Mega Hit Poker: Texas Holdem

4.6 (21.5K)
404.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wonder People Co. Ltd
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mega Hit Poker: Texas Holdem

4.63 out of 5
21.5K Ratings
5 years ago, WB Bridges
Can we all grow up? This Game is Great
I have played just about every single Texas Hold em poker app in the store. I won’t take the time to mention them all. Now I will say this game is not perfect, but it’s really good. My chip count is 1 Billion + and no, I didn’t buy it. PEOPLE!! GET AHOLD OF YOURSELVES!!! For the love, it’s just a game! A game on your phone! I hear some people in these reviews sounding 2 clicks away from a muderous rampage. This game has a system like they all do, of course it’s designed to make them money, that’s the point. Feel free to read other reviews, the truth is that sometimes you lose. Sometimes you get a bad beat, and you sound like a toddler throwing a fit in a grocery store complaining about it in the reviews. The truth is that in Texas Hold Em even when you have the statistical odds on ur sides you can still lose, unless of course you have a nut hand. All of these apps have a system and they can be worked to your advantage if you play smart poker. Which means not playing with your hot headed emotions by the way. Anyways, to the developers, really enjoy the game. I have Played wsop and all the other big hitters in the App Store. Love the graphics, love the layout. This one is the only one I have stuck with, you guys did a great job. Have fun dealing with the angry pre-teens who lost their allowance. 😂 But I’m sure the money is a nice bonus 😂🤙 Cheers
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5 years ago, UmbertoH2O
As clean a free site as there is
I’ve read scathing reviews about how the same guy wins and this is slanted toward foreigners (it’s a worldwide site, who are the foreigners?) another complained that his 9 6 suited was always getting beat. There are 3 idiots writing 3 idiotic reviews. One author said he was most qualified to review the site because he’s played 17K hands on it. From his text I’d say he’d MISplayed 17K hands on this site. I’ve been playing tournament and all levels of poker for over 30 yrs and I’d put the the randomness and trueness of hands on this site up against any site (cash or otherwise) I’ve played. It’s as close to real as I’ve seen. Of course there are bad beats. That’s part of the game. The randomness of the community cards are the key to the reality of the game. Very few trips or quad suits in my 400 or so hands. My full house isn’t getting beat by 4 of a kind and the average winning hand isn’t a 9 high flush. Wasn’t a big fan of the emoji only comments at first but then I realized I didn’t have to listen to some knowledge-less idiot whine about not filling in his 2 to 6 straight. This is an awesome site.
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12 months ago, every nickname taken? jn
Can’t enjoy
I want to enjoy this game. I enjoy playing poker. But I find it real difficult to enjoy a game when it seems so obvious you are meant to lose. No matter how good a player you might be you are meant to lose. You don’t have to spend money. But if you want to really enjoy the game and feel like you are playing high stakes then yes you have to spend. And spend. And spend. Because you will lose it. If you want you can pretend it’s just really bad players getting really lucky way too often. I have seen some really strange things that can’t be explained away by just saying some character got extremely lucky. Multiple times got lucky. I am still a member. Haven’t deleted the app. But I haven’t played in over a month. Not since I had one too many really weird occurrences happen. A highly memorable occurrence as this cost 100 billion. If the owners of this want to say I’m accusing them of cheating they can try. I’ve not explicitly said anything of the kind. Maybe I will play again. Don’t know. But it will take a real long time to forget what happened to cause me to stop. And this wasn’t the first time some crazy weirdness happened. Far from it. It was what you’d call the straw that broke the camels back. Lol, I’m doubting you folks will put this review up for all to see on the app page. Have a nice day.
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4 years ago, jayzak907
Best poker game yet
I played WSOP for close to a year and won about 5% on a regular basis. I understand this I s a game. Generated by a company there definitely about making money. However I just recently came back from Vegas playing low stakes poker called 1/2 no limit I was there for a week. I didn’t lose a single day. I averaged 800 a day when buying in with 100 bucks hit over 2200 multiple days. An AK AQ and pairs are almost always a powerhouse on a real table. This game is about the closest anyone is gonna get to a free????? Poker game. If that’s not an oxymoron. At least this game I win about 25% of the time. I’ll take it. I wish they’d do open chat via typing to get to know the players that the whole point of being online there’s only emojis pretty lame. Other than that this is the best poker game out where at least u win some hands. If u don’t take my word download WSOP and get to losing every single hand. And I mean every single hand. Good luck. Grass always looks greener on the other side. This game is a God send in comparison to WSOP
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4 years ago, coolgraham
Rigged, totally manipulated,
How can every table at every level suddenly never see straight, flush, or Set, Nothing over a pair and multiple bad beat after bad beat after bad beat. Every time all day long no matter how many times you try at every level. Is this something that I run out of points to force me to buy some?Something isn’t right. I’m actually a professional gambler for multiple years I realize randomness of the poker game but this one’s a little funny here. Yes bad beats happen, But not over 10 times plus in 24 hours. I realize you’re not playing like real cash games. And speaking of chips have 100,000 to 3,000,000 is a little low in my opinion. How do I get four of a kind four times in 24 hours and then suddenly get 10 to 15 bad beats in a row. I understand that it’s completely different than cash games or tournaments but I’ve never seen four of a kind happened twice at a table let alone three times. Just adding to this I’ve seen so many four of a kind after multiple bad beats, How does someone hit four of a kind multiple times when in real life I’ve only seen it a few times at the poker table? Something is not right here. I have never hit the straight. I understand odds for a set. Never hitting and open ended straight time in an time again.
