4.4 (51)
40.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Magnate Interactive Ltd
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for MASH

4.43 out of 5
51 Ratings
2 years ago, PhelineCat
aka "Telling Your Fortune "
I didn’t quite realize this is the game we played with folded paper- I bet if I didn’t focus but started folding I could still fold one. I’ve heard the paper construction called a "cootie catcher "- no idea why. Back in my grade or middle school (?) girls who folded paper folded fortune tellers, boys folded paper airplanes (& spitballs- so disgusting). It would fun to have a quick backstory section on folding the paper version.
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7 years ago, ArchonAdept
Really fun game!
I thought it was a great way to play mash and it never crashes, one comment would be to add a few more catagories to the different section! Otherwise great game!
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2 months ago, Sam The Gamr
Not very accurate, but still fun to play.
My friends got Shacks but then grew up and the lived in Mansions, so….
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12 years ago, enf424
I feel that this game is very entertaining to the little children of our generation. Still, there could be some improvements, but overall it is a very fun game. My children will play it in the car when we go on road trips. They always tell me how I turn out, and it is hilarious to see what the game says I will be, even though I am already 45 years old. I wonder that if one day, someone who plays MASH, if they will really turn out how game says they will! I also appreciate that this game is free, if it wasn't I would never buy it. Thank you for all your hard work that you put into this game, my kids love it! My apologizes if I over shared!
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2 years ago, katfierce
So much fun
No ads at all !
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3 months ago, nickandkatie
It gets information from you and gives it to the government DO NOT BUY
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2 years ago, 🎀🍭🌈🌸
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13 years ago, hellopeoplesoftheworld
Mash is fun!!!!!!!!!!
I saw my friends playing mash is study hall with a piece of paper and just had mash cars jobs number of kids and spouse an other kid in homeroom added jobs and another person added spouses jobs and made a lot more options for everything and it was pre-decided what the options were. But I got this app and it is really fun and you can make a custom one also. It is so much fun if you like mash you will love this.
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13 years ago, Maxster1997
Simply Hilarious and Entertaining!
This game is completely and 100% worth the money. It is fun, engaging, and mysterious, thinking of your future. My friends and I have cracked up multiple times over this game. It is really fun and is has a lot of depth in your life style. I do agree with one review that stated "I remember back in middle school, this game was played with 4 choices." I agree that there should be an option for that, or more options to really customize the game, but they do let you customize what questions come up, which is really nice. I still give it a HUGE 2 thumbs up! GET THIS GAME!!!!!!
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14 years ago, Hdjdjxjeodskd
I love to play this game I've never had it crash. It would be even cooler if after you made a mash you could create a character and see how long you'd make it without going bankrupt. The only downside is that you only get three blanks I'd like it better if it had five. Plus if you could title the story because i have so many saved stories but I can't tell whose stories they are. But just keep up the good work maybe even have an update or two.
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12 years ago, SunnyBlaze
My friends and I LOVE to play this game! So I put a lock on the games I saved, just in case. But after not playing it for a while I FORGOT MY PASSWORD! And theres no thing that says, "forget password?" There should be one because I would actually like to be able to read my saved storys but now I cant! I would've rated this 5 stars but forgeting my password and not being able to have a button that could help me in this situation to remember and then be able to read my stories is a real downer:( Please HELP soon!
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15 years ago, RaraGee
Ya Rite
ya rite! total waste of time and money fer any of you gurls in middle school rite now hoo play the CURRENT and RITE MASH.... i have played the game MASH ever since second grade and have been perfecting the game evr since..... this is a waste of time!! you cant add a catogory and they barely hav any of the real ones. already i have realized i was much betr off writing it out by hand. if youv nevr playd MASH before maybe this is okay for you but any real playe will NEVR be satisfied..... dont buy it if you have any since. plus it is more fun if you write it out bcuz then you get to laugh with your friends and be surprized as you go along wen in this game it shows it to you all at once and duzn let you save yur game as far as i no.....
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14 years ago, PenguinPerson
MASH was really fun to play with friends on paper, and now it's on the go! I especially like the new update, with telling me how many boys and girls the children are. (12 boys and 3 girls.... Wow) Not only that, it super easy to pick what you want for each topic, and the counting only takes 2 seconds if you want it. (plus, I keep getting the same guy I'm going to marry! :*) Cheap too. If your indesisve about this app, go for it! Won't be dissapointed.
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14 years ago, AnimalLova826
Great Time Passer
The great thing about this game is it's different every time you play. It's unique in this way because it has so many uses. Create your own MASH when you're bored, or (this is something that I find very fun) create one for your friends when you are hanging out with them-it always leads to a good laugh and an interesting conversation. It's a fun, cute app that anyone can enjoy, and I highly recommend it.
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14 years ago, anonymousapplover
OMG! I loved the first version but this version is so much better! My friends and I used to play this game on paper, but I like this so much better! I love how you can choose between short, medium, and long stories depending on how much time you have! The new collage, spouse job things, car, and pet are totally awesome! The custom strory is the best though. I would buy this app for 3.99! Not a waste of money at all! BUY IT!
