing at the bottom and the other ones to Ps. Respond as soon as possible as I was the one who gave the 1 star and said s a bunch of times
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3 years ago, speaknowfolklore
The tournaments are buggy
Whenever I try and join a tournament my game crashes. Even the thief tower. I have no idea why. Overall, it’s a good game, just this is a big chomp away at the content. Also, sometimes the game will just freeze. It’s not my device. Also, the tags on top keep flipping randomly even though I’m not swiping (and it’s not the money per second I get from the financial investments). Also why do they keep changing the flopping GUI!
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6 years ago, @/3x!$
Love the game
Review update: The development team responded to my last review and told me to reach out to them via email to resolve my issue. They helped out so much and I’m super happy! They def have great customer service and they care about their consumers! I love this game. I really do. I was up to like $14 kB and I decided to join the tournament that puts the main game on pause while you accumulate credit. Well my game kept glitching and crashing so I just left it alone for a few days. When I came back the tournament was over and my game should have resumed back to my $14 kB. Well it remained on the same amount I had during the tournament. Which was like $30k. So I’m kinda upset that I lost all of my progress. Including all of the upgrades and investments I bought.
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6 years ago, NiikeSwoosh
Good game, but a lot of bugs!
I have been playing this game for years and I stopped playing and got a new phone and didn’t re-download. Now the game will randomly reset my progress (my levels, pigs, clips, etc.), but I still have all of my money. I have been playing this game for a very long time. I haven’t had any of these problems before. The game would be a lot better if I could get my progress back, especially when I sync from my facebook. This bug needs to be fixed, until then I’m not playing this game.
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3 years ago, hugebick69
So everything about the game is good, and i know you guys rely on ads to make money but can you put them at a more convenient time, like when you swiping the dollars or somthing. Whenever I buy somthing, I get one tap into it and get an ad. I bought a gold dollar after getting enough pigs to do it, and I got an ad right after I clicked begin, and I thought that maybe it will save it, right, no I wasted my golden pigs on it. Please place ads at a more combiner time. Other than that keep up the good work, I like the surrenders and everything
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4 years ago, no money slots !
This app is so fun
This app is very fun and in other expenses like four example money slots you have to swipe you can’t tap and The game didn’t even save your money I had 2 million dollars I exit out of the game a go back in and I was back to zero dollars and getting 2 million dollars took Me a long time BUT when I got this app I was amazed I was so happy it save I recommend not playing money slots BUT overall amazing game
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2 years ago, Moenembandz25
Money lost
I just recently got back into this game and connected to my Facebook account where i had so much progress, after playing it for a little, an option showed up saying surrender. I accidentally clicked it and now I lost all my progression and I don’t know how to get i back. I’m hoping a developer or someone reach back out to me and help me get my progress back. Other than that i really enjoy the game and i hope i don’t have to restart my hard earned progress
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4 years ago, Lupita Rodriguez😎😎😎
Hello! I have a small problem on the app called PakkaPets I currently purchased an egg with real money and I want to backup or save my account to Facebook but it says "No server available, try again later. What does it mean can you guys fix it or help me please? You can contact me anytime on Facebook my account is Gold Cherries it's a white fur ball with a purple background please help me I want to save my progress I've worked so hard!!
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2 years ago, Shimmer Stack
Deleting right away. Ads Ads Ads. The game would do just fine with all of the ways you can upgrade your experience through watching ads, but they gotta squeeze one extra on you at random moments, TOTALLY crashing the momentum of gameplay. 1 star for that nonsense but overall great concept, poorly executed
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6 years ago, Sydkal890
Help please
The app was glitching, and it kept crashing when I would buy a new item such as a gold vault upgrade, so I signed into Facebook to save my progress and deleted the app. I re-downloaded it and went to the Facebook section to try and recover my progress (and I was pretty high up, I had upgraded a ton of the golden shovels stuff so it was a lot easier to progress, and I had around 350 of the cat things for the event). Now I have to start ALL OVER FROM SCRATCH. Please help me recover my account (that I DID connect to my Facebook account, which should enable me to recover it) and I will give this a five star rating. I really want all my progress back...
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7 years ago, Chtsjifzvjoshfcjtwaxk
I lost all of my money
I loved the app and I was addicted to it, but when I have a lot of money I tried the gamble wheel. There was a level where you had to get rid of the pigs when I physically couldn't, and I tried to save my money, but lost 40 million, I used to have 10 times the amount, and I lost it bacause of that, I don't know if I did something wrong but even when I started the level it was impossible. It was impossible because the pigs were in a tiny area where I couldn't cross the things.
