Marquette Bank Mobile Banking

2.5 (102)
100.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Marquette Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Marquette Bank Mobile Banking

2.51 out of 5
102 Ratings
3 years ago, Boyjoege
Been having this app for 2 years. Fix your glitches
For a bank that claims to be independent and different it gets really old when they can’t fix this stupid app. Numerous numbers of your customers and people are sick of dealing with this goofy and glitched out app. People getting locked out from their accounts, 3 times I gotta get face verified, logging me out, error codes. FIX THIS
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3 years ago, Kobby0
Regularly okay
I mean, it’s not super great but it’s definitely not bad. A whole lot more user-friendly than Chase and Bank of America put together!! Sometimes there are issues but they can usually be solved by turning your phone off and turning it back on again. I do wish the app had more functionality for example chat feature to chat with agents.
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1 year ago, gghj hv
I’ve been with this bank for almost 5 years
there trash they don’t help with what there supposed to they give you the run arounds and if your card and stuff get stolen they won’t give you your refund they don’t work with you at all and they close accounts without communicating with you I would never recommend this bank to anyone not even my worst enemy I only stayed with them for so long because this was my first bank and I didn’t no much about banks but now I do and I’m glad to say I’m no long with this waste of time/trash
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1 year ago, Aloram2
Service !
Went to Marquette bank today for a gift card I won and left out the door with a gift card and a new account! Really good service Chris was really nice and talked to me about everything I needed to know and answered all my questions! Really nice big space really good service.
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1 year ago, nickname9001245$&
The app works fine, Zelle is the one giving me a hard time with it keeps telling me I have to sign out then back in in order to access the features which I have multiple times and still haven’t been able to use it!
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2 years ago, SparrowShan
Works fine, but could be better
The app itself works fine, but there are a few things I’d love to see added. It would be great if we could customize the order in which the accounts show in the main screen. I’m a signer on accounts for my Mother, husband and children besides my own and it would be to helpful if I could reorganize the order or make a note on which account is which.
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5 years ago, myUnerringAdvic3
#1 at worst signing in experience
The app itself is fine. We are able to complete all functions expected of online banking experience. Now that’s IF you can actually sign in to use it. We’ve enabled Touch ID, doesn’t matter. Forces changing password at ridiculously short intervals (like weeks). Then tells you it’s the wrong password anyway. Locked out. I’ve been with Marquette for 20 years & I'm seriously considering making the jump to a stronger infrastructure based bank. It’s beyond annoying.
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3 years ago, DRM2345
Terrible app terrible bank
The app is terrible I’m going to leave this bank because of it. I need access to account info and that is being denied me by the bank. It’s not the app. It’s the .
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1 month ago, Ghostsgshskf
A huge problem
Now on two occasions I go into Friday evening with money in my account and my pack check in my hand. Get locked out of the app, can’t get ahold of customer support until monday morning. Can’t deposit my check until Monday morning. By Sunday night I’m $30 negative and Marquette bills me $35 for every swipe of the card once you’re negative. So now they’ve held your finances hostage for a weekend
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4 years ago, appappapl
Ok already
The app wants to show you upon signing in what’s new. How long is the app going to show why’s new. It’s been 6 months upon signing in that it repeats let’s see what’s new and I have to Close it to continue to my normal banking. Enough already. Enough already. Enough already. It isn’t new anymore
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2 years ago, help me post this
Main screen
I don’t like that my account totals are on the main screen. Anyone around me to see all that I have. It would be better to choose an account and then see the info.
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5 years ago, let me submit my review
A lot of sign-in errors
If the app isn’t saying that your password is incorrect (even after verifying on the website that it is in fact correct), it’s saying that the network isn’t available or something like that. It’s such a chore to use especially when I’m trying to look at my balance or make a mobile deposit
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4 years ago, Derrick pp. 101
To many issues lately
The app use to be perfect. But then after adding zelle it slowly started having issues. From taking forever to long me in to noe saying I’m using the wrong password. So annoying and when it does work zelle takes forever to load. This needs a new update fast to fix login and loading issues
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3 years ago, MeHilly
This app is the WORST
About once a month, the app does not recognize sign-in and have to call and get it rectified. No one at Marquette Bank seems to know why this happens, but the same thing happens to my son. In the meantime, it also locks me out of regular online banking because of too many failed attempts to sign in on the app. Super frustrating, don’t waste your time.
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2 years ago, LouWestin
Zelle settings missing
App does not give me the option to remove an old email from Zelle.
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3 years ago, Postalnut10
Works for me.
I’ve had my share of login trouble. Face ID not working currently. Overall I’ve been able to do what I need to within the app.
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6 years ago, R24B1987
Fix Your Deposit Limit
Absolutely ridiculous that the maximum one-time check deposit limit is $2,500. Sure, you can deposit $5,000 over a three day period, but what good is that for someone depositing a payroll check? Numerous other banks offer SIGNIFICANTLY higher deposit limits. Will be looking to change banks if Marquette can’t get with the program.
