Manhunt – Gay Chat, Meet, Date

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2 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Manhunt – Gay Chat, Meet, Date

1.66 out of 5
393 Ratings
4 years ago, MacMate
Awful app experience
First, the audacity to have “sent” messages as a premium feature?! Then the fact the notification does not work ever. Not in Daily. Not in Weekly. It never works. Then there is some bug where if let’s say I am typing a paragraph it will automatically send before I’m able to finish the sentence, or my thoughts. At first I thought it was me hitting the Send button since they are close at the of the positioning, but no it literally is sending before I can finish. Not good!
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1 year ago, Dave32620
Pros: On the website you can have nudes as your profile pic. Which in many cases guys want to see that. Also, it lists ppl by location as Grindr does. Cons: The app constantly signs you out when you are not using it. You can not use a nude pic as your profile pic on the app. You are limited with the amount of conversations unless you pay for it. Overall, decent website/app. I think it’s best if the gay community just picks an app to use. That way it would make things easier to find more ppl. My personal choice would be Grindr, but Grindrs ads are highly annoying, unless you’re a paid member. Wish they would just make it a little cheaper. Or have a lifetime membership.
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4 years ago, Warrenl914
Worst Customer Service
This app just makes up rules as they go. The site used to be great but over the years has gotten worse and worse. For instance I have an account and trying to block an account. As a non paying member your allowed to have 5 blocks. So my account shows none. But i am being told my CS that if someone deletes their account it stays in the blocked list in case they come back. How many people actually use the same account names?? When I was a paying member half the special items couldn’t be used, and guess what? I would reach out to CS and never get a response. What a waist of money!
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2 years ago, Danny2327
Most useless app of dating sites.
I live near a vastly populated area and this site has no one ever online. EVER! Looking in cities I’m traveling to in a couple of weeks… NONE of the profiles ever open. It appears that when you delete your account the system keeps your profile on the site to make it look Mike there are more people using it than are really there. Years ago this used to be a fantastic site, but now it’s not worth 10 minutes of your time. Also, after 11 days of waiting no photos ever got approved. What a joke this site has become.
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6 years ago, Love Facebook, hate the App
Poor design - limited features
Your (pending) redesign is ridiculous. It takes MORE clicks to perform the same function as the old design. This is a clear first sign of very poor design (web designer here). Any redesign should makes clicks quicker and easier. New placement of functions isn’t logical. How do you expect to generate income from the “pay” version when you ridiculously limit the free functions that are available on other apps/sites? You should more closely examine your competition and at least match those functions, then take it to the next level. That’s how you get new business guys!
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6 years ago, JR727
The Mighty are fallen!
Without exception, the *worst* social app available. Offers the least of any social app-- you can't even read profile info unless you pay. If you do pay for it, you don't get as much as other apps provide free of charge. Stop the automatic renewal why waste more $? Nearly every other app does *more* for free. Even that terrible Bro app is better than this incompetent creation. The few good reviews here? I'd bet even money they're by employees or investors/owners. No way the casual user wrote them. The mighty have fallen. Manhunt was once one of the most popular Gay social sites, but now it's the worst.
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4 years ago, lkng4guys
Looks like they made some nice improvements
Been using it for a couple of weeks and it’s a huge help mprovenent from previous versions but most importantly Manhunt still has lots of guys online in my area so while other apps like this might have more features what really matters to me is the actual guys online and manhunt seems to have that more than any other app
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3 years ago, yawhateva1029
I’m an idiot
I’m an idiot because this is the only app I actually pay a membership for. Maybe it’s because I’ve had it for a long time. But this is also the only app/website that constantly has technical problems. You have to use certain browsers for it to work (even by their admission) and even on those browsers it frequently malfunctions. Their app is glitchy too. I am very frequently aggravated by their poor performance yet I stay. I’m so dumb.
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3 years ago, DJ92108SD
Error message
Poor design and my profile can't be seen for it gets an error message saying Could not decode getprofile Json data! And no one knows what it means. Customer support is useless. Don't waste your time with this app. Now today the mobile app keeps logging me out within 15 seconds of logging in. Such an unstable app. Hasn't been updated in 6 months. Obviously they do not care. Still getting errors and can't reply to people. Customer service is useless. They reply with the same form letter word for word each time.
