Mazuma Mobile

4.8 (3.8K)
39.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mazuma Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mazuma Mobile

4.78 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Hardy W Jr
Thank you for being there
My mom and dad opened their account with your bank when I was a little boy over 50 years ago. They are both now deceased and I want to personally thank your bank, employees, loan officers, bank tellers and everyone involved for being a part of my parents and our family throughout those years. From car loans to college student loans, savings accounts and bill pays, Mazuma bank has been a steady financial institutional family member that was depended on and appreciated. I no longer live in the Kansas City area and please forgive me for writing this note longer than expected. As I reflect on conversations with my mom and dad regarding Mazuma’s historical part in my parents banking and financial service needs throughout all those years, it bring back pleasant memories and most importantly, a smile. Thank you, Hardy W Jr.
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1 year ago, Nendy Fryer
Mazuma has an Easy Peasy App!
This is the best banking app I’ve ever used. Super simple to do common and uncommon banking activities. Get an account. Use the app. Connect checking and savings account(s) and with ease, see what you have, transfer funds, do automatic payments by mail to any person or place for free, send a message to the bank. It’s a great app and I have not made an in person deposit in years. Snap to photos and that paper check hits the bank pronto!
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4 years ago, Adi Sumeir
Best bank
A great four years experience with Mazuma Credit union bank. Easy going with everything so far. The phone app is easy to use, dealing with customer service on the phone was professional and at the branch they will welcome u and service u fast. Awesome manager at the transferring department helped me on the phone in last minute. Highly recommend .
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4 years ago, kcmopd
Awesome app you can paid a day before while banking with mazuma and also you can cash a check in just by taking t a photo of the check front and back and boom within four to five days you see your money also the money from your job comes into your bank around three or four
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5 years ago, Stangz4us
Not member friendly anymore
There use to be a time when you would call the bank and a switchboard operator would answer your call, them transfers you to the right depot and you would actually speak to an advisor, now a computer answers it and places you on a very long hold if you need to talk to a Mazuma advisor, sometimes as long as 27 mins! Plus asking for a personal loan from them has become more of a hassle than qualifying for a home mortgage! They seem to have forgotten that the members are the real reason that they are in business!
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3 years ago, Texasqueenb
I have been with this credit union for several years and I have never had a bad experience. I have always been treated with top professionalism and have no problems encouraging everyone to come be a part of this great credit union.
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4 years ago, Kristyx03
Love This Place & App. Would Highly Recommend!
Love the app. & the people that work inside the credit union are fast & friendly. They’re always willing to answer any questions you might have. It’s definitely the best credit union/bank I’ve ever had. Would highly recommend!!
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7 years ago, NICCOLYNN
Good but freezes every now and then.
I like the app. Mobile checking is really helpful. The quick access on my phone is nice and helps me budget regularly. It does freeze sometimes but not too often about once a month at most.
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1 year ago, Mazumus Maximus
Lindsay h was incredible when I had an issue out of state.
When a cu out of state couldn’t help me, Lindsay stepped up and solved my problem. This level of competence and courteous communication is the reason why I am with Mazuma.
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4 years ago, M34384
App is great
The app is over all great but I would like like to see the functionality of the online ability to view linked accounts and spending as well as an Apple Watch widget!
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2 years ago, Behr1321
Check deposit broke with iOS 16.1
Normally a great app. Since iOS 16.1 the check deposit has been broke. It’s stuck on the rotate your phone to continue message when trying to take a pic of your check to deposit.
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2 years ago, Lazarus Longer
The government couldn’t do any worse.
Deposited my check using the app for convenience. It’s been a week and a half and there’s still no money in my account. I would’ve just drove to the bank and deposited it and got some cash. Mazuma ruined my vacation. Was barely able to feed the kids and get home. Still better than my Bank of America experience I suppose.
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5 years ago, Micthepoet
I really like this app. Just one thing missing.
I have a business account that I world like to be able to access from the sane app as my personal. Other than that it’s great!
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6 years ago, Amiko&Edina
Simple & Secure!
Love the MAZUMA Member App! Easy and secure access for members and quick view of account info and transactions keep us notified and aware of how we’re managing our money!
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1 year ago, wadro92
Doesn’t matter what day of the week my bill falls on, it’s always late because Mazuma takes so long to pull the payment from my account. I’m even set up for auto pay. I’m notified 8 times for 3 days straight that they payment is due, but they still don’t take the money out until after the due date. Super cool.
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6 years ago, Habidakus
Great App
Love this app, I rarely need to go to the bank anymore or pay for bills with checks; this app does it all!
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5 years ago, MisMilla
Love it!!
Very convenient and easy to use! I don’t have to go online anymore. All right here at my finger tips!!!
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8 months ago, west kansas
Great app and Credit Union
The app works great for me. I can transfer money easily from savings to checking or vice versa.
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2 years ago, Shale in KC
This is the best!
