Match Masters ‎- PvP Match 3

4.6 (126K)
378.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Candivore LTD
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Match Masters ‎- PvP Match 3

4.6 out of 5
126K Ratings
2 years ago, Boss-Daddy
I love it but….
I have been playing this game a little over a year and I love it BUT I noticed a huge difference in rewards when completing a page of the entire album before season it would be nice to upgrade to keep it exciting! Also when season end and we receive the rewards of 7 stickers as a reward and they all end up being duplicates can be a bit of a disappointment or when we reach an achievement for reaching a goal to get the sticker and it end up being a duplicate isn’t worth it maybe guarantee a new white sticker to a album we already have. I think we should do away with the chat or whatever it’s called now because some people will spam the whole game for whatever reason I’m ok with losing its apart of the game but there’s need to be annoying. Can we get a game mode of some kind that matches us against a opponent with the same booster as each other or match gold with gold diamond with diamond and legendary with legendary and so on and so? Soon as my game start I had the fire cracker and was put against a legendary and yes I know they don’t always win but It would be nice if it was at least a gold with a gold. I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way just a couple things I have been thinking about since every season everyone goes back down to 30,000 trophies it’s almost like it doesn’t have the same excitement with rewards like it used to
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5 months ago, Pretty Pansy 23
Unexpected fun!
I started playing this game through the ‘Tester Up’ app, as it was the first one featured after I first opened the app. Anyway, at first it seems like a slow moving game just matching up 3 or more like shapes. However, after you pass through the first part, then the real fun begins, and you play against an opponent. It’s competitive but also I’ve noticed that sometimes I think the board is set up in favor of one player over another, which doesn’t mean you don’t get to win the match, as sometimes it’s in your favor. However, I just had the most fun and excitement with my last match, as I won by 1 point. There are purchases within the game for extra boosts as such, I don’t pay too much attention to them and so far I’ve done really well not making any purchases. My budget is strict, hence playing games through Tester Up to earn money. And you can move up pretty quickly playing this game as you don’t even realize how much you are moving up because it’s so fun. Even when I lose a match, I immediately play another round. I like the animal characters in the game, the are drawn and animated as to have a personality. The colors are bright and vibrant and all around, I have to say this is a really enjoyable game! It’s not one I’d normally download and play, but once I started playing, it was both exciting and slightly competitive.
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11 months ago, Misshoytvee
Hi my name is Veronica I’m your biggest fan I love your game it’s so much fun and I’ve referred a lot of people including all my kids and my husband and so many other. I’m addicted to this game and all the new updates just make it that much more amazing. I think you should come up with prizes for players to receive for spending certain amazing of cash. I know I have spend so so much on your app and I also pay for my kids to buy stuff on the match masters game. Just a suggestion I feel like the only thing that should change is that the boosters prices shouldn’t keep on increasing I think that’s bogus I’ve spent a lot on boosters that I only use once and always lose because I’m set up with someone that is way above the booster I just paid for. It’s not fair to buy and lose within a few minutes. Please if possible I’d love to work for match masters I’m pretty great at playing. I’ve been playing since it came out I downloaded because it was recommended to me so I could make money on the just play app. I would like to know how so players have 10 or more or every booster and all the perks how can I get that many in exchange for working for you
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2 years ago, niqchu
Needs a change.
I really like this game I've stopped playing other match 3 games since downloading this one but this game could be better. First I think you should get the losers power up as a reward for winning. Secondly you should definitely get three stars when your opponent gives up before the game is over because they are losing. No matter how many points you are winning by 1 or 21. Update: July 19 You guys did add the 3 stars for giving up feature but.... "You'd done messed up now A A Ron" Seriously please go back to the way you get boost on your team. I don't give two Fs about outfit parts!! I got every bronze outfit and still only use the original pig one!! I never get to request the Owl boost and I have so many ducking duck powerups I'm going crazy!! I don't like that one at all so why if I want to get boost from my team am I forced to pick between that one that I don't use and outfit parts that I don't use?? Please fix!! Update: October 6 I appreciate the change in the requesting team boost. It’s definitely better than before. My current issue/suggestion is the album’s. I’m sure many try to get them but I’ve given up since they are next to impossible to complete and there are so many! I would really like it if you all took away the old ones permanently not just the filtering nonsense. I have my mom to remind me of all my failures I don’t need this game to too. Update: March 20 new sound effects are trash!! That is all…
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3 months ago, Ashveer253
Fun Game But Terrible Algorithm
I keep being paired with opponents which are either ranked higher than me or have a much better booster (ie. Double/Triple Diamond Boosters). I have made this complaint before but was told that the algorithm is correct and there is a way to defeat the opponet, even if they are ranked higher or have a better booster. This is not true and even if it is, it would take an expert with a lot of luck tk achieve this. They also are able to go first and are given a favorable setup which allows them to get match after match without even having to do anything. I’m getting tired of dealing with these unfair pairings. This is becoming frustrating and is making me want to stop playing and delete this app altogether. I also heard the same issues with other people in my group. It is a fun game but these problems are making the game unappealing and taking away all fun. I hope you take this as well as all feedback seriuosly because not doing so deters people from wanting to continue playing and sharing this game with others. I have also read these same issues from reviews on the app store so I know you have received this feedback before but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I will also put this review on the app store so others can see the issues they will have before dowloading the game as it can take away from the initial excitement of a potentially fun new game.
