Mech Arena - Shooting Game

4.9 (148.5K)
242.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Plarium Global Ltd
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mech Arena - Shooting Game

4.85 out of 5
148.5K Ratings
3 years ago, MrThe_Biscuit
A great game with a skill based focus.
Mech Arena is a PvP mech battler that revolves big mechs fighting in a condensed arena. As a War Robots veteran, I was shocked to see the changes. The fast-paced aspect of firing and running around, (or walking with a slower mech) dealing and receiving damage or capturing a control point is undoubtedly more fun than War Robots’s slow aspect. War Robots is going down in popularity because of the issues with over-powered robots, pay-to-wins, and tankers (maxed individual who leaves battles to lower their rank to reap newbies). Mech Arena makes a main stream XP line that puts you with others with a decent matchmaking system. Pay-to-wins still exist, but are not an issue with the XP line. (Same with Tankers) Mech Arena also does not have the fancy Titans (which ultimately ruined the game), modules (no u I’m invincible), drones (hey look I’m healed at max buddy), motherships, (ez death button) etc; just one mech with 2 weapons, with different energy capacities. All mechs have different advantages and disadvantages, like lancer is great at scouting but cannot take a hit. War Robot’s Fafnir is basically “Shield with deletion gun and speed boost and [insert add on here].” War Robots was fun, but Mech Arena was a game changer. My only gripes are the decent matchmaking (though not as bad as War Robots’s matchmaking), AI sometimes getting either retarded or strong, and the pop-ups. Despite these issues, Mech Arena is still a great Mech battler.
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11 months ago, Swifty-08
Fun but bad problems.
I’ve had this game for about 2 weeks for now and it’s a very fun game unlike other mobile games I can enjoy playing this but the most obvious aspect of the game is pay to win in the worst way possible I can endgame mechs and weapons for around 15 dollars sometimes cheaper and also the last 4 games I played were against people who had mechs and weapons twice as strong as mine and have been playing for 4 months up to a whole year ahead of me when I barely started 2 weeks ago. They also put limits on the amount of xp you can earn a day which I’ve never seen a game so that is strange even if you want to play it all day after the first hour or 2 you already done everything you can and playing doesn’t reward you anything like if I’m going to be matched up with veterans at least let me progress as much as I want and not putting daily limits in front of it. The only thing that you can always play for are tournaments which have people that play for hours just to get a single prize so your never going to get the grand prize unless you devote a couple 3 to 4 hours just on the tournament game mode. It’s a fun game no doubt it is just sad as a new player trying to progress to be roadblocked by veterans killing me within 3 seconds and daily limits the only real way to progress the Al fastest is by giving up the credit card, sad it is a 5 star game just on gameplay alone but the other features about this game are what make me not want to play it as much.
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3 years ago, zacryans
Bro these reviews
I love this game it is honestly one of my favorite mobile games! There is kind of a play to win aspect in the beginning but once you get to the higher divisions(I’m division 2 and haven’t spent a dime on this game) it balances itself out pretty well because most of the things that you can pay for you can eventually get through leveling up or events. Which there is some events that have pay to win tasks but they are optional, you can get all the rewards from the events by doing all the other tasks. I will say the currency is a little wack, I feel like it’s harder to get credits then it is to get A coins but I kind of like that because this game is still newish and doesn’t have a ton of weapons and mechs yet so the currency imbalance makes it so people can’t binge play and reach top level mechs in just a few days. The team pairing system is a little weird because there is the pay to win aspect so you can have a bunch of brand new players that don’t know what they are doing they just spent $100+ on a powerful Mech and disc launchers so now they are taking the express way to through the divisions but I feel like most of them get stuck at about divisions 5 or 4 because that’s when things even out so once you get past that nonsense I feel like the team match system gets a little better.
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2 years ago, 1Tomek1
Uneven battles
This game is very fun to play. The only improvement so far that I can suggest is to make the battles more balanced. I’m new to this game, but I have some pretty strong mechs. They are just not strong enough as those that more veteran players have & use in the battles I get thrown into. Could you even out the experiences of the battle members, so they are a little more equal? Good game though. I just thought of another improvement. Make the game so players can sell back a Mech they no longer want. That would give each player more in-game money that they could use on their other mech(s). As far as I know, that would make this game one of the first, if not the first, games that does that. Think about it. Even more people would be drawn to this game. I have been playing this game for a few months now, & the balancing out of the tournament battles hasn’t got any better. It’s not bad when you can put together a team for tournament or other battles in the game using your Friends List to make a team, since then you know how strong your is. Unfortunately, when you go into battle on your own you can end up on a weak random team vs an incredibly strong random team. That just turns out to be a disaster that you lose big time, sometimes many times in a row. No one can win points that are needed that way. Since this is a game of competition, the top priority for an update should & would be balancing out the of the equality of the radom teams in battle. Please!
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1 year ago, sep-016
Mech idea
The Mech is the SCENEPIOS technically he has 2 tails with tips at the end with arrows inside it with chains they are retractable and the tail use it’s ability it’s ability to export the arrows out of the tail grappling onto the enemy and poisoning it it has titanium body armor with a health of 68,900 and a speed of 17 mph. It is just technically a scorpion Mech so it has claws that put the weapons into the claws and it crawls on its 4 legs and the claws add the weapons on it but if you include the claws as legs it’s 6 legs it also has an ability cooldown of 20 and it’s role is attacker it’s ability duration is 8 secs and the poison damage does 1,300 damage per second the arrow is guided but if it doesn’t get to it’s destination in about 4 seconds or so the arrows retract to its tail it’s energy capacity is 16 it’s eyes are a little bit like arachnos eyes and I have no idea about the mythical skins so you can have those ideas to make for yourself anyway it’s probably a epic legendary pr just rare is probably one of those ranks anyway I don’t understand the rest of the settings of how to create mechs so the rest is up to you if anything seems unfair you can fix it to something more fair for gameplay so that’s technically it bye and if you want to I can give you system Mech arena ideas instead of mechs like features with the game so bye!!😃
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9 months ago, EvanBomb10
Great game but problems and bugs that need fixing
I enjoy playing mech arena as it has very fun mechanics of fighting with all of the different mechs against others in real time with different game modes. However there are some things that are annoying like how I always get attacked with a bunch of in game purchases when I first open the game and it takes a while to close them all. Another huge problem that just happened to me which is majority why I’m writing this is my credits glitched out and started counting in negative numbers and when I tried to buy items it would say I needed a small amount more and when I paid for them it would just make the negative number go down even farther. When I earned credits it went up eventually to positive numbers but what really glitches out the game is I’ll be able to buy certain things even though I don’t have enough and when bought it brings it back down to negatives again and I have to build them back up again. This needs to be fixed asap because it makes the menu gameplay much harder to deal with then when it works correctly. I’ve also talked with others on the chat and some other people have had this exact same thing happen to them as well. Overall though it is a great game with even more potential and deserves 5 stars if the problems get resolved and fixed up.