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3 years ago, Abberdoodles_627
What Happened
I used to play this game all the time about 2 years so when I found it once again on the app store I knew I had to download it. However, I can’t progress past mission tier 3 because I have to send a sticker promoting the game to someone and it is unskippable. What? And ads appear every 2 minutes, that is, unless you pay for a AD FREE. Seriously?! I’m really disappointed that this the new norm for all apps (to have ads play every 5 seconds and charge for a premium sub or one time fee just to stop it). I really like this game, I just want to be able to enjoy it.
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6 years ago, idle miner tycoon awesome
Its diffrent
Im a old player ive been playing for a very long time over a year but recently they took prestige first that broke me i made so much less money and now tournaments are gone and its made the game so much worst atleast add a butten that takes u to old version or hold 2 tournament 1 new 1 old thank you for listening to me and bye- id like to write a bug i found the old tournament it shows up then i click on it and it doesnt let me go back buy a fewnupgrades leave and then i cant come back to it no longer 3 stars now 2
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6 years ago, Snoopy2495
There’s a bug
Hello. I’ll like to report a bug in the game. When I level up a level, it gives me 3 golden pigs but when I claim my reward, I don’t get it. Can this be fixed please? Also at some points. The money counter doesn’t go up when I get money. Only the amount of money only goes up that is below the counter. Can these bugs please be fixed. Also, add more rewards like money, more upgrades, and more features? Thanks! Keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, Shux878
The ads
I just want to say that this is a pretty fun game. I love the concept and the look of everything. It’s a nice game to play when you’re bored and don’t know what to do. I have to say that I’m very displeased with the ads though. I don’t mind some ads but they seem to pop up at the worst times. For instance, they pop up when I get a free golden bill swipe. You would think the timer would be paused during the ad, but it’s actually the opposite. So instead of being able to enjoy the event, I completely miss out on it and don’t get any money whatsoever. Stupid ads!
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4 years ago, 5NightsAtFreddy'sFanGirl
So the game itself is wonderful! No complaints about gameplay whatsoever. I would like to complain, however, about the ads. It seems that the pop up ads are a recent thing and I can’t go five minutes without another ad popping up so it’s super annoying. I’ve loved this game for a long time and I remember a time where there were so little ads... I hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic, by the way!
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7 years ago, Blujay101
Awesome game but...
I love this game but during tournaments there’s a glitch that occurs for safes where it says “upgrade these to unlock the safe” but everything is already upgraded and the safe doesn’t unlock. Really hard to move up in the tournament ranking if I can’t unlock everything. It seems to work itself out after a little while but when the tournament is ending very soon it’s frustrating. Other than this though I love the game.
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6 years ago, Goldenskull950
What happened to my golden pigs?
I’m not afraid to say that I have spent a little money on this game because I like it and wanna support it. However, I had over 200 golden pigs and just recently bought a pack that was supposed to give me 150 more for only one dollar. That never happened and even more disappointing was the fact that it took all my other pigs and left me with only 1. I do have pictures showing the bill. I have tried resetting the app but nothing has worked. I really do like this game but I don’t know if it glitches out or I got robbed.
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5 years ago, Mkschenk
The game has changed.
I used to play this game every day a couple of years ago but stopped after I had reached a peak point. I’ve decided to pick it back up again recently and everything has changed. Ad’s now pop up randomly, and I swear I had other kinds of purchases that are no longer existent. One of those purchases I’m almost certain of was to get rid of Ad’s. I feel this is a complete disregard for my money and a slap in the face. This app has obviously been taken over by greed. Not happy one bit. And yes, I did click on restore purchases, and it did say it was successful. Still get ads
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6 years ago, Alison Kennedy
Me and my brother would play this all the time and I keep deleting it and getting it back and I really enjoy playing the game. It’s a really nice game and I would rate it 100⭐️ if I could. If I had the chance to make i game it would be like Make It Rain. It has been a long time since I playing this AWESOME game and I can’t believe that someone would make a game this good but that’s all I have to say BYEEEEEEEE
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3 years ago, Lks58
Just started playing last night I’ve won some cash . But I need to learn a little more on playing I think I would of won more if I would read more on how to play. Really pretty simple fun game a lot of different ways to play which makes it fun not boring at all. So you should give this game a try. Have fun player’s.
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