MARVEL Future Fight

4.5 (79.7K)
1189.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Netmarble Corporation
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MARVEL Future Fight

4.51 out of 5
79.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Clueless09
I love this game it is fun and keeps me entertained. I enjoy almost all of it except for the fact that the Timeline battles are almost ridiculous here’s why I say that: You either are facing someone who is way below your character levels or extremely higher than your character levels, which does take away form the game itself. It gets boring and very upsetting when the timeline battles are way too easy where you knocking the other players out with one hit, or you are the one being beat with one hits. There isn’t a middle ground at least not one that has come my way. Another thing is today alone the game has crashed four times and I have had to redownload three times. That is ridiculous especially since it’s not my devices fault or crappy internet connection, so my question is what the hell is going on, nothing is more aggravating than playing the game doing a mission or a challenge and then have it crash on you and then when you get back on it has to down load the whole game again and even then only to find out you loose energy or time on doing the mission and you don’t get anything from it just a loss of times or energy. Other than those things again the game is great I do enjoy it but if it keeps of on screwing me over I might just give up on Future Fight. Today October 27 got on at 8 had to re download the game again. Exactly just now log on to the game and guess what? Have to download the game again. Tell me why
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3 years ago, i play video games for fun
This game is Great!!
I personally think this game is great but there are a few flaws that I would like to address. First when I started the game I didn’t know how to earn anything and I was just kind of playing the base storyline when there was so much more, this matters because the game doesn’t give you a tutorial on how to see the quests you have earned the game. The only way I found out was literally pressing buttons that had red dots on them. This also goes into my Second flaw there are to many things the game is so clouded with buttons players that are new to this type of game genre wouldn’t know that the red dot usually means you’ve earned something pretty much the game is overloaded with stuff the game doesn’t actually tell you that’s there like the other day I was trying to level up Scream but I didn’t know what I could do to level her up quick, then randomly I press a button I didn’t mean to press and it gave me all the level xp. I needed, this also goes to my Third and final flaw new characters that you unlock do are hard to level up so you never want to use them because you can’t upgrade them from the storyline because the xp only goes to the mane characters so other new characters that you want to try are practically useless if you are going against a high level enemy. But overall I think this game is great and!!
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4 years ago, Konodioda69420
Best marvel game
Wow this game is just perfect because well because most of the cast is so different sure there will be those bad updates that change fun game modes like world boss and alliance conquest needs a lot more reworking and there is Zemo which out of all the cast he is the one who infuriates me the most because in the only game mode he is good at ‘shadow Land’ you can only use him once but there are lots of fun or good charachters that you don’t have to pay for like Sharon Rogers or cap or spider man and not iron fist I mean he is good but not fun compared to the rest of the cast just my opinion .The best thing about this game is the outfits because they are the things that make a charachter better, for example venom by himself or with his zombie outfit is below average in my opinion, but with his ant venom outfit he is really good and makes world boss easier due to the change of his 3rd skill. There is only 2 outfits that I think ruin a charachter first being green goblins ultimate outfit which should count as another charachter due to its abnormally large change in appearance and the vastly different skills but he’s cool. And the most insulting one is blades 70s outfit which changes him barely at all and worst of all costs crystals and blade should get a rework and an actually good outfit in the first place . Overall the game is fun needs a bit of new game modes and that’s all I can say without my fingers getting soar from texting.
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4 years ago, Anjopogs1
Make it great fantastic awesome game
I love this game so much been playing for years Only issues i have I hope they make the game mechanics a little slower and dramatic it feels like youre always chasing time when fighting others its like one click two 3 seconds you dont know what the hell happened or hit you in a blink you see your character dead 🧐😬😳 even the danger room you couldnt see anything just explosion effects just running around and you're dead Make it more dramatic as if you really fighting the enemy and have to overcome them. But really love the game the charaters all detailed just the game mechanics make it a little slower if feels like you are chasing a fly trying to hit it with a newspaper but you cant really see it 🧐😳😒. And do hope they add more characters in the future Shadow King, X-factor, Havok, Polaris, the Brotherhood, The Acolytes, The Nasty Boys, Madelyn Pryor, Hellfire Club Sauron and many many more and pleaseee the timeline battle can we change the enemies we are fighting it keeps rolling over to Kylin, Hercules, Sandman etc. hope we can fight other Characters as well new features and Jeans AoA costume as well as Storm’s White Uniform 🤗🤗🤗 cant wait for more updates to come thank you again developers for this game!
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7 years ago, Lionicre
Best game ever! But...
I have been playing this game since there were about fifteen characters and journalistic integrity was by far the best team ever. Recently I started another account and saw what the new player rewards were. They are insane, not just because they are almost as good as what I have worked so hard on, and even spent real money for, but starting with a ten dollar purchase odor free and ending with two more differnt ten dollar packs it also has some nose supply’s and gives you hero’s journey which used to be one of the worst character selection screens ever now holds captain America, Sharon Rodgers and is now awesome, alongside two 6 star six mastery characters with no effort, and about 8 million gold this is about what I had after years of playing in a week if you are smart. The reason this is four stars is because me as one of the older players in the game haven’t gotten any of it. Dial it down for new players or give that bonus to players who started before that was an option. Before people say I was just bad and that’s why I was no good try doing up to chapter six in missions with a two star captain America and one star iron man and black widow. This was also before striker bonuses whith them so they wouldn’t fly out and hit enemies when playing as a different character, also this was before I was easy to level characters up and before thay gave out exp chips and there was only one iso-8 daily mission entry. That is what I did.