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6 months ago, 12334367473858&375
Developer please read
I love the game great job it’s just that I don’t have any trouble getting credits, but I do have a little bit of trouble getting a coins and most of my favorite mechs are epic but can you please like file the amount of a coins that you need to come down maybe by 1000 you don’t have to do it by that much maybe like 500 to 300 coins another thing is there all these new weapons coming in that are on low divisions like tier 3 and you have to pay at least over $50 to get them. Can you make it so they either cost a coins or credits that would help so much. I also have a Mech idea It’s called twister and it’s ability arrowhead can Turn the mech into a spiraling arrowhead that can ram into other mechs And at max level can do 70,000 damage speed 25mph Health 185,000 energy capacity 24 so it’s probably scout and if it’s OP you can file the stats down a little bit I would also like a scout mech with 32 energy capacity I would also like a tank with 32 energy capacity I also think you should make mech With a higher energy capacity of 32 and make higher energy capacity weapons if you read this thank you if you can make some of it come true😁
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3 years ago, ziggy1960
WAS a great game
I left robot wars as soon as I found this game it was simple fun balanced and your skills and experience counted for something. Then a funny thing happened, I like to call it the Robot Wars Syndrome , as more people discovered this fun and competitive game the developers immediately started adding more and more powerful bots and weapons that take a boat load of money to purchase. So much like robot wars, i began to come up against people who possessed a lot of money and bought the very expensive and exotic bots and weapons then upgraded them to be pretty much unbeatable. Couple that with the unbalanced match making and well you know the rest. It won’t be long before I get tired of being fodder for these Pay to Win players and move on to another game, all because I don’t spend half my paycheck or have a wealth mommy or daddy to buy bots and weapons for me so I can feel good about myself. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could sell back unused stuff like the overwhelming number of worthless skins you get free but will never use or if you could actually win enough to get some of those out of reach bots and weapons, but like Robot Wars they purposely put the type of coins or credits you need so high and make it nearly impossible to ever win enough of them that if you want to be a “winner” you gotta fork over the dough”. To bad really cause this WAS A GREAT GAME!
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1 year ago, Ooooofmaste
This game is trash
Every one is so pay to win that I can’t even play the game without getting spawn killed by helix rack 8s and other ones like javelin packs sixteens not to mention all the people with pilots like Neymar jr with legendary implants almost maxed out along with the pilot and implants almost maxed out and I barely have two epic pilots at only level two with only rare implants also right after the fragment guns came out ppl already had them doing 55,000 damage well close or above that and you when you bought them, their level was either 2 or 3 and or 4 star idk if it was 4 but I remember 2 or 3 they had enough acorns and credits to get it that level and they have other meds like that with different guns and pilots just like that making the game no fun to play they say they’ll fix but they don’t and just lie like I would like it if just all Gomes and mechs were just unlocked by xp I instead of a range of 2 bucks to 75 bucks if they made everything unlockable by the xp bar thing the player has I personally think the game would be more fair or even and then it would be about your setup and your division or league would determine other players that have the same mechs or close to better ones along with weapons so then it does make the game somewhat about skill and not just overwhelming mech health, pilot level and almost max implants, along with guns that can do around 55,000 damage almost instantly destroying my tankiest mech it’s just no fun
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2 years ago, Nothoppyatall.
Getting too greedy.
The pay to play prices have always been ridiculous. But if I were too cheap I guess everyone would be maxed. I can’t imagine some must spend thousands to max out. I’ve been playing since December. But occasionally I will buy a weapon for under $10. Particularly to complete a challenge and get, typically 300 a-coins. The last challenge I paid my $8.99 for the Disc Launcher 16 and was unable to complete the challenge due to the only way to get 5 blueprints was to pay for a $15 upgrade package. All previous challenges I have never encountered that. They also changed their “premium” packages for a-coins. They kept the price the same but reduced the number of a-coins for the price and claim half of what you get is a bonus ie 14k coins was $100 but now it’s 8k+5.5k bonus. The 3-8 pop-ups everytime you open the app are worth being able to play for free. I played for free for months before I caved on a $3.99 weapon. And I did very well for spending nothing. I finally decided I’d had enough fun to justify spending a couple bucks on a weapon occasionally. I still do very well against all but maxed out players and occasionally I give one a run for their money. My biggest frustration is quite often someone with a decent mortar set up will shell you the whole game but never show on your radar so you never get a chance to fire back or even know where it’s coming from.
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2 years ago, mfhdjdj
Make this game not use space to play
You need space to download the game but it takes space just to launch and if you have a older iPhone version like the iPhone six s which only has eleven Giga bites and those get used up very fast by needed things on the phone and game data which you can’t get rid of unless you wipe the phone completely it can take up like five giga bites and updates taking up space is fine because there is no way to prevent that and I know that which is why that isn’t so annoying so please change this and what makes it more annoying is you can be playing it with the same storage at like one in the noon but at like five at noon it says you don’t have enough storage space to play this game which makes me want to play a different Mech fighting game but sense I have amazing Mech weapons I don’t want to lose those by getting a new game so please fix this. Besides that it has good game play but there are a lot of pop up ads for mechs, weapons for your Mech, and Mech skins along with a coins so if it is possible people with out money are just taunted with these and it is so annoying so I think you should do one big ad for all of these things so you don’t have to take two to three minutes just to get to the actual game that would be great.
