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Dow Jones & Company, Inc., publisher of The Wall Street Journal.
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User Reviews for MarketWatch - News & Data

4.69 out of 5
207.1K Ratings
6 years ago, EmilyRClay
I really appreciate the expertise, honesty and accuracy of your writers! I check on you for a good breadth of knowledge on current market conditions. I use Seeking Aloha mostly for the traders comments. And also use CNBC for seeing about futures and daily gyrations on their easy to view charts. All three of these apps give me what I need to time buying and selling. I try to go long on nearly all that I purchase, but will sell to avoid going negative and too illiquid. Wish I had know how good you were when I first started investing 5 years ago!
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6 years ago, MT0483
Just Plain Bad
This app is awful - first off, you can’t get all the index pricing information that the desktop version has. Where’s the crypto tab? Secondly, the UX is awful - placing your finger on the screen for even an instant (to stop scrolling for example) is interpreted as a click on an article. Then guess what, you have to go back to your previous article and re-click the stupid “read more” button again. Same thing happens when you scroll left to right - the article or table you’re reading will interpret that as a full swipe, and you’ll be taken back to the homepage mid-article. I’m shocked the team hasn’t fixed this yet. Finally, this isn’t about the app, but just your content in general - can you tell the content team to ax Moneyish asap? That is the worst set of articles ever...I mean, I get you’re trying to appeal to millennials (who, given the types of stuff you’re posting on there, must not understand a darn thing about finance), but maybe it’s time for them to read real market and stock related material for a change? You guys don’t have to dumb it down so much with these pseudo finance articles...the market is fun to read about as is. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Metsguy9978
Fix Watchlist
I have always been content with MarketWatch. It’s not the best market resource there is, but it’s simple and easy to use. The main reason I use marketwatch is to check my different watchlists. Well, for the past two weeks, watchlist doesn’t even work. I’ve logged in and logged out plenty of times on the app, every once in a while it will show my watchlist stocks again only for them to be gone again the next time I open the app. Yesterday I deleted MarketWatch and redownloaded it to try and solve the problem once and for all. It worked yesterday, but sure enough I open the app this morning and none of my stocks are displaying in any of my watchlists. Given that this is the majority of my use for MarketWatch, I have rated it 1 Star and will leave this rating until it is fixed. I will also be using Yahoo Finance instead, and may delete MarketWatch as it is now unnecessary space on my phone. If this is fixed I will probably amend this decision, but until then I have no use for MarketWatch.
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4 years ago, Stop with the politicals news
Stop with the political news
I have MarketWatch to track individual stocks and read business and economic news. When political news becomes economic news, it’s understandable that MarketWatch and similar financial news sites will report on it. I get it, we don’t live on a bubble. Unfortunately, for the past few weeks I’ve been getting more political news related to the election and the coronavirus than I have about the economy. I don’t need MarketWatch to tell me Dr. Birx rebukes Trump on some medical claim, especially if that claim has nothing to do with financials. Likewise, I don’t need to hear every day that coronavirus cases are rising. If news is related to the healthcare sector, that would make more sense, but I get the impression even some who run the MarketWatch app are trying to say, “Look, we don’t like Trump either, follow us for news.” Please just report on financials and truly breaking news, not Trumps rally’s and twitter fights.
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6 years ago, ClueGoo4u
Content is good, scrolling through and navigation needs serious work
I’ve been a long time MarketWatch viewer, but mostly from a computer. Recently using the app, I’ve come to dislike the navigation feel in terms of the scroll through and then stop. Once you put the finger down after a scroll, the app immediately thinks you’re trying to access the article rather than to stop the scroll. This is very frustrating because I don’t mean to read these articles, I just was curious about the headline. Furthermore, the back navigation from an article needs work. The back arrow in the top left does not have good function. It takes a few tries to finally go back. Due to these reasons, I cannot use this app for news. It takes too long to actually scroll through and read what I want because I’m constantly trying to take caution in how I scroll. The feel of the app doesn’t feel high quality unfortunately.