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4 years ago, DarkAngel993
Fix this garbage
I will start off by saying, I really like this game a lot. It's fun to play, but the new character building systems, ctp reforging and card ‘awakening’, is unrealistic unless you happen to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the game every month and will completely destroy the game and frankly, no one wants this garbage. Additionally, this new habit of locking important character upgrades behind a paywall is absurd. Making the occasional paywall that has a t3 or awakening unlock is fine, you have to make money, that’s acceptable. But when you start making 3 full awakening characters but lock all of them behind a single new character that happens to be a paywall and needed for the awakening in the first place, I start having issues with it. It happened in the last update with morbius, moon knight, and Elsa bloodstone, morbius being the paywall character needed in order to awaken not only himself but moon knight and Elsa as well. It would have been one thing if you had given the players morbius at 2 or 3 stars but no, you give us a 2 star scarlet spider instead, which didn’t matter at all since he was easily obtainable, and now it looks like you are repeating the same stupid mistake with spider woman, silk, and spider Gwen, spider woman being the paywall needed to unlock the awakening of all three.... if you don’t stop with all of these idiotic choices, people are going to either stop spending money altogether or they will outright quit playing the game.
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6 years ago, Nenasdoll
My favorite mobile game two years running.
I downloaded this game two years ago and it has proven itself well worth it. It is such an intricate game, so many things to do, want something to follow? Do the story mission. Want to build and upgrade unique characters, the Special missions are here for you. Want to get some of the most memorable comic book covers? Welcome to the the dimension rift. I hate when a game is good but is over quickly, in this game there is just so much to do, so much to get done, bosses to beat, characters to upgrade, uniforms to equip! The admins are ridiculously generous, constantly getting spontaneous gifts from netmarble in your inbox, why? Cause they appreciate you. In alot of games it takes a long agonizing time to make a character good, in Future fight you can bring a fighter from lvl 1 to 40 with ease, and the lvls after that only take slightly longer, still not half as long as in, say, Marvel's Conquest of Champions. Another important issue are games that are practically impossible to get high in without paying, MFF aint like that, so many ways to get energy, exp chips. Everything you need to thrive, for free! I absolutely love this game and would highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, VisionCraft
Good but bad
This game is amazing! It’s really easy from the daily rewards and story mode. Problem is most of the time it’s really easy. The timeline battles are rigged. Kinda just send an OP team, get rid of your abilities for a few seconds and get pulverized. I won ONCE out of 10 times. Keep in mind I lost to ppl with things not even in the tier two. Meanwhile I have full potential Shang-Chi, Tier two Katy, and an almost tier two Wenwu. How!? The world boss is also glitched. When I do an ultimate battle I win easily, but it doesn’t give me rewards. Ebony Maw in the world boss also should be debuffed. He’s invincible for a while and the meteors just end your game. If Shang-Chi couldn’t heal, I would’ve lost. In story mode you can breeze through the first chapter. The second one is quite hard. I still remember being traumatized by the first boss battle of the second chapter. Immediately dead. The security fences make it nearly impossible to even get there. And the boss battle? Insane. You NEED a heal ability or invincibility ability to beat it. Shang-Chi lost about a hundred thousand health. I had to use the heal ability about 8 times due to panic. But that’s all I’ve encountered so far. Overall the game is really good if it weren’t for the glitched.
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6 years ago, Snoke Plissken
Fall From Grace...
Man, this game used to be on point. I mean, really fun to play. I never minded spending money on this game, didn’t even care that almost every new update seemed like a cash grab. Companies have to make a profit to stay afloat. Fine, no worries there. But when you add a new game mode and cannot have your servers work at least 10% of the time, for over a month, I have to draw the line. GBR is a fun mode, but I get disconnected 95% of the time. Wouldn’t be so bad if the rewards weren’t needed to advance characters. I mean, you charge an arm and a leg for most updates but are giving the community something akin to a dial up connection - only for this mode! Everything else is great, barely any problems. If you are going to charge top dollar, I expect top dollar. I don’t expect a response from anyone at this company, unless it’s to tell me to stick around for the next cash grabs. I just want them to invest in their servers like I’ve invested in this game. I don’t feel that’s too much to ask for. Once this is fixed (ha!), I ill gladly give this game the 5 star review it would’ve gotten. This is coming from someone who’s played daily for nearly two years. You will not eat any more of my money and if you actually cared about the community, you would fix the GD servers. It’s not my phone, it’s not the various networks on which I play; it’s you NM. Now please own your mistake and fix it. If not, just shut your doors and shut down all the servers.
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4 years ago, WaitWhatHappnd
Money Hungry Wolves
Been playing this game for over 5 years. Nearly since release. In that time I’ve experienced their numerous updates that focus on making them more money by pandering to the 1% of players who spend hundreds upon thousands of dollars to be the best. Basically they’re one step away from straight up asking for access to our bank accounts. You’d think they’d be more generous considering we’re in the midst of a global pandemic with staggering amounts of unemployment. Yet, even though a large amount of us are struggling to pay rent and bills, Netmarble Monster still wants you to give them a considerable amount of your paycheck or unemployment just for a taste of success in this game. They rarely, if ever, listen to the player base. So, even though a large majority of players are tossing around #BoycottMFF, they literally will not admit they are in the wrong until Bill Rosemann schedules a flight to their offices again... that’s right, again. A second time. For the uninitiated; Bill Rosenann is the Vice President and head of creative at Marvel’s video game division. That’s a high position person to just make time to visit a developer. You know this guy straight up pulled someone’s pants down in that office and began spanking until the point came across. Anyway, don’t bother downloading this game unless you have fat stacks in your bank account. You’d probably get more value out of your money by downright burning it.
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4 years ago, 🐷PorkyFace111🐷
I have been playing this game for longer than I can remember, 3 years at least, since before they added Tier-2 characters and any uniforms for the main Avengers aside from the Age Of Ultron ones. The point, however, is that this game is fun. I enjoyed it back then, and I enjoy it now. While I’m sure that there are people complaining about “pay-to-win”, I have made it over 3 years without spending real money on anything, except for a couple bucks here and there when I want to buy a uniform or two. (Hint: if you need gems, check out Tony Stark’s Stash.) It does take a while to progress sometimes, but that hardly affects my overall opinion of the game. Perhaps the best part is the fantasticly modeled appearances for characters based on the Marvel movies and comics! The one complaint I could possibly come up with is that the uniforms don’t seem to apply to villains in the story. This isn’t that big a deal, but I would prefer to see Loki or Thanos, for instance, in whatever uniform I’ve purchased for them when fighting them, rather than fighting their (usually less than intimidating) standard forms. Overall, though, the game is great and I would highly recommend it!