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13 years ago, Horsedoodle
Best MASH you can get!
So fun! It asks good questions and in the end it like puts your results in a story!! It even automatically saves your story when the game is still in process! And if you don't want to do yourself you can always hit Radom when you have to answer question and see what whacky results you get. This is great game that you and your friends will love!
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14 years ago, CrazyLindsey
This is my favorite app! It is so much fun to play. But sometimes it crashes. Plus, there are not many names that should be on the name list. I also think that a wedding dress style would be a nice addition. And also what typebof elementary/ middle school one attended ( eg. Crappy school, boarding school, homeschool, etc.) I love this game! I play it with my friends 24/7. Great job!
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14 years ago, FetchCG
This is amazing app! If u liked the lite version u will love the fll one. Its well worth the price. U can do up to 20 fillins. Such as Wedding colors, Salery,pets, Collage Majors, Marrige age, wedding cerimonies, honeymoon places, pet names, car, car color, spouses job and salery and car,wys to die and what age, and all the other selections from the lite version. U should definatly try the lite version first but this is well worth ur money!!
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13 years ago, Mdog.
i friggin' love this game; it's fun & easy to play. i almost always play w/ my girls at our sleepovers. i used to play MASH on a piece of paper back in 6th grade! So, it's awesome to have it as an app. It has many options, different lengths & it's just great! i love it; & after we play it, my friends always end up downloading it on their ipods too! love love love. they shouldn't change a thing.
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14 years ago, Cute Mew
So Funny And Awesome
This  is awesomeit's great because you can take it anywhere anytimePlus, it's a great way to save paper. I know people say "just make  out of paper!" but actually, you're not wasting paper with this  so I say it's only 99 cents so what have you got to loseIf you just want to try it then get the lite version to see if you like it.   
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13 years ago, Henry:)
This is a really fun thing to do when u can't think of anything else, I play it and have a fun time, I only wish they would make more questions and it is pretty expensive too for the full version, I would get the full version of u have at least 20 min and u have it or not, but don't get it other than that.
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13 years ago, Mashme 101
I love this
I remember when i was little My neihhbors and i would always get together and plays MASH it was so much fun!!! So when i got my i-pod i got this ome MASH game an it stunk!!! But then i found thos MASH and i LOVE it i play it with all my friends!!! I think everyone should Get this app!!!! Oh yeah i think it would be more fun if there were a couple more categories. MASH ROCKS!!!!!
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14 years ago, yummahstrawberry
This game is so cool!(;
This game I found out from my friend, we played it and entered the most random stuff like for our spouse we put justin bieber we will get around on a flying pig and we'll be garbage men. It is so funny and addicting. I think you should add where you and your spouse met as a suggestion I love this game it is DEFINITLY worth the $.99 I recommend getting this game.
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12 years ago, twinkie214
Great Game
I love this game! It seems that people who have never played MASH before don't get the concept and think it's stupid but, i think its really fun and is a super cure to being bored. the game does have a glitch if you use it with an older ipod but i find it fixes itself when you update the app. Personally i think the app is only worth 99 cents but i definitley don't regret buying the app.
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13 years ago, Faith.Hope. Love.
Best Mash App out in there!
It is very creative with it's designs and very handy when your really bored or want to share it with friends. I really enjoy how you can save you results or put them on Facebook. Very unique and awesome! I would definitely recommend it to someone. That's hiw I found out about this app in the first place! :)
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14 years ago, hockeygirl6393
Mash so fun!!!!
I had a friend do mash to me and she asked me questions like who do you want to marry and stuff and I was just like what? And she wouldn't tell me until it was done. So after I saw it said mash so I said I HAVE TO GET IT!! So i play it like ever other day it's so fun to know what your future is going to be like!!! Everyone should get it!!!!!!!! I love mash!!!!!!!!
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13 years ago, Christian Dixon
I love this game because it is so fun to play and funny. I have suggestion for you though, you should make it so you can change the color of the pencil and you should be able to change the pencil into something else like a pen, or marker, etc. Also you should add more questions. Bye
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15 years ago, Skiskiski1111
i loved this game until it got an update. dont get me wrong, some of the update stuff is good but whenever i go to saved games my ipodcrashes and it leaves me with the home screen of my ipod. plese for once can u look at our comments and actually fix the stuff that is bad? besides the crashing part this game is really cool game. i am giving it 3 stars and when the game gets fixed it will b 5!!
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14 years ago, Tooncase
My friends and I love playing this game and the app makes it even more fun! We are always laughing out loud and falling out of our seats in laughter when we play this. If we play it too much it tends to get boring, but when we start back up again it's a fun experience all over again. 
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13 years ago, Nickcwa
I loved this game and I am a boy!!! But there were some colleges that I wanted to put but weren't listed. So maybe you could do an update or something? But i've been looking at Bradley university in Peoria Illinois and possibly mizzu in coloumbia Missouri. Orkids names. You oviously take the time to fix bugs cuz there have been a lot of updates
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13 years ago, FashionFrenzy13
So presh
Such an adorable game! I seriously spend hours just sitting in my room playing it until I can get my future exactly the way I want it! I love it! The one thing I would have liked it to have would be your kids names. That's all! GREAT GAME. 2 thumbs up
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13 years ago, i a m d o m 1 1
GREAT GAME!, but 3 choices per category?