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2 years ago, F.Corb
SCREENSHOTS DO NOT HELP nor Apple receipts
I have never had any complaints about this game. That does not mean that there has not been issues to address BUT none this far has warranted anything close to what I am about to say. Made a purchase on October 9th. It was for the Masters Choice package. It was $7.99 and it included 2- Cadabras 2- Broccolis and 50 stars. My purchase was successful BUT NOT my inventory update to reflect what I purchased. No problem m, things happen, take screenshots and provide your receipt that should solve it right? WRONG… I go through all of the steps they give, I provide my receipt, and screenshots of my purchase. After reaching out several of times after being told it was sent for review, I get an email from Dylan. Dylan tells me that based on my receipt I purchased an entirely different package. Well to add injury to insult I asked Dylan to explain to me if that was the package I brought WHY is my inventory not at least reflecting what I purchased. Dylan has not responded nor do I think he will answer my legitimate question. I am not happy or satisfied by any means but I reluctantly decided that I would waste more than $8 in time going back and forth getting no results though I provided screenshots and ALL THE proof they asked for. Watch your purchases and your inventory though it still may not make any difference. Hope you have much better luck than I did.
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4 years ago, ScervyDawg
Pay to Win
In the beginning it’s a fun game and it is definitely addictive. You’ll be doing good and having fun leveling up. Then you get to the higher rank games. These are filled with people who pay to win. There’s no way to beat these people unless you shell out money for the 4-star boosters. Specifically it’s the “Wooly Workout” booster that beats me every time. This booster literally clears 3/4ths of the board. If you try to block them from getting the booster you end up getting no points. I’ve seen other reviews about cheats and/or bots and I have to agree that they are in the game as well. I thought I was just mad for losing but I have seen people get extra moves and ridiculous combos that when looking at the patterns they shouldn’t be getting. I thought I was just mad but after seeing other reviews claim the same thing I have to agree that this is really happening. The game needs to be more balanced and less pay to win. I haven’t had a 3 win streak since I my trophy count got over 3800 and that is due to all of the pay to win diamond boosters that are impossible to beat. I doubt anything will change because people are addicted and willing to shell out 5-10 bucks on these stupidly powerful boosters. Most people don’t even know how to play the game, just how to match blue stars and let the booster get all of the points for them.
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2 years ago, themelaninhomie
Love the game!!
I eventually downloaded the game after seeing it on ads a few times. It took some getting use to how everything works but it's such an addicting game! I love everything about it. Although sometimes the games can seem unfair when your matched against an opponent with an SE booster and your using any of the boosters below them. There's almost no way to win. I personally believe people who share a similar booster should be matched with each other. Like diamond boosters can only play against other diamond boosters or SE boosters can only be matched against SE boosters, etc. The solo challenges are fun but you will rarely have a chance to win them unless you have excelled at the game and have the right boosters to achieve it. All in all the game is GREAT! Just could use a few tweaks here and there. Also don't forget to join a team! Teams are vital in this game and can be very helpful as well. And don't be like me, save your coins as much as possible and use your diamond and SE boosters for tournaments which have great prizes depending on which ones you play!
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6 months ago, Journey2befree
Great until it’s not
I came to the reviews to make sure I wasn’t imagining things but after you hit a certain level whatever algorithm they are using consistently pairs you with the boosters that are impossible to beat making it nearly impossible to level up. It’s disappointing because it’s a fun game and I really don’t think you all have to work that hard to make money. People will spend the money without those shenanigans. Just my take. I’ll most likely delete. No need to copy and paste the same response you’ve given to everyone else. I’m good! Nice playing until it wasn’t! ✌🏽 Update: So I stayed a season longer to see if things would get better but nope. On the high note I do like the team function and when the machine is matching in a way that makes sense it can be really fun. But this doesn’t happen often and most of the time the matches are equivalent to allowing guns into a fist fight. Even when I have the high card and my opponent has the lower, it’s just not fun or challenging. The game is set up to encourage you to spend money and I get it so I did purchased quite a bit just to give it a shot but at a certain point it’s not worth the money. Overall, fun for a while but eventually it’ll get old. It’s been nice. Really deleting this time! 😘
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1 year ago, AnnieMarie75
Becomes Less Fun As Your Rank Increases
I really loved this game for the first couple of weeks of playing, but eventually you run out of good boosters and unless you constantly pay real money to obtain the higher boosters - mostly the SE ones - the fun goes out of it really quickly. When you’re playing with a silver booster you got through watching an ad and no powerups because you can no longer buy new boosters or power ups and you’re up against someone who pays a monthly fee to play you know you’re going to get creamed and there’s just no point. There’s also the annoying pop up emojis other players will use constantly to distract you while you’re trying to play. I have enough stress in my life, I don’t need to add to it with a game. I recommend playing until you get to the Legends League and then just deleting the app since after that it’s pointless unless you’re willing to pump lots of cold hard cash on a booster that will give you maybe ten minutes of play time - if you’re lucky. Edit: the developer posting the same response they posted to four other reviews is not going to change anything. I know these games need people pumping real money in them to succeeded, I’m just really starting to believe there are lots of bots in this game to keep people paying to play.
