MaxRewards: Rewards & Cashback

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MaxRewards Inc
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2 weeks ago
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13.4 or later
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User Reviews for MaxRewards: Rewards & Cashback

4.54 out of 5
11.7K Ratings
2 years ago, bazzinga15
Best card management app I’ve used!!! But can be a bit better.
In my 14 years as a smart phone user, I never wrote a review for any app. This is my first time, sums up how good MaxRewards is. I’m a gold member and I open the app at-least 5 times a day to check which card to use at what vendor. I’ve been referring and promoting it to all my friends. I really hope someone from the MaxRewards team reads this!! Although the app is revolutionary and helping me alot. I believe some more useful features can be added. I would love to see: 1. A vendor search bar on the ‘Best card to use’ page, so that I can easily enter nike, Adidas or whatever to check any offers on my card or which card to use. (I know I can click on near-me and it list the shops & vendor near me, I just want to search for shops that aren’t near me) 2. Since the app already shows the credit scores, integrate some sort of recommended credit cards offers page (something like Credit Karma). Example if Chase or Amex is giving promotional offers for more points, lemme know in the app or if I’m spending too much on dining recommend me a card with more/better dining perks. 3. Some more in-depth useful stats like my interest rate on different cards. My projected interest if I don’t pay in full or the interest I paid last month, my statement start & close date. I know it’s asking a lot but I do believe adding these features overtime would make the app more useful. Kudos to the team & developers!!
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7 months ago, Shinbujin
New update puts broken app out of its misery
I started using MaxRewards about a year and a half ago. I really liked the app in the beginning as I mostly used it as a way to easily manage all my cashback rewards for my credit cards. While the app did not completely eliminate having to go to all my other credit card apps for rewards information, it did provide a nice overlook… especially to see all my transactions in one place. The app has always had connection issues, but they would usually be fixed within a week or two. However, for the last several months connection to Chase has been near impossible. Considering I just signed up for a year subscription two months ago, it’s been very frustrating. So I was excited to get an email about the new updated version that just dropped. Ninos to say I have buyers remorse, and will be canceling the subscription. to begin with I like the look of the old version much better, but that’s just an opinion I’m sure I can get used to it. However, the connection issues are now worse than they were before with three of my cards refusing to connect. One of my cards has requested that I change my password twice because of the connection issues. i’m not even able to enjoy or appreciate the new features as my data is incomplete due to connection issues, So I’m done, the app is more of a hassle then a convenience, and I feel like I wasted my money.
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4 months ago, Serge I.
Absolutely top notch functionality and service
In my credit card journey, I’ve downloaded three different applications to see which best served my needs to handle multiple credit cards. I wish I would’ve tried MaxRewards first. I gave them about a month and immediately loved the functionality. The detail they offer and all the metrics. They are far and above the best app I found in my research over about three months. Learn from my mistakes. Try them first you probably won’t need to go anywhere else. In addition, I use a USAA credit card that is probably not owned by many. There was a small glitch in the way my tracker accounted for cashback credit. I contacted the customer service line and they had everything changed, rearranged, and working 100% within eight hours. I’m thoroughly impressed, can’t say enough about these guys, give them a try.
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5 days ago, gungadean
I want so much to like this!
Update: I failed to do an update when it was working, and it was working really well for a month or two. Not it doesn’t work at all and the blame is all on the app. It wants me to login to each account, but it prevents me from doing so. When I tap into either the User ID or password field the keyboard pops up obscuring both fields and you can’t enter anything. No synching anything at all now. Originally it would synch both my Chase cards and Apple Card just fine. It has issues and was seldom completely successful on the first try but a little hassle was worth it. It was great while it worked. These days I’ve got 7 cards with 3 issuers (Amex, Apple/Goldman Sachs, and Chase). The only one that will synch at this point is my Amex card. The others just fail in one way or another. Messed up and let my Gold subscription renew. No more. It will have to work consistently and for several months before I’ll count on it again. I’m using CardPointers now and while it boasts fewer features, at least they work. I hate to be down on them because I’m sure they’re trying their best, but it just doesn’t work.
