Map My Walk by Under Armour

4.8 (405.4K)
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Current version
Under Armour, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Map My Walk by Under Armour

4.82 out of 5
405.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Magscratch
Weird results
I walked around my pool for 30 minutes and got no credit for it and I was walking at a good clip. All it showed was a big blob! There is a light cleaning option but nothing for heavy cleaning like washing floors, windows or scouring sinks, stove and toilets. I like to spring and fall clean and when I do, I get quite a workout with moving couches and chairs, office furniture, vacuuming floors. A lot of the time I’m sweating and I’m not a person that sweats in the heat even though I’m really really hot! I have been using the app for a few years now, but I think I should have an option for house work as workout. I realize some people think it’s so easy to be home all day with “nothing to do” but seriously it’s way more work than people think it is!! It’s not constant every day, but once a week for sure it’s a good workout! Thanks for your consideration.
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4 years ago, UNCoNeCTD
It was great but now...
I’ve been using this app for about 2 weeks now and didn’t run into any issues until a couple days ago. I signed up for the paid MVP program because I was enjoying the app thinking maybe that would solve the issue but no. When I start my walk from my phone, the GPS tracker is not keeping accurate distance at all. I’ll have walked 2 miles but it’s only showing I’ve done a mile or less and shows me cutting through yards and even houses, not even close to the roads that I took. When I start my walk through my apple watch, it seems to keep my distance okay but it STILL shows me cutting through yards and houses around the streets I actually took. I’d love to continue to use the app if it worked properly but it sounds like I’ll be canceling my subscription and going to a different app. I’ve sent in two messages to the support team regarding this. I’ve tried restarting both my phone and my watch, deleting the app and re-downloading, and even checked Google Maps to make sure my GPS was showing me in the correct direction and in the actual location I am in. (Which it did) The “GPS” signal bar on Map my Walk is always green showing I have perfect signal, so why am I running into these issues? I hate having to find a new app but this is ridiculous.
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6 years ago, jrsanchez716
Crazy since last update
Update #2 Jan 6 - the GPS and timer function have gone crazy one more time. Says I am walking a 7 minute mile and I know I walk fast but.....also the distance is not correct because I do the same route and it did not register the mile until I had gone at least 1.2 miles. This is SO FRUSTRATING because I rely on his app as an accurate tracker. If this keeps happening I am going to ditch it for something that really works all the time, not sporadically. UPDATE - since the very latest update on Nov 2 it seems to be better. Today it properly tracked time and distance. Hopefully the problem is fixed. Upgraded from two to four stars based on historical use and the new improvements. Like the larger screen display too so thanks for that! Stay tuned! ********************************************I have an iPhone and have been using this app for at least two years no issues. Since the last update it is not properly tracking time OR distance and therefore not tracking calories or anything else correctly. I know this because I take the exact same walk almost every day so have it in my history. I walk fast but I can’t do 1.2 miles in 8 minutes!! Please fix ASAP.
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4 years ago, william_holmes
Bit buggy but eventually issues were resolved
I walked the longest and furthest yet today (last time I looked while on my walk had been 6 + miles) and I was livid when my watch lost the progress in the map my walk app and thus it never synced up with the app on my iPhone. I lost a lot of progress toward my weekly walking goal and I don’t know how to get it back and from what I can tell, the app on both devices are in fact on the same page as far as losing the miles. I closed fitness rings on the Apple Watch which thankfully the watch itself has logged it but the map my walk app has failed me when I needed it most. I don’t know if it’s just a big or a glitch but it doesn’t change that my progress is lost. Update: it took a bit of work but eventually I was able to successfully sync the workout after restarting both my watch and my iPhone. It wasn’t entirely pleasant to do and the app on Apple Watch still lags, freezes, and crashes when I try to use the app or do anything within the app such as finish a workout and such. Other than that, I don’t have many further issues with it.
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4 years ago, MIFKAP0751
Distance measurements are very erratic
Since the latest version of this app the distance measurements have become very inconsistent. For example, I walk a route yesterday and at a certain point the app records one mile. I walk the exact same route the next day and I need to go 100 yards further before it records one mile. I’ve had instances on a longer walk (say 4-6 miles) where from one day to the next its off by 1/4 mile for the same route. I come from a GPS background and can understand some inconsistency, but 100 yards 1/4 mile is way out of the range of acceptability. In addition, the app seems to hang sometimes. I’m watching the app and seeing about a number of strides for every .01 mile. Then the app hangs for several steps, and then jumps .03 - .04 miles, and the steps I’ve taken exceed what it captures. If you’re looking for an app that provides you a motivator to get out there and exercise, its fine. If you’re looking for one that provides consistent distance measurements, this is not it.