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5 years ago, Mdhhj
Run...Far Away and Stay Away
I was a loyal market watch user till about 5 months ago. The app has constant loading problems on the watchlist and often can’t even retrieve it. When it does come up it will not load any information or asks you to log in....when already logged in. This still does nothing to help. I have reached out to support who suggested I restart the app.....🤨. Since I tried that the first 2 seconds it didn’t work, we then tried clearing the data. This didn’t work either. Also tried reinstalling and no luck. The website isn’t much better either and often crashes on me. Overall this thing is a once great tool turned piece of garbage with 0 to negligible support. Oh and it took them over a week to get back to my first inquiry. I called and then was told someone will be with me soon. A week later I received an email that solved nothing. So if you’d like to invest and then play the “Hope nothing is wrong” game, go with market watch for tracking. 3/10, D+ app
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3 years ago, just giving facts sorry
Honest review
From an individual who floats in the middle of politics this app while proving the stocks information for the most part also dabbles way too much into the political aspect. They show extreme bias towards conservatives and use terms like radical czar and other terms to make the republicans look bad but try to use the democrats as a positive platform even though the markets have been Fading under biden even the logical stocks that should go up under him are dropping yet they keep pushing like he is fixing things. The whole point being this app should provide stock data not dabble in the whole cnn fox what’s real or fake news shenanigans. Stick to the market and stop being bias. I recommend anyone who tried or does use this to switch to their stock ticker on the iPhone or any other app that isn’t politically bias and gives good information.
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5 years ago, TechGoose
App falls way short of potential
This app has all the ingredients to be something good: stock prices news analysis and more. Unfortunately, they managed to foul up the train wreck: Half the news stories are celebrity gossip, not market news. It is difficult to browse headlines on this app, they feed you the stories they want you to see them only those stories. For every story that they do provide, it is buried in 40 or 50 Clickbait ads. Search results are very poor. It’s difficult to go back if you click on the wrong thing. In short, I hate this app. It is frustrating to use for anything other than following one or two stocks or indexes.
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2 years ago, ThAdEa82
Far left bias
I usually enjoy reading about what challenges people face in proseprous and difficult economic times and try to offer a broader perspective commenting on articles. What Ihave been seeing is a large campaign inside “the moneyist” and “the advicer” segments to generally promote far left student loan cancellation article after article. People can have their opinions, but it seems too frequent to dismiss. A lot of the articles seem like shams anymore with people making 100k a year struggling to survive paying $800/mo which is split with his gf. I mean really! I even saw one where the writer recommended a guy pay the minimum on his student loans. This is outright irresponsible “financial advice”. I have commented on their boards and have been repeatedly censored. There is a deeper agenda going on here.
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2 years ago, kevin04041981
No longer free
The new 7.0 version did more than fix a few bugs. Access to MarketWatch news articles are no longer. This is an unfortunate and regrettable change. I was an avid reader of MarketWatch news. Maybe if average incomes were increasing in America it would be appropriate to consider a small subscription fee. But, we are in the middle of skyrocketing inflation and many Americans wages are not increasing or keeping up with rising inflation. I will look to BAHA and other free sites for market news. This is goodbye MarketWatch. I have no patience for greedy business models. Ads should have been enough. Requiring subscription fees for news articles is a bridge to far.
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3 years ago, Successboy
Less-biased news and free, useful, push notifications
This app is for young and adult professionals who know how life works, are moderately to heavily experienced in investing, and need business news quickly. The push notifications are the best. Would probably be dry to those who are highly-partisan, but they have tons of other options. Please keep doing what you do, MarketWatch! Resist the urge to “go left” like all other popular media publications. Has been one of my top investing-news apps other than IBD & StockTwits.