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6 months ago, Fed ex bear
Great idea in theory, not so great application
I love the idea of MaxRewards! I have had the app for over a year now, and have consistently had connectivity issues. I have had more issues than I care to deal with connecting almost all of my cards to the app, which defeats the purpose of having it. The app is buggy, so I’m always having to log back in to my account as well as re-sync my credit card accounts (which never works). One of my credit cards isn’t even listed as an option when adding a card, so I can’t even track it on the app. In theory, I think the app is great and that’s why I keep it around, hoping that one day these issues are resolved. In practicality, the app is useless to me right now, because all of my information is outdated. I understand the complications of dealing with the banks and the security concerns that would lead to these connectivity problems, but the app has never really been reliable for me and that’s why I wouldn’t pay for the app, or recommend it to anyone. Unfortunately, you are way better off using your bank apps.
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1 year ago, Steven Aziz
Great app if not for the bugs and performance issues
I’ve been using MaxRewards for over two years and the usefulness of the app (and the Gold subscription) has surmounted all the bugs, connector issues, and general lack of reliability of the app. There’s a great array of features and I still recommend MaxRewards to friends and family, but if the issues don’t get fixed soon (they’ve been present for most of the time I’ve been using the app), I’m going to pull my recommendation and cancel my subscription. I really enjoy using MaxRewards so I hope the developer isn’t listening to feedback and focusing on improving the app’s performance first, then the connector issues with the big banks like Citi, Wells Fargo, and others.
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1 year ago, LikesMusicInGeneral
Can’t justify the price for unreliability
I’ve been trying out this app for a few months now (Dec 2022 to Mar 2023). I really like the idea of this app, and when it works, it’s amazing! However, there’s always something wrong. New app updates will often cause the app to crash, either because the old app is incompatible with the backend or the new app is straight up buggy. The Chase “connector” is always unstable, and I haven’t had a successful sync since mid February (a month ago)! The company keeps sending emails and responding to reviews saying they’ve made significant progress and things are better in the new release, but the user experience is still bad. I don’t know. Maybe I’ve been trying out this app in a particularly unstable period. Maybe if I were paying $3-5 bucks a month (not annual plan) I wouldn’t care. But I can’t justify $9+ a month for an app that doesn’t even work half the time. I doubly don’t want to sign up for an annual plan; I’d be signing up for a year of this.
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1 year ago, ATG60
THANKS- Chase updates finally work
Now that my Chase cards do update, I have all my offers added to all cards again. That aside, let me point out a unique benefit of Maxrewards: Empirical proof of rewards points effectiveness. I am a bit tired of other apps telling me how much I could benefit from getting this or that highly marketed card. Only the category multipliers that I actually get do count. That is dependent on card acceptance merchant category reporting and the issuer’s fine print. In the Maxrewards app, I can easily compare month-to-month or year-over-year changes of category spending in the major categories. A great tool to continuously fine tune my reward strategy.
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1 year ago, BodaciousBryce
Exactly what I’ve wanted (and needed)
For years I’ve been wanting an app that has basic localization functionality and tells you the best card to use without having to give too much of your personal information and you can just add the cards you own into it. This app does just that very highly recommended. My only gripe is the stores it thinks your in is not terribly accurate and I have to manually tell it where I am most of the time. A feature I’d like to see once they get that down is for it to send me a notification of what the best card to use is in my current store.
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2 years ago, Drew_Drew_2
Good concept, unreliable results.
I really like the idea of having an app assist me with maximizing my purchase points and organizing my credit card data. The only problem is certain credit cards tend to get disconnected and you have to add them repeatedly. Not worth a monthly charge at all, even if the app was free the results would be disappointing. Found another option with the same concept and more features after giving Max Rewards over 6 months of payments. Apps are supposed to solve problems, unfortunately this app didn’t help me out but maybe it’s helpful to those who have one or two credit cards? My Chase and Citi cards wouldn’t remain connected or connect at all after calling both companies and trying all options.
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2 years ago, Global Technologies
Flagged as fraud by banks and cause lock accounts.
I think the idea of the app is great just add all my cards connect my accounts and can see everything here i think this is awesome but too good for be real, this app cause fraud risk and lock CHASE, DISCOVER AND CITI accounts due fraud prevention systems i think the only way to solve this problem is be partners of plaid or find the way to add plaid to the app, i suggest remove this option until can solve this problem, your team can check the multiple reviews or Reddit reporting this problem, i love the app but the best feature on the app is useless because this little problem and cause of this i need removed all my accounts and feel little scary about my personal information involved in the login method because is not secured.
