Makeup 2 Makeover Girls Games

4.4 (57.6K)
337.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ninjafish Studios
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Makeup 2 Makeover Girls Games

4.43 out of 5
57.6K Ratings
11 months ago, KatyaM.
I think it was okay
When I played this game’ i choice a rainbow candy girl and it was cute but I had a dream of this game but I’m having trouble with it because I love this game but my mom said it is not okay and I’m soooooooo sorry for my mom but I’m loving it so much and be happy to play with this game but my second troubles are this game is okay but I don’t have any fun playing because sometimes I’m bored and I’m soooooo sorry for being bored and I love this game and I chose to play this game with myself and I think its okay but best to play and a little bit boring but fun and I like the characters that I love and that’s all bye bye
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4 years ago, sugercamper
I think this game could be a little better
Hello, My name is Sandra. I think this game could be a little better. I’m sorry that I’m rating this game. I just think that this game could be a little better because some things cost money and other things are locked and other things you have to watch adds. I hope everyone has fun playing this game but me not really I have fun for a bit but then my fun ness goes down I get board after a while but I hope other people have fun! I don’t know if it’s just me but I gave this a 3 star because I get board. I am soooooooooooo sorry but I don’t really recommend this game well you can play it but I don’t really want too. When I got this game and saw it in the App Store I was like OMG 😲 I would love that game so I asked my dad if I could get it and my dad said yes. And I was excited but then once I got it and played it for a while then I got board and frustrated I’m sorry i don’t like this game sorry. Thanks for reading my message hope you enjoy this game but anyways Thank you Bye 👋
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5 years ago, Mackenzie Downing
Best Game EVER✨
This game is so addicting to play! I made my whole family in this game. But there are a few things that I want to happen. 1) Why do we have to pay 6.99 just for the locked accessories and stuff. 2) Could you change the price... I seriously don’t wanna pay money for this 😐 3) In my title “ Best Game EVER ✨” I don’t know if I should keep the word “Best” cause not everything is free but if it WAS free then it would earn the word “Best”. I don’t really care if it doesn’t happen,but if it DOES than I would be so happy running around my house. And if the person who made this game is ready this, it would be so thoughtful if you did these changes. 😁
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5 years ago, emmie pillow
I will have the
The only reason I didn’t have the school to go back to school is that she had to take me to school I don’t have any time for school to go and then I’m not sure what to do when you have to go home from school I have to go to school tomorrow and that’s the first thing. The plane will not come to school today I will call the office tomorrow to let them have their information and they can go through that process of what you want me in the school to do the same things I cannot is the time of time I have to go to the school and I will go to the school and go to the
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5 years ago, wtjfdvcdf
Good but
I really liked this app really fun but then it updated and you can only do one and now you have to watch a ad for all the other ones which I think is stupid I was really excited when it updated thinking it was going to get better but it got worse because you have to watch a ad for the fun ones this is just my opinion I hope you read this and respond.
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4 years ago, angel emogi😇😇😇
This game is ok but but needs work
I like fashion and makeup so I downloaded this app and when I opened it there were only 3 things that you could use and that’s just one of the things that I don’t like about it. But I don’t wanna complain about it so now I’ll tell you the things that i like about it : they took most of the locks off in it so u can watch adds for something u want in the game and when u leave there’s always an video add and that was annoying so now if u go out there’s a picture add and surer it’s still a add but at least it’s not a video because they take a long time. Thanks for reading this. Hope you have a blessed day! Bye
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3 years ago, krisle9410
Makeover 2
The first time I’ve played this game for about five months now I wanna now have a great time with this one and the new update will be awesome but the new updates won’t be fixed so if you wanna help get this new one and then get the first one to buy this one and it would be better than this new one and it really makes me want more people to play and get to know what to do when you get a new one or something new to.
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4 years ago, raena the great
It is fun
I love that you can make your own character and how you can make Her/he whatever way you want and you can make her pretty or you can make her ugly and for example she will look pretty so she is going to wear some makeup so she is going to put on some light pink blush and some light purple Eyeshadow and some black mascara and some blue eyeliner and some red lipstick and that is how she is going to look ok the next time I right a review I will make someone look different ok bye Love, Raena rose guasto
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4 years ago, ans@121221BAO
Have to be honest
The game is awesome but there’s one thing hi my name is Ansleigh I’m playing on my grandma‘a phone and I was playing this game and once I started playing I saw how much adds their are just to get something like a simple eyeshadow also we should get to at least get more options for who you want to put makeup on. Seriously it’s kind of boring ok it is so boring I couldn’t wait for the day when they would get new people but they haven’t so they (people who made the game) better be reading my demands because I back might track them down to make a better game.