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10 months ago, Hoosier1987Daddy
A fun, easy to use app
I was looking for an app to sharpen my poker skills. I tried a couple, but was always getting bombarded with attempts to sell me stuff. This app has a little of that but isn’t over the top- hey, companies have to make money. I really enjoy the ease of use of this app. There are sit-and-go tournaments and cash games. For someone like me with a rudimentary poker skills, this is a great way to learn without the price of losing real money at a casino. This will certainly help me to feel comfortable to be able to play in a real poker game, or at a casino. I learn a little bit more every time I play it. I would certainly recommend this poker app to anyone learning the game or just trying to enjoy playing against other real people.
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2 months ago, Not a Lemming 55
Great… but
I’ve tried a lot of online poker apps and I believe this one is the best and I do appreciate that they give you so many stats so that you can work on your game. The problem with this game is that idiots go “all in” on every hand at all different price points and that’s not the point of playing poker. It makes the game just a luck thing. Since this is a smart app, it should realize that people who get reloaded $8 million and then go all in with 73 offsuit should be eliminated from future competition. there’s nothing more annoying than having Ace-King and some Ahole has 7-3 off and lucks out with two threes on the flop and river. or the idiot with 5-10 off who gets four hearts for a flush. I want to improve my game so that I can play for real cash and it’s impossible to get better when you’re playing against people who are just goofing off like this. They’re not playing poker they’re just goofing off and if we could get rid of these people somehow then it really would be a fantastic Poker app.
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8 months ago, Guenbsksisnma
Great game overall but seems somewhat suspicious.
The function of the game is great, perfect sound effects, visuals, and other entertainments, but I’ve found a possible weird game algorithm system. I studied this for awhile and every I seem to win a lot, the algorithm causes me to lose all of it. I understand the game of poker very well and the odds I’m facing when the game seems like it’s key on getting me to lose all of my money is very suspicious. I’ll lose 30 hands in a row with hands such as rockets, Ace King flush draw, etc. and the other player will win with 3 5 almost everytime. But when I have a few dollars it gives me flushes and full houses almost every 4 hands or so. It seems key on getting people who win a lot to lose a lot so they end up buying more in-game money. I understand the company needs to make money, they don’t keep servers up and work on the app for free I get it, but you really can’t just make someone lose 15 hands in a row with nut flops, makes the game so boring when you lose every hand you got for an hour straight
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4 years ago, Capt CRJ
Do not buy chips! Rigged after purchase!
This game is fun and I’ve enjoyed it for many years BUT the algorithm is wonky. I’ve bought chips a few times and it’s the same result each time. You will not be able to catch a hand to save your life! You will lose every chip you paid for and then some. I guess since they got a sucker to buy chips, they make it so you buy more after losing everything you bought. I’ve read other reviews and it’s a common complaint. I bought chips a few years ago and had this result. I forgot about it and bought $50 yesterday. I was reminded very quickly about my previous purchase. I could not catch a hand. It was crazy! People winning against on the river with crazy bad beats. There is no doubt it’s rigged after you buy chips. Also, the slot machine is so tight. It will pay out but it’s stingy as hell. The Gold Card win is so lame. I’m betting $500k a spin to finally get a Gold Card spin and I end up with $3 million card. There should be nothing less than a $20 million win on Gold Card spin. Game is fun but DO NOT BUY CHIPS!
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4 years ago, pokerword
Updated app
I went to play my mega hit poke today and it said it needs to be updated, so when I went to update it wouldn’t let, I went into my Apple store and downloaded the app again after I had deleted the old one, and when the new app came up, I had lost over 700,000 million in my chips that I had just purchased this past weekend ...about $ how are you going to resolve this problem!!".........YOU STILL HAVE NOT FIXED MY ISSUES......YOU NEED TO GIVE ME BACK MY CHIPS....I WASN'T LINKED TO FACEBOOK SO I CAN NOT GET IT BACK MY SELF!!!!..... I have responded to you with all the information I have to give you.... you need to follow through and see the purchase of my chips... take a look a t messenger!!... you need to give me my chips on the user ID photo screen shot I gave you!!......I have waited almost 8 days for you to return to me my 700 million chips, that was lost do to your update on the app!!....I want those chips back!!’s certainly showing that you really don’t want o take care of your clients!!
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2 years ago, coltons92
Great but only at the beginning
I was winning a fair amount when I first started. I’ve played poker all my life including all the poker apps in the store but I’ve never seen an app with such unfair gameplay. I bought chips and ever since I can’t win for anything. I’ve lost every single hand even when the odds were way in my favor. And after my purchase I can’t get anything other than a 9-4 or other bad hole cards. Plus the betting is outrageous and I’m assuming it’s bots. They’ll bet an ungodly amount of money on the worst hands and still somehow win. Then all the bot players will taunt you even if you’re playing the right way. It’s ridiculous how much of my money I’ve lost over the last few days. I’m giving it a two but only because I do like the setup and graphics but I think I’m done. And no…this isn’t just people being cry babies. Every negative review is correct considering we’ve all experienced the same thing.
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5 years ago, LotsaBotsa
OK - at best. Super tight. Oh, and Bots.
The Good: — easy interface, but busy. A lot of stuff going on all at once with bonuses and achievements - not much different from the other poker apps. — consistent game play, but obviously a lot of Bots. Especially in tournaments. — Realistic gameplay. Moves quick. — A lot of ways to earn free money - but don’t expect to keep it. No breaks unless you buy. If you stay away for a while - when you come back, Lady Luck mysteriously shines on you for a day and then back to normal. The Not Good: — Nothing to pass the time between hands besides the slot, which is tighter than the casino vault in Oceans Eleven. Not sure even Clooney and Damon could loosen this up. I haven’t seen a Gold Card spin in over 2000 spins - probably more. Would be nice to have BlackJack or ThreeCard or at the least a few slot options. — Bots. Lots and lots of Bots. Pretty easy to spot these Bots. There are Lots. Of Bots. — Promos all hinges on how much you spend. There are free options - but again, if you aren’t spending money - don’t expect to get much love on the “Daily Draw” or any other free chip promos. Software clearly built to reward spenders. It’s a for profit app - I get it. — Stupid Bots. Overall - 2 stars is my best at this time. I enjoy it. Great for waiting rooms and rainy days. No promos good enough for me to open my wallet for. If there is a game to watch or something else to do, I’ll be there. Change my mind Wonder People.
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6 years ago, maz2159
This contrived site blows!
This site is embarrassing...ridiculous outdraws, moron players getting rewarded, bonus spins always hitting low payout chips, etc. it especially specifically rewards new players...I will follow outcomes of hands and can predict with a high degree of confidence that a new player wins the hand! Try it...when a players donks a showdown with a bs hand, check their total hands played and their winning percentage...most times it’s someone new to the site with winning %’s much higher than others! EXAMPLE...I preflop raise pot to 350 with 3bets up to player calls and I call...4 to flop...FLOP 566...decent bet of 600, newbie and others all call, TURN 7...player bets $1.9mm, newbie only calls ...RIVER 8...3orig. 3 bettor bets 1.9 again , newbie calls...newbie shows 4 9 off and having nothing to rivers guts his straight...I check his stats..175 hands played and near 60% winning percentage vs. my 29%...he called every bet to river with virtually no possible winning chance until 7 on turn gave him a gut shot draw..PLEASE! 4 9 off ... I’m done with this bs...
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6 months ago, Bartguy03
Discovered ANOTHER developer cheat
Regardless of what the developers tell you, there is NOTHING random about the dealing. When they want you to lose (so that you have to pay to play) over 95% of the time, it will be on the river. THAT’S where they control wins and losses. Play long enough and you will see just how blatant it is. Hey, developers, here’s a suggestion: let the players play amongst themselves without YOUR interference. Typical Developer response, and the one expected. Denial. Want more proof of game manipulation? Earlier on, the slot would occasionally show a Joker. Since I’ve reached higher levels, none has shown. Bet higher in the poker games, your loss to win ratio goes down! Random? Ha! More? NEVER, in all the (long time) that I’ve played has the slot EVER hit the gold or two other jackpots. NEVER! Random? Uh huh. Sure. More? When the multiplier wheel spins, 90% of the time it lands on 2x or 2.5x. Rarely on the higher numbers. Random? Yeah…right!!! Again…play this long enough and you will see, just like in ALL slot machines, live or on line, there is NO such thing as random. If it were truly random, their chances of making money would greatly decrease. I have No problem paying to play a game. It cost developers money to develop and maintain them. BUT, I’m not inclined to pay for a game that is so CLEARLY manipulated. So…play as you wish. Just know there are back-of-the-house manipulations.
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5 years ago, Julienthesun
Play with Family/Friends Love This!
My husband got me to playing this game. I love poker in Biloxi I play all the time. Getting to play online and against my husband is a bonus. If we join in a tournament at the same time we usually end up on the same table. Send chips to friends. If you want to play against family even on a private table this is the app for you! I also like the no chat! You can make emoticons but that’s all so no griping or whining 🤣 Watch for the bonuses and the limited games which come up are great. Watch videos for extra chips and play those games with limited bonuses. All these rack up the chips. I love the Heads Up and the 10-A games that have come up. I’m at 79 million and I haven’t even played for a month.
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2 years ago, eeeeeeemmmaaannnnn
App issues
This app has lots of glitches. More updates need to happen on a regular basis. Like the new Caribbean music. But not happy about how emojis haveCut back to three per hand when you pay for the most of the really cool ones. Wish you would develop more cool emojis. Really want the squirt gun. Also want the pumpkin and the ghost and more cool emojis for different seasons in different holidays and just because. The emojis are one of the main reasons I have chosen this app over other poker apps. They are fun and cute and silly and make the game a lot more fun and engaging. Please take this reviewed a Heart and add more emojis fix the glitches and give more emojis per hand back not three but more or unlimited would be ideal since most of the really cool ones I have to buy. Thank you for this entertaining app one of my faves in the poker region. God bless you all and stay safe!
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5 years ago, Vocar
New upgrade With the “Greetings from Wonder People” froze - unable to access game!
I am unable to get back into the game! Since last night, every time I attempt to log on to the site, the “Greetings from Wonder People” splash page freezes there! I have reloaded the app multiple times to no avail. I have discovered that there isn’t a way to directly contact Wonder People when you have such a problem as mine. I have been attempting to obtain technical support! I did receive a kick back notice that the email address was invalid. After several attempts trying find a way to contact someone about my issue, I receive a brief message stated if one wish to contact them, log in to their site and find their information and generate a ticket. Really?! That’s my point I trying to make here. It appears that the developers never planned for those occasions where someone can’t address their issue with their site because the player is “outside” of a login scenario. Players, beware! For me, as a very active player, I was frozen out just seconds after I purchase $200 worth of chips and, as of now, can’t play, unable to communicate directly, nor tell someone to return my money. Whatever the source of my problem is, there is definitely a “bug” within this upgrade! I wonder what other issue lie awaiting to be discovered... . Please help me and resolve this irritating scenario quickly!
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3 years ago, Amara Schade
By far the best
I’ve played pretty much every Texas Hold ‘‘em game in the App Store. This one is by far and away the best! There is entirely too much to talk about with this game. I love that you get player stats so when you sit down at a table you can “read” how people respond. I know some people feel like this game is rigged. I have not seen any evidence of that at all. You win and you lose, it’s the name of the game. If you feel like this game is rigged, you probably shouldn’t be playing poker. The game style is awesome, great emojis to use for communicating, lots of different types of Hold ‘‘em and tournaments, which are my personal favorite. I love this app. I check in every few hours for all the free perks.
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5 years ago, the old guy gamer
Al Tomasello
Well let’s start with I had given a 5 star review on google App Store and even open a second account on my apple device but under further review I contacted customer services and didn’t get a reply back and even explain to them that I won a hand and did not get the chips and even explain to them that I had spent money with their app and 3 days later no response. They also have players that work for the company to aggravate the play with the stupid little faces. What they do is they have 1 player raise and when u call the next player raises even more to try to get you to lose faster and then you will buy more chips as said by customers in there reviews that all in is what they saw lots of I would appreciate a response from there developers to entertain a explanation of the non payment of chips and to hear there side of it sorry and than you in advance.
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5 years ago, Britt8911
Great but needs an update
Needs an update for the iPhone X and up, where the screen doesn’t have the “Home” button anymore. Once you touch the bottom of the screen while playing (to select “Check” or “Call”) sometimes the app (or the phone) will think your just going to swipe up so it doesn’t select “Check” or “Call” and winds up folding your hand. Maybe reduce the resolution to give you a small gap between the bottom of the screen and the bottom of the gameplay? Oh and the very first time I hit “Gold Card” on the slot machine mini game, I couldn’t swipe to spin for the prize, but didn’t have the issue the next time I hit it. Otherwise, I think it is great and find no issues even similar to the reviews below that I’ve read!
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2 years ago, ssglastman
Better than a lot of other poker games
I have played a lot of different poker games over the years and I can honestly say I like this game out of all of them. Not only do you play against other real people and not a system, it provides lots of things that others don’t. For instance different stats and how you are ranked among other players around the world. It allows you to improve your game and shows you your mistakes and maybe one day get into a real tournament somewhere. Additionally all the free prizes you get is awesome as with other games you don’t see that. Maybe the other games can learn from this game and improve theirs. Keep up the good work
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2 years ago, Kody1018
Just another cheating app
When you spend hard earn money to purchase chips you start losing to the most ridiculous hands. Same as all the other Texas Hold’em apps. The greed of the developer over takes the realism of the game. The people who’s “bet” frequency is the highest wins most time so your chip balance is used up and you buy more chips putting money in the developer pocket. Of course I will be told that their “random” dealer is certified (they all say it) but it’s not true and never will be. Don’t spend your money on this app, I will never spend another penny for greedy developers. It is a cheating app and will always be a cheating app. I believe that Mega Hit is hacked. Just now I had an Ace and 2, Flopped an Ace, 2, and 3. Person next to me had a pair of 4’s. Before the next card he was already waving goodbye. Next card was a 4. Really? If you are not hacked then this app is a cheat. Why don’t you answer me?
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3 years ago, Timtomm24
Addictive and overall best poker experience
Have been playing online Texas Hold’em for many, many years, I’ve probably have downloaded & played every poker app imaginable over that time. Some of the apps rank near this one but subsequently fail to surpass this game. Are there too many novice idiots that go “all in” too many times? Yes. Or think because they are holding one Ace they have the dominant hand and push all their chips in, again yes. There are a lot of morons playing online poker that tend to ruin the experience but in general despite these few frustrations this game still ranks number one overall. Kudos to the app developers and programmers behind the scenes.
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6 years ago, Wine wine wine
Fun game
I do enjoy this game but do feel when I have a great hand, I somehow lose in the end when clearly I should have won. As others have noted, not sure game might be rigged but it’s still fun. One thing that happens often is sometimes you can’t see the bet of the player before you as the call amount is raised/blocking it so if you hit call you can be betting more than intended. I have recommended this game to several friends and everyone likes it. My only negative is losing to the multiple bad beats when you know you should have won that round. Once those start then I know I’m going to lose the round :(
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2 years ago, Birdy McDuff
Algorithm is not that realistic
Ok to play but you have to play the programming as well as the online players. The flop will include a pair the majority of the time. Seems like everyone gets a piece no matter what instead of just random draws. Many times there are multiple straights or flushes on the turn or river. Can never count on someone being way behind cause they’ll likely catch a card that gives them a hand they probably were not going for when they went all in with the worst pair or bet the flop with nothing. Would like to see it more like a real game without the enhancements that encourage people to play like they never would with real money just for the sake of making people feel like their skill is better than it is.
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5 years ago, jsshhebe
Horrific statistical probabilities! DO NOT PLAY
I Have been played the second round of the shootout 87 times. My winning percentage is 46% which implies im obviously skilled. Been playing for 15 plus years. im going to repeat, ive played in the second round of the regional shootout 87 times. Ive only won once... -__- ... thats a 1.1% winning percentage... -_- ... ive been in the money 47 times. Which means top 3.. theres only 5 players... how on EARTH can i be top 3, 47 TIMES... but only Win ONCE!!??? That’s statistically impossible.. poker is 80% luck 20% skill.. out of 87 times at least 3 times i should have just blindly lucked up into winning.. when you’re only winning 1.1% of the time in a game as LUCK BASED as poker CLEARLY something is not right and RIGGED COMES to mind. As im writing this i just lost a 85.5% chance to win an all in three way, with Paired A’s to runner runner straight... in this SAME tournament... lmaooo... god its disgusting and so disrespectful... #%*€ this game
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5 years ago, Katachi123
Just like any other play money poker game
At first I thought this game was different but after playing this game off and on for about a year I can tell it’s just like any other play money poker game. I give it two stars because of the whole card feature but other than that it’s the same old bad beat after bad beat if you have a small stack. It’s like u can go all in pre with a horrible hand and win 75% of the time just because you are really short stacked. Also once they decide you need to lose you will lose. I remember getting 5 to 6 great starting hands but lost all of them but one. Also when it’s time for you to lose believe me you will flop top pair and your opponent will call you down with a flush draw and get there. I will probably stop playing this game now. It was fun though while it lasted.
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6 years ago, HeartbreakerMCM
Was great until it wasn’t
When I first downloaded this game for the first month or so I had an insane amount of fun, I reached up to $100,000,000 chips and then after it was loss after loss with bots I’m assuming making insane bets on seemingly nothing hands to your pocket sure win usually always on the last card. It’s frustrating and seems the makers want people to spend actual money on this game, would be more inclined to if the gameplay didn’t feel so rigged every time I play now. All in all it’s a great game. I also noticed that new friends I’ve had download the game get a daily bonus on top of the daily spins and I’ve never gotten that benefit. Perhaps update the game so everyone who plays has the same benefits. Other than that I’m gonna go try my luck again 🤟🏻
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6 years ago, YuppitsmeLori
Statistically Impossible
Ya know, there are people who really want to play POKER. I play poker in real life, and I’ve been both the victor and the victim of some bad beats. But on this site, you can start a hand with almost an impossibility at losing, and at the end, the reckless player gets rewarded by winning with statistical improbability. Now, once or twice is a bad beat, but almost every hand? I’ve watched really great players leave a table so frustrated, and the dunks who come in to “all in” with a 7/2 unsuited hand laugh as they walk away with all the chips. To have ‘the nuts’ matters none. Maybe that’s your goal. Maybe you don’t WANT good players. But as a decent player, I’ll tell you, hands down (pun intended) that I won’t ever spend a penny on your site. And, for a great site, I’d be willing to. Figure it out guys. Or don’t. You’re the dealer here.
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3 years ago, pleasefixitsoon1
Bug report
I have on several occasions lost hands in Omaha because the game does not recognize the cards I have. Saying I have high card instead of flush or straight draws. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing you have the winning hand but recognizing that the game will not let you win anyway. This has happened to other players while I was in the lobby as well. I tried to report to customer service but there is no way to upload comments or pictures of proof which is what the website asked for. At least put a link or something to report issues so we know you are working on fixing the problem and possibly receive the chips lost due to the error.
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2 years ago, lutyymae
Not a legit site to play on
This site is like many other. They let you win many games build your confidence and than slowly you start to lose to the point when you have to buy chips to continue. Once you buy chips you enter into a completely different lobbies where now they know your a buyer so they got their hooks in you. Again you win but lose more cause they know you are a “buyer” and will pay for more chips. The claim they have a real RNG certified but look up and see who it is and how questionable that is and if you want even more proof 90% of players all win 25-35. % of the time. It’s a scam to get you to buy chips. If anyone knows of a real legit site post it here! I’d say good luck but on this site instead of playing against the players your really playing the house/dealer. So painfully obvious.
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4 months ago, Tommykrell
Not real poker.
Bad beats are coming. You have to remember one thing when you play this poker app, it’s a money making business, not a real poker app. When you can buy 10 billion chips for 99 cents, prepare for a shove fest. More often than not, players on this app will go all in for 100 million chips with 9/3 off suit and crack quality hands all day long. No one who is playing real money would play the way they do on this game. It’s unrealistic poker and a bad way to learn and enjoy the game. If you’re depending on the free chips to keep you going, be prepared to play on the low stakes tables, they will never let you build free wealth, will always deal a bad beat and try to force you to the store to refill your coffers with paid for chips. But hey, enjoy the shove fest!!!!!
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9 months ago, WestSideLos
Great play
Awesome game to play on my lunch hour! Only issue I have is that when I’m in a tourney (State) and my internet goes out or just disconnects for whatever reason, I lose my chips:( All week I have been playing to save up to play in the higher tourneys. Example: today I have enough to play (State) so I’m waiting playing the 3 turns on the slot machine,…and Booom lost connection some how…:( Lost $100K! Come on… Annoying! All that hard work all week and bam, lost it just like that. SMH. Give me those chips back!
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9 months ago, JolenePDTMM
Bunch of donks, but better than JokerstarsVR
That’s all I have to say. I downloaded to teach my boyfriend poker and shortly realized it’s for trigger happy donks. App is great. Donks are stupid. It is what it is. Updated review: Giving it 1 star was not fair, so I updated to 4 stars. The app is designed well and is a lot of fun. I’ve played on at least 30 cash and play money poker sites and play IRL. This one is designed for fast action and has a ton of game variety. I love that it has fast play tournaments. I like that Wonder People keeps the chip economy fair and fun. You get a lot of chips to donk to your hearts content and sometimes, us grinders want to just throw around chips and not think too much. In PokerstarsVR (now VegasInfinite) for example, even with a best value chip pack purchase,$300m for $1k (that is not a typo), a person can expect to pay approx. $3.33 or more PER GAME real money to play a virtual game if they buy chips to play higher stakes games. That is bonkers. Well done, Wonder People. You have my business now and the other guys don’t.
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6 years ago, Kreebsy
It's BS
I honestly read the reviews accusing the app of rigging in order to force players to eventually pay money and thought they were being crybabies. Unfortunately, math doesn't lie. I had reached at one point, about five hundred million in chips, why???, because I'm a pretty good conservative player... At least I used to be. We all know there are bad beats on the river, that happens. But what are the odds of being 93% odds to win a hand and losing on the river to impossibly impractical hands nine or of every ten times! It can't happen, probability odds don't just cease to be true. Of course occasionally you will lose on the river to an improbable hand, but the frequency of ridiculous flushes and inside straights with 5% probability to win 9 out of 10 times is mathematically impossible! They can respond with their condescending replies all they want, mathematical probabilities say it's impossible!
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6 years ago, M T Dubois
Good and bad points
Really love to play the game, but I seem to loose connection a lot of times and when I’m in tournaments when it won’t come back on. Results ( losing my hands and money) . I do enjoy playing this game, when it stays connected. It’s been serval weeks since I downloaded this game and it is the closest game to feeling like you’re really playing. Only bad point is losing connection in tournaments. Really, putting up 1 or 2 million to win 10 or 20 million, and loose connection before you can finish. Please get a bigger server if that’s what it takes. I really love playing, but it’s getting very aggravating to keep getting kicked out and not being able to reconnect to server! I will repost if this gets fixed.
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5 years ago, funky traveler
I really enjoy this game, and would give it five stars, but there is a bug that I’m experiencing relatively frequently. Maybe once every 5-6 hands, if I press the check button, my timer goes all the way down to zero, and then my cards fold. This has cost me several big hands. Yesterday I was playing and had a straight flush with over a million chips on the line when it folded when I had chosen check. Please fix this bug. One other thing, just a would be really cool if you could swipe up to fold your cards, as if tossing them on the table; and if you could double-tap the playing surface to check. Would give a little more real-feel, much like the card lift. Thanks!
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4 years ago, BadGirl 1029
Mega hit poker
I’ve been playing this game for sometime now, I do enjoy playing it and it is one of the best poker games if not the best out there. But for probably since 2 updates ago it’s been bumping me off right out of the app. A lot!!! I’ll be playing in a game, sometimes it will kick me off in the middle of a hand and sometimes after the hand is over. It’s also done right before the anti 😡. It’s not my WiFi because it’s not just happened at my place it has happened everywhere I’ve played. I’m getting so frustrated I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to stop playing. But when you spend good money to get chip so can play in the higher stake games 🤬🤬. I don’t want to quit playing 😢😢
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6 years ago, unfairly treated player
This is not a fair game, very tricky
I played this game for almost 4 months now. At beginning, everything is running smooth and enjoy it. But after a while, all of sudden you start lost with nearly impossible hands. For ex. a four of kind “Q” lost to four of kind “K”! Or a straight lost to Flush. This is not happen rarely, it happens almost every time I play this game. Like some other players commented here, they make you lost fast so you want buy some chips to re-join the game. I never purchase any chips from them. In the last couple of months, I went down from almost 2B to 300M. I lost almost every single time when play it. Some times, I played an hour and only won one or two hands. I am going to play other poker sites. Even this is a game but the way they are managing is unfair and tricky.
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5 years ago, Atlimag
Great poker game
I felt it was rigged with bots om the First day only, I think they are bots but only to teach you the game. Very predictable, all calls no raises, but then again it could just be beginners. My first intro tournament was the best cards I ever got, twice in a row 4 of a kind. After that this game has just been normal hands, normal people playing poker. You win some and loose some. I love the raise 1/2 and full blinds options, and the raise bar workers better than in all other poker games I tried. Graphics 100% all in all a great game. 5 stars easy!
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4 years ago, DJ8657
Fixed to lose
I have been playing poker for over 40 years now and have never seen someone lose consistently to a higher hand with the last card. I had $2 billion in credit and within several hours of playing I lost it all, every hand after every hand after every hand was a loss loss loss. The odds have to be in the Millions. I will get three deuces and two sixes the next person will get three sixes and two deuces from the hand it just doesn’t make sense. Don’t waste your money buying chips, find a game that doesn’t cheat you out of chips so you’ll buy more. I would buy if game was not so one sided. Only thing going for Mega hit is it’s graphics. If game was more fair they would clean up. You decide that for yourself good luck you’re gonna need it.
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4 months ago, NTMPRSD
Agree this game is rigged
I don’t pay for my chips so I get beat all the time. I fold as in a regular game when I should. My raise percentage is very low and fold percentage very high. My win percentage is very low because On most hands the players go in with nothing all the time. I just had a pair of aces, went all in, was called by a 6,3 before the flop. They won with 3 of a kind. I had over 1 billion in chips and I am down to around 20,000. That is only because of the free chips. The people that raise the most win the most. When you send a bad review they just send the same response, “Dear wonderful people etc.” They really don’t care if you use their game or not.
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5 years ago, Travis Laidweller
Big and Small Blind problem.
When are the big and small blind forced bets going to be fixed? In a lot of games I am being forced to pay the big and small blind 2 to 3 times in a row. The dealer button doesn’t move correctly even in small and full table ring games. That is a pretty big bug! I have recorded games if you would like to see. Also some times, I cannot click certain buttons. Also, I would like to see an “add a time extension" of maybe 10 seconds. Add 3 time extensions and they reset like the free spin wheel feature. Other than that, the game is good.
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7 years ago, Bjbazile
It was a great app. Not no more
In the beginning i was winning alot of Chips. Then all of a sudden when you have the best had you loose to a impossible hand that can even come up. 5 in a row i had the strongest hand and all 5 i lost on the river cuz the system would bring up double 9’s or 7’s. I went from having 22 billion to 2 billion. I think they want me to spend money and thats why i loose. Also they made it easy for you know when your gonna loose too. If you have a strong hand like jacks or queens or tens. JUST KNOW SOMEONE HAS A PAIR BUT STRONGER. I always guess it and its always right.. oh and you never hit the jackpot on the spin. Bet someone you will always get the bottom 3 money lines. ALWAYS...!
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1 year ago, Crob1991
Very fun
Definitely a fun game and great to pass time if you enjoy poker. I downloaded it months ago and (although not necessary) Iv only spent 99 cent on the “one time only” offer chip pack. The RNG seems real in this game. Not like other games that make you lose all your chips. I enjoy it. It keeps me occupied. The game modes switch up randomly to give everyone a chance to play their favorite game also. One thing I really like, is that they are not stingy with free chips. They keep you playing.
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7 years ago, senorasilva
Tricky tricky weasels
So originally i loved this app. I stacked my chips up to 350 million by winning big trnmnts and as soon as i had alot of chips, the app systematically started screwing me in trnmnts. Example id flop a set of kings and go all in and end up losing to some impossible straight. I believe the app has BOT players bcuz the crazy hands i get beat by no humsn wld call those ampnunts with the trash that wins. I think the APP is screwing me over so i buy chips. Not gonna happen. Whennim out of chips im deleting this not even close to real poker ap
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3 years ago, 23098643256
False advertising
If this app was on the up and up they may get people to buy chips 10 of us and sit down all day to see what games was fair. This one was by far the worst. We are reporting it to better business agents because they are robbing people of their money to get them to buy more. PLEASE STAY WAY FROM THIS TERRIBLE APP. COMPLETE FALSE ADVERTISING. REPORTING. Took a video recording the play when you first start you can win every hand until you reach 1 then if you move up they let you get to 3 4 hundred million then you can’t win a hand if you try. Turning over video to better business and also contact and attorney because they advertise fair play. Watch out here I come crooks . Needs investigation done on these thieves
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2 years ago, cgeo40
The game works fine, the interface is a bit crowded and I think maybe a few more seconds between hand to review the table would be helpful, the biggest problem I have with the game, as well as other online poker games, are the bingo players. Honestly people throwing huge bets before the flop or right after, sure they get the little bit if anti money when real players fold but it just doesn’t make for a fun experience. Not really anything can be done by devs to fix, it just how online fake money poker is.
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2 years ago, justing98729
Frustrating Glitch
Overall I like this poker game better than others. The gameplay is the best. It does have a lot of pop ups trying to get you to buy chips and people play a little reckless cause it’s fake money. I would have given this app 5 stars if it wasn’t for a very frustrating glitch that makes me not want to play it anymore. I buy into a tournament for 2m tokens, 1st pays 5m & 2nd pays 2.4m. The problem is that when you come in 2nd instead of adding 2.4m it subtracts it so you come out 4.2m less for 2nd place. If this got fixed my review would be much different but it’s no fun doing well and going backwards constantly.
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4 years ago, wonder people ripoff
Screwed out of my poker chips
Game froze in middle of the game after I went all in would have won it all my hand got folded listen people I’m not saying it’s a rip off poker game because as a developer the goal to make money be mindful and know that complaining to them will get you no where the grand total lost for me is 11,000,000,000$ in chips due to there errors and nobody I mean nobody is gonna help us player when this occurs however I’m mad I purchase 100$ and another 100$ in chips to lose it all lesson learned here for me all the ask is proof of purchase I’ve screenshot it three times no response or results......last but lease RIPOFF DONT BUY CHIPS THEY WILL MAKE YOU LOSE SO U MAY BUY MORE IN MORE CHIPS PLAY FOR FREE IF YOU THINK IM LYING TRY IT OUT YOURSELF
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