MAX Mobile Banking

4.8 (3.3K)
30.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
MAX Credit Union
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for MAX Mobile Banking

4.76 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
1 year ago, Zig Amigo
MAXimum Satisfaction
I have been a MAX member since the only locations were Maxwell AFB and Gunter AFS in the mid 70s. I became a member while working at the AAFES distribution center, and I think my first loan was for a new bicycle. Since that time I have had several transactions with MAX for various services and accounts. When my wife and I were married, she was working as a teller at a MAX branch. Together we have depended on MAX for auto loans, home equity loans and other services. We have always been comfortable with the professionalism and courteous attention of the entire staff - from the frontline tellers, loan officers, branch managers to the administrative and executive officers. Though we may have had accounts at other financial institutions, we will always consider MAX as our “home”. We congratulate them on their growth, expansion and success. We look forward to continuing our “relationship” with confidence and appreciation.
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1 year ago, Ohluvchef
Good app, but needs internal pay feature.
This app is pretty good; it looks nice, it loads well and seems pretty stable. The centralized side bar type menu is clear and efficient. What is lacking with the app, and with Max CU in general, is the ability to make payments on your own Max CU credit accounts from within the app. Please please integrate the online payment gateways with the Max app and website! Auto loans and credit card accounts as well as any other type of loan payment should made within the app or website. If not that, AT LEAST put clear and accessible hyperlinks to ALL of those portals within the app and site, please! And worst of all, if one goes to the credit card section and tries to view recent charges, you get a pop up message that tells you to go to the main menu and select the transactions tab… that’s just plain silly. Just make that button point to the relevant section of the transactions tab instead of pointing to the pop up… yea there is a message saying you will be taken to another site that will need to be displayed, but that’s no reason to force the user to take extra steps manually. It just doesn’t make sense for the “transactions” button in the credit card section to do anything other than link you to the appropriate field in the transactions page. That’s just a poor UI design.
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2 years ago, Monkey Markings cat
Convenient App
Easy to use, and quick. Great way to make mobile deposits and check balances. However, sometimes when I am making mobile deposits, it will not recognize the back of my checks I am trying to deposit, although I sign the back and print Mobile Deposit just as instructed. I had to write three checks today from another account in order to get the app to recognize it was a mobile deposit. This happens almost every time with checks I try to deposit with mobile deposit, although I retake the pic of the back numerous times. Finally, it does recognize the deposit. One suggestion I would like to make is other banks where I have accounts have face recognition on their mobile app so we are not continually having to type in our passwords. I find this very helpful and makes for a speedier transaction. I am sure other member would find this convenient also. I commend your employees and their professionalism and although I moved from Montgomery in 2013, I still love Max and will continue to keep my account. Thank you. Judy Cooper
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2 years ago, Lzzmbnwisbnddojsbqo
Good user interface
Simple, slick, easy to use! Would love to see Max take the next step with online shopping being so prevalent (as is fraud). Can the team create a security value feature where if I make a purchase online using my Max card information, a push notification is sent to my phone and asks me if I would like to APPROVE, DENY, or REPORT the transaction? This is would be similar to how gmail has the approve/deny feature when you try singing in your account on a new device that is not your phone. The value add is obvious, it’s added security AND no other bank does this today.
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2 months ago, FreedomDM
Fast and Convenient
I used to login to the Max website every time I needed to check on something and drive to a Max location to cash checks. Using the Max app is sooooo much more convenient and time saving. Within a few seconds I’m logged in and my balances are in view. Being able to take a picture of a check and have it immediately deposited into my account is the bomb! No more unnecessary trips.
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4 years ago, eye95
App is vastly improved
Update: The app now provides a way to access the web version of bill payment. This is a bit cumbersome, but is far better than the previous inability to perform many basic bill payment functions from within the app. This upgrade came just in time for my iPad to lose its ability to access the bill payment website through Safari! One further, very necessary, upgrade: The ability to access multiple, differently numbered, accounts from a single sign-in. That would earn the app a fifth star. Original Review: I still cannot adjust a scheduled bill payment amount in the app. Instead, I must use the website. The app is only useful for checking balances. I take all other actions using a browser. I have all my bills set up to pay automatically based on the largest amount ever billed. When a bill comes in, I adjust the amount. That way, no bill ever goes unpaid due to forgetfulness. The app only allows cancellation of a scheduled payment, not adjustment. That is a major failing.
