Mastermind – Classic

4.7 (298)
54.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Magic Touch ApS
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mastermind – Classic

4.65 out of 5
298 Ratings
4 years ago, jen_eyre
Mastermind and time
I am a busy grandmother. If time affects scoring then we need a pause button. Game is perfect for me. Older brother introduced me to the game and l have introduced it to my children and grandchildren. I think it is weird to get a high score when all you do is make a lucky guess. I think a higher score should be given because of intellect. I am adding to my review. Why all the ads for Biden? a mastermind has trouble fitting him into the narrative. The democrats do not play fair, their motto, ’ do unto others before they do unto you’. Fair and balanced they are not! What's up with that? Your ads do not interfere with my enjoying the game, it interferes with my conservative views.
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8 months ago, Gosh Darn!
I play this game all the time…
…and I have for some years now; it is exciting every time (maybe that says more about me than it does about the game). I *do* wish that the game could track percentages of games won by numbers of guesses; that would be a better indicator of skill, as solving with one row indicates only luck, not skill. I am *not* able to activate the ACHIEVEMENTS section; each achievement is locked. If there’s something I’m missing and anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it.
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4 years ago, Bingram580
Same game!
This is the same game I used to play with my father when I was a kid! He taught me strategy, that no matter what result you get, no matter how tempted you might be… only change 1 thing in your next guess. If you change 2 variables, you won’t know which to be true. I’m so glad this still exists in the modern world :)
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4 years ago, Mould Effect
Please lose the hints
I loved the original game, and this is exactly it except for the hints. Actually, having the hints is less bothersome than the pop-up asking me if I want to use them. I just use the hints as soon as I get them to keeps the pop-ups from occurring, but it’d be better to just be able to turn off the pop-ups. I agree with another review that the white and black pegs are the hints. If some people like them, more power to them, but for some pf us, the hints are something we’d rather do without.
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5 years ago, Lil5kip
What, me forget?
Great game, just like old times. The only issue that I’ve seen so far is that, if you start a game and can’t finish it and you’d like to come back to finish it later, you can’t. The game resets itself and you have to start over with a totally NEW game. Hate wasting all that time in trying to solve, go to work and then try to finish the game when I get home, go into the game and everything that I’ve worked on is gone - it wants you to play a new game - can’t save the game you were working on.
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6 years ago, WithTribbles
Perfect layout ruined with “Hints”
Perfectly laid out gameplay is constantly ruined with banners. “DO YOU WANT A HINT???” “DON’T YOU NEED A HINT???” “ARE YOU SURE YOU DON’T WANT TO CHEAT AND BUY SOME HINTS???” — The black and white pegs ARE the hints, damnit! — What would be the point at cheating at a logic puzzle? Sheesh! And at the end when you have correctly guessed the colors, instead of just revealing them they put an idiotic “YOU’RE A WINNER” banner on the screen like some ridiculous participation trophy while dimming out the actual goal of seeing the matching colors. Aaarrrhhh! I’d pay them $10 to get rid of this BS and un-ruin the game. 5, because the underlying game is great. But -4 for cluelessly ruining it.
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1 year ago, Surfcruiser
Very Fun
I play when I wake up. It’s a great way to start the brain. Would love to see a feature where it shows consecutive solved - highest in a row and current streak.
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6 years ago, Bass-Dood
Not as good as a version I used to have
This works, and I like the game a lot. I would rate it 3 1/2 stars if I could. It does not track the average number of moves you take to win. To me, that is the essence of the game. Without that, you can’t track your progress. It also tries to turn this into an action game, by assigning points based on a combination of speed and the number of moves you take. Someone who takes their time and figures out how to solve a game in very few moves gets a lower score than someone who guesses quickly and takes more moves to solve it. With that said, I haven’t found a better one that is presently available. (The one I used to have no longer works.)
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2 years ago, Zulu1990-22
No Ads
Great game with no ads. Please keep it that way. Easy to use and clean interface. Very nice change of pace to the usual ad infested games. Easy 5 stars to give.
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4 years ago, Slothrop49
This is the one!
Absolutely the closest to the plastic board and pegs manual game. The one with the seated man and attentively posed woman standing next to him. No double colors or empty spaces, unless you want them. No sound, unless you want it. Lovely. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Igboston
Good Mastermind with flexibility
With the settings you can make the game as difficult as you want. The only thing that I did not love is the brown and black pegs- the original primary colors should be the main beginning colors.
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1 year ago, Skanina2
My favorite game
This is a nice app. Works with Apple Game Center to save your stats, and it doesn't have a lot of obnoxious ads.
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4 months ago, The Critic4321
Great game
This game is great to do in your free time. Just be aware that it is only one player. This is now my go to game
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2 years ago, Wifier
Just 1 issue
The black clue pegs are different enough from the clue peg holes 🕳. It’s visually hard to see the difference and how many black clues you got. Thanks
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7 years ago, bsvenegas
Remove/move banner after game!!
Once the game is over and you haven't guessed the correct combination, it would sure be nice to review your guesses, but you can't because the 'Sorry, you've lost!' banner takes up most of the screen!!
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4 years ago, Ddsharp33
Just like original game
Great to play this game again. Like the options for blank spaces and duplicate colors.