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1 year ago, Smithjb26
Won't sync with largest credit card issuer
UPDATE 2/2/23: After posting a negative review Chase now syncs again. That brings the Chase sync-success rate up from once per year to once per quarter. But now Citi won't sync, so 3 stars? This app hasn't synced with Chase since Thanksgiving 2022, even though it keeps telling me it's last sync was recently. What it actually means is that it's last *attempt* to sync was recently, but the most recent sync is late November because the last transaction is from late November. I've got three cards with Chase. This app is pointless if you can't sync with the largest credit card issuer out there. All the metrics are wrong, overall utilization, balances, available credit, point values, bill amounts/dates, Figure it out, man.
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7 months ago, Foyleg
New App Update Broke Many Features
Not sure when it happened (unfortunately right around the time I decided to opt for an annual paid plan) but many useful features that previously worked no longer do. To be honest, there was always a need to re-synch and/or reauthorize cards. Now it seems to be everytime I open the app, and sometimes it is not clear if I successfully synched a card or not, despite it telling me I did. Also seems to have issues recognizing valid log in credentials. Another issue is I can no longer access the option to modify reward bonuses. For example, I am a BOA Platinum member so I get a bonus percentage on top of regular cash back on a few of my BOA cards. The app no longer lets me utilize that, so it turn it makes the optimal card per buying category useless to me, since it no longer accounts for my bonus rewards. I am hoping these issues get resolved in a future update, as they previously worked, and that is why I opted to give the app 2 stars instead of 1. But honestly, as it stands, it really deserves zero stars because it has lost almost all functionality for me and I really have no reason to use it all for the time being.
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2 years ago, Jon from Starbucks
Make this App the center of credit cards
First off, this app is amazing BUT they really need to step it up with some of the ideas other than just “unlocking Amex/chase offers” I personally have an Amex Plat and other credit card like the Ritz that have a credit benefit to use on a calendar basis. I would like to see an update where I can track how much credit I have used out of my $300 travel incidental. The same goes for if I have used my $10 Amex gold dining credit or Uber credit. Reminders that credits are going to expire would be nice so I don’t have to log into all of these apps just to make sure. To tie in, I am not sure if this app has it already or not. A payment reminder on cards would be nice and I already like how it tells you that Autopay is on. Overall, please add this tracking feature of unused credits as this would be a useful tool since everyone doesn’t want to lose value but tracking all of this can be a pain when it’s not in one app.
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3 years ago, Umamiaddcit
Simplifying credit cards
For those that have multiple credit cards, and love to maximize savings, rewards, and redemptions check this app out. Whether you’re shopping at Whole Foods, planning a family vacation, or pumping gas, this helps maximize your financial returns. Military, parents, travelers, professionals, students; this caters to all audiences, and helps increase financial literacy while freeing mental bandwidth from tracking spending all the time. Give it a try and see for yourself. Anik and his team are outstanding; the user interface is smooth, the experience is friendly, and the accessibility is great.
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1 year ago, jrmxsoccerx
Great, but..
I love this app. I can activate offers, look at my current balances, etc. However, with the issues connecting to Chase, it would be great to be able to add a credit limit and current balance via user input so we can still see the overall picture. Or for any card really if people didn’t want to connect their accounts. ie. without my Chase info available, my credit utilization is telling me it’s much higher than it actually is.
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7 months ago, LatchJohnson
Bad after recent upgrade
I got this app but never linked any accounts. I like how I could add what cards I had to a wallet, and then click each one to see all the percentages they offered, and a list of all the various benefits to having the card. I could click Amex platinum and see every benefit you can receive. It was like that with all my cards. After the update, most of that is gone. You're lucky you see the rates on the card. Also you could open a map and see every store by you and see the base card for cash back based on the cards you have in the wallet. That’s gone too. Now I’m better off with a laminated excel print out in my wallet for each card based on use. Not worth having this app any more, even for free.
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6 months ago, Ahnubis
I’m tired of re-entering passwords!!!