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10 months ago, Mitchell8964
One small issue
The app works really well and I have never had any issues with it except for 1. The maintenance break that i saw took almost all day which would be fine but I had no money left on my card and could not transfer money because of the maintenance break. The area only took care so I had to struggle and find someone who I could pay cash to and they pay with card. If the break was a little shorter i would not have a single complaint. I don’t know if they are usually that long so if it was a one time thing then this slid a five star app
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1 year ago, RoadChuck
Takes awhile but…
I was used to the old app and while I like the new one it takes a while to find where they moved everything. Once you find it and get used to the new look it is very good. One small request, why not put the log out tab so that it is more obvious and I will be able to remember to use it so the system does not have to do it and then you need to start over on your next visit?
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1 year ago, Numbers and Reeds
Safe, Secure, and Friendly
We banked with another bank for 44 years. Little did we know just how easy it is to bank with Max. The people seem to want us to be here and go out of their way to give us outstanding service. The funds are insured and we feel completely safe here. I highly recommend Max for any and all financial needs. You should be happy there.
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4 years ago, Rev TJ Conwell
Very easy to use
Max offers a very easy banking app to use and especially, navigate. Sometimes the images don’t quite capture properly for mobile deposits, but normally that’s just an issue with changing the lighting or retaking at a slightly different angle. Otherwise, all our banking features are at our fingertips and we really appreciate the effort that goes into securing our finances.
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1 year ago, mymichelle1024
Love the Max app!
I don’t think I’ve looked at a bank statement since I got the Max app. It’s so nice to see my charges as soon as they hit my account. Many times I can view deposits before they hit and they are listed with the date of availability. So convenient! I’ve never had a problem with this app. I’ve had it since it came out.
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6 months ago, Frustrated concern mom
Love My Bank
I love this hometown bank and it’s associates. Whenever I go into the bank or call, I’m greeted with a smile and they know me! Even when I call on the phone, they recognize my voice and we talk like we old friends who haven’t spoken in months! My problems or questions are always resolved before I leave and I love it!!
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2 years ago, enwkdbrhejf
Could be better
Would give 5 stars if you could control your card from same app like other credit unions do instead of having to use the other app “card command”. Also woukd be nice if you could see difference in credit card payments on dashboard like other credit unions instead of having to wait a few days or having to go and search to find your purchase records. Thanks
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4 years ago, dudebell
Smooth operating App.
I use this App for all my banking. I hardly need to go my branch now because it handles nearly all my banking needs. Never a glitch. I have it set up to handle several accounts and can move money easily between accounts once set up through my branch. I hardly ever leave reviews, but since this app has worked so well for me...
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2 years ago, Jraycd
Mostly Easy to use
Easy to use except when you want to do a mobile deposit. I have no issues with usaa but always have an issue with Max and yes I’m writing for mobile deposit only on the back. I always end up putting the checks in usaa because of this.
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5 years ago, ScubaSJW30
Customer Rating
I have had an account at Max for years; however, lately it’s been harder and harder to get information on transactions. Specifically, deposits from third parties. It’s been extremely frustrating. And, when I call to get answers, the employees know very little if anything. Further, I’m a contractor. So when I get paid from my client getting the money is important. And, I have been dissatisfied with Max’s ability to help me get to the bottom of delays in payment.
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4 years ago, Saaphyr
Not the absolute worst, not near the best
I’ve been a Max customer my entire life. The app has made banking more convenient however the app crashes constantly particularly with mobile check deposit, which is its main purpose for me. The frustration of attempting to deposit a check multiple time when I can make deposits exponentially easier with other bank apps. The user interface is simple and easy to navigate and straight forward and is very on brand. However, style does not overcome function.
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2 months ago, blsakron
Max app
Would not accept check image after several attempts. Could be only active during hours open. Will try again after 9am. Rejection said something about indorsement which looked Ok to me! Have trouble with sign in, apparently you do not have enough ban width. Your finger print sign on keeps say sorry, unexpected problem enter password.