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2 years ago, Dabstatic
Fun game, soon to be ruined
So far I really do enjoy the gameplay 4/5. -could use more game modes & maybe bigger maps with more players. It’s populated, and people seem to be active. The game does make you want to progress through the ranks and upgrade your mechs, pilots and gear. However getting the upgrade feels less than satisfactory. None the less, it still makes you want more. Here is the issue. It starts with 1 or 2 ads for some micro transaction. No problem, this game has to run somehow. Then you get through the tutorial, and it increases to about 5 or 6 ads that pop up back to back, lag the game, and don’t always want to close. Annoying, but still able to deal with. Now here we are, just coming out of the novice rank. 15-20 ads pop up. Back to back. You must close them all one by one before you can do anything. If someone is going to spend money on this game, surely they see they are able to do so with the first few ads. It is absolutely ridiculous to throw 20 ads up as soon as you log in the game, and I expect this prevents other players with lesser quality phones from even playing. Make a tab for all the ongoing sales, and show the new sales once as a pop up. Otherwise, unless players are willling to click through the same 20 ads every log in or restart, this game is lost.
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2 years ago, Fozball
Pay to win
I’ve been playing Mech Arena since October of 2021. I’ve played it for so long cause… when it’s balanced and it works properly… it’s a really fun game to play. Problem is the first 1-2 matches you play any given day are against other players of your level. After that, you are constantly pitted against other mechs that are practically maxed out (The higher tier mechs are around $75 USD and the weapons they are using are around $45 USD. Afterwards, they spend WAY more than that maxing them out). You can unload your entire magazine on these mechs and only take away 10-20% of their health (if they spit on you, you’re dead). Plarium does this intentionally so you’ll get mad enough and buy the mech upgrades so you can compete against the people who already did buy the upgrades. Also, the bugs in this game are enough to drive you nuts. I have fallen through the floor, shot lower star mechs and they took zero damage, constantly run into invisible walls, and randomly the controls become unresponsive for a few seconds (but you can still fire or use your special move). The best one is where you target someone (using the javelin rack for example) and as soon as you tap fire, it targets a different mech you’re not even looking at. Lastly, I have gigabit internet and the lag can get REALLY bad. You’ll watch mechs start floating through the air or teleporting around. Plarium needs to fix their game and massively cut back on the pay to win mechanics.
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1 year ago, ChrisPKing
Very good game! A lot of fun it’s almost perfect but…
So the game itself is amazing and loads of fun and and dosent take so long and not hard learning curve, there are only two things that I don’t like one is the balancing of players sometimes you get people with over powered mechs in game which takes the fun out of it, so some balancing issues are still needed for it but it’s not the worst. The worst and second problem with the game is the amount of PTW(Pay To Win) ads. When you start up the game I have counted what the game throws at your face to give you the edge in matches by paying for pilots, new mechs,new weapons, currency all the usual stuff that every game in the market place has, what I don’t appreciate it how it’s 15!!! Yes 15 whole ads to buy stuff from them, now I can deal with one or two ads I get it but that’s to many ads in my face and takes away from the experience. You don’t need to shove this stuff down our throat to buy stuff. I hate when I start up ready to play I have to go through 30 seconds of exiting out ads. Please stream line this not even COD dose this in their mobile game and 3/4 of the cool stuff is for sale. Please stop force feeding your stuff to buy in your players base face, or have an option to turn off all that stuff.
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2 years ago, JaxO3
Very good
This is a very good game and I recommend whoever reading this to play it. The only bad thing about the game overall is the offers, but let’s forget about that because it is a very good game. I have been playing for a month or two and already have division 2! It is kind of hard but not rage-hard and I like the game very much. So if you are considering getting the game too, please do! At first it may seem hard and you might be like, “How on earth did he get that mech!?”, but eventually you will get that mech too and you will realize how. And also the tournaments give you very good rewards if you can get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the tournament and you will start to feel op! The only suggestion I have is maybe mechs can hold more guns? Or maybe you can have four of one gun, for example, you have 2 longarm 8 on arachnos and 2 longarm 8 on ares? One bad thing is it’s kind of unfair that you can buy mechs because then I get killed instantly if someone buys zephyr or something like that. But overall, pretty good and you should get the game if you haven’t already! (also some people have inappropriate names or they spam scam links please fix this!)
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3 years ago, Ashton Martinez (Trance)
Good Game but Needs Tweaking
After playing Mech arena for a few weeks, close to a month. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite mobile games but just because it is one of my favorites doesn’t mean I’m gonna say it doesn’t have flaws. Let’s start off with the good though, for starters it gives you a really good tutorial and some great mechs to start off with. While paragon might not be the best he is common and easy to upgrade. Juggernaut has the highest HP of any tank Mech when fully maxed out and as you progress you’ll be able to get there. Panther has one of the greatest universal shields and Killshot can deal a lot of damage early to late game. However, most people buy the packs for more expensive mechs like Guardian, Ares, Zephyr, and etc. this makes it really easy for them to overpower you in the early to mid game. But unless you have boatloads of cash to spend you do hit a wall. Tournament will allow free to play players who grind smarter not harder to earn a coins and credits to catch up to these whales. And some of the Mech abilities last way to long Zephyr mostly. With a few tweaks to some mechs, or even overhauling paragon to have a better ability I think that this game can be a fun experience for everyone.
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2 years ago, rockwell vogt
Good game but needs more bots
So the main problem I have with the game is that well not many options for robots I also want more unique effect weapons like a poison weapon or an emp weapon that will take effect after several shots just make sure that it’s credits for purchase and maybe more robots one idea I have is to have a flier as a scout one as an attacker that disables it’s weapon for a built in one for the flight and that can after some time cast a low damage poison emp (same as guardians) but also slows enamors by 25% activates what I call a refractor basically in flight it take 40% less damage and 5% of damage is returned to attackers and it also heals 2.5% HP on landing however as for drawbacks vulnerable on the ground with low health and mid energy capacity but great against high health mechs it’s name hawk. As for a new support a robot called raven it can provide air support and again disable it weapon for a built in one that does low damage but lowers damage and raises damage received whilst it heals its allies and itself as for drawbacks low armor and firepower. Need feed back want your opinion also in chat some guy called SYSTEM is trying to scam us with 5000 acoins
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2 years ago, Parker Madden C
Good game, Uneven Ads
Let me start off by saying I understand you need ads to employ your game developers, I completely get that. But let me make some recommendations that I think could be effective and not turn as many people away. If you study games that I think we could agree are successful, fortnite, Minecraft. The in-game purchases made are all cosmetics, however I do not suggest this. Honestly judging from how many ads there are now I’d say money needs to come in. What I suggest, is more realistic purchases. I get an add for $70 for literally one legendary gun, I gotta say, if you sold even one of those you are lucky. That is insanely overpriced, gas is $6 and you want $70 for a gun? That’s honestly offensive. I feel like that came off mean and I’m not trying to be, but cmon. The battle pass was great, I bought it. Worth the money. Then I get to guardian and I got spend more money to get him? As the final skin in the battle pass and Mech you have to spend real money on is absolutely ridiculous. Because of these reasons you will never get another purchase until some sense is made of this. I recommend lowering the prices for literally everything but the battle pass. And in return you will make more money than before. It seems like a risk, but study Minecraft, fortnite, call of duty. You have the player base to do this too.
