4.7 (1.9K)
641.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Matterport Inc
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.2 or later
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User Reviews for Matterport

4.68 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
3 years ago, MarkACarroll
Best 3D Reality Capture on Market
Matterport Capture app is awesome. It supports all types of capture devices and works with the smartphone only as well. Works with Lidar laser like Lecia BLK360 and iPhone 12 Pro with Lidar. Works with iPhones from many generations as well, not just the newest ones, which is valuable for those who already invested in devices. Works on iPads, too. App also creates 3D from 2D using AI, which is awesome. AI is trained on years and years of real 3D capture data, which makes the tech far more powerful. It’s cool stuff. Check it out, doesn’t cost a thing to start scanning today. Such a cool company.
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3 years ago, Done432
Updates to UI are always worse
Whenever there’s an update to the UI always add more steps to any process that they change. The last one that was terrible was changing how do you switch between panorama and 3-D scans. It made it difficult to tell which mode you were in and would inadvertently scan or do panoramas and not know what you were doing. The last update changed how windows and mirrors are marked and now that takes five steps instead of two. And it defaults to mirrors as if there are more mirrors than there are windows in a house and instead of starting at the window and dragging a line it creates a line in the center of the screen that you have to move and then re-position. Whoever is in charge of UI does it need to do it because they aren’t good at it or they need people that actually use the product on a weekly basis to give feedback before they release updates. I’m available!
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5 months ago, rollo999
I can’t use it
OK, I started out, criticizing matterport for iOS, because I could not sign in with Apple sign in or Google but, when I came back to it, I was inside the app. Since I had ungenerously left only one star, I had to come back to change that. Unfortunately, I can’t erase the review so in all honesty, I have not yet tried it. that said, I’m just going to leave a five star review. When I have tried it out, I’ll come back to this review and update it. Thank you.
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10 months ago, Doesn’t Matter78
Used to be good
This used to be great and had great customer service. This last year it has gone right to crap. They down graded my plan. Now I can’t even upload the spaces to Matterport. Though it says uploaded. I can’t display them because of the package I didn’t know I had doesn’t allow me to use the camera I paid $3600 for. Week + attempting to email with customer support and only got 1 very unhelpful response. All morning on the phone with some who doesn’t speak good English or French and keeps contradicting herself. I paid more for the higher priced packages and went back to unload my spaces again and they were gone. Deleted. She tells me even though they said they were uploaded they were not.
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3 years ago, draripod
It works now on iPod touch
I am not able to get this app to capture on the latest iPod touch with the current latest version of iOS supported on this device. When attempting to capture, I am presented with a camera view and a grey circular button that I presume is for taking the picture. Only problem is the button does not work on my device.. Edit: appears to work now!
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2 weeks ago, Bnited
Matterport Matters
I have been an authorized Matterport Partner since 2017 and have watched the evolution of this companies CUSTOMER CARE and Resource Center. It has all been positive even in the occassional hiccups here and there. It is with GRATITUDE and great concern for keeping this Matterport Community alive for years to come that we work together to make sure Zillow stays out of our lane and the lane of Realtors around the globe and immediately sundowns the showcase program or work with Matterport. I am here to be an advocate and ambassador for Matterport. Please let me know what I can do individually to make sure we remain the #1 choice for the Architectural World. Matterport is a choice. Zillow is forcing itself on this industry in ways that I am against.
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2 years ago, De_crazy_cat
Scans messy but otherwise cool app
I’ve been looking for a 3D scan app that doesn’t need LiDAR for awhile now, and I think I found it. The scan method with the dots is very smart (this app doesn’t use a panoramic style scan, it uses and stitches photos). However the final scans sometimes are bad and aren’t quite aligned correct. This would put me at 3 stars, however I know the app is new and I have hope that the developers will fix this.
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1 year ago, Hire me Matterport😎😎😎😎😎
Hire me!