Really love the game, definitely worth the $.99, but I remember back in elementary school there were four items per category instead of three. An update to be able to make the option to add an outcome per category would be epic to an already great game! (Please like so the developers can see it and make the update!)
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15 years ago, dnagengos
Love it!
I love this app! It is so much fun to play innthe car or after school with friends. The only problem that NEEDS to be fixed is when the program shuts down and the screen returns to home. It bugs me so much when I start reading my story and then it quits me off. Anyway, this is great!
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14 years ago, lipglossbabe25
I love MASH, but it needs the option to save answers. I know that I personally type in similar answers every time and I have to retype it each game. It should have a saved answers section when your typing it in.
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14 years ago, mvarveris
Freaking awesome!!
My friends and I play it all the time together. We can't get over how funny the outcomes are!! Sometimes we throw in a bad thing for each one and it ends up being that one!! I luv the person who invented this game jst cause my friends and I hve a blast.
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13 years ago, CMyers11
Mash is an exciting game that will tell you about your future ... Is it real ? No one knows . I guess that the only way to find that out is to play the game and wait to see if what it tells you is true when you get older. Buy it . Play it . Love it . Find out . That's all it is.
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11 years ago, Darian Grande
This app is so fun! I love to play it with my friends, they will literally play on MASH for 20 mins because the wont stop making story's. Fun for the whole family or maybe just for you or some friends. No matter what this is the best app on my phone and I have 156!
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13 years ago, NCK1315
This game is so cool I love it and I did to my to friends and the said it was awesome they laughed their heads Of about their future ( not their real one maybe ) everyone should get this app if you don't wanna spend 1$ then get the lite version I am nan and I approve this message
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14 years ago, Bucknerfive
Two thumbs up!
I used to play this game with a pen and paper with my best friends when I was in grade school. Now, I can okay it using my iPod touch. There are so many new categories that I would ha e never thought of. I love this app and I reccomend that anyone who has played it before downloads it!!!
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14 years ago, jlbeebe55
This game is awesome!!! Unless ur iPod is mentally destroyed then their might be lags but I don't think ur iPod is messed up soo there r no lags! U can see wen ur gonna die and how!(fun:)?) And all the other normal stuff in M.A.S.H. Soo hope u have fun with this game cause I know u will and u should buy this app it's a lot of fun:)))))
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13 years ago, Kristen Descoteaux
I luv this game bc it keeps me entertained! Its a great game 4 wen ur bored. If ur a person w a crush, or maybe even a few crushes then this is the game 4 u! It helps u "figure out" who u wanna b w and wat ur gonna do in ur future. It may b fake but it gets u xited and def keeps u entertained! BUY IT! its worth it!
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14 years ago, Alysee(:
Mash game
I love this game!!! It's soo funn!!! I love to hang out friends &we will just sit around &play this all night long! We all have a great time. This game is super fun to play around with especially if your bored. Get it now!! It's free too! Can't get better than that!(: Thanks!(:
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14 years ago, NSc26
Needs one thing
This is a great app. However, you should have more then 3 options per category. I remember it being 5 options per category so they could pick 4 and you pick a random option.
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14 years ago, NicoleEvans
I love this app soooo much!!!!
This app is so awesome! I play it all the time! One time when I played it the next day the guy I said I wanted to marry he asked me to be his gf! and that was like a year ago and we r still goin strong!!!!! I love you baby! You know who you are! 
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13 years ago, Cruella Bell
This game is so fun! When me and my cross-country teammates were riding home from meets, we would play this game for up to an hour. It's fun to play in big groups and even by yourself. I recommend it to my friends and to you.
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14 years ago, Trisha L Tricozzi
MASH of the 21st Century
This game was always a hit with teenagers over the years! And transforming it into a digital version will only help raise it's status! This is a well known and well loved game and has continued to grow! It only gets better and better! Trish.T
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15 years ago, Flublybubly13
Fun alone
Its a fun game tobplay wuen your alone because if you want to play with friends you can only pick yourself to have the life story. It would be nice to add more categories as well aa the option to have your friends name (such as a category 5 girls names) that way every one has a chance to be "picked" other than that its fun! :)
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14 years ago, DogueDeBordeauxLover7
Awesome 
This game is the best! It's my favorite app! I play it all the time with my friends. I love how they added the option to save your stories for later. If you are looking for fun and lots of laughs, this is the app for you!
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12 years ago, Layna 300000
MASH, The Classic now on iPod and iPhone
I used to play this game with my sisters when we were little and now it is nice to do it as a game by myself for once when I'm bored. My rating should have people saying ditto to that. Awesome game!
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14 years ago, crissanthumum
Luv it but sometimes gets on my nerves
I absolutely luvvvvvvv this game but when I try to write a number to draw my self a spiral and I draw the number 7 it says 2 and I keep on writing 7 as best as I can but it keeps on saying 2 and it gets on my nerves! Other than that I luvvvvvvv the game it's SUPER FUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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