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3 years ago, m$keekee
Cheating game
I’ve done updating, uninstalling installing back and same thing do a spin win a booster you’re supposed to be able to watch videos and settle with a booster but not since the November season started they make you pick the first one we can press the button for videos we’re losing boosters to technical problems they don’t give them back I spent money on boosters and by 2 or 3rd round it says technical issue and I email them and have not received my boosters back or my money this is why so many people have left the game and I’m next we work hard just to get scammed oh and don’t invite friends I invited 13 people and 6 are playing I’ve only received 150 coins each I emailed and was told by Lucas that it has to be a new account and never have had the game on their phone well they never played before I sent them the invite and they all have brand new iPhones and 1 brand new Samsung galaxy and I’ve emailed Lucas back and never got a reply and on the page where it says invite friends and get certain gifts it says nothing of what Lucas says so how would we know but everyone that’s playing the 6 people are my children I just got everybody phones BRAND NEW AND THEY HAVE NEVER PLAYED BEFORE.. this game is a rip off but it’s okay because when all my boosters are gone I’ll be uninstalling just like thousands of people already have
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3 years ago, TaraEcho
Great Game with Great Customer Support
Update: The albums are cool and all but dang, there are so many and then you keep adding more. How are you to complete one before y’all add 7 more? I know about theft group but I don’t think we shouldHAVE to use that group in order to complete an album. I've been playing this game for a while and it's become one that's a daily (most of the time multiple times a day) play for me. By far one of the best apps for customer support too. They respond quickly and if they realize it's their end at fault you'll generally open the app to a nice little present from them to say "we're sorry". Game play can be frustrating when you're on a losing streak, but man, you can't put it down when you're on a winning streak! My highest win streak is 29 games! Highest score is over 1300 (based on normal challenges not tournaments). Seriously my go to game when I've got time to kill....and sometimes when I don't have the extra time. 😉
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3 years ago, LordG17
Excellent but rigged and pay to play game
I have been playing your game for quite a while and is great but as someone that has played over 3000 games as your accomplishment badge shows, I can tell you it is the most rigged and pay to play game that I have played in a long time. Sure the in game purchases is what keeps the developer after all is a business. But when you play 37 consecutive games with your 3 free boosters and your silver ones and 2 gold and your 37 consecutive opponents are level 3 or higher boosters is more than random and luck and when you have 50 on fire games through your purchases and all of the sudden opponents with free or silver boosters can beat you is no coincidence. Besides there is no point to a free or silver booster playing against a level 3 or higher booster opponent, player don’t even stand a remote chance unless the other player gets interrupted and leave. Overall I love the game, I just which the programmers will make it so that everyone that plays has at least a chance to enjoy it without having to go and constantly pay to buy the high end boosters.
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1 year ago, Moonagerie
Wish I could give 5 stars
It’s a really fun game and I enjoy the mechanics a lot! The different boosters are fun, the animations are cute, the sticker books are a cool collectathon, and the art style is charming. But the matching system is pretty bad, like I understand it being a “game of chance” and “anything can happen” but you spend so much time being pitted against boosters several tiers above your own. For example if you use one of the free ones (tier 1, if you will) 9 times out of 10 you’ll be up against a legendary or special edition booster (tier 7, in my opinion) and sure it’s a game of chance but the odds are severely against you in that scenario. Better boosters cost more and that’s fair, but it makes it way less accessible for f2p players. It really is so fun and I want to enjoy it more but it gets so frustrating and upsetting being put in an impossible match and inevitably losing every single time. If there was a better matching system I’d definitely give a better rating but the way it is now and it sounding like the developers have no plans to update the matching system, I have to settle for 3 stars (or 3.5 if that was an option).
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2 years ago, eyebme
Fun game but has some frustrating aspects
I’ve been playing this game a little over a year now too I like it for the most part but there is a real disadvantage when playing the lesser colored boosters. They match you up to a legendary or Se booster way too many times it makes for a frustrating and quite off putting experience. Basically you just have to wait around all the rounds to lose. It’s also the worst when you are playing a lesser day yellow booster and are playing a top booster and you have to acquire just as many stars as your say SE opponent, it doesn’t make sense. Make the lesser boosters require less stars or the higher up boosters need more stars since your pairing everyone regardless of chosen booster status. Its not fair. Why play then. You will end up losing all your boosters and get tired of the game. It’s also the worst sportsmanship to have a lesser booster and your opponent have a super booster and be “chatting” like he’s some sort of master-mind while he lets his super booster win all his points for him. It’s frustrating. Thanks for the mute option though.
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3 years ago, Put some more merges
This is just so unfair..
I just finished the Halloween album and I got 5 mad scientists and when I use 3 of them..I LOSE THEM ALL! ITS SO UNFAIR! 1- COBRA. 2- a single diamond (I can’t remember) AND 3RD. A STUPID SLIME! I MEAN HOW!? AND WHEN I USE MY BROCCOLI CARD, I LOSE IT TO THE DUCK!!! WHY WOULD YOU UPDATE THE FRICKIN DUCK!? TO CHEAT!? This game is just so frustrating and furious. And they trick you into spending money just to lose them. By the time, you spend like 2.99 on 3 diamond cards, your against a LEGENDARY! AND ITS SO ANNOYING THAT YOU GET DUPLICATES, DUPLICATES, DUPLICATES EVERY TIME! I CANT EVEN FINISH A ALBUM WITH 1 MISSING STICKER! I’m going to scream if I’m against a legendary after this. Oh and by the way, if all of you are reading this. It’s just a stupid game. What does it matter to you anyways? You can only win 2 wins from a 3 diamond and then later..a legendary appears. Or a special edition. AND OH MY GOD THEY ARE FRUSTRATING. I was so close to winning but the opponent got a RED THUNDER EXTRA MOVE WHEN HE MADE A MOVE! Just..why. And you’re playing against bots. Wanna know why? Because time ran out and he kept on making extra moves. 0 seconds left and before you know it, +23 points on the scoreboard.