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2 years ago, John Lakeman
Arbitrary and indiscriminate censorship practices
I am writing to bring to your attention the fact that the Dow Jones publication MarketWatch blatantly and indiscriminately censors their users. I posted several comments that were clearly in line with their community guidelines and had them rejected indiscriminately. My comments were civil and factual, but apparently did not please their editorial staff. I immediately requested that they delete my account. I do not support the suppression of our freedoms of thought and expression in any way. I am bringing this to your attention because censorship on many social media platforms appears to be rampant and must be brought to the public’s attention if our hard-fought freedoms are to be preserved. Respectfully.
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6 years ago, Strider-T
Very good, but could be better
This site is dedicated to finances and financials. Most of the articles are themed that way and I do pick up valuable insights. So often however, the information is so laced with slanted political hatred, that it becomes difficult to filter. A macro-view was that a year-ago, nearly every article believed the market to be overpriced and that the US market would be harmed by the President. I still find I have to filter the site's info way too often.
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2 years ago, l00t3d
Fix the login issues
At times the app will work fine, no issue with logging in, commenting, etc. Then without fail the app will claim you’re signed in but fails to let you post or rate commentary. You sign out, sign back in, get the confirmation you’re logged in and get the “sign up to post” button instead of “post”. Extremely frustrating to want to engage in the conversation but can’t due to bugs. Not sure how large the app team is but they should address the login issue sooner than later otherwise I’m going back to SeekingAlpha.
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3 years ago, Zachary Kniebel
Awesome if you want to know the future they’re selling
These guys amazingly post articles about price drops that haven’t even happened yet! This future telling skill would be excellent for learning lotto numbers in advance, but NOOOOOOO! MarketWatch only uses their magic future-telling skills when a hedge fund asks them to help them manipulate a stock and drive the price down by spreading fear about a fictional sell off before it even happens. You can change the publish dates and times on your articles all you want. We all saw them when they published, we can see the original dates and times and we won’t forget. Get your news somewhere else. These guys are sellouts.
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7 years ago, nkerr
Lousy. Updated
When you open the app you can see stories but when you click on a story you get a red warning message that this story cannot be opened at this time try again later. It has happened multiple times over multiple days. **I use a VPN on my iPhone and found if I shut it off the app works fine. I would say though it should work with a VPN as I often are connected to free Wi-Fi and it becomes a security risk to have phone exposed. I have found I don't use the app unless I am in trusted WiFi environment**
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1 year ago, malibupete
Don’t sign up for the bundle.
I have signed up for the Wall Street Journal market watching Barrons bundle and canceled my print subscriptions. What a waste of my time as none of it works properly even after three telephone calls to customer service. If your life is working as it is, don’t change, it will hate yourself you’re trying to save a few dollars. This is coming from someone who would never take the time to write a bad review and is now taking this I have to do so.
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5 years ago, valid words
Business News with a Slant
MarketWatch’s page is second to none. But you do consistently get business news with a slant. If the market goes down, it will consistently be reported as Trump’s fault. When it does go up it will never be reported to his credit, but rather spite of him. Once you understand that Trump never does anything good, you will begin to understand the market the way MarketWatch wants you to see it. A great page, but it is reporting with an agenda, and by this point in time only the totally blind are still drinking that kool-aid.
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3 years ago, RFV's Crazy Pat!
Get Same Information as website except..
If they added the “Listen to article” on the app that would be the best! Great for people on the move all day. I could bookmark some articles at night and play them during the day while I’m driving. I can get the iPhone to read out the page but it’s no where near as good as your “Listen to article”!
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2 years ago, Reddacted.66
this is why people hate the media
It is quite simple to understand why people totally hate the media, and why it is their own fault. If the goal of this app is to give people the most up to date news on the January 6th commission and Donald Trump investigations (critical news that the public desperately needs to be notified about immediately) then they are totally nailing it. To the effect of literally providing WAY MORE notifications related to that then any news related to markets, commodities, crypto, etc. what so ever. Nobody is saying January 6th isn’t a big deal but we don't need a stock market app telling us about what they think white supremacy looks like. An absolute clown show.