I love the online banking experience, Mazuma is so easy to help and willing to work with their customers. Love it 🥰
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7 years ago, Ryanضصث
Great app
Does it's job with alerts and functionality. A very up to date app and credit union in general.
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7 years ago, emeraldruny
Love the APP
Glad I can check my accounts and transfer money any time I need to.
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3 years ago, jfdrnnngdftf
Outstanding company
Thanks Mazuma for giving such great customer service to me and my mom!!!
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3 years ago, huhdjhdu
Down at times, other than that works well.
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2 years ago, brandyn816
5star A+++++
Awesome app great business people friendly highly recommended
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6 years ago, Kaspian_
Just a great banking app.
Everything I need. Easy-peasy. 100% functional. No BS. Love it.
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6 years ago, dagbovie
The app is great but I dislike how transactions do not show up right away when debit card is used
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6 years ago, tkstrike777
Used to work, doesn’t work now. Every part of the app just says “we cannot display your information” or “the service is not available at this time.” Useless!
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4 years ago, HandyMandy0712
Pretty great app...
Just wish you could see pending deposits.
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6 years ago, PHawkwood
Easy to use
Simple app. Does what I need it to do. Touch ID is great.
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6 years ago, ccomms
Great ap
Simple and straight forward.
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6 years ago, _shi.t
Get it together 😭
This app is really trash i have to keep up with what i spend and how much and subtract from total cause it will really say you have less money or more money than you have!
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5 years ago, okkkkk1133575445
Instructions not clear on what to do
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2 years ago, Keith Puttroff
The best bank
The best bank for me
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1 year ago, Kearria
Fix This
Why does it take it forever to update my balances ? Like whats is the problem?
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2 years ago, Mo Jeezy
Can’t see accounts
I now can’t see my accounts. Has 2 more tabs at the bottom but no account tab.
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5 years ago, Ferrari Niel
Very good
Awesome no complain at all
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3 years ago,
Pretty Good
Pretty good bank
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4 years ago, mazuma man
Outdated app. Not user friendly at all worse app of all the banking apps imo
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2 years ago, Youngtwiszon
Good job
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8 years ago, Jazzstocks
Very Convenient and Easy to Use
This app is well made and well-designed. Extremely convenient to keep track of your dough, pay bills, and make deposits. The fingerprint access feature is wonderful and makes accessing the app lightning fast. Also, Mazuma is always enhancing the app with newer and well-designed features. Great bank and great app!
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10 years ago, GramLover
Great improvements
Check deposit is a nice plus, very useful ! I haven't used it yet but knowing that it's an option is wonderful especially when the nearest place to deposit a personal check is 15 minutes away and you're a college student with no car.
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11 years ago, Bombquesha
Love It!!!
So simple! So easy! Totally user friendly! All things can be done within just a couple steps, PERFECT for the mobile user who doesn't have time for hunting and searching for what I need. Mazuma you really have streamlined the mobile banking, wish my other bank would follow your lead.
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9 years ago, Fhfstgvyfhbbchv
Simple. Easy and times out quick so no one can get on your phone and get on your account. The only thing i noticed is you cant access tge locations of atms while you are using maps. I think its cause you can only use the location for one app at a time idk.
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11 years ago, CumminsI6
Easy and convenient
If I'm at the store and need to get something I can easily check what I have in my accounts right then and there. The bill pay is nice too since my computer is going belly up and I prefer to do the online bill pay.
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9 years ago, CynLein
Deposit pictures
The pictures that the camera takes for deposits to my accounts are horrible - low resolution and sometimes not even looking the same direction as when I snapped the photo. Can make deposits extremely frustrating. other apps of the same type have beautiful pictures. I used to make my deposits with my wife's iPad because it has better resolution for photos, but the Mazuma app always reduces the resolution no matter what camera you use.
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8 years ago, AndAwllThatJazz
Pleasant Surprise
I can always check my account when I need to. The mobile bill pay AND check depositing are BOTHA amazing features as I don't always have to make my way to the post office to mail off checks. I really enjoy this app and I'm grateful it's been developed!
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11 years ago, KCJosh
Honestly, I have never rated an app before. But this one is worth the time. You can do just about anything from the app that you can do on your computer. I find with this app that I use my home computer a lot less. Very simple very easy very convenient.
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12 years ago, Prez196
Thank you.
This is way better than trying to text message Mazuma for your balance. Can do just about everything from my phone that I could from laptop. I especially like the ATM finder.
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11 years ago, subzero65
Love it!
This is a great app, I use it to keep up with our neighborhood accounts. Very intuitive and easy to use. I haven't been able to view checks through it yet that's the only reason for four stars instead of five. I recommend if you use Mazuma it is a must have.
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8 years ago, LizzSmith
Behind the times
Very slow. Does not update transactions over weekends or holidays, so from Friday at 5pm until Monday at 8am your account appears the same which could easily cause several overdraft fees. Was excited for their text update feature, however it is very slow to notify when changes have been made. It takes several hours to half a day to notify you that large amounts have been moved/ removed from your account.
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