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3 years ago, Kwsmom
Overall good
Updated review: Now that Face ID is added; makes the app easier to log in. It would be nice to have Face ID capability. The app also sometimes doesn’t allow you to log in quickly and may not even connect until you’ve disconnected from WiFi.
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3 years ago, 1956 Fan
I joined Max when there were two employees Mary Glackmeyer and the manager. I assisted in helping get the space next to Post Office on Maxwell . Working in Finance and Accounting at the time. It has been fun to see the growth and enjoy the service . I think I had the first home loan also. Don’t need loans at this stage in life but will always be a MAX fan. Three tries are enough. 1956 Fan
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3 years ago, cyn banks
The Best !!!
When it comes to service and how helpful your customer service it’s the Best I’ve ever experience . Your staff are friendly and knowledgeable and ready to assist everyone with their questions and they don’t take all day to get you in and out and back to work!! Thanks!!
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1 month ago, calebdkilla
So confusing
I recently financed a car threw max and couldnt pay my car note on time simply because the app doesnt let you add external bank accounts like every other bank allows instead i have to wait for my bank to accept a transfer to my max account then i have to transfer the funds from the max account to the loan and its just to much i work to get my bills not hassle on how to simply just transfer money to my loan account its very confusing and irritating JUST ADD A SIMPLE ADD CARD OPTION ON THE HOME SCREEN
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1 year ago, Big Ten Tom
Good, Not Great
I expect so much out of MAX, so anything less than perfection gets downgraded. Because of the number of menu options, it takes an extra click to access the “log off” button. Not good design, because everyone who logs on, logs off., while not any other button is accessed by everyone every time!
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1 year ago, Stephen Warren
Max Credit Union App
The Max App has been a great tool for me to use on the go. They really have made it easy for any individual to use it for a daily check on there finances as well as mobile banking. Thank you Max for all you do. Keep up the good work and service. Sincerely, Stephen Pritchett
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9 months ago, April B1963
Perfect for my busy life!
I never seem to find time to get, “to the bank” anymore, but this app allows me to do almost everything I can do there. Of course, the folks at Max are always just a phone call away. Great addition to services
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5 years ago, ellpeaa
Mobile deposit doesn’t always work
The app is fine for the most part but the mobile deposit gives me issues frequently. Even after I print ‘mobile deposit’ on the back under endorsement it takes multiple attempts to go through or doesn’t go through at all. Then I end up needing to find a local credit union and deposit that way instead.
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1 year ago, Bama Boy Carson
I have used MAX for 18 years. There has not been any issue with any of their services in that time. I now live on the Gulf coast and there are no branches here. Yet, still I still do my banking business with MAX. That is a testament to their great service and reliability. Carry on, MAX!! You are doing great.
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1 year ago, Dissident71
Never have I had such an easy app to satisfy all my financial needs. I left Truist for Max and I was blown away by the superb detail the Max app provides its customers.I highly recommend opening an account with Max just so you can enjoy using the app 😉😉
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2 years ago, trickyyyts
Great app, slooooooow to login
The app itself works fine...except it takes a full 15-20 seconds to log in every single time I open it. And yes, while I know that this is a genuine “first world problem,” it’s still pretty annoying. Not sure if that is fixable, but other than that, it does what it’s supposed to do.
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1 year ago, iiijd
Thanks you for this apt. I am able check my balance. Because I can check my balance I am able to determine payment of bills and purchases. All this because the amount of money it at my fingertips.
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8 months ago, Okraqueen
I hate change.
But I’m sure you have good reasons for it. But I’d be happier if you used face recognition. It seems safer and for old folk like me it is easier. You have always been efficient. According to my iPhone 12, you have to initiate facial recognition. I have it for several utilities and vendors. Can you do this???
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6 years ago, MR1910
Best of Five
I use the apps of five different financial institutions and MAX is the best. I particularly like that in each of the checking and share pages it gives me a running balance and available balance when transfers are pending. Good work MAX! Now just don’t screw it up with some “new and improved” stuff.
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1 month ago, Balance Keeper 1
Online Banking App
If I could give this app 10 stars I would. The balances are always up to date. I can handle all transactions right at home. So simple and easy to use. I can tell a lot work went into developing this app. Thanks Max!!!