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1 year ago, -*ANONYMOUS AN
Ads are way too long and often BEFORE the free spin. A 30 second ad finishes, then 15 seconds is added to it. After watching an ad to exchange the perk or booster you often still end up with the same perk or booster option, which is annoying. Duplicate stickers and how long it takes to fill the books is not good and it takes too long to get to new rewards and boosters as the game goes on. The level one boosters should refill much sooner within the hour as well as the diamond boosters should at least refill every 25 hours or with ad watch (shorter ads or option to skip after 15 sec like most games). The solo challenges are impossible to reach as the game increases as well as the group challenges are not paired fairly to allow winning. Same as with the general pairing if I’m playing with a general booster or any diamond booster under level 3 and paired with a SE booster to challenge most players quit because the challenge is unfair and frustrating because it’s no chance of winning. Since losing cost you your booster the winner should get to keep the losers booster. Top 3 winners in challenges should also get to keep their booster.
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1 year ago, alenglish3
Loved it at first, but months later this game has turned into a money making scheme!
The game was great at first! Fun, challenging, the feeling of achievement leveling up. Then they started creating more Boosters and then with more Boosters it had turned into nothing more than the creators wanting nothing more than money. The game glitches often with time counters and when you email support, they claim it’s not their fault and it’s players playing on older devices that are at fault for not being able to display graphics properly. Which has nothing to do with time counters and your opponent getting anywhere from 10 seconds up to 45 seconds after their timer stops on your end. I have screen records from this and when I when I have sent them to support they claim that it isn’t proof of anything and that it’s just the other players older device not catching up. Again nothing but excuses. A fun game had turned into nothing but pay to win. And you have nothing to feel good for after you win. So if your still here reading. Please don’t spend money on the game. Please don’t get attached to the game. Signed used to love this game but has gotten totally disgusting to play anymore.
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1 year ago, Danali80
I’m changing my rating
Initially, I gave this game a 5 star rating. I’ve been playing for many months and I’ve spent a lot of time climbing the ranks. I recently deleted the app because it’s SO apparent that it’s rigged. There were some days where I was ‘on top of the world’, winning and climbing and killing it. Some days, no matter how many coins I spent, no matter if I used my best boosters, I was going down. I think spending a few dollars, here and there, may have contributed to my frustration with this game. Once they know you’re willing to spend money, things get harder for you and spending money for better boosters and perks is the only way to stop your decent down the ranks pole. It was fun at times, but also completely maddening and frustrating at times. I was a loyal, daily, player; but I can only take so much ‘injustice’ within a game. I just re-downloaded scrabble so I’ll be playing that now. Watching ads after every move is still more tolerable than being kicked when you’re down, over and over, by MatchMasters. (This is my original comment, I’m leaving it) I’ve only had this game a couple of days but I’m spending WAY too much time playing it because it’s addictive!
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4 months ago, B-ri925
Sketchy sales tactics
I love this game, I do. It’s fun, it’s challenging, a lot of it is luck. I don’t believe the people saying it’s rigged for you to lose, because there have been plenty of games I’ve lost because I made mistakes and plenty of games I’ve won because of the mistakes of my opponents. What I do not like or appreciate is this price gouging. This is the only app I make purchases on, and the more money you spend in game, the higher the prices get and the lower value your money actually has. I never see “deals” for 99 cents or 2 dollars anymore. For a long time it has been 8 bucks for a “deal” and today I received a deal claiming it was half off at 15 dollars (a supposed 30 dollar original price) for a bundle that some basic math and experience tells me is worth maybe $13 based on previous price tags. Play the game if you enjoy it, expect challenges and unfair matchups if you're using cheap boosters, but don’t give them your money or they will make you pay $15 for something you used to pay $4 for. Disgusting and disappointing service from a game I love and used to enjoy spending money in, a rarity I assure you.
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6 months ago, Hskbeibdj
Literally anything but skill based
In order to have a good chance of winning once you get passed newbie status you have to spend money. Swiping a card isn’t a skill. Then even then you have the toxic players who find ways to cheat. And yes it’s cheating. The game has no way to report these people either! I’ve been in games with people who their turn had just lasted a whole minute then my turn appears and as I make my first move not even within 2 seconds it ends the game they won and says I quit! Unfair. On top of that you also have the people who have “service interrupted “ and it gives a 30 second count down but the last 2 seconds their back they make a move and do it again and it bugs the game and ends the game. I tested all this by purchasing the 50$ coin pack bought the good boosters to then realize I was winning left and right. But then after using them all up and losing them to cheaters I noticed it’s next to impossible to win. This game is fun, it needs either skill based match making or something add a report button! Your making so many people quit! This game right now is just a money ticket and the creator wants to say it’s skill. Do better.
