Maps CU

4.7 (5.1K)
18.1 MB
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Current version
Maps CU
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Maps CU

4.74 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
2 years ago, C_Web1
MAPSCU our bank of choice
I had to wait through the weekend to visit MAPSCU to see what else needed to take place after an attempted Scam. I immediately called MAPSCU when I realized this wasn’t the business I thought I was in contact with and was greeted by Julie in the Call Center. Monday my husband and I met with Adair Pelayo, Financial Services Specialist at the South MAPSCU location, as I needed to have my debit and credit card replaced. He did that and helped me change the passwords as I was still in an emotional state. I mentioned to Adair that I had a lot of work ahead in changing all our Auto Pay accounts. He said that Julie that I spoke with earlier in the Call Center had changed and updated our account numbers. MAPSCU is our only financial institute by choice due to their support when needed.
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4 years ago, Whitestag16
I would never refer anyone to this bank.
The bank canceled my debit card because someone had supposedly called and reported my card lost/stolen. Maps then failed to contact me to let me know that someone had reported my card. But check this out, I’ve had my card in my wallet the whole time.. I only found out my card was canceled because it was declined when I was grocery shopping. When I called the bank to figure out why my card got declined, they told me that bs story about my card being called in. Maps then told me I would receive a new card in the mail because the card I had the whole time couldn’t be reactivated... it’s been nearly two months and I still haven’t gotten my card!! This is the worst bank I’ve ever had to deal with. I stopped depositing my paychecks into the account because their records didn’t match the number of times I had deposited and when I brought it up to the branch manager she got an attitude with me and it was on Christmas Eve weekend. They wouldn’t cash my check. Don’t go through them!!! Fare warning.
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8 months ago, SandeePeacock
MAPS CU long time customer
MAPS CU us an excellent banking institution! Competitive and diligently serving the needs of the customer. I personally am extremely satisfied with the online services and paperless cost-saving, earth-saving efforts for all my banking needs. I also recently became the gullible victim of an online scam! The local MAPS CU branch, in Monmouth, was efficient and calming to me, as they closed my credit card and filed my claim. I am grateful for their support and constant guarding of my account.
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4 years ago, mixolyd
Mobile deposit still broken
I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to fix mobile deposit? I reported the issue to MAPS in October and was told developers would be notified to fix it. It’s still broken on my iPhone XS. It doesn’t seem to be compatible with my phone based on the misaligned boxes in camera view, and it keeps saying improve contrast even though it looks completely fine to me. I don’t have this issue with other banks, and I tried my wife’s phone with same issue. It evtnsully works but takes a lot of time to line it up perfectly, which is hard when the graphics are not aligned. I’m about to switch banks if this doesn’t get fixed. It’s 2020 and a good app is essential!
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2 years ago, bffujuhtrr
Too frequent unavailability
The exception I take with my online banking via my phone is that Maps online banking is all too many times too frequently unavailable with message like try again later this is somewhat disturbing especially because of the times uncertain times we are in or the view of changing over to a cryptocurrency as a customer unavailability makes me nervous
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4 years ago, LoveableKits
Touch ID Removed [UPDATE]
After implementing a really nice feature, and making a lot of use of it myself, in this most recent update I’ve noticed that Touch ID has been removed and I’m missing it very much. I know it’s probably a little silly to complain about, but saving the time that it takes to type a complex password was both useful and easier on my hands that have just been diagnosed with carpal tunnel. I really hope they bring this feature back... or that maybe somehow I’m just overlooking it. UPDATE: Touch ID is just a little harder to find, but not gone! Thank you for getting back to me, I appreciate it.
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1 year ago, CupofJosiah
iPhone 14 Pro Mobile Deposit doesn’t work (too blurry because it uses the wrong camera)
The mobile deposit on the app does not work on iPhone 14 Pro because the app chooses the wrong camera to use. The app only seems to use the telephoto camera on the 14 Pro, which is worst camera for taking up close photos of a check. The best camera to use would be the ultra wide, but even the normal wide camera I think would work. Hopefully this gets fixed soon so that I can deposit my checks again without needing to drive several hours! Sorry that I have to rate low to report this bug but I can’t find another place to report it.
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9 months ago, aiwetir
Mobile Deposit Doesn't Work
The mobile deposit experience on this app is by far the worst I’ve ever used. I have never had a deposit go through, they all fail. There are reviews from 8 years ago complaining about this. There will never be a fix for this because one Maps board member is CEO of CU Wireless, the company that does such a poor job of image recognition to verify the image, this company is apparently a subsidiary of Maps Service Agency. Another board member is a former manager of this company. So if you choose maps, just remember your mobile deposits will never work and the Credit Union won’t do anything about it. Cool, right?
