Mayo Employees FCU

2.5 (28)
73.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mayo Employees Federal Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Mayo Employees FCU

2.46 out of 5
28 Ratings
9 years ago, Bikerbabe2013
Transaction information not viewable
It used to be that you could see the transaction and all pertinent information that goes with it when viewing your history. Now you have to make an extra click to see it all. It's a little cumbersome to have to click so many times. One thing I am loving is the new bill pay section where you can see upcoming payments and the history. Great job on that!!
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3 months ago, Telepikr
Keeps Getting Worse
I have been a member of MECU since 1998 and used the mobile app since it first came out. I like Mayo Credit Union, but this app needs a lot of work to get righted. It is glitchy and unreliable. There are times when I’ve been told ‘transaction failed’ and tried again. Failed again but the next day I see 2 transfers! Support is not very good either. I belong to another credit union and their app is far superior in terms of ease of use, reliability and support. An affiliate of the Mayo Clinic should have a higher standard.
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3 years ago, jenbear121599
Loading time
I really enjoy being able to access all my financial information in one place. On the other hand it is frustrating how often the app simply sits and loads instead of letting me access my account. I know it is not my internet because i can access the website just fine but not the app. Hopefully it will improve soon.
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5 months ago, Sam198964
Mobile deposit check doesn’t work
I think your app just forget to ask for camera access privilege, which makes it isn’t able to take photo of the check in the app.
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1 year ago, KeepTheCoffeeOn
Works great
Can see balances, transactions, place transfers and do bill pay. It’s a good app!
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3 years ago, #unhappycamper
Complete and total garbage. 92.4% of the time the app doesn’t work. One day I can deposit checks and the next you get “loading” forever and never goes away. It gets 1 start only because it at least starts the app but crashes shortly there after.
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4 months ago, FredyVonLampert
I was unable to transfer money between my checking and saving account, because it would allow me to put or write a date of the transaction
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4 years ago, mkb65
Very difficult app
Multiple glitches, trouble loading every time app is opened, and difficult to navigate - the opposite of user friendly.
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11 months ago, Dontpaybadapp
Where is Zelle?
I don’t have Zelle in my app
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11 years ago, Ct1234
Great banking app
App does everything you need for online banking. The biggest thing missing was mobile check deposit and this has been added! Works great, no issues with crashing. Only complaint I have is that its a little bit of a hassle to start isn't it, you have to activate your account for mobile banking and for mobile check cashing option but doesn't take long.
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10 years ago, Lfanning12345
Mobile banking
The mobile deposit feature needs serious work. It either fails to send images or crashes/closes outright during deposit. To date I've only been able to submit a fraction of my checks with this feature.
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5 years ago, whycantifindanickname6
Mobile deposit errors
Used the mobile deposit feature for years and suddenly it stopped working, instead returning an error message. Contacted support and they told me to delete it, reinstall, then restart my phone. Still not working. Seems like something more serious than a bug on the user side.
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12 years ago, Schmitty's
Please fix the glitch after you enter your PIN number for transfers! It just continues to think!
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5 years ago, 123Gottobkiddinme
Needs Update
Needs an Update to the newer iOS system. Keeps on crashing when tryin to open the app up.... 3/4/19: Update——- still needs a work on the system. Should not have to wait over the weekend then shows the pending transactions and more on a week day. It’s ridiculous and quite honestly too annoying. Please get this fixed or ill switch to a different bank
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12 years ago, Souks
Updated for iOS 6
I like the new look and it's now able to run in the background without having to re-login. Handy when I need to check other apps.
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6 years ago, MN PA 1008
Unable to log in
App still not working, unable to log into my account for quite some time. I haven’t tried deleting the app and downloading it again as others have, but that should not be required to use the app. Keep waiting for an update, but from the other reviews, this doesn’t seem to be a priority for MEFCU.
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7 years ago, Atticus183
Receiving a lot of errors from recent update.