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4 years ago, Flurtimagstopa
The Game
The game is so much fun and you can pick from lots of things. It doesn’t have to many pop ups. You don’t need internet and it almost never needs to load. It also asks good questions like would you like to save this picture? It is also very useful for kids that like to play make up. Thank you for this awesome game. And thank you for your time to read this. I hope you liked it. ❤️😁😊😉
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3 years ago, BlakelBlake
Best game in the world
I love this game I get to design a cool look on every one and I even got my friends to play they said it was so cool and it’s gives them ideas for good looks,crazy looks and she used some of the make looks on her for dance coption and my friend Stella she used it on her mom and got 20$ because it looked amazing and she did it on be too so that’s why I love it couse I get great ideas. Have a lovely day!
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3 years ago, iunojom
Not the best that’s for sure
This game has no characters for poc(person of color) the “curly” hair they have is only wavy and the skin tones only reach to a light light brown, not to mention it’s very little options of nice hair, maybe up use, etc and the eye colors only range from blue, red, and random rainbow colors no black or brown. And all their characters have the same features under neath the terrible make up they have on. This game is a 4/10 to be nice honestly. Do better it’s not hard to make a decent game about make up and yet they couldn’t.
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4 years ago, abby-dabby-do
Makeup 2
This game is just so fun I’m just so addicted maybe someday I can be a stylist this is a really fun app it’s really fun I just really love it it’s the most ever app I’ve ever had this is my first app I have a couple apps but I have pretty much like nine pages this is the first app I’ve ever had though it’s really awesome and this game is just blowing up my mind because it’s so fun and it’s the best game
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5 years ago, nugget4ever
Some times it can be tiring
The reason why I said that was because when you are don’t with the make up then you do the clothes and that’s really fun but there is nothing to do after that. And sometimes you can’t exit the person you were doing and then sense you can’t do that you have to delete every thing you did and start over. But besides that it is soooooooooo much fun!!!!
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5 years ago, Brooke Strumeyer
Good but not perfect
It’s not the best game I have but it’s not the worst game I had but sometimes I get a little bored when you have all of the same costumers but finally you get new ones so that’s why it is not my worst game but let’s say that I got really bored playing all my other games and if that actually happens, I would play this game for a little bit but one things for sure, this is not my favorite game.
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2 years ago, 6970 Slither
Fun, but the ads are really Annoying
I like how you can pick out the outfits, and pick out the make up, but I really really really hate the ads! Some of them take forever. And they even made you watch an ad when you were picking out the confetti. and the face paint is really ugly. It’s a fun game though, that’s why I rated it four stars. ⭐️
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6 years ago, the mermaid hamster girl
It’s okay
This game was ant the best like for example even if like your not on lipstick and your on like mascara it will still erase the lipstick I still have others like this game only works with wifi like I tried playing it on vacation and it said sorry you need wifi to work this game and also I don’t like it because their aren’t much makeup pieces and there is an ad after every single thing it’s so annoying I don’t really think I would recommend this game to anyone pretty sure I’m definitely deleting thisgame
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6 years ago, princess teyana ugly marsha
Princess teyana so cool
I look cute to my mom and dad Marsha is ugly think she so cute but she not cute at all in my life she say everything is for baby’s you think you fashionable you think you better then me you want to. Get clips to Dan to buy you stuff and not me Marsha I wahth cj so cool pierrer sisters yaya and she everyday for every slime is not for baby’s because you play with it blueberry slime now I play with slime
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5 years ago, dnxjxjcj
It is ok
When I got this game I liked it but I got a new phone it saved all my app’s but it made me start all over again from the beginning so I got really mad so as I started playing there were so much add’s it was annoying and the same ones came to I used to like it but ehh now that is what I thought about makeup 2 thank you for your time to read this sincerely Gianna Morabito
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6 years ago, Kataryna sunshine 101
Nice Game, But Needs An Update...
