Match To Win: Real Money Games

4.5 (276.8K)
510.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rewardify Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Match To Win: Real Money Games

4.46 out of 5
276.8K Ratings
2 years ago, TheWereWolf80
I have hope…eventually…maybe?
So I wanna start off by saying the game is very fun! The theme is cool, the graphics are neat, and the gameplay of all the different levels you have to go through are highly addictive. Now I’ve had the game for a week and in less than 3 days, I got about $4. You get cash by either spinning the wheel, hitting the lotto or doing the scratchers. Which these scratchers, you get to do after you complete each level. I would recommend watching any ad, because the more ads you watch, the more double the gold, tokens, free spins and cash you could possibly get. However, the moment I reached $6.55, which by the way is close to cashing out at $7, because that’s what it says, everything stopped all of a sudden. So now, no matter how many scratchers I do, or spin of the wheel, I get no money. Not even a little cents. I guess this could mean three things. Number 1: The harder and higher the levels get, the harder it is to win money? Because I will warn you, the levels do get very hard. I’m surprised I’ve reached level 50 already. Number 2: Maybe you have to reach a specific level or map in order to start winning cash again? Number 3: Or are they scamming us? Whatever the cause, I hope to eventually start winning little cash again. I do have a lot of patience, but I hope the case is not that it is a scam. It would be disappointing if that is the case, because this is a fun game.
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2 years ago, Kutie_Kay
First Game I Found That Actually Pays Me
Although the ad I saw this game on was misleading, I am actually very pleasantly surprised with how good this game is. Firstly, it’s a matching game. There are scratchers and a prize wheel and raffles and such but you are moving through levels matching 3+ bells or tokens or what not to get things to the bottom or collect a certain amount of something. You know! A basic matching game. Secondly, you are going to get offers of free goodies before every level and an ad after each one. This personally doesn’t bug me because I play these games while watching tv or laying in bed so I don’t really care. Lastly, the payout limit is literally only $7, I got up to $4 in about an hour. I’m going to say that again. I ACTUALLY GOT $4 IN ONE HOUR OF PLAYING THIS GAME. I have never in all my time playing these types of games ever even got close to a cent let alone a whole $4. The tokens are SUPER easy to get your hands on, and these can be used to buy tickets to enter the different raffles. I don’t know how to best convince that I’m a real human person because if I read my review I’d be skeptical. But I’m a human not a bot, this isn’t a fake review. I work at a pizza shop and stream on twitch so yea. I’m real and review is real. Love the game. Highly recommend if you just need some extra pocket change or don’t mind wasting some time to put some extra money into savings!
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2 years ago, NekoTheSpook
Great game, but few cash winnings
Although the ads don’t reflect what the game actually is, I really am pleased with the game format. It’s a basic match-the-gems puzzle, which progresses along a map. You get a scratch-off after each puzzle, plus additional ones for completing daily tasks, proceeding past certain map points, etc. There’s also a drawing daily for $25 and a weekly one for $1,000. It does throw a lot of ads at you, but I don’t particularly mind them. I was very happy at first, and quickly got to $6.55…. aaaaand stuck. For over two weeks now, I haven’t hit any real $ winnings, not even a 5-cent one. They will only pay out at $7.00, so it’s been sitting there. I would just chalk it up to bad luck, but other reviews indicate that $6.55 seems to be a ‘freeze point’ with this developer’s games. It’s irksome, because this format has a lot going for it - I dislike skill games that pit player vs. player, as I’m not particularly fast enough to do well at them, but I love puzzle games and it was super to find a game that’s enjoyable, non-competitive, and offers the possibility of real-world rewards. I’ll keep playing because it’s fun (and hope springs eternal) but be aware that you may have a long haul before you can cash out.
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4 years ago, kaylafur
App force closes
Updated 2: It seems to be working for me now. Updated: I contacted support and they asked for my “Rewardify Prod User ID”. I told them the app force closes every time I try to open it, so I couldn’t go into settings and get the number they requested. They emailed me back saying I needed IOS 6.0 or newer and that the app had been recently updated to prevent the force closing. I responded that I have an IPhone XR, IOS 13.3, and I deleted and reinstalled the app and checked that there were no updates needed. They then sent me the same email asking for my “Rewardify Prod User ID”. Original: I reached over $4 in my piggy bank and now the app constantly force closes. I checked the website and Facebook page to try to reach out to support, but I couldn’t find a way to reach them. I tried restarting my phone; I tried deleting the app, restarting my phone and re-downloading the app. Nothing is working. I’m very upset, I really like playing this game and knowing I could get rewards.
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2 years ago, B&B$
Don’t waste your time
I’ve had this app for over three weeks now I’m at $6.55 it will not allow me to make any more money it goes as far as beating around the bush I should say because it’ll allow me to win everything else other than cash and when I do win cash it doesn’t go into my account so I’m still stuck at $6.55 and I’ve been there for 2 1/2 weeks even though that I’ve had the game download it for three weeks I’ll just be as far as that I think that this app is not worth anyone’s time unless you wanna play for free and make money for the actual developerAnd not yourself then be my guest and have fun other than that this app will get one star and one star only not worth lying and stating certain things in ads when they aren’t true whoeverDevelop this is a scam artist just like all the other developers there’s not one real game out there that’s going to pay you like they say they’re going to so whoever wrote the review about how they won all this money and was able to collect eight dollars after three days yeah right and I play for hours at a time so there’s no way you can tell me that you’ve won or cashed out in days when I’ve downloaded this app three weeks ago and I’m still stuck at $6.55 so I’m pretty sure the developer has certain people write certain reviews to make it look good so again I’ll say this app is definitely a scam of your time and skills
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2 years ago, ST.RCER
Rating a 2. Because they promises cash rewards . Its fun do t get me wrong ..