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4 years ago, king47c
First I like this game a lot but I have sum suggestions like first u guys should let your friends fight you in battles like first the it doesn’t work for me to get friends but if it did they should make a friends battle. Second they should make this so when you search up some ones name you should like make it like u can say I want to trade this or that so like u tap on it and it shows like a hand button I guess don’t know but when u press the button u are allowed to say I want this or this like you can trade any many number of characters and when someone press the button to say I want this u will get a notification and u can ask for this character and they will get a notification so if they both say yes u get it but if one says no then u don’t get it and u can keep the uniforms but just the on u see in the picture and yeah. Third u should had some new characters like characters skins from avengers game on game consoles and u should had one character like Galatus and 2011 miles morales be cause I like miles and Galatus would just be op to fight in fights and yeah and One more thing u should add more characters in the dimension shop and I guess that’s all bye😁😁😁😁😁
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2 years ago, deathknightmar49
Good game/Add Green Goblin 6th Skill
Add Controller Support for 6th & 7th Skill • Daily 20 Biometrics and Daily 20 X Genes should be combined • Add Team 6 • Why Does Destroyers Awakened Skill say Skill 6 when there’s no 5th skill did somebody forget how to count? • Bring Deadpool Back to the Meta • Don’t do Paywall Uniforms For Non Paywall Characyers • Daily 20 Biometrics/X-Genes should be able to be bought with crystals • CCF Drop rates should be increased • add Gorr.• Mandalay Gem Fragments are too hard to get • Premium Characters’ Uniforms should not need Biometrics to level up gear • There Should be some $5 pack where you get a premium characters amount if biometrics/x gene needed for a tier 2 • Add GBR auto play if you’re gonna put it in Daily Challenges • More Deadpool Speech Bubbles • Add Punisher T-3 that works well with Cosmic Ghost Rider Uniform. • Rocket/Groot awakened • Add Ego GBR • Add Game mode where you play World Boss until you die like a survival version• Suggested Characters/Uniforms • Spider-Ham • Kaine Scarlet Spider • VenomPool • Taskmaster 2002 • Astonishing Cyclops • Movie Wolverine • Morlun • The Hood • T-Ray • Riot • Lasher • Phage • Agony • Toxin • Classic Thanos • Magus • Kang The Conqueror • Sauron • Doppelgänger • Captain Carter • Movie Wolverine • Movie Deadpool • Hit-Monkey • Annhilus • Super Skrull • Khonshu • Bushman • Us Agent • Shocker • Old Man Logan • Nightmare • Shuma-Gorath • Omega Red • Silver Samurai • Mar-Vell
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4 years ago, woodgurubflo
Best game out there!
So I wrote my first review on a mobile game just a week ago and that being this one. It was a negative review due to some changes that came with the latest update. And you will see some other reviews around this time being very negative. How they were originally going to launch the update was looking very bad causing you to spend a lot of money to keep up with it. The players spoke out about it, let MFF know how we felt and they made some significant changes before the official launch of the update. I’m very pleased with how things are now. The thing is you do in this game , like any other competitors mobile game, need to spend some amount of money if you want to have an advantage and progress quicker than other players and that’s what the new system offers. I don’t see why if one person spends money they should progress at the same level for a player who doesn’t. That would remove the motive to spend money at all. So there are some salty players out there but I wouldn’t listen to them. This is a great game and if your interested give it a try and see for yourself.
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3 years ago, Dviewer
Its great except
This game is definitely entertaining. Has a vast selection of marvel characters that aren't relatively mainstream and the developers definitely prove they are hardcore marvel fans. Game even has great costumes. Where it lacks however, is the grinding. Now I know.. this is a mobile game. I get that. But that said, I still feel even for a mobile game, the grind in its current state is a ridiculous. I mean C’mon, 1 measly biometric for defeating a world boss? Who’s AI is tougher than regular battles and it takes a very strong team to rack up the points needed for one simple biometric. When in most cases, they require at least 10-20 sometimes more to unlock a level one 1 star rank character. Not to mention you only get 5 wins a day. So you cant even obtain said character same day. And trying to do an epic quest story isn't even possible quickly unless you spend real money because you cant use your gems to skip because you need at least 6-8k gems and getting gems is practically impossible to obtain in this game at a reasonably fast pace. Very much designed to be pay to win but in the most shameless ways. Make the grind more worth it and more rewarding, and I’ll give a 4-5 star rank. I love the game, I love the characters, I love the costumes, I love the game modes. But the grind? Forget it.
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6 years ago, PJ Khaled253
It’s a good game, but it could be better
First off this game is good, the controls are smooth, the co-op play is smooth, the graphics are nice, the events are fun, the story is epic, BUT! The difficulty in the story later on is just way too hard especially for those who are Free To play players, this game is relies too much on resources you could barely get on a daily unless you purchase expensive bundles just to get Crystals, Biometrics, Gold, Rank Up tickets, Tier up Tickets, Exp Boost, etc. It just has too much resources that players need to rely on just to upgrade and make ONE character out of many strong, and then they have to stick to that one specific character for higher level events or story sections. This game has potential IF it wasn’t money hungry, because if you want to survive in this game and want to accomplish alot then you really have to buy your way, so for that I put 3 stars. Netmarble, you guys need to nerf the resources needed to upgrade characters and tier them up, and equally nerf some of the stages especially the Giant Boss Raid you guys added in. That mode is nearly impossible to pass for Free To Play players and this game is hard to enjoy with so much resources we need to rely on and save just to upgrade one character. It is a good game, but it could be better.
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5 years ago, Conjob2084
Less Gatcha and More Freedom of Choice!