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3 years ago, 5sauce1fan
Pretty great
Ive read other reviews saying that its rigged and pay to win. Ive been playing for like 4 months and I’m at grand master. I only ever buy the special $.99 deals that they have sometimes. Ive spent max 10 dollars and ive never felt like ive needed to buy something. It’s only rigged sometimes and its not enough to really hinder your progress. It’s possible that I’m just better at this game than other people writing bad reviews, but idk. I came to write this review now because one of the top reviews says that the willie workout is insane and that they always lose to it. Well I’m here to tell you i just beat a willie workout with a balloon blast. This game also definitely requires skill that you have to learn by playing a lot. I definitely recommend this game. It’s super fun and only rigged sometimes. Ive been on the end of rigged games where i win and where i lose. They definitely rig it in both directions
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4 months ago, gammerelite
Read before you download this app
I’m 50/50 with this app. While the concept is engaging and fun, there are several issues with the gameplay. You’ll notice that once you get into any rhythm, your timer runs out a bit faster than usual while your opponent has what seems like all the time in the world in comparison to your time per round. Also, you can be ahead by well over 100+ points, and in a single round your opponents points will fly past yours with a lightning special clearing the board. Often than not, your unevenly matched with AI opponents and against outrageous boosters that skyrocket your points, taking the skill away from the game entirely. The tournaments are no better. You may win just a few rounds but this is a rigged app, and odds are always stacked against you. I’ve deleted the app a few times due to these issues. The original version was better, but since the frequent updates to add the drastically overpowered unnecessary boosters, and frequent point glitches it’s not worth playing. Unless you intend to spend spend spend, which is the ploy behind the setup of the design and gameplay, it’s not worth the download.
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3 years ago, sagebaby82
Game is a joke.
I absolutely love to play this game. It’s so addicting, but nothing is more annoying than the constant favoritism towards the player with the highest boosters and score. I’m constantly matched with players who are much higher ranked and the benefits they get for being such. While my time goes by in a matter of seconds, they have delayed stops which allow numerous moves and they come out the winner every time. It’s only if I pay for a higher booster, than I even stand a chance on progressing forward up the ranks. If I have the standard booster, than you can forget a win, unless it happens to be a technical win. And once I pay for booster boxes, it doesn’t take long to be matched up with a computer bot who will then be set up with continuous extra moves that allow them the win, and yet again I’m left with no boosters. Other gaming apps that I’ve played might have the same agenda, but it isn’t as obvious that your set up to fail. I don’t mind being on the losing end, but to make it so obvious that you only win by purchasing GOLD booster to move up in the ranks makes it feel redundantly boring and abusive to my intelligent.
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3 years ago, Adrian Barbosa #2
Gets boring as you progress.
So as a player starting a couple of days ago, I have every quickly completed my first album and now the game is getting boring due to how difficult it is to face players, starting from the Jungle Rumble studio. It is very hard to get certain deals because you have to play lots of games to earn coins because people like using the Paint Splash booster which is bronze tier and actually can give you lots of boosters. The Magic Hat is also quite too good to be in silver as it gives 3 boosters in which you have a chance at getting 3 lightning bolts, then using the hammer and winning about 15 free points. I guess the diamond tiered ability Lucky Leprechaun is also a bit too good as not only does it prevent your opponent from making many moves, but also gives you LOADS of points. It feels like a classic but for its difficulty in getting it, it’s fine. Anyways, I am enjoying my time, but more silver and bronze boosters will make a living.
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3 years ago, iced123854
Rigged, not skill based as developer states
Fun game but…..frustrating because game play is not matching based on normal factors ie matching levels, boosters or perks?? Bottom line: played over 5000 games, lost about half. Wrote a previous review and the game developer wrote back saying it’s skill and luck based. REALLY? My point to the developers is simple, if this is skill based, they why allow unequal boosters compete with each other (ie 3 stars vs none)? Why allow someone that has perks compete with some that didn’t upgrade theirs? Go ahead, explain away… too bad because it is a fun game, but your formula for frustrating a player to purchase the better booster doesn’t work anyways… it will just drive away those that actually enjoy the concept. Update: since writing a harsh review, my matches/matchups have been worse and all but impossible to win… coincidence, maybe, but I find it likely someone can get worse the more they gain experience and play. Again, rigged to frustrate you so you buy the boosters or extras to win. Update again… would love the developers to explain how the more you play, the worst matchups and lesss you win? Rigged!!!!!
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3 years ago, BearBourne
Absolutely love the game. Without a doubt one of my favorites. Love being able to play over and over without having “energy” or whatever in order to play. Few small things and this game would be incredible. First thing, I would love to see a tier system, it’s so difficult to play folks who’ve either played longer or purchased their boosters and expect to win, dynamite against the leprechaun just won’t cut it 🤣. Second, it would be nice to see the starting player change hands a little better, or even like a coin flip to see whom goes first, about five games in a row of going second wasn’t fun especially when the opposition had a four match in their respective color just waiting. Anyways team, awesome job, keep up the great work. I’ve recommended the game to family and friends and they really seem to enjoy it! Thank you so much!!!
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2 months ago, BadgerHorn
Fun…but something needs fixing
I really enjoy this game. However, a few things need fixing. First, I’ve noticed when the opponent goes first more often than not they’ll get a chance to combine 5 of a kind. Basically the opponent is being spotted 20-30 points right from the start. At best, I’ll get a chance at 4 of a kind. Extremely rare I get the 5 of a kind right off the bat. Second, there has to be a way to match players boosters. Not really a chance of beating a Diamond or Legendary booster when all you have is a duck or bag of fireworks. Makes you want to quit after the opponents first move. Third, there should be a booster you’ll always be able to play with. You have unlimited “Shuffle”. Why not have an unlimited booster??? Would be nice to keep playing versus having to either wait for the next free set of boosters or pay money to get one. Lastly, and this is just a personal thing, the treasure chest mode needs to go. There has to be more creative options out there.