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6 months ago, Queen of the Bees
I could not live without this app!
This is such an easy to use, handy app to keep track of accounts and balances! Making immediate transfers between accounts is a snap! My only request is to allow us to be able to sequence our accounts in the app so we can move our more frequently-used ones to the top.
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4 years ago, moxie red
Love, love, love this bank!
I moved up here to Silverton from Southern California almost 10 years ago. I open the account here at MAPSCU and I am totally smitten with the small town attention that I get. The fact that I can walk in and they know my name. I can call in and get a transfer to my daughters account without a hassle. As long as I live in this area they will be my bank! Just wish I could get them to wash my car. 😀
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3 years ago, livinglifewithease
Easy and convenient
I love my Maps online bank accounts. I am able to conduct business whenever I have the need/time. Any problems and a quick phone call can usually solve the problem. Thank you Maps!!
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2 years ago, Nan-cee
OK App Except When Depositing Checks
My iPhone 8 Plus camera doesn’t seem to play well with the check-deposit camera feature on the app. I’ve tried to alter the background that the checks are on multiple times. Sometimes it’ll work, sometimes not. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t even bother using that function in the app anymore, but instead throw up my hands in frustration and drive to the bank to make deposits.
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11 months ago, djtunzat
Wonderful customer service, terrible app
I tried to get past the incredibly slow and often “out for maintenance” app that Maps designed but it simply does not allow me to manage my finances effectively. Not showing my current balance after pending charges leaves my account over drawn by $50 without my knowledge. Having your card declined is already embarrassing, but being confident that you have money in your account only to have an employee tell you otherwise is bothersome. Why can I not see what your employees see? Very frustrating.
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3 years ago, Snapchat managers
This bank has by far the worst incompetency. It has a ton of problems with online banking which you can’t transfer your money externally (I am trying to switch banks because you’re already the worst and here I am struggling more???) Let alone you can’t deposit a check through the mobile app, they didn’t dispute a charge when I was scammed and the amount of times I had to call a banker for this issue and they did nothing at all. Save yourself the hassle and bank with ANYTHING but Maps.
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5 years ago, 1chancee
Won’t take picture of a mobile deposit
I have deposited many checks with my other banks no problem. The camera feature takes a picture of my check very easily. Every time I try to use Maps to do a mobile deposit I stand over my check like a moron for about 10 minutes trying to get it to take a picture before it would work. Now that it has been updated, it refuses to even take a picture. Very disappointed
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4 years ago, Polly Penguin
Does everything I need
This app does all the basic functions the website does - check account balances, transfers between accounts, -statement, etc. - plus mobile deposit. They added Face ID for iPhones a while ago, which makes it a breeze to use. Thanks, MaPS!
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1 year ago, Terri lynn joachim
I’m happy
I switched from one of the large banks, because of the WOKENESS going on with them. I’ve been very happy with MAPS, I especially like their chat, I get fast and efficient customer service, better than if I call them. So far so good MAPS.
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4 years ago, nniicc53
My messages are read immediately not three days later
Never not have no problems when using the app online banking is the best with Maps
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2 years ago, Raftman2
A bit clunky but functional
For example, to change the amount of a recurring payment, you must go to the next payment date and change the amount there, rather on the payments page.
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4 years ago, molepoblano27
Use it a lot
MAPS is a pretty localized chain of credit unions but they’re app is pretty good. I can do most things on there pretty easily. One thing I would like to see would be Face ID and fingerprint ID. Was it my imagination or were they doing fingerprint ID for like a month and then it went away? I hope they bring it back. Thanks!
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3 years ago, frostie3eheh
Love this credit union
Transactions are a breeze, and even though I don’t live near a branch the services I use are always easily manageable. Virtual check deposits are as easy as taking a picture. Low fees and great rates.
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2 years ago, ambghjuuuu
LOVE the bank but mobile deposit no good
I’ve been at the bank for a long time! A fantastic bank. But there’s constantly a problem with the mobile deposit. It will not recognize the check, I try every angle every light, and still will not deposit. This needs improvement!
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3 years ago, Raelene Cutright
Maps for life!!!
Great place great people easy app to navigate you name it I have nothing bad to say about this place very happy with them and will never go with another bank for the rest of my life
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11 months ago, Jedi56
Best Bank/Credit Union
MAPS has been the best the best banking institution we have ever had by far in all of our years of banking! Their customer service is top notch!