You can get a lot done quickly in this game and there’s a lot of freedom of choice when it comes to choosing your heroes. It also starts you off very nicely with a team that ranks up very quickly. I would say when choosing characters maybe look at shard rewards in the story quests to see how quickly their growth will be early on. There doesn’t seem to be a huge disparity in character power. Like so far I haven’t found that any are truly trash. My only complaint is that there’s a lot to learn about gear and equipment that you have to figure out on your own and it’s kind of frustrating. Also it’s really hard to get a character to tier 2, but honestly, that’s not a huge complaint simply because I feel like certain aspects of character advancement should be difficult and it doesn’t really seem to be hidden behind a paywall, just perseverance. Like all freemium games, it would be easier and quicker if you spent real monies, but I’m not yet feeling the pressure to do so. I’m not sure I ever will given that I don’t mind level grinding since there are a lot of play options and modes. I’ll never be elite, but I’m not really worried about that.
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7 years ago, DweltPancake669
Pretty Good
This game is pretty good I’m a huge marvel fan so I expected to like this game. There are some problems with it though. Most of the problems with this game I don’t care about (and there’s still very few of them) but there’s 2 I want to mention. First there’s still some very popular characters missing from the game, like Deadpool or the Fantastic 4 and Colossus are all missing from the game. Second is how you get characters (ish). It’s that chest or whatever that you get characters out of. Sure it’s nice wondering which character you’ll get, but if you’ve been trying get a character for a while and you really have your heart set on that character, you’re gonna be pretty frustrated and you’ll probably use a lot of your money just to get one character. And this issue can be fixed so easily, if you just take away the mystery chest or whatever it’s called and make a new way to get characters. So that’s my review and let me just say, this game has its issues, but those issues are very minor for the most part especially compared to how fun it can be and I’d suggest you check it out (it was probably annoying how many times I said the word characters wasn’t it).
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4 years ago, OUBoomer85
The self-destruction of Netmarble
I use to love this game, it’s something that I would play everyday, I would look forward to every update that came out. I would not only invest my time but also my money. Netmarble has gotten out of control with how unbalanced this game is. I would literally spend a few hundred dollars on this game every month and you might think wow that’s a lot, crazy in fact but honestly that cost doesn’t give you much of anything and it’s not only that, but the rewards I get don’t compare to the amount of time I spend playing. I don’t have every character maxed out or even leveled up all the way. I’m not angry I get that it’s a business and there just trying to make money and that’s one thing but this is just greedy and again I truly enjoy playing this game but I’m questioning everything. This new update isn’t just going to cost the players hundreds but tens of thousands of dollars to keep up with every month. It’s just honestly not realistic on any level regardless if you are a veteran or brand new player.
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7 years ago, Clifford135
I’ve been playing and paying for this game for over two years now, and it has been exceptionally fun, until now. They have locked new characters behind an RNG loot box that will make these new characters impossible to upgrade unless you spend thousands of real dollars on a gambling system. As you can see their 4.5+ rating has gone down quite dramatically for a game with such a dedicated player base. It’s even more shocking when you see them trying to bribe us with almost 2000 crystals so we can “try” the loot box for free, we do not want your crystals, we want a fair way to get these characters, I don’t care how much they cost crystal or real money wise as long as it’s not behind a GAMBLING SYSTEM. This game has been in the top 10 grossing apps for idk know how long now so money is not an issue, we know they have been making plenty. The fact that this is happening now so soon after the EA scandal and the MCoC stuff just makes us feel like they are not paying attention to what’s happening in their industry and it’s honestly a very disappointing let down to all marvel fans. DISNEY I SEE YOU TRYING TO RUIN KIDS WITH GAMBLING ADDICTIONS FIRST WITH BATTLEFRONT AND NOW THESE MARVEL TITLES.
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5 years ago, JediGamerEK
Sicko Mode
My favorite mobile game (which happened to also be a Netmarble game) was shut down in March (Star Wars: Force Arena), but luckily, about a year prior, my friend found and introduced me to this game. Since Force Arena’s shutdown, this game has taken my #1 spot for mobile games. I’ve tried to see other Marvel games, but none of them appear to be nearly as fun as this. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that I enjoy this game so much, as Netmarble was behind this game and Force Arena. The gameplay is fun, it never gets tiresome. I play this game almost daily. The character progression is really satisfying as well. Now, like all games do, this game has some flaws. The graphics aren't the greatest, though this is expected with a mobile game, and the graphics still compare better to many mobile games. Also, once you get further in the game, it’s harder to obtain rewards. Those are my only two flaws with the game. Overall, the game is fun and satisfying to play, and may be the reason I haven’t given up on mobile games since Force Arena’s shutdown. Netmarble just lacks the ability to disappoint!
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6 years ago, Joker and batman arkham
Good game but.....
Amazing gameplay and overall style of the game! I love it! But There’s one enormous problem. Why is there a mandatory “update” every single time you open the app? The “update” is huge. It’s over half a gig of space and I am now out of space on my entire phone. And every time it says it’s “updating” something, nothing has changed in the game. Everything is exactly the same so why is it “updating”? Please change this because I really do like this game and I’d love to play it without it causing me to lose all space on my phone and eventually not being able to play the game at all because it won’t “update” because I’m out of space on my phone. Other than that huge problem this game would’ve had 5 stars for me. Outstanding game! Just one huge problem. [Edit] I still have the same problem as of this day. But to make matters even worse, the game is now unplayable for me. I’ll go in and it’ll download an “update” for 20+ minutes and then right as it gets to the end it says “insufficient memory, cannot download ‘update’” so I can never, ever, ever play this game again unless it is fixed. I’d love to play the game but as of right now it is unplayable for me no matter what sadly. PLEASE fix this.
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4 years ago, Shiniholum
To Fall From Grace Yet Again
It seems like the game is just impossible to remain good each year without some stupid controversy by their own design. It was Live Timeline battles, the Gambling for the Ultimates, and now the Reforging. It so hilariously tone deaf because we have been asking for improvements for the card system, for CTPs to be more accessible, for new challenging fights and it is insane to me how they bungled all that up. Fans have been asking for almost 4 years for Spider-Woman to join the game, for there to be a Symbiote themed update (especially around Halloween), and prior to the APK revealing just how messed up the Reforging is I was super excited for this update! I was so pumped to be getting a symbiote themed update; getting upgrades for Venom and Carnage, other characters getting symbiote themed uniforms, Knull as a new boss, and all that in an October update. I was so excited during the initial sneak peaks and all of that excitement is now gone. I was starting to budget to spend more money on this game for Black Friday, I was looking at doubling the amount I spent last year because I was so impressed with the rest of this years focus on comic book based events that I was super happy to spend again but after this update I can not give any more money to this incredibly greedy company. They have burned this bridge yet again and it’s sad.