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7 days ago, Evon B
I love this app, it kept me going years ago. Life threw me a lot of curves. Almost struck me out. I have a lot things that always seem to pull me back, but I’m ready to walk away from the drama and self pity. This is the 1st day of the rest of my life and I’m not giving up. When I got that 2nd mile in this evening and I wanted to keep going, I realized turning my back on the life long habit that work better for me than anything and how I feel was a big mistake. Nothing is going to steal my joy or this here feeling of accomplishment that I’m feeling right now, even if I’m not walking 15 minute miles. As long as I can put one foot in front of the other I’m going to walk everyday… even if it’s walking around and around in my house. Thank you Lord for waking me up this morning able to put my feet on the floor and walk around in my right mind!!!
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5 years ago, JessicaFrakes
I’ve somewhat successfully used this app but it’s super glitchy. I like that it tells you your pace. I do the same walk several times per week. There are mile markers on my walk so I know when I’ve reached each mile. The app is inconsistent, as it usually says I’ve gone a mile before I actually have. Because of this the more miles you travel the more inaccurate it gets. There have been several times when I look down at the app and it hasn’t even been working. Now the last couple times I’ve tried to use it’s been freezing so it’s completely unusable. I walked two miles and it says I’ve walked .67. It’s really discouraging to my exercise routine as tracking my miles, time, and calories burned is super motivating. Each time I realize it hasn’t been working it makes me feel a little less motivated. That’s probably a personal problem, but regardless it’s frustrating. Anyway I’ve deleted and reinstalled it a couple times but it’s still giving me issues. So I’ve just deleted it for the last time. I’ll go back to my Fitbit.
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5 years ago, brightblur777
Watch app is an unreliable, unstable mess
If you’re just using your phone by itself to track workouts, you’ll probably be fine. But if you want to use it with the Apple Watch, you’ll want to find something else, because there is so much dysfunction with that whole ecosystem, it just isn’t worth the frustration. Syncing is very unreliable, and involves a lot of forcing closing both apps on the watch and phone, toggling Bluetooth on and off, etc. The Watch app also becomes unstable as time goes on and will hang and crash in the middle of workouts, which means you have to stop and mess with it to get it working again. It also appears to not play well with Apple’s own Activity app where it messes up the Move ring, and will crash itself if notifications from the Activity app go off. To keep this watch app stable literally means you will be reinstalling it several times a week. What’s very troubling is UA’s dev team has no problem giving you Rube Goldberg type workarounds to fix the problem, but can’t make any of this stuff work. If Strava and Nike can figure out how to make sync reliable, why can’t UA?
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6 years ago, eBob99
Worked great b4 UnderArmor bought them
I’ve used Map My Walk since 2014 & was very happy with it until a few months ago when it became difficult to start the app. It would take several attempts, rebooting, re-installing, etc. Very annoying when all you want to do is start your workout. Next I noticed problems with the GPS tracking; it began to stop tracking me, then would jump straight to my current location in a straight line. This would result in negating the whole workout if you’re trying to track your progress over time. Recently I noticed it has shortchanged my distance tracking, so it calls out my first mile results when I’ve only walked .6 of a mile, even tho the map showing my track was accurate. FYI I have a new iPhone 8 with the latest versions this app & iOS. All of this has been very frustrating so I did some research online and found these problems began shortly after Map My Walk was bought by UnderArmor. Other reviewers have reported the same problems. Please get it together! I don’t like the other apps as much as the old pre-UnderArmor Map My Walk app!
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6 years ago, MicheleB1
Good but a couple annoyances
The app counts my miles and time and maps it. The maps seems to be accurate. I haven’t tried it wont put cellular so if it doesn’t work without cellular that would be an improvement suggested. There are several hiking apps that do this now. What I find missing is 1) a shortcut to pandora. I am pretty sure previous version when I started the app recording it started Pandora as an option. It doesn’t do that anymore. 2) I don’t like having to hold down the button to stop the workout. I just want to tap it to stop and tap it again to save it. Too long holding button and then goes to another screen to save it. Too many steps. Otherwise it is a good product and I use it a lot but I don’t have to do much more than he basics and I think it could do them more friendly for the user.
