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User Reviews for MakeupAlley

2.33 out of 5
33 Ratings
5 years ago, Uneedfun
Bare Bones With No Frills
When you become a member and write a review there’s no going back. You log onto your account and all you get it “logout”. You can’t edit your account or do a search on your last review. Although if you’re looking for information on certain products it is useful. However, the product search it not efficient. I got pulled into this app from doing a search on google on a certain product. Thought it was cool until I downloaded the app. I have a feeling I will be getting a bunch of unwanted emails from other sites now. Oh dread!
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5 years ago, Izzy0259
Deleting the app today !
Bare bones app. You can barely do anything on it. Logging into the website has way more options of things to do. I can’t even search my reviews on this app or do anything with my account options. I thought apps were supposed to be just as good as the website .... this app seems pointless hence why i am deleting it. Has so much potential.
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5 years ago, Mynameisnicoleohyeah
no bueno
I had been using this app for about 2-3 years and hadn’t had any problems out of it. It was always a convenient way to check reviews on something while in the store. Whatever I was looking for was 85% of the time on the app. However, for the past few weeks whenever I search something it can never find it. Even products that I had once searched and found on the app before this change were not on there. I’ll be deleting this and I guess I’ll find something else to search for reviews.
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6 years ago, McBurg
Just use the browser
The reviews are rarely complete. The spelling can be fussy as well. For example, I searched the word “essence”under the skincare-facial category and got nothing. I know for a fact that SKII facial essence exists. That irritates me. It renders the app pretty useless unless you are searching a product with lots of reviews.
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6 years ago, Susiefitness9
Needs improvement
This app is limited. I’d rather log into the website. You can’t like reviews, update your profile. I vote for a new and improved app.
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6 years ago, CoDistrict
I use this EVERYDAY but I want to be able to look up things differently using filters! For example, searching by "best value"!
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4 years ago, cknitel
What Happened?
This used to be a helpful app. What happened? Now searching a product is useless since it takes you to a generic list that is unrelated to your original search. Such a shame.
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6 years ago, lauren🌸🌸🌸🌸
Where y’all at??
Update for the X??? why hasn’t this app been updated in months. I love this app 😐
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5 years ago, DimpsB
Update is crap!!!! Fix it
What type of update is this???? Products are NOT listed by the latest reviewed. You people have never been able to have a decent app.
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4 years ago, Lewla144
I can’t even access my account
Been a member since 2004. I’m signed in on my computer but the app won’t accept my name and password on my iPad.
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10 years ago, Ghjklgirlgorl
Could be better
Great for when I'm at the drugstore and deciding if I should buy the product. To make searching for a product more efficient when in public though, a barcode scanning feature should be added. That way, you can scan the product you're interested in and have it bring up the review page without watibg your time trying to find it manually. Just my two cents. It would make duplicate products easier to maintain since the product will be under one barcode.
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11 years ago, ShawTee843
Could be a little more user-friendly...
I love this website, but the app is a little hard to navigate through, in my opinion. I don't know if I just need more time to figure it out, but I don't like how you can't access some members profiles and reviews unless you find a review they wrote on a product and then click on their member name. It's a hassle. Their are some "top reviewers" whose opinions I respect on here and I like getting their opinions on products if they've tried them. I just feel like the site in general isn't as easy to use or organized with the way this app is formatted, but its not like you need to be a genius either. It's definitely convenient to have this app and access the site so easily when I want to read up on something I want to purchase, so I def don't regret uploading this. 4 stars.
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9 years ago, Priscilla f
Please fix this!
I absolutely love this app. I use it all the time, especially in stores when I'm not entirely sure which product to buy and want to compare different brands. It has never let me down and I've discovered new products using it also. The problem that has just recently started about 2 weeks ago( after the ios8 update) is that, I too, am having issues with the sort by button. It freezes every time and then I have to close the app and restart it. This would get 5 stars if it wasn't for that. Please fix it! It's so inconvenient when trying to search for products. Other than that, love this app and the website!!
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11 years ago, 7ls7
Something definitely went wrong
UPDATE: Finally problem has been fixed. Everything is working normally again. User-friendly, convenient, 5 star app - I use it all the time! Thank you! Previous review: I've been a frequent MUA user for several years. Have been happily using this app for quite some time as well... Until recently. What everyone is saying is true, the creators are clearly having technical issues. Any search attempt yields "no results found". Wanted to point out that I began having this problem BEFORE updating the app. The only reason I updated was in attempt to fix the problem. But sadly- same issue persists. I have the iPhone 5, my OS is updated, and I've even tried deleting the app and re-installing. ..No change. Please remedy this issue so we can continue enjoying what used to be a fantastic app! Would love to come back and change my review to 5 stars.