I have played 5 apps in the last 6 months 2 that actually pay back money. This is not one of them. This one is actually fun thou. But the earning money ???? Zero. There are so many ads and the buy gold ! Just earn it. I have bought the gold worh a CC amd the add free 3.99 (whichnis NOT add free) I have gone through over 170 levels then they rebooted me for a “software change “ started me back at 1 and now at 172. That is over 300 leveles . It the first two days i got to 6.55. You cant cash out til 7. Not one penny since almost 6 months later ! Which is my bad for kewping playing! I have given them over 40 dollars. Its fun… but do not expect a dime! Amd the cut outs! When you do when and ot throws an error message!!! I am finally giving this game up. I won and completes thousands of scratchers . Played the dash for cash. Everyday! Paying money for these things that they recommend to help. Never get close to anything. Do not waste your time ofr even 10 dollars (i just calculated i have given them over 59 on this! Especially the ad free 3.99! Twoce! Still get ads !!!! You still get them !!!!! Giving it a 2 cause its fun. I jist want the 6.55 which has been there since three days afyer i started . Never gone up a penny! Not stop cash awards while i started … then 0 !
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4 years ago, KrissySue
I downloaded this app after seeing an advertisement that you get paid to play, as soon as I started playing I immediately started making money, to clarify this isn’t life changing money but a few extra dollars a week in your pocket. I played maybe 3-4 days before I could cash out and it immediately hit my PayPal. I clicked on the piggy bank after I reached like $2 just to see how and what the requirements were. Most apps require $10 this one was $7. I cashed out close to $8 to see and it was super simple and immediate. After I cashed out I slowed down on playing bc I had completed all the levels twice but when I have a little free time, I’ll play or just login for the hourly scratcher or bonus levels. I still get 50 cents to a dollar here and there. They have an hourly scratcher along w a daily login. A scratcher for every level completed and twice a week bonus game scratcher. I think it’s a fun game and some of the levels are challenging. Levels never being identical every time it’s played is a positive. I guess the only downside is waiting for more levels to be added. It’s better than playing those games where you play and play and play to only get 5-7 cents every few days.
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2 years ago, Re794
Fun but no money payouts!!
This game reminds me so much of candy crush and I enjoyed playing that game which was why I gravitated towards this one so fast. I understand the concept and only difference is the fact you’re supposed to “earn money” that is not the case thus far. I’ve been playing consistently on an everyday basis and only earned $6.55 along with the rest of the people in the reviews. They don’t let you win anymore than that because cash out is at $7 and they don’t want to pay people for playing for free. I made it all the way to level 50, actually on 51 right now, and only thing I’ve won is coins. The scratchers are bogus after you reach the $6 limit it’s over with. They encourage you to buy tickets for the sweepstakes with the coins you earn but no matter how many tickets you have entered, your name doesn’t get picked. The more we play the more they make regardless. Plus there are tons of ads involved, I’m writing all this to say that If you’re expecting to win money, don’t get your hopes up with this game. However, if you just want to play for fun and if you loved candy crush, this is your game. By the way I usually don’t write reviews, I either delete the app or keep and rate but I just felt this one was necessary.
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4 years ago, dbase0402
Do Read this...Update is a TRICK
Err What happened after a few months i deleted the app on my phone? Still not back to the old way where you can accumulate coins and the can redeem for cash? This is sad actually. Hopefully they bring it back there is an app that does that but only minimal amount. The update was promising but it turns out that the scratch cards only contains minimal tickets/coins and Hearts lots of Hearts, no wonder they said "you're going to Love the new Update." it only gives you Hearts nice joke MTW haha and btw I did get cash but when you reach $5.25 thats the last of it you will get so the $7 is basically a dream. Anyways it was a fun game before but I guess its on a downward spiral. Good Luck to all those who will stay and keeps playing. :) Note: Don't get your hopes up, the high prizes is just to lure players :| only the developer are gaining tons of money thru ads etc but us NONE. Once you get to 5.25 or 5.75 tahts it the money like $1 or 50 and 25 cents will be as rare as bigfoot. You wont get any tbh so again $7 will be around a month to complete if you are lucky enough. Sad how I miss the Jet Set Go redeem at least all your hard work pays off :(
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8 months ago, Staygoldforbrittnicole
Honest review
If you’re expecting to win cash by just playing a couple hundred levels, this is not the app for you. Much like the other reviews said, you won’t get past $6.50 by just playing the levels on your own time. If you have a few hours to play non stop, you can win the cash dash prizes which can get you $5-$10. I’ve already got a pretty decent amount in my wallet but haven’t attempted to cash out yet, so I have yet to confirm if it will be payed out or not. I did have this app prior to it becoming a sweepstakes game and they payed out, so I’m not as hesitant, but will try cashing out soon. It’s taken me 2 hours and 2 and a half hours of non stop playing during the cash dash to win two of them. I put on my favorite show and tuned in when the ads came. I personally like the game so I don’t mind sitting there playing it after work. This game won’t be for most people, as it does take a lot of effort and you have to sit through a lot of ads. But the ads pay for the money you win, so put on a good show and play for a couple hours during CASH DASH, you could win some money. But only expect a payout if you have the time to spend and a schedule that allows you to play during cash dash.
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4 years ago, Swnsn97266
I love this game!
I downloaded this game over 2 years ago, and have enjoyed playing it. Since my download, there have been several improvements. Including, scratch tickets where you can win actual money! This update was added several months ago. But, you can win $0.25 here, maybe $0.50, there. The money gets stored in a “Piggy Bank”. Minimum payout in $7.00, straight into your PayPal account. I reached $7.75, just from the scratch tickets, a few months ago, and I haven’t won any more from the tickets. So apparently; this is the maximum you can save in your “Piggy Bank”, until you cash out. I just cashed out my $7.75, and it was INSTANTLY transferred into my PayPal account! No need to wait to get your money! Some games requires 72+ hours before you’re payout transfer is complete. But, not this one! The game also has raffle tickets, that you can easily win, for the raffles you are automatically entered into. However; I have never won a raffle. I strongly recommend downloading this game, and giving it a try! It’s free to play, so you have nothing to lose! I have never invested a single penny into this game, and so far, I’m $7.75 ahead!