This App has been terrible for me with the user experience in regards to keeping you logged into the app. Why are login credentials not kept with an update or whatever you guys are doing? I do not have this issue with any other app. I am sick and tired of accounts not syncing, I am sick and tired of trying to re-link my accounts. I am sick and tired of the re-linking not working. When I first started using this app I loved it, I recommended it to people saying it’s great…when it’s working. I rarely open the app because I do not want to ruin my mood with the hassles it puts me through just to see everything synced and in 1 place. If I cannot see my accounts as intended, the app is useless to me. 1 star until these issues are a thing of the bloddy past.
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2 years ago, mochakoala25
they’re scamming you, 0/5 stars if i could
0/5 stars if i could've given you that rating. trash selling methods and definitely start-up/corporate scamming. Major reasons for concern: 1. you have to submit your bank account information before you can even see what’s on the app and how it can benefit you. Absolutely unacceptable and absolutely predatory. do you plan on ever demonstrating your proof of concept to customers? clearly, absolutely not. 2. you have to pay a subscription fee, which seems dumb for a company thats supposed to be sending you opportunities to save money. 3. they do not provide instructions on how to delete your account without you fully creating an account and providing your banking details. its been 3 weeks since i emailed them about deleting the account and they have not followed up. i do not trust this app because its clear that they are making you pay for them to collect your financial and transactional data to sell it at a higher price, and they obviously are trying to scam you into paying for their service. they also don't respond when you email them so they likely just keep your information on file.
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7 months ago, 0calefaction0
I suppose it’s back to the spreadsheet
Version 2 of MaxRewards was everything that I wanted it to be. Recommended it without hesitation. Worked perfectly for my use case, which was not connected to any of my accounts, and just being able to see why a given card was best for a current category. Now, with v3 I am unable to see why a particular card is best and unable to configure custom offers on my own. Presumably, I would receive a more generous feature set if I linked my accounts. I’ll not be sharing my financial information with MaxRewards, so I suppose this is the end. Bid you well, I truly do. Just not the app for me any longer.
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4 years ago, cwoodards2
On June 12, I wrote a glowing review about this app. Sadly however, I now have to retract that admiration. I canceled my subscription a couple of months ago, in no small part because of the countless bugs encountered by several other users. I got locked out of my Discover account so many times, it was embarrassing to call them and ask for it to be repeatedly unlocked. However, I’ve had several recent trips where I knew I had an offer on one of my many Amex cards made me realize how much I missed the aggregating feature of the offers this app provided. So I reactivated my account. Now the deals have problems syncing. That never happened to ME before. And of course, the problems with Chase, Capital One, Citi and Discover are still ever present. In fact, I’m locked out once again from Discover. When I wrote the developer, he just told me that my case is an “edge case.” Hardly. I load the accounts. I activate the deals. How is this an “edge case?” Those are the only two things the app is SUPPOSED to do. This team really should withdraw this product from the App Store until they can provide at least the basic functionality that they advertise.
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2 years ago, ItsLaRoy
MaxRewards will continue to charge after cancellation
I’ve used this mobile app briefly and decided that I wanted to cancel after experiencing a few quirks that I didn't like. A month after canceling the membership and deleting the app, my credit card was charged without my authorization. I immediately sent MaxRewards an email (to which they never responded) requesting that they remove any credit card information from their database because I had discontinued their service. Two months later, they still continue to bill my Apple Credit Card. Luckily for me, Goldman Sachs can easily see the frequent unauthorized charge and credit my account, but it's becoming a nuisance having to dispute a charge from MaxRewarss every month.
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5 months ago, KnightZen
Fatal Flaw
I want to like this app but they are having issues with syncing with institutions. They are having huge problems with Chase and the others aren’t too much better. Amex constantly thinks my account is hacked when I sync via MaxRewards and locks me out. Discover and Wells Fargo does it once in a blue moon but a huge issue when it happens. They say that they are working on it but we paid for something that we can’t reliably use. I still love how it tracks credits automatically as well as you can see payments / bills due dates. They also redesigned it recently and looks beautiful. However I think I’ll move on to something more reliable in the new year.
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12 months ago, BrianMZhang
Nice App. Got a lot of cash back that I would have missed.
Update: the crash issue was fixed on 3/21 after a version update. Also received a very nice email from the developers today. Changed my rating to 4 stars and will update it to 5 stars if Chase works again. I updated the App 2-3 days ago (currently using the latest version) and the App can’t open at all. It keeps crashing when I want to open it. Also, Chase had not been working in the past 2 weeks. Very disappointed and would ask for a refund once I can reopen this App.