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3 years ago, mks0125
Paying for MW
I’ve been a fan for many years. It’s really frustrating that MarketWatch constantly asks me to pay to review articles. I’m a financial professional and find it ridiculous that MarketWatch has started this subscribe to view article predicament. Morningstar does not charge for articles or financial information. It’s disappointing MW has taken this approach. I think you should change your strategies. I also don’t like some of the extremely liberal opinions your editors write about In their articles. Most people in the financial world are conservative and please keep that in mind. Cheers!
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4 years ago, Indijinouz
Needs a section on earnings estimates revision trend for each year for individual stocks and the sp500 as well the earnings surprise history Needs a section for each stock that lists links to all the latest developments for a stock or firm. Eg. Analyst revisions of eps or target prices or ratings, news, investor sentiment, analysts sentiment, institutional sales, volume traded at gain/volume traded at loss trend, open aggregate bid volume/open aggregate offer volume trend, avg open bid price/avg open ask price trend
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4 years ago, frothy bubbles
Flipboard fine tuning on content
Hi guys Last time I gave you 5 stars - this time only 3 I’m seeing that your writers are increasingly including their opinions and point of view in articles I want to understand and learn about. So now I have to research the author to form an informed opinion on their qualifications. Can you just do a fact based article and an accompanying fact based article from the authors POV. Then let me choose which I want read. I am wasting time researching all these people I have no desire to know. Flipboard lets me mute sites out of the feed ( really, who needs the reviews of one star meals in New Zealand). There are authors you have that are emoting and signaling in articles that seem to be nothing more than a POV attached to some random tweet Really, give me an option where a neutered bot write the content You can reduce the drama, signaling and advocacy in some of your content Best Regards
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3 years ago, KAubuchon
Can't even login (for years)
It had been a year so I tried again. Still unable to authenticate using login with a google account in the iOS app. Google login works fine on the website. Although the legacy watchlist is slated for decommissioning. Not worth it to open a 2nd account to migrate my watch list; rather put that time into switching to a competitor.
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3 years ago, sm45184
MarketWatch is one of the most reliable news platforms!
MarketWatch is an easy read of the most ‘up to date’ investing ideas and market trends. Their articles, undoubtedly, advocate the best concepts to negotiate investing in our changing financial environment. Over time, MarketWatch has proved their credibility by apparently vetting their sources. I appreciate the MarketWatch accurate approach in supporting good financial journalism!
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3 years ago, matt tiberias
Very Fishy
Today Market Watch posted an article about the sudden plummet of GME —about 20 minutes before it even happened. Google it. Check out Reddit for. Screenshots and links to the article. How could Market watch post an article of a drop from $348 to $172 before it even happened. Seems like Market Watch is in the tank for the Hedge Funds...not at alll concerned about the every-man-retail customer like you and me. Oh, and btw, there was no reporting on the fact that GME climbed out of that massive dip into the green by the end of the day! There seems to be a real lack of integrity at Market Watch. Beware of what you read on MW, they don’t have your best interest in mind.
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3 years ago, Jake753
Used to be better
My ETrade account links it’s financial news to this app and while it has some occasional informative pieces, for the most part the info is available elsewhere and of late, the ratio of political pieces with little to no financial content has become nearly 50/50. Consequently I’ve turned off notifications from the app and at some point will likely delete it. When a site develops a distinctly biased political viewpoint you wonder how unbiased their financial news is. They’d be better off if they just stuck to watching the “market.” Or change the name to PoliticalWatch.
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4 years ago, Jay4ster
Good app, does have small issues
Great app, small issues though - 1) I’ve been getting the same notifications twice, would love to only get them once as intended...2) I tried to report problem #1 and when you hit app support in the App Store, it just takes you to Market Watch website to download the app with no support options. Kind of missing the boat entirely on that now I write a review in hopes they see these problems and fix them.