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5 years ago, lilxlaciiii
To many problems!
Ok so the game was cool at first and then I get up to $6.50 and I’ve lost some games that I was in the middle of it’s always getting stuck it’s ridiculous! All this money that these so called people are winning and I can’t even get 25cents to reach my 7 dollars! Also when you go to scratch off the cards it’s a job! If there wasn’t so many problems with this game it would be more enjoyable but it’s not! It’s Frustrating and I’m done I would not recommend to anyone they would get mad at me with all the problems! Can’t reach support either Scam!!!!!! Update so I receive a message on my email from this developer and they say they are going to fix the issues on this game well nothing’s fixed still freezes up on the middle of the game and just in general still lost out on scratchers after the fact. This is no fun when it takes 30 minutes to play one level I have anxiety and it makes it worse! Keep your $6.50 I would never get it anyway as far as I can see haven’t even won another 25 cents in a few weeks but that $6.50 added up quick but I guess that’s to keep someone playing on this crappy Scam game! Deleting the game not worth it! Deleted the game I would not recommend this game to anyone the people winning probably work there. I find it funny that the people that win don’t even put a review on here
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4 years ago, NicholeDay
Actual payout!
I have to admit that it did take awhile to actually payout. I would get anxious getting closer to $7, and gameplay started to slow down. I scratched so many and went through various levels. I’m on level 96 and got up to $8.25. I cashed out immediately and couldn’t be happier! Even after cashing out and leaving the app and coming back some time later, collecting cash isn’t so slow. Scratched my second card and got $1 which was actually surprising to me. I would estimate around a month that I was actually able to reach the cash out requirement. To be honest I don’t mind how long it took because these types of games of matching and puzzles are my absolute favorite. It’s an added bonus to have a game I can be addicted to and get some money while I’m at it. Thank God, this app turned out to be legit. Too many apps that say they can earn you cash but it’s months before you see your next cent. Not with this app! I 100% recommend it, if you want to get some money for just playing a game. Granted it’s not a lot, but I say every dollar counts especially when saving for something. Thank you!!!
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3 years ago, squirly.nut
Complete and total scam
If your looking for a fun addicting puzzle game with power ups and scratchers then this is the app for you. Not a bad game, but another scam. I've been on $6.55 for a while now, needing $7 to cash out, not even 5 cent winnings coming up anymore. As of today there are no new levels, so there are no more scratch cards to even try and win anything. Don't expect to actually win any $ with this app. I contacted the developer with my concerns I will say they responded quickly apologized and provide me with a generous amount of account credits. They added that it’s a game of chance so luck has a lot to do with the outcome. I’m no stranger to games of chance and that response is a farce. Games are set up with algorithms and the fact of the matter is the game is set up to prevent payment in reading other reviews many other report the same issue. It’s a shame because it’s a fun game and the developer chooses to cheat its players and advertisers. They scoffed at my suggestion that they were deceiving the public. My response to theirs deleting the app and spending any more funds buying lives or power ups. Wise up rewardify inc your ruining your reputation and damaging your business bottom line pay out as you promise having stopped at level 154 I should have been paid the min of $7.
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4 months ago, Parabor
Addictive fun with amazing rewards
I discovered this game in June of last year and I am impressed with this innovative mobile game. This game combines the excitement of a classic match-three puzzle game with the added thrill of winning real rewards, making it a standout title in the world of casual gaming. One of the first things that caught my attention when I started playing was its sleek and intuitive interface. The game is easy to navigate. The vibrant and colorful graphics add to the overall charm of the game, creating a visually appealing experience. I particularly enjoyed the variety of game modes available in this game, which kept the gameplay fresh and exciting. Whether I was competing in timed challenges or participating in tournaments against other players, there was always something new and rewarding to experience. Another aspect of this game that impressed me was the generous reward system. Overall, Match to Win is a delightful mobile game that offers a perfect blend of fun and real-world rewards. I highly recommend giving this game a try - you'll be hooked in no time!
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3 years ago, H.W.98
Stuck at $6.55😡
I’ve already read a bunch of the other reviews and came to the conclusion that y’all don’t care about giving money to be able to cash out there is no way the ones that said they did that they actually did get money from this scam. I’ve been playing over a month and haven’t got a single cent for majority of the time I was playing. It only took me a week to get to where I’m at and since then nothing. And no point in the raffle unless I save up to like 1mil coins but even then I don’t think I would actually get the money Bc there’s no way I could save up to that amount with how little coins they give too. Thought if I payed 99¢ for something that I might get some cent but i wasted a dollar on a game that makes money from you from the ads. Jokes on you I disabled ur ads since y’all stopped giving me anything so ur not making money from me unless you actually own up to what the app is literally for. Just admit it this app is just a regular match three game that harasses you with ads. And do you really think someone is gonna pay $4 or so to remove ads for only a little time that should be illegal and this app should be taken down for the amount of time it’s wasted for ppl. Stop false informing ppl that they will make money with this game.