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11 years ago, Makeuprina
I must say that makeup companies are not what they use to be. I am a makeup artist that made the mistake of trusting that the complete set I bought of air pods would work !!! Well on the day I was going to do a wedding I found out that half were defective. I thought my machine was broken so I bought a new gun. The new still doesn't work but by this time it's past the exchange time. I pay $50 to send the broken set back to find out that 80% are dried out. How can that be when they were never used. Over $600 down the drain. It's so upsetting to know that it was a waste. The make up and concept is great but if the product is not there when you buy it that is a big problem. I am writing to share my experience so you don't make the same expensive mistake I made.
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10 years ago, RoseyDollface
Top reviewer on MUA!!
Love this app! But I wish I could access the full capabilities like the boards & diary, also edit my own posts if I make a typo or later edit is annoying to hafta go to the full site (desktop version on an iPhone. Ha!!) to edit it. Someday please make the ALL the features that's on the website also available to iPhone users! Other than that, love the site, doesn't crash real often only once in awhile, I love being able to search for products & add my own 2¢ esp on the go!! This is the coolest site ever. 5 lippies 💄
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8 years ago, Summers03
Great idea!
Very easy to use and find the products so you can read multiple reviews from people before you buy the item. Only slight negative is the option to scan the barcode for the product doesn't work properly. I tried more than one product close to the photo box on the screen and pulled back but it won't focus in clearly. Other apps I have scan barcodes without problems. That feature being fixed would make it even quicker to look up items while my husband is "patiently" waiting for me to decide lol.
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12 years ago, Flinke14
Good for quick access to reviews
Finally a way to access reviews quickly! I don't mind that there's no login, I can use MUA mobile if I want to access boards or login on my phone. This app is great for when you're shopping, and need to access a review without spending a lot of time searching. I do wish it had the ingredient listings though. Also it seems like not all of the products are there and some of the advanced search features are missing. This can be a great app with just a few updates
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11 years ago, Sluthooker
Love the app but....
I absolutely love this app defiantly get it if your thinking about it but I have an account on the website and I wish I could log into my account and maybe bookmark cosmetics that I'm looking into and the thing that kind of bothers me is the photos I never click on the reviews if it doesn't have a picture and I hate the girls who do their makeup then upload that for the picture and it would be cool if their was a barcode scaner for quick reviews and maybe a budget range and a price next to the product but it is a helpful app but everything needs improvement 😍
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10 years ago, Dianaofg
Okay if you use makeup alley often
It's quicker than going on mobile. I'm very cautious when I download apps because I'm picky with my memory space. However I don't like that you need to write the exact name of a product. I mean EXACTLY. If you forget one word on the label, you won't find the product listed. I wish it was more relaxed about that. Also the barcode scanner isn't the best. I prefer the ones that have a line on the screen so I know precisely when to aim the barcode. With this it's a lot of moving the barcode around until it decides to pick it up.
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12 years ago, OcmommyOnMUA
Perfect shopping companion!
How many times have you been sitting in Sephora, clumsily trying to navigate MUA on your smartphone in order to check out a review on a foundation or cream, before just giving up out of frustration? Yeah, me too. This weeds out all of the boards and focuses on reviews only, making them easy to find. I have a strong 3G signal and everything loaded really quickly. This is a great app! Thanks!!
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11 years ago, Staceala
Great compliment to website
This app is a great compliment to the website and it's wonderful when you're at the store wanting a quick review before making a purchase;however, I wish the app would let you add your reviews instead of having to go to the website to do it. Also it would be nice if you could populate all of the search fields instead of just one when your searching for something when your out and about.
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8 years ago, Me1230087
Ads are annoying
As a longtime user of the Makeupalley website, I loved when they came out with an app. I love being able to look up reviews easily when I'm at a store. What I don't love is the ads lately. They used to just be a banner at the bottom of the there are freaking pop-up videos. If I'm in a store or even somewhere that needs to be quiet, these ads come with no warning and are embarrassing. Maybe make a paid version without ads? Also, this app has been freezing a lot lately.