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11 months ago, Aand Esma
I have been using this app for years! It’s fun to join the challenges and work towards a goal. My cousin, (who lives in another state) and I used this app to have friendly competitions and hold each other accountable. Some medical issues keep me from getting as much exercise in as I’d like, so when I’m feeling useless and thinking the month has went by and I’ve not been very productive, I do get encouraged when I look at my exercise diary and see I DID actually get some exercise in, even tho it may not be as much as I want. I like that there’s different exercises that I can keep track of too. I do wish it would put “steps” on the screen as your walking, along with miles just so I know if I’m close to my goal on that walk. I LOVE THE APP, it’s my favorite and I will continue to use it! Thanks!
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4 years ago, vannessajune
Great for athletes of all levels
I love this app for tracking all my workout activities. I use it with my Apple Watch and prefer the activity details and how they are displayed in this app over the native application for Apple. I’m doing the 2020 challenge this year which is keeping me motivated! Syncing workouts from the Apple Watch to the app isn’t always fast, it’s taken several days with some workouts. I’ve also had to delete the app and re-download due to workouts being placed out of order, which can just be frustrating when trying to look over improvements made for specific period of time. This can be inconvenient. Still 4 stars because I have downloaded several other apps to track my activity, paid for the premier memberships for these other apps, and I have deleted those same apps. It is just easier to use this app than the others I’ve tried.
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2 months ago, Farley213
The troubles continue
I don’t understand why this app continues to have issues. It used to get fixed with updates, lately, it just gets worse with each one. Just last night for the third time in two weeks, I’ve come home after my walk to find that that it recorded 0:00 miles and time. But considers it a valid walk! It even gives me the save or discard options so technically it shows it as a workout but with zero results. The worst part about this there is never a warning thst there is an issue, so I can’t fix it or rather restart it while the workout is still happening. I only find out after it’s over. When it does work, it has consistently shown less miles than three other apps that includes the apple health app itself. I don’t understand how an app that is designed for fitness and that was once the best out there, constantly gets worse and worse. I keep it now more out of habit and the fact that it has my records for some very important milestones in my life the past few years.
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4 years ago, GME0114
Time stats per mile marker
This app ALWAYS adds a minimum of 6 seconds to the actual time I reach a mile marker. By the time I have walked 4 miles, the cumulative effect is at least 24 seconds more to my time. Supports suggestion to me: edit the workout. Well, OK, but I can not see any way to edit the time for each mile, only the final time. So, this means I either have to settle for that, OR I must record and edit each mile as a separate walk. Why would I pay to upgrade an app that does not work?! This may seem petty to some, but I am a 69 yr old woman who had an aortic heart valve replacement in 2008, and will have to have it replaced again in the not-too-distant future as it is now moderately to severely stenosed again. Therefore, I would like accurate stats for myself and my doctors.
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3 years ago, mdLLs2332
Great app except for one glitch
This is overall a fantastic app and would definitely be 5 stars except for one annoying glitch. The app cannot differentiate between walking and riding in a car. So if you’ve been walking then get in your car and forget to press the “end workout” button (or don’t hold it long enough), then it keeps calculating your time/distance. Very frustrating if you’re trying to track progress and frequently have to discard workout due to it not being accurate. Also the “end workout” button is not at all sensitive, you have to press hard and hold for several seconds. There have been many times I’ve pressed it and thought it registered only to realize later it’s still adding time and distance! Really hope the app developers can fix this, it’s otherwise a great app!
