Meeting Guide

4.3 (715)
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Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Meeting Guide

4.31 out of 5
715 Ratings
5 years ago, penandra
One of my favorite apps
I’ve been using this app for a couple years and suggest it to others all the time. I’m disappointed in the location search in the latest version, however. In the current version I get multiple communities in my area — this is great. However — in the previous version, when looking for a meeting in another location and the name of a City, meetings for surrounding cities were included (i.e., an entry for Walnut Creek, CA included meetings in Concord, Pleasant Hill, Pinole, Orinda, and other cities covered by the Service Center for that area). In the latest version 3.0.28, the only hits returned are for the City input, so multiple city searches are required for meetings in surrounding communities. I don’t see a way to expand the search for +10 or 20 miles. This may not be an issue in some areas, but for many of us in multi-City areas it’s not always as easy.
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2 years ago, Michelebella1977
What a wonderful surprise. After moving to a new area, one of the first things I did was research new meeting locations. I was pleasantly surprised to find this AA meeting finder app. What a great way for Alcoholics Anonymous to step into the 21st Century and provide our younger (in heart and in age) members with a easy, fast way to look for up-to-date meeting locations that include Zoom links. With our “new normal” reality of social distancing and spur-of-the-moment changes, it’s of ultimate importance that our community help 12-step members find the information they need. The pandemic has caused a great struggle for many alcoholics by losing the one thing that keeps us spiritually fit - connection with one another. This app makes it easier for members to find ways to keep that connection. Thank you to the developers in helping to facilitate that connection.
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7 years ago, spof22
Service at its finest
Beautifully implemented app, faster and easier than my Central Office web meeting look-up that uses the same data. Perfect for, among other things, my shifts on the local hotline. Thank you (from Portland)! The folding chair icon is a bonus. It's exactly right (even though none of my current meetings use folding chairs ). Two suggestions for a 5th star, based on the things I immediately looked for and wasn't able to find (but recognize they might already be there): (1) a sort-by-distance option, and (2) a pick-list for available meeting lists; currently, it seems we have to guess ("Boston" got me meetings in southern NH).
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4 years ago, Pianoman329
Recovery right at your fingertips!
I will make this short...I have been sober for 44 years. I have approached sobriety in an “old school” kind of way. But this app BLOWS me away. It makes it remarkably easy for newcomers and people with long term sobriety to access e wry meeting in the area. With the pandemic changing everything I was concerned many would fall through the cracks. This app even gives you a direct link to online zoom meeting. Just point and click and you are involved in a meeting! You can schedule it so meetings are integrated into your calendar for reminders. You can mark meetings as favorites so you don’t have to search. God bless the people who created this app. It is a lifesaver!
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2 years ago, mak3rd
Meetings info dropped//Updated
When I logged in today just a few nearby meetings (not the closest by any means) appeared. Changing times, distances , and meeting type had no effect. As well, all of my “favorites” were gone. I deleted and re-loaded the app on both my iPhone and iPad multiple times with no improvement??? Update: further research indicated that the problem must have been with data provided by my local San Antonio intergroup… when I checked addresses in two other cities where I am familiar with groups and meetings, I found full meeting lists. Since then, the local meetings here have been restored. I have updated my evaluation!
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3 years ago, Itwasgrace
Getting better all the time
I love this app! It now keeps my list of multiple locations and favorites. It has a mileage slider to pin down the location search. These features are so helpful when I am traveling. People are doing a great job of keeping this app updated. Often there is a link to the group or district’s home page or a phone number to call. The Meeting Finder lists face-to-face, zoom, and hybrid meetings. It tells you if a meeting is open to the general public or “closed” to include only people who feel they may have a problem with alcohol. And it’s free! It works, it really does.
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6 months ago, Andrea0373
Updated meetings
My only real complaint has nothing to do with the app itself. Have been trying to find meetings that will fit my schedule in a remote area and I will use the app and I will spend the time driving to these places only to find out that they no longer have that meeting, or it’s just happening at a different time. I wish the people who are holding the meetings would contact the organization and let them know that things have changed so people like me who have a tight work schedule can actually depend upon the information that’s given.
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5 years ago, Cokehead4200000
Great app with minor flaws
This is a great app that does what it’s supposed to very well. I only deduct one star because the app (for example) misses meetings that are only two miles away from me when set to current location. The meetings are technically in a different town, but still super close. Only way i can see all the meetings is if i switch between current location and specific towns. This is fine if you live in a rural area, but if you’re in a metropolitan area you miss a lot of meetings.