The update brings some needed visual features but I have been receiving a lot of errors since the recent update. Touch ID support is welcomed.
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6 years ago, 3Cool-kids
Great app!!
I have had this app for 3 years and it works great!! Never have a problem with it!
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12 years ago, Kel702
Yea it's working!!!
It's working again!! Thank you for getting back up! I do like the old look better though but it's a good app
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7 years ago, Aihoshi
App doesn't work.
Ever since their scheduled update that they sent multiple messages about, whenever I try to sign in to the app, it just cycles that it's loading after I put in my password. It won't let me go any further than that.
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6 years ago, Makanowe
Unable to scroll through transactions
For the past couple weeks, I have not been able to scroll through my transactions. Super annoying.
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12 years ago, Bones032788
Not working
Updated the app for iOS 6 and still not working. Don't get paid till next week kinda need to know my balance STAT
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5 years ago, wzrdcrtv
Using on my new iPad Pro. It seems to work great.
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12 years ago, Enrhythm
Update for iOS6 not working
Not working with iOS 6 update. Stuck on optimizing to mobile. Please fix this, love the app.
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6 years ago, fraustrated consumer
Keeps closing me out.
I’m not sure what is causing with the issue. With IPad Air keeps kicking me out while navigating. And with IPad Pro keeps freezing and can’t log out. I hope the issue will be addressed and resolved.
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6 years ago, PeachyLychee
Doesn’t Load Since Update
Haven’t been able to login through the app since the update in April. When it gets fixed, I’ll update my review!
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6 years ago, Soccorlauren32
Terrible App
Terrible app hardly ever works. Errors almost every log in. Have to delete app then download again to work most times. Huge inconvenience.
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6 years ago, mnbiologist73
Crashes on Launch
Since last OS update, app crashes immediately on launch.
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6 years ago, Lillybell2
Doesn’t work
Since the latest iPhone update app does not open.
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6 years ago, DannyKin
Connectivity Errors
Cannot login due to “network connectivity error”
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13 years ago, myTempID
Not usefull
Very basic and way behind other banks.
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6 years ago, Teria2U
Unable to Login
Please fix the app!!!! This is so annoying! Been trying to log-on for at least a week now!!!!
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7 years ago, CageyK
not very usable by blind persons
this app could use much improvement in its VoiceOver accessibility, which is the native screen reader on all Apple devices. Please make this app usable by voiceover for blind persons.
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12 years ago, Candicemae12
This app is super handy to have on the iPhone but its useless without an update!! Hope it gets fixed soon.
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12 years ago, Gthug3
Please update!!
Love the app, but currently not working with iOS 6.0
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4 years ago, Abgaribay05
New update 5/2020
The app is much improved. Unfortunately the widget it not working. There is no instructions for activating widget either. Frustrating.
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12 years ago, a1d2sh3
Can't log in!
Doesn't recognize my password...
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12 years ago, ndrhsr
Needs update. Doesn't work
Will not launch with iOS6. Please update. I used to use it frequently.
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5 years ago, Polynomeatle
Added Touch ID
Addition of Touch ID and visual appeals
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6 years ago, Vizcarraa
Crashing on 11.3
App doesn’t seem to work at all on iOS 11.3. Crashes as soon as it opens. Please fix ASAP.
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7 years ago, Havdbfjsiebegxv
Won't let me log in
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12 years ago, Ēmç2
Terrible- ZERO STARS
The app does not recognize my acct number.
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9 years ago, JJS10MN
Not fully functional
The apple touch log-in doesn't work after the 11/4/15 update.
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13 years ago, Ieftwing
Does not do much!
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13 years ago, N0YZE
Bout Time :)
Been hoping for this for a while now, much better than the old website. Works great, thank you.
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6 years ago, Blagoyet
Terrible App for iPhone
Anytime I try to open the app, it always gives me an error message. My husband can normally open the app on his Android phone. Super disappointing.
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6 years ago, Chiefsrgr8est
Does not work after update.
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