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5 years ago, The Usual Icons
Awesome game!
I've always loved this game and now in the digital version its even better! Exercise for the mind! Thanks!!
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4 years ago, Njemba
Great pastime
I love mastermind and this app is amazing. It challenges me and this is fun to me. It works perfectly
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5 years ago, Master mind 2012
Great game, I love mastermind. My only suggestion is to be able to touch the color button to save where it is correctly placed.
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5 years ago, rrrrraccchhhhh
Digital Fave!
MM is a favorite board game of mine and I love being able to practice on my phone!
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7 years ago, LeaLea1414
Favorite Game
This is my favorite game on the Internet and my favorite game growing up in the 80s. Still the best.
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4 years ago, rlbroke
Great game
I really like this game as a quick distraction.
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2 years ago, wisocfk
Is fun, works well
Works well, is fun
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2 years ago, Ipaz Music
Used to work
Used to work fine now all i get is a black screen on my phone
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4 years ago, tReE TheLeAf
Super fun
I like it
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7 years ago, OldSaraBee
Easy and fun
Simple patterns, but quick and fun
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1 year ago, Brogs757
No achievement board
The achievements board doesn’t work and can’t connect to Facebook or Twitter
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6 years ago, Mimrod66
Nurse Betty
Love this game!!
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6 years ago, AlishalaS
I like this game
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5 years ago, quiet player 8675309
Lots of fun.
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7 years ago, Persephone of the Hill
i love this!
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10 years ago, Rules Nazi
Scoring rules
Excellent game, only 3 ? First, I'm not sure if a higher score is better or worse than a low one. 2nd, who's high score is it comparing me too. What about a ranking for my best times & my best scores, & difficulty levels? What is the highest score possible if you get it right in one try?
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11 years ago, ClassicGMR
First thing that you'll notice is it seems to load twice. The splash screen comes up, flashes then comes up again. When you press play you're presented with a blank wooden board. No color pegs to choose from. If you press the Mastermind button the game happily tells you you've lost and asks you to try again. Try again and now you get color pegs to choose from. Hurray! I can play now! The controls are very clunky and hard to hit on an iPhone. You press which spot you want the peg in then press the color. You can't drag them. You can press a spot again to remove a color though if you make an error. But here's the funny part... You'll never know if you made an error! The game rules state that after you choose your four colors you then hit the check mark button to submit your guess. It's not even on the playfield! There is no check mark button anywhere. I even tried a few times to press where the rules said it was supposed to be. Nada. I can see the potential here but this is an Alpha build at best! How this got onto the iTunes Store is beyond me.
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11 years ago, Bob1110
Great electronic version
I loved the original box version, so finding this electronic version is great. Now when I can't get anyone to play with me, I can use this and challenge my mind.
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11 years ago, TruMem
I agree that this needs a way to place the pegs in any order you want to, not just left to right in order. My biggest peeve is that there is no way to pause or freeze the game if you have to stop or leave it in the middle. If something interrupts you, you lose! I would love this game if those two problems were addressed.
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11 years ago, goldbergs1
Not flexible
Disappointed that you can only fill in the pegs from left to right. In the real hands on game you can put down pegs in any order. Sometimes I know for sure that pegs 2 & 4 are correct and I want to put them down first and then play around with pegs 1 & 3. This game I have to fill in all the pegs and then go back and remove the ones I want to mull over. I found other apps that let me do this so I will delete this one.
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11 years ago, JESUS MUSICK
Great game
It makes you think things through to get the answer. No problems with app.
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11 years ago, SJWonder
Love it
I grew up playing this game and so happy to find it here and perfect to kill any boring time :) the interface looks like a real one !
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11 years ago, Alika masiaka.
i prefer this game better than Candy Crush!
More exciting game than Candy Crush
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11 years ago, CCastillo82
1.1 Update
The 1.1 update was major, it should have been 2.0. Anyways, this update helped a lot and I wish multiplayer support would be add once we get more players.
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11 years ago, Redping
Mastermind for one
I enjoy this game. It appeals to my love of logic and it is great for a quick thing to do while waiting
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11 years ago, Hjarnman
Bug fixed
Great game, both on the iPad and iPhone, just like the old classic board game.
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11 years ago, Dddawn13
Not working
I downloaded, the first time it's blank so u have to lose to move on. Then you finally get color to show up and no check mark. You have to force close to start all over again, try to get it right before putting on market.
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11 years ago, TVL21
Just like playing the real game!
Plays very close to the original game that I loved as a kid!
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11 years ago, Dave Robin
A really enjoyable game with a simple but nice interface. Gives the mind a great workout in a fun way. Thank you for this fine contribution.
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11 years ago, KnittaSox
Just like...except
There is no explanation as to the correlation between which tiles match the black or white dots. It's making it more than difficult to play
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10 years ago, Raydal7
Paid for upgrade but still see ads
After paying for upgrade still seeing ads.
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11 years ago, SpeedOfNight
Simply great!
Designer very loyal to classic board game and great to play. Thank you. World appriciate multiplayer action made possible
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11 years ago, Not a fan 200
Doesn't keep track of my score or register my rating when I beat friends...
Doesn't keep track of my score or register my rating when I beat friends
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11 years ago, Marcie315
Just like the game I played as a child. I am so glad I found this!
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