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4 years ago, JackZabilka
Really Poor App
It’s basically a roll of the dice whether I am going to be able to sign into my account to check my balance. Really frustrating if you ever needed to freeze your card or see if suspicious actions have been happening to your account.
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1 year ago, Jeffiner77
Mobile App
This application is the easiest as a new Apple user I was very happy.
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11 months ago, Carrington Woods
Dark mode
Please make a dark mode for this app. Allow it to follow system settings please. Thanks
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3 years ago, Erick 4708
Doesn’t remember sign in
App doesn’t recognize Face ID, nor does it remember your sign in. Even with the right credentials it doesn’t let you log in
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4 years ago, Pattricia L
The app never works. It locks your account because it doesn’t recognize your login information then you have to call costumer service to have them unlock your account. It is a headache
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3 years ago, Julie222222
Face ID
With the latest update that came out, Face ID no longer works.
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5 years ago, Mod6969
This app is just horrible. Idk how many times it won’t let me sign in but it does it a lot and it’s very annoying when you are just trying to access your bank account.
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3 years ago, rrywuuiooooo
Not good
Locked me out of my account after saying my password was wrong when my password was definitely correct. App seems very outdated. Not like any other online bank app I’ve used.
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6 years ago, ricky whatnameisnttaken?
Currently down
Will not let you open the app screen is stuck on “downloading updates” been like this for hours now what a joke time to switch banks
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6 years ago, gannon4
App not sending text
Still waiting for my app to be fixed a week later no responses to me can’t send text att repair Linda says they didn’t block any short coded texts checked verified what is up
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4 years ago, Isiah Foster
Keeps logging me out
I logged in to check my account and it logs back out before I can finish. Also it keeps sending me security codes every time I log in
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1 year ago, Fbiphonechic
Great App
The app is frictionless utilizing Face ID and remembering my user ID. Love it
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4 years ago, Mike0427G
Love the Bank but App might be a deal breaker
I appreciate the security but I didn’t have a quarter of the problems with other bank apps that I’m having with this one.
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9 years ago, Kepis21
Doesn't work anymore.
Doesn't work on iPhone 6. Screen freezes and can't do anything but exit. Tried a reinstall but no luck.
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4 years ago, Back_to_Basics
My password IS correct! 🤬
It’s so frustrating that you can’t ever log in! No matter what, the app will tell you that you entered the wrong password.
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6 years ago, Wooolymammoth
Since update now doesn’t work says error
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3 years ago, peepavee
what is going on
the app is telling me there is an update required yet when i come to the app store there is no update available to download
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7 years ago, taurizzle
i love the new layout
the new layout design looks so clean and cool! i love it.
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5 years ago, $57(
Hi why can’t I cancel something I sent in error
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4 years ago, abewiwi
Trouble shooting
0014 error... I get it 3/4 of the time I try to log in
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6 years ago, JennSeyy
Bad review. New version not working it all.
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11 years ago, Jyyfdscnm
This app is a total waste but WOULD be useful if it were FIXED. All i wanted was to use it to find ATMs. Well for some odd reason you have to enter an activation number and your phone number. Once i got the number, using the phone and phone number on record, it says that the phone number is "unknown"... Odd because I JUST used it to get this stupid activation number!!! FIX IT PLEASE WILL NOT INSTALL UNTIL FIXED
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8 years ago, NJL1214
Needs one thing
I like the bank along with the app but it could use a selection to freeze my account if something were to happen. Like if I lost my card or wallet.
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12 years ago, Mmy625
Makes banking online fast and easy! Way better than the website!
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12 years ago, Andrie14
Gotta love it
I love banking in Marquette! Everything is free there, not like other banks. Anyways this is another great thing about this bank. Love the App!
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12 years ago, apaco124
Mobile banking....
Just another reason to love banking with Marquette.
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10 years ago, 7egm8
it is nice when it works, but for some reason, it has locked me out of my account twice. it is kind of annoying to call and unlock it.
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9 years ago, 182guy
App doesn't work for iPhone 6
Just got an iPhone 6 and I can open the app, but no cursor pops up to type in my credentials, tried reinstalling and restarting the phone, it's an app problem. PLEASE FIX or have someone recreate your app :/
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9 years ago, Zo_perez
App doesn't work
This app keeps making me mad they do changes for worst every time they update now I can't enter the app ..
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9 years ago, Hac723
Was working fine..
App won't let me type my password in...if I can't log in what good is it? Time to uninstall....
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11 years ago, John McInnes
Come on...
Same problem with activation code/phone number.
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9 years ago, Pumas_Unam_16
Doesnt work
Please fix I cant click anything at all
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11 years ago, Grammietwice
Great APP
Love the app, glad for the update!
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