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11 years ago, Le_BeEf
Works like a charm.. Again
Just wanted to echo what Cassandra said below. I deleted the app and redownloaded it after seeing her review and it is back to normal and working! Looks like they revamped it slightly. If you're still having problems with the app not working, just delete and install again. I use this solely for the makeup reviews and not for the message boards; for that purpose, I love this app and use it often.
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12 years ago, aprevite
App is strictly for reading reviews. Search functions are easy to use, as are filters. Would be nice if you could write reviews. Would be especially nice if you could filter by price range or by drugstore vs. high end. Another great feature would be to sort by rating AND number of reviews. That is, a product rating of 5 means next to nothing if only 4 people have rated it, so I'd like to filter just highly rated products with, say, 30+ reviews. Add these features and this could be a fantastic app.
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8 years ago, IvoryKiki
Has great potential but falls short.
This app has a really clean, user friendly interface and I love the look of it. What features it does have are pretty great. But there aren't enough features! I can't visit any user profiles (including my own), or edit a comment, and there are no settings. I end up having to use my mobile browser to access MUA anyway. If this app was more well rounded and had most/all of the main features of the site, I would give it 5 stars.
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12 years ago, clairelilycat
Calm down guys!
If you want to go on the message boards and add your reviews, go ahead and use the browser. This app is helpful when you're in Rite Aid trying to figure out if you should buy that mascara or not. They'll probably add the rest in time, but ehhh whatever. I would like to be able to search by barcode though.
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10 years ago, Cocopuffsyoyo
Best ever!!!!
I have to say i never really write reviews, but this app is just too awesome! Clearly the best place to review and rate beauty products! I never ever buy any beauty product now without reviewing the ratings on it. With makeup alley u cannot go wrong! By the way i love the app version more than the internet version, its just so much easier to navigate!!!! Keep it up this is a great app!!!!! 💅💇💄
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12 years ago, Somethingfunnyandcreative123
Absolutely Amazing, but...
I knew I was not able to do this when I got the app, but writing reviews would really help. I think you guys would get really big in fame if you did t. Pretty much every reviewer wants to log on their account and jot down about the latest (and perhaps not so greatest) beauty product. Listen to your reviewers! Nothing snazzy, just the basics! But this app is really helpful for a quick check at Target and on the go :) if you are still reading this, I suggest you definitely download this app.
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12 years ago, Murflegirl
This app is great for accessing MakeupAlley's trusty user reviews. When I'm out shopping, I always shop based on the reviews!! However, I feel like this app would be better if it had the full functionality of MakeupAlley, with the message boards and swap feature! Hope you add this in the future!!
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11 years ago, Hvnsntme33
What happened?
I've had this app for a while now and it was working great! But within the last few days, when I would try to do a search, it would come up NO RESULTS for everything. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but that didn't work! What's goin on??? I really love this app so please fix the problem!!!! I would give it a 5 star, but since I can't use it and I want them to know there is a problem, I have to give it a 2 :-(
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12 years ago, kmarielittrell
I'm a huge beauty geek and I buy all my beauty products based on reviews so when I'm out shopping, this is a great app to have on my phone so I can read what REAL girls/women have to say about a product before I buy it. However, I do wish we could post reviews from the app and also access the boards. Maybe this will happen soon with an update. For now, this is the best app to have if your a beauty lover!
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12 years ago, skwass
Good but could be great
This does exactly what I got it for which is to find reviews while I'm out shopping. However it would be much more convenient if I were able to scan the barcodes for the products that I'm looking at rather than having to figure out what the official title is and find it in reviews after typing it in on my phone--this ends up taking way too much time.
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9 years ago, MamaLouise742
Works for me
I wasn't sure I wanted to download the app after reading the reviews, but now I'm so glad I did. I use mostly their website, but I love being able to check products at the store before buying. I might use it less than other users, that's why I have less issues?
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7 years ago, Nenad22
Easy to use and useful
After spending some time on the website, I downloaded the app and I like it. Search is quick and it is easy to find info you need about the products. Looking forward to the features that are on the site but not in the app yet.
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12 years ago, VivaLaTrailee
Great start!
I absolutely love how fast and easy navigation is with this app. It allows me to see others who have tried a product who have similar attributes before I buy. However I wish we could sign in and write our own reviews. If there was a section that told us how much the product was approximately that would be an even bigger bonus!