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3 years ago, Jacoby2ooo
🚨You can never cash out, major scam🚨
When you get to $6.55 you NEVER get any more money and you need $7 to cash out I’ve had this game for several weeks, I got to $6.55 in the first week or so, everything was going well until I realized I never got any more money for weeks despite still playing all the time. They never want you to cash out they just want you to watch a bunch of ads making them more money. If you buy anything on there then you just fell into their trap even more I thought the game was legit until they just stopped giving me anything at all. If they don’t want to give out as much money then they should just give less but at least still give some and let people cash out what they’ve earned. This app is very deceptive trying to make people think they’re going to get anything when really you can’t Maybe if they fix the 6.55 thing I’ll change my opinion and the game would actually be good and legit, but it’s not at all currently so please don’t waste your time or effort with this piece of garbage. I’m not deleting the app yet in case something changes then I’ll update but I doubt they’ll do anything as I see many other reviews saying the same thing Not to mention the optimization is HORRIBLE and your phone will be scorching hot after just a few rounds of playing and your battery will go bye bye. Probably running a Bitcoin miner in the background or something If I made it 5 star that’s just so people will see it more, my rating is definitely not 5 it’s 1
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11 months ago, VASMessenger
I am disappointed in this app. I downloaded it to qualify for a 750$ from Flash Rewards and it never gave me the credit after I reached required level and beyond. I made complaint but I tried to cash out and it says I could only cash out at 7$. I reached $6.55 and it seems all the 10cents and 5 cents cash rewards stopped so seems it would take forever to achieve the 45 cents needed to cash out. Meanwhile the games could be enjoyable if it weren’t for overwhelming ads. Almost everywhere you turn there is an ad. So after attempting to get 2 gold bars I did a nice spin quiz for that. I liked the questions, but I got a phone call and seems like the app never opened again. It seems I never got gold bars on previous quiz game that I can remember. Well it did not come right away for sure. It wasnt worth spending a month or more to try and get 45cents so I sacrificed my 6.55cents and i am owed my credit on my Flash Rewards level from this company. I suspect dishonest practices to get you to keep playing and making them money off the ads. Who knows how long I would have had to play to get my 7$ needed to cash out. I think I had it on my phone a year already but I did not play it everyday. It’s deleted for good now. Amen
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5 years ago, anthony vanhalen
This game is a scam like many others that say you can cash out when you reach a certain level on Paypal ! Supposedly you can cash out at 7$ and Ive been thrgh all 90 some levels twice and still at $6.75 ! Go figure. I’ve played it for 3 months and for some odd reason they just seem to never let me win that 25cents to reach 7$ to cash out! If you notice all the other reviews, this is pretty much the issue also ! The developers will address other questions about the app , but any question about the money aspect , they dance around the question like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers! Don’t waste your time people, jus another scam to make them money and waste ur time with false hopes ! I do contract work for 2 social media platforms, and will will spend time and energy in exposing these people and the developers responsible for false advertising, and game rigging ! Thank you very little ! I will give this game and developers a little more time before I uninstall the game ! Ive put a lot of time into the game , to not even be able to cash out one time , or save the money I win , and use it how I would like , is discouraging and most people wld feel the same way ! But I will play longer jus to see if anything changes up ! I at least thank you for ur time and response
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4 years ago, ken212230
Doesnt pay out
The game seemed great at first I was winning a lot more money than I actually though I would. It won’t let you cash out any cash until you get 7 dollars most games are 10 dollars minimum but once I got over 6.00$ it’s impossible to get even 10cents now I don’t expect to make a fortune playing this game and I understand they make money through advertising for other companies and games. You would think after so many adds that they are getting paid for I can at least earn 5 to 10 cents every so May adds but that’s not the case you win money up until you get close to cashing out then you will not win another penny game is completely rigged. Like I said I don’t expect to win big money playing a game like this but with the amount of adds I have to watch in order to play a nickel here and there seems fair but that’s not the case im at 6,75 now and have played for countless hours without winning another’s cent. I’ve completed over 40 levels watched close to 100 advertisements if not more and not even a penny. One star because zero isn’t and option you can pay many other games without so many ads for no money because you won’t get anything from this one anyway. TOTAL SCAM YOU WILL NEVER GET TO THE CASH OUT AMOUNT!!!!!
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3 years ago, rafiemila
Cashed twice $7 in 3 years
First time I accumulated $7 fast 3 years ago perhaps bit more, second time I got $7 today and you don’t have to wait days to get money, I received PayPal notification within a minute that I received money. I thought they only allow you cash out ONCE $7 and after that nothing so for almost 3 years so I kept game for fun only (like in a bathroom or something 😂)I didn’t receive a single penny and 2 days ago I miraculously finally reached 2nd time $7 I wrote to them multiple times why I’m not getting even a single 0.01 penny but the only response I got “some ppl accumulate faster than others” I guess I’m in a slow accumulation group that takes year to reach $7 but nevertheless I got total of $14 from this game for playing almost 4 years. This game is fun to play so I stopped believing I’ll get needed amount 2nd time and I’m nicely surprise I was wrong, but don’t hope you ll get $7 in a month lol it might take you years
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3 years ago, Michella_ell
This is a very fun and addictive game to pass the time but don’t expect to actually win money. The game itself is engaging and you win coins to buy raffle tickets in the hopes to win in one of their sweepstakes. Unfortunately, after you get to the $6.55 mark you stop earring money which wouldn’t be that bad because $6.55 is better than nothing BUT, you can’t cash out until you get to $7. Based on other reviews it seems like you’ll be stuck for at least 6 months before you get another shot of actual money. So if you want to play a fun game to pass the time this isn’t so bad. Just skip the ads because you only win spins on the wheel (big whop), or a scratch-it (where I once watched 6 30 sec videos to get 7 coins), and play the game but don’t expect to get to that $7 marl. I was okay with all of this and got to my 4th or 5th map but then the game started messing with my other apps and freezing and crashing. Um no thank you! I can download candy crush without all of the ads and it doesn’t have my phone slowing down or crashing.