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4 years ago, Caatt3
Somethings fishy
At first I loved this app and it had me Motivated to walk and start exercising. I loved seeing how many calories I burned in a walk. Recently the more I’ve gotten into health the more I know something about this app isn’t right. While walking at a some what fast pace does burn calories I know the app is grossly exaggerating the numbers. To prove it one day I turned the app on and left it on the table, not touching it at all. The calories were increasing by one point every 30 seconds…I was in shocked. So now every workout where I recorded my calories is extremely off. I am extremely disappointed in this app for that because people really rely on it as a guide during their health journey. If you use this app and record the results for your progress please do not it is not accurate at all. I will be deleting this app. I hoped this helped someone who was working out using this app only to get discouraged because their results didn’t match what the app was saying. Also if you don’t believe please try it for yourself and see. Thank you
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4 years ago, MBert8
Loved it at first is not consistent at all
I have been using this app for a few months. Recently, it has not been consistent with my walk that I do on a daily basis. Same distance, sometimes adding more. I typically walk 4-5 miles daily. My pace is anywhere from 13:50 to 15 per mile. Lately it has been tracking me at 19 to 23 minutes for the same distance and pace (I also use my Fitbit). So essentially I am doing the same workout but only being track for maybe half. I have done all the updates there have been lately but it seems to be getting worse instead of better. I really love the information you get on this app but it’s frustrating to see your results so low after accomplishing so much more in reality.
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3 years ago, RDCollins
Used to Work Well, But No Longer
I’ve used the Map My Walk app with my iPhone for the last few years, and it was great. However, the last two updates have screwed it up to the point that it’s nearly useless. Specifically, it simply shuts down half way through my daily walks, failing to map the last half or so of my walk and thus gives my incorrect times and distances. On one occasion it went berserk and randomly added about a half mile that was not anywhere near where I had gone. I reported the latter issue to the company and they incorrectly blamed Google maps. They need to scrap the last two updates and reissue a version that works properly.
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6 years ago, momtojasev
Don’t know that I could go with this one
Since downloading it worked fine for two days then when I upgraded to iPhone X had to redownload and it’s been terrible first the music wouldn’t play support said to erase and download again fine then my iwatch wouldn’t sync with the workout done on my phone until two days later now it doesn’t sync at all. The watch doesn’t open the app at all just keeps saying loading and nothing happens. Now workouts I’ve done and saw on the phone won’t sync with my lose it app and it isn’t showing on the map it app either but it shows on the iPhone health app (don’t tel me to make sure it has permissions it does). Can’t see myself paying for this as a matter of fact tried to upgrade to see if that would make a difference IT DOESNT EVEN LET ME DO THAT! Keeps saying try again later and later never comes. Please work out these issues for now I will take it off and see if there is something better out there that is not buggy.
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2 months ago, Zoomie man
Another Happy Running Free Rider
There is no reason to get the Map My Run app. I speak with many years experience using Map My Walk to record my runs. They make an effort to support all users interested in good health. UA was a young startup in Baltimore not far from my office in the Candler Building once upon a time. I use Map My Walk completely free. I’ve got cadence, splits, elevation, locations. All logged. I Beat The Year in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023. My resting heart rate is 50 bpm. Reading that some reviewers are disgruntled about their paid subscription. Well now! Why pay for the cow? Just milk it. Seriously, folks, I recently bought a pair of UA’s new gold banded heel running shoes equipped with Hovr sole tech from the UA website. The UA fulfillment and customer support was excellent. Like anything else, this app has had a few hiccups over the years. I’ve opened tickets and from my experience believe that UA supports all users of their app. And especially if they participate in the events held through the year. Events that earn recognition or credits can be from one day to one year long. It’s a great app!
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3 years ago, Katnisfanboy
Love this app
I love this app I’m using it for my stress reduction course. it keeps track of your walks and runs. you can use screenshots to display photos of you exercising. It saves your workouts so you can go back and look at them latter on. There’s an audio voice that tells you about your stats while your working out and you can pause and resume your workouts. My only minor complaint is the sharing to social media doesn’t go directly to the app you want for instance I tried sharing it on Facebook and nothing happened. The settings took a while to get used to but overall great app highly recommend and I’m definitely going to use it outside my stress reduction class.
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4 years ago, WelshieWalker
Really like even the free version, but...
I’ve found the free version really motivating especially during the pandemic (which means no group fitness activities). I like being able to send a friend my map and stats each day; we keep each other accountable and encouraged even though we’re not walking together. My one gripe is that I wish I could just glance at the home screen during a walk to see how far I’d traveled! As far as I know, the only way to do this is to hit pause, scroll to view stats, then hit pause again to start walking again. I never do this because it’s a pain of an interruption. I finally just set the alerts to tell me every 0.25 miles, which I can hear while walking—at least that gives me a ballpark idea of the distance.