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3 weeks ago, Soitgoes11
Disgusted and offended
Ive had this app for awhile as I debate on attending meetings. I thought i would try to attend an online meeting just now. I joined. There was no meeting. Only one person with a female name. I left and rejoined just to check that i didn’t do anything wrong. When i entered again the camera for the chelsea woman was on and it was a man with his pants down and penis out. Delete app. Never again. Not even gunna try going to a meeting now. Don’t know how to complain to the meeting with the link. Little scared to submit a message via the contact link I found from the apps website. So here we are, complaining how the first time i try to join a virtual meeting and i got penis instead. I would like to be more angry and curse more but I won’t. Thanks for nothing.
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6 years ago, RobertM917
Inaccurate Meeting Source
This is a nifty app that I found listed on a website that claims to service my District. However, to my knowledge, my District did not ask for this site to service us nor is it operated as a result of a need for our District’s meetings. The meeting information is not up to date as the app claims to be. That is most likely due to the source of the meeting information being inaccurately published by the VAPSC site. The site is also not affiliated with our Area. Therefore, the information listed here discussing the app’s daily and accurate meeting update process has been compromised as a result of this inaccurate sourcing. Publishing inaccurate meeting information from an outdated, uninformed source is actually a disservice to members seeking meeting dates and times.
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2 years ago, Shanilla91
Can’t do AA without this app
We are so lucky to live in a day and age where no matter where you are no matter what the time, we can connect with people in recovery. This app is essential to making sure you not only discover what meetings work for you, but you actually get in the middle of AA and become apart of the fellowship. I’m so grateful to have access to my recovery in such a user friendly way. Great for finding meetings while on vacation or work related travel.
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7 years ago, 20 piece travel set
Neither progress or perfection
App removed LGBT options showing no respect for their sober siblings who need LGBT meetings. Just because I don’t speak Spanish or need childcare doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be listed any less than it means that gay meetings shouldn’t be listed because straight people don’t need them. We are people who usually wouldn’t mix and yet the makers of this app seem to only respect a portion of those people and their needs. AA is for everyone and if a paper directory lists the different needs alongside the meetings so people can easily find a room that will help keep them sober then an app should do the same. If people have complained and don’t like it, they can avert their eyes. Our sobriety is more important than the ignorance of some users.
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2 years ago, Melissa Egg
Use this daily
I love this app. I use it everyday to read Daily Reflections. I like that I have it with me all the time. I also use it for to get directions for all my local meetings (because I like to get traffic data) and I don’t know the names of all the meeting locations. Of course it’s super helpful when I’m out of town to find a nearby meeting. It’s the best thing in AA since the 4th edition Big Book. Incredibly helpful to me and many people I know.
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4 years ago, SecretShifter
This app was so much better before the update. I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana and it used to have all the meetings listed in BR. When I type in Baton Rouge , LA it will only give me meetings near Baton Rouge. It’s terrible, apparently there are zero meetings in Baton Rouge and all meetings are in Springfield or Napoleonville or Denham Springs, or other cities. I don’t understand why typing in the city only gives me other meetings in other cities, some nowhere near where I live. Says you can search by meeting name, but even that doesn’t work, just says meeting basically does not exist. I wish you guys hadn’t done anything to the app, it was much easier to use and it actually worked. I do not recommend this app, as it does not work.
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6 years ago, KandyKrush
Best meeting list app EVER
I am always a bit frustrated whenever I’m looking for meetings outside NH, because Mass isn’t hooked up with Meeting Guide yet :(. There is NO other app out there as user-friendly as this one is. And only click on the “directions” tab automatically brings you to the navigation app of your choice? Rad. And the “roll the dice” option is fun, too. Times, type, favorites, distance based on town name or your precise location (your choice), etc. This app is perfection.
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1 week ago, 72YaYa72
Attendance app?
I can’t believe there isn’t an app that logs your meetings. I imagine there are alot of people that need proof of attendance for probation or court and keep losing their sign in sheet. I think a lot of people would just like to keep track of all the meetings they go to and share it with their friends on Facebook. Someone should definitely create an app for this or add it to this one. People could have their own profiles and add reviews to each meeting so you can see who goes and what they say about it. Id pay for that app.
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4 years ago, V-lad21
Current Location Will Not Work! Otherwise a Complete list of AA Meetings
On the first version I could just choose my location and where ever I was it would show me the closest meeting, now when I choose the current location option it uses the last location I added. It is frustrating, because that is why the app was so awesome, other wise I can go online and figure out what meetings are in what area!