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5 years ago, ign-General Dream
Great game
If I’m being honest then this is a great game. I will admit I have taken some breaks from the game. A few months or a few weeks. Only because I play this game so much. Nonstop playing if this game with great character mechanics. The characters and their uniforms are simple fantastic. It looks physically appealing to look at. Most of the skills are also physically appealing to use. The way it is set up is a masterpiece. I have been playing this game for years and my friends still “bully or make fun of me in a way like friends do” but non of them have even downloaded the game. When I got one of my friends to download it he loved the game. However he didn’t play it to long only for the simple factor of storage. At the time it was about 2 gigs. Not sure how many it is now since I haven’t checked. Overall it’s a great game. I don’t regret the time I’ve spent on the game Love what netmarble has done with this game they don’t disappoint. This is how much free time I have on my hands during a maintenance break😭😭😭 I want it to end so I can play more. I still got 2 and a half hours to wait😭😭😭
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5 years ago, Jacob Hafar
Late review but whatever
I’ve been playing this game for about a year and a half now, and I can say confidently it’s my favorite game. It’s engaging from the beginning (if it was a year and a half ago, I can’t even imagine what it’s like to start now lol) and it keeps giving you new content to enjoy throughout your first few weeks to keep you playing. Progress almost never feels slow (unless RNG, but that’s expected). And once you have finally played all the available story modes, you can move on to my favorite: World Boss Ultimate. Pretty much puts you in a constant state of upgrading your characters to be the best they can be, to kick but in the next stage of Ultimate. The uniform system can be a little annoying sometimes but honestly it makes the game a lot more rewarding for me, as fully upgrading one can make a huge difference in your character’s abilities. Honestly I really don’t know what I’m trying to say here except this is an outstanding game and deserves a lot more than 4 stars (behind contest of champions somehow...)
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5 years ago, Theo_amp
Needs a lot of work
The games ok it has a few problems tho such as in order to do anything in the game but the story if will either require you wait months or pay out of pocket and even if you do that there’s things like the world boss that’s impossible to win even with your characters maxed out and by the way once ur characters get to level 55 it’s impossible to get them to 60 it will take forever even when I’m on my grind I could never complete anything without purchasing something and it makes the game boring I guess there making a lot of money off the people who think if I buy this I’ll be fine and then later find it wasn't enough well I’ve had enough of this bull because now this game is boring and almost everything requires a lot of energy to do and u get one free refill a day and that last about 20 min and then you have to use crystals and the only way to get those is to pull out some hard earned cash someone in my chat room said he used some of the money from his taxes to continue playing I’m just amazed by this they need to work on the currency and energy distribution and also the norn stone because some events require thousands of them to complete yet u get less then 5 every match fix this now please other then that I like this game
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4 years ago, TRYHARD12345678910
Card and CTP Fiasco and a Major cash grab
For the past 5 months this game had back to back banger updates. With this new update that is great other than the CTP and card upgrade which is a massive power creep that basically you would have to spend thousands of dollars to keep up competitively. They are making u waste 15 premium cards that u have to gamble for to make 1 really good card. Now is there a free way to gamble for them no u have to use the premium currency of crystals to do this. Well surely there is a way to farm these things, no there is not. Also having a maxed out set of cards which u can have 5 total which is 15 premium cards per 1 card so yeah it's insane, would make u 1 shot everything. Galactus giant boss raid is really fun because it has really good mechanics normally takes 5-7 minutes. With the new card system it takes 10 secs. The CTPs on the other hand are worse than they already were. The only way u get these are by gambling and once a month by logging in. Now for these they made it so that u can reforge them into a possible Radiant CTP which u have to use the same CTP to get and then waste MORE CTP's that u have to gamble for with $$$$$. To get everything with this update would cost u tens of thousands of dollars.
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3 years ago, WackyAvian
Great Monthly Updates for 2021!
This is probably the best Marvel mobile game out there right now. It’s quite easy to farm & acquire most characters in the game (no GATCHA or gambling for characters). Some are paywall, but you really don’t need ALL the characters to complete content. The 2021 updates have been great at reworking a lot of characters that are free-to-play friendly, which made them extremely good to use in the game now. The game has also been giving out GREAT rewards for just logging in consistently. However, pvp in this game is highly pay-to-win. Those with the best characters, builds, & cards through spending money (including gambling for certain items) will be the ones that win the most. However, if you don’t care about pvp that much, the rest of the game will be awesome! There are also some original Marvel characters exclusive to MFF, in which you won’t see in any other Marvel game! So with this game, you’ll be able to collect and play with some of your favorite Marvel characters, along with amazing skill visuals, graphics, & character designs!!
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6 years ago, Jobu the god
Unbalanced “Free” to play.
Overpowered characters locked behind an unbelievably lengthy grind. It is possible to make enough in game currency to unlock these characters but the most profitable place to make this currency is ruled by those who purchased the characters outright. Update after update the amount of characters that require a subscription to unlock is beyond acceptable considering that there rarely release free characters anymore. There are also certain characters that are locked behind an rng processor that gives you random bios for certain heroes that would probably take you more than a year to get to an acceptable playing level. You first have to get resources just to use the processor and then you are still not guaranteed the bios you need and are now stuck with ones you don’t want. Overall this game gave you free characters that are outdated and useless against any hero that has been placed behind a paywall/semi-paywall. The company never listens to the player base and only cares about keeping the high paying players happy by giving them an advantage over everyone else. I played 2 years in a row since launch, quit for 9 months then came back, and now I leave again. For good this time. The company is stubborn and greedy and has ruined Marvel mobile gaming for me.
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3 years ago, Orokusaki
Fun Marvel battle game, but...