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2 years ago, Corephan
Simplify Life & Credit Management
Everything from Credit Management to Which card will maximize cash-back Rewards at local store, to be honest... hands down, this is the best App for Credit Enthusiasts and Organized Minimalist’s. I’m not even Sponsored (Should be!) I just call it how it is. Even if you feel like you don't like something about the app, just communicate that to their Customers Services and they “No lie” will look into improving the issue. Just Downloaded it and thank me later!
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3 years ago, The-Blob
Terrible onboarding process
I’m sure this app works fine for most people, but in my case this app adds way too much friction just to even get started and puts up too many roadblocks just to see what it’s all about. First, trying to connect to Chase Bank was horrible. The app kept showing error messages and when I tried searching for cards manually, it couldn’t find any cards. After finally linking my Chase account, the app tried selling me a subscription. I’m not even inside the app yet and you’re trying to sell me something? At this point I don’t know what I’m buying yet. After skipping past that, I wanted to see if I can search offers in the app. Can I search for a retailer to see if my credit cards have offers for them? I guess I’ll never know, because I have to pay just to see if the app has the functionality I want! Finally, iOS prompts me to allow this app to track me across websites. Why is that necessary? Nope, nope, nope. I’ll just use the Chase app itself to see my cash back offers.
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3 months ago, Skay J
Good until last update.
It was one of my favorite apps because I was able to see how much more money I needed to spend in order to hit my welcome bonus on my credit card. But since the last update it has been so difficult to navigate anything on their app. Before it was so user friendly snd so easy. Now you have to keep pressing random buttons before randomly getting to where you want to be but not sure how you did it. Kinda frustrated. Might check out another card app like this.
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2 years ago, funnyone06
Phenomal app, with one suggestion
I’m a credit card geek. My parents are planning a trip to Europe, so I got them a set of credit cards to use to maximize free travel when that trip happens. However, they have a hard time remembering when and where to use each card. I saw this on an Instagram ad. This is exactly what I was looking for. When my parents approach a store, they can incredibly quickly see what card to use at each store. What’s even cooler is that the average point valuation can affect the rewards rate, so travel cards can go hand-and-hand with cash back cards. Get this app. It’s definitely a must have. Suggestion: it would be really cool to integrate this with Apple Pay, so when I go to pay, Apple Pay selects the best credit card to use at each merchant and charges that :). You need this app.
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4 years ago, Don-iPhone6S
Great app...when it works
Buggy buggy buggy. I originally downloaded earlier in 2020 after a glowing online review. Worked very well first few months, though Chase normally had syncing issues. My budgeting app (YNAB) has issues syncing with Chase on a reg basis, so was understandable. I started noticing bugs here and there with constant syncing of other cards, offers being inaccurate & credit scores not updating with the card apps. I eventually stopped using the app. Then I log in today for the first time in awhile & all hell has broken loose. I don’t believe the app developer has the resources to continually fix these bugs with card updates. So I’m deleting the app. RIP a very good idea with poor support.
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2 years ago, Nicolas0616
Not so usefull
The idea of warning you of deals is great but pricing is terrible. this is quite limited to only CC deals and the price asked for it is crazy. you may get an extra deal or 2 but most of that money will go to the app in reality. The basic features are available for free in your credit card apps. If you need a summary of your finances and spendings, personal capital is much better. This is not the app is bad, it should be free and pay itself on advertisement or maybe be a percentage on the deal like 10%. Here you pay upfront and most likely more than you will get in deals.
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1 month ago, DeepHouse Mover
MaxRewards Has Frequent Incompatibility with Chase
By no means is this on MaxRewards, it is a good product overall. I especially appreciate how it will automatically sign you up for your credit card offers is great. However, because of Chase’s security, it has been difficult to sign in over the years and every time a new workaround is found, it is shut down. I’ve paid for the premium status but seeing as 50% of my credit cards are all Chase products, if this continues to be an issue, I will have to discontinue its service. And if you are a heavy Chase loyalist or heavy into their ecosystem, I will advise to pause on it, but ymmv.
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3 years ago, H_Brodak
This will change your life
This app will change your life if you use credit cards and deals. If I could make an app, this would be it. If you had more than 2 cards, you know the struggle of having different offers on different cards. Especially if you use one card and then realize you missed an offer! So frustrating. This app will automatically add rewards, let you know what card to use where, and basically MAXIMIZES your rewards. Lol 10/10 would recommend
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1 year ago, ahmadka
Broken app!