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3 years ago, WinOrlando
Works great for tracking
I give this app 4 stars because the directions for how to unsubscribe are unclear and it was super annoying to try and figure how to unsubscribe. for iPhones: Simply go to your settings, click your Apple i.d, go to subscriptions & unsubscribe. The instructions I found kept directing me to go to iTunes to do so. Maybe it’s just me but I find that very unclear. Otherwise, If you Would like to map your walk this is an amazing app to do so. I enjoyed it a lot when I used it and was able to link it to my fitness pal app to track calories consumed and burned. It tells your you elevation and rate you were walking which I liked a lot. I liked it because I felt safer leaving it on during my walks in case I went missing or fell in a hole somewhere and was able to share the log in with someone for IF that happened. A little extra, but it’s facts, people are crazy. I’m in the gym regularly now and don’t go out for walks worthy of tracking anymore. If you walk a lot for fitness or leisure, this app is for you. I didn’t experience any glitches. It does drain your battery rather quick so make sure your phone is charged before you head out.
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1 year ago, Yep!?!
Great app but a few tweaks could be made!
I’ve been using the app for close to a year and it’s been great at keeping me honest! Recent in the last 4 months I committed to one of the plans which I finished and started a new one. I wish there was somewhere that defined like this is what we mean by warm up/cool down - in my mind those might be a power walk in the apps mind it might mean a light jog. Additionally a pause button for if you get sick or something so the plan doesn’t keep advancing. Also I wish there was a setting for like a race of 5k/10k where you could have the coach in your ear letting you know pace and time lapse for something. Those are just improvements I would make though because otherwise it’s been great!
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4 years ago, Krinkroll
Love this app
I have been using Map my Run and May my Walk since 2010. They have a lot of functionality on their free app. I especially like that they are constantly updating the software. They recently fixed my biggest beef with the app. In the past the mile marker updates of speed, distance and pace would run over the podcast I was trying to hear. Inevitably the update would occur during a key part of the presentation and then I would have to rewind and deal with the hassle. A recent update changed all that to pause whatever is on during the update, then resume it without missing a word. Small change but huge affect. Thank you very much.
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6 years ago, Layoutyoda
Map my walk review
I chose map my walk because I was going on a walk that day and I wanted to know how it would work. I really liked that it can give you ideas for different routes to take by tracking your area and desired distance, but it can also track the distance of a walk that you map out yourself. However, I didn’t really like that it was only specific to walks. It would be a cool thing to have an app that was able to track walks as well as create other types of workouts for you. I think that it is important for people to know that this app can also track the distance of a walk you choose yourself and that you don’t only have the option of doing the walks that they choose for you.
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1 year ago, donniejames
Lots of bells and whistles but significant inaccurate statistics
I have been using MapMyWalk for over 8 years along with two other apps which log my walks. I run them simultaneously. I just reviewed my lifetime statistics , specifically total miles walked, and was shocked to see that mapmywalk was 1,011 (one thousand eleven) miles less than the other two apps!! The other two apps were within 30 miles of each other yet mapmywalk wasn’t even close. Mapmywalk shorted me the equivalent of an entire years worth of walking!! One year of miles missing !! If you’re looking for Accurate miles, which subsequently affects other statistics like calories burned, etc., go find yourself another app. The algorithms used in this app are misleading and wrong!! If nothing else, download another app. Run them side-by-side, see for yourself, You won’t want to use this app. Sad but True! Happy walking 🌞
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6 years ago, Manny Rinaldi
Newly introduced issues
The app is now less reliable reporting distance on same walks I take several times per week. An update seemed to fix it, but now it is back. Today it showed me looping around in a circle, which I did not do. I understand it can be tough because GPS is not perfect. So here is a suggestion to help those of us using My Fitness Pal. Make the map of the route we took editable, so we can eliminate loops or change paths if they are wrong. Right now all you can do is edit distance to make it the right distance, which I have done. It’s awesome that it changes the calories. Bravo on that. But then let us resync it to my fitness pal so our calorie total doesn’t trick us into thinking we did better than we did. Right now it seems you have to delete the exercise and then add it manually.
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3 years ago, ShyW
Recent bugs?
