Matco Tools

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Matco Tools
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Matco Tools

4.77 out of 5
3.5K Ratings
2 years ago, J.VanGrandt
Matco Rep.
I have had numerous tool accounts over the years through different states and Tabitha is the best tool representative I have ever dealt with. Accommodating, goes out of her way to find Tools, works with you on your payment and tries to give you the best product possible. Friendly, knowledgeable, and it is great to deal with. Would highly recommend anyone to buy from her..
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2 years ago, Bstoetzel
Don’t get me wrong the whole idea behind the app is a great concept!!! But unfortunately the execution is subpar. For example..... when I am looking at page of items on the app, I find one I want to know a little more information about. I click on the item, once I’m done I go back to the page with the list of items, is takes me to the top of that page, so then I have to hunt find my place rinse and repeat for every item that I click on in that page! Frustrating to say the least. I go to pay my bill, punch in a dollar amount, it shoots straight to the bottom of the page, can’t see the dollar amount I’m trying to put in, scroll back up keyboard disappears! Like I stated before great concept but rushed to market!
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3 years ago, Celtoolsbrah
Excellent tool for techs who are always on the go
This new app is tremendous for saving time , placing warranty repairs , and seeing all the tools as you need to without trying to remember what you’re interested in when you go on the truck. This is certainly a valuable asset for both the distributor and the customer.
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7 years ago, Calidiver1503
NEEDS A Favorites list!!!!
I only buy through matco now and like that I can check out tools in a app rather then trying to do it on my iPhone web browser. But I feel also all of your stuff isn't in the app I know it's a lot but man Matco your only shorting your self by halfa**ing something that could be making you money!!! No one likes going through the book and I know all the guys at my work can barley speak English lol. Get this app going guys and your gonna have a lot more sales.
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2 years ago, Cwells931
Nothing Better!
This app is super awesome especially if you work in the trade where a distributor comes to your work. After you set up your account with your distributor you just link it with your app, you can make extra payments or request new items! Awesome!
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2 years ago, Fgfbu
Great, one issue
Does everything it advertises well. Only thing I wish would change is the catalog resets to the top of the page every time you back to the catalog after looking at a tool. Pretty annoying when you’re 100+ items down and you go back and it puts you all the way back to the top.
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2 years ago, Isaacro1132
Best customer service on a app
I have be using matco for a few years now and they tool are Quality tools now having the app help out a lot more I can order tools that I need and still have business with my matco dealer.
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3 months ago, Und3rstand
The app is cool and all when everything works, but as I try to use it more and more, the app just doesn’t load, logs me out every single time I exit the app, won’t let me sign in at times, doesn’t show flyers or deals, just a whole lot of simple things that I shouldn’t be dealing with on an app that is supposed to make it easy to contact, deal, and know about what my favorite tool brand is doing.
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1 year ago, Bossman1956
Aussie Dave
Aussie Dave is a great tool guy and I also consider him as a friend. He step in when our new Snap-on guy would not take care of us. I really like his tool selection and Dave is alway there if I have any questions. GREAT GUY
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1 year ago, HookeemHorns13
Great app, but too slow
It really is a great app. Very useful. Love how it connects to my specific tool truck, allows me to order, to know what’s on truck, and even make payments. Only problem is the lag on the app is unbearable. There is so much info on the app and I’m assuming that’s why it runs slow, but it gets to be too much very quickly.
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2 years ago, the _snowman
Love the app. Need help !!
Love the app it’s self so time saving to look up a tool on the app rather than wait until Matco day at the shop. But I need help with something I need to change my dealer on the app as I have a new dealer at my new shop and I can’t figure out how to do that. Please help if possible!
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5 months ago, kpnkrka
Don’t do a psa account
So if your thinking of doing a psa account, DONT. They tack on all the interest up front. And the pay off isn’t much different. And if you wanna pay on the principle. You can’t. And if you have a lowlife truck guy. Ryan Ruble. No longer works for them. But if they rip you off you will get absolutely no help from there financial dept. so keep it between the truck and you. Other then that. Nice tools. Garbage financing.
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4 months ago, Weaboo_Buddha
Version 4.0 is awful
The latest update has completely screwed up the app on IOS. I’m unable to access my Matco Account, when I go to manage payments, and then go to select my account. The screen shows my account for a split second and then goes blank. Text and images for category’s at the bottom of the screen are overlapping and hard to make out.
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2 years ago, LUNArXpedition
Please address app bugs!!
I love Matco Tools! They have never failed me while at work and will continue to buy, but I can’t browse the catalogue in the app without annoying issues such is pages reloading and pulling you back to the top, pages taking forever to load.
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2 years ago, type44quattro
So many bugs
App keeps crashing every time I try to do something. Error msgs all the time. Times out when trying to submit information. Took me over a week to complete my account registration and still having issues with setting up payments for my credit account. I understand apps have bugs but this one is a little ridiculous.
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11 months ago, Draco308
Almost perfect
While this app is mostly complete there are a few things that need to be added. You can’t add a new payment method without physically talking to your driver and having him enter it manually.
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2 years ago, Chopdaddy D
Good Tool App
I was happy to see how good the Matco tool app is and the seemless interface between the products and my Tool distributor. Mac and Snap-on have been dogging me a lot lately… So 30 years in the Motorcycle biz, Matco U ‘dun gooT!!! Thanks Kindly Dennis “Chopman” Chick
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7 months ago, Johnnyxt507
Small bugs to be fixed.