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4 years ago, Chicken Novice
What a relief
I always feel like I have a real neighborhood institution behind me with Maps. It’s a relief to feel they are on my side and supporting me to succeed financially. Thank you, Maps!!
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2 years ago, DontCareThere
Great way to Babk
Love the features of online banking!! Easy to transfer monies from one account to the other and pay bills as well.
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5 years ago, NemesisGrif
Works great
All I might suggest, and I see many people have, is touch ID. Still is a reliable way to check my balance and deposit checks
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1 month ago, J7363662
Winema branch atm is always broke
For the past year this atm is functional half the time at best and usually it’s not working when I need it so I end up driving to Keizer. I’ve been with maps for years but this happens way too often, I hate to leave but that’s what it’s come down to.
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5 years ago, kavaXtreme
Very Helpful
I use this app quite a bit, especially for mobile deposits and reviewing transactions. One thing it still badly needs is Touch ID as the login process is very tedious for regular use. — Update: awesome to see the addition of TouchID! Thank you!
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3 years ago, BRockhounder
Best credit union
This is the best place to do banking. I have been using them for nearly 40 years and have only positive experiences.
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6 months ago, Dewtzie
Functional but pick another bank
The app is functional. The credit union is another matter entirely. If u want truth: read the reviews— also had many of those experiences with regard to the service there.
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4 years ago, justmemark
There has not been one time this app has allowed my login without having to reset passwords, not once. This is silly. It’s been enough of a hassle that we barely use MAPS because of the online banking issues. Tried calling the numbers provided and get stuck in a loop - never getting to a person. We decided to find another credit union.
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3 months ago, nuclear duck berry
Love the Maps app!
I’m able to take care of all my banking needs quickly and easily!
Show more
4 years ago, Wanda in Oregon
Great new feature!
In the checking account, I Love having the account info at the touch of a button!
Show more
4 years ago, fdamari filley
Independence of Banking online
Just started thinking online this is the first month and have really enjoyed the freedom the independenceOf not having to go in to the bank
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3 years ago, RiggiBobby
This credit union is amazing with online banking and mobile apps ofc. They know how to use apply pay and they are on the ball on everything you’d need
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6 years ago, NatRod03
This app never lets me sign in, I always have to verify it’s me with a call or text. The problem is, it doesn’t have my correct number and it won’t let me change it, so I cannot verify it is me. I am not able to see how much is in my card unless I go to the atm, which is very inconvenient for me and is a waste of my time. I hate this app! It’s way too frustrating.
Show more
8 months ago, Nineteentits
Great app
Very easy to navigate. Simple. Straight forward. Ive almost never had trouble finding or needing something.
Show more
4 years ago, wassap987
Maps best bank app
I think this app is great and utilizes a lot of the stuff you can do at the bank for your phone
Show more
5 years ago, iJiggaRoidzz
From iPhone 7 to XSM
App runs perfect, no glitches or problems with banking. UI just needs to be updated but honestly it doesn’t bother me. Still reliable as it always has been.
Show more
3 years ago, McKnightMen
Love the roundups
The roundup feature is the best one around. I really like the interest rates this credit union offers.
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4 years ago, YdobonnobodY
Great App!
It’s so simple to access my accounts, make a quick transfer, or pay a bill. And I love the new fingerprint login!
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4 years ago, Angimommagus
So much more accurate than texting to get your balance
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2 years ago, juricita
Sometimes I forget to use the app. That’s a mistake. I’ts so smooth and easy to use. So far, always dependable. Thanks.
Show more
5 years ago, alwx647716
I hated this app before but now you’re able to use Touch ID! And they made the app look fresh and new
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3 years ago, tyytttyg
Super great
My favorite ever, text banking, customer service, we need more maps!
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3 years ago, Bellarosezapa
Been a member for over 32 years, very pleased with MAPS excellent customer services.
Show more
5 years ago, Jenndk19
Mobile deposit...not!
Can no longer use the mobile deposit feature on this was not very user friendly to begin with and now it no longer functions properly
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4 years ago, I will kick u in ur anus
I can’t sign in
Either I’m just stupid and not taking notice to something embarrassingly obvious or something is wrong because every time i try to sign in it just says that my account is restricted and it gives no insight as to what that means or any way for it to not be.
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1 year ago, Ruben GP
Check deposits
Check deposits system needs improvement. It’s really difficult to make a mobile deposit
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