The game is fun. Always has been. :) There is an enormous roster to collect. The game modes are fun to play, where you’re actually controlling the characters. It’s cool. The characters that you expect to be powerful are powerful. And then you get into gathering resources to build them up to tackle harder content. Same as with every other game with similar mechanics, it takes a long time (if you’re not paying for the in-game currency) to do so. That’s fine. But the details are that it’s so complicated, it’s ridiculous. Story mode has been revamped, but it’s less clear what modes to play to get the resources you need. The game has that info, but you have to jump through UI hoops to find it. It’s not clear which characters take more resources until you try to use the resources they each require. Of course, there is still a random element for buying *some* boxes of the stuff you want, you’re not guaranteed anything, so this game still employs gambling. Not all pay options are random, though. If you’re ok with that, then this game is awesome. If not, then money talks; don’t pay for stuff.
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7 years ago, Brandocus
One Of My Longest Played iOS Games!
MFF is a great game. Although it is free, and may have some payments you can make towards the game, it is not pay to win whatsoever! I’ve been playing this game since launch in 2015, and i have to say, i never get board with it. First off they have 130+ heroes, and finally in the last couple updates they added the X-Men! Secondly, there are so many different game modes ranging from Story, Shadowland, World Boss, Arena, Battleworld, Etc. All challenging to both new and old players! Now in the PVP aspects of the game, you may be intimidated due to the fact that there are P2W players that may have some of the better heroes from the roster, but just know that with time and patience, you can obtain those heroes yourself without paying a dime! Some heroes are obtainable through a $10 paywall, but in the most recent update they added a hero chest that allows you to obtain those paywall characters free! Overall, this is one of the best Mobile/Marvel Games I’ve played, and I encourage new players to try it out for themselves!
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5 years ago, SuperTacoSpidey
One of marvel’s best games
This game is possibly the best marvel game made, since there are many different characters, game modes, uniforms, has a great reward system that makes it ok to miss a day or two, has reasonable prices for upgrades, and even though in-game purchases are present, they aren’t exactly needed, but are instead only wanted, and since there are many different ways to obtain items that you need, like the alliance store, shield lab, and even challenges, plus you get free stuff from the store sometimes, like daily energy refills, a free character every day (or 8 biometrics of that character’s type if you own it), and multiple ways to obtain characters, the game is just very enjoyable. Also, the multiple resources and ways to develop your character’s level and advance them makes it somewhat easy but still difficult, which makes it better since the game does not go by so fast. Finally, the updates that keep coming make the game even more fun with more content, characters, and events.
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4 years ago, T-Boogie Jr
Just as fun as I remembered
I downloaded this game long ago and I loved it. I didn’t mind dropping a few bucks here and there to support the game and I felt that some of the deals were pretty good and fair sometimes. I love the huge cast of heroes and villains to choose from. I think most of them are very attainable with all the things given away as login rewards which I love. Keep that up. We love companies that are generous with their login rewards. I feel as though I always have some sense of progression whether it’s unlocking a new character or all the events and achievements available. My one demand is a personal one. Where is Blade’s trench coat costume? That’s all I want is his iconic trench coat with the flat top. And maybe a team that includes Blade, Elsa, and Ghost Rider. Three supernatural bada**es. (And three of my favorites). As you can tell I’m a huge Blade fan. I also request Morbius. Maybe just a huge supernatural character event. These are just personal requests of course. I hope y’all can help a brother out lol.
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4 years ago, Amir.lora16
Not rewarding investment
I have played this game for several years. I love to collect all different characters from my favorite comic books. But, here is the thing. The amount of time and/or money you have to invest in this game is ridiculous compared to the rewards you get from it. To develop a character you would have to either spend months farming materials to level it up or buy those materials. Imagine to build up a character you need 4000 of a specific material. But you only get about 50 per day, and on top of that is random. You can spend days without getting even one. So if you are a F2P you’re going to find your self in a (log in simulator), log in, farm, log out, repeat. And once you finish building your character up, you’re not going to get better rewards, which is what you would expect by playing the most difficult game modes. Not to mention this game is a specific game mode-specific character. If you want to be competitive in a certain game mode, you need specific characters, otherwise you would be crushed by players who invested in those specific characters. But those characters obviously are the ones who you have to invest more on.
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7 years ago, Oanskor
When the love goes bad.
I've been playing for over a year now. To date I've enjoyed the content and the changes to make it easier to play. I've been a part of the crowd that pays for the daily biometrics and crystal for months now. I have all of the characters except for Jean Grey and Apocalypse, who I am working towards. However, the new update has made it impossible to guarantee that one can have all possible characters. The new random metrics box is the only way to get two of the new characters, while it also generates metrics for all possible characters in the game. That's less than a one percent chance to acquire metrics, which may or may not be enough to acquire or rank a character up. While NetMarbel will doubtlessly try to defend themselves by arguing that it costs crystals and not "real" money. While it is true that players earn a trivial amount of crystals each day, many players pay for crystals to pay for uniform and other boxes that are offered. In the end the new character box is a type of gambling. I am going to have to cut my losses and leave a game that I enjoy because of the greedy developer is making the teams I have spent the last year building irrelevant behind a paywall I cannot afford to get addicted to.
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2 years ago, your mom brawl stars
Absolute trash timeline battle system
This game is fun and keeps you going by not giving too many resources to do pretty much anything. It can get very annoying but my topic isn’t about the reward system. Timeline battle is by FAR the WORST mode that this game offers. You can never get anybody who is at your level. They make it either super easy or insanely hard and the mechanics make absolutely no sense. It’s clunky and pathetic and forces you to move around right in the beginning since your abilities have to cool down automatically. That’s already pathetic. DC Universe is better at pvp than this and that’s saying soemthing. Net marble work on timeline battle because it’s absolutely trash. You make us go against bots and then you make us go against people who have spent thousands of bucks on this game to get god tier characters. I’m steadily on my way there but I shouldn’t have to go against people who are already there. No fair system at all. Net marble the game itself is good but you have SO MUCH to work on. I know that can daunting but how bout listen to your players as they know what would work somehow more than you. Fix timeline now and get it in your thick skull that we shouldn’t have to pay to win.