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6 years ago, rifarah
Annoying rating request message
The app really deserve better rating but I wanted to give it 3 stars just because of annoying rating pop up I think that choosing may be later means that you want to do it later not on the next screen , I have been bombarded with this message more than 5 times during less than 10 min while using the app and I wanted to choose to postpone it since I wanted to give a really meaningful feedback once I use the application for a longer period of time
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6 years ago, peezy f
Good but still not fully functional on IPhone X
The app is great for the Dina aspects but the display covers the entire iPhone X screen. For example the menu button is superimposed over the clock in the upper left corner making it not clickable. Also when you select a date range in the detailed charts the drop-down works but you can’t select any other time frame except one day. Overall I like the app but hoping this gets fixed in the next update.
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1 week ago, ssmiura
Love the free version
I love pretty much everything about Market Watch except for the ads between the news articles. When reading in dark, those large pictures are so bright it bugs my mind. I hope the pay version has no ads or commercials. They’re just distractions. I just want to get wrapped up in the article I’m reading. Without the ads or commercials, I’d have given it five stars.
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8 months ago, DaveMac605
MarketWatch is Excellent
I turn to this publication each morning and check futures each evening. I thoroughly enjoy the many authors and opinions expressed. This is a fairly unbiased source of news in todays totally biased media array of opinions masked as news. I would be much happier though if I were unbanned and could occasionally offer or read opinions in the comment section.
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5 years ago, Tish&Cholla
Sound and up to the minute information!
I have just begun reading Market Watch News. I am very appreciative of all the wonderful retirement finance information. Political informations seems unbiased. How great to be able to access of the comings and goings of Netflix by the month! I continue to look forward to the availability of this reliable information! Thank you!!
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3 years ago, dkaf;askdfj
Your website allows derogatory and disrespectful comments about former presidents, and yet eliminates any that want to rebut them.I believe your website is not about free speech but about censorship. Your stories are cherry picked and rarely if anytime report the disgraceful and outrageously dangerous decisions made by this current administration. In the old world we would call that a “hack”. Open borders, an economy that’s going into collapse, rising inflation and a horrible foreign policy agenda. This president not only lies but has a son that is currently under several investigations. And yet there isn’t one peep from Market Watch. I wonder why?
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3 years ago, GMEdiamantehands
The staff at marketwatch proved they are a bunch of big money shills, there are several corroborating sources including several trading apps and WeBull customer service that this article about GME dropping 40% came long before it actually dropped and while it was in fact up 100$ dollars on the day. Hurr durr can you say “market manipulation”? The younger generation knows how to use the internet better than these snakes, it was very easy to find out. Last time I ever use any of your services or products after watching a coordinated manipulation crime happen before my eyes. Sorry not sorry.
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2 years ago, Hockey's life
Good when it not turning my phone into a flame
I love this app, it gives me great details in an easy and organized way. The problem I have is I can’t use it for more than 90 seconds before my phone turns into an oven and everything dies. My phone will freeze, I can’t close the app (or any app for that matter), and I lose like 30% power all in this 2 minute span, but I have a newer iPhone so I don’t understand. Love the app, but it kills my phone
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3 months ago, bevinbhandler
Find news elsewhere.
I misclicked on two articles upon making my account, and now they want me to “pay for subscription”, despite there being ads throughout the app. Not a terrible app as far as usability and it being pretty user friendly. As well as appearing like a well built app. I just can’t get over you wanting me to pay a subscription for an article that will have ads on it as well. Money hungry………. It’s unfortunate too because your writers seem talented in the two articles I misclicked. Guess I will never know unless I give you my $$$……….
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2 years ago, HippoGryffith
The Verdict is in.
Yet another Stock news service that unjustifiably limits the number of articles you can read before paying up, as if the ads all over didn’t generate enough revenue. Let it be known that there are numerous other ways to monetize news services besides this anti-consumer, anti-journalistic subscription model. Just like any other 1-star that I give, this is after extensive use of the app, only posted in the face of a glaring issue, and the review will not be updated until this is specifically changed to be more user friendly.
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4 years ago, Pablo Deniro
President - CIO
MW has turned into an arena for zit faced kids shooting political spit wads at one another. The intellectual laziness of the writers is breathtaking. Very little news or educational value and zero entertainment value. I’m still amazed at the negativity and political bias with many pieces each week. A once promising platform of informed opinion and financial news has devolved into politically biased drivel.