Love this game so much, I practically use it every once in a while just for fun when I’m bored. But Just ONE THING, Wy Does It Just Do Makeup? (I’m changing the subject now) Like, It’s Annoying When Your Playing A Makeup Game and Makeup AD’s Just automatically POP up every time I wanna make a new girl, And Another Thing, (last) I Think They Should Add Shirts And Pants To This Game, For All My Thankness, Love:THE PLAYER WHO PLAYS MAKEUP 2
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4 years ago, so solly
My review
I really enjoy this game because there is a lot of stuff to do and not a lot of stuff are locked so you can choose a lot of the things you like and there is a lot of people that you can choose and there are many things that fall in each category so come and choose makeup 2.
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6 years ago, alyssaw123
It's oh ok🤔
It's oh ok but it needs where we can dress them up and where we don't need to pay for some much , but I now that you have to make money but I’m glad we didn't have buy it which I’m glad, and the game is the best makeup game I’ve played in a long time. There was one game that I got it was so bad I got rid of it was so ridiculous
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4 years ago, Melecheli
Shoshana Scharf’s review on makeup 2!!!
I think this is a great game for kids that like playing with makeup. they don’t make a mess in Your makeup. They have many different options for each category. They have many different things for them to play with . They are entertained . there are many people to choose.
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2 years ago, ellie sofia nieves :)
It’s ok but not really at the same time
It’s good but it’s annoying when you have to watch an ad to get what color you want and it’s also annoying when it glitches on me it’s good and all but this are just my concerns about the game and that’s what just makes it annoying to me.
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6 years ago, Maddykm12
Very good makeup app, but some suggestions.
I really like this app, especially because there is many different options of makeup even if u don't buy them. But, there is a lot of ads. I would like it if there wasn't so many. One suggestion I have is that you should be able to change the girls outfits, shoes, accessories, etc.
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6 years ago, Geienbhxdo
The app isn't the best but at the same time it's awesome I like this game because I love to play with makeup but I don't always have a model but thanks to this app I can always have a model I just have 1 suggestion why don't you add a feature where you can change her clothes that is it thank you.
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9 months ago, Acestro
Games for kids
Kids that like doing dress up and doing make up this is your type of game I love this sentence I was two years old now I have a daughter and she loves it get this for your kids if they like dress up Bing and make up try it yourself!
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6 years ago, The Talented Person
Too many adds
I love ❤️this game but every time your change from for example you change from blush to eye shadow an ad always pops up. A second thing I don’t like is that all the good things that you would want costs like 5.99$. That’s a ripoff. So maybe I don’t like this game. Lol. But I would like you guys to fix this. Thank you!
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5 years ago, 👺😪😭😢😩😫😡
I♥️♥️♥️♥️this game
The best game ever you should buy it now it’s free and it doesn’t cost money 💰 it lets you play and the game won’t freeze the screen doesn’t go off and on so you can make the girl look however you want they don’t force you to do what they say and it is called makeup2
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4 years ago, LizBiz121
I can’t even play it anymore
This game is great. There is only one problem: ads. My tablet doesn’t let me watch ads, which is nice, but you have to watch ads to play the game. And because my tablet doesn’t let me watch ads, I can’t do in-game things that require me to watch an ad. So, I basically can’t play the game. GET RID OF THE ADS PLZ!!!!!
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3 years ago, Pup lover 546
I am addicted to this game!
I am so addicted to this game but there is on problem. you have to pay for some makeup and watch ads for some other makeup and the makeup that you don’t have to do anything is not the best choices. If that was not happening this would be a five star rating for me.
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6 years ago, OliviaBevilacqua
Makeup Review
I love makeup review two, but there should not be things that are locked. That is not fair to people who are scared to put their credit card number in their phone. There should be gems to unlock them. I hope you will accept my idea for makeup two.🤞🏻
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6 years ago, Ant.snuer
What is good about it
What it is and that it is teaching kids and grown-ups how to put their make up on and help putting make up on better so this is a good game to look at while you’re a kid or a grown-up or whatever just look at this game and you’ll like it.🙂🙂
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6 years ago, unicorn#1$
Too many adds!!!!!!!!!