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11 months ago, Stay N UrLane
Needs to better job with game play info
Graphics Fantastic! Cost to play a round reasonable. My major issue is how little the game informs you of what is going on. You literally play one or two rounds and they never do a tutorial after that. I just moved up into level and the rules of the game changed. Ok no big deal except I would have used a low free booster the first round in to see how that round with the new rules worked instead of losing my diamond booster that I had just paid real money for. It didnt help either that I was first player and totally wasted capitalizing on that round by making the moves the new rules allowed which gave you more points. Most games give you quick tutorials when you go into new rules. Their idea of instruction is a picture at the bottom of the page while they match you to an opponent which sometimes is very quickly and you dont get a chance to look into the rules at the bottom if you are first player bc your time immediately starts.
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3 years ago, 1987am9
Could be a wonderful game if it was fair
I really like the game and have spent quite a bit of money on boosters, but I have to agree with some other reviews that I have seen. There are times where the opponent seems to have way more time to perform task and you can literally be moving at a faster speed. There are also times where they have more moves that they don’t even earn through extra moves. As far as the developers response to what is happening is very dismissive and summing it up to skill and luck. We know what we are up against using certain boosters and our odds and I have to say that I have pretty great skills and still experience these issues. I also don’t like the fact that you don’t have any other ways of getting coins or higher boosters unless you play or buy them think of adding ads as a way to obtain free boosters and limit the times you can do it in a day because the prices are too expensive. I won’t invest more money until the playing field is leveled. The idea is to be able to play other people and not bots.
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1 year ago, potato girl 22
The best app
I’m not kidding when I say I have over a whole page of games, and Mach masters has been my favorite game for a long time. I love almost everything about it. It has so many fun elements and things to do (Also there isn’t adds every 3 seconds like other games). The only things that could make the game better is a offline mode. I was in the car for a really long time and I wasn’t able to play the game. Other than that I can’t think of anything else I don’t like about the game. If you considering downloading this game I definitely recommend. It’s also a safe community because there isn’t a chat feature and it doesn’t make you share personal information. If you want a game on your phone this is the one! Also, if you are the person who made the app and you are reading this, GOOD JOB!
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1 month ago, Tracey Ransom
Not so good
This games has the potential to be better the issue for me is the game is not fair. When playing you should not have 2 moves and your opponent has 10 moves it’s impossible to win on those odds which is what prompted me to do this review I just played a game and it only allowed me one move it will tell you your out of moves when your not you can have full boosters and it will drop all your time to zero. I contacted support about this issue last night because I wasted coins playing unfairly. I don’t care about losing but I want to lose fairly not by not given the opportunity to have the chance to win because it will only allow me 1-2 moves while my opponent has 5-10 moves . The support person clearly doesn’t comprehend what I was saying I am going to screen shot what has been happening. I have been playing this game for a short time and I like it so I would like for this to be fixed otherwise I will stick with my usual games.
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3 months ago, Ebebebeb1234
Milking emotions and money
So this game was a game that from my perspectice brought a new life to match3 genre. Seeing how it ended up (becoming pay to win) makes me sad. Surely it was like that from the beginning but somehow is was more fair? Now its so brutal. I believe we used to have more time per round to think about getting extra moves. They used to mean something? Now? Now its all about using the perks, filling the booster and the boosters are ridicilously powerful. Literally you have no chance with gold silver or level 1 diamond boosters. I just watch my opponent "strategizing" with their booster. Did you really have to milk this game this much? Please whoever is reading is send my review to the product team. Good job on being another Clash Royale (not the success but the downfall) I wonder what will happen when the UA gets so expensive and you won't have enough new users to turn this around. Just to respect your work and good old times sake, I am not giving 1 star.
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3 years ago, Gingerbreadwitch
Fix your game!!
It crashes so often I useless to play a tournament, adventure events or the other daily specials. I can’t even get to the help center to submit a ticket. The loss of my paid for boosters makes it a waste of money, I might as well take my money and flush it down the toilet. You guys don’t even compensate for losses not my fault because your app crashed. I have room on my phone, I reboot my phone, and have full cell signal, so the issues are not my connection or my phone, it’s you crappy app that’s the problem, look at all the other review complaints, stop blaming the players for your bad app. Instead perks and booster improvements how about you guys work on your app not crashing, I’m sure everyone would really like that. Until your app stops crashing I’m not spending more money on boosters I don’t get to play because it crashes and by the time it reconnects the game is over. Also figure out how to stop the cheaters using game guardian to manipulate the game. I’ve had it with your app, once all my boosters are gone I’m deleting, you lost big $$ weekly from me.