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4 years ago, kalonji8
Have problem with manhunt on my iPhone 6s+
I have tried several times to open the app on my phone after downloading but it says my password isn’t correct ... then I deleted the app and downloaded it again and again but it still the same .... what do I do
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4 years ago, GreatLakesBear
Biggest Crap App
I have had iOS devices since the iPhone 3GS and have been downloading apps since then. I can honestly say this app is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever had on any device. It freezes at nearly every screen and that is only if it doesn’t crash on opening. And it seemed that every update makes it worse. The parent company would be better to remove it entirely and just use a web app. Based on the app I wouldn’t trust Manhunt enough to pay for any service. You aren’t fostering a good reputation and image, Manning.
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5 years ago, lefranco
From great to pitiful, uncaring, unprofessional
Manhunt and its parent company were at the forefront of gay social applications. It was a professional, well-run company. In the past 10 years, the company is seriously declining, especially in regards to its smartphone application (poorly designed, rarely updated, frequent flaws and glitches). More emphatic and sad is that the once great customer service is long gone!
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5 years ago, rjwright100
Almost Completely Useless
On the rare occasion that the app actually works properly, you’ll find it’s still a horrible design. But don’t worry, you won’t have time to notice since it almost never works. You’ll see “The Request Timed Out” WAY more than you’ll ever see a profile. Even worse, I paid for a VIP membership, but I don’t get any of the supposed benefits. I’ve contacted MH support multiple times, but haven’t received a response. Don’t waste your time or money on this pile of crap.
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7 months ago, Unhappy Charley
Unsafe to use
Manhunt has no concern for your online safety unless you pay them. If you block someone and their account becomes inactive, their name disappears from the block list, but it still applies towards your 5 allowed blocks. No way to block anymore users unless the inactive members become active again. This is an extremely dangerous app to use, and Manhunt could care less if you don’t pay them.
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4 years ago, @RyMahoney
Simple but works
It does what it has to do. Messaging is easy and scrolling through profiles. I like the guys on here. I’ve been a member forever so it’s cool to have it on my phone
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5 years ago, DC Hombre
Worst Gay hookup app
Of all the gay hookup apps, Grindr, Scruff, etc.,... Manhunt is by far the worst. It just doesn’t work about 50% of the time. Somebody sends you a message, you go to check their profile. You get error message. Somebody unlocks their pics for you. You go to check them out. You get error message again. Error message after error message after error message. Don’t waste your time guys. Stick with the apps that actually work
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6 years ago, RichVL
Here’s why not to use this app
Manhunt used to be a decent app, however some recent changes have ruined it. First, they want you to pay $.99 to block another user! Second their “report a member” link doesn’t work. Third, they are now limiting messages. Fourth, existing message histories will only last for two weeks. If you want to know how to ruin an app, just follow Manhunt’s lead. I will be using Scruff, Adam for Adam, and Surge instead. Thanks Manhunt!
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5 years ago, Trip J DC
Disappointed at most
I had the free app and kept getting timeout messages when trying to access profiles and perform basic tasks, um login! Support? Tried a number of time to submit a message to the app and NEVER got a response. Your team is worse that any catfish as at least they show up. Then, I thought maybe if I upgrade, things might get better. Worst $$ spent ever. Calling credit card to cancel. Goodbye Manhunt, hello #whatever.
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11 months ago, cj1985
Horrible customer service
I have been trying to get ahold of customer service for several months now with issues on changing my password. I’ve called customer service, I have emailed customer service countless times and never get a response. What really makes me mad is I am still paying for it monthly. I can’t cancel until I can get into my account.
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5 years ago, Corykku
This is one of those apps that is just unusable unless you pay for added features. That might have worked 15 years ago but it doesn’t work now. Manhunt needs to figure out how to subsidize and make a profit without expecting their members to pay up front. I realized when I traveled to other countries that this wasn’t an issue but this can only last so long. Get with the program!
