Mancala : Board Game

2.6 (226)
102.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mancala : Board Game

2.62 out of 5
226 Ratings
7 years ago, Rooks435
Great for playing against random opponents
Horrible because the service drops too easily. If My phone switches to wifi during a game, it kicks me out and I lose my game. If the timer goes out for my opponent and doesn't make a move, it'll give me another random opponent and still does not allow me to make my move and makes me lose. That should be fixed.
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7 years ago, LauraAngel
Glitches make it unbearable
It was fun to play against random opponents at first but it quickly turned SUPER frustrating when the game would freeze while it was the opponent's turn and then my chips would be gone when I went back to the menu. It gives you different ways to 'earn' chips by placing an order on a partner website and it didn't reward any chips as promised. I even wrote to them through the developer's website and got no response. I gave it another day since it was fun while the app actually worked but after wasting so many chips on glitches I am deleting the app and will be looking for an alternative.
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8 years ago, Jessi1001229
Needs to get fixed
Seriously what is wrong with this app. When another opponent is been chosen sometimes it just says "Waiting for the opponent" and the game never loads so I end up exiting and when I open the app again my chips are gone! What a waste of money. If I knew this would happen I wouldn't waste my money to buy some more chips. And if the timer runs out it doesn't immediately reward you the chips it takes FOREVER and at the end you don't end up getting any of the chips. Do not waste your money. This app needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, Venshine
my favorite app!
this is the only app i use anymore! people are always asking me, "why haven't I seen you in a while?" and "jesus john, im really worried- your kids have been texting me that they're trying to contact you, why haven't you responded?!" and to this i tell them, "im playing the best app in the world!" p.s. Lots of gongle dongle! best part in my opinion!
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6 years ago, Truegirll
Lots of glitches and bugs
I value my stats and half my losses are due to glitches and bugs. I can’t tell you how many times the app has crashed, froze, or kicked me out in the middle of the game I was winning and counted it a loss 😡. Although fun to play, it’s frustrating when I can barely finish some games! I also wish the game wouldn’t boot you out if you’re checking a notification, turning off an alarm, or reject a call. That also counts as a loss apparently 🙄🙄
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6 years ago, tim218_05
Fun, but frustrating online
Players will stop playing when they realize they might lose. The timer is meaningless for each player’s turn as when the countdown ends it is still the other player’s turn. The timer should switch the turns or forfeit the game for a player who goes beyond the timer.
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4 years ago, мasto
•Good but has a lot of ads •If you’re getting this app so you can play with “Random Online players” then this app might not be the app for you because there are not very many players. I mean you can touch “Random Online Player” and it will search FOREVER. As you can see (in June 2020) there is only about 200 ratings.
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8 years ago, 1OriginalOne
Glitches Causes You To Lose Rewards
This app, while fun to play, needs to be fixed. If your opponents timer runs out nothing happens. You have to exit the game and then that means you lose. They have a chip system for rewards, and I'm constantly losing chips because of this. Every time I log into the game I somehow have less chips than what I'm suppose to have. It's really frustrating and I will not play this app again until they fix this problem.
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6 years ago, BonAgudelo
Miscalculated marbles
Sometimes it says I have a number less than it counts. It’s frustrating, but I love this game
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6 years ago, Jcevhcgc
Why is it that I paid for this app yet I still have to see ads? Also, it gets stuck while opening and sometimes I have to open the app 3 or 4 times before I can actually play the game. What’s wrong with this thing?
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6 years ago, MLC336
Fix the chips!
I love this game. Play it all the time. But. While playing online and the other player lets the time run out because they are about to lose I get stuck in a game and can’t get out unless I choose the option the “leave game” which makes me lose my chips. How is that fair?! Why am I losing ships because someone else is a poor loser?
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6 years ago,
Worst Game Ever
Would have rather played it in real life. As soon as I downloaded it, FIVE ADS POP UP!! So annoying! Then the ads finally stop, so I play offline. Well, my chips don’t even move! So I click quit, ANOTHER AD!!! I exit the ad, and my game freezes and glitches. Next thing I know I’m on my home lock screen and it’s all because of the game. I deleted it as soon as I got back into my phone. WASTE of time.
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7 years ago, Jay1999999999
I paid for more money An they stole a lot of my money it was either if I get a phone call they would automatically take my money or if my notifications about my battery pops up they would take my money! Or when ppl from around the world play if they run out of time they make you sit An wait until you quit witch also makes you lose money!!! Do not download game!!
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8 years ago, Sharhazel
Addicting but...
It's really stupid that if the opposite player leaves the game, the timer runs out and nothing happens. So I have to exit and then I end up losing my chips that I just earned. Waste of time and patience. Can you PLEASE fix this now!!
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5 years ago, Bonita Danae
I really enjoy playing this board game in real-life, however, I can not deal with the constant glitches and cheating. I consistently encounter people who, when they know they are about to lose, purposely run the time out and freeze the game. Ultimately, I end up losing and see a reduction in my chips. Extremely unfair.
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2 years ago, fufhsne
My kids died for this
When I opened this app up all of my kids were taken and became child labors in Indonesia. Timmy, 14 died of foot disease after making the Quavo Jordan 4’s. JaQuavis, 12 couldn’t make couldn’t make it through the harsh Indonesian summer, he lost his life to a tiger that had a taste for flesh. This all happened because of this game don’t get it.