App has a great directory, but it is very slow to load anything up. The app tends to crash if I try to load up the next list of tools. The app would be much better if the lag spikes were fixed.
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2 years ago, Lil Mayo :)
Needs improvement
I love Matco Tools but this app is killing you guys. I tried logging into my account, even reset my password and still can’t manage to sign in. Also when I was signed in a while ago, when trying to add my distributors phone number, It said it did not exist. I know you guys can do better.
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2 years ago, Ryanbodine
Favorite Tools
Can’t go wrong with the app, so can already have whatever you need ready each week!
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1 year ago, batista420
Best tool app i can vouch
I love the matco app good quality pictures and info also i love how you can order from the app
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4 months ago, ErebosDragon
Great App
Great app to search for tools! With the 5-17 update, it wont let me log in saying hard to retrieve flyers And now with the 6-11 update, it still occasionally wont let me log in saying "unexpected error in retrieving fliers"
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3 years ago, Angermanagment4
The app is good if you need to search and price a tool...but why can’t accounts be paid through the app? Especially if they’re in-house accounts. The app would be complete , in my opinion, if that option were available.
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9 years ago, MathewM
Not Bad, but Needs Work
It's a helpful, portable version of the Matco catalog, but could use new features like a Featured or New Tools section, a customize a tool box, and Wishlist feature - where you can add products to a wishlist for when the rep visits you can pull up the list of tools a you're interested in or want to purchase.
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2 years ago, Rodknee92
Ricky Jones
Ricky is a great tool distributor he’s very knowledgeable and provides a great service. This app makes sure I can get him paid on time.
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2 years ago, tyhvdfjjkifdhjkj
Bad look Matco
I was genuinely interested in purchasing tools thru your app, unfortunately for me when I tried to look up a tool set it asks me to complete my registration. I do not know who my local distributor is, and now I DONT want to know…..I’ll just order something thru Snap On. All I wanted to do is look at the set, and the cost to purchase it.
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1 year ago, Big Lugger
Best rep!
Mike is a great guy and is the best Matco tool guy I’ve met he does fun games extremely well knowledgeable on all his tools I’ve never felt ripped off by mike
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2 years ago, BossMechanic
First time user of app
Easy to use and very user friendly
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9 months ago, Devin.707
Great company
App is very glitchy which is frustrating when trying to scroll through and find things.
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6 days ago, homeless_victor
Needs improvement
The app is easy to navigate but I constantly get error messages. I hope this is good feedback
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6 months ago, Jim7487
Credit account
Having to repeatedly enter in my credit card or debt card information in to make a payment is annoying. The truck account app already has my information I just click pay and I’m done. It should be that easy for the credit account. Thank you for you’re time James Styron
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7 months ago, thedkof303
Closing app
The app randomly closes a lot and switches screen placement and won’t allow scrolling somtimes so you have ti close the app
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1 year ago, kingdisher
The app keeps crashing I can’t even get to my account
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3 years ago, ashland426
App usage
Love it. So easy to pay bill and get my broken tools done. Huge step above the other brands
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1 year ago, Celticirishindian
Easy of mind
App very friendly and easy to use
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3 years ago, App$uks
Sales to the public ,
Very upsetting Matco is trying to target people and not first push the sales to the local DBR. It’s hard enough to make sales with all the other competition but when your own company competes against you that’s very bad. I’ve lost business from a few customers because of promoting this app. Very upset!!!!!
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2 years ago, ShanePfab
Matco app
I like the new app very handy when I need to find something
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5 months ago, Drew1548
Great App
Makes it that much easier to spend my money. Great app, plus I’ve got a baller rep in JR Wilson from Terre Haute.
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1 year ago, Joshua596
Poor quality
App crashes a lot and constantly does not show what is in shopping cart. Extremely slow and has a hard time finding tools with part numbers.
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1 year ago, ryan76662
One happy customer
Great salesman and great service all around!
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7 months ago, ur system suz
Please please fix
It was a great app every update makes it worst can’t log in or view tool catalog anymore always get a error about the flyer which mess up the whole app
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10 months ago, Mason_Black
App is absolutely terrible to use you can’t even scroll to see your payment history you try to add different cards for payment it doesn’t let you not user friendly at all
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9 years ago, Frostyfixit
Not enough features
I buy Matco Tools and love them. But this app is too basic. It needs life... Suggestions would be New products, Featured tools, find a dealer, search bar, videos, current promotions/sales catalog for each month(s).
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4 years ago, haroldphillips
App crashing
Love matco tools that’s all I buy. But every time I try to open the app it crashes and won’t let me do anything. Please fix
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2 years ago, RS_Guy
Super slow
I love having all the info available but this app is super slow. Like actually taking minutes for stuff to load. Hope it gets fixed.
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7 months ago, SUBaLIME
Great tools, awful app
Crashes constantly, takes forever to load and will back out to the home page randomly. MATCO tools are fantastic, but app is crap. Too many fake reviews also.
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1 year ago, gabs fjalf dus ev
Review of your app.
The app is great if it is used by both parties. I know a lot of us technicians would like to be able to view our balances in the app instead of trying to get ahold of our distributors.
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2 years ago, LEELAVINDER911
Cart issue
Matco Tools App must be signed out and signed back in to see what is in the cart.
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1 year ago, Rafat Alawneh
Slow searching for tools
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2 years ago, 💯💯💯Andymain💯💯💯
Glitch after glitch
Needs Lot more work. Spending $500 every week, I need a functioning app.
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