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1 year ago, him999241
I can’t login to my old account
Why can’t I login to my old manhunt account on a new device? Even if I try to reset the password, nothing shows in my mail box for me to click on and reset my password This is sooooo bad!!! Meanwhile they still continue giving me notifications about messages in my mail box!!! How will I be able get to reply if I’m not wow to login???
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6 years ago, Mikesbfu
Lousy app overall
The desktop site works well .. the app not so much. You cannot reply effectively to contacts, except basic email, and their policy of “acceptable” app pics is absurd. Even just a shirtless pic, in jeans, they consider “ too hot”. I’m not sure the owners know what year we are in.
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5 years ago, ETHANS171
A Mess! Use website instead!
The features on the app are not in sync with those on the website. One cannot “customize” the app at all!
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4 years ago, TopVers_Uncut
Keeps freezing
App keeps freezing or the main screen goes blank after manually refreshing. Never automatically refreshes. I have deleted app and re downloaded. Settings are set to refresh in background. Nothing seems work.
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4 years ago, Adam617
Much Improved
A lot of the old reviews are right but the app seems way more stable now, works better, and isn’t filled with blank profiles. Good try!
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6 years ago, loser developers made this
I would rather wait to be at my laptop
This is the glitchiest app I have ever used. Notifications you can’t find. The number disappears then returns with yet another invisible notification. I constantly have to log off and back in. It shows no pics for guys on the website who has pics. Support? Yeah I’m wondering if they have any too. I’m going to try no stars so if there is one I don’t mean it.
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6 years ago, JCrickett
Doesn’t care for their customers.
I agree with many of the other reviewers, why should I pay for features all the other apps give for free. As for their customer service... the Report feature has never worked. Their response, delete and reinstall. Don’t bother, it doesn’t do a thing. They’d rather cater to the spam bots than the actual customers who use the app.
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4 years ago, Narsisco Lopez
Ridiculously Buggy
It’s unbelievable how neglected this app is. The email server has been super slow or completely down for months. I left the app 6 months ago out of frustration, but decided to try it again today: same bugs, email verification isn’t working (mail service STILL DOWN???!!!). The world of web/internet m2m hookup is obviously dead.
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2 years ago, robbydodgeball
please fix this app
this app hardly works at all. messages don’t send, and if they do they send when I’m not done writing them. notifications never work and i’m on my second account because customer service never bothers to respond when reached out to. if I could give 0 stars I would
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4 years ago, pilot_joe
Miserable App, don’t download!!!
Over run with ads. It takes FIVE emails from the server to verify your account. Almost no functionality if you’re not a premium member. No way to delete your account in the app. So glad I didn’t pay for it. Deleted the app within two hours of downloading it. Waste of time. And those are the good things about the app!
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4 years ago, countryboynark
I once used Manhunt years ago, I decided to download it today and create a new profile after being gone for many years. After setting up a new profile the only thing I saw was old profiles from 10 plus years ago of people who I know, profiles that are not even active. This app is so out of date.
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7 years ago, bigredpaul
What happened to you manhunt?
You were always greedy and not customer friendly, but now you're shamelessly spammy. Take some pages from your competitors and open up the free feature set - be more like scruff and growlr. You'll end up making more money. Plus, the new notification page causes the app to crash. Delete delete delete.
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4 years ago, kevaan2386
Don’t waste your time
This is by far the absolute worst app that y’all shouldn’t have ever been made. Even your website is beginning to go way downhill y’all need to update your servers and get rid of any profile that’s been inactive for over 5 years. Get you crap together manhunt y’all use to be so much better than this total garbage app.
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7 years ago, SuperSadMac
Network errors all of the time even though the network is fine. NOTIFICATIONS DO NOT WORK AT ALL!!!! I’ve reset all of my settings, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and even restarted my phone and the notifications still don’t work! They really need to fire their programmers and testers and get new ones. No app should be released in this condition!!