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2 years ago, Wezilla40
Potential but grossly imbalanced.
It’s not a bad game but it is very pay too win and the discrepancy between guns and Mech abilities is super wide. Mech abilities should be more utility rather than just shutting down the other mechs, those mechs are very out of reach for free to play and grossly overpower you. Certain weapons just annihilate you with little in the way of counterplay, especially when paired with those exact mechs. It can be fun when pitted against fair teams. The more I play the more it seems more and more pay to win. Everything is smooth, maps are designed well, no complaints there. The AI is a little dumb but that’s kinda normal. Still the biggest complaint is the shutdown mechanic on zephyr and guardian are way too strong and the best guns and mechs you literally can’t get without buying them. Again, I think Mech abilities should be more utility rather than just rendering other mechs useless via an ability. Problem is that people do pay for those things so, in my opinion, the proper free to play model (as far as fairness goes) is squashed by the bottom line. The proper model, again subjective I guess, is cosmetics, not power. Riot and league of legends SHOULD be the model, they have no pay to win, it’s literally all cosmetic and they have raked it in for years.
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2 years ago, Awa24
Great game
I came from War robots to Mech Arena. So far I’ve been able to reach tier 1 and still enjoy the game. This game seems much more balanced than War Robots. I played WR before the titans were added and spent a little bit of real world money on the game. The game was enjoyable at first rising through the ranks, but as soon as I hit a higher rank the players who spent more became much more overpowered. Then WR added Titans as a kick to the ground. If you didn’t spend money you were not going to keep up. That’s where Mech Arena comes in clutch. First of all like I said I’m in the tier 1 tank and yes I do spend $ I’ve found that the game play is still balanced. The reward system for daily and weekly challenges are captivating and worth the time. The only thing I have to say negative is the bot system. The bots obviously are not at strategic as a live person would be. So playing 2 v 2 when u get paired up with a bot is not getting the job done. You have to pull the weight of the bot to win a match. Other than that I hope the devs keep up the good work and don’t over do it to much. Keep the formula going and keep us in the game.
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2 years ago, beebobe
WAS a refreshing alternative to Pixonic’s cash grab.
I am a four year War Robots veteran. I finally got tired of Pixonic’s business practices. Mech Arena is a fun, fast paced mech game. It has good graphics, fast frame rate, and is older device friendly. Economy seems fair so far. Investing $ is not required to stay competitive, but the rewards are worth the money you invest. So far, it’s one of those game where you are like “sure, I’ll throw in a few bucks to support the developer”. I have had a lot of fun the past few weeks. It’s definitely worth trying. If you like it, show the developer some love and invest a few bucks. You will get your money’s worth. Update: I still love the game, but take out the chat feature. It’s filled with people begging for in game currency. New Update I have been playing since the beta. Plarium has fallen into the greedy mobile gaming formula. I am so disappointed in the direction the game has gone in the past 18 months. No new maps or game modes. New weapons, bots, and pilots were added instead, which drain resources and really doesn’t add any new tactics or strategies. They no longer allow duplicate bots in a hanger. I get that and actually agree, but the compensation for losing my duplicate bots was garbage considering the money I invested in them. I quit playing, as I can no longer keep up with the wallet warriors. It was fun while it lasted.
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1 year ago, ricekwicepie
Bonus ad rewards
High so i have been playing this game for a long time and it’s just amazing. There are so many mechs and weapons to choose from and the graphics are so amazing. This is a game where if you do get tired of it and haven’t played for a while you can immediately join back and you haven’t really missed much because of the amazing progression you can do. I can play this game for a a day and actually feel like I progresses a lot instead of waiting an entire year to be happy with myself. I feel like the ad bonuses are great. They are a nice way to get some extra rewards if you just don’t have enough time to play but want to get some rewards. I just have one recommendation. For the ads of the boxes, I would suggest putting it up after you used up all the box tokens for recommending the ads instead of when you opened up one and I want to open another but I accidentally click on the ad option. But that is my only concern and I can’t wait for more updates! 😇
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9 months ago, D~K~0
Good Gameplay but fatal flaws
The reviews about bad matchmaking and pay-to win purchase mechanics aren’t joking. You don’t see it early on, but as you progress it gets worse. The sad part, is the actual gameplay is very well designed, and quite fun. But you start to realize that you’re frequently matched against OP mechs with OP weapons that you can’t get without real $$. More often than not, the matchmaking is incredibly unbalanced. And then there’s the latency….. remember that time you had a ping under 20, but were killed by the invisible rockets that didn’t hit you until a full second after you exploded. Yeah….that. Developers need to make some serious changes to mech balance and matchmaking. Unfortunately, the devs are spending all their time on events that can’t be completed without … you guessed it….spending real $$. That’s really a bummer, because there’s a lot of potential here, but the developers can’t see past their own greed. Update: devs spending all their energy on cosmetic updates, or new weapons, mechs and events that require purchases. They clearly do not care about creating a community or positive experience for players. Everything they do suggests making more money is their only concern.