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3 years ago, urbanpaul
just to be clear: you won’t win any money
Match to Win has the phrase “Win Real Cash” on their app icon, but the only one making any money on this deal is the game’s developer. The cash wins, so prevalent early on in the game, dry up before the user ever reaches the $7 cash out threshold. In my case, for example, wins ceased entirely at $6.55. It’s obvious the developer has rigged the game, cashing in on all the ad revenues they get from users who assume those ads will pay off, at least partially, for them too. Sorry to say, they won’t. Unfortunately, the developer’s tricks aren’t apparent until well into the gameplay, after a week or so of regular use. In that time, not only has the developer made a lot of money from ad revenues (don’t believe me, check out the new App Privacy Report in iOS 15.2) but chances are you have also bestowed a high five-star review of the game in the app store. There’s no other way to account for its high ratings. It’s a fun enough game to play, but claims about your ability to win real cash are hogwash. Really, Apple needs to check many of the claims of these games, but since they’re making money off the deal too, I don’t expect they will.
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2 years ago, Tre82
Not what I was promised!
I downloaded this app and yes I started to win money right a way. $0.05 here and as much as $1 there. When I reached $6.55 I never won another penny. I’ve been playing about 6 months. You need to reach $7 to cash out so with out winnings additional money I may never be able to get my $6.55. It is fun and challenging at times but it almost sets my phone on fire. If I play for any more then 30 minutes. I need an ice pack to cool my phone off. The phone over heats and the app freezes up. I would think it was just my phone however, it happened on my old iPhone and my new iPhone 13. The potential damage to my new phone is not worth $7 I might get in a few years. The only thing the scratchers give you is some items to use in the game or coins to buy scratchers to maybe/hopefully win a $25 prize that you enter in a world wide drawing. Or spins of a wheel that only gives more coins the money is always on the spot next to where the wheel stops. If you like games like candy crush you will like this one. I don’t think the possible loss of my phone is worth the unlikely hood of winnings the $.45 I need to cash out.
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6 years ago, VirginiaMattingly30
Payment not received
I would really love to rate the game higher but it has some issues that need to be fixed like when you complete a lvl and it freezes on the screen , making you have to force close the app and reopen and when you do your on the next lvl but did not get the coins for the previous. Or you pass multiple lvls and do not get the coins for them at all. But the real issue to me rating it so low is due to non payment I was extremely excited to get the 475,000 coins to get the $50 PayPal and have been working towards it for months and I receive the email saying it will be there within 2 business days so that was Wednesday I still have not received anything I have also wrote to support and I am sad to say they have yet to respond to my emails. I’m hoping we can get this issue resolved. Please let me know how you can fix this issue. Would love to come back and update my review and give the app a higher star rating!
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4 years ago, catblack80
My second time asking for assistance
I have been playing this game for a few months and have never had a problem loading the game. But recently in the last week every time I try to play the it starts to load and then after it shows the map it just throws me out. This is very frustrating cause I have daily scratch off and other possibilities of winning and I am losing all my rewards that I should be able to receive since I earned them. If this is a problem with your app it should be fixed or your app should not be active if people can’t play. I have already updated the app and nothing has changed it still starts to load says communicating shows the map then throws me out. I would really appreciate if someone could assistance me on what I can do to fix this problem or if your app techs can fix this problem for me. I hope this second attempt to fix this problem is answered and fixed Thanks
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12 months ago, nupurxfinn
Like everyone else, stuck at $6.55
I hope the game developer responds to this. This a direct question for the dev: Why are you copy pasting the same generic answer to everyone who says they can’t get past $6.55? It doesn’t take “a bit of luck” because you have an algorithm placed in that makes it nearly impossible to make anything past that specific number. It’s so obvious that the devs are clinging onto the hope that you want that $7 badly enough to play this game for years, watching a mind-numbing amount of ads. Like, seriously. Every time I blink there’s another ad. How much money have these devs made from us? Also, they had a very catty response to another user, saying something along the lines of “Apple wouldn’t have us in the App Store if we weren’t legit”. That response is actually pathetic. There are plenty of games just like this, that trick people who might actually need the money into spending hours on this platform that seems so lazily put together, like it hasn’t gotten an update since 2012. Hey Devs, take your Cheeto dusted fingers out of that bag and give me an actual response. I can’t wait for the laugh lol
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4 years ago, JDRaines
For Real
I have been playing this game for over a year now since actually it only had like 96 levels when I first got turned on to it and on the last level at the time it gave me the last twenty five cents I needed to cash out at seven dollars and it immediately came up and ask for my PayPal email and it was immediately payed to it since then I have completed every level several times and can’t get over $6.55 which is a let down because I still play everyday faithfully I have 1,984 gold bars and 960,585 tokens not counting all I have used in the game because they have no other value we can buy them but not sell them also kinda a let down but I have fifty plus games downloaded and have played some as long as I have this one and this is the only one I have been payed for so in my opinion match to win or lucky match is hands down the ultimate of all games for game play with no glitches and paying out thanks to you
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3 years ago, 195729209473629
I thought this game would be a scam when I read the other reviews and I wasn’t wrong. Multiple people say they’re stuck at $6.55 or $6 and I’ve figured out is that every time there are couple of the same reviews talking about this issue, the app would give newer players a chance to win more. For example, I am currently stuck at $6.95 on level 88. I just downloaded the app yesterday. I was getting the feeling that I might be able to get the $7 but this is how they get you. They change the app algorithm after too many bad reviews about being stuck at a certain number and raise that “stuck” price up. When I got to $6.75 I was happy because everyone else who had the app before me and left reviews were stuck .25 cents less than me. But if you’ve been reading alone and understanding what I am trying to say, say it with me, this is how they get you. This app is a scam and they get hundreds of dollars from the ads. It’s also made by foreigners, people not from the US, and money games made by people not in the US should be trusted less.
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4 years ago, Shadow iPhone
Played consistently for months...