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6 months ago, modenapsu
Far Above Average
This game is way more fun than I expected it to be. I thought it was like many of the advertised games on the App Store that are compelling to play the first few times or first few days but this has far surpassed my expectations. The gameplay is fair and it feels like every opponent you play is an actual person; I am never left feeling like there was even a chance that I was playing against a bot. The game is absolutely fully enjoyable without spending a cent. Furthermore the in-game purchases that I have seen are better priced than competitors and give a good amount of value for the purchase price. Oh, and best of all, the game doesn’t show you 10 ads when it starts up or in between games. *Sometimes* there is (at most) 1 ad shown when you first open the game to start playing. A++
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2 years ago, Ashley.Cole
Love this game - risk versus reward is getting too high
I’ve been playing Match Masters for over 2 years since before there was the Woolly booster. And I play everyday. I also spend lots of $$ because I like to continue to play. My complaint is that the # of coins earned from regular matches has decreased (used to be 50 coins + booster bonus) and now it’s based on the booster you beat (10-40 coins). At the same time the cost of ALL boosters (sans bronze) have increased significantly. I’m really disappointed that the legendary boosters are now 2500 coins as well. Developers, can you please update the coin formula for winning games? It’s getting very annoying to have to win 62 games to get 2500 coins (not counting winning coins by helping teammates or watching videos which are also paltry - 5 and up to 50 respectively). We are loyal, help us out!
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2 years ago, Hawkflyer
Could be a good game
Two suggestions. First, there should be a way to EARN the super boosters in addition to buying them. It could be difficult or it could be after winning X number of games, etc. But having no way to earn them just guarantees that those who spend money, win. I am sure many many people would continue to purchase them but this would give others who cant purchase, an opportunity. It very frustrating when game after game you loose because someone has bought the game. Secondly and maybe more importantly, you HAVE GOT TO figure out what is going on with your timer. It lets play continue (seems like only if you have a super booster)after the time runs out and until your super booster is finished. So you get the booster refilled and before you activate it again, the clock runs out..... can still activate it and play further on the board. This just is not right and not fun. Ish I could record my games so I could prove this to you.
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2 years ago, Mrs. Alyssa D Short
People on this game give up too quickly.
I love playing this game my boyfriend got me too play this game and as soon I started playing against other people when I had a certain card that was high they would quit the game in the beginning, and also in the middle and let’s say, I was a couple points behind them and then I caught up to them they would quit the game. I think you guys should do an app grade where people who quit the game in the beginning middle should lose their card. It’s not fair that they get to keep their booster after they quit the game. Please come up with a new update for this game because me and my boyfriend don’t really play the game like that no more because of people quitting the game right in the middle because you have a high booster card or you caught up with them.
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5 months ago, Ijv2004
It’s great! But it gets really annoying.
This game overall is an absolute blast. But once I got past 700 trophies, I found out very quickly that this game LOVES to play favorites. The rng in this game is so bad, for me at least. Every single time a match starts and there’s no good combos available, I get the first turn. But when there’s great combos available on the first glance, the other player gets it. I can make my first couple of moves and get not much out of it, But as soon as it turns the other players turn, they manage to squeeze out any possible combo in their 2 turns. And the crazy thing is, they don’t even know how to play the game. These combinations, QUITE LITERALLY, fall into their laps and it just gives them the win without allowing me to get any decent combinations to rebuttal no matter what move I make. You have to fight for your life against people who have zero idea what their doing and still end up losing.
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11 months ago, Boomz247
Once you’ve started to play this game it makes you feel like it’s actually fair. There are tons of threads on Reddit to read other people’s experiences just like mine. I’ve had this game for 2 weeks my first day playing I beat everyone I was put up against literally obliterated everyone. The next day I played I noticed it wasn’t as easy but thought ehh it’s just because I’m a higher rank now. After a few more days I started to catch on that they want you to lose your boosters so you have to buy more. They do this by giving you basically no good matches to start, and your opponent just randomly gets god sent matches that sky rocket their score. Or they end up giving you decent matches in the beginning but towards the end all of the sudden your opponent somehow is able to catch up to your score even if you’re beating them by 100. Don’t get this game. I’m not just a sore loser I just find it unfortunate they couldn’t actually make a good fair game like this, but instead they turned it into a cash cow.
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2 months ago, JMFVanDyke
I love this game
I’ve been playing this game for a long while now and yes, it’s changed and been updated a few times but since it’s still the same, go to game that I use whenever I need to just get away. It’s always fun. It’s never the same. They give away awesome prizes all the time through their multiple platforms. A couple of things that have changed are the Match Masters club and the better “wheel “spin when you were a part of that club. But their new way of doing things is if you make any purchase in the shop that you get so many perks and benefits! Also, when you win or even purchase stickers, almost all of them are duplicate! If the sticker game could change, that would be awesome! This is my go to because it’s just so much fun!
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2 years ago, Asume2113
All about money
In the. Beginning I really loved this game but as I’ve played it I’ve started seeing a lot of stuff that makes me believe this game is rigged. The game is aCompetition game and I’m all for competition when it’s fair competition. This is not fair ever times you can spend 10 bucks on boosters whatever start a game and your opponent is someone who’s using a very first booster you get in the game andBeat you. At first I was like all that’s cool it is based off your skill level but it’s not when you start a level and you literally have no moves zero and lose a booster that you just bought I spent 10 bucks and now you don’t have that booster no more that’s stupid. If you enjoy getting money taken from you in the name of competition that is unfair, play this game otherwise delete it and never play again. Or if you like Losing all the time exspecally once you get in the grand master level unless you spend money that you loss on your first game go for it but I’ll never play this game again it is rigged for only making money.