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2 years ago, bessyyyyyyyyyy
Fun but Pay2Win
So last match I was put with some guy with rail guns while I wasn’t even close to getting Cheetah so he either bought it using money or the battle balance is stupid and I am not hating because even though it is pay2win it is still very fun. Also I wish there was a button that disable the ADS it’s kinda annoying when you join in mech arena to crush some metal and reach my goal which is getting Redox, I think that feature would help a lot of people and please fix the BALANCE. I seen a lot of review complaining about this which is true I got put up with Cheetah even though I was far from getting Cheetah and again THAT FUNKING PAY2WIN GUY. Also there is a MAJOR PROBLEM with A coins, so how do you expect not even a end game player to have 2,579 A coins or 310,000 Credit!? So I think nerfing the price a bit like what the shell is Shadow costing more then guardian so please nerf either the price of SOME mechs and weapons or make a coin easier to earn, it also helps with the pay2win problem BONUS: you guys, yes you, the developer secretly added a new guardian system crash effect huh, HA you can hide that from me lol PS: Why am I dumping into Agies? Probably the Pay2win or the battle balance is becoming stupid again.
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2 years ago, Corporal_Heath45
A step in a better direction
From making mech combat more efficient, simpler, and faster-paced, Plarium has not only cleverly merged the best of Games like Valorant and War Robots, but have successfully made it feel almost realistic. If that’s not enough, creativity here is often a lot more open than just slapping the biggest and baddest looking guns on the biggest and fastest and toughest mech. That said, the game isn’t perfect. There is no good means of communicating with teammates, even though this game is structured like tactical strategic games. Perhaps this is a premium benefit, but then the game would only be tactical for premium members. Finally, some weapons are incredibly overpowered, the Arc Torrent being a prime example. Others seem too underpowered in the later game to have any noteworthy effect on the battles. So while I have firmly converted from War Robots to Mech Arena, these two things keep me from giving this the review I believe it otherwise deserves. This game is truly a people’s game. You will win by skill and knowing your mechs and your maps, not bu cash whaling. So despite the four stars, it’s still definitely worth playing it. Excellence is rewarded, not lining the developers’ pockets.
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4 months ago, iP5Gamer
Hey! Devs! You have an amazing thing going! The mechs all feel unique and different. The weapons have distinct pros and cons and synergies with certain mechs. The rewards are generous and varied. No purchases are required to have a great time playing your game. Overall 5 stars! The only reason I’m sending a 4 star is that you make me click the “x” button on 5+ different paid offers almost every time I sign in. Fair play, offers are also generous! But please don’t remind me of every. single. Offer. Every. Single. Time. I hate having to click through 10 different ads for your paid content any time I want to do something. I’ve truly seen half of them before. Your game is good enough to spend on without the reminders! If I had the excess cash, I’d do it! Your deals are good! As a limited income player, your constant reminders are less of a bargain offer, and more of a redundant cash grab! Please adjust your in-game popups so the people who want to take advantage of your epic deals can. At the same time, reduce how much time less wealthy players have to spend clicking through your redundant reminders about paid deals!
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2 years ago, BeepTheBot
Used to be great…getting greedy…
When I started this game it was nice and fun with little to no pop-ups, harder to get the prototype mechs that WERE NOT purchasable by money yet, and the people that did have them were in other servers. Sometime I wanted to play something else but when I came back it was not what is used to be. Take “Battle Bay” for example. It does not include so many pop-ups and the servers are usually fair. I hope this game does not become one of those pay-to-win games that are so severe that there are little to no players that don’t spend money. I also hope you at least cut in half the pop-ups that don’t even close easily. I suggest you stop making so much new mech’s since every single one is not purchasable by A-coins or credits. The price for the mechs and weapons are probably only reachable either via real money or via grinding for a year. It’s surprisingly hard to get A-coins which you guys are not happy with giving out bucketloads of… Please at least make it easier to get A-coins and stop making new mechs since the old load out was fine enough (too many choices that are also business opportunities) If you do do not want to change these, then at least get rid of those dozens of pop-ups.
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11 months ago, 手起刀未落
Clone of war robot
This is just an rip off of war robots, it’s an average p v p game with really nothing special, especially with me played war robot for over three years and when I started playing this, it doesn’t feel that great. Also there are way too many currencies, and how to get each one is unclear. I know this game company needs money, it’s happens in every game. But like the game pass are really overpriced. Also in this game there’s a feature where if you invite other people to the game, the reward is like INSANE. It’s just way to overpowered how you can literally beat people who have payed thirty bucks in the game with just three invites. The game it self is a little bit unbalanced but it’s not a big problem. Anyway I stop playing this game after a short while because nothing in this game caught my interest. Personally I don’t like the cartoon graphics of this game, I don’t think animated cartoons and war machines fit together, especially with many other mobile games with better graphics like war robot, this game is like not so good at graphics. The last two things are it’s really hard to get new robots and weapons in this game so except boring grinding for a long time if you decide to play this game, and last this is a clear copy of war robot is it really right to make rip offs?
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1 year ago, HolyHolyHoly God Almighty
Insanely fun and insanely pay to compete at the highest level
Notice I didn’t say “pay to win” … there is skill to this game which makes it a lot of fun. I didn’t give this 4 stars because of that though. The year is 2023 I understand/accept most games have in game purchases/pay to win. I gave it 4 stars because of the relentless ads. If this game wasn’t so much fun I would’ve already uninstalled it (I usually play a new game for a week or two then move on unless it is worthy of playing). I want to stop playing this game because of how insane it is to get legendary weapons/mechs/pilots on top of upgrading… to put it in perspective: I have 26,000 XP so I unlocked the first legendary assault rifle but it costs 8,000+ credits (idk what the units are called) to acquire it. I currently have 1,500 credits and if I haven’t upgraded any of my mechs/weapons then I’d prolly have around 3k so it’d take me an extra month or two of GRINDING to acquire that legendary weapon. But then I wouldn’t be able to level anything else up OR spend $100 on 8,000 credits OR spend $45 on the legendary weapon when it is in the shop and that is at a discount from $70……
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1 year ago, *=(Mr. Awesome)=*
4.9 for 80k reviews?