I’ve been using the free version for dIly speed walks for 5 mos now, and it was always useful & dependable. For some reason, it has started to stop recording on its own about 1-2 min into the walk - nothing else has changed, it’s in the same touch-free arm band it’s always been in so no new random user pokes, etc. I don’t notice it’s off until I reach my first mile point and there is no announcement. Even if I would happen to notice it immediately, pulling off my arm band to get out my phone & reset slows me down, and I am working on my walking speeds - one of the main reasons I got the app in the first place! I can’t think of any use changes user failure options, so have to wonder if the last update had just made it more touchy. Disappointing.
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6 years ago, fiskem
Great for running, lacking for recording other excerises
I noticed with the latest upgrade that you changed some of the types of exercises including indoor cycling classes. Also, when recording stair climbing exercises, the app asks for distance in miles, but most stair climbing machines record distance in floors climbed. Can this feature be included in the next upgrade? Finally, I’m disappointed that the app defaults to recording the last type of workout you completed. So if I log an elliptical workout one day, the app saves that and when I go for a run the following day, I have to manually select ‘run’ as my workout. The app should default to walk/run.
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2 years ago, jp-macatak
Access to map data has changed
I have been using this app for years and generally love it. After a recent upgrade I couldn’t find the map data data for my walks which would be a definite dealbreaker. Thankfully it’s still there, but the way to get to it is to hit the “Load Route” at the top of the map on the home screen. I’m glad the functionality is still there, but it’s not intuitive. You may want to consider adding it back to the individual workouts. Having a map of my walks is the best feature of this app and it should be easy to find. Otherwise the app is great.
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2 years ago, Colejm
Too many ads
Constantly having to tell the app “I don’t want to see this” to remove the unending number of “upgrade now” ads is leaving me very disgruntled with UA and the app. Also, and to a lesser extent, there seems to be no provision for editing a saved workout (which was available in earlier iterations of the ‘Map My …’ family. Now roughly half of my records include the car ride afterward, when I forget to exit the app. Map My Run was one of my favorite, essential fitness tools, years ago - before UA swooped into the picture. And I paid for the premium tier back then. I’m too annoyed with the constant barrage of “monetization opportunities” built into the current platform to even consider giving them my money, now. I’m going to uninstall this and look for a less irritating competitor.
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4 years ago, OS Shadow Dragon
Gear Tracker Feature
I love this App and I have been using it for the past 6 years. It has changed my life, my fitness and my health. I just learned that you will be removing the Gear Tracker feature, practically because you cannot update all the news shoes out there, but it doesn’t matter. I have been choosing any old shoe, nicknaming it myself and tracking whatever show I am using. It has not stopped me from making the very best use of the feature. Please, reconsider and don’t get rid of the feature. Other than this, I love the App and plan on continuing to use it for years and hopefully decades to come.
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4 years ago, Jenba Fat
An unreliable piece of crap
I was doing my walk and the app timed and tracked the first mile - it gives an audio reading of your pace when you complete each mile. I continued to walk and didn’t get the audio reading for the second mile like I’m used to at the relevant location of my walk. So I stopped to look at the app at which point the piece of sh** refreshed and my first mile was gone, it suddenly decided that I had finished one mile, and the app calculated that I had just walked a 16+ minute mile when it literally had told me I was going 14:03 minutes a mile as my audio reading for my for real first mile. This app is not worth getting free or otherwise. Pick some other app to use unless you don’t actually care about tracking your workouts or having some kind of accuracy. I gave it one star because apparently zero is not an option. Good way to keep your app ratings up, tho.
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6 years ago, Kermodeteacher
iPhoneX playing music by itself
This app started turning itself on at random times. Since my Apple Music was attached, my iPhone would start playing music even in the middle of the night when it was charging. I had to contact Apple support to trouble shoot the problem. After several technicians and a supervisor, we discovered the app was turning itself on. I had to go to privacy settings and turn off access to music on all of my Under Armour apps in an attempt to isolate the problem. The app usually works wells for tracking minutes and miles. Occasionally, it glitches (stops, jumps or fails to upload).
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4 years ago, Mostly satisfied 2
GPS not real accurate
I and my wife have enjoyed Map My Walk for several years. But we have always had the same complaint. We walk side by side and nearly stride for stride for each of our walks and the distance and time never match. For a time she was 30 seconds each mile faster than I, then an update would occur or something and I would be 30 seconds ahead of her. Now we are back to her being 35 to 45 seconds faster than I. Now we just use the readings as ball park and don’t worry about them much. Until they do the switch, they are consistent every walk.