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5 years ago, GG DEAD ZOMBIES
No one has a reason to give MFF 1 star
Usually reviews are about how great a game is when you rank it 5 stars which it is . This game is fantastic and the longest I’ve ever played a mobile game , but I’m going to try and address the people leaving reviews of 1 star. Most reviews I have seen on the 1 star critics are ridiculous and child-like. The 2 main arguments I see are that there mad they feel like they’ve wasted their money and talking about the terrible customer service . Most people that believe they wasted money on this game don’t have any idea where to put there money when they spend it so I’m not surprised. They walk in blindly and start spending. The other argument about customer service is even more ridiculous though. Through out my whole entire year of playing this game I have never even had a thought about calling customer support for anything . You don’t need it at all and if you do there’s hundreds of other options .
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5 years ago, Hdkbfkghkbcfrf
Some problems
Don’t get me wrong, I love this game and it’s really addicting but once you get to a certain point there isn’t really much you can do. You log on, Do your daily, your world boss, giant boss invasion and then you’re literally forced to wait a whole 24 hours before you can do it again, no progression unless you wait a whole day to redo your missions, or spend money. And I’m not really a fan of that, we get that every company has to make money and since there are no ads, your way of doing it is paying for upgrades, but I mean come on, this is ridiculous! The only things that should’ve cost money are uniforms, to be completely honest. And I think you should be able to play with the same team in world boss until your 5 entries are up, that’d be fair too. I’m trying to grind one specific team, and as lame as that sounds, i want to get them all to level 70, tier 3, I can’t do that if I can only play world boss/invasion once a day. I think you should allow us to use all 5 entries on one team if we’d like.
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4 years ago, Jebus 3000
Marvel Heroes Omega V2
Great game! Plays a lot like Marvel Heroes Omega but doesn’t include all of the same features. Would be nice to see an upgraded version of this game on PC or even console. I mostly miss the random character audio that occurred in Marvel Heroes Omega and random. Future Fight is still an incredibly fun game though! Enjoying the huge roster of playable characters and updates that relate to the recent MCU movies. Great job developers! These type of games would improve a lot in my mind though if the focus was less on grinding and unlocking. Please take away chests and random elements too btw. I’d rather have the old model game where I pay for a game up front and the content comes unlocked out of the box except for maybe a few hidden characters. If the game sells well, I can buy DLC with a few additions and then buy a new improved game later on in the future. I want to play games mostly the games because the games are fun and not because I’m trying to unlock things or win an award out of a chest with a random chance to win.
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6 years ago, GamerboyLJ55
Best RPG Mobile Game Ever!!
When I first downloaded this game it was probs way back in like 2016! I loved the game because I could form a team of Spider-Men from all the different multi-verses, but I had to delete it cause it took up quite a lot of storage 😔. Fast forward to 2018 on my new iPhone that has up to 64GB!! As soon as I saw how much storage I had I IMMEDIATELY searched in “Marvel Future Fight” and downloaded all of its data! About a month or two of enjoying the satisfying grind that I was doing to level up my Spider-Men, I finally to this day met one of my goals, and that is; Leveling up my whole team to max level 6 mastery stars and all at tier 2... That is, until I saw that you could grind certain characters to TIER 3 and unlock a SPECIAL MOVE!!!! Now to this day! I grind like crazy to reach tier 3 with my Spider-Man (Infinity War Costume) character to level 70 to become the greatest Spidey team there’s ever been. (My team consist of the following characters): Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and Spider-Gwen.
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4 years ago, UofK4life
Want to know what happens when you take a great company like Marvel and an incredibly talented team of developers and artist and ask them to collaborate on a game. Well, they make this amazing game called Marvel Future Fight. Also want to know what happens when you throw in marketers and greed. Well you get this version of this great game called Marvel Future Fight. Except now it’s not only Pay to Win but it’s Pay to be relevant. And you won’t be paying a little you will be paying a lot. I can’t recommend this game right now, not in its current state. And it wouldn’t take a whole lot to fix. Make CTP and premium cars farming a real thing. Like the ability to get one each a day or scrap the entire system and come out with another way to make the same product if this power creep is what you want then make it achievable for all that play. Not just the blubbery of the whale faction or at least of those that are not boycotting this as well. And give us a second spot to house a CTP or obelisk like we have for iso 8 sets. Lastly make it to where we can lock a stat on a card for crystals if you want but then we can just re roll to perfect what we have not play gambling with the RNG Gods.
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2 years ago, gokujason
Good game, but…
This game is actually a really fun and addicting game. The only problem I would say is the overpriced uniforms, even though the uniforms give you buffs and new moves I just think they are just a bit overpriced. The price is just a little overwhelming and can pressure you to drop a few bucks on the game (remember: you can still play this game and get uniforms without dropping money on the game but it’s just really time consuming.) one good thing is about the uniforms, not all of them force you to buy them with crystals, there are a few costumes in the game that you might like that cost coins that you can easily earn. One thing I love is that you can get the civil war spider-man for 500,000 coins that’s pretty worth it because they also change up the moves a little like I said earlier. But yes this game is really fun, it’s just a heavily grindy game that can take up some of your time.