Game is good but I find it difficult to believe it’s genuinely a 4.9… it’s okay if you don’t put any $$ in but you’re limited to how competitive you can be with overpowered bots that players with no skill can buy for real $$ - maps are stale after only a couple of months playing and progress slows drastically if you don’t put money into the game. I wouldn’t mind if newer maps requiring different strategy were introduced. Instead they add different map skins for the World Cup :/ Some weapons have a ridiculous reload time (sniper)and paid bots that completely disable yours make it more of a hide and seek than a strategic shooter - hopefully the rate at which you can progress at higher levels and new maps will improve otherwise I don’t see myself being able to enjoy the game much longer. Also - the sniper says it doesn’t adjust aim but it does track which sometimes causes you to lose sim on other enemies and with the long reload time it can easily cause you to lose a match with one missed shot. Going to continue playing through the holidays and see what changes, if any, are in the works otherwise it’s time to move on.
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2 years ago, Beth0r
Was fun but now it’s horrible
I loved this game for such a long time and got multiple people playing it I’ve spent a lot of money on this game and I’ve encouraged others to do so as well. The game is in such a sorry state I feel the new name should be Mech bots. Because let’s face it I just played about 12 games and every single time my team was full of bots I think I saw one real person on my team. the developers are out to make money they had a game that was extremely fun and a lot of people enjoyed it and now everyone is saying the same thing avoid this game like the plague. For everyone who has not hit that wall yet enjoy your time because once that wall comes it comes hard fast and it slaps you in the face saying thank you for wasting your time how can we take more money from you. I had such a great win ratio until the past couple months now it seems like for every 10 games I play I might be lucky if I win three of them. I have seven more matches to play to finish my battle pass. I am dreading every single game the only reason I’m finishing my battle pass is because I already paid for it and At least want to get those last seven matches under my belt so I can say I completed my second battle pass the unfortunate part is you’ll never get another dime from me.
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2 years ago, khryphie
Fun game, needs work.
This game has potential, but every time I open the app I am bombarded by at least 10 pop ups for in game purchases. This is really annoying and is making me not want to play the game as I don’t want to go through the process of having to close out of each pop up individually every time I want to play. Please make an option to opt out of these pop ups, if someone wants to buy something they will go to the in game shop. If not, at least figure out a way to make it only one pop up that scrolls or something please, it is making the game unbearable. For the gameplay, I’ve also found that it is extremely frustrating playing against people who have rocket mortar weapons. They can sit all the way on the opposite side of the map and their weapons can still easily take you out in one shot. I’ve seen many people with these weapons hide in spawn and still manage to wipe out teammates multiple times. It is not fun to play against as it doesn’t really require any skill, please fix this weapon. It is also making the gameplay experience not pleasant and is another reason why I don’t want to play anymore.
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5 months ago, Downtime Fun
Stay Away Until They Fix Servers and Game Balance
Started playing the game a little over a month ago. The free to play was lots of fun and after a strong initial showing, I decided to participate in some of the sales items offered. That has quickly turned into buyers remorse. The game is now almost impossible to play without complete frustration taking over. Hugely unbalanced matches, incredibly irritating internet connection interruptions (playing on super high speed internet), and being kicked from servers on a regular basis is absolutely absurd. Reached out to customer service to discuss the issue and the response was to utilize a VPN. Players spam the chat rooms and there is no option to mute, not to mention hugely offensive names are used. After discussing these issues with some of the fellow players, there is a common shared feeling that game is has progressively worse. Many feel overrun with ads being pushed and they stated gameplay has become almost impossible to enjoy. Since I don’t a history with the game beyond what I’ve experienced the last month, I can understand their shared sentiments and am beginning to understand why they feel like they aren’t valued customers.
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2 years ago, mad jack mulligan
I love this game but…
This game is awesome in a lot of ways, I’ve always loved the battle Mech style games like this, and I think it’s a good one except the prices for coins and upgrades is outrageous, I mean a hundred bucks for a single pilot, you have got to be kidding me, and the coins you need to upgrade weapons,mechs and pilots is high as soon as you move up from beginner, and they are extremely nitty with rewards, what everyone of these companies that make these games never seem to realize is that if you make rewards better, and make in game purchases cheaper, that you would actually make more money, people are more prone to making in game purchases if they are cheaper, I mean I’m not poor, but I’m not paying a hundred dollars for an imaginary pilot or a box of coins that may or may not give me enough for an upgrade, but if they only cost five or ten dollars, I would definitely be tempted, and buy making the battle rewards greater, the non payers would stick around longer, get more invested in the game and be more tempted to make a few small purchases, it’s just common business sense, and I wish more of these games would use some.
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3 years ago, H00fster
It is well though out but…
Some of these mechanics are pretty broken. Killshot’s area of effect for his special can hit far above where he actually is but conversely doesn’t effect below him. Zephyr, though he doesn’t have that much health, the range and length of time that he can lockdown mechs is probably a third longer than it should be. Pending on the weapon Zephyr can reload before his special is up. Additionally the pay to win is hefty with this game. For example, it takes 8,275 a-coins in order to purchase the Carbine 8 after you played enough to unlock it. Been playing a little over a month now and in total I haven’t been able to acquire that amount of a-coins through daily’s. A-coins are also needed to upgrade weapons and mechs as well as purchase other mechs and weapons, so to save up enough you set yourself way back from the competition in the game. Lack of being able to upgrade in order to save up can’t be off-set by player ability the higher up you go. Definitely some balancing is needed in future patches. But for now the game is a blast and most folks who dump cash into it aren’t that good.
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1 year ago, Mech fan 94874
The only thing I want (if the devs see this that is) is that all the mechs are available from the get go. This could solve the sometimes pointless feeling grinding that I experience when trying to upgrade my most powerful mech and weapons. Also the loot box’s while not a problem at first glance add to this problem seeing that at certain times it feels like you are forced into using money. Of course this comes from a teenager that doesn’t want to spend money on a game. And while I see the benefits to having to spend money for the development team, for the player other than getting a super powerful mech or weapon they don’t get much else out of it. I think it would be awesome to add perks to go along with the transaction to add to the feeling of finally having a fighting chance. But for the most part this game is awesome and do take this with a grain of salt because some of this could be me being salty for how many times I felt like I had to buy something.