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8 years ago, Biggen5963
This game would be great if the multiplayer didn't have a game breaking bug. If someone lets the timer run down to zero, a winner is picked randomly instead of giving the win to the opposite player. There are A LOT of people that do this and it needs to be fixed. It's a major waste of time and ruins your actual win/loss ratio.
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6 years ago, Unfinishedlife
There has to be a better app
I love this game but this app is very frustrating. Freezes during load up, freezes when trying to play with an opponent, which causes you to lose your chips you spent to play online. I definitely do NOT recommend.
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7 years ago, amnehalz
When the timer runs out the other player doesn't automatically lose. The other player can just sit there and wait for you to exit so they don't lose their chips if they know they are losing. Super frustrating...
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5 years ago, K. David Benjamin
Games freezes very often & Chips which you earn will be automatically gone.
Worst and frustrating. Probably the opponent is hacking or something, the chips I earn while playing are getting robbing they just can’t go like that uninstalling the APP.
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8 years ago, Tc2010
Losers ruin your game!
If a player lets the timer run out, the games just selects another player and it just keeps going. If a sore loser does this to you, it ruins your win average (and chips). When this happened to me, I finally quit the games and had -350 chips! This needs to be fixed!!!
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7 years ago, Xhuwjnziqjhs
Needs improvement
Way too many glitches that have caused me to lose hundreds of chips. If the opponents timer runs out you automatically lose 50 chips. If it glitches, you lose chips. What a waste of time.
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5 years ago, bjreds
Online play is awful
The opponent will regularly timeout on their turn and the game freezes. When u leave the screen after 10+ minutes of waiting u leave the screen and lose ur chips
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7 years ago, Nicholas706
Timer needs to be fixed
This game has some serious issues when playing online. As soon as the opponents figure out that they lost, they stop moving. Time expires and then all your chips are gone.
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7 years ago, HeavenJean 18
Needs work
I like this game, but this app has problems. If a opponent is going to lose half the time they let the time run out and it takes the chips from me.
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8 years ago, Squishywishy
Has potential, but bugs ruin it
The game has potential to be really nice, but it's so rife with bugs (mostly surrounding connectivity) that it becomes all but unplayable. Go with a different mancala app.
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4 years ago, tatitat06
Glitches make it impossible to enjoy
There’s a glitch every time I play. I have to close out the app after every game to start a new one. Sometimes can’t even start a game without a glitch.
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6 years ago, tortilla5678
Freezes constantly
This was fun to play with a friend but the app constantly freezes or shuts down. Half of my statistics were just because of how horrible this app is. By far the worst running game app!
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5 years ago, Corey Roberts
Fix the darn game
Constantly crashing. Steals your gems. The game is great if it wasn't crashing every time I attempt to play! Literally about to build my own mancala app just so there's at least ONE decent game out there! Fix it!
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6 years ago, triple wolves
Just horrible
I don’t like it you don’t even deserve a star it is horrible because this is the white way to play it not Mexican now you need to change it you better
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4 years ago, foadsm
Not good
During online game, it crashed a few times. And I lost my points because of the software error. Also the advertisements are too much.
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7 years ago, Fortyfive bunny
Too many problems
When playing against the computer it gets three turns in one play, every game. The game glitches often and I lose my coins!👎😡
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5 years ago, Curvy Realtor
I’m highly frustrated with this game it just crashed 4 times in a row and not I can’t play. If you like to build points, this app isn’t for you! I’m about to uninstall
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7 years ago, Makky j
Loss of coins.
The concept of the game is fine, but every time I play the game I end up with less coins than before.
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6 years ago, ethanluver
Game is fun but
The app is way too glitchy. Only thing that makes this worthwhile is that Mancala is a fun game and there’s not many apps out there for it.
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6 years ago, Ddddddddddddddy
This game is great besides the fact that it glitches out 50% of the time and you loose chips to play against people. Very annoying.
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9 months ago, rhukky
There’s too many cheating on this game,especially when you are playing with the cpu. Please you guys should improve
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11 months ago, 👩🏻‍🦰😡
I play this game irf and there no such thing as capture and when I complete the board I am supposed to get the rest of the marbles
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6 years ago, Medicjenn1115
Has potential.
Fun game, but all the glitches make it unenjoyable. Please fix the glitches.
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4 years ago, LazyElf157
Nothing works. You tap the screen nothing. I deleted the game less then 10 mins after downloading. This app is trash
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3 years ago, Me2playing
No one to play
There’s rarely anyone to play online. You should amp up your advertising to have more players.
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4 years ago, Cosmici
This is not a game it’s a bugfest!
This was originally a great but buggy game. Now it’s all bugs, and rarely works. Don’t bother downloading this sad farce. Should removed from the App Store.
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5 years ago, JJBoogie88
Freezes too much
Freezes too much. Loses internet connection half the time.
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5 years ago, SmileyEli
I used to love to play this and I hate it how it keeps glitching. I’m close to winning and it freezes so I end up loosing my chips.
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4 years ago, JHZBN
Worst App
Worst app don’t have settings Volume automatically turned on every time I like Mancala not with this developer
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5 years ago, hcufyduchdyfigu
Game is complete junk. Will freeze up on other players turn and will take your coins away. DO NOT DOWNLOAD
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7 years ago, Sophygrace
This game has bad graphics and is frustratingly slow. Don't even download
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4 years ago, Barbie@PR
Game keep close down every single time.
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5 years ago, laitizzle
Great Game
Best Mancala app I have ever played
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5 years ago, hdhhdhebs
It cheats . No real moncala. Unfaiar
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