Love, my Matterport pro three this game is absolutely amazing! Anything you've ever seen that is pigeonholed's sweet camera where people only thought it was for virtual tours has no idea of what It can do. I've captured everything from people to a memorial. I have a plied it matter port times, but they won't call me back.
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2 years ago, SJ Photography
UI update
I am so frustrated with a matterport because now when I want to add a mirror or a window or even a trim I have to go through like 7 million steps to get to a window because it defaults to mirror where the old update used to show me the direction of my windows and mirror this is just too cumbersome when I’m there to scan a property I want to do it in a timely fashion and efficient way this new update is absolutely horrible matterport needs to talk to actual matterport scanners to see what we want and we actually did not want any changes go back to the other version NOW!!!!
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2 years ago, Beach Bum Brent
Won’t complete a capture
I have tried this multiple times at different times of the day and it will not let me complete a capture. I am able to capture the first plane of horizontal shots and then it wants me to go up higher and it allows me to capture the first dot. But then trying to capture the second dot, it jumps around every time you center the camera on it. It will move to another location and you are never able to capture the dot because it keeps jumping around. It’s like a sick game. I am using the iPhone 14 Pro Max.
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3 years ago, sick-of-xfinity
They capture function for the iPhone does not work properly
The app has huge issues if you’re using the iPhone to capture an upload. You can go through the Capture process multiple times but when you click to upload the app shuts down and you wasted the last 30 minutes or hour of your life. I have deleted it all other additional data so according to the Help information the app should work without any issues and this is not been the case. There is no Tech support for the iPhone.
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2 months ago, BMAC0517
Limits you to low resolution scans if you don’t buy a Matterport camera
The claim that they are compatible with other 360 cameras is misleading because it limits you to low resolution scans. It disables the higher quality scans in your camera. They do this to make it look like their cameras are noticeably better, but the actual observable difference is likely negligible. I did not know they intentionally degraded the quality of scans before I subscribed. Needless to say, I canceled my subscription immediately.
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3 years ago, BW KW
Best marketing money spent in last four years
Although I am using a 360 camera, my listings stand out from the others. The software allows me so much flexibility and adding links to local shopping etc is a tremendous help
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3 years ago, Methatoneguy123
Can’t get past setup
Setup won’t allow you to move forward without having to turn on every single app setting including notifications which have no necessity to the apps function in my opinion so why even need it on in the first place to move forward. Location services aren’t even an option to turn on in iPhone settings and so it will not let me move on. Needs work.
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2 years ago, ApplepiPHONEy
They ruined it
Matterport have yet again messed with the interface resulting in slowed workflow during capture. They have complicated the Markings, which is vital to do as you scan, and second only to camera rotation speed in affecting the time it takes to capture a space. Previously in an ‘update’ they took out the choice of spin speed, which it vital when scanning at height and increased stand height introduces wobble/whip at the higher camera rotation speed. Clearly this company doesn’t listen to the pro’s on the ground but instead goes with what the boffins in the labs can come up with. It is also apparent that this app is aimed at realtors running around with iPhones snatching >3000 sqr ft properties no matter how poor the results are.
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3 years ago, RobDani0609
Great Stuff
Ive been a Matterport operator for the last 8 years, and this app never disappoints. The developers work on it constantly, you know by how often they update it with new features and redesign. They keep it fresh, and their hard work really shows.
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3 years ago, JC25_
Does Not Work
Tried to use this app with Insta360, which it claims it supports, to get a 3D capture for a client and the app simply does not work with the One X2. The best it could do was one or two scans before freezing both the camera and the two different smart phones I tried it on. That’s when I could get a scan at all. If I hadn’t had the presence of mind to get panoramas with the 360 camera to construct a 3D view using another program, the job would have been a wash. NOT WORTH THE SUBSCRIPTION.
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1 year ago, NickHarmelin
I am sampling the tool for an industrial application. Using digital twins to build visual information can prove very beneficial. There are aspects missing. The tool does not allow the import of floor plans, adjusting scans because the tool doesn’t have enough markers despite not actually aligning in the preferred settings, and not importing .360 images in such a way they can be viewed like the scans. I am hoping to change my review.
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8 months ago, moe1994776898
The best experience!
For years I used an iPad Pro to capture spaces. Recently, I’ve been capturing using my iPhone and i’m very impressed with how it is. Scanning time is cut almost 50%. Overall love the process Matterport is accomplishing.
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3 years ago, reddude15
Sometimes it crashes
Very helpful app. My only major complaint is that sometimes, it freezes/crashes and loses connection, so I would then have to refresh the app and connect my camera again, which can be annoying at times. However, I still manage to get the job done.
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1 year ago, SycOps
Nightmare on Elm St
If you need to scan a house with maybe 20 spots, be prepared to make 120+ scans. Too many freaking scan fail and the app is too stupid to tell you why. It’s the same generic error message. No, I am not close to walls, I am not far from the last scan spot (barely 4 feet away), and my phone is level and perfectly rotating with your darn axis device. So yeah, this is a Nightmare On Elm St. I wouldn’t buy the actual Matterport camera if they discounted it by 95%
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3 years ago,
Rolls Royce of Real Estate 3D Capture
When looking to sell real estate, this creates the most true to life virtual experience, allowing potential buyers to make buying decisions online. Tried others. This is by far the best.
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2 years ago, TorpedoJoe
Worth every penny
This product is amazing. I feel it’s worth every penny and would never go without. There is no better way to show a property.
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1 year ago, jskillzs07
Frustrating and over it
Wanted to use this with iPhone 14 Pro Max and insta 360 1”. I’ve been trying for over two months following every instruction listed to the T, still acts as though it can’t see the camera. Even tried using the beta program. Over it, and if it works it shouldn’t be this hard to get going for sure. Deleting the app, that’s one problem fixed.
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2 years ago, BJP0808
Deleting Scans
Overall the app works. My only complaint is that if you happen to have a scan not align profusely and you miss it and continue scanning and catch the misalignment later on, it takes FOREVER to delete the scans you made after the misalignment.
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2 years ago, SkyMakai
Doesn’t Work
I’ve spent way too much time trying to get this app to work on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. First, it won’t sign me in. Second, it won’t finish a 3D conversion. I get error messages over and over. It won’t even work when using the iPhone camera. Lastly, it started throwing up a server error message. Either Matterport‘s servers, that the app is reliant on aren’t working, or the app is faulty.
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8 months ago, BGVA82
Unfortunately I can’t leave zero or negative stars
Constantly acting up and giving “Scan Alignment Errors”, even if you scan the recommended 5-8 feet apart. Sometimes scans appear in a completely different location nowhere near where you started. Customer support is nonexistent. Do yourself a favor and spend your money on a far better product.
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3 years ago, 5emeEssaiPourTrouverUnPseudo
It is absolutely great
I am a real estate agent and this app has allowed me to publish up to 25 virtual tours, with the ability to archive the ones I don’t use until I need them again. It has a cost but it is worth it!
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3 years ago, namecoma
Love the app
Love the app. It’s awesome being able to use matterport, theta, and phone cameras easily. It was quite a surprise to be able to capture spaces with just my phone!
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3 years ago, Scott👨‍💻
Don’t bother
Funny how they put a “skip login” button when you first open the app yet if you want to make a scan they require a lengthy sign up process. And then if you’re jailbroken it won’t even let you do a scan! Instant delete. Not worth anyone’s time. 4/2/21 update: I just tired again and downloaded the latest version. It instantly crashes on my iPhone 12. This app literally does nothing at all.
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3 years ago, Trickerboy82
Does not support Insta 360 One X2
Can’t even get one capture in before the app crashes and looses what I had just taken. I only got the Insta 360 One X2 because it was advertised to work with this app, however, that is clearly not the case and there is no support to get answers. Makes it hard to trust a company that claims to be the “future” while they false advertise and let customers suffer.
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2 years ago, Jlips64
Iphone overheating
Every time I use this app my phone overheats. Is there a way the Matterport team can address this issue? My Iphone 11 and my current Iphone 14 will overheat every time I use this app whether I am inside or outside with my case on or off. It overheats anyways.
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1 year ago, 360 aesthetics
Image compression is awful
I like the app but whenever I’m done with a scan and upload it, the reduction in image quality is reduced so bad. It looks awful. Any help with improving this? I use the insta 360 and taking pictures or videos is so much better in the insta 360 app. MP seems to kill the quality.
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1 year ago, Pilot 5601
The images are amazing and the customer support is second to none!
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1 year ago, NameTaken13648
Why so many questions?
This app requires an inordinate amount of information before you can even use it. Kind of seems like it’s “free” because the maker is using the app to sell your information. They’re likely also selling any models you produce with the app. I don’t care how good it is, you don’t get my personal information.
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6 months ago, Bros Review
Good product bad company
Please save yourself and never work with this company. Myself and every photographer I know that has worked with this company have had terrible experiences. They are expensive, non flexible and they don’t care about you. There are so many better, faster and cheaper options now.
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2 years ago, WCTPHOTO
Latest update
This latest update has nearly doubled my time on site. Please fix the freezing issue with the trim tools. These unvetted updates are getting old. I should have known better than to load it before I checked the forums outside of your sanitized site. Do better.
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3 years ago, too many ads22
This app doesn’t work and has no reason to take your location. It installs bad things and is defective don’t get this app.
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2 years ago, SteveJoyner
Matterport Capture with Theta Z1
Excellent user interface on iPad. Easy to learn & upload spaces. Produces high quality walk through.
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2 years ago, customer778899
App crashes constantly
First, I can’t get anyone in a customer support role to speak with me on the phone so this is my only option. Literally every single time since signing up that I’ve tried to take a 3D tour using the capture app, the app freezes and closes. It’s worthless.
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2 years ago, Ana Falfoul
Doesn’t work on iPhone 8
Although the App Store showed that it works on IPhone 8 but it didn’t. It keeps kicking me out in the middle of the scans no matter how many times I try. I also tried it on iPhone 11 and it worked.
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2 years ago, Logan McKnight
All Listing agents should have a matterport camera
Matterport is easily my most valuable resource as a Realtor
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3 years ago, pap610
I am a Real Estate agent and this app is absolutely horrible. I had to create an account and when I was signed in I tried to take pictures of my clients house and it said I had to create and account again. I created another account with my other email and it did the same thing. Don’t download this app it is a waste of time.
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3 years ago, TwinMoons
Keeps crashing on iPad Pro
As of late, this app refuses to load on my iPad Pro. I have over 100 spaces on my iPad, but now the app refuses to launch. It comes up with the Matterport logo, sits there for a few seconds and then just shuts down. Please fix this.
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1 week ago, Moonlight Dolphin
Great App. But…..
Since the 3D Showcase App is no more, why can you add the 3D Showcase features to this app, so everyone can view other projects offline? There’s no way to do this now. Please consider it.
Show more
5 months ago, Dukejr2
Fake reviews
Why can’t we use a affordable 360 camera instead of using a 5 thousand dollar camera they try to sell you. Also you can’t use your computer, everything is done through this lazy app
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8 months ago, galleria photo studio
Just No..
Starters app requests all your info external and internal just to continue. There is no sign up page or turorial just unethical business practices from the start. If that's how it's run then just run from it... there are other apps with less hassle to acomplish the same results.
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3 years ago, Hitmeupgirls
App crashing on startup
I have to use almost a year old version of the app (4.0.2) to get it to even open. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max on iOS 13.5. Please fix this, hate not being able to update because of the features and fixes I am missing.
Show more
2 months ago, 6ryph3n
Bugs… can’t even sign in
The app won’t even let me login so I can’t upload my scans. It’s not a password error or anything like that, you enter your info, hit sign in, and it just takes you right back to the sign in screen.
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3 years ago, FreeStyle Production
Great product
This has been an awesome experience!
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