Meeting Owl

2.4 (44)
46.4 MB
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Current version
Owl Labs
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Meeting Owl

2.41 out of 5
44 Ratings
3 years ago, >>>>>>> OneBadDaddy <<<<<<<
Missing Features
The Owl Pro is a great device, but it would be better to have audio controls included in the mobile app. We sometimes use our Owl to allow panelists and other briefers speak to our staff remotely, and the people in the room with the owl aren’t always close enough to the camera or the laptop running the meeting to mute/unmute the device. If there were audio controls built into the app then it would make those meetings run much smoother. I wish it worked more like the Echo Dot with controls on the device and in the app.
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11 months ago, bigsexybastard
Needs More Functionality, Please!
Beyond functioning as the only tool for connecting the meeting owl to net work, the app itself is fairly useless. There are three or four options you can manage inside the app, but what’s missing is the ability to run the meeting owl from a tablet. Now that USB-C is the standard there must be a quick way to build a remote camera functionality into any USB-C enabled tablet. The bandwidth is there, but the app isn’t. As someone who uses this device in remote locations all over the world, the less I have to carry and the more free I am to move around and interact with my constituents during a presentation the better. This is no longer a “ luxury product,” it is essential to community building and communications around the globe. If meeting owl wants to stay on top of this game, they need to improve the user experience along with their hardware.
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4 years ago, talkoBUENO
Great Device, Buggy App
The device itself works pretty well, but I have to repeat the registration process in the app quite a bit. This also requires reentering the wifi information repeatedly.
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2 years ago, jackie_pet
Low quality product, poorly functioning app
The owl is a tool with few competitors, and that is clearly a bad thing. I’ve been using owls as an IT pro for about a year and a half. The quality of these camera is terrible, and the fact that you have to connect to this app to set it up, turn off the 360, manage controls is inconvenient. Pairing owls together is no treat in the app, and the functionality is poor at that. We’ve been trying it use with the whiteboard camera from owl labs and highly recommend just going with Logitech— a trusted name in the space with quality to match.
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1 year ago, chiefnick12
Useless garbage application
This is one of my very few reviews I have left in my life because I was fascinated by how impressively terrible this app is. I can’t connect my owl to a network and errors out every time, telling me to power cycle it. After doing so, the result is the same. Can’t update it even using the offline updater because just like last time, it gives me an error. If you even breathe with the app open, you get an error. I am disappointed in this app and I know a company of your caliber can do better.
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3 years ago, Erick Lara NY
facial recognition needs more work!
This camera works wonderfully it makes meetings easier for me. the only problem is that sometimes the camera focuses on the window or a square on the wall and not on the person who is talking. owl teem please fix that problem this camera is worth over a thousand dollars.
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10 months ago, Just…just why
Just don’t.
The fact that this device could have easily been made to be more user friendly as a plug and play device, rather than having to rely on a completely separate app AND needing Wi-Fi to download simple firmware, which also means that in a corporate environment I need to involve my network security team to whitelist this kind of device, I cannot justify the price on something like this. There are far better all in one camera, mic, and speaker systems. It’s a very unnecessary ancillary device.
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1 year ago, MoeMoeVA
Why did you take controls out of the app?
This new app version is worse than a steaming pile of garbage. Why can’t I control my owl through the app? Why can’t I do anything or even connect to all my owls to check for upgrades of turn off the pano 365? Why does this app make such a decent product almost unusable? Why? Please restore functionality to this app so I can actually use and control the owls and pair them when I need to.
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10 months ago, Fabimura
Very helpful to operate the Owl
I used the app to upgrade the software on our original Owl camera, and that provided some very helpful additional functionality! Be sure to upgrade the software!
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2 years ago, sds@e
Won’t update, no support
I’ve made multiple attempts to update the firmware (both “online” and via the direct Wi-Fi transfer) and it never works. Contacted support and they don’t respond. Because of this horrible experience I will ensure my organization never purchases any MeetingOwl products ever again.
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1 year ago, EngineeringBro
Can’t Pair Owls After Update
We have big conference rooms in our building and have a few of these after the latest updates our owls can’t pair. Support is nice but isn’t helpful with this issue
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3 years ago, MissKT21
So far the camera is pretty good, not the fastest at picking up people talking, especially in a classroom. The app is terrible though, it won’t connect my camera to any of our internet options.
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4 years ago, George California
The owl meeting pro
This camera is great but it always hangs up and you need to restart your meeting again and again. Please check on this issues it delays our classroom teaching.
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1 year ago, A very expensive Brick
My Owl is a Brick
This device is massively buggy. I could not software update so tried a factory reset but now it is bricked. Total junk avoid like the plague.
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3 years ago, Michael Pusateri
Useless app for a device solely intended to work with computers, not mobile devices. Baffling why designers thought this was a good idea.
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3 years ago, Pierdo7
The beauty of the older owl was it didn’t have this stupid app. This one won’t work without it.
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2 years ago, Onur Olmez
Horrifically bad
Terrible hardware, terrible software, horrible support, horrible user experience.
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4 years ago, piskelj
Take Control Does Not Work
App connects but take control does not work.
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2 months ago, doesnt want feedback
Use the iPhone App
I don't know if this is an owl or mac issue, but you need to download the stupid iphone app to connect to the owl to update it so it will work with the mac. Poor design.
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2 years ago, cjmabc
What is the purpose of the iOS app?
Meeting Owl seems to work fine with a Windows laptop and Zoom. My iPad Pro connects to the Owl, but only for audio. Then I read this on Owl Labs website: This article applies to the Meeting Owl Pro and Meeting Owl No, you cannot use the Owl as the Camera, Speaker, or Microphone in meetings joined from your tablet or smartphone. This is because most video conferencing platforms do not support external cameras in the mobile versions of their apps. This is an unfortunate limitation of Android and iOS versions of video conferencing platforms and is not related to the Owl. So I’m wondering, exactly what is the purpose of the iOS Owl App? Why would you build an app for a platform that is not compatible with the device??
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