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4 years ago, LexiMusic11
GPS Improvements!!
In the past I’ve really wanted to use this app and I couldn’t because the GPS wouldn’t register the trail that I like to walk on, which would basically cut my distance on my walk in half. After about 4 months of not using this app, I decided to give it another go today to see if I could get it to work properly; to my surprise, it functioned perfectly the first time! No troubleshooting required! I don’t know if it got updated while I was gone or if it was an issue with my phone or what, but I’m very happy that I finally get to use this app. I can admire all of the awesome features now that it’s functioning!
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5 years ago, Kdove98
Workout Goals Nor Syncing
I’ve enjoyed this app a long time. But seems I may need to find a better one soon. First, it recently logged me out all kinds of random and I had no way to recover old profile because I had long forgotten the password for such a rando app that probably doesn’t need freaking password protection. Second . . . the dashboard area where your weekly workout goals are is not syncing whatsoever. I’ve workout multiple times since setting the goal but it doesn’t recognize them in that area only. Kinda annoying, I wish it would just work properly. Everything is fine but still kinda peeved tbh.
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5 years ago, skduelcjx
Inaccurate data
I used to use map my walk, map my hike and map my ride. I used to consider all of these apps accurate. Last year I had an injury and took a year off Freon exercise. This year, I’ve started iso g the apps again and known hikes and trail distances are being registered I. These apps at about 1/3 the actual distance. I did a hike tonight that is 1.9 miles each way and my total hike distance registered as .78 miles. This has been consistently happening like this for the past month. So, I don’t know what happened to change the gps tracking at such a huge discrepancy, but I’m done. I’m removing all three apps from my phone and I’ll be using other known, more accurate apps.
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3 years ago, TheRaeven
Works great! Problem fixed!
Had a glitch a week or so ago where I couldn’t do anything except track a walk. The options at the bottom of the app to switch to other areas of the app were missing and it constantly had me in active tracking mode as if I started the workout already but couldn’t leave. The latest update fixed it for me! Everything’s functioning like it should again. Whether that was an intentional correction or my app was stuck until an update pushed it out of whatever endless loop it was in, thank you developers!
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4 years ago, unhappy_63
Flawed app mileage inaccurate
Update: 28-Feb-2020 How on earth can an app be so inaccurate. The mile splits are all over the place. I walk on a known distance. If I run the mile splits are at one location, if I walk they are at another at least 2-3 tens off. Oh yeah, if I carry my iPhone in a pack around my waist the mile splits are different than if I carry it in a breast pocket of my vest. How is this possible???? Please don’t ask me for feedback or log files. Hire someone to get out there and walk and run a known distance and fix the app please. Until an update 3 weeks ago this was a very consistent as far as mile splits. Now all over there place. My walk is the exact same route. One day mile splits will be at one location the next a shorter distance the next longer or off mile to mile. Also the Cadence is gone. Go back a version please.
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3 weeks ago, smadamit99
Wonderful motivator
I love that this app keeps track of split times and average times so that I can challenge myself to do better with each mile. It’s so easy to use, I just open the app and push start workout and start going. I love that it says a GPS map of my walk each time so I can see which places I have not been to recently. I like being able to pause the walk because sometimes I walk my dog to the park and pause it while we’re messing around in the park. A quick press of resume and I am tracking my pace again. I used this app to show my progress.
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4 years ago, Sigbob
Used to be 5 Stars-Updated review
I really want to love this app and would probably upgrade to premium but for one drawback. Used this app for probably 5 years and it synced with my LoseIt app (premium edition) just fine. There was a delay in syncing but it was acceptable. Was considering the paid version when it stopped syncing with LoseIt altogether. Stopped using MMW for probably a year. Just came back to it this week with the same results. Am now looking for a new ‘walking’ app. After a couple of days, the app now syncs with LoseIt. It takes a while, but the last two walks did sync.
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5 years ago, Thirty years ago
Great app, BUT.....