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6 years ago, FiftyPointFive
Well done! Ignore the critics.
This app is great for finding meetings when it has the necessary information. Of course it is dependent upon the data provided. Most of the folks with the overly harsh reviews are mistakenly criticizing the app for underlying data issues. I live in Dallas, TX and it is close to perfection. Great help and much easier than our Intergroup website meeting finder that was retired in lieu of this (and it was good, so that says a lot). Great work, Meeting Guide!
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6 years ago, JAWS II
Great Tool
This app is all the rage of my home group. My only concern is the accuracy of distance to meetings. As an example, when a meeting is listed as being 6 miles away and I pull up one of the GPS driving options I find the distance to in fact be 36 miles. Are the original miles as the crow flies or as the man drives ???
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5 years ago, Ruthie Begonia
Great app for this beginner!
This was shared with me at one of my first meetings and has proved invaluable! I have used it when traveling and will continue to do so. It put me in touch with local meetings quickly and I use it almost daily to check if there is a group I have been meaning to go to and can fit into my schedule that day. Have shared this with a lot of people!
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5 months ago, This is a nickname000222
So incredibly helpful
This app make it so easy for me to find AA meetings and find the support I needed. My only recommendation to improve the app for newcomers would be to include some explainers around the lingo and meeting types like “closed,” “open,” “big book,” “step meeting,” etc. This was kind of intimidating to me at the start and confusing.
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1 year ago, LivaLips
Great app for finding AA meetings!
This app is amazing for finding AA meetings in your area. I love how you can “favorite” the meetings that you like or plan on checking out. There’s also a feature that allows you to add meetings to your phone’s calendar to help you remember the days and times. Highly recommend, especially for newcomers!
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5 years ago, Queenpita
You Read My Mind!
It was a God Shot how I was introduced to this app. I was thrilled it had all I had been saying the paper schedules did not have, but knew how ecologically irresponsible it would be to add. I share with everyone when I see an opportunity. Excited for this to be an option on the AAWS Site!! Way to make meetings more accessible as well as save the planet!
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5 years ago, BoBoinMO
Find a meeting close and fast
I work for our local TriCounty Intergroup. This app has changed everything for our area. Meeting updates are faster easier and we can get new information out to the AA. Easy to import and export our info to our ‘where and when’ makes it awesome. I’m so glad to see AAWS take the leap of faith, this app is fantastic.
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3 years ago, KtK43567890
A Must Have
Hi, I’m Kate and I’m an alcoholic. This app makes life so much easier. It is a must for anyone that travels or does service with the hotline. It sometimes may be a little off depending on how quickly each group updates their status with the central office. But it is definitely better than the pamphlets.
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10 months ago, Iamseanstevenson
Thank You!!!!
I love this app. I really do t know any other way to find a meeting accurately When I travel to a different area. I have looked up meeting online and traveled to meetings listed that were no longer there and a lease sign is in the window. This app has been most helpful.
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9 months ago, Mr. tynerINsk
Easy and Practical
The filters make this app really easy to use. I've found meetings all over CA and even while on vacation in Hawaii. This helps me find new meetings in my area and allows me to explore new meeting formats. If you're in the program this seems like a no brainer of an app!
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4 years ago, MQABUNDANT
Just referred this app to my sister!
I myself have been using this ever since I decided I wanted to sober up. The one who took me to my first AA meeting, said this app was a must! And now I see why! Super convenient to use wherever I am at! I love the Lgbt icons ! That was super important for me! Now my sister is looking into getting sober and this was my first advice. Get THIS APP!
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7 months ago, Robby062
Still garbage app - dangerous as it can misdirect newcomers.
We’ve been trying to get a correction to a meeting listed incorrectly for a year and a half (wrong town). Supposedly the info comes from Area, but our info is correct on the Area website. Did an end run last year to get it fixed and now it’s worn again. We had newcomers tonight who got lost as a result. Use the local area websites, as I’m sure there’s much more wrong than this. No easy interface to get anything corrected.
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6 years ago, Margaret1010
Used to be better
I have relied on this app says it was introduced but in the last few weeks, location update have taken a very long time. I live in the national capital region we travel a lot around the beltway. Sometimes it takes up to an hour for the app to adjust and that doesn’t leave very little good when I’m looking for a meeting. I hope they fix this problem soon.
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6 years ago, Biscuits4Ever
Finally! This was an overdue app
This is a very well-designed geo-located meeting finder app that allows you to share meetings easily or get directions. I wish that you could broaden the distance with the slider because there are meetings that I can’t see sometimes. But this is great - I recommend it!