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1 year ago, Clouds720
I have been playing this game for over a year, but gotta say I’m disappointed. Since the new update I have noticed that with 5-6 seconds remaining it tell me “time over”! I have contacted them numerous times and they gave me back my booster the first 3 times but when I continue to experience this bug they tell me that they will let the developers know but they have exceeded the busters they can send, yet I still experience the loss of time. I will admit I have purchased hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars and they can only send three boosters because of the same issue. How is it my fault?! I asked for me to be given an email of someone that can make this right, and have yet to hear from them. Is this happening to many of you? If so wouldn’t you want it refunded every time it happens or am I blowing thing out per portion? 🤔 UPDATE: So I guess, you the developers are no help! All I hear is if you have issues blah….blah… blah. It doesn’t matter how much money invested. Yeah.. sticking to a 1 Star rating for now!
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2 years ago, temple lovver
Unfair and algorithm need fixing asap!
I’ve been playing this game for a while and I’m about to uninstall and stop supporting. Why is SE boosters going up against normal silver and gold boosters. People need to be matched up with a booster in there booster class when they select one to play with. You know what booster I selected I have to select it before playing. The individual matches are a sham. I lose booster no matter how I play. I never get enough of the color I need to activate the booster. One more then 1 occasion I was playing the individual match and got no colors (blue/red) to even activate my booster. I like the game but it needs a lot of help. People who don’t spend cash on boosters or coins are at a disadvantage in the head to head matches and the individual matches are the equivalent to a shake down.
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3 months ago, Hariepotter
App need a update
Ok so I love this game don’t get me wrong but all I have to say is this you guys need to update this game because of the matchmaker for example if I have a three star level car why would you put us up against a high tier special edition card that were out of doubt they will beat us in the game why can’t you guys just fix this and make lobbies of the same level card going up against each other because it’s not fair if someone is playing a level one star why would you put them in a rank match against a three star or a higher tier card like a special edition card that’s something that you guys should fix and I hope it is soon because this is my main game that I keep playing almost every day and it’s fun just to make the time go byso I hope that you guys get to fix this soon. If not then this game it’s not a fair way for others to enjoy this game.
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3 years ago, djsvdjdjx
Good game
Ok so I love this game! HOWEVER, there are some major flaws. I have been cheated out of many games because the other persons timer ran out but yet it let them keep playing for at least another 15-20 seconds!!! That is frustrating, especially when you would’ve won, and even more extremely frustrating when you have spent money for the best boosters only to have them taken away because the game cheated!!!!!! Please fix this. It just happens for at least the 20th time during a tournament. Makes me so mad because like I said I love this game but I continually get beat by the timer when it lets a player keep playing past time or by the players who have those bubbles or skulls that appear around their matches. What is that anyway?! It’s not fair to all the players and especially the ones who have paid money. PLEASE FIX IT!
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9 months ago, KAM1061992
Love it, but things could be improved
I am addicted to this game, no doubt about it. It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy the competition. I can get easily frustrated, though, when I am paired up in a match with someone who has an infinitely better booster than I do AND gets to play first. After the first round I’m already down over 100 and left with a blank board. Sometimes I will leave the game early because it seems pointless. If you are paired with someone with a much higher boost than you and you win, you should get extra trophies. There is no incentive to play against someone who has much more ammo than you going into a match. This has happened all night which is why I felt the need to write a review. The competition is only fair if the other player has similar circumstances they are playing under.
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3 years ago, Pharaoh Harris
Just something to bring to y’all attention, in making it better for a lot of players
but if y’all don’t start finding a way to put player skill levels against players of the same skill levels Y’all will continue losing a lot more people a lot of people that plays the game that I know feels there’s a lot of cheating, an bots that y’all add to play in game..and some players got special perks that others don’t and when they matched up against them they have no chance from the beginning just something y’all can try to look into so every player can have a good time playing this game. Y’all really should find a way to put the best against the best beginners against beginners idk, just bringing something to y’all attention to think about
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4 years ago, nika noel
Match masters
Still asking, What happened to the Xtra moves game??? This was the best game in my opinion and u took it away. Now u just keep having this Rainbow sprint games that rob you from your diamond boosters faster! This whole game is a set up to steal your money and it’s not a coincidence that all the players on your reviews are saying that same thing, ahhhh maybe because it’s true!!! U guys never have this anymore and I used to look forward to that one most weekends. I don’t have alot of time during the work week and I haven’t played x-tra moves in weeks. Also, I’ve spent hundreds of $$$ on this game and I hate the idea of the stickers pack!!! And trading stickers isn’t even out yet so you’re basically forcing people to spend $$$ in order to get any stickers keep it simple. What does trading stickers have anything to do with a match game. That’s just a way to get it out on social media for more dumb people like me to spend more money.
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7 months ago, Raebaen5
It’s a good mind stimulating game
I’m just going to agree with everything BOSS DADDY AND SEVERAL OTHERS said, but I want to add that it seems like the game purposely makes me lose when I have allot of money and boosters. The to Es for me goes super fast however my opponent time is like 3 times the length and the fact of putting a SE booster against regular level boosters. It seems like the opponent always goes first and the board has several extras for them. Once I started spending my coins or loosing all my boosters it will start back giving me fair matches. The part about the extra stickers that we already have is ridiculous instead of some of the ones we need to close other books. I would like to know how to close other books because nothing gets those purple outlined stickers. Lately I have not been playing as much because I feel like it is designed for me to loss.
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