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2 years ago, holly hills16
Pretty good game, but greedy
The game has great gameplay and graphics, and a good matchmaking system. However, that doesn’t mean that the battles are necessary even. Another thing I’ve noticed is that from the start of the game it gives you pop up offers that can give you good things for a relatively low price. I’ve been playing for a while, and as you go along, the pop up’s often get more expensive and mechs will cost more in game currency to purchase, such as Surge and Redox. Another thing is that when a new mech releases, it often has an event where you have to buy tokens to gamble and hope you get the new mech. The most recent example is the new Orion mech. I spent $50 trying to get the Aegis mech (fortunately I was successful) it’s the same thing with new weapons, but they are less expensive. I would suggest that the game should give you tokens for the event crates as long as the event is going on. That way you have a chance to get the mech without having to spend so much money. Another thing is they should add a female voice option for mechs. Just saying…
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10 months ago, Bamfgen
Unbalanced Battles and just getting greedy
It’s fun, but has major drawbacks, 1: As soon as I join I’m bombarded by so many offers it’s gotten to the point where I find that it’s normal. I’d recommend that you make the deals a more special occasion rather than daily routine. 2: Too many people use pay to win mechs/weapons. Every time I join a battle even with a shadow I’m still bombarded by Pay to Win weapons, Graviton Beams, Disruptors, Chain Guns and Miniguns. It’s just too unbalanced. One team is full of amateurs while the other team is full of Legendary’s. 3: This game really needs to add more buff mechs, a good majority of mechs recently added are just so frail. Puma and Slingshot is a great example of this, I understand they are coming from other frail mechs but it’s just outrageous how frail they are, I’ve seen a puma destroyed by Thermal Lance 6’s in about 20 seconds. And please if your gonna keep making more deals that require money, make it worth it. A good majority of deals are barely worth it I’ve seen a deal that offered an Ares. FOR 6 DOLLARS. I’ve seen a surge offered for 2 dollars. That better than an Ares, I seriously don’t get how a legendary is cheaper than a literal easy to obtain mech.
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2 years ago, spend28
Good game but…
First off, this game became of interest to me after spending lots of time and money playing that other robot game (you know the one). There are numerous differences between the two, and each stands up as a decent game on their own. However, I’ve been playing Mech Arena for enough time now to know where it’s headed and I’m not pleased. What will likely bring my departure from the game is it’s current trajectory. The new pilot and implant features have brought with them two new currencies to the game. It was the same thing with the other game. Pilots, drones, chips, titans, motherships. All that junk nobody asked for yet is going to be needed to succeed and progress effectively is ushered in with new ways to acquire them. Namely new coins and currency. There will be more down the pipeline I’m sure. Which at some point soon will be leaving this game too. I get that they have to generate revenue. I’m not adverse to dropping some coin for something I like. But because it appears as if they are going the same route as that other game (gratuitous costs incurred), my days are probably numbered here. For what it’s worth, it is still a fun time
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4 months ago, Wireman007
Good game IF you spend big $$.
I’ve been playing this game for 3 months. I rarely play any sort of video game but this one looked interesting from a social media add. The game is pretty fun and addicting but, you definitely begin to spend money to compete especially in tournaments. Since downloading the game I have spent a substantial amount of money to stay competitive. As other users have said-if you don’t spend money you will never be able to compete with others who do. Once you reach a certain level you will no longer be able to get enough credits and a-coins to upgrade your weapons through the in-game daily challenges. You won’t be able to get good pilots unless you directly buy them. The fortune vaults are predictable with what you will win. I.e a 5 token vault will typically give you credits while the higher fortune vaults typically give you skins for your mechs. This game should base weapon upgrades of kills, not money spent. I would rather pay $50 up front than level up through the shop and the bogus daily deals. *Hint-don’t buy anything if it isn’t at least 50% off.
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10 months ago, W1LLiAmE M
Mech Idea
I think Mech Arena is a great game and I even have an idea for a new mech, now I still don’t have a good name for the mech, but I have every thing else planned, I want a mech that starts with 32,125HP, an energy capacity of 8 when it is upgraded to two stars, its speed is 16km/h. The mechanic ability is to switch out of its weapons, meaning it can’t use them, and take out two swords that the mech has, at the level of two stars the mechs swords deal 4,458 damage for each swing, the mech also becomes ignored by enemy targeting systems. To enable its ability you can either wait for 10 seconds for the ability to wear of, or you can just brake the extra health bar that the mech has when it’s ability is activated, if the extra health bar does not get damaged at all and the ability is reduced to the limit, the mech sends out an explosion dealing 5,000 damage when it is leveled up to two stars, thank you!(by the way, if you happen to make this mech can you give it to me for free please.)
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2 years ago, BADMANJIG
ALMOST Perfect
I love this game! It feels like they give you so many freebies which is great! They really make it SUPER easy to earn and it does not feel like a grind, specially when the game is so fun! Fast and fun, which I think is perfect. The ONLY problem I have with this game that keeps it from 5 stars is the way assisted kills work. I HATE that I will be the one pretty much taking all of an opponent’s life bar yet, since I usually have to reload before fully killing a Mech, a teammate will swoop in and one tap them, leaving me with an “assist”. I wish they would make it a “count as a kill” since I pretty much am! How is it that because a team mate one shots them they get the credit for the kill. That being said, the game is really fun. Matches don’t take for ever so you can get a quick game in, and they really reward you with so many in game currency that it makes unlocking stuff not a pain. I haven’t had a game on my phone in for ever but this one really got me reeled in. It’s seriously such a fun game and I think anyone considering it should give it a try!
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2 years ago, Letreb
Great game but…
First off this game is pretty dope. I’ve been playing war robots for about seven years and I can’t tell you the amount of money I put in that game just for it to be to the point where you have to pay to play so at least win and make advancement in the game to get the best gear. Your game makes it pretty easy because you really don’t have to pay if you grind hard enough. But there are a few things that I see in this game that could use some improvement. First off the weapons and robots that we don’t use anymore,Why can’t we sell them to get rid of them for credits in the game to use towards upgrading and improving our robotsAnd weapons that we actually use. SecondlyHow about making a return to lobby button after any match that we play with friends where we create a match whether it’s two 2V2, 5V5, control point control, or it tournaments, after playing two or three rounds it would be best to allow players to return to the lobby and take a break and discuss tactics for the next match coming up or to adjust weapons on robots or exchange robots. Trust me I’ve been talking with a few players in this game and these are two things that would make your game a lot better. And every other game such as this you’re able to sell weapons and robots you don’t use anymore for in game currency. Why continue to have robots and weapons in your garage that you do not use? Think about it… 5 stars across the board for this game.