You dont win real cash. You only really get entries into raffles that of course you dont win. If you’re really lucky you’ll get something to help your game. Once in a blue moon you might get a few cents. You cant even think of cashing out before you reach $7.00, which i suspect few surpass that. I havent and Im at or close to level 100, plus i play the tiki guy when he shows up. i might have played 200 games or so. There are ads constantly and it wouldn’t be so bad if the app lived up to its name. i really think false advertising should be addressed in apps as its running rampant. If you forget about what drew you to download this app and rate the game itself, i really like the game. ill even try to lose in the tiki guy game so i can play another game. some of the higher up levels are nearly impossible to win and take some patience. Most nights i just want to enjoy my game time and not feel like im testing for a master’s degree. i gave it 2 stars solely on the game, not any of the claims you win real money because im proof you don’t or at the very least not enough to ever cash out.
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4 years ago, Dbright26
It’s official this game will not pay out any cash
Hello my and my girl friend play apps for money as a living and it seems this app might of made small pay outs at first but as of right now no one is getting any pay outs off it. Need $7 to cash out but the app will cut you off at 6.75 and you won’t see another cent again. It’s a shame because it’s on the funner side of “win real cash apps” and they have some adds from pretty well known companies and they make you watch a good amount to play (even have the nerve to have in app purchases too...) so pretty much they are making a good amount of money off this app and can’t even keep up they end of the bargain and give players a few bucks here and there. ANYWAYS this app is 100% a scam that won’t pay you a cent at the moment, I will continue to check on the app here and there over the next few months just to make sure they don’t make any positive changes before i keep it marked a scam and move on from it and if anything changes I will update my review but for now DONT DOWNLOAD and DONT WATCH ANY OF THEIR ADDS IF YOU ARE GONNA CONTINUE TO PLAY you’re making them money for pointless tickets if you haven’t realized that yet
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4 years ago, shorterthan30characters
Better Apps
Edit: Perhaps the secret to being able to cash out is in the trophy challenge? However, I cannot figure out how people win enough trophies so quickly. When this game was Jet, Set, Go it was much better. It took forever to earn enough to cash out then, but at least I had something to play for. With this new version of the game, I was able to reach $6.55 within a day of playing. It took me to about level 95 to reach this amount. I’ve finished all of the hundreds of levels and am significantly into my second round without having made a single penny. If you are playing just for fun, I’d say download a better game that has many more levels or you’ll simply repeat the same levels over and over again, as it doesn’t take long to finish all of the levels. It’s not all about the money...I know it wouldn’t have been significant, if I were able to cash out, but I would keep playing if there was some kind of trade off. As the game stands now, it’s too frustrating being deceived to continue playing. Save yourself the anger and play a game that doesn’t promise cash outs.
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5 months ago, Nota happy farmer
Can’t win
It is a challenging puzzle game. It definetlely gets harder the higher on the higher levels. So hard, in fact that you can’t win often enough to acrew cash beyond $6.65. The ads play even when you lose. I am sure they do when you win. The scratchers are a waste. The wheel only gives tokens. I want cash not tokens please. I got into these supposedly paying games to help pay down a credit card. $7.00 isn’t much but it would be a start. I haven’t won any of the other games that show ads where role win hundreds of dollars. I know one has to pay something in but I cannot do it. It just seems like a hopeless cause. And why the ads show pepople ruffling through money is beyond me, when it is all done electronically anyway. It’s really dumb!!!! I am trying to decide if I will keep this game or toss it. Frankly I would think the App Store would only have better games. These scams need to be taken down. Thankyou for taking time to read my review. The puzzles are fun but having to keep repeating a level is getting frustrating.
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2 years ago, Dboiii123321112233
Has anyone that isn’t being paid, the game developer, part of the game developers family, friends &/or anything of the such & that isn’t a robot made AND successfully cashed out of this game? It’s a fun game & all, but dang the false advertisements on all these games I’ve seen is insane! The developers are making bank off the ads we watch! And for every person that gets aggravated about the ads & uninstalls a game, there’s someone right behind them downloading it. At least this one does usually give you a choice to watch ads or not.) I’ve yet to figure out how to take peoples money in exchange for false hopes. For the record, even though personally I think the developers of all these games are morally bankrupt, as long as we continue to play the games & watch the ads, they will continue to fill their pockets. So I’m not mad, just wanted to state my unsolicited opinion. :) **Side not, if I’m missing the secret to actually winning & cashing out, feel free to let me know.**
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4 years ago, b.b.barb
Bad!! No Winners Here! Don’t Get This Game **
Yeah it’s a fun game . You go round and round for what ?? . The new levels are coming! And you can win lots of money . That’s what they tell you, but don’t believe it.. I did win like $32 cool. But for them to keep you holding on trying to get a few more cents is crazy while they just run ads and ads. I did finally hit on the wheel . And of course I’m wrong. No Pay Out! I sent proof. But oh no . It was like that before I started. This is wrong on so many levels..Just like you can’t reclaim your own account. This is all not cool. They are using us for this advertising gimmick they got going.. Please save yourself the aggression and just keep it moving right past this app.. No WINNERS Here !!! Don’t be foolish- That’s how they treat you. They throw you chump change to keep you here while controlling the next 200 tickets for a “”raffle””” ok or your next $1.00 . DON’T DO IT!!!
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2 years ago, 10293847562810
You can’t cash out.
Your gain money in your “wallet” similar to that of an exponential equation, with the asymptote being the $7 you need to cash out. You may start out getting $1, maybe $2, and thing you’ll get to that $7 easily. But as you approach the asymptote, you’ll earn less and less money, earning a less amount of money and less frequently, going through several scratches and wheels to earn $0.05. You’ll never reach the asymptote, you’ll never reach that $7. Also I’m 90% sure the raffles are just not real. Saw when it said reveal winner, it said that “Sara A.” Had won, and she had a pfp or smthn. And idk how they’re linking it or whatever so they can get the info for their name or that picture, but something tells me it’s automatically generated by a bot and the accounts or people are not real, and there are no winners. Most common people on social media or apps don’t use their real name or photo in their info. So yeah. I’d say this is false advertising. Maybe there’s the slim, slim chance you’ll get the $7. But that’s only $7. Enjoy your money I guess, earning $7 for so much of your time wasted.