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5 years ago, hwitherington
Love this app!
Very user friendly! Love being able to take a picture of checks I get and deposit them in my account! It’s always so helpful being able to see all of my transactions and even pull up my credit card transactions too! So awesome!
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5 years ago, Male Betas
Max Banking App
I love the ease of access and user friendly interface on the web page. Thanks so much! I can pay bills anytime day or night or 24-7. Without going into a bank. Thanks so much Max for making my banking more convenient in my busy life. Keep up the good work.
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8 months ago, FreedomHam
Personal Banking in your hands
Awesome app for banking on the go. Transfer in a second and deposit on the fly is the most used but the ability to do so much more in one app for your finances makes it the perfect banking platform.
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3 years ago, Shont'a Thomas
Max Mobile Bank App
I’m so happy that Max have the mobile bank app. And that Max have the online banking. It’s great and I love my Max Bank!!!! I would have giving more then five stars. But the limit is five stars you can’t go wrong when you choose Max. For all your banking needs and more!!!
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2 years ago, Cuppcake77
Easy to use and very helpful!
I appreciate the intuitiveness of this app. It allows me to do my banking when and where I need to. No waiting in lines or for businesses to open. Everything is fast and user friendly.
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3 years ago, walnoj
Great application.
Performs quite a few functions for MAX without having to go into a branch or conduct phone calls. I think as an improvement, more functions that can be added (check ordering, card applications, etc.), the better.
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5 years ago, MJeweline
MAX Credit Union is the best and this app is evidence of that! There are so many great features from the mobile deposit to the list of account requests that allow me to do most of my banking from anywhere and everywhere! Wish I could give it 10 stars!
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5 years ago, JRU2019
Great app
It is easy and convenient to check balance.. I use the mobile deposit feature the most really convenient when you don’t have the leisure of going to a bank to make a deposit or cash a check
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1 year ago, Chicken Ann
Excellent Banking App!
I really enjoy using the MAX App for all my financial activities - Bill Pay, Funds Transfer, Mobile Deposits, etc. I also manage my mother’s accounts using the App & it’s extremely convenient to use!
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5 years ago, pdbrowning61
Max App is Awesome
Love this app as it does everything you need in banking. Deposits, transfers, pay bills and loans, etc. It’s so good there’s no need to ever go into a bank! Of course I still enjoy the awesome customer service when I’m visiting one of their locations or when I talk on the phone. Thanks
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2 years ago, DA. Alabama
Lots of features when it works. The login with fingerprint is terrible. One minute you can login with fingerprint, next time have to enter password. Not consistent at all. Seems like always doing maintenance. Depositing checks through app is hit or miss, when it works. I could go on and on. This app really needs someone who knows what they are doing to fix all the bugs.
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2 years ago, Down in Alabama
Great Way to Bank (Credit Union)
I find this app easy to use, and I like the dashboard where all information is clearly displayed. I use the Checking Account portion to balance my checkbook. It would be helpful if the app contained a calculator.
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5 years ago, Scared Kid
Best Mobile Banking Experience Out There!
Max has done an incredible job of creating an easy to use app that allows me to do anything I need to wherever I am. I never have to worry about it being down or crashing. It even has mobile deposits!
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6 years ago, Lalakash
Love this app!
I’ve been with Max Credit Union for about 10 years now. The mobile app is definitely one of the most convenient ways of keeping track of my finances. I never have any issues with it, and I highly recommend it!
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3 years ago, Kimberly4407
Max app
I love this app. I had left Max thinking I could find better at another financial institution but as you can see I made my way back home and I am never leaving again. I love Max and all other friendly services and the App is a plus. Thank you!!!!
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2 years ago, LW36067
Wish all apps could work this well
It's obvious someone put a LOT of time and research into creating this app. It works well, does everything you might want it to do, and I've yet to see a bug. Great app!
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4 months ago, BlueTrk54
Max CU App Rocks
Max Credit Union App does everything it needs to do to manage our finances. That plus excellent Money Market rates and friendly, trustworthy customer service set the standard for banking industry. Love Credit Unions and Max is the best of the best.
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