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4 years ago, Tap Spam nightmare
Bad app
I’m a paying customer and my app always freezes. Many times there is no one in my area. I feel it’s not worth the monthly payment and manhunt lost it spot. Is the app just collection money and is dead now. When is the next upgrade coming or you guys are done? Please tell me. Do you have a phone support I can call in?
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9 months ago, wifarmboy
Still buggy
Logging in with existing account is still impossible on the app. I also agree with another reviewer in that the rules for access seem to constantly change. I’ve had an account over twenty years.
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2 years ago, danielmyson
Can not reset password
I’ve tried several times to reset my password through the email I used. It doesn’t send me any information to my email to reset it like it said it will. Very annoying that I can’t even delete my profile.
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5 years ago, Tizianoscott
Really? I'm paying for this?
Have been on the site in the past. Support is non-existent. When I toggle "online" tab it reverts;I look on dozens of profiles; no one's online in my city? No response. One month subscription has tiered pricing after you join---limit of 35 chats; with an ever-present countdown. Also, I try to access the profile of guy I'm chatting with--get an error message. This app adds to frustration of meeting other guys today. Thank goodness I paid for only 1 month. Don't forget--immediately cancel in settings on iPhone--default is autorenewal. Yuck.
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3 years ago, MJW1214
Not worth it
App barely works. Multiple profiles show as not configuring. App freezes constantly. Idk. I used manhunt desktop years ago and it was great. The mobile version doesn’t quite live up. I’m paying for a faulty app. Don’t waste your money.
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4 years ago, Saduser207
Minor enhancements? More like additional defects
Recent update made navigation in this app complete junk. Unable to scroll to view profiles, unable to navigate back after selecting a profile to view, unable to set filter controls. Do you even test your app before releasing?!?
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4 years ago, Retirement2.0
I have guys winking at me and sending messages to me and I can not respond! I keep getting an “Ooops ps-408 error! Deleted and reinstalled the app - no difference! Switched to a subscription - now, in addition, I’m paying to use an app that does not allow me to message or respond to guys that I might be interested in.
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4 years ago, Charlie 1–819
Phone app is defective
Whenever I try to sign in on my phone app, I have to sign in several times for it to open. This still happens when I delete and reinstall the app. Also, they don’t block accounts when they are reported as spam with documentation.
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6 years ago, Bachliebhaber
Junk app
If you want to use the Manhunt app, be prepared to de- and reinstall it every time you log in. Otherwise, it crashes and says “ network error “ even though the connection is fine. MH has been a problem-ridden site ever since its inception and this app is just more of the same.
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3 years ago, Kenzo1967
Zero stars if I could
I’d say it was terrible if the app would even let me create an account. Fill in all the information and then it does absolutely nothing. I guess the clue is the last update was a year ago. Remove from App Store.
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4 years ago, RomanCastavet
Can’t sign in
The app say it’s sending me a password reset link and it never arrives. It was ridiculous enough when I had to do this every time I switched to/from the web version. Now it doesn’t work at all and hasn’t for a year. Please fix!
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4 years ago, Youngblood360
The app constantly freezes - and yes I have plenty of memory (200+ gb available). Also, your “new” improvements are useless. I’m constantly booted out and asked to sign back in. If I were you, I would throw it all out and start again.
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6 years ago, guy8nc
Used to be the best site.
They “improved” this site so much and each time it got worse. It used to be the best site and they should go back to where it was about 5 years ago. Even when you pay, it is not as easy as other sites are free.
Show more
6 years ago, MeJV71
Can’t even register!
Apparently their “bug fix” didn’t include allowing someone to set up an account when they follow the directions... kept getting the message “wrong format” no matter what or how many times I tried... I’d give it a “0” if I could.
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6 years ago, dfwhubby
Doesn’t work
I have downloaded this app so many times my fingers have no more prints. About every two to three times I look at a profile or read a message it won’t pull them up and I have to delete and download again.
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5 years ago, Bmw_za
New app is horrible
Whilst the newest version app looks nice it doesn’t store any of your preferences as previously. This makes it absolutely tedious as you have to set these every single time you log in. It also doesn’t store or log you in automatically.
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