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7 years ago, MissMarieB
Good for users, bad for contributors
Used this app for a few years. Its wonderful to check your products against this while shopping. Money saving gem! That said, it's ridiculously complicated to ADD reviews on the app. Finally used google and added my review in the mobile website, and even then there was no option for me to add a photo or barcode. Please fix these things! I'd like to be a giver, not just a taker.
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12 years ago, Dry bean
Good start
I use MUA extensively while I'm out shopping and trying to decide what products to purchase. This app is a million times easier than going to website from mobile. I think it would be brilliant if there was a scanner available to scan UPCs. I'd also like to be able to write reviews from update. Overall, a solid app that gets used a lot.
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12 years ago, IBrakeForPopkins
The wait is over!
I was really excited about this app. It's great and searching for product reviews. Is quite snappy. I do think it still has a lot of room for improvement though. I wish it had a barcode scanner and I wish I had the ability to add reviews through the app. It would also be great to thumb up or down reviews like on the site.
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12 years ago, jade225
Good start, but needs improvement
I'm glad they finally made an app, but the tons of room for improvement. First, you should be able to login and submit a reviews products. Secondly, the app should be able to access your mail and all the boards. Also, you should be able to view user submitted photos of products.
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9 years ago, Mamie Ku
Good concept but..
This app is amazing! HOWEVER The new message boards Need lots of help !! When you post a message,you don't know who replies and I literally had to scroll down pages just to see what the replies - fix asap and also notifications about who has replied would be awesome. I know this is just new and still in works and thank you for working so hard on this ! - a new make up lover
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10 years ago, Bbbbbbb222222
Needs improvement
For the most part I find this app handy. But I hate that I can't sort by lowest ratings first. Worse, if I scroll way down in the list and click on a review to read, when I hit the back button it usually loses my place in the list and I have to start at the top again. Very annoying if there are hundreds of reviews to sift through.
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11 years ago, Eves704
So useful
This app is so awesome when you're standing in front of a wall of products trying to figure out what to buy. The only recommendation I have is to see if you can implement a barcode scanner (Like FitIt!) so someone can scan the product they're considering and get the review instantly on MUA.
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12 years ago, Fairhaired1
Not bad!!
I really like the app and use it regularly. It's straight forward, easy to use and provides lots of great reviews. My only suggestion - add a barcode scanner to the app. That way if I'm at the beauty store and want to know whether or not to buy something, I could scan it quickly rather than doing a manual search. Just a suggestion...
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8 years ago, kimmylum
Easy to use, but very minimal!
Very easy to look up reviews for products, to research brands and to post my own reviews. The search criteria is very simple and makes it easy to find what I'm looking for. However, I wish I could see what reviews I've written and that I had more access to my account settings via the app.
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11 years ago, Astucen
could be better
I think this app is great but has potential to be so much better! One feature I really like is the way you can sort the reviews in different ways. what I'd like to see is a way to post reviews on products directly from the app; I would fin this more convenient and I would review a lot more if this feature were available :)
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10 years ago, KD-914
Crap app
This was my holy grail of all that is makeup knowledge and the sole proprietor in my decision making when it came to purchases. Ever since the update, however, the app no longer functions and everything draws up as a blank, as if makeup doesn't exist. Please fix this! If you haven't updated and still have the older yet still functioning app, be forewarned and save yourself from an empty road of despair, and steer away from the update! Enjoy it for the rest of us who have to wallow in the dis-functioning app.
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8 years ago, Molliiiiiii
Has potential..
App design is great. Good layout, easy to navigate but it's nothing like using Makeup Alley online. The app seems to be only focused around product reviews, (love the scan option) and that's fine, but I've grown to use Makeup Alley for so much more. You can't see user profiles, let alone your own. You can'y upload or post photos. You can't view your messages, etc. If these simple features were added the app would be 5 stars. Would love to see an update!!
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12 years ago, CalculusThief
Fantastic start!
Smartphone users have been asking for an MUA app for ages and our wish has been granted. This app improves the on-the-go functionality of the site by allowing easy access to reviews while you shop. Add board access and this app will get 5 stars!
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11 years ago, Ilovelamp3
Really good
I can see where the others are frustrated but I only use the product reviews so it's exactly what I needed. Now when I am out and want to check I can use the app. I have used MUA for years and check reviews constantly. I love this app.
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