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7 years ago, YaNaGiKoRyu
The downfall of a great game. (Ver. 3.6)
I rarely write reviews to apps, but when it comes to this update, I feel like it is needed. I downloaded this game over a year ago and enjoyed the game very much, to the point where I play this more than my Nintendo Switch or my PS4, but with the recent update, the developer Netmarble took a wrong turn and ruined it. On update 3.6 they have decided to put 2/5 new characters behind a loot box. The main reason I loved this game was because there wasn’t a Gacha system for characters. You were always able to get the characters sooner or later and ranking them up without a problem, unless the characters are premium characters which can only be acquired with real cash. By placing the new characters behind a loot box, you aren’t guaranteed the characters anymore. Even when you get one of the new characters, you now have a choice of either dropping $80 to max out the stats or take your chances again in the loot or to obtain more bios of the character to rank him up. Either way it’s a lose/lose situation. I am willing to spend cash on the game to support the developer, but locking exclusive characters behind a loot boxes is outrageous. #boycottmff
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7 years ago, Easycore85
This game took a turn for the worse
I have happily played this game since release, but 3.6 has changed that. Every time there was a major update, there was an incentive to spend money, but if you did not, all content was still available to you on a longer time schedule. With 3.5, Netmarble has released toons that are actually LOCKED behind a pretty expensive paywall. Three of the new characters, all of whom are extremely powerful, require you to purchase $16 “Ultimate Hero Box” packages to have even a CHANCE of unlocking them. After you purchase two, your third purchase gives you a guaranteed new character. That’s $54 to just unlock a character, which unlocks below the maximum power level-in order to power him up, you must purchase more of these $16 boxes to receive more biometrics of that character. I understand that monetization of games is necessary in order to continue development, and I have happily paid my money to Netmarble in the past. I have spent more money on this game than I care to admit, and that stops now. Furthermore, the $16 boxes are currently DISCOUNTED to $16. That’s their idea of a “sale.” Thanks for a good two years Netmarble, but I am done with this game until it is fixed.
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2 months ago, Waleaye
Don’t get started
I’ve spent around 50-60K USD on this game. Not an exaggeration. Maxing out each update and staying absolutely up to date for about 4 years in a row. I stopped for 3 months and all of my characters, upgrades, and investment are completely obsolete. This game is intentionally designed that way. They introduce new shiny updates every month that result in a power creep and is usually behind some substantial paywall. When you’re in it, it’s quite fun and addictive. But that money is lost and I do not actually own anything. There is nothing I can trade in for what I purchased or sell back. I paid for the right to have access to content on their servers and customize it. Think about it, that’s $60,000 USD just gone and do not own anything for it. I’d like to say that this is an unusually high number but that’s probably the minimum you have to spend to actually be competitive in this game’s online community and top players have spent significantly more, probably into the 100s of thousands. This game is bad if you have issues with impulse control and is designed for you to constantly have to purchase new upgrades to stay relevant.
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3 years ago, MoldySexy
Why is it pay to win
This game was super fun I have been playing for years it’s just the fact that you have to spend real money to get things you want and they are so hard to get and it makes people want to make it easier for themselves this, my question it why is this game starting to act like an EA type of game all money hungry because EA use to make amazing games but now they are pay to win and expensive and this game is very expensive for the in game rewards and you have to take this game off the money grub and turn it around to be fun your company is not working on any games except this one and all it has is update after update and that would cost afew thousands of dollars but knowing this game is pay to win now the company is drowning in money rn so I’m not going to purchase anything from this game or play it I quit on it but only if it’s not going to be a pay to win plz show the developers of this game this message they NEED to se it!
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2 years ago, god288882888
Pretty good game but wants too much money for micro transactions
Honestly this is the best marvel game out, they give a bit of 6 star characters for free and with the guided quest you can get alot of characters to tier 2 even tho most of them are crap, a good 4-6 are good characters. My problem is they want 6,600 crystals for the epic quest deluxe which is literally $60 worth of crystals and to acquire that many naturally would take an unholy amount of time. Keep in mind there’s 6 epic quests each with a SIXTY DOLLAR UPGRADE. They lock some of the coolest marvel characters like magneto and nova behind these paywalls, I wouldn’t mind paying $10 for the deluxe because I actually like this game, but asking $60 (the price of an entire game on console or PC) just for basically 1 character is insulting. If people are hesitant to pay $60 for a full game why in the world would anyone pay $60 for a SINGLE character in a mobile game. Even so this is still probably my favorite mobile game to date.
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4 years ago, OCLakerFan13
Game has changed, but not for the better
I have been playing this game for over 4 years....when I first started, it was fun collecting new characters waiting to see how they would be used in gameplay. As I have progressed in the game, it feels as if I’m collecting Pokémon and only upgrading the same characters that the end game level players use on repetitive gameplay. The characters are aesthetically pleasing, they look great. Some have awesome abilities that are fun to use. The problem is there are so many characters that once acquired, I seldom use. There have been some changes for gameplay, but nothing has been done to include characters other than the same ones pretty much everyone uses. Also, I use an iPad Air, game constantly crashes when I asked for a fix I was told to uninstall the game and reinstall it. It didn’t fix the crashes. I asked for more suggestions, best one they offered was “update to a newer device”. I was very disappointed. Since then my gameplay and purchases have dropped significantly. Game has changed a lot, unfortunately not all for the better.
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4 years ago, Aguante97
New Money Grab
I’ve played this game since it started and have loved it. However, some of the more recent changes have been a complete money grab to force players to pay money to even be a little competitive. The upcoming update is the worst of the worst. The proposed new ctp and card system will cost players thousands to keep up with the pace of the game. Additionally, they have now started rigging the apk to have content creates showcase characters with the best stats that most normal players will never attain. They went a step further to take away options for the content creators to lower their stats to make it more realistic for the average player. On top of that, for years we’ve been asking for improvements to parts of the game and for them to bring down the cost to unequip items in the game... and what was their response. Raise costs and change parts of the game that were perfectly fine to help their bottom line. This new marketing is sickening and unbelievable. That is why I give them a 1 star. I’ll change it when I see some thing being done to rectify this. Not just one thing but things done over time. My rating stands firm for now.
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7 years ago, Jk77777
‘Twas a great game
There are few games out there that have fun gameplay, multiple game modes, a lot of character customization and give a lot of stuff out for free (while being a game that uses micro transactions). This was the best I’d found. The latest update has finally taken this a bit too far with an addition of premium (read: purchased) content that is completely RNG (read: luck) based. It’s quite a shame as the rest of the game has been able to be a bit directed, allowing players to keep up with the meta, only slightly behind the curve without making purchases. This appears to no longer be the case. I’ve actually been playing this game for years, but I may well be taking a break now. Between this blunder (not as bad as EA, but kinda close based on scale), and a few over-powered characters making some game modes not fun (*cough* Quicksilver *cough*)... I may be at my wits end. For the record, I am VIP 6, so I’ve put more money than I am proud of into this game, which has been the only reason I have stuck with it to this point. I don’t know that I can recommend it at this time.
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