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2 years ago, me the awesome dude very cool
The game used to be great… used to
A long time ago I played this game nonstop but now the game feels to competitive and when I go to tournaments some people stay up 24/7 tryng to get the highest score and it is rly stressful tryng to get higher than them bc it is almost impossible to win considering that there are people that use pay to win weapons and mechs so I just want to say this bc it isint worth your sanity tryng to get to masters or grandmasters and the prizes aren’t wort it if you think abt it all it does is you being able to rank up 1 or 3 mech maximum and skilled matchmaking is something that is wrong right now bc sometimes it will put o you in lobbies regardless or pay to win players or not but BACJ THEN it was more fun it was ACTUALLY FAIR at the time and FUN TO PLAY now it feels to competitive and stressful always now I rearley play the game and I feel bad for it bc it used to be a good game not it’s just a stress gainer…I’m sorry Mech arena but it’s the truth and I feel like should move on now.
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3 years ago, shadowcat1009
A great Mech battler
I’ve played my share of Mech games, from the original Mech warrior to war robots (or as it was originally called, walking war robots before it became p2w lol) to Mech battle and battle of titans (BOT). But this is slightly different cause it’s more of an Esports Mech shooter, similar to hawken. It’s fast paced and the controls are tight. You can also customize the layout of your hud and whether to use and/or change between two different aim assist options. And the game has a radar! Not many Mobil Mech games have that so use it lol. My only complaint is it gets harder to save up in game currency. But as long as you’re a good player, you’ll do fine if you’re willing to play the game often enough. Ive played it almost everyday for the past month or two and haven’t lost any interest in it. Also, I’d like to reassure that the balancing on the mechs is very good, because they can only carry two weapons lol. But go ahead and give this game a try, and hopefully you’ll get to play with the shadowcat sometime :)
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1 year ago, Chase kerrrrrrr
Great game, some sandbox problems
Many of you I’m guessing came from war robots. I played that game for years and came to love it, but with unbalanced sandboxes that made it impossible for you to compete or do anything and extremely bad ptw/matchmaking problems. I quickly fell out of love with the game. Then I saw this game, its fast paced which allows for a lot of fun engagements and has a progress path that keeps things much more balanced, except for a few things. Best example are the lock-on weapons and mostly the javelins. I’m around 1300 power so I don’t know if it changes as you get higher but as of now the lock on weapons are extremely unbalanced. You can sit in the back of the map or behind walls and consistently one shot people without them being able to do anything. This extremely frustrating to play against and without any cover or shields. Is almost impossible to dodge. Besides these problems the game feels great and the sandbox is great. But a nerf to the javelins and lock on weapons is heavily needed
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1 year ago, Mr. Cheesioh (CHEE•zee•OH)
Good but takes a lot of effort
So this game is the best game on my phone and it’s the only one I play but there are a couple set backs… The game is pretty easy overall at the start but as you progress to like, tier 7 everything gets terribly expensive. A low power item will cost 261,450 credits. I can’t buy anything anymore without grinding for 2 weeks. It’s just not that worth it. Another thing is the extra scenes where you just wait to get through the XP readings and event stuff and by then it takes another minute to load the thing you need to do. Over all this game is very fun and I really like it. It takes me back to the other mech games but it also adds it own flare to it. In conclusion, This game is very fun and simple, but is hard to beat. I really just wish they’d fix the prices. Thank you if you read through this review developers and if your a kid or gamer I hope you can play with more understanding.
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3 years ago, Pikalet L5
Amazing but could add some new modes to enhance the game
I downloaded this game a few days ago bc of YouTuber MandJTV’s sponsorship with it. It’s so much fun - I’ve had a blast duking it out with other players. It definitely deserves 5 stars. With that being said, I think there can be some modes added to make the game even better! Here’s what I came up with: Trial mode - Allows you test out a certain mech/weapon/shop deal before purchasing it (so you can get a feel for the item). It should be a button thats near the purchase button or a pop up menu that asks if you want to undergo a trial (basically practice mode, listed below) before purchasing it (this should have the option to be disabled in settings). Practice mode - Lets you practice against the AI in the game. There should be options for higher & lower divisions so it’s the players preference of difficulty. The button can go in the battle menu. Please take these ideas into consideration. Thx!
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2 years ago, gufudsdjgigydtdyf
I like the game but there are some problems.
I like the game but there are some problems. I notice that other players are using special attacks and they are able to jump, heal, and rush other players. I can’t find anything that tells me how to do this in the app or online. And how can 1 person get 2 out of the 3 VIP spots? I have spent alot of money in mobile games before but I can’t see spending any money in this one when I can’t even find instructions on how to use my Mechs to their fullest ability. And it’s pretty annoying when I get hit with what feels like 7 pop ups the moment I log on. Fun to play +3 stars. To many ads/pop ups -1 star. Can’t find instructions-1 star. Edit: I changed to one star and uninstalled the game. I don’t understand how some players can get into places that are unreachable by other people and continually pick you off. Is it something they pay for? I enjoyed the game in the beginning but I think almost every game I’ve played was on 2-3 different maps. It felt like I was playing the same game over and over again. I think I was playing against more bots than people and it felt like the game was becoming unbalanced.
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2 years ago, ChippyOnCr4k
Yo developers
Hello Mech Arena. First I just want to say I love your game. It’s perfectly balanced but there are rarely few days I get overmatched but it’s rarely. I just wanted to say your game is great is ftp players get a good amount of rewards from daily’s, events etc, this lets us keep up from the p2w people. And unlike another game there were so many p2w people I just deleted it it was not fun. Anyways, I feel like this change needs to be added and as I read many other people have wanted this change to it is selling weapons/robots/pilots except event weapons because they are exclusive, I feel this feature would make a huge change to the game. One of my reasons for this is because a month ago I wanted to buy a pilot and when I got enough ACoins I bought the wrong one so I just spent 1k on a Pool it I still don’t use to this day. And my last reason it would give so many players to buy new weapons from selling there old ones. And that’s it if y’all see this thank you and I love your game.
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