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4 years ago, MattyG2k6
Fun game but has problems
Fun to play. Took about a week till I could cash out but I was paid immediately so that’s fantastic. The only problem is that it freezes a lot. Especially when trying to load scratchers. Like A LOT of crashes after the first scratcher I play every time I start the app, the very next scratcher will freeze it up And I have to force it closed and restart. It almost feels deliberate. Any of those frozen scratchers could have awarded me more money but I have to reload and even though it “saved your scratcher” it just feels suspicious. I’ve had a few games freeze and or totally crash at the very end when I have completed a level also, but not many. The freezing really needs to be fixed. It gets really annoying, really quickly. And though it’s neither here nor there, it is also slightly suspicious regarding possible winnings.
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4 years ago, KWorth7
Actually cashed out, but only $7 all year
I spent a few days downloading lots of money apps and I would say that this is the only app I’ve found that I still have and where you actually can make some money! Only about $7/month of you’re playing and spinning the wheel and doing your daily scratchers, but it submitted the money to my account easily through pay pal! There is a slim chance you can win more money, but at least you have a good chance of getting a dollar every once in a while instead of playing 40 levels for 20 cents haha. All other apps aren’t worth it or get you into gambling while claiming they’ll help you pay rent. Just plain not true. With the same lady saying you’ll make millions for different games. UPDATE: After the first $7 cash out, I haven’t had anything else. I got about 50 cents a day consistently, and now that I’m at $6.55, I can’t get the last bit to get $7. So that blows. Not $7/month, basically $7 total and then it’s a scam. But the game is really fun.
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10 months ago, Adelina1999
Not what it seems
Yeah so I rarely leave a review to games but I feel this one is necessary. This is the second time I’ve downloaded this game and now I managed to reach lvl 99 in less than three weeks. After lvl 95 a new map opens. At first I try to login with Facebook to see if I can recover my account (first time I played I reached lvl 45) and of course The game said an error occurred and I had to start over. In 99 levels I only managed to get 6.55$. somewhere around level 70 the game stopped paying. Only 10-20 gold cents. as I said before I never leave reviews the games but this game promised some money to people who played and after watching more than 200 ads (of which I’m sure they got a lot of money from) The least they could do is throw 7$ to people who actually play this game. It’s a pitty because the game is actually pretty cool. So my advice to the developers is either cut the lies and pay people or lose the money promise all together. And to the players, play this game for its puzzle solving not for money because they’ll never give you what they promise.
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2 years ago, Saracenoni
Not fake but…
So I’m not prepared to say it’s fake as it doesn’t promise to make you rich or scream scam like so many of these apps do. But it is suspiciously stingy. You can only cash out at $7 and I’ve been stuck on $6.55 for several days. Wheel spins and scratchers that used to give a nickel or dime every few tries now give nothing but the useless in game currency even after dozens of attempts. So likely legit but rigged to where you get a lot of your $7 up front but would have to play weeks to to get the last fifty cents to see if the cash out is even real. It’s not a bad little match 3 game (maybe 3 stars) but there are more fun and innovative versions than this retread, with far less ads and without the “make money” angle. I also deduct stars because so many of this app’s ads are pointing to clearly fraudulent scam “win thousands” games. If you want me to take you me game seriously, don’t enable their frauds. So 3-4 star for gameplay minus 2 stars for the ads and cash pay issues = 1.5 stars, charitable rounded up to 2.
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5 years ago, Tiffdawg79
First Time Player Excitement but Not Fully Satisfied
Pro: I was so excited to download and play, knowing you can win real cash. As I started to play and make my way up the rank, I was eagerly awaiting the scratcher marks/levels. I saw my “piggy bank” grow in the first few levels - $1 here, $.50 there and etc... I was playing every minute of the day to increase my funds. My boyfriend was extremely jealous of my time spent on this game, but it didn’t make me stop playing. He wound up wanting to play as well, so we took turns playing round after round or when we would lose a round. The game is simple yet addictive. Con: I haven’t received any money winnings from the scratchers provided for the last 20 levels. The piggy back says you can cash out at $7 in PayPal, but my piggy bank has stopped at $5.75 and I’m at level 95 (the end). Meaning - I won’t make it to cashing out any of my moolah.
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3 years ago, bhxfhjcxfgjjffv
So the game is fun at first… but I’ve been stuck on 6.55 for over a year which is not even a bad thing because I play bc it’s fun but when your on level 100 and over And over again tryna beat this level then you get to watch the ad for your extra 3 turns I expect to ACTUALLY GET THREE TURNS! There’s been time and time again that it Only gave me two outta the three then last night (I always played this game in bed right before I fall asleep) I was playing SAME LEVEL 100 only had two blocks to clear and still had my watch two ads and get three turns each before you have to start over….. and well I clicked watch ad AND IT STILL MADE ME START OVER! This game is getting more frustrating then fun and there’s been many other glitches as well! Think it’s about time to find a new night night game!
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4 years ago, peachaweek
Legit fun game with a little money here and .......................there!
Like the title states it’s a fun little game with nice themes to travel on the map to different countries. It has its ups and downs for instance; the cool thing is that with most apps you must accumulate $10 to $20 before you can cash out, but this one lets you cash out at just $7, but it took a minute to reach my $7! At first you think that your going to reach the $7 fast because you get several dollars pretty fast in the beginning in $1, $.75, $.50, $.25 increments. Then once you reach $6.75 that last quarter takes like 50 levels to get LOL! But I finally just got it and the good thing is I cashed it out and got it transferred to my PayPal within seconds! So it is legit, and you don’t need a lot to cash out and it’s an instant cash out so they got that going for them! I just hope the money starts picking up again like in the beginning! But it is a fun game! If they can be more generous with the cash they would get 5 stars from me! 🌟good luck! 🍀
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4 years ago, owl stuff
Not sure?