I’ve had this app for two years now, and frankly I feel it’s reliability is going down overtime. There are many banks which don’t seem to work. Chase hasn’t worked in like a year (so you can’t sync any Chase card). Additionally, Wells Fargo and Citi also regularly don’t work for me. The app is slow and recently had issues where it won’t even start - it crashed at startup. Thankfully that recently got fixed. Still it feels like a very slow and sluggish app. It’s the only app on my phone on which scrolling isn’t smooth. It also doesn’t auto-sync credits - you have to open the app and manually sync everytime.
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2 years ago, Taeyeon's child
Best app of all time GOAT app
Greatest of all time app and I mean it! I usually don’t care for apps and I don’t review apps because I believe all apps should be at least decent (don’t believing in praising apps for doing what they should) but this app has blown me out of the water!! What an amazing concept, extremely helpful, easy to use (esp for non finance inclined people like myself, and so many features!!!! And all for free! Great innovative app that helps with not only financial literacy but health as well
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10 months ago, AS20131
So glitchy
I don’t leave reviews very often, but my hope is that the developer will read this one. I love the idea of this app, and the rare times it does work, it’s awesome. 98% if the time though it doesn’t work. I would be willing to pay for it if not for all the glitchiness. The main issues are that tapping the buttons on the app half the time doesn’t work and the other issue is that the sync connections to AmEx, Chase, etc. rarely work without trying multiple times. Is there any plan to fix these things? I’d be willing to re-up my subscription if there’s a serious legitimate plan, but otherwise I feel that I’m paying for something which isn’t delivering.
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12 months ago, Roy-x111
Still full of issues!!
I’ve been using this app for the last 3 months now. So far it’s been pretty useful for seeing all my credit cards. The BIG ISSUES I keep running into are the widgets never work and their system for linking your Capital One card is always unstable. How hard is to fix the widgets at least?? How hard is it to have my Capital One card updated through the app? Before you even go there it’s not Capital One with the issue because I always check their app and website to be sure. I give this app a 3/5 rating.
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3 years ago, christiec5
Best Credit Card Reward Tracker
I love this app so much. It makes keeping track of credit card spending a breeze. You can link your account/card and it’ll tell you which cards are best for what category. It’s super helpful, especially when you have 7 cards like me. It will automatically add card offers from Chase and Amex (maybe more companies in the future?) if you have their gold membership. Highly recommend both the app and the gold membership!!
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7 months ago, andrew29384729919
Downhill after a few years
I’ve been using MaxRewards for the past two years. It was great in the beginning when all of the cards synced and it was easy to keep track of everything. Now you can’t connect to chase no matter what you do. This has been going on for months now. The recent update is more of a downgrade as the color of everything is just green now and makes it hard to look at. They also removed filters from the added card offers, so you have to scroll through all of them at which point I should just go to the credit card app. I really don’t see the added value with this app anymore.
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5 months ago, rbullwinkle
Wow. Everything is fixed and works amazingly!
I used this app a while ago, then it lost syncing to my Chase account. Now all of that is fixed, and it is a dream app again. All of the information I really need in one place. I’m so thrilled! As a credit card hacker, this is a vital tool. The only thing I would ever want. Besides, this is budgeting, and if the good folks at MaxRewards partnered with Copilot (the budgeting app), I’d gladly pay double per year
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1 year ago, Alexey Tokmin
Great idea, poor implementation
I’ve been using the app for a while now. I have a few credit cards with different banks. I removed discover bank after the bank started to block my account, suspected fraud. Chase and Citibank are down with the message: “something went wrong “. X1 card has no website to login. They use the mobile app. However, My Rewards app offers to connect via the webpage, which doesn’t exist! Guys, do you have software testers? Who runs your production software? It is so sad, that such great idea is completely wasted! I paid for a year, but I would cancel if it stays this way!
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4 years ago, Neil Struharik
Great App
This app is great for people who make a hobby of finding the best credit card rewards. It helps juggle all of your rotating categories across all of your cards while also letting you know what card is best to use, wherever you are! The team managing and updating the app are very friendly and helpful and they are constantly improving the features available. This is hands down the best points and rewards app out there, no question.