There are to many adds and the adds come so often you can’t even play the game and when you click the X on the add is thinks your trying to go to the apple store or play store and then it takes you there and then you have to close out of the apple or play store and close out of your game and restart and that is not fun at all I haven’t deleted it yet because I was hoping y’all would fix it and I hope you get this message.
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2 years ago, d hi gydycg lfhtcbgggggucjf
Are you still going to be able to make this game again tomorrow morning lol I got my car fixed today so I can get my stuff ready and I’ll get ahead and pack up to go to shamrock.
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3 years ago, LindsayHayes82
Great app but
I loved it but it just had way to many adds. If they could also have everything open just some otherwise awesome also could we have it were you have makeover companions . Otherwise great.😅🫒😤🥺🤥🤡🤡🤡
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2 years ago, everligh6💙
It is pretty good 👍
Even though it’s not my favorite it’s actually a really good game to play if you want to be a make up designer when you grow up. I also love doing fancy make up designs but I hate how it gives you notification I think you should add a dress up thing because I can’t dress up my people .
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5 years ago, bfhxj
This is so fun!!!!!!!! You should get this game!!!!
This is the best game that fits me. If you like make up games if you like make up games and you like dressing up people and I suggest you better get this game. If you like that this game by three so you should try it out for your self.🍜🍦🍰🍨🧁🍭🍩🍬🎂🍧🥠🍫🍪🥜
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2 years ago, Rrcraerachiellerrc
I got scammed
I was trying to get gotcha game but it got this game don’t give me wrong I love this game but I got scammed I don’t think this is your fault I think it’s a gotcha games fault so yeah I am an eight year old this is actually really awkward so yeah not your fault!!❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Lydia ❤️💕💖
To many ads.. but other than that, it’s great!
My question is: why so many ads? All of the makeup, clothes, and hairstyles always have ads on them? Please reduce the ads. But other than that, your game is amazing!! ❤️💖💗😊
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3 years ago, Dogysinger
It is NOT A GOOD GAME I grew out of it bad got it again to make a review. Now my Lil sis is gonna says she loves this game but sir needs . Little more things to add and im just gonna say it nerd a update it barley updates she is now not happy because its her birthday. She always plays this on her b-be and now Its her b-day and she does not seem happy and now hates your game whats up with that ? So BT you creators were her heels so if to u make everything free she says she will be happy again!
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4 years ago, trin trin👸🏾
Amazing game
It is so good for me because you get to do whatever. And it’s kind of like a deal because, if you want to do a certain make up you have to watch the ad ad so yeah from Trinity Johnson 😜
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4 years ago, emmamermaid
I love this game so so much but could you update it so it has more characters and I don’t give a crap if you just updated it update the freaking app again!!!!!!thank come again or I will make it a one star rating 😒
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4 years ago, varicola
I am a fan of this game and I love 💗 it really fun to play it is so addictive I love it so much I can’t stop playing this game I just want to get my friends to play it and I have a lot of fun I have to get my own friends and they are all going to love this app 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🐼🦊🦄🦋🦋🦋
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6 years ago, Phase ten fan 2012
Make it look cool
The first thing you could get in my room or something else but then again you don’t need any more energy or anything like it or if you’re in pain or you can come over here.🙉🙈🙉🙈
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4 years ago, gufvvu
One problem
Every time I try and update the game it always says “ cant be updated. “ and when I can update it it doesn’t work. It would make me happy if you fix that glitch. Thank you for responding but, I tried what you said and it doesn’t work. Is there another way to fix this?
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5 years ago, Swissair81
It’s annoying that you have to watch a video before you can play the game but it is better than being locked
Show more
6 years ago, 5ari2018
I think giving it a two star is being generous I got this app for my daughter and I absolutely hated it there were way to many ads and half of the makeup was locked and I could barely do anything it was like eyeshadow, eye liner, lipstick, earrings, mascara, and blush that’s all and also there was hair but all u could do was change the color and half of the colors were ugly
Show more
4 years ago, carddante
So Awesome and fun😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
This game is so awesome and I cannot stop 🛑 playing because this game is so amazing 😉 this game can be funny to 😂😂😂😂 and you can just watch one video and you get so many things all of you should get this game 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💚❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💚🖤🧡💙💛💜💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💓☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️
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3 months ago, TrueFolkLover
I love this game I was able to use all the things with no videos even though it said you had to watch a video, 🎥
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