I’ve heard reviews about being able to cash out so I decided to give it a try and I’ve been stuck on $6.70 for a few days. The wheel spins and scratch cards feel rigged, especially if you’re closer to cashing out; you never actually get something above .05 cents (i’ve only ever gotten .25 from a x5 spin, once and then never again— plenty of times I was supposed to land on a dollar or .50 which makes a huge difference and gives more incentive to keep playing, it’ll just stop short right on coins). The closer you are to cashing out the more coins are given rather than actual lucky chances to at least earn a few cents. I’m a little disappointed, but I’ll try some patience and hang on a little more to either make this review better or worse. Developers, perhaps try changing the wheel/scratch card algorithm to actually being able to land on something worth it, that or take away the options you don’t plan on giving to us, please. It’s very misleading.
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2 years ago, Pritty girl rock
Waste of time
They promise payout for playing the game. At first it seems legit with how long it actually takes to earn money and how many ads you are watching in comparison. i have been playing this game for over two weeks now and still have not met the $7 withdrawal minimum. I’m at $6.70. typically when i log on i’ll earn about $.05-$.10 everyday. since i have hit $6.70 the game has completely stopped rewarding me with cash and instead gives stupid rewards like unlimited lives or a bomb move. Once you get close to the $7, They will give you a nearly impossible level that you absolutely cannot beat without spending money. Usually when a game level is difficult it’ll say “hard level”. the current level that i am on doesn’t say hard level, yet it is the hardest level i have played by far. the game suggests moves that’ll cause you to lose. Overall major waste of time. i was hoping to earn a little extra cash since i need some. i haven’t earned a penny even though i’ve been religiously playing this game.
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3 years ago, VictoriaHavoc
Likely a scam, BUT
I didn’t want to believe all the reviews screaming that this was a scam, but I’ve been playing this game constantly for the last three days. The first day was great and I won about $5.50. Since then, my winnings have slowed to basically a stop. Where I used to get a dollar or a quarter, I then got a dime or a nickel. Now I don’t even get that and am just receiving more tokens as prizes, and even that has decreased significantly in amount. The game allows you to cash out at $7 and I have $6.55 in my balance. I am certain this is no coincidence. However, all that being said, it’s still a fun game. I have put absolutely no money of my own into this game, just my own time. If you download this expecting big (or even moderate sized!) payouts, be prepared for huge disappointment. If you want something fun to pass the time where you may or may not ever win enough to actually cash out, then this may be something you’d like.
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4 years ago, VictoryaFeints
Customer service please?
I completed an offer for 9 gold a bit ago, and it says completed. However, i never received the gold. My ads wont work now either, despite working when the app was downloaded two days ago, but i know theres nothing wrong with my internet. Theres also 2 times today within the last few hours that i completed a level and it wouldnt load my scratch ticket. This happened once yesterday with the hourly scratch ticket as well. The app also froze multiple times yesterday, and i had to close and restart the app. Sadly, it still took my lives. Other than these few instances i have truly enjoyed the game these last couple days. Im currently at $6.25 now and have excitement of reaching $7, but these issues are a little disappointing. I have no connection issues with any other game i have downloaded. If you could please do anything about these issues, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. ~T. R.
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3 years ago, ooooooooooooooooooooooomg
I usually just close out the game whenever an ad come up and the scratcher will be available once I reload the game but still that’s just stop winning “money” at around $6.60 but the game is still fun just don’t put money into it, don’t watch the ads just close the game out by the time it reloads only about 10 seconds pass instead of waiting 30 seconds on an ad, and just play for fun/time killing don’t expect a payout lol I’m sure the ones that say they received a payout are employees, paid for positive review, actual winners(which I doubt) and/or liars lol but at the end of the day the game is still kinda fun regardless EDIT: same as before but just know that I just passed a level that the game said I initially failed. How so? I waited for all the blocks to officially be done. They put up the retry screen with the blocks still bursting in the shaded background and I seen that the goal was completed so I had no choice but to watch an ad make one move and pass the level or retry the level in general. So watch out for that
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4 years ago, hoping to help others
Still haven’t earned enough to cash out
I agree with the others. It’s so easy to get to $6.50 or $6.75 in 2-3 days max then after over a month or two still can’t get the remaining $0.25 to cash out at $7. Literally after getting $6.50 in a day or two, it took another day or two to get $0.25 then never ever saw a penny again. Gave it two stars cause game was good until realized that time was being wasted and still can’t cash out. So frustrating cause there’s a lot of ads to get through already. Wished it delivered on the cash out but like the others said the game probably had a low threshold to cash out to entice others but never rewarded after $6.75 so that people will waste time on the game and watch the ads. Really wanted to believe the other reviewers who said that the app will pay out but after another couple of months even with the new changes to the game, I still haven’t seen another penny after reaching $6.75. Was hopeful but game turned out to be fake and would not recommend.
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4 years ago, T Pucker
This App is a RIP OFF !!!!
Read the reviews before you download this game and waste your time, they make it sound like you’re gonna win big money but trust me you will spend way more of your money than you’ll ever win. They tell you this game is totally free and it is but if you wanna get to some next levels and they may be hard levels you’ll need to buy extra gold or bombs to get passed the levels and this game let me win money up until I reached $6.75, ironically you need $7.00 to cash out I’ve been stuck on $6.75 for weeks and it won’t let me win that last $.25 that I need, I just want $7.00 of my money back so I can delete this stupid ripped off game. I won’t spend another $.10 on this falsely advertised app I may just take the loss and let them have the $6.75 I have in my acct and they can stick it, that’s prob what they hope most ppl do and they steal back the money that frustrated ppl like me leave in their acct. ugh 😩😩😩😩 I wouldn’t have even given this game one star but you have to do at least 1 to submit your review so my real rating is “0” stars ⭐️
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