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1 year ago, TechaddictATX
Great App - Squash The Bugs!
I love this app because of the feature where it tracks intro bonuses and automatically adds your AmEx offers to the cards. However, this app needs to be fixed. It freezes often and is just slow overall. It’s worth the time to make it work, but I find it very frustrating considering I pay for the Gold membership and it still freezes and fails to perform the essential functions nearly every time I open the app. Please fix it because this app is amazing when it works!!!
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6 months ago, Locked out and broke
Credit cards won’t connect
I’ve used this app for years. It’s gotten me cash back bonuses on purchases that I would have overlooked otherwise and made it easy for me to choose the right card for the best cash back return. But, now, from my experience, there are connection issues to Chase, Wells Fargo, and Discover. I’ve been locked out of my Discover account because of the app trying to connect. Since the app isn’t connecting to my accounts, it is totally useless. I loved this app and wish these issues could be fixed. I’m sure bank security updates make it difficult for the app to keep up, but I also appreciate banks taking measures to keep personal information secure. It’s a double edged sword, I suppose. I’m going to keep this app in the background in hopes that the developers can work around the connection issues and that maybe someday I can benefit from this app again. But if you aren’t already a subscriber, I’d stay clear until this is resolved.
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7 months ago, HuggingFace
Disappointed New Release
Where is welcome bonus tracker in your new version??? If you want to release a brand new interface, at least you should include all functions in previous version, not to mention unfixed connection issues. You mentioned some issues were fixed, but there are MORE. Your new connector required me to update password every few days, even if nothing changed. This has been happening in your beta testing version, but your team still release this toy broken pathetic version for all paid subscribers. An extra star for good old days.
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8 months ago, ktwu710
App becomes unresponsive, not usable
It was the best app for credit card optimizers when I first started using it, but in the last 6 months it has become unresponsive whenever I tried to use it. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall numerous times, it usually works for a little while then it goes back to being unresponsive. I cannot navigate or perform any actions within the app when it becomes unresponsive, making the app useless. Since the customer support channel is within the app, it makes it hard to get help. I will not renew my subscription when it runs out.
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3 years ago, Levi Boaz
Very very disappointed
Well this is unfortunate. I have heard a lot of great things about this app, and while I’m sure it is a great concept apparently I will never get to enjoy it. I have attempted several times to connect my bank account and the app has failed to do so every time. This is extremely frustrating. I contacted my bank support and was told that the issue was with the app, so I preceded to contact support for the Max Rewards app and have yet to get a response. I was really looking forward to using the app after being referred by the credit shifu online, but now I have nothing but frustration for this app as I have had a terrible experience.
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2 weeks ago, eightninetyfive
Decent but they can’t seem to find a consistent solution for chase
If their method to get my chase account to sync is by calling chase to reset my password, and a bunch of other inconvenient extra steps which won’t work for longer than a week, I’m not going to continue to subscribe. I’ve been part of their premium service for years and there have been issues with chase for months on end. I can’t even take advantage of the service if I can’t even use sync my chase sapphire reserve.
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1 year ago, Matt_M12
Amazing app!!!!
This app has been amazing. I appreciate the developers and everyone involved who though of this. The user interface is easy to navigate and provides valuable details. This app has so much potential and it looks like they are continuously working towards making it better. 100% happy with the purchase of the app and I look forwards to the future of the apps features.
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2 years ago, by@pple
Not as useful for Capital One cardholders
Overall I really like the app and it has a great UI. Subscription required to see and activate offers, which is fine unless your primary ecosystem is Capital One as those offers aren’t shown. Even if Cap1 doesn’t allow auto-activation it would be helpful to see their offers centralized so I can decide what card to use when shopping online. Holding off on committing to an ongoing subscription until then.
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7 months ago, Tomo07180514
Zero app support for months
The app started out great during first use in 2021. It synced most cc deals as advertised. I have accounts with a few U.S. major banks. The app becomes slow and glitchy after use and will not sync accounts automatically. JP Morgan chase is the worst as it cannot sync at all anymore. Be aware that there are many large banks that are still in beta testing which causes problems for the users on this app. Giving this one star for the lack of user interface support. I’ve given the developer a chance and waited for 6 months for them to fix or update the app before leaving this review.
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