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7 years ago, quefunny
Lifesaver - literally and metaphorically
BIG THANK YOU to the folks who created this app and maintain the information! Functionality works seamlessly...if I have a window in my 24 hours where I'm DEEP into a downward spiral, I open this up, do the next right thing and BOOM! Back on the road of happy destiny...miracle...much love!
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7 years ago, Biddy Godoy
Excellent resource, but please add map display of meeting locations
Simple, up-to-date meeting list and geographical search. It would be perfect if you could switch to a map view of the meetings in the list. It's only so helpful to just see the approximate distance from the location you select.
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3 years ago, grelph
Great, dependable app
This is the most authoritative meeting schedule resource I use, better than various intergroup web pages. As a bonus, it combines different intergroups for those who live in crossover areas. Highly recommended.
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7 years ago, Dom pay
Latest update
The latest update took away the ability to search the city away from the home screen. Can you put that back in there? It was much more convenient that way. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Mikeithdavis
Thank you! This app is the t¡ts
I’ve been sober 16 years and have young twin children. My father responsibilities and COVID slowed down my meeting attendance. But I’m back in action now and this app helps me find meetings easily. There’s no excuse for me to not hit meetings anymore. LOVE IT. Thank you!
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1 year ago, MzDommy
S L O W all if the sudden this week.
Did you all change servers? What happened that it takes 60 + seconds to query a meeting search? This is a great app other than it’s slow as molasses now. Please fix the issues.
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2 years ago, Area 59 Web Servant
Exceptional support
As a web servant for Area 59 (eastern half of Pennsylvania) I have nothing but praise for the support I have received. Courteous, prompt, and always very professional. I am so very proud of our fellow members who provide such exception service.
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8 years ago, Mrg10027
Meeting Guide is the best
In the true tradition of recovery and AA principles, this app is free and open-source. Find a meeting wherever you are in any city or country that uses this valuable resource. I cannot say enough of how grateful I am to have this resource available to anyone anywhere who reaches out for help.
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5 years ago, Eric ^
Great App for finding AA meetings
I installed this app on our Central office website and I couldn’t be happier with it. It does everything it says it does and does it well. The app is supported very well and updated often. The creators made a great contribution to AA as a whole. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Iggy Strongpaw
This is so up to date, a meeting moved and it was up to date with it's new location so quickly. Thank you! As well when I travel I can locate a meeting in no time. Thank you for all your service!
Show more
7 years ago, AMA CLEARVIEW
Wow I opened to my home town and every meeting was listed. I travel 30 weeks annually and this is my meeting finder easiest way to find meetings. Thank you for your updates and device work. Keeping so many people connected.
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6 years ago, needybutcute
Wonderful app!
This has really helped me to find more women’s meetings for me to try out that I didn’t know existed. My only suggestion would be that hopefully CA, HA, CMA, and other fellowships could be added. There’s some really amazing meetings out there in addition to AA, and it would be so great if that could happen!
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5 years ago, Jeremy B - Berrien County
Actually Legit - The Real Deal
It can be discouraging to see so many apps that trade on the AA name - then have in app purchases. This is a useful tool for AA members, by AA members. These guys understand and respect the traditions. Creating this was a legitimate act of service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone in AA.
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3 years ago, joehutsko
Add iPad Landscape mode & sync
Great app. My two wishlist items are to have landscape mode for iPad, and the ability to sync across devices so favorites are saved. Thanks for all of the work you put into this!
Show more
2 months ago, Ann's Husband, Glen
Just Incredible
So well thought-out. Beyond helpful, it is life saving. When thinking about what this amazing app does and how it does it, it is mind expanding to me. It is a miracle from God.
Show more
5 years ago, Texas Andi V.
Easy to use!
Sometimes the ‘current location’ gets hung up but, I can usually Google or call a local central office in worst case scenarios. I love that we are everywhere, especially grateful for our techies!
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5 years ago, WB, LI NY
Thank you
A distance filter would be awesome. For example this would allow only displaying results within 5 miles
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5 years ago, tiathebia
Makes it so easy to find meetings!
I used this app while visiting in Massachusetts. Even at home there are meetings that I didn’t know about. This makes it so easy, anytime, anywhere, to find a meeting. Love it!
Show more
5 years ago, 415CC
Not working on IOS 13 ☹️
I love this app. But now that I have IOS 13 I can’t use it . I hope they get an update for IOS 13 users. Thanks for your service . I hope to enjoy the app soon again .
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