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3 years ago, frantzhater
Market watch manipulated the market
Market watch is a pen for hedge funds. They manipulate the market by writing articles about stocks crashing, before the stock actually crashes. They are also so dumb, they time stamp their scam article an hour before it even happens, post the article, realize they screwed up, go back and try to change it, and don’t realize their own site just changed it to an update and keeps the original time stamp. 🤣🤣🤣 don’t download their app, don’t trust anything they say. They are in the hedge funds pockets trying to deter people from a stock that’s killing the hedges. Take warning!
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Market Watch Rocks
I enjoy reading market watch daily! Or until they cut me off because I don’t pay for it! I especially like reading the questions from people about their retirement finances. Dear MW I have two million in my 401k, I’m divorced but I own my home and pay no alimony. Do you think I can retire when I turn 65 next year? PATHETIC!!
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3 years ago, Drbootsncats
First to break news
I’m excited about this app. They have the inside track on big money moves in the market before it’s reflected in the price. Sounds like they can post about major drops 15-20 minutes before drops actually happen. Being able to get ahead of big money moves is a valuable tool for individual investors.
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7 years ago, DR---Y
Use all of the time.
Overall ok. Main complaints are: stock prices in watchlist do not really update. Frequently, watch list will not load. App takes a long time to open. Crashes and have to sign out and sign back in. Hard to believe I am only person with this issue. Have deleted and reinstalled, updated, same thing.
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2 years ago, What, again!
Watch List Frustration
I carefully enter my Watchlist, only to be told time and again I have no Watchlist. Occasionally my Watchlist appears when requested just as I entered it, confirming that it exists. The random and unpredictable appearance of my Watchlist is frustrating to the point that I am searching for an alternative financial website.
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3 years ago, Bob6868
Helpful App
Overall very useful with lots of information readily accessible in one place. I liked it better when you had the actual number of points the major indices moved up or down on the opening page - not just the percentages. Not sure why you changed it to just list the percentages. Please change it back. Thanks.
Show more
2 years ago, ATyberius
Market Watch
I’ve had some ongoing issues with logging into my account, but it seems that the people at Market Watch are very goodIt is broken .at resolving the issues expediently. I only gave them two stars because I have had the same issues for weeks or months.
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9 months ago, JPinko47
News I can use
Many “news” sources exist, but quantity is not quality. This site provides accurate, timely reports about market activity that provide useful facts and focused reporting. No article tries to cover everything in detail but simply enough to inform choices that lead to actions. No fluff pieces or celebrity profiles. No Disney/Marvel puff pieces.
Show more
4 years ago, HawkerDoc
Family practice physician
I really don’t understand your liberal leaning criticism of our President. My patients feel they are better off than they have been for many years. Be careful what you wish for, our country is really doing well, let’s hope it doesn’t return to a “nanny state” or worse socialism. Thanks for your hard work to keep us informed. Mike M
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4 years ago, GourManda
HUGE glitch renders this useless
I downloaded this app with high hopes and started adding my stocks. After only a few entries, the app refused to add any other, allow me to add a new watchlist, rename old watchlist, and then kept looping me into a login cycle, even though I was already logged in. At that point it wouldn’t even display the few stocks I had added! I tried seeing if the problem was isolated to one phone or one OS, but BOTH iPhones (one a 2020 release, the other an old SE, one the latest OS, the other an older OS) and it wouldn’t work on EITHER. PLEASE TROUBLESHOOT!!
Show more
3 years ago, Ryan 156
Each article leaves out vital information to develop a well-rounded opinion. The only reason I use this app is to watch the futures and after-market of stocks. Do not use this as a source of credible journalism. It is heavily biased supporting the leftist agenda and the comments in each article support this. Please use this app with an open mind and research further before coming to conclusions. Two stars for stock reliability; but only two due to the lack of information provided in every article.
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