The problem I have with this app is that it interferes with my hearing aids in a major way. When I activate the app it causes my hearing aid app to go into Audio Streaming mode which means I can’t adjust my hearing aids. Sometimes it causes my hearing aids to completely cut off. If I cut off the Bluetooth connection that doesn’t happen, but no Bluetooth means I can’t adjust my hearing aids. This is a major problem for me. I hope the developer will correct whatever the problem is. (I’ve raised this issue with the hearing aid app developer and the Apple Accessibility Team, all to no avail. I’ve had no success in reaching the Under Armor app developers to discuss this issue.). I’d love to give a 5 star rating, but because of this technical issue, I can only give it a 3.
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4 years ago, Up in the trees
OK this is pretty sad. And really awful to do to your customers. So they let you download the app. There are some features that are premium, which is understandable. But there are many features that are available for free. It lets you track your walking or running, it counts how many steps you have taken, it pulls the information from your phone for previous months. It can track how many steps you have taken for the last six months. That part is a little scary LOL. But then, in the middle of my workout the app stopped and said go to premium. That is really, really awful. They didn’t even wait until I was done with my workout. I think that is very rude of them to think that you have downloaded the app and it will work, and then to say oh never mind you have to pay. Very, very,very upset. I wish I could give it zero stars.
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3 years ago, momnosleep
Incorrect tracking
I use this app almost daily, mostly on the same walk, and just recently it doesn’t track 1/2 the walk. It cuts off at a random point during the walk and picks back up whenever it wants. I start the app and it stays in my pocket, unbothered, for the entirety of the walk. I walked 2.5 miles today, the same route I do almost daily, but the app only tracked .54 miles and 51 steps. It stops tracking at one point and picks back up whenever it wants. Other times I’ll start it on my Apple Watch and get a totally different outcome than what I was getting before too, but more accurate than using the phone app. App has been updated and it’s been worse since the update. Disappointed I have to find a new tracker because I’ve used this one for years without a problem.
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4 years ago, Bryan Longworth
Great app for walks and runs
I love this app. I use it to track walks and runs. It shows me my current pace, 1 miles lap time, and average 1 mile lap time. It also shows me how many calories burned and allows me to share my workout only with myself, with my friends, or on Facebook and Twitter. The one weak spot is that the app sometimes stops giving audio feedback after a call whether you take the call or not. I t also doesn’t allow you to change activities after you start a workout and forgot to change the activity. I recommend this app to my friends who walk, run, or bike.
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3 years ago, GeriLS
Normally love, but recently problems with watch
I normally love this app. I use it daily -sometimes multiple times a day. And I mostly track with my Apple Watch. However, in the last week or so some of my workouts don’t show up in the app on my phone. It saves on my watch, but doesn’t show up in the iPhone app. Sometimes the app just closes on my watch without me even knowing. I’ll turn it on, check it once or twice, then the next time I check it it’s not even open. And of course it doesn’t save on my iPhone. It’s happened 3 times in the last week. Hoping for an update that fixes this soon.
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6 years ago, isalaur
App on phone is great...on Apple Watch not so much
I really like my MapMyWalk app on my phone so I was thrilled when I recently got the notification the app now worked on my watch. There were some first it wasn’t syncing with the phone so it appeared I’d done two workouts. The data wasn’t the same between the two platforms. But it was workable. All of a sudden the app on the watch is cutting out during my walk. I look at my watch and it’s back to the watch face. If I hit the icon it wants to start over and that’s IF it will even open. Most times it does nothing. Really disappointing as it’s so much more convenient to look at my wrist than dig my phone out of the pouch to check time or distance.
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5 years ago, JessHasArrived
Will not sync with MyFitnessPal
Although MyFitnessPal says this is an automatically syncing app, it’s not. I installed the app and went through the steps to link the accounts, as prompted. Then I did a 2-mile walk. All seemed to be functioning well. Mileage seemed slightly hyped as I already knew the mileage of the trail I was on. I took a picture in-app and that was fine. I reviewed all of my stats and all of that was fine, too. When I checked MyFitnessPal however, no calories had transferred into my diary. I thought this was supposed to automatically do that - but maybe I’m wrong? Within MyFitnessPal, the disconnect feature doesn’t work. This app’s workouts do not show up in the unsynced workouts list - so there’s no way to prompt them to do so. Independently, both apps seem to work fine - but they refuse to talk to each other. I have an iPhone X.
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