Mature Women Dating - OlderD

4.1 (2.2K)
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双波 涂
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1 month ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mature Women Dating - OlderD

4.08 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
4 years ago, POxTigress123
Great app but....
I love this app, it’s a great way to meet new people and the amount and variety of people that’s on this app is incredible, but the only reason I don’t give this a full 5 star review is that there a problem with a person’s location, like you can’t change your location and it’s seems to be stuck on the last location that this app remembers because a lot of women that I talk/chat with have a location on their profiles but when I talk/chat with them they tell me that they live at a different location, so the developer should fix that and let people able to change their location on their profiles that way when you look at a person’s profile their location would be accurate.
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3 years ago, Go game go
Good but watch for scam
If you like the older scene like me this app is good! There are some cuties on here... but beware, some of them are out for your money and ask for your bank account to “put their allowance in “ have they ever heard of Venmo? Aside from the dumb scammers this app is pretty good
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5 years ago, Jumpinthlake
Catfish bots and scammers
I placed this review 5 days ago and it was never posted! I looked at all reviews ARE 5 STARS except for one?? These reviews are FAKE just like the profiles mostly are!, WARNING!! All of these positive reviews must be shills. In 4 days I have been inundated by fake people/accounts. They immediately want your email, phone number or for you to call them. I checked they are spoof phone numbers. Just chk their profile pic on image search on google and you’ll see they all over the place. Worst site for men and women. Now you’ve been warned. Apple doesn’t monitor these apps or their reviews it seems. Whoever inserts these reviews isn’t posting the negatives!! Also the contact email for developer is not valid. Update: after over a week I finally called Apple and messaged discussion forum and “poof” my review appeared!
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5 years ago, IMBunnyy
Great mature app, I found older women.
I met some mautre women on OlderD one month ago. I planned to do what most Older Women Dating dates are about- meet mature women and hook up. So like everyone else on this mature app we’re looking for someone to spend time with and do things with and maybe it works out kinda thing. but in my case i found the love of my life. a beautiful, smart, caring, and hard working older woman where we hit it off almost immediately and now i’m planning to engage her next summer and then get married and make her my wife once and for all.
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3 years ago, word of caution 2223
It’s all fakes
Texted with one girl, and we hit it off… and surprise, she didn’t beg for money the first couple of days. Legit right? But she did have the common story as other scammers. Lived with her aunt, worked at her aunts score, and after just a couple days of poking around I found more than 15 duplicate accounts in different states under different names with different text numbers all for the same girl with the same photos. I mined thru pictures over 2 days and found so many distinctive faces easily recognized as the same person. A vast majority here have upwards of 10 accounts each, all for scamming men.
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3 years ago, Mothman58
App is a scam full of bots
Made an account and put on some pictures. Didn’t took long before a bunch of girls slide into my DM but to my surprise they all sent exactly the same message “do you want to be my sugar baby?” Or the typical misspelled “Hello deer”. You can obviously tell the app has lots of bots which make grammatical errors when they send the messages and it’s full of them! So far this past two months I have yet to have a genuine conversation with a real person. Oh and did I mentioned it shows me no one in my area? People from all over the states but no one from my area, strange. This app is definitely a scam
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3 years ago, chowd68
The Fake Escort App
This site is filled with fake photos and 16 out of the 20 women I have met so far are prostitutes who use this site to troll for customers. But the problem is that every one of them wants money sent before they will arrive - and that means 99.5% of the time that they are fakes trying to pinch $40 from you “for gas”. I have had 2 “Sugar Mommy” offers but they both went straight for my bank info. So they are fakes too. This site is a disgrace. Stay away from this site.
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3 years ago, Segura C
Scammers are like a virus in this app
At first I had a good impression of this app when I first used it. Like 2 weeks in someone tried to blackmail me and many “people” tried to scam me on here. The “sugar mommas on here aren’t real either since from the 5 I spoke to on here we’re all asking for some form of personal information. I highly don’t recommend this app to NO ONE !! This is one of the worst hook up apps I’ve ever used. Until it gets cleaned up(if it ever does) that’s when I’ll return to it. Otherwise, good riddance
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4 years ago, YasuoWind
I texted two person. The first person is an America but her English was kinda off. And she send me this message . “ Well to be my sugar baby you have to be able to keep me happy help me calm down whenever I’m horny with sexy pictures and above all stay loyal and transparent with me.” The seconds person say the same thing. Also they both asked for PayPal and cash app. When I told the second one I don’t have them. She never reply back. This app is a scam read this carefully guys be careful out their.
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3 years ago, BrianPG
Nothing But a Scam App
All the five star reviews are fake just like all the profiles on this app. This app will not give me the option to permanently delete my profile. I’m am filing a lawsuit against this app for not allowing me to permanently delete my profile and delete my info. They are saying I have to upgrade to delete my info. They are just scamming people just to get your information. “WARNING” DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!! ITS A SCAMMM. I have reported them to Apple as well as my lawyer.
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3 years ago, mrrrkevinrr
This app is not an app for guys one u have one says they live in on ur side and come to find out it’s a lie the ladies mix up there words like u would never know in stead of saying I’m in North Carolina they say I’m at north Carolina and second yes it’s a scam they want ur accounts to hack and say they send but don’t they scammers want ur account or taking from someone and I been on a lot of sites but this one does not have not one real person on it that’s crazy I’d be carful guys app is drama trouble and yeah one star rating.
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5 years ago, texasnelson
A great app
OlderD is a great app that allows you to meet your preferred partner. Though I tried to verify my self but the page for verification couldn’t not respond and after so many times of trying I gave up, but overall I rate this app 5 star
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2 years ago, frieda40
I got blocked on this app for no reason and can’t even create a new account on it. Keep saying I should contact a certain website or something
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5 years ago, Glin Baldoni
Special for cougar dating
Great app one of the better ones but needs a bit more work on who's online and who's not and more search options to but still a good cougar dating site.
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4 years ago, Texwheeler
Do not join!! They have a full disclaimer about how it is against policy to misrepresent your identity, use images of someone else without their consent.... yet almost every single account is doing exactly that. It’s filled with nothing but cyber crooks that are looking to get your bank info. They have a lot of different approaches, but the intent is exactly the same with them all. This app shouldn’t even be trusted by Apple. So, shame on Apple too!!
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3 years ago, knoyourrighys
Dont join
You should understand that it is against the law to blackmail people. Young people trying this app and then asked to send money or receive money from anyone on the internet. Dont do it and it is a crime to threaten someone Sextortion for nudes or anything So please notice that you are not in danger Go ask for help There is something called the Epolice Go report and take screenshots of the criminal threatening you
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3 years ago, bry24426
The worst app ever
This app is the worst app ever I keep try to find a girl but all these keep ask me for my what bank I us and they keep saying oh I look for a sugar baby and then they and then they say come over to my place and then they for 50 dollars stream card and if I want to me someone they said it will be for 100 dollars this is the worst app I ever use and I sick and tired of it
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3 years ago, Steve7590
The most entertaining app ever!
It you want a million fake accounts from Nigeria trying to scam you anyway possible this app is for you. If you like messing with said scammers then this app is 100% for you! Had this app for months just doing that and literally never found one real profile. It really throws them off when you start speaking in Nigerian
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3 years ago, Vaportrail Ride
Lots to pick through but something for everyone
It is cra… spent some serious effort on this tonight. Coolest chick I spoke with… her pick… chillin in the passenger seat with a sweatshirt. So crazy comfortable with herself. That is pretty. At least to me.
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3 years ago, kathyfasano
Old users
Still trying to work it out .. I feel like old users are too much on here
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5 years ago, Dani Newbury
Great older women app
I’m not sure what to think as this is the older women dating site I’ve really looked at. Time will tell. This app is really lovely! I am new and I wish I can meet some women that special.
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3 years ago, Ronalverde
Not a big fan of the app
I was looking for an easy to use app to find new people and all I got was spams and fake accounts. Like other reviews I have seen others have the same experience. They try to give you money and ask for your number then your accounts. I think I found one other real people. I don’t recommend this app. I would stay away.
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4 years ago, Chris05/01/2020
Fake, scammers, and bots
If I could give it Zero stars I would. Fake people wanting to “take care of you” then want your bank account numbers. This is just like the scammers that call you on the phone. Fake pictures, fake people, and fake accounts. Ask for pics with ur name on a piece of paper and them in it. You will never hear from them again. Screenshots of pics everywhere.
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5 years ago, yeet1111221211
Fake profiles and etc.
Love this app for the brief time I’ve used it, however I feel like if you had the capabilities to separate the moments like men looking for women or man looking man etc. it Will Declutter the moments panel. The amount of fake profiles posing at attractive women trying to scam you out of money is rather high. Recommend altering the algorithm slightly to captcha the fakes.
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3 years ago, c-sanchez
Don’t by this app!!! Is full of scams
As soon as I download the app 20 woman stated texting me asking for money any way they can, even trying with the giftcard scam. I try to repot them but the app doesn’t work by any means. Please don’t download it and also don’t give this people any money, is better to flush it down the toilet that doing that.
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4 years ago, designnerrdd
Your application is all spam. It also doesn’t organize people by location. Why would anyone want to talk to random people in other states? The design of this app is not up to current UX UI standards. Poor user flow, and unorganized information. I would go back to creating good wireframes and focus on your information architecture more and redesign your platform. Best wishes.
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3 years ago, jameschaves
Nothing like older
I love everything about this page
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2 years ago, amakaduru
More light
It’s a wonderful site which needs more love and affection just like I also wanna be me by my self
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3 years ago, normrobe
Fakes and scams
Would be an amazing free app, if there weren’t an endless amount of fake accounts and scammers. Please make it more difficult for fakes and scams to create accounts, so real matches have a chance of meeting which will bring more real users and potential buyers for your app.
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4 years ago, dave j59
Contact company &feedback
They are not very good at responding and when it says feedback you can do it all day but they will not respond back to you this is very poor of them if you write something about there products or services don’t expect a response from them David Johnson
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3 years ago, bullifter
Very nice apps but there is others things you need to look up to
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5 years ago, chamuel444
Not what I expected
I read all the reviews before paying for this app every thing looked promising but I’m disappointed all the men here are long distance from my city I do not want to date long distance this app do not have that option of looking for people in my area !!! so this is not working for me I will delete it! It is not worth it.
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5 years ago, Tervon Asmus
Find older mature relationship
just started but I think this is finally the app I'm looking for. Older women here are clear on their intentions. no BS so far
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4 years ago, Jonnetta Mustin
Older women apps like eharmony, and zoosk
This is simply an advanced version of Tinder's hookup. So easy to use, you can quickly search for local dating hookup objects.
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3 years ago, Bella0630!
Easy to meet new friends
I’ve met many interesting young woman on this site. It’s easy to use.
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3 years ago, zay_ggs
This app is terrible don’t waste your time downloading it
Most of the accounts on here are scammers I found one person who might be real but after I liked her account I wasn’t even able to send her a message you’ll have better luck on tinder
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3 years ago, Midus(666)
Waste of time
This site like so many others is over ran by fake accounts. Only one in every hundred is actually verified, the rest have stolen pictures from the web trying to get info from you. Absolutely not worth even downloading.
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5 years ago, Dialo Waller
Totally Buzzed
There’s so many different opportunities to choose from I’m definitely enjoying myself.
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2 years ago, chemicalreviews
Not Lesbian Friendly
Don’t even bother downloading this app if you’re a younger woman looking for an older women. Once you select your gender, you will only be given the option to match with people of the opposite sex. It’s 2022. There’s no reason for this. If I could give this 0 stars, I would.
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4 years ago, serop95
Fake profiles scammers
Don’t bother to download this app and join it every single profile on there is fake!! They talk to you nicely at first and try to convince you several ways to give them your info and bank account!! Don’t fall for it! They are foreign scammers i believe because they don’t know how to speak proper English even!!
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4 years ago, kkkggeuuus
This is very bad because it keeps disabling my account any time I sign up severally and I don’t know why
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3 years ago, ronumphressjr
This site is terrible. All the rays here are scammers and prostitutes. I’m not interested in being somebody’s sugar baby and I’m not looking for a sugar mama. Isn’t there someway you can control the scammers on this site? Can’t find a real person to date on here because of all the scammers
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4 years ago, Skepteirik
Can’t sign up on iphone 6+
During signup, the page where gender, age, and height are put in, the next button at the bottom of the page is cut off and you can’t scroll down any further to press it. I have no idea how good the actual app is as I can’t even get past the signup page.
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4 years ago, Bulls_55
After trying a buzillion apps.... I found one straight up for real!💯💯
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5 years ago, Jayli Awcoate
Met many great younger men
Best older women dating ever. I have met my great younger boyfriend on this cougar app. I am happy with him. If you are a cougar like me! just join this older women dating app.
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4 years ago, shwydhdh
Can’t signup?!?
Can someone please help me. I try and sign up and last screen to complete profile the enter button is cut off doesn’t allow me to continue
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1 year ago, jll747
Not very helpful
The app doesn’t have a useful search feature. If you can’t set search parameters it’s a crap shoot unless you have unlimited time to look. I don’t.
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3 years ago, faqidiotsrotinhellcumbreathhoe
Scammers with fake everything
Whole app is nothing but same or a few ppl using numerous profiles asking same questions and for money to rip you off even if you thought you were trying to help!! Reporting to apple google and police. Karma will get you ignorant rejects.
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2 years ago, majormerger
This site is all one big scam.
All the good looking chicks profiles on this site are fake. All this profiles are guys from Nigeria, Nigerians. I can’t believe the site owners don’t do anything about it when the can do a lot. It site is a waste of time.
Show more
2 years ago, GrumpyBrownMan
Scammers Paradise
There are no real people. Unable to search by location. Every woman on the app is from out of state. Also